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Mundus Games 2024 OOC/Signup
« on: June 24, 2024, 06:47:16 PM »
Mundus Games 2024

It's that time of year again- our version of the Olympic Games is back for its eleventh outing, as always there have been a few minor tweaks to the event list with some new events added, I'm also once again foregoing group stages in various competitions to simplify things. Bidding information is included in this post for anyone interested in hosting, if no one bids for hosting then we're all going to Marseilles.

Bidding information

The bidding process requires nations wishing to host to submit requested information, what information is dependent on the event in question. There will be a deadline set for bid submissions in the case of the Mundus Games this is the 14th of July any bids entered after that date will not be considered unless the vote has not opened. As you can probably guess from that sentence once bidding closes there will be a vote conducted. By vote this will be in the form of a post in this topic and the format of that vote will be explained at the time as it depends on the number of bids received.

So with that in mind the following is the criteria for Mundus Games Bids:
  • A list of venues for the events- you are expected to include the capacity of these venues and the athletics stadium must have a minimum capacity of 80,000 (please make sure to include which events are going where)
  • Name of the Main TV Rights Holder (For example EMTV)
  • Plans for the Athletes Village (just an image will do with a brief explanation)
  • Importantly a written letter signed by a ranking member of your government stating a) that they will provide safe venues and protective services for all athletes and staff no matter which nation they hail from. (No refusing entry to a nation or holding people prisoner because you don't get along in RP with their nation) and b) explaining the legacy of the games in your nation (what will the venues be used for afterwards, will there be a focus on the next generation of athletes? etc) This is the selling aspect of the bid

Everyone is advised that the last bullet point is quite important as it involves something akin to the Olympic Truce.

Also as the controller of the Mundus Games Committee (our IOC) I reserve the right to refuse a bid should there be a legitimate IC reason to do so, e.g we wouldn't be having this in a country in the middle of a civil war. I would like to remind everyone that if they believe there to be a legitimate IC reason to question a bid they may do so icly, just please do it in a separate thread.

As a word of advice to any prospective bidder do bear in mind that you will require multiple stadia for events such as football and cricket. And please check that every event is covered. Also I strongly encourage creativity in bidding.

As usual competing nations will have the opportunity to choose disciplines to specialize in that is those headings in YELLOW, you are permitted three specialisms. You may also suggest the addition of an event if you wish but please remember these are the summer games (so no snowboarding). Also this is just the event list I have not yet worked out the schedule as that is dependent on the number of nations in certain events.

Finally I am not simply assuming everyone competes in everything but I am instead letting you determine which events you enter however please note that some events have a set number of people involved and some have a minimum number, these are generally team events and are indicated. Also please remember when determining your team size what the size of your nation is and how sporty they are.

Event List

All events apply to men and women unless specified otherwise, and all relay events are one relay team per nation. Team events are also one team per nation.

Athletics and Field

3000m steeplechase
110m hurdles (Men)
100m hurdles (Women)
4x400m relay
4x100m relay
Heptathlon (Women)
Decathlon (Men)
Pentathlon (men and women)

Triathlon (ind and team) (team is 4 athletes in a mixed relay)
Cross Country (ind and team) (four athletes is assumed)

Hammer Throw
High Jump
Long Jump
Triple Jump
Pole Vault


50m (free, back, breast, fly)
100m (free, back, breast, fly)
200m (free, back, breast, fly)
400m (free, back, breast, fly)
800m (free)
1500m (free)
200m indiv medley
400m indiv medley
800m indiv medley
4x100m medley relay
4x200m medley relay

10k open water swim

Synchronized Swimming
Water Polo (15 athletes per squad)


Menís 56, 62, 69, 77, 85, 94, 105, over 105kg
Womenís 48, 53, 58, 63, 69, 75, over 75kg


Single Sculls
Double Sculls
Quad Sculls
Coxless Pairs
Coxless Fours
Coxed Eights
Lightweight Pairs
Lightweight Fours


Menís solo- RSX, Laser, Finn
Menís Team- 470, Star, 49er
Womenís solo- RSX, Laser
Womenís Team- 470, E6
Surfing - mens ind, womens ind, team (team is mixed 3 surfers)


