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Economics and Industry / The Spirit of Mundus Floating Museum
« on: April 09, 2021, 12:46:53 AM »

The Spirit of Mundus is a floating museum that is intended to give greater accessibility to different cultures from across Mundus for a variety of purposes. The ship is open to galleries, museums, traditional craftsmen, performers, historians, students etc from across Mundus and has room for:
  • Approximately 200-300 exhibition spaces (depending on size)
  • Space for 50 restaurants
  • Approximately 150 virtual reality suites
  • There is a performance stage aboard where music/dancing/cultural tradition may occur

The ship is due to set sail on the 7th of May 2021 and we encourage all interested parties to contact us with the following information:

Code: [Select]
Name: Who/what are you?
Type: Exhibition/Virtual Reality/Craft/Restaurant (delete as appropriate)
Nation of Origin: Where do you come from?
Description: Give a basic idea of what you're going to be doing
Designated Contact: Who does the operator call if there's an emergency?
Number of people staying aboard: How many staff do you need?
Any special considerations: For example access to the deck, secure rooms, specific temperature etc

OOC - As some of the above may not be entirely clear an exhibition would for example be a collection of paintings from Tytor, a craft activity could be traditional sword forging from East Moreland or sword dancers from Achkaerin (also I include musical performers in that). On virtual reality is stuff like interactive virtual tours of somewhere like the pyramids or an interactive (slightly computer game VR experience) of something historical such as a famous battle, wedding, event etc.

Diplomacy and Events / A Dangerous Game (Open)
« on: March 23, 2021, 12:25:29 AM »
Great Northern Ocean 23rd March 2021

Fleet Captain Mark Sullivan sighed as he stood looking down at the touchscreen table that the Achkaerinese military and intelligence communities called the 'chessboard' he commanded the INS Firebreather, a Riviere class destroyer in the Achkaerinese navy his current orders were to hunt down and deal with the rogue Clysperi submarine that was somewhere in the Northern Ocean, they hadn't had a lot of success yet but that was perhaps to be expected, the ocean was rather vast and the Clysperi submarine by comparison very very small. Mark was the senior officer in the group of ships that were assigned to this task and was in the process of reworking the search pattern again when the bridge chatter increased for a moment.

"Sir." the coms officer said "You need to hear this."
"On speaker." Mark said

"IMS Poseidon, repeat this is the IMS Poseidon declaring an emergency ship has been hijacked by the Sorority of Materna...."

The distress call was cut off and Mark's eyes widened, what the heck were the Sorority doing this far north? "All right set a course for the Poseidon tell the Normandy they'll have to search alone for now. Contact Command let them know what's occurring."

INS Valiant, Strait of Shaw, 13th July 1998

The INS Valiant cruised slowly through the Strait of Shaw heading down to the mid region of the strait, specifically the Marseilles area. Standing in command on the bridge was Captain Peter Azurewind, Crown Prince of Achkaerin and somewhat lucky to have his rank, in truth he felt like he'd been accelerated up the ranks because of who he was rather than his ability, something he was keen on seeing stopped when the time came for him to occupy the throne. He was reading over the orders that had been sent to him for this mission, they were very weird when compared to what he was used to most of his orders were patrol routes this was a special forces operation and he was the chauffeur. A few weeks earlier at the beginning of May the ruling family of Aquitaine had been killed, assassinated by the Marseilles military, it read very much like the feud over Aquitaine sovereignty had come to a head but then out of nothing a message had landed at the Achkaerinese embassy in Montaulon, the capital of Marseilles, and it was the contents of that message that had brought the Valiant to the Strait. It was a dark cloudy night, no moon, no stars were visible, the rain was falling lightly

"Approaching position sir." the helm officer Ensign Hermione Bennett said
"Thank you Hermione go to all stop." Peter said
"All stop aye sir." Hermione said
"Aoife?" Peter asked
"No sign of any Marseilles reaction to our presence, no shadows, no aircraft." Lieutenant Aoife Thorn the senior weapons officer aboard the ship said
"And now we find out if this is for real or some sort of elaborate trap." Commander Celine Tyler, the ships XO said

"Yep" Peter said he looked at his watch, their contact from inside Marseilles, their source on this had stated in communication that one of the Aquitaine noble family, the newborn daughter had survived the massacre of the family. This was an extraction of that child from the country. "Celine."
"Captain?" Celine asked
"Launch it." Peter said
"Aye sir." Celine said she picked up the radio "This is the XO commence Spectrum"

No sooner had Celine given the order than a Finch was taking off from the Valiant and flying into Marseilles, the hope was that the stealth features on the helicopter would get the onboard Achkaerin Special Forces Team in and out without being detected. The ASF team was Silver Troop under the command of First Lieutenant William Yates the helicopter journeyed not more than a couple of miles inland, settling on the Marseilles coast in the countryside close to the cliffs, the ASF team disembarked and fanned out securing a small perimeter, William looked at his watch they were right on time now where was their contact? His orders were clear, he was to wait up to two  hours and then get back to the ship if the contact was a no show. Fortunately it didn't take long before a lone off road vehicle pulled up, out got a man carrying a baby seat in one hand a sports over his shoulder, he moved quickly forwards to where the Achkaerinese soldiers were waiting.

"Captain Cartier MDF." the man said
"Lieutenant Yates." William said "That her?" he indicated the child in the seat.
"Yes this is Daničle Aveline." Cartier said "Technically she's the Duchess of Aquitaine."
"What's in the bag?" William asked, unzipping it to inspect
"Baby clothes, nappies, wipes, bottles, her favourite stuffed toy and some documents that are for her when she's older." Cartier said
"Ok." William said he took the bag and the seat containing Daničle and headed back to the finch "Silver Troop move it out."

Shortly thereafter back aboard the Valiant Peter was crouched in his quarters changing Daničle's nappy, it was something he was well practiced at having done plenty of his son's, his newborn daughters, his nieces and nephew as well. He smiled as he finished changing the nappy and got a smile from Daničle who was cuddling her stuffed toy rabbit. "Ok then." Peter said lifting Daničle up "Let's put you to bed." he put her in the cot that had been set up in his quarters and watched as she went to sleep, he let out a deep breath, two years earlier he'd promised Cecelia Anselmo that he'd look after Beatrice and now here he was with another exiled royal under his protection. Would that be his legacy he wondered? The father coming through all the time?

Marble Palace, Valtheim, 23rd March 2021

Peter stood looking out of the window of his study, he was enjoying a little bit of personal time reading one of his favourite stories - Watership Down, he glanced at where the book sat open on his desk just in front of Daničle's stuffed rabbit, she'd given it to him on the father's day just before she returned to Aquitaine. He could still remember seeing Daničle grow up watching her run around with Simon, Serenity and Beatrice plus occasionally Celine's daughter Yuki, Peter actually chuckled a little as he remembered that Lucinda Hadley had come along later.

