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Diplomacy and Events / Re: An Imperial Homecoming
« Last post by Achkaerin on July 19, 2024, 10:00:14 PM »
Within moments of Emerson receiving Asuna's message Operation Shepherdess went into motion. This had been on the books ever since Kikyo had been discovered, it was no secret that those responsible for the Imperial Family's security wanted Kikyo in Pyrettania where she could be more easily covered from a safety perspective. Doing that was a simple matter, doing it without announcing to the world that there was another Anselmo... that wasn't so simple but it was doable.

It began in Jenka-Jenkinson with Kikyo's departure, she'd been given a note and a photograph to look at on the flight so she knew what she needed to do on the other end. When she arrived in Pyrettania there was a couple waiting for her Robyn Mears and Joe Ochre, in this context they were posing as Kikyo's aunt and uncle as part of a cover. They were on the photograph that Kikyo had been given before boarding her flight. After they'd greeted each other they made their way to a car, Joe loaded Kikyo's luggage into the boot and then they were off.

"I'm Robyn and this is Joe." Robyn said as she drove them through the city "We're mainly here to keep up appearances, we're what's referred to as your extended detail."
"Which basically means that we have a focus around your safety." Joe said "Our cover is that we're your distant aunt and uncle, this we'll maintain until we get to the point of you being revealed as an Anselmo. You'll be attending the IUA's satellite campus which is where Prince Lucius is going to be attending, this will allow your presence and your security to go under the radar so to speak. Lucius does know who you are and so do our people who run his security."

Ten minutes later Robyn pulled up outside an Achkaerinese safehouse. Once they were inside there was one more person waiting for them, leaning against the kitchen counter was Megumi Nishikiri "This is Megumi." Robyn said "She's your primary bodyguard, which basically means if she tells you to do something you do it. She's going to be in all your classes, so she can keep you safe without attracting attention."
International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« Last post by Beatrice on July 19, 2024, 02:55:27 AM »

The Empress Is With Child

The Empress was, reportedly, beaming with joy as she shared the news with reporters.

While the Empress has made statements in the passing weeks her presence has been lessened, forcing her to make an official statement to the press. "It's a bit difficult to admit with cultural differences and all those entail, but I can no longer hide it. I am with child and, after discussing it with Thomas, we've both considered our age, the world we're bringing this child into, and how prepared we are for all of that and we reached a mutual decision that we're ready for all that entails. I mean, we're both pretty frilled at this all, and I hope to welcome my son or daughter into a world that is better than the present one we all live in." With the news the Empress was pressed on the wedding plans presently being discussed between Pyrettania and Tsargrad.

"We're to be wed in August," the Empress said with a smile, "and I can't help but to think each moment led us here, child or not. He's my foundation, my rock and my stone, my voice of reason, and though Thomas has a penchant that our child be born on the waves of the seas I'll be happy to have our child in a medical facility, whether it's out to sea or not. I think I made it clear my love for him when I sent a liner after his naval ship, and while these past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions and decisions, I'm happy we're creating a family together. They'll have all the love, joy and wonder at their disposal from both of us and I know Thomas will make a great father," the Empress shared.

When pressed on her age, and the concerns for childhood given the Saisei Empress' concerns given her own the Empress scoffed them off. "I was once a little girl, those times have passed however. I will bear our child, he or she will have the best life possible and through all that I'll be married to the love of my life, I'll be happy and that is what is most important. Empress Saisei is looking forward to being a grandmother, though I swear if she loads my child up with sweets before sending me home I have options at my disposal. I can't wait to welcome the next generation of my family, to plant that first kiss on their forehead that says "I'm here for you until the end" and just lose myself in them. And between Thomas and I, they're going to be a cutie I know," she smiled as she turned from the cameras, "I can't wait to welcome our bundle of love and joy and see that their life is everything we wished."
Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
« Last post by Beatrice on July 19, 2024, 02:24:17 AM »
Factbooks and Maps / The Union of Smaragdfalt
« Last post by SimplyQ on July 18, 2024, 11:54:45 PM »
Motto:- Strength with unity and harmony.
National Anthem: WIP

Government Type:- Semi Presidential Republic with Parliamentry Democracy under a federalised system.
Population:-:- 28,029,748
Capital City:-  Mötesstad (3,214,483)
Demonym:- Smaragdian


Currency:- Gulder (Ǥ), GUL

GDP per Capita:- $59,540 (Nom), $67,906 (PPP)
Unemployment Rate:- 3.21%
Main Industries:- Copper, Bauxite, Silica (From Pearls) , Agriculture, Pulp and Paper Products, Consumer Electronics, Heavy Machinery and Industrial Equipment, Natural Gas, Furniture, Logistics and Transport Services, Education, Construction, Engineering, Food Processing. 