Individual and Team all around competition (six athletes per team will be assumed)
Menís disciplines, Rings, Vault, Floor, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar
Womenís disciplines, Floor, Vault, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars,

Ind Menís Rings, Vault, Floor, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar
Ind Womenís Floor, Vault, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars

Ind Womenís Rhythmic Gymnastics (Ball, Hoop, Ribbon, Clubs, Rope)
Womenís all around (team and ind)

Trampolining (ind and team)
Trampolining Pairs

Tumbling (ind and team)


Kendo (ind and team (team is 3 athletes))


3M Platform (indiv and pair)
5M Platform (indiv and pair)
10M Platform (indiv and pair)


Individual Pursuit
Individual Sprint
Team Pursuit (four riders per team)
Team Sprint (three riders per team for men, two riders per team for women)
Individual Scratch Race
Individual Elimination Race
Individual Points Race
Individual Flying Lap
Individual 1km Time Trial
Madison (two rider event)

Road Race (maximum of six riders per team)
Time Trial
Mountain Bike (Cross Country)
BMX (now split into racing and freestyle)
Artistic Cycling (split into pairs, fours and sixes)

Motocross (Mixed event)


Recurve Individual
Recurve Team (three archers per team)
Horseback Archery - Circuit, Cross Country, Cross Country Relay, Time Attack
Crossbow Individual
Crossbow Team (three shooters per team)


Menís 49, 52, 56, 60, 64, 69, 75, 81, 91, over 91kg
Womenís 51, 60, 75kg


Menís 60, 66, 73, 81, 90, 100, over 100kg
Womenís 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, 78, over 78kg


Menís 58, 68, 80, over 80kg
Womenís 49, 57, 67, over 67kg


Menís 58, 68, 80, over 80kg
Womenís 49, 57, 67, over 67kg

Mixed Martial Arts

Mens and womens individual events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight

Medieval Mixed Martial Arts

Mens and womens individual events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight
Duo events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight
Fortress Battle (teams of 20 in a capture the flag styled contest)
Mens and womens sword dancing with one or two blades (sword version of kata as seen in the RL olympics)

Football (squad size of 23 players)

Basketball (squad size of 20 players)

Rugby Sevens (squad size of 16 players)

Handball (squad size of 18 players)

Netball (women only, squad size of 14 players)

Cricket (T20 Format)

Ball and Stick Games

Hockey (squad size of 23 players)
Baseball (squad size of 20 players)


Beach Volleyball

Racket Sports


Mixed Doubles


Mixed Doubles


All Equestrian events are mixed i.e. men and women compete against each other

Dressage (ind and team)
Cross Country (ind and team)
Showjumping (ind and team)
Three Day Eventing (four riders per team)
Polo (12 riders per squad)
Mens Jousting
Womens Jousting


Rifle- 10m, 50m prone, 50 m three positions
Pistol- 10m, 25m, 25m rapid fire, 50m
Shotgun- trap, double trap, skeet



Cue Sports


Rock Climbing

Individual Rockclimbing


Individual Chess

Sign Up Information

Again this year we're using google sheets to create the Database as far as I understand it I believe you should be able to add in your athlete information without needing to sign into a google account, if for whatever reason you can't add yours in post it below and I'll get it added. I have already put Achkaerin's information in there to give people an idea of when numbers are entered and when yes/no isn't. If you aren't entering an event please enter either a zero or no into the cell or leave the cell blank.

And to save Dave his traditional annual post about this I'm going to point something out that happens every games. We get huge spam lists of people entering everything with 3 or 4 athletes. That is very rare. Usually qualification for Olympics sees each nation permitted to enter anyone who can qualify for the time. For the 2020 games that was 10.05 secs for the 100m for men. There are also caps. Keep in mind you only get to send ELITE athletes unless they pull a fluke like Eric the eel.

Also remember to include your nations three specialist disciplines in the sign up post you do. And don't hesitate to ask me if you're unsure about anything.