"Peter." Celine said stepping into the study "We've got a problem."
"Please tell me Adriana's not been on social media again." Peter said
"She hasn't." Celine said "The IMS Poseidon's been hijacked by the Sorority of Materna."
"First I wish you had said that Adriana had been on social media again." Peter said "Second what are the Sorority doing hijacking a Rokkenjiman ship?"
"No idea yet." Celine said "The distress call received by our ships got cut off. They're on their way to the location now."
"Ok." Peter said he sighed "I want at least a ten kilometre perimeter around the Poseidon no ship or aircraft within it, isolate it and make sure Rokkenjima know what's going on please."

OOC - Anyone who wants to play hostages or ships picking up the distress call, offers of support etc is welcome to jump in. Anyone needing info on the Sorority give me a yell.

Sporting Hub / Rugby World Cup 2021 - OOC Signups
« on: February 09, 2021, 11:05:09 PM »
Rugby World Cup 2021

Back for the sixth time is the Mundus Rugby World Cup (which is most likely the most hotly contested trophy on Mundus). Last tournament saw Achkaerin win their first World Cup defeating defending champions the Iwi in the final, will the plucky underdogs triumph again? Will the Iwi regain their crown? Will the Honeybadgers win their third world crown?

Ok serious stuff, as per the usual sports sign ups state in this thread if you want to enter your nation into this - all hosting bids to be posted by the 19th of February please, following which there'll be a vote for hosting which I'll explain if one is needed. The full explanation of the bidding process is below. If no one bids we're going to an NPC nation.

Bidding Process

The bidding process requires nations wishing to host to submit requested information, what information is dependent on the event in question. There will be a deadline set for bid submissions. any bids entered after that date will not be considered unless the vote has not opened. As you can probably guess from that sentence once bidding closes there will be a vote conducted by vote this will not be in the form of a poll but in the form of a post in this topic (this is to ensure fairness of the vote). Importantly I want to make clear that as I for the purposes of sport effectively play the governing bodies (in this instance Mundus International Rugby Confederation or MIRC) and I generally everyone to be a member, nations can protest bids, but please if doing so make it about something not just 'my nation does not like the bidding nation'. Also I reserve the right to invalidate a hosting bid if it would place competitors at risk  which I generally take to mean nowhere where there is a civil war or large scale civil unrest.

So with that in mind the following is the criteria for the Rugby World Cup bids
  • A minimum list of eight stadia- you are expected to include the capacity of these venues at least one stadium must have a minimum capacity of 80,000 (for the final) and at least two must have capacity's of 70,000
  • Name of the Main TV Rights Holder (For example Tytorian News Service or EMTV)
  • Information relating to accommodation for teams and supporters.
  • Importantly a written letter signed by a ranking member of your government stating that they will provide safe venues and protective services for all athletes and staff no matter which nation they hail from. (No refusing entry to a nation or holding people prisoner because you don't get along in RP with their nation).

Also a word of advice to those wishing to host. It has been brought to my attention that we've had an awful lot of "Image Parade Bids" of late i.e. bids which amount to venue pictures and a fairly generic letter. Therefore I strongly encourage all those who wish to host this competition to "Sell" their nations in terms of why they are the best host for it and to think about the legacy factor i.e. what will the lasting impact of your nation hosting the tournament be?

Final note I am (particularly after the last one of these) limiting the number of tournaments to 32 nations if we get more than 32 nations then a qualification round will need to be held which I will explain if we get far. The participants shall be listed here, I have got Ben's OOC permission to enter the Iwi into sporting events in his absence.

  • Achkaerin
  • Iwi
  • East Moreland
  • Royal Seleucid
  • Jugland
  • Tytor
  • Centralia
  • Lijiang
  • Fleur
  • Argemonto
  • Ikhan
  • Elania
  • Tamora
  • Kaedwen
  • Merina
  • Quintelia
  • Bakkermaya
  • Drenova
  • Lodja
  • Kaitaine
  • Vaguzia
  • Seaforth
  • Zimalia
  • Safraen

TV Shows / Pole to Pole: Cycling Not as We Know It
« on: February 09, 2021, 03:38:59 PM »

Pole to Pole: Cycling Not as We Know It is a video diary styled documentary[1] following the journey of four Achkaerinese women as they attempt to cycle on land and sea from the south pole in Hygelac to the north pole in Hrothgaer. The team consists of Sammy Lawson, the renowned cyclist who has more Mundus Games medals to her name than any other athlete, Melanie Parker a team mate of Lawson, Molly Cooper a two time individual and team triathlon gold medalist at the Mundus Games and Bridget Portman a sergeant in the Achkaerinese army and a medic. They're backed up by a support team led by Eleanor Hendry, a multiple record holding sailor.
 1. OOC - If anyone's ever watched Long Way Down or Long Way Round it's basically modeled somewhat on that.

Diplomacy and Events / A (second) Letter to Izhitsa
« on: February 09, 2021, 12:31:59 PM »

To the Government of Izhitsa,

First allow me to apologize for the lack of advance on the issue of our military deployment. I hope you can appreciate that this was due to the manner in which the events of the Parbhani-Topri and that they escalated rather quickly, we went from a position of an ongoing conflict to a ceasefire to an ultimatum with terms some of which may not be well received by the Topri. Further the ultimatum's nature puts everyone on the clock, in forty eight hours from the declaration of it Topri must either agree to the terms, the international community members that have been approached must find a way forward or the offensive will resume. Having been personally involved in negotiations of this sort it's a time limit that is not helpful and very much reads that the Parbhani leadership appears to be making nothing other than a token gesture rather than engaging in a constructive and meaningful way to end the conflict. Now not even this would see the deployment in question, what is making that happen partly is that Parbhani civilians have been killed by Topri's military, every analysis of the situation that I've seen and heard of whether it be Parbhani's own or an international one concludes that Topri will lose this war, that's a warning sign that Topri have nothing left to lose and that it is entirely possible that repeats of the temple incident or similar atrocities may occur. I hope that this conflict does not end with a descent into what the Seaforth Catholic Church did but if it does get to a point where things do either escalate or degenerate I would rather be in a position where I can assist my nations friend in Dragovah if they require it sooner rather than later given the geographic position of Topri against their eastern border.

My second concern and motivation in this situation is the lack of knowledge and information on a critical point the "respected members of the international community" are not yet known, but judging off the lack of communication coming into Achkaerin from certain nations it's reasonable to say who has not been asked and that list includes significant numbers of nations with experience in this sort of situation, as a local of the Northern Ocean Achkaerin is greatly concerned that no notification from Parbhani about who these nations are has been given, the secrecy of it begs the question whether they even exist at this point, either whoever has been asked has dropped the ball and not told the locals or Parbhani has themselves not invited anyone. Either way they're not being done any favours with a ticking clock.

With respect to your governments suggestions, we appreciate the intent and your efforts however I cannot really agree to either suggestion, to agree to keep the vessels three days away from Izhitsa would be to defeat the object of the deployment which is to be able to take an action if an ally requires it, greater distance impacts this capability. Second the suggestion that we should send a single vessel down there to monitor is understandable however considering the forty eight hour deadline not viable, if thee ultimatum's deadline was a week, ten days or so we would consider a single ship to monitor but the time frame of forty eight hours means we cannot do that, it will take the forty eight hours to get those vessels there, to send a single ship to monitor the situation is fine but in the event that the situation turn bad very quickly it is then a further forty eight hours to get the vessels down there in number.