Ethnicity:- Mostly Equivalent to Nordic and Uralic People.
Languages:- Swedish, Finnish and Estonian
Religions:- WIP
Average Life Expectancy:- 87yrs (Male), 91, (Female)


Head of State:- President Carl Dahlberg
Head of Government:- Chancellor Jaana Gauffin
Name of Legislative Body:- Generalstaterna (States-General) -Chamber of Commons (Lower House), Senate (Upper House)
International News Networks / Re: Juglander Review
« Last post by paralipomena on July 18, 2024, 10:01:00 PM »

Juglander Review

Protests on religious freedom continue in Albrektberg

For another evening, protesters gathered around Pyhä Matteus Church in Albrektberg, in which residential home a religious pastor facing charges in Mktvartvelo is under house arrest.

Protesters demanded the dropping of charges and the legal process, as well as a constitutional reform strengthening the Free Autonomous Territory autonomy regarding judiciary and legal independence. The People's Church of Jugland is also facing criticism for a statement by their official spokesperson which declared that the Church leadership "opposes active civil disobedience against the law". However, a number of prominent members of the Church, including several active clergymen, have expressed solidarity with the pastor.

Meanwhile, Zurab Chikhradze, a member of the National Assembly for the left-wing nationalist Social National Party, has expressed criticism on the ongoing protests and effect on the status between Albrektberg and the Unitary State of Mktvartvelo. "A violation of the principle of legality and constitutional order is a serious matter", he declared. Chikhradze called that, as a complicit passivity in the application of their legal duties, the national government has the right to immediately suspend the Agreement of Azavrelia and dissolve Albrektberg authorities.

However, Inga Ushkaladze, spokesperson of the national government, has declared that such consideration is "not currently in the agenda of the Council of Ministers".

International News Networks / Re: YHK & Others (News from Fusan)
« Last post by Daitō on July 18, 2024, 01:17:47 PM »

Fusanese Court Approves Gender Status Change Without Surgery

Haruki Tomioka

A high court in Fusan has approved a request by a person to change their official gender status without undergoing surgery. The Saito High Court made the decision on Monday for a person diagnosed with gender dysphoria, who is legally male but lives as a woman. Under current Fusanese law, a person's gender recorded in their family registry can only be changed if certain conditions are met. This law effectively requires that those wishing to change their legal gender undergo surgery so that they no longer have reproductive function and their genital organs resemble those of the opposite gender. In a landmark ruling last February, the Supreme Court ruled that requiring people to undergo surgery to remove their reproductive function when they wish to officially change gender is unconstitutional. The court did not, however, make a decision on whether it should be required for a person's genital organs to to resemble those of the gender they identify with.

The high court, following its ruling on Monday, said that the requirement imposes an excessive restriction on people by forcing them to choose between undergoing surgery, and thus giving up their right not to be harmed, or forgoing the legal recognition of one's gender identity. The court further added that the requirement "may be in violation of the constitution." and that "it is reasonable to interpret that the requirement is satisfied as long as an individual appears to be of the opposite gender to others, even if surgery is not performed." The court allowed the petitioner to change their official gender status as the individual had developed a feminine-looking body through hormone treatment.