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Re: Mundus Games 2024 OOC/Signup
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2024, 12:19:34 AM »

To the Esteemed Heads of the Mundus Games Committee,

   I am writing to you on the behalf of the Fusanese National Mundus Games Committee and by extension, our nation as a whole, with regards to our bid to host this year's Mundus Games in the city of Shinkyo and outlying regions. I recognize that, in the wake of last year's dreadful attacks which struck deep into both Fusan and Rokkenjima, there are no doubt concerns with regards to the safety of both athletes, officials, and other attendees, however, I can personally vouch for the heightened security which will ensure that such a thing will never happen again, and it is my view that by hosting the games in a country that was so grievously attacked, we, the people of the world, will be sending a powerful message that we shall not be swayed by terror. Furthermore, as one of the largest cities on the planet, Shinkyo claims host to a great many facilities which can be used for the event, having been built for past national and international sporting events including the now-discontinued Pan-Ardian Games. And as a nation which has taken a keen interest in the promotion of athletic pursuits, we do hope that our bid will prove an excellent choice to host this year's events. Alongside this letter, information on the various venues we are proposing as well as a letter from Prime Minister Konishi are also provided.

Kazuhiro Shinohara, President, Fusanese National Mundus Games Committee

Spoiler: show
Fusan National Stadium - Opening Ceremony & Athletics and Field
   Fusan National Stadium is one of the larger venues being planned as part of our bid. Built on the site of the older Fusan National Stadium, which was built in the late 1950s ahead of the 1960 Pan-Ardian Games, the stadium has a maximum capacity of 68,000 spectators, and would be used for the opening ceremony and the various athletics and field events.

Shinkyo Aquatics Center - Swimming & Diving
   A newer addition to the array of venues available in Shinkyo, the Shinkyo Aquatics Center opened in 2022. It can host up to 15,000 attendees during any event, and will be used for the swimming and diving events.

Hagi River - Rowing
   Running through the east of the city and feeding into its network of canals, the Hagi river, due to its nature as a river, can have more attendees than a manmade structure, however, the exact area that would be used for the rowing event will only be capable of hosting around 20,000 people.

Takashima - Sailing
   Located in Shinkyo Bay, the island of Takashima is our pick as the venue for sailing event. While we are certain that more could view the event from boats along the route, the northeastern edge of the island will be equipped with seating for up to 10,000 spectators.

Fuso Budokan - Fencing, Judo, Taekwondo & Karate
   One of the more famous venues being planned for the games is the Fuso Budokan, more commonly referred to as just the Budokan. Located just to the northwest of the Imperial Palace, it, like the original Fusan National Stadium, was built ahead of the 1960 Pan-Ardian Games, and it has since served both as a venue for martial arts competitions and as a concert hall. It is, however, the former role that we have planned for it, with it being selected to host the Fencing, Judo, Taekwondo, and Karate events this year. It has a maximum capacity of 15,000.

Shinkyo International Convention Center - Weightlifting, Cue Sports & Chess
   While not originally built to host sporting events, the Shinkyo International Convention Center, or "SICC", was built between 1996 and 2000, opening on New Years Day of 2001. It has, despite this, been selected to host the Weightlifting, Cue Sports, and Chess events for this year's Mundus Games, and in that capacity, it can host up to 5,100 visitors.

Ikuno Gymnastics Center - Gymnastics
   The Ikuno Gymnastics Center has, as the name might suggest, been selected to host the Gymnastics events. It can host up to 10,000 people.

Akashi Velodrome - Cycling
   The Akashi Velodrome, being the preeminent cycling facility in Fusan, has, despite being located just outside of Shinkyo in neighboring Akashi, been selected to host the cycling events this year. It has a maximum capacity of 5,000 spectators. It should be noted that for events such as road cycling, the triathlon, and others, a variety of outdoor locations will be used, including Hibiya Park and Bukō Speedway as the start and finish of the road road race, the Yura MTB course for mountain biking, and part of Kuramae Urban Sports Park for BMX cycling.

Terabara International Circuit - Motocross
   With a capacity of 8,000 attendees, the Terabara International Circuit in nearby Terabara has been selected to host the BMX event during the 2024 Mundus Games by the Fusanese National Mundus Games Committee.

Kokudo Archey Center - Archery
   The Kokudo Archery Center, with a capacity of 7,000 spectators, has been selected to host the archery events if our bid is accepted.

Hinohara Kokugikan - Boxing, MMA & Medieval MMA
   While best known for sumo wrestling and boxing, the Hinohara KokugikanóHinohara National Sports Hallócan also be used for MMA and Medieval MMA competitions, as it has been in the past. It can hold up to 11,000 people at a time.