I hope that in a few hours I will be able to tell the ships to turn for home.

Crown Princess Serenity Azurewind

Diplomacy and Events / A Letter to East Moreland
« on: January 27, 2021, 03:55:37 PM »

A Letter to East Moreland

To: King David of East Moreland

Your Majesty, my good friend, in recent times our two nations have stood shoulder to shoulder on many issues, during many challenging times of crisis, we've fostered a strong friendship between our nations and we strongly respect each others view, even when we've disagreed on the issue at hand. One of the most significant things I believe we can be proud of is our record of being able to work our way around a problem when combining our efforts. It is this particular ability that brings me to write this letter to you, as you will be aware in the summer of last year the citizens of the island of Awhaele voted in a free and fair referendum to be governed as an Achkaerinese territory, with the transition of status of the island now finalized meetings concerning the territory have turned to the future in particular engagement with its neighbours in Alba Karinya and the Illumic. Some of these proposals concern suggestions of membership in the AKO, MICA and Illumic Council - something which I believe is in the best interests of the people living on the island however East Moreland's position on this sort of issue is well known.

As such I would like to meet with you to discuss this matter and see if we can iron out an idea or arrangement concerning this. I am due for surgery in East Moreland in the next forty eight hours, I will be available to discuss this following the operation or should it be more convenient I can arrange for a representative to meet with you earlier.

In friendship,

Emperor Peter Azurewind

Sporting Hub / Stardust Cup 2020 - Signups
« on: January 11, 2021, 09:01:02 PM »
Stardust Cup 2020

The Stardust Cup is a 24hr motorsport endurance race, the track runs through the countryside and forests surrounding the central part of the city of Artaxia in Aelmoor province, it is an open event meaning that various different cars can be entered. The winner is decided by which car completes the furthest distance in the allotted twenty four hours.

OOC explanation - This is basically modeled on the Le Mans 24 hr race, there may be an associated event based RP to go with this, you are permitted to enter up to five teams for this for each team I need a team name, nation of origin and the car they're driving (with a wikipedia link to the car if possible), the car info is required because I may be required to sort cars (and therefore teams) into different classifications - if someone enters a VW Golf for example it wouldn't be competing against a Ferrari.

Map / MAP PURGE NOTICE (Delayed 2020 purge)
« on: January 10, 2021, 05:45:30 PM »
Attention everyone

As Cartographer I'm giving notice that at the next update it is my intention to conduct what I refer to as a map purge (happens once a year in this case delayed from 2020 due to rl so there will be a 2021 version later in the year), inactive nations will be removed, I'm sorry but there comes a point when we have to remove inactive nations that have just sat there and no communication has been received from the players.

The map purge will occur with the next update which will hopefully (again subject to rl) be at the end of January to give people time to let either myself or Dave (as RP Mod) know that they want to stay on the map. This does not apply to the active players.

If anyone has a query grab me on Discord.

Press Offices / Cross-Straits Summit 2020 Press Conferences
« on: December 29, 2020, 03:57:04 PM »

Cross Straits Summit 2020, Dunwich

Found here will be announcements relating to items of business at the 2020 Cross-Straits Summit. Questions from the press welcomed.

OOC - this thread basically serves to assist in identifying what of the decisions made at the summit are and are not public knowledge, it is assumed that each CSC member has a representative available to answer questions as required.

OOC Socialisation / The TIO Christmas Tree 2020 edition
« on: December 11, 2020, 09:38:12 PM »

It's that time of year again. Same rule as always, copy the picture, add one thing to the tree scene and post it again.

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards Ceremony 2020
« on: November 04, 2020, 11:11:17 PM »

The Queen's Foundation Awards 2020

Charlotte Youngson - Chair of the Foundation Presenting the Awards

"Wherever you are on Mundus, good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Today we award the 2020 Queen's Foundation Awards, these are awards that recognise great achievements, that honour those people who dare to dream big, those who make a difference. We award prizes in nine different areas, we award these prizes to the people and organisations that truly deserve them. We acknowledge all the nominees and congratulate all of you on your achievements. Now as chair of the Foundation it is my privilege to announce the winners of the 2020 Queen's Foundation Prizes..."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Chemistry

Jessica McLean
"For the development of a method of genome editing."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Physics

Giuseppe Kessler
"For research into the dangers of cascading microdebris in astrophysics and orbital spaceflight."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Physiology and Medicine

Peter Simod
"For pioneering the field of utilising cyber technology with the human body."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Economics

Francine M. A. Therz
"For the economic transformation and transition of the Conglomerate to the Heyran Republic."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Engineering

Thanasis Polakis
"For bringing cheap and clean electricity to the people of Zimalia through the successful construction of the Haghighi Dam."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Peace

The Council of Albion
"For ceasefire and peacekeeping efforts in Merina."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Literature and Journalism

Dr. Marcus Merriman
"For publishing a complete History of Wars of the Modern Era."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Archaeology and Anthropology

Melanie Bell
"For the discovery and safe return to Vanora of an artifact fitting the description of and believed by some to be the Arc of the Covenant."

Queen's Foundation Prize for Mathematics

Victor Mikailov
"For contributions to the theory of optimal transport and its applications in partial differential equations, metric geometry and probability."

OOC - Chemistry and Mathematics awarded to random generated NPC's

Diplomacy and Events / An Invitation to Altromine
« on: October 27, 2020, 10:17:36 PM »

An Invitation to Altromine

To: Arch-Protector Annakol Araanon

This is likely one of the most unexpected communications you could imagine receiving, for reasons more to do with differences Achkaerin holds with some nations around you territory on a few issues. However from what I have seen so far the actions of Altromine represent something different, with that in mind I would like to invite you, and whichever companions you wish, to meet with me and see if we can establish the beginnings of a lasting relationship between our nations.


Emperor Peter Azurewind

Diplomacy and Events / Memorial Day 2020 - Open
« on: October 25, 2020, 12:47:52 AM »

To the nations of Mundus,

The eleventh of November is a date of great significance to many nations on Mundus, for it is the day that the final stage of what we call the "Great War" officially ended, the day the guns fell silent. Many people of many different cultures and creeds, many different people from many different nations gave their lives in that period. Every year we honor the fallen of all sides in that time and we also pay tribute to those who've given their lives in more recent conflicts and deployments. Every year on the eleventh of November Achkaerin marks Memorial Day, it concludes with the festival of remembrance in the Royal Theatre, Valtheim following a day of acts of remembrance across the nation. I would like to extend to each of you this invitation to join us as we mark the day and remember.


Emperor Peter Azurewind

OOC - feel free to reply with a letter for now if you want, I'm going to set the scene in a few days with an aim to have the act of remembrance on the 11th, after which usual diplomatic reception stuff.

