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International Organisations / Re: Annual CSC Summit
« Last post by Achkaerin on Today at 04:35:29 PM »
The noise outside grew somewhat louder as the Achkaerinese arrived, the occasion, the details, what was in reality on the line meant that this was a job for arguably the countries two most experienced diplomatic figures Crown Princess Serenity and her cousin Sakura Sheppard, there wasn't much the two of them hadn't been involved in over the years, treaty negotiations, crisis management, high stakes diplomacy involving staring down some of the worst Mundus had to offer, they'd both also had the supposed honour of being Secretary General of the CTO, both having left that office significantly more scarred than when they'd entered it but they were much the stronger for it. As for the arrival itself, it was as might have been guessed one of Serenity's car collection that was parked up out front.

"The last time we had to deal with anything like this we were in Silverhills." Sakura said
"And we were still flogging a dead horse." Serenity said taking a moment to relax in the drivers seat as she checked her notes on her tablet "Let's hope for better this time."
"And if not?" Sakura said
"Then I tell Dad we have a problem." Serenity said "But first things first let's go see if we can get a result."
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Ngoti Nga Korero (Iwi and Altona)
« Last post by Altona on Today at 01:03:58 PM »
King Rutger had not expected the request from King Piripi but it was not one that he intended to turn down. He had instructed his secretary to make contact and put in place all the arrangements needed to host the King of the Commonwealth.

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Convention Centre / Re: Festival of Sail Sign Ups
« Last post by Panzer_Vore on Today at 09:00:16 AM »


To: King David III

In previous years, New Derusmia sent its most modern research vessels and ships that could traverse through the harshest environments for the purposes of peaceful scientific advancement. This year, the Navy has requested to send its newly upgraded (upgraded in the sense of upgraded seafaring capability) Ceremonial Flagship for display at the Festival of Sail. In the spirit of friendship, goodwill, and in sincere remembrance of the days of brutal conflict behind, we would like to send the proudest and largest member of the New Derusmian fleet to represent our nation: KDMS Teutonia. The largest warship ever designed and built by any Derusmian Navy, today she sails as a link to the past, to a time of conflict and war for which she was constructed. As a partial floating museum, the majority of the ship will be on display to the public once docked in Portworth and complementary guided tours will be offered to guests of honour at the Festival.

Arriving alongside KDMS Teutonia will be the luxury ocean liner SS Wikinger III, the largest preserved historical ocean liner in New Derusmia. It will be carrying myself and other guests to the Festival and will also serve as a dining and events venue for the New Derusmian delegation.

Spoiler: show

Historical fast battleship KDMS Teutonia

Historical luxury ocean liner SS Wikinger III

With all due respect,

President of the Federal Republic of New Derusmia
Ebston Feish
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Phoenix & the Dragon
« Last post by Baal on Today at 06:08:58 AM »
Both Secretary General Cheng and Secretary of State Yi-Mai bowed reciprocally. Its not what they usually do but they are willing to pay respect in the same custom.b "Ah yes, Prime Minister Heishi, State Minister Haruno. Its good of you to come. Please this way."

They were both then guided through the building to the Secretary General's Office

"Please take a seat." The Secretary General politely asked. They then had some staffers provide a small cart of beverages of tea, coffee, water and various types of alcoholic beverages.

"Now Mr Heishi. the reason I have called you here is because. I feel like your nation and mine has similar outlooks on how we see the world, shared values to a degree and we wish to foster that relationship based on those values. At the moment Jiayuan, perhaps through some fault of our own is rather, well isolated in terms of how we see things, except for the Empire of Daito, with that I hope we can facilitate a relationship based on mutual understanding."

International News Networks / Re: Imperial News Service (Daitō)
« Last post by Daitō on Today at 04:00:47 AM »

Daitōjin economy grew 1.9% in second quarter

Daitōjin economic growth since Q1 2020

The Daitōjin economy grew by around 1.9% since last quarter, according to the State Ministry of the Treasury on the 2nd of July, marking the highest quarterly growth rate in the country since 2018. This, alongside statistics from Q1 2022, which saw the nation's GDP grow by 1.1%, has securely indicated that the recession in the Empire has well and truly come to an end. Now standing roughly around $7,696,095,910,944 (615,687,672,875,520), experts predict that the country's economy could potentially continue to grow with continued government programs such as those taken last month by the Heishi administration, which is expected in the coming weeks and months. However, even if the government fails to act, many believe that the worst fallout of the 2019 recession has been weathered and that the country's economy is on track to return to its position prior to the recession by the end of the year.
Emperor, Empress to attend Festival of Sail

the IDN Hikōkyōi in Floodwater, c.2016
A source within the Imperial Household Agency confirmed that His Majesty, the Emperor, and Empress Mayumi will attend the 2022 Festival of Sail aboard the imperial yacht, IDN Hikōkyōi. The vessel, built in 2005, will be accompanied by a military escort comprising frigates IDN Hōshō and Katsura up to the edge of Morelander waters, at which point its security will be turned over to local authorities. Furthermore, it will join the SS Akatatsu and SS Kamakiri-maru for the duration of the festival, taking part in the parade on Day One before leaving six days later, presumably to visit Altona, if the source is correct, before returning home, although they did not rule out any further stops in region, likely including a brief stop in Rishiri. Nonetheless, Daitōjin citizens attending the festival may no doubt take great joy in having such important guests present for the coming event.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: An Invitation To An Enthronement
« Last post by Beatrice on Today at 02:34:37 AM »

