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Economics and Industry / AMB Offer to Samantra
« on: July 19, 2022, 12:37:39 PM »

To: - Stas Petrov Minister for Trade, Economy and Finance

My name is Evaristo Aiolfi and I represent an organisation called Abertone Micro Banks. We are a collection of small scale lenders that offer unconventional and generally more high risk credit opportunities. Many of our projects involve giving those unable to access traditional forms of credit and banking a chance to gain credit, thus boosting their credit scores and also providing them with an opportunity to finance business projects. We work with several small scale lenders ranging from Church groups seeking to put their funds to charitable endeavours to those with savings wishing to see a return on their savings.

How we work is we receive applications from individuals generally seeking to borrow less than $30,000, our organisation checks the borrower out to ensure that the request for funds it likely to see a return. For example a young person with no credit history unable to get a loan from a traditional bank may have an excellent business plan but be unable to fund its start up as traditional banks look not at their potential but at their past. We would if satisfied the project would succeed give it our approval and then any of the microbanks associated with us may offer the funds either in part or fully. Generally a microbank will require between 7-10% interest be paid on the loan. We are able therefore to support local businesses to grow and also provide a return on our funders savings for them. This is a genuine bottom up development project.

In addition we can offer microbanking opportunities by working with communities to provide banking for those who have so far been unable to engage with traditional large scale banks. One example of a project in the Eastern Part of the Abertone Empire has seen a local AMB affiliated organisation travel around a remote local community on a weekly basis collecting funds that could then be utilised by the whole community to manage very small scale projects such as fence repairs etc. We at AMB ensure that lenders are vetted and approved prior to giving them our support.

We would like an oppurtunity to begin this work in your country. We believe that as a fellow Christian country many of our lenders utilise our service as a means of doing Gods work and supporting the poor, as such many of these lenders actively invest their interest earnings back into the community from which they came. This has seen projects such as irrigation systems built in parts of our Eastern Empire. We contact you at this time having seen large conglomerates investing in your nation. We believe such investments from economic behemoths can have a huge downside on small and start up business as they face competition that they could not dream of overcoming. This however should not stop Samantran's from aiming to be entrepreneurs and maybe launch the next great conglomerate.

With your blessing we would like to begin operations within your nation and are hopeful of a long and successful partnership between AMB, our lenders and your people.

Best Regards
Evaristo Aiolfi
Project Manager AMB
Tiny Banking Giant Results

Character Guides / Abertonians
« on: June 08, 2022, 10:22:26 PM »

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Marco Lupin IX
King of Abertone
Grand Duke of Faidello

Marco was born in 1976 and is the 2nd son of Emperor Luca V and Empress Maria.

Marco was not a good student at all and had it not been for him being at the privately run Faidello St.Nicholas School he would likely have been excluded for his lack of work ethic and rudeness to teachers. With the school having enjoyed the prestige of educating all Emperors and Princes of the nation since 1817 he was permitted to get away with a great deal of things. In school the only subject that had anything positive to say about him was music and he by merit was lead violin in the schools orchestra. When he left school in 1994 he completed his military service in the Imperial Logistics Regiment as a bandsman and rather surprisingly to his father he stayed in the service until 2001 raising to the rank of Captain. He played several instruments and arranged performances.

In 2001 he left the military and set up his own performing arts centre known as the Lupin Seminary which placed an emphasis on composing, recording, performing and promoting spiritual music. While not devoutly Christian Marco was aware of the need to support the Catholic Church and combined this with his love of music, while often not fully believing in the messages and meaning of works of religious music he appreciates the beauty of the work and therefore can put his more secular leanings to one side. Up until 2019 Marco split time between royal duties, partying and his musical work.

His elder brother Gianfranco became Emperor in 1997 following the assassination of his father by Republican terrorists. His brother ruled as Emperor from 1997-2019 before dying of an illness. As the rules of inheritance for Abertone state that a male should inherit the throne and with Gainfranco having three daughters it was Marco who inherited the throne. At the time of Gianfranco's death it transpired his wife, Sarah, was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy eight months after Marco inherited the throne, this has lead to some believing Marco should have abdicated the throne in favour of his nephew Peter. The Emperor though has refused to do so.