Map / Statement on the Next Map Update
« on: October 14, 2020, 04:59:32 PM »
This is an official announcement from the Cartographer concerning the next map update:

As people may be aware my normal practice with the map is to update fortnightly, this has lapsed somewhat of late and become a case of once a month or longer depending on various factors involved. Presently the most recent update is 24th August 2020, there has not been a more recent update due to my moving house at the end of August.

The files, software and such that I use to update the map I keep on my desktop computer which presently sits wrapped up in bubblewrap in the garage which is where it's going to stay until the furniture for my bedroom is fitted - that is planned for early to mid January 2021, it was originally supposed to have been fitted before I moved in however as I'm sure people will appreciate the effect of COVID-19 lockdowns meant this did not happen.

Until that point there's not going to be a map update because I won't have the access to what I need to do it. I will update the map as soon as I am able to do so and I will consider the next update to be (delayed) annual map purge of inactive nations. At this point all I can do is encourage everyone to continue to RP in accordance with the principle that nations are where their map claims say they are unless otherwise stated.

International Organisations / Mundus Goodwill Bank (MGB)
« on: October 11, 2020, 12:15:34 AM »

We the under signed organisations hereby agree to the formation of the not for profit Mundus Goodwill Bank (MGB). The MGB will exist to fulfill the following missions.

1. The provision of relief during times of natural disaster and war.
2. The support of projects aimed at improving living conditions where without funds the project would not proceed.
3. To provide medical support for those in need
4. To aid research into life shortening medical conditions.

The official currency of the MGB shall be the Universal Standard Dollar (US$)

In order to achieve these missions the undersigned organisations hereby agree to the following.

1. Each organisation will donate annually a sum to the Bank based upon what they feel capable of providing.

2. Each organisation will appoint a Patron to sit on the Banks Council. This person may be chosen using any method the organisation wishes. A Patron may sit on the Council for as long as their nominating organisation permits.

3. The Banks Council shall appoint a President of the Bank. The President shall be chosen following an election, each Patron may nominate a candidate and vote in the election. The candidate with the most votes is named President.

4. The President shall be responsible for the day to day running of the bank. They may distribute funds how they see fit after informing the Patrons of an application. Should a Patron oppose an application on any ground a meeting of the Banks Council shall be called and a vote of the Council taken, a majority decision determines whether funding can be allocated.

5. The President shall be responsible for raising donations to the Bank from non member organisations. These donations will be accepted only when the President is sure that the funder has no ulterior motive.

6. The MGB will not charge interest on loans.

7.The President may, at their discretion, deem loans to be a gift.

8. The Presidents term shall be four years and they may be re-elected.

9. An organisation wishing to leave the MGB may do so by giving 6 months notice, during that time they may still take part in Bank business.

10. Any organisation may join the MGB by ratifying this charter and making a donation to the bank of at least US$25 million.

Signed by High Priestess Joanna Ironside on behalf of The Cult of Helus

Signed by Oracle Temari Fuma on behalf of the Cult of Namis

Signed by Archbishop Richard Valance on behalf of the Church of Tytor

Note: Any organisation can make a payment to the bank to be used to help provide loans for good causes, in case of disasters etc. This is not limited to those who have signed the charter or even to religious organisations e.g. should OsmanTech wish to donate money they could.

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2020
« on: September 29, 2020, 03:03:06 PM »

The Queen's Foundation Awards (otherwise known as the Queen's Medals), are a set of awards granted to people each year in acknowledgement of their accomplishments across a variety of different fields, are once more upon us. This year we intend to award prizes for accomplishments in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Physiology and Medicine, Literature or Journalism, Peace, Economics, Engineering, Archaeology and Anthropology and Mathematics. Nominations will be open until the 26th of October with the winners being announced on the 1st of November at a reception hosted by Queen's College of the University of Artaxia.

We look forward to another celebration of humankind's accomplishments.

Charlotte Youngson
Chair of the Queen's Foundation

OOC Explanation

Ok this is essentially modelled on the Nobel Prizes. You can nominate any of your own characters, someone else's character, or even an international organisation if you can justify it in any of the fields. There are some rules regarding nominations explained below. All I ask is that people be reasonable, this is intended as a fun RP event not a competition.

The Rules

1) The reason for the nomination (I.e. what the nominee has done) must have happened between the 27th of October 2019 and the 26th of October 2020 - i.e. the period between last years nominations closing and this years nominations closing.

2) The reason must be a completed RP event - for example if the SSC Honeybadger was nominated then it must have achieved the speed record and not still be being constructed. This also means it must be something on the forum. The nomination period is deliberately long to give everyone the opportunity to complete RP's that may be relevant.

3) The reason must be feasible (within the RP rules) - self explanatory.

4) The Queen's Foundation reserves the right to reject a nomination should it deem it to be inappropriate.

The Nomination Form

Please fill out the following form to nominate for a prize

Code: [Select]
Name of Nominee: (Link to character profile if they have one desired but not essential, do include titles)
Field Nominated in: Chemistry/Physics/Physiology and Medicine/Literature and Journalism/Peace/Economics/Engineering/Archaeology and Anthropology/Mathematics - Delete as Appropriate
Reason for Nomination: What have they done to earn the nomination?
Supporting Letter: Why you (the person nominating) think they should be given the award, signed by the person doing the nominating (must not be the nominee and you can nominate someone from another nation).

If anyone has questions get in touch with me on discord or PM.

Vignettes / The View From the Gantry
« on: September 28, 2020, 03:10:44 PM »
The View From the Gantry

These are the stories of Achkaerinese sportsmen and women whether they be players, athletes or coaches.

Mundus Games 2020

Women's Road Race (Sammy Lawson)
Women's Rock Climbing (Gwen Spark)
Women's Swimming (Becky Brittaine)

Diplomacy and Events / Lionbourg/CSU Discussions
« on: September 26, 2020, 04:40:13 PM »

To - Prime Minister Lentz

The Cross-Straits Union has received your application to join the Union as a full member, as is our custom I would like to invite you or a representative of your nation to the headquarters of the organisation located in Ashinxao, Rokkenjima for the purposes of the interview stage of the application.


Lěosa Cŕidh
Secretary General, Cross-Straits Union

OOC - Just post turning up at the HQ no need for a formal response.

Economics and Industry / Achkaerin Rifling Company
« on: September 21, 2020, 05:25:12 PM »

The Achkaerin Rifling Company (otherwise known as ARC) is considered the odd one out within the Achkaerinese defence industry, it's not a historic name like McKinlay Naval Solutions or AADC, it's by comparison a newcomer having only been established in the early 1990's by its current owner and CEO Timothy Cross. The company manufactures combat vehicles ranging from tanks to patrol vehicles as well as small arms and other weaponry for the Achkaerinese armed forces and has managed, with an emphasis on quality and safety rise to the position of being the primary supplier of such weaponry to the Achkaerinese military.

Note #1: As per Achkaerinese arms export regulations military sales of Achkaerinese equipment require the purchasing nation to be signatory to the Uppsalla Convention as a general threshold, other conditions are dependent on the piece of equipment being bought.