The individual who was granted the change in their legal status expressed gratitude in a comment issued by her lawyers. The statement says, "A lifetime wish has finally come true." It adds, "I'm so pleased that I'll be freed from the hardships I have experienced due to the difference between my social gender and my legal status." The person filed a petition with a family court five years ago after considering the physical burden of surgery on a healthy body, and an inevitable long stay in hospital. Lawyers and experts contacted by TV Shinkyo called the decision "extremely unusual." citing the region's generally conservative attitudes on these matters. Sachio Mikimoto, the petitioner's lawyer, said the court clarified how legal requirements should be interpreted. "It is now easier for people to seek court approval for a change in gender status if they have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and are receiving medical treatment, such as hormone injections," he said.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Fusao Sasaki stated that he will refrain from commenting on the matter as the government is not a party concerned in the trial, and as such, is not aware of the details. He added that relevant ministries and agencies are currently working on practical measures based on the Supreme Court's ruling last February. The YFD's leadership, however, says that it has reached an opinion on the requirement to change gender status. This includes the elimination of the requirement for surgery to remove reproductive functions. The party aims to revise the law during an extraordinary Diet session later in the year. However, Giichi Takahashi, the President of the Kensei Jiyūtō, has vowed to seek the passage of a law which will stipulate that people cannot use spaces reserved for women so long as they have male genitalia, even in spite of the suggestions made by the high court.
Army Seeks Cheap 155mm Cannon-Based Air Defense System

Naoto Karatani

The Imperial Fusanese Army is seeking a wheeled, self-propelled 155mm cannon-based air defense system capable of firing cheaper hypervelocity rounds. A cost-effective alternative to current capabilities based on surface-to-air missiles is being sought, particularly in expeditionary scenarios against the rising threat of cruise missiles. Projectiles fired by the Cross-Domain Artillery Cannon (CDAC) will be guided by offboard sensors, eliminating the cost of onboard sensors in current rounds.

"Current air and missile munitions require onboard guidance and targeting components that drive high munition procurement costs,” a service request for information explains. "In contrast, the CDAC seeks to significantly reduce munition costs and enhance expeditionary utility by developing a 155mm artillery cannon-based air defense system capable of firing Hypervelocity projectiles, integrated into a wheeled platform.” Additionally, the system will be linked with an external Command and Control Battle Manager and the Unified Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System being developed by Zayasu Heavy Industries. A prototype coontract award is expected in the first quarter of 2025, with deliveries by the last quarter of fiscal year 2026 and demonstration in fiscal year 2027. "Upon the conclusion of the operational demonstration, the prototype will be delivered to soldiers as a residual combat capability," the request for information reads. Expected features include high rates of fire, remote firing, deep magazines, rapid emplacement and displacement, mobility, and transportability through rail, road, and air.

War and Conflict / Re: [Asadal] The Siege of the Sky
« Last post by paralipomena on July 18, 2024, 09:15:29 AM »

The Siege of the Sky (IX) | Hayanttangam, Great Kingdom of Asadal

When Sergeant Hwa woke up, he suddenly forgot when he was for a few seconds. It was only when he saw Lieutenant Han in front of him, with his dirty and still bleeding bandage, and particularly the uncomfortable smell in their crowded cabin when he realized about their situation.

It was difficult to say which time of the day it was, but it didn't really matter, Hwa thought. It looked, however, that there were more movement and noise than usual in the village. A huge noise interrupted his thoughts. Armed men suddenly entered their cabin.

"Move out!", a nervous young man told them. Sergeant Hwa barely understood him, but his threatening gestures were clear enough. They obeyed in their best of their capacity, considering a few of them had wounds which were not still cured.

"It was close", one of them said when the left the cabin and they saw the destruction caused by one bomb which had fallen on the village. Teenagers and men were trying they best they can to extinguish the flames and rescue anyone which could be inside. There were already two corpses on the ground. The noise of the aircraft suddenly returned. The militiamen fired their weapons against the skies, with no success.

"They may rescue us soon", a fellow prisoner whispered to Sergeant Hwa.

"Don't count on it", Sergeant Hwa simply replied.

Suddenly, one of the local armed men pointed his rifle directly to Lieutenant Han's head, uttering words they can not understand but which sounded increasingly angry and threatening. It was unfortunate that they could understand them but he, as well as his unfortunate fellow war prisoners, could not understand their enemies, Sergeant Hwa thought.

But the man lower his rifle after an older armed man loudly yelled at him. However, they were suddenly interrupted by a huge explosion of a bomb falling from certain distance. It was not near but they could feel the impact through the ground. Sergeant Hwa wondered if they bomb fall on a nearby camp that some of the soldiers had described to them in their way to the village. The thought immediately caused a light tickling on one side of his head, as he remembered the blow with a rifle butt which had hit him back nearby Mount Hayangaeul.