Marco has a reputation for living the high life and while having never been married has fathered three children.  Most of the day to day running of the Empire he has left to his cousin Graziano. In 1997 he was in a relationship with Livia Rizzo, the daughter of the Count of Bergcastro, in 1998 she gave birth to a daughter called Alda. Originally Marco denied being the father and his father insisted a DNA test be done, to the point of threatening to have the Praetorians lack a blood sample by force. The results confirmed Marco was the father and Emperor Luca conferred upon her the title Viscountess Rizzo. Three months later Emperor Luca died however he had left a villa on the coast to his illegitimate grand-daughter.

In 2000 Marco was in a relationship with Abertonian model Alana Bellincioni. Marco however was far from faithful. In December of that year Alana gave birth to a son called Silvano. While Marco has acknowledged the son his brother did not give any title to the boy. Even today Silvano enjoys very little contact with his father however the extended Lupin family has taken care of him and he currently is studying Mechanical Engineering at University with Graziano picking up the tab for his fees.

In 2016 Marco got a female army officer assigned to the Palace pregnant. Lieutenant Maria Ardizzone gave birth on 17th May 2016 to a daughter called Eugenia. Once again  Marco has not really stepped up as father but on this occasion his sister in law, the then Empress Sarah, has ensured that the girl is well looked after.

International News Networks / The Abertone Chronicle
« on: May 30, 2022, 10:33:43 PM »


Several weeks ago Emperor Marco IX demanded $130 million for restoration work on the Royal Villa of Faidello that has long been an exclusive property of the Lupo family. Initially members of the Senate spoke out against this spending project stating that the Lupo family had more than enough money to fund the project themselves over the course of a number of years. The Emperor however was keen for all the work to be completed by the end of 2022 and insisted that the Imperial Treasury find the money. Several behind the scenes discussions took place between concerned Senators and the Emperor's cousin Consul Graziano Lupo. Today the Consul confirmed in his daily opening report to the Senate that "concessions on the funding have been reached. I have sat down with the Emperor and we have a list of jobs that are needed urgently and those that can be done at a later date. The Imperial Treasury will ensure the urgent works are carried out without delay, meanwhile those that are not time critical will come from the Lupo family account. In addition those tennant farmers who rent land on the Villa's estate will receive two years relief from rent payments and for a total of 180 days a year the Villa's East Wing and gardens will be accessable by the general public so long as they have tickets and these shall be free." This marks the first time in the Empire's history that the general public will be freely able to access a royal residence. The Villa sits in some beautifully landscaped gardens and contains several highly respected fresco paintings.

The Senate have also been busy with measures to put before the Emperor to extend free University education to those with military service. Currently anyone who voulenteers for a minimum of five years in the Armed Forces gains free University tuition, under measures put forward by Consul Graziano those serving three years would get a reduction  of 50% for the first two years of a three year degree. Currently with Republican groups undertaking terrorist attacks in the Eastern part of the Empire there has been a push to increase the number of volunteer soldiers to permit deeper training for anti-terror operations.

Factbooks and Maps / The Empire of Abertone
« on: May 30, 2022, 09:09:30 AM »


Motto:- Something Cool
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem[/center]


Under the Lupa family a period of military conquest in the 15th Century saw the creation of the Abertone Empire based on the city by the same name. Hemmed in by nations on either side the Empire looked to overseas territory at some poing in the 16th Century.

Government Type:- Imperial System
Population:-:- 48,398,814 (2022 Census)
Capital City:- Abertone (pop. 2,784,204 (2022 Census)
Demonym:- Abertonian


Currency:- Lira
GDP per Capita:- $31,676.20
Unemployment Rate:- 8.2%
Main Industries:-  Packaged Medicaments , Cars , Vehicle Parts, and Blood, antisera, vaccines, toxins and cultures


Ethnicity:- Caucasian (70%) Black (20%) Other (10%)
Languages:- Whatever Italian is
Religions:- Christian (80% - Split 80/20 Catholic/Protestant)
Average Life Expectancy:- How long do people live


Head of State:- Emperor Marco Lupin IX
Head of Government:- Consul Graziano Lupin
Name of Legislative Body:- The Imperial Senate

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