(OOC) Note #2: Some vehicles do identify an operating system, this is done for reference purposes and is not included on any export models

Spoiler:  Vehicle Template • show

   [td]Name of Product[/td]
   [td]Name goes here
   [td]What does it do[/td]
   [td]How many people do you need to operate it[/td]
   [td]in kg[/td]
   [td]in Meters[/td]
   [td]in Meters[/td]
   [td]in Meters[/td]
   [td]in kph[/td]
   [td]in Km[/td]
   [td]Stuff that goes bang[/td]
   [td]Other Capabilities[/td]
   [td]Cool shit it does[/td]
   [td]in $$$$$$$$$[/td]
   [td]Why the hell build this.[/td]

Spoiler:  Weapon Template • show

   [td]Name of Product[/td]
   [td]Name goes here
   [td]What does it do[/td]
   [td]in kg[/td]
   [td]in Meters[/td]
   [td]Firing Range[/td]
   [td]in Km[/td]
   [td]Other Stuff[/td]
   [td]Cool shit it does[/td]
   [td]in $$$$$$$$$[/td]
   [td]Why the hell make this.[/td]

Diplomacy and Events / Josai/CSU Discussions
« on: August 30, 2020, 07:28:43 PM »

To - President Seiko Kumoya

The Cross-Straits Union has received your application to join the Union as a full member, as is our custom I would like to invite you or a representative of your nation to the headquarters of the organisation located in Ashinxao, Rokkenjima for the purposes of the interview stage of the application.


Lěosa Cŕidh
Secretary General, Cross-Straits Union

OOC - Just post turning up at the HQ no need for a formal response.

Diplomacy and Events / A Letter to MICA
« on: August 27, 2020, 09:56:00 PM »
OOC - Didn't want to bog the relevant event thread down in terms of letters ping pong

To: The Membership of MICA

As you will all undoubtedly be aware recent reports in the East Moreland press have given rise to information that the terrorist group known as the Borland Separatists are making use of a human trafficking network and that the network involves journey's from across Mundus. Reports from Hassfurt have suggested the possibility of 131 cases being potentially related to this in some way, East Moreland has also reported previous cases involving Toshikawan's and Nueva Ardian's. To that I can add that I have been informed that there are some 100 known cases relating to the Faejeon people of the island of Awhaele, we are presently lacking details of this due to the previous Awhaele government's corruption and apparent preference for not keeping detailed records.

In addition I write to inform the membership of MICA in advance of the action intended to be undertaken by the Achkaerinese military in response to this crisis. Acting within the provisions of article 110 of the Fair Seas Concordat Achkaerinese vessels will enforce their right of visit on vessels journeying to Zimalia, we act on the basis that human trafficking is defined as involving things within the boundaries of slavery. Achkaerin has a strong history of cooperation with many MICA members and I hope to see such cooperation continue in this instance.

In friendship and cooperation

Emperor Peter Azurewind

Diplomacy and Events / Frozen North Neigbours (Ach and Griss)
« on: August 18, 2020, 03:55:11 PM »

An Invitation to the Griss Confederacy

To the Council of Elders of the Griss Confederacy,

It is not often that I get the opportunity to write an invitation such as this to a fellow 'frozen north' territory, my nation and your alliance appear to be the only two not presently engaging in some form of isolationism, the Crown and Government of Achkaerin would like to extend their condolences to Princess Aerila on her recent bereavements. I would also like to take the opportunity to extend an invitation to your nation to visit Achkaerin so that we may hopefully begin to build a lasting relationship between ourselves.

Yours in friendship

Emperor Peter Azurewind

Sporting Hub / Mundus Games 2020 - OOC Signup
« on: August 14, 2020, 05:35:11 PM »
Mundus Games 2020

It's that time of year again- our version of the Olympic Games is back for its seventh outing, as always there have been a few minor tweaks to the event list with some new events added and other modifications made (most notably medieval MMA is now a discipline in its own right). I'm also once again foregoing group stages in various competitions to simplify things. Bidding information is included in this post for anyone interested in hosting, if no one bids for hosting then you're all coming to Valtheim.

Time wise these are slightly delayed due to the fact that I'm moving house in a couple of weeks so I'm trying to ensure that the sign up period overlaps that moving period so that I don't end up scoring a few days of this and then have a long delay on the other end, so the IC stuff for this will be September - October I expect.

Bidding information

The bidding process requires nations wishing to host to submit requested information, what information is dependent on the event in question. There will be a deadline set for bid submissions in the case of the Mundus Games this is the 26th August any bids entered after that date will not be considered unless the vote has not opened. As you can probably guess from that sentence once bidding closes there will be a vote conducted. By vote this will be in the form of a post in this topic and the format of that vote will be explained at the time as it depends on the number of bids received.

So with that in mind the following is the criteria for Mundus Games Bids:
  • A list of venues for the events- you are expected to include the capacity of these venues and the athletics stadium must have a minimum capacity of 80,000
  • Name of the Main TV Rights Holder (For example EMTV)
  • Plans for the Athletes Village (just an image will do with a brief explanation)
  • Importantly a written letter signed by a ranking member of your government stating a) that they will provide safe venues and protective services for all athletes and staff no matter which nation they hail from. (No refusing entry to a nation or holding people prisoner because you don't get along in RP with their nation) and b) explaining the legacy of the games in your nation (what will the venues be used for afterwards, will there be a focus on the next generation of athletes? etc) This is the selling aspect of the bid

Everyone is advised that the last bullet point is quite important as it involves something akin to the Olympic Truce.

Also as the controller of the Mundus Games Committee (our IOC) I reserve the right to refuse a bid should there be a legitimate IC reason to do so, e.g we wouldn't be having this in a country in the middle of a civil war.

As a word of advice to any prospective bidder do bear in mind that you will require multiple stadia for events such as football and cricket.

As usual competing nations will have the opportunity to choose disciplines to specialize in that is those headings in YELLOW, you are permitted three specialisms. You may also suggest the addition of an event if you wish but please remember these are the summer games (so no snowboarding). Also this is just the event list I have not yet worked out the schedule.

Finally I am not simply assuming everyone competes in everything but I am instead letting you determine which events you enter however please note that some events have a set number of people involved and some have a minimum number, these are generally team events and are indicated. Also please remember when determining your team size what the size of your nation is and how sporty they are.

Event List

All events apply to men and women unless specified otherwise, and all relay events are one relay team per nation. Team events are also one team per nation.