"They want you dead this time", a middle-aged man told them. "Before, it was always good to have some foreigners under our custody. Bombs stopped back then. But not this time".

"They may not know we are here then", a fellow prisoner replied.

"They do", the man replied. "There are always some traitor". The conversation did not last long, however, as they were ordered to move.

They obeyed, with the guns and rifles pointing at them. The noise from the sky returned once again. Sergeant Hwa felt that they did not share the hopeless conviction of that man, as they were ordered to move toward a wide clearing of the forest, with their hands up.

Suddenly, it started to rain, but not hard enough that the distant noise of a propeller could be heard. Sergeant Hwa heard the noise of the detonation of a rifle and the sudden fall of a body to the ground. However, he hadn't time to look bad. It was his turn to fall to the ground as the noise of a huge explosion interrupted his thoughts.

During the next minutes, Sergeant Hwa found unable to open his eyes, but he could still the sound of men screaming in diverse languages and dialects.

Map / Re: Claiming Your Spot on the Map
« Last post by SimplyQ on July 18, 2024, 03:27:33 AM »
Nation Name: The Union of Smaragdfalt

Nation Link:

Provinces you wish to claim:

Proposed colour of your nation on the map: Idk, some kind of green

I, SimplyQ, have read the rules set down above, and agree to follow them.
International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« Last post by Beatrice on July 16, 2024, 06:55:25 AM »

New Polling Reveals Positions on Azukishima Councillor Seat, Preference For Empress

New polling data has given the former Empress a reason to smile.

According to new polling the former Empress, who has requested that for the purposes of reporting on the election that the RBC refrain from refferring to her by her regnal name, is building support with the electorate she seeks to represent in the House of Councillors. 57% of those polled stated their preference for Beatrice Anselmo whilst 43% stated a preference for Katsuhiko. While the poll is certainly a reason for the former Empress to smile support for Teikokutō remains solid in several regions of the First Empire, representing a challenge for the Centre Party to recover from the losses it suffered following the Offdensen Plot. Speaking briefly with the RBC Mrs. Anselmo said that such a situation was expected by her campaign.

"They're still riding on the coattails of their "support the Empress' power" platform which has now been replaced with a platform which seeks to instate a policy of racial purity in the Imperial Government, eliminate the presence of foreigners via immigration policy, all while calling for conflict, economic or otherwise, with nations who don't prescribe to the views Teikokutō views as acceptable. While this party was once respectable it is clear that, through their change in platform and ludicrous statements, we have the makings of our own Gugnir; it is only by the grace of Islyna that we have not seen them attempt political violence as a tool to date. While support for their party remains solid in some corners of the Empire I have faith in the spirit of the First Empire and that of the Rokkenjiman People; that we reject policies that have failed time and again in foreign lands and hold firm to the values and principles we saw restored in the Anselmo Restoration."

Polling also revealed that momentum continues to build behind the sitting Empress, with just 41% of voters supporting a Saisei return; 59% supported the Empress' continued reign, while none declared themselves undecided. "It is, as it should be," she said when asked of the poll results, "we too often look back on the past with rose-tinted glasses, thinking that things were better because one person or another was in any manner of positions, but the truth is each moment in history has those meant for them; my season came, and it was then succeeded with Chrysanthemum Throne finding in Asuna not only the person meant for it, but the one who will conquer it. I'll always be on hand to give her advice, though I've already made clear the mistakes I made in moments I thought I was right yet, in hindsight, see that I was so terribly wrong in the decisions that I made. I am ultimately happy that the People are supporting me where I can make a meaningful difference as opposed to attempts to return to an era to which there can be no return. In a way, if a situation arose in which I were mandated to once again sit on the Throne then I would view my reign as a failure. It is upon all of us, as Rokkenjimans, to support our Empress and ensure that her stewardship of this First Empire is the success it is meant to be."

Sugano's office declined a request to comment on this article.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Asuna To Tielin II
« Last post by Beatrice on July 15, 2024, 08:16:01 AM »
"Thank you, I am pleased to accept it with grace," Asuna replied warmly as she inspected it, admiring the care and craftsmanship that was clearly on display. "I will see that this key is given to someone worthy of such an appointment, someone I can trust to share my vision and speak in alignment with me," she continued as she listened to Tielin. "In my own lands we've begun the process of transitioning certain embassies to facilities housed within the walls of the Imperial Palace; already we've seen embassies of traditional Rokkenjiman allies and partners transition to them, but I'd wish to invite an ambassador from your Empire to establish a presence therein as well." She invited him to view an image, "they'd be housed in this complex there," she said as she pointed to a group of buildings just east of the Palace itself.