Throughout the day Crown Princess Asuna had spent much of her day throughout Pyrettania meeting with the people of Rokkenjima lined up along the streets in celebration of her Enthronement. Outside of the formal proceedings of the affair she had taken a rather unconventional approach, insisting that she be able to mingle with the people she would one day rule and build relationships with them as she always had, not as a Princess, but as a young Rokkenjiman who looked to the future much in the same way many of them did. As she concluded her visits in Pyrettania she was returned to Pyrena Castle and would begin preparations for the next phase of the Enthronement, the more traditional aspects. As she prepared Evanthe and Emerson were on welcoming duty at the Castle, whilst countless members of the Imperial Government prepared for the transition to an Evanthe regency following her Enthronement.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Rokkenjima and Abertone
« Last post by Beatrice on Today at 02:25:49 AM »
"Thank her on my behalf for her concern," Kyōko said with a grin, "though seemingly I've been gifted a naturally fast metabolism. As for life with the Imperial Family, it's been a transition to be certain, however, everyone from my adoptive parents to my blood family have been more than accommodating and understanding and I thank them all for that. Wherever I look I am in good hands and for that I am most thankful, even if the ride to today has been filled with highs, lows, many tears and even laughter along the way. Although I must say, with my sister in medical care for the foreseeable future, looking after the interests and needs of my niece, Crown Princess Asuna, most definitely seem to be playing on my motherly instincts. When she returns from Achkaerin I have arranged something of a family trip, she doesn't know yet, but it'll be a chance for her and I to get reacquainted. I had seen her a few times, before knowing of all of this, when Beatrice would bring her to Rishiri on her visits so we're at least not strangers. The knowledge that we are related, and she has a new aunt who will have to resist the temptations of spoiling her, remain a new dynamic in our relationship."

"Still," Kyōko said turning the attention to other issues, "our nations share a border and yet this is the first time we've had representatives of our respective nations sat down together. I know what I wish to seek from this meeting but please, if you would, what is it Abertone would seek in a more involved relationship with Rokkenjima?"
International Organisations / Re: Annual CSC Summit
« Last post by Beatrice on Today at 02:16:17 AM »
Kyōko chuckled, "So at least I am not the only one new to my duties today, that gives me some comfort. Before, when the USR and Warsaw were potent foes, the case for the CSTO was easy; born during the course of a series of diplomatic talks which saw the USR threaten the assembled diplomats with a vial of biological weapons and a blockade of the whole of the Great Northern Sea. Today the case is admittedly less easy, with no current peer adversaries existing, though I believe that the collective capacity of the CSTO nations can yet be harnessed towards serving the interests of not only our own security, but in promoting global good in a variety of manners. Perhaps, if we work well together, we may yet set the CSTO on a path of evolution long overdue. I do hope I can count on you to be a partner in that endeavour."
Diplomacy and Events / Rokkenjiman Policy Review 2022
« Last post by Beatrice on Today at 02:07:21 AM »

Review Of Rokkenjiman Policy
Office of the Princess of Azukishima

Previously I had declared my intent to hold a formal review of Rokkenjiman foreign policy, a task which I have since laboured upon. Having spoken with countless individuals in the Imperial Government, considering past and present actions of the First Empire, and the future trajectory which has been spoken of as we near what shall be a transition into a new era once Crown Princess Asuna formally ascends, I have prepared a list of items I see as the greatest priority as we move into that new era. With the adoption of these recommendations I have little question that Crown Princess Asuna will have a firm foundation from which to work from, and the First Empire a multitude of options as it approaches and works with the community of nations looking well into the future.