Athletics and Field

3000m steeplechase
110m hurdles (Men)
100m hurdles (Women)
4x400m relay
4x100m relay
Heptathlon (Women)
Decathlon (Men)
Pentathlon (men and women)

Triathlon (ind and team) (team is 4 athletes in a mixed relay)
Cross Country (ind and team) (four athletes is assumed)

Hammer Throw
High Jump
Long Jump
Triple Jump
Pole Vault


50m (free, back, breast, fly)
100m (free, back, breast, fly)
200m (free, back, breast, fly)
400m (free, back, breast, fly)
800m (free)
1500m (free)
200m indiv medley
400m indiv medley
800m indiv medley
4x100m medley relay
4x200m medley relay

10k open water swim

Synchronized Swimming
Water Polo (15 athletes per squad)


Men’s 56, 62, 69, 77, 85, 94, 105, over 105kg
Women’s 48, 53, 58, 63, 69, 75, over 75kg


Single Sculls
Double Sculls
Quad Sculls
Coxless Pairs
Coxless Fours
Coxed Eights
Lightweight Pairs
Lightweight Fours


Men’s solo- RSX, Laser, Finn
Men’s Team- 470, Star, 49er
Women’s solo- RSX, Laser
Women’s Team- 470, E6
Surfing - mens ind, womens ind, team (team is mixed 3 surfers)


Individual and Team all around competition (six athletes per team will be assumed)
Men’s disciplines, Rings, Vault, Floor, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar
Women’s disciplines, Floor, Vault, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars,

Ind Men’s Rings, Vault, Floor, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar
Ind Women’s Floor, Vault, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars

Ind Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics (Ball, Hoop, Ribbon, Clubs, Rope)
Women’s all around (team and ind)

Trampolining (ind and team)
Trampolining Pairs

Tumbling (ind and team)


Kendo (ind and team (team is 3 athletes))


3M Platform (indiv and pair)
5M Platform (indiv and pair)
10M Platform (indiv and pair)


Individual Pursuit
Individual Sprint
Team Pursuit (four riders per team)
Team Sprint (three riders per team for men, two riders per team for women)
Individual Scratch Race
Individual Elimination Race
Individual Points Race
Individual Flying Lap
Individual 1km Time Trial
Madison (two rider event)

Road Race (maximum of six riders per team)
Time Trial
Mountain Bike (Cross Country)


Recurve Individual
Recurve Team (three archers per team)


Men’s 49, 52, 56, 60, 64, 69, 75, 81, 91, over 91kg
Women’s 51, 60, 75kg


Men’s 60, 66, 73, 81, 90, 100, over 100kg
Women’s 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, 78, over 78kg


Men’s 58, 68, 80, over 80kg
Women’s 49, 57, 67, over 67kg


Men’s 58, 68, 80, over 80kg
Women’s 49, 57, 67, over 67kg

Mixed Martial Arts

Mens and womens individual events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight

Medieval Mixed Martial Arts

Mens and womens individual events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight
Duo events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight

Football (squad size of 23 players)

Basketball (squad size of 20 players)

Rugby Sevens (squad size of 16 players)

Muggle Quidditch (squad size of 16 players)

Netball (women only, squad size of 14 players)

Cricket (T20 Format)

Ball and Stick Games

Hockey (squad size of 23 players)
Lacrosse (squad size of 16 players)
Baseball (squad size of 20 players)


Beach Volleyball

Racket Sports


Mixed Doubles


Mixed Doubles


All Equestrian events are mixed i.e. men and women compete against each other

Dressage (ind and team)
Cross Country (ind and team)
Showjumping (ind and team)
Three Day Eventing (four riders per team)
Polo (12 riders per squad)


Rifle- 10m, 50m prone, 50 m three positions
Pistol- 10m, 25m, 25m rapid fire, 50m
Shotgun- trap, double trap, skeet



Cue Sports


Rock Climbing

Individual Rockclimbing

Sign Up Information

As last year this year we're using google sheets to create the Database as far as I understand it I believe you should be able to add in your athlete information without needing to sign into a google account, if for whatever reason you can't add yours in post it below and I'll get it added. I have already put Achkaerin's information in there to give people an idea of when numbers are entered and when yes/no isn't. If you aren't entering an event please enter either a zero or no into the cell or leave the cell blank.

Also remember to include your nations three specialist disciplines in the sign up post you do.

Diplomacy and Events / An Invitation to CARDA (Ach & Sol)
« on: July 11, 2020, 01:30:48 AM »


The Achkaerin Space Agency would like to formally invite you to our headquarters in Djana-Ville, Achkaerin. We extend this invitation following the announcement made of several projects concerning your organisation in recent days, some of which appear to be Soleimani versions of missions that the Achkaerin Space Agency has successfully undertaken, as such we would like to extend our experience and expertise on those and perhaps explore other possibilities as well for the future.


Gary Hale
Director of the Achkaerin Space Agency

Vignettes / The Discovery Project
« on: July 09, 2020, 01:59:18 PM »
The Discovery Project

The INS Discovery used to be the most infamous aircraft carrier on Mundus - why? Because before it was in Achkaerinese hands it was the HMS Leonard I of the Vaguzian Navy, that's right the carrier that bankrupted a nation. Now though it serves in the Achkaerinese Navy and has a rather special crew, including a cat that prowls the corridors. These are the stories of the ships crew and the goings on aboard ship, everything from the mundane daily routine to what happens when things get a little more tense.

First I apologize that this has snuck up on me. Basically for those who don't know the Edelweiss Festival (basically think of it as Proms meets Children in Need and other similar festivals) is an annual Achkaerinese event that does music, culture and the arts. it's icly organized and put on by the Achkaerinese royal family. Anyway I'm branching it out a little this year and while I've asked a couple a question about parts of it, I'm now opening it up to international participation in three areas.

1) Putting on a Play, Poetry Recital, Dance etc

In the cause of trying to avoid this becoming a Glastomundus double header I'm not opening sign ups for the Memorial Gardens aspect of this (which is Proms in the Park) instead I'm opening up the performance space at the Royal University of Music for play performances, poetry recitals, dances and so on. Anyone interested in this fill in the sign up form below.

Name of performer: (who's doing it individual or performing company, drama school etc)
Nation of Origin: (Where are you from)
Subject of Performance: (title of the play, can be either something already existing or fictional, I'll allow a maximum of three at this point)

2) International Young Musician of the Year

I have in previous years mentioned a domestic young musician of the year specific to Achkaerin, this is an international category that I'm throwing out there, for a bit of fun. It'll be on the schedule for the festival. I don't mind what instrument or musical selections people make provided it fits the outline.

Note - the Judge's selection piece is a piece of music chosen that reflects a theme, this years theme is Hope

Judge's Selection Piece: (youtube link and explanation if wished) 
Concerto Piece: (youtube link)
Freestyle Piece: (youtube link)

3) International Young Artist of the Year

Similar to the young musician of the year but focused around art, I have only one rule please try to avoid using big name paintings and follow the guidance in brackets). Sign up for this is below:

Painting 1: (Must be a still life)
Painting 2:
Painting 3:

Diplomacy and Events / The Window of Opportunity
« on: June 08, 2020, 10:39:59 PM »
Marble Palace, Valtheim, Achkaerin

The Round Table Conference, the Royals, the Government ministers, the intelligence services, the Military as well as other services as required were gathered in what was called the Round Table Room of the Marble Palace. The topic of discussion? Merina. Currently the floor was held by the Minister for the Diplomatic Office Cheryl Holmes.
"At present the Council of Albion are preparing to talk with the factions involved in Merina to see if they can achieve some sort of peace. The good news is that the major players in this are all staying their hands, no one's going to start shooting until the Council have had their chance or unless something else happens in the meantime."