"Thank you," Asuna said to Dandan as she followed her motions, appreciating the architecture of their venue as well as its significance. Whilst Pyrena was famous for the many events viewed from its view down below upon Pyrettania Asuna had elected to restore the Imperial Palace and chose it as the centerpiece from which her reign would proceed. Certainly she had many happy memories within the walls of Pyrena, yet, in the process she initiated to see Rokkenjima return to its historical roots to rule from a Castle built by Ardians would be most inappropriate. Being surrounded by such traditional architecture resonated with her in that way, and perhaps if things went well she could turn to Tielin as she continued to restore Rokkenjima to its roots.

Upon sampling the tea Asuna presented a clear smile, "Not like anything I've experienced at home and, mind you, we love our tea as well. This is simply splendid," she said upon another sip.

"You were wise to recognize our mistakes," Asuna said listening to Tielin, "I say this with all respect to those who stood in my role before, but they fell to their own challenges rather than rising up to meet them. My mother, and I love her dearly, became entrenched in a mindset that was right to meet the challenges presented by the USR and Warsaw but quickly became outmoded in a post-Soviet and post-USR Mundus. My aunt, despite all her experience as one of Mundus' most seasoned diplomats, became mired in the moments that were presented to her instead of using her wisdom and experience to overcome them. Empress Shizukesa was not meant for the moment that approached her and, as a result, we didn't see the right decisions in the moments they needed to be made. I've three predecessors who all failed when the moment called upon them to be extraordinary, to pick the path more difficult, and whether it is the frailty of the humanity we all share or something else at play, I have no room to make the errors they did. It was my mother who saw the best path forward for Mundus as one in which the community of nations act in consensus, it was my aunt who believed in the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation to effect a better world for us to share and, to be fair, it was Empress Shizukesa who did her best despite the deck being stacked against her from the beginning. I must recognize their failings because they've done such harm, but I feel I can look to the best of their intentions and utilize them to effect a better future, and see that at least some of that harm is undone in my time upon the Throne."

"I was named after the Great Matriarch," she continued, "the woman who built the Imperial Navy and led an army inferior in numbers but sufficient in quality to ward off Imperial Ardia and its worst ambitions. After defeating that challenge we saw the Federal Republic in 1915 which attempted the cultural genocide of Rokkenjima, only to be defeated by my mother." As the parchment burned and was dealt with she paused before continuing, "It's not known outside of the Morelanders that I nearly took my own life, I've had many personal challenges and being brought to the brink of viewing the world as better off without you is a point I would never even wish upon my most despised of enemies. I had the commander of our Armed Forces nearly topple the democracy I'm fostering in Rokkenjima, making up my own traditions along the way such as the Empress not being able to enter the Diet without their consent; my mother ruled absolutely, I feel that the Crown should always be the principle guardian of the People, but it should have accountability, always. As for King David," she sighed, "it's not pressure, but inspiration. I know that the agreement we made led me here, but at the same time I already wished to be here and, in that moment, it seemed almost impossible. The MAEA affair, the accusations of your nation being backwards while we said nothing on Tytor, it was almost an impossible mountain to climb. Once I'd regained my sense of who I was, why I was doing any of this, and why I'm in this moment it became clear. I'm Empress because this moment demanded I be, and if I don't make the right decisions I've nearly 200 million people to answer to. I know those who came before me failed but," she paused, "I promise I will do all that is within my power to make past wrongs right, and to see that the Rokkenjima I lead is one which calls again upon the inspiration you spoke of prior. I will never brag, I'll never compete outside fields where it's appropriate to compete, and its my aim to see the same consensus-based approach that brought so many successes for the entirety of Mundus are restored. I'm sorry I wasn't Empress then," she said as she looked aside for a moment, "I would've realized a functional MAEA was worth more than having a silly headquarters on my shores. Ego can be a powerful motivator, but it can also be a death sentence whence wisdom is cast aside."
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