  • The Imperial Government must live up to the standard set forth by Empress Evanthe which, and I quote, "demand(s) that for each military solution two diplomatic solutions must be presented." In recent times we have seen Empress Evanthe fall into the trap of the Saisei Empress in employing Rokkenjiman military assets for issues which a simple communication would have been much more appropriate and productive while being much less costly. It is thus my recommendation that all deployments of military assets, outside times of active conflict or national security, require the concurrence of the Empress and Vicegerent before orders are issued for Rokkenjiman assets, for example those of the Imperial Rokkenjiman Navy, to be deployed unless the deployment has a clear and defined purpose related to the defense of the First Empire, the defense of a Rokkenjiman ally, or upon the request of a foreign nation in distress.
  • The employment of sanctions against states as the first response, instead of the last once all diplomatic options have been exhausted, should henceforth be ceased immediately. The Empress should thus task the Vicegerent with a review of present Rokkenjiman sanctions and determine which of those serves the foreign policy interests of the First Empire and those which are frivolous in nature and worthy of being repealed. In the future, the concurrence of the Crown and the Imperial Diet should be necessary before the implementation of any new sanctions. As elected representatives of the Rokkenjiman People the concurrence of the Diet, which would naturally require votes on each proposal of sanctions, their voices are crucial as the First Empire weighs such options in the future.
  • Pyrena Castle must be as willing to talk with adversaries, non-aligned states, and states outside of traditional spheres of Rokkenjiman interest as it is in pursuing talks within those traditional spheres. This process has already started with my talks in Abertone and discussions between Rokkenjima and Lijiang, but the process cannot stop there. Should Pyrena Castle ignore the need for talks with nations beyond its traditional spheres I fear it will impose upon itself a period of quasi-isolation, with the only force to blame being the present leadership. With the sanction of the Imperial Government, if conferred, I would be willing to personally lead this initiative.
  • Ongoing disputes between the First Empire and powers such as Heyra and Samantra should be reviewed and considered outside of the lenses they've previously been viewed through while the door to good-faith discussions and negotiations should be opened to advance a peaceful normalization of relations regardless of the present state of relations with the state in question. In the case of the former questions surrounding their ties to the Tamoran institution of slavery should naturally be answered, however, the notion that the Heyran Republic is some ominous threat to global peace is ludicrous. That this view is held by an alarming number of Rokkenjimans must be addressed by the Imperial Government.
  • The Imperial Government is on the right path with the South Ardian New Electorate and should use that approach as a template in approaching other states in which relations have soured. Whereas we once had Rokkenjiman officials openly speaking of military action against SANE we now see a state of affairs which sees the First Empire and SANE nations capable of cooperation, understanding and even working toward mutual aims. There is no new USR or Warsaw, and the adversarial "us versus them" mentality some seemingly cling to in the Imperial Government needs to evolve to meet the needs of the present and the future.
  • The First Empire should revert to the previously stated 'open line' policy and should not preclude itself from diplomacy with any state, regardless of the state of relations it holds with the state in question. This effort shouldinclude the reinstatement of embassies with those states which the First Empire has either withdrawn or withheld diplomatic recognition.
  • Renewed vigor should be shown in finding areas of cooperation and inclusion between Rokkenjima and foreign nations. Like most nations we share largely the same concerns and interests when it comes to international peace, security and stability. This should include pursuing an understanding which sees no nation utilizing international agreements as cudgels against any state, and it should likewise include a shift in Rokkenjiman policy which sees all states as potential partners in the pursuit of our mutual interests in these spheres.
  • Finally, the Imperial Government must be quick to shut down potential crises which arise when, for example, the Rosari Faith nearly contributes to a dispute amongst the faiths of Mundus. We must also not see any faith as a threat to the First Empire, nor allow the perception that we view such a threat to exist as these situations do nothing to forward either our interests or our security.

While it is upon the Imperial Government to review these findings I am confident that, should the recommendations I've made here today are adopted, we will see improvements and new avenues open for the First Empire moving into the next few years. The current paradigm is broken and is in need of reform. Where possible I have presented answers which I believe are capable of addressing the issues I have highlighted and look forward to the Imperial Government acting upon them.

Princess of Azukishima
Duchess of Pyrettania
Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Message to the Dragon Emperor
« Last post by Lijiang on July 03, 2022, 11:03:17 PM »
"In regard to your proposal I have a few amendments. You talk about a seeming lack of desire to address issues but keep this in mind. We sit as a nation that because of our rather quirky way of handling dynastic change spent the best part of 12 decades in a form of diplomatic limbo. No one had the authority to make decisions about interactions with others. As such the whole of Mundus is effectively devoid of any real meaningful relationship with us. When things broke down between us naturally Rokkenjima would move down the list as we have other nations happy and willing to support us. Since then we've cemented deals with the S.U.N, East Moreland has become a close friend as have the Cenneg. It was not a case of we have no desire to explore relationships just when you have such a large field of nations to work with their are much easier targets."

Tielin lifted the treaty off the table to examine it as he spoke. "First I would insist that the embassy in Lijiang be in the Golden Enclave, that would mean you must appoint an ambassador born into nobility. As they will be based in the Golden Enclave they would have no requirement of military guards. As for Article III you state rights by international law, what law are you referencing? As Lijiang have signed no such agreement involving ambassadors and international law. As for termination t should be with immediate effect. There can be nothing worse than nations feeling bound when there is no reason to be so."
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