"So we have a window of opportunity." the Achkaerinese Emperor Peter Azurewind said "Sophie."
"Yes Your Majesty." Deputy Sky Marshall Sophie Wall said, she was the Director of the Military Defence Initiative otherwise known as the MDI, she brought up familiar footage of the Makeni chemical incident "As you can see we have aircraft swoop in, drop bombs and then we have the chemicals. If the Free Mundus Network is to be believed we're talking hundreds if not thousands of casualties."
"Any clue on who might be responsible?" Peter asked

"Your Majesty this is one of three things - first the plane has launched the chemical weapon, second the plane has launched a conventional weapon which has impacted the chemicals in a tank or some such or third the plane has not caused this and the chemicals have been released by an unknown party to frame the regime." Sophie said
"A false flag" Rion Ayanami said "Well yes it's possible."
"Either way we're talking multiple breaches of the Uppsalla Convention." Crown Princess Serenity said
"We need to get in there and gather information." Rion said
"Good thinking but how?" Peter asked
"We need a cover." Sophie said "Humanitarian aid operation?"
"Hannelina?" Peter asked looking at the Foreign Aid Minister Hannelina Porter
"If the Merina government accepts the offer." Hannelina said "Then it's simple enough."
"Logistics?" Peter asked
"We can work with the Merina Red Cross" Nettie Taylor said "Move whichever hospital ship is currently in Phuebra out there and fly appropriate assets in, subject to the approval of the Merina government."
"And we put the appropriate personnel to investigate in the midst of those we fly in." Rion said "That could work."
"Do it." Peter said "And privately let the Free State and our other friend what we're up to so we don't get raised eyebrows."

Private Letter to the Merina Government

To: President Nguessa of Merina

Following the tragic events that transpired in Makeni the Achkaerinese government would like to offer what humanitarian help we can including medical facilities on a hospital ship and personnel experienced in dealing with similar circumstances, we simply require access to an airfield to land aircraft and use as a base of operations while aid is distributed. We hope you accept our offer and look forward to your response.

Hannelina Porter
Achkaerin Foreign Aid Minister

Diplomacy and Events / The Viceregent Reports
« on: June 04, 2020, 03:44:49 PM »
It had been a longer than usual morning in Pyrena brought about by what had been referred to in the corridors as 'odd statements' by Soleimani and Heyra, if the circumstances weren't as severe or the stakes as high they would have been laughable. Still as requested the Viceregent Emerson Ravenswood had assembled the newly appointed Imperial Council and spent most of the morning going through all the technicalities of the CFT, the view was crystal clear the CFT did not have a higher authority than the Fair Seas Concordat. With the final unanimous agreement of the council Emerson made his way to Evanthe's office and put the document on her desk.

"The report you asked for." Emerson said

In accordance with the request of the Empress the Viceregent has undertaken a swift review of the Treaty between the First Empire of Rokkenjima and the Heyran Republic (formerly the Conglomerate) known as the CFT with a view to concluding whether it was compatible with Rokkenjiman foreign policy, in need of reform or whether it should be withdrawn from. This review included input from the Imperial Council and has their approval.

Summary of the CFT

On the face of it the CFT is a one sided agreement which appears to give numerous advantages to the Heyran Republic and disadvantages to Rokkenjima, there is notable inconsistency and ambiguity contained within it. The document does appear to have been signed by the Empress-Emerita as some sort of slight against East Moreland and Seaforth at the time, following the closure of the then QAMB, on that basis it would certainly appear that the Conglomerate as it was then took advantage of the Empress-Emerita and dangled two military bases in front of her in exchange for virtual carte blanche in other areas, this is obviously an unacceptable state of affairs and in need of urgent address.

The inconsistencies in the CFT are seen when comparing the terms of the base leases for the Queen Adriana and King Leopold bases. Under article II(b) of the CFT:

"The maintenance, personnel, supply, security and construction of such installations in the defined annexes are to be at the expenses of the First Empire. The maintenance personnel of the annexes is to be at least 70% from The Conglomerate nationality. An annual fees of 300 000 000 USD is to be charged to the First Empire for the usage of such annexes."

As can be seen from the underlined phrase this article obligates Rokkenjima to in effect pay rent to Heyra for having a base there, which in of itself would not be unreasonable, however it becomes unreasonable when it is considered that the land lease of Cocytus does not see Heyra obligated in the same way despite the providing of a service by the Rokkenjiman police as per article V - "The Conglomerate agrees to let First Empire of Rokkenjima police forces, air, sea and ground, patrol freely within the respect of The Conglomerate legislations in Cocytus." so not only are Rokkenjiman police officers being asked to patrol around Cocytus but they also have to then enforce not Rokkenjiman Law but presumably Heyran Law, this is clearly a service being provided that there is no payment for and given the tone of the CFT this appears unacceptable.

Further concerns with the CFT are found in the rest of Article II and Article III

Article II(a) - "The definition of the annexe zone, plans and architecture are to be validated by The Conglomerate."

Concern: On the face of it reasonable but the word 'architecture' can be taken to imply certain things such as what a radar tower or dome can look like, what a jetty might look like, a drydock and so on. The point is there is a difference between looking good and being practical, and in military terms practicality is the superior point. Additionally the idea that Rokkenjima could potentially have to give the Heyran's detailed plans of what the inside of a military facility is going to look like does raise significant security concerns.

Article II(c) - "Provisionary exceptions may be made to the upper point on the number of vessels, tonnage and personnel, if authorised by The Conglomerate for no more than 10 days."

Concern: Does not define under what circumstances the exceptions may be made and a ten day authorisation is very arbitrary as history across Mundus shows the likely set of circumstances under which this might be asked for (humanitarian operations, combat operations etc) take substantially longer than ten days.

Article II(e) - "The Conglomerate reserve itself the right to use the military installations in emergency cases, such as one which may put in danger Human lives."

Concern: Very vague as the amount of circumstances that can qualify for this is a long one, a humanitarian operation puts lives at risk, a terrorist group seizing a vessel and holding the crew hostage puts lives at risk, a honeybadger getting loose on a cargo ship puts lives at risk. In fact Heyra could twist practically any arising situation and interpret it in a way that allows them to use the installations, which is likely to hinder the ability of Rokkenjima to effectively conduct operations, potentially expose sensitive Rokkenjiman equipment such as ICON to Heyra, potentially place Rokkenjiman ships at risk and ultimately cost lives rather than save them. In addition the stationing of Heyran assets on a Rokkenjiman base does raise the question of command position and who is ultimately the command authority to those Heyrans.

Article II(f) - "Coordination efforts will be took, for allowing The Conglomerate assets to be temporarily deployed on a military annexe for executing Article II e) and Article III in alignment with both the First Empire and The Conglomerate wills to cooperate on defense questions."

Concern: No definition of how long "temporarily" is and the concerns as noted in relation to Article II(e) would apply.