Various - Football & Rugby Sevens
   In the pursuit of ensuring that Fusan has enough venues for the Mundus Games, and noting that Shinkyo itself does not have nearly as many large stadiums available for a full competition, we have decided that other stadiums across Fusan will also be contracted to host matches during the Mundus Games. They are as follows:
      Shinkyo Stadium - Max. Capacity: 50,000
      Awara Stadium - Max. Capacity: 63,700
      Tochigi Soma Stadium - Max. Capacity: 57,400
      Otsu Dome - Max. Capacity: 87,100
      Hatsukaichi International Stadium - Max. Capacity: 70,000
      Okayama Stadium - Max. Capacity: 48,000
      Urasoe Sports Center Stadium - Max. Capacity: 32,000
      Sakata Stadium - Max. Capacity: 40,000
   We would also like to note that Shinkyo Stadium and the Otsu Dome can and will be used for Rugby matches.

Tsukiji National Gymnasium - Basketball, Handball, Netball & Volleyball
   Among the more visually striking buildings selected as a venue for the proposed Shinkyo Mundus Games, the Tsukiji National Gymnasium would, if our bid is selected, host the Basketball, Handball, Netball, and Volleyball events. The stadium can host up to 13,000 spectators.

Hashirimizu Beach - Beach Volleyball
   Hashirimizu Beach has been selected to host the beach volleyball event. It has a maximum capacity of 12,000 people.

Various - Cricket
   As with the football event, Fusan will provide multiple venues for cricket, although it must be noted that, due to the nation not being "big" on the sport, there are only two dedicated locations for the sport, while the third venue will make use of one of the stadiums being used for the baseball events as well. They are as follows:
      Keio Jingu Stadium - Max. Capacity: 38,000
      Shirokane Cricket Arena - Max. Capacity: 60,000
      Saizai-Haku Cricket Arena - Max. Capacity: 26,000
   As mentioned, Keio Jingu Stadium is primarily a baseball stadium, but has been used in the past to host cricket events as well. It will, as a result, also be one of our venues for baseball.

Otsu Hockey Stadium - Ball and Stick (Hockey)
   The Otsu Hockey Stadium in neighboring Otsu has been selected to host the Hockey events this year. It has a capacity of 15,000 spectators.

Isahaya Stadium - Ball and Stick (Baseball)
   Alongside the aforementioned Keio Jingu Stadium, Isahaya Stadium will also host some games for the baseball events this year. Maximum Capacity: 30,000

Yotsuya Stadium - Racket Sports
   Yotsuya Stadium will host the various racket sports events this year, with the venue featuring indoor courts as well. Maximum capacity: 20,000

Shinkyo Equestrian Park - Equestrian & Horseback Archery
   Shinkyo Equestrian Park will host the various equestrian events as well as the horseback archery events this year. Maximum capacity: 9,800

Fort Azuma Shooting Range - Shooting
   Located not far from the eponymous Fort Azuma, the Fort Azuma Shooting Range is designed to host a variety of competitive shooting events, and it will, in our opinion, suit the Mundus Games quite well. It can host up to 3,200 guests.

Yūtenji Urban Sports Park - Rock Climbing
   Yūtenji Urban Sports Park is notable for being one of the first major rock climbing centers to be built in Shinkyo, having opened in 1996. It will, therefore, ideally host the rock climbing events this year, and it has a maximum capacity of 8,800 spectators.

Kuramae Urban Sports Park - Skateboarding & Cycling (BMX)
   Kurumae Urban Sports Park, not to be confused with the similarly lamed Yūtenji Urban Sports Park, will host the skateboarding events this year if we are selected. It has a maximum capacity of 7,300 attendees. As mentioned earlier, the primary section of the park will also be used for the BMX event of the competition.

Imperial Hotel - Mundus Games Family Hotel
   Defining the word "luxury" in East Ardia for many decades, the Imperial Hotel in Shinkyo has seen many iterations since its establishment in 1883, all of which have occupied the same plot of land in Yūranouchi, Sendō Ward. It is for this reason, as well as its central location within the city, that has led the hotel's holding company to partner with the Fusanese National Mundus Games Committee to offer accommodations for the families of athletes and Mundus Games staff during their stay over the course of the games.

Tsukiji Athletes Village - Athletes Lodgings
   Located just to the south of the Tsukiji National Gymnasium, the "Tsukiji Athletes Village" represents a complex of residences which have long been used by international athletes competing in games of this caliber, and as has already been the case, it is being offered for use by the athletes competing in the 2024 Mundus Games. We are confident that they shall be more than adequate for the purposes of the games, and we are prepared to make special accommodations within the complex as requested.

Shinkyo International Exhibition Center - International Broadcast Center & Media Press Center
   The Shinkyo International Exhibition Center (SEIC) is a convention and exhibition center located on the coast of Shinkyo Bay, just a few kilometers north of Ōta International Airport in San'nō, Iwatsuki Ward. Opened in 1993, the building is proposed to serve as the International Broadcasting Center and Media Press Center for the duration of the 2024 Mundus Games.

To the Mundus Games Committee,
   On the behalf of the Fusan Consortium, comprising the six major broadcasters within the borders of the Empire of Fusan, we are writing to you in order to affirm our readiness to provide quality coverage of the upcoming 2024 Mundus Games, as we have every year since our organization has been established. After all, that was what our mission, to ensure that the Fusanese people, as well as any others who receive coverage from our various channels, are able to view the many international sporting events that our world with ease and in their own tongues. Furthermore, noting that the city of Shinkyo seeks to host the 2024 Mundus Games, we have elected as a group to pursue  the primary broadcasting rights for the event, and we are therefore eager to hear back from you when possible. Thank you for your time, and may the 2024 Mundus Games prove to shine as brightly as its predecessors and its successors into eternity.
Harunobu Miyauchi, President of YHK
Masako Sakai, President of TV Shinkyo
Einosuke Okada, Chairman of Fuso TV
Yukiko Shigenaga, President of Tokai Broadcasting System
Chae Tae-wan, President of Tsukishima TV
Ayane Tanaka, Chairwoman of TV Awara

To President Isabel Sullivan of the Mundus Games Committee

   It is my great privilege and honor to extend to the world a warm welcome to the Empire of Fusan, should our bid to host the 2024 Mundus Games be selected from among what are sure to be many excellent candidates. Speaking on the behalf of the nation's government, I affirm our commitment to ensuring the safety of all competitors, staff, and attendees, as well as the security of all venues, regardless of their country of origin or present relations with the government of Fusan. We are keenly aware that, in the last year, we have faced great hardship, but through perseverance, the sort of which is necessary to succeed in these games, we have overcome and have stepped forwards, boldly, into the new day. Therefore, we invite the athletes and nations of the world to Shinkyo so that we may celebrate the spirit of perseverance through friendly competition, and we are eager to meet each and everyone who attends.
Sadazane Konishi, Prime Minister of Fusan

OOC: Specializations
   I. Swimming
   II. Fencing
   III. Cycling
   I. Gymnastics
   II. Rock Climbing
   III. Racket Sports
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Re: Mundus Games 2024 OOC/Signup
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2024, 09:21:12 PM »

Regarding Mundus Games '24

On behalf of the Imperial Mundus Games Committee the First Empire hereby endorses the Fusanese bid to see the Mundus Games be hosted in Shinkyo. The testament against bowing to the fears which terrorism seeks to poison the civilized world is a strong one; given our joint experiences in that dark chapter of our joint history the First Empire has declined to put forth a bid of its own. We saw, in not too distant history, attempts to drive a deadly wedge between our Empires and as such it is our pleasure to extend a hand of supportive cooperation to cement the fact that such sentiments firmly remain in the past.

In short, I can think of no venue more appropriate or symbolic in this moment to host the Games than Shinkyo and share my confidence in the capacity of the Empire of Fusan to provide a safe, comfortable and equitable venue for all.


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Re: Mundus Games 2024 OOC/Signup
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2024, 11:44:49 PM »
OOC - Bump for sign up reminders

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Re: Mundus Games 2024 OOC/Signup
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2024, 11:23:34 PM »
Bidding deadline reached.

There being one bid the Mundus Games for 2024 are awarded to Shinkyo