Further concern in relation to Article III - "In the sake of safety and security of passing goods and people through the Mhorish, Illumic, Krimeon and Kyne Seas, The Conglomerate and First Empire of Rokkenjima agree to anchor a long-standing cooperation for managing common patrols along exercises in the said regions for ensuring the neutrality of the maritime routes, along a direct connexion between both military headquarters to ensure proper communication."

Observations: This article seems to suggest that the four areas identified are in some way not secure in terms of trading routes. However the Illumic channel is most certainly the most secure waterway of Mundus and as has been demonstrated on several occasions East Moreland and Seaforth are perfectly capable of handling issues that arise there. The introduction of the 3RA's policy of MICA would extend this principle to the Mhorish, therefore it seems odd and surplus to requirements to suggest that such patrols in those areas are required. The Krimeon and Kyne are both very large bodies of water and that fact combined with already existing commitments that Rokkenjima has would appear to place a rather large burden on the IRN in respect of the CFT obligations, to the point where it could easily be considered that Rokkenjima would have to run on practically a war footing to achieve the numerous patrols required. Which does call into question the value of QAMB and whether the loss of the base, as would be the case in terminating the CFT, would be beneficial or detrimental for Rokkenjima. The Imperial Council believes this would be of benefit.

Compatibility of the CFT with Values Based Policy

Rokkenjiman foreign policy is a values based policy seen in the signature of Rokkenjima to numerous international treaties such as the Fair Seas Concordat, Mundus Convention of Universal Rights, Uppsalla Convention, Outer Space Standards Convention and so on. In recent days and weeks we have seen the incompatibility of the CFT with these values we have seen rather than a private concern being raised a frankly insulting attack on Tytor by Heyra for what has been called a violation of the FSC when in truth no violation has yet taken place and whether any will is debatable. The continued attempted use of the CFT by Heyra as some sort of justification to prevent Rokkenjima taking any action, action which is in accordance with Rokkenjiman values and that Rokkenjima is entitled to take, clearly indicates if it were not already evident that the CFT is not compatible with Rokkenjima's values based foreign policy.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Having considered the above concerns the following is concluded:

The CFT in its current form is not fit for purpose, it should never have been signed in that form and the only reason that can be deduced as to why it was signed like that is the judgement of the Empress-Emerita being clouded by anger. The amount of alterations required to the treaty to make it equitable are significant but achievable however the manner in which this treaty is used by Heyra to try and impose over international law is disturbing as is the manner in which they allow it to operate as such on their own soil.

Therefore the following recommendations are made:

1) the immediate withdrawal of Rokkenjima from the CFT, the treaty is incompatible with Rokkenjiman policy and is based around a false premise that Rokkenjima needs a military base in that area. Rokkenjima does not require a military base in the Illumic or Mhorish area, from a security point of view those areas are very well secured by the local nations.

2) As a consequence of recommendation 1 progress on QAMB construction to be discontinued and appropriate steps taken to ensure that the work done so far is demolished.

3) Communication to MICA and Seaforth[1] to advise them of the withdrawal of QAMB and to negotiate terms under which Rokkenjiman ships may use ports in the Mhorish for resupply and leave as per port calls under the FSC, thus allowing some Rokkenjiman patrols to take place but in a collaborative manner and not in a manner where Rokkenjima is seen to impose itself as an Illumic or Mhorish power.

4) Notice be served to Heyra that the land lease for Cocytus is revoked.

5) A request be made to Rosa Shipyards to cancel the contract with Heyra found in Annex A of the CFT.

This concludes the requested report of the Empress by the Viceregent.


Emerson Ravenswood
Viceregent of Rokkenjima
 1. OOC - Assuming they're not a MICA member

Commonwealth Treaty Organization
General Assembly Resolution

Resolution #0024
Adopted by the General Assembly on 28th May 2020

The General Assembly,

Recognizing the myriad issues facing the modern world,

Acknowledging the fact that the Commonwealth Treaty Organization is presently unable to fully represent the global community,

Realizing that this inability is compounded by the existence of competing organizations (namely the Cross Mundus Agency),

Determined to do what is best to remedy this situation, and

Believing that the principles espoused by the Commonwealth Treaty remain the best way to do that, despite its current flaws,


1. Announces its intention to hold a summit at Tarrenburg Castle, Kingdom of Tytor, on 8th June 2020, to discuss a path forward for the joint causes of global unity and world peace;

2. Declares that these talks will be open to representatives from any and all nations and international organizations that wish to attend;

3. Specifically invites the member states of the Cross Mundus Agency in particular to participate; and

4. Expresses its hope that common ground may be found, and that a better and brighter future may be secured.

Sporting Hub / Tour De Alba Karinya 2020 - IC
« on: May 21, 2020, 07:24:46 PM »
Tour De Alba Karinya 2020

The Tour De Alba Karinya, an eighteen stage cycling race across four nations on Alba Karinya, from the flats of Zimalia, to the hills of Hassfurt, the Alps of East Moreland and Vaguzia and then the Vaguzian roads before a return to East Moreland and a finish on the driveway of the Royal Palace in Northfort. It's the first time the event has been held and a great chance for cycling fans to get a look at their heroes up close including the most successful Mundus Games athlete of them all Sammy Lawson. With all the jerseys up for grabs who will win them? So with that in mind and in the words of the musical "Get on your bikes and ride"

Stage numberHost StateStage WinnerJersey Holders
1Zimalia (TT)Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling)Y & W: Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling)
Team: Phoenix Cycling
2ZimaliaIrene St Joseph (RCF All Stars)Y & W: Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling)
G: Lena Tocci (Telestar)
Team: Phoenix Cycling
3HassfurtRebecca Rhomero (Roll-Out EMAC)Y & W: Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling)
M: Neve Macdonald (Roxiquer Attsolt Racing)
G: Lena Tocci (Telestar)
Team: Phoenix Cycling
4Hassfurt (TTT)RCF All StarsY & W: Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling)
M: Neve Macdonald (Roxiquer Attsolt Racing)
G: Lena Tocci (Telestar)
Team: RCF All Stars
5HassfurtMaria Cairns (Phoenix Cycling)Y: Irene St Joseph (RCF All Stars)
W: Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling)
M: Neve Macdonald (Roxiquer Attsolt Racing)
G: Lena Tocci (Telestar)
Team: RCF All Stars
7East Moreland
8East Moreland
9East Moreland
10East Moreland
12Vaguzia (TT)
14Vaguzia (TTT)
17East Moreland
18East Moreland


OOC Notes:

TT on the calendar indicates an individual time trial and TTT indicates a team time trial (note that in the team time trial all six riders on a team will be awarded the same time for practicality reasons)

Scoring for the Sprint and Queen of the Mountains will be done randomly on a points system - there will be a number of checkpoints dotted through the stages the first rider across them will get 10 points, 2nd will get 8, 3rd will get 5, 4th will get 3 and 5th will get 1.

The team classification is awarded as per the cross country at the Mundus Games - each rider will score points equal to their finishing position (1st place = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 3 points etc) these are totalled up across all the stages and the team with the smallest total at the end will win that classification.

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