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Djabidjan: Stained Borderlands
« on: May 10, 2022, 02:53:30 PM »

Ministry of Defense, Republic of Djabidjan

Minister Yoo Sung-soo looked for a last time the dossier on his table. A succinct title, "Detachment 135th", had been written on the cover of the folder. Yoo opened it for a last time.

It was briefly after he was appointed Minister of Defense when his predecessor General Park Si-woo, during a casual one-hour conversation, mentioned him for first time the existence of such dossier. Park had not recommended its implementation, an opinion that had convinced then President Shin to, at least, set aside this project.

Now, the circumstances were different. Under Min Tae-joon's presidency, and backed by recent developments, the project was again under consideration. His doubts, which were of a different nature than Park's, remained, but Yoo felt he was in a corner and had no option but to accept it.

He looked for his ministerial stamp, inside of one of the drawers, to a seven-page report he added to the dossier. Then, he called to his assistant to sent the dossier back to the White Tower.

A few days have passed when, in the same place, his secretary announced Yoo that Director Kim Sung-mo had arrived.

"Tell him to enter immediately", Yoo ordered.

"Yes, sir", the secretary replied.

Kim Sung-mo entered the room patiently, looking around as it was his habit, even at a room that he knew so well, as it was his own for a few weeks, after all.

"Welcome", Yoo said. "Let's sit on those armchairs", he added, pointing out at one corner of the room.

Kim nodded, rather satisfied, as General Park would rather keep his guests standing in front of his desk, no matter how much times the meeting may last.

"How do you see the current situation?", Yoo asked, while throwing on the top of the table a few reports that Kim was quite familiar with.

"The situation may be serious", Kim replied, "but it's in our hands to solve it. It's not such a serious threat, always that we act decisively".

"That's my feeling", Yoo replied. "They are not a scaring adversary, that's for sure...but after his week, I understand some people may be more concerned...What's your concern about the alleged infiltration?".

"It's a risk that has been highly exaggerated, I must say while being cautious", Kim coldly replied. "It is true that we have face some complications, but their urban element, while it seems to act unpredictably, does not posses a very serious threat. We were able to dismantle at least two of their cells, and the scope of the actions is highly limited. That's why they are trying to act big, in my opinion. But we're ready to hunt them".

"Wouldn't it be easier to decapitate them?", Yoo inquiried.

"Compared to the first epoch", Kim argued, "their operational organization seems highly divided in three groups: a firsts based in small and isolated cells, a territorial one mostly in the countryside, much more organized, and finally, their leadership which does not seem to be permanently based in the country".

"The last one should be a priority", Yoo said, "but our current emphasis should be to eliminate the second threat".

"I agree", Kim replied. "We, of course, are prepared to us all our methods and resources to hunt them, independently where they are found, but we'll try to assist you as much as we can. I have increased our resources in the south, but we're facing some obstacles on the local level".

"Yes, it is understandable", Yoo replied. "We're pressuring the cabinet so we can have new tools soon as well".

"Returning to the issue of the infiltration", Kim continued, "despite promises of the Catholic leadership, we have found information that in certain areas, religious organizations, even members of the clergy, are certainly suspicious of providing them with coverage, or at least openly sympathizing with their cause. We are ready to strike them as well, but we find some obstacles before we can do so".

"Yes, it's rather inconvenient", Yoo complained. "Right now, our hands are moderately tied up, you may say. Considering what's on the news this week, the cabinet wouldn't like if people would feel we're meddling in religious affairs. Just keep an eye on them".

"I understand", Kim replied. "But I'm also concerned that this operation will be rather in no man's land, in term of both logistics and organization".

"That was my concern, indeed", Yoo replied. "On the other hand, it is a bit convenient, if things do not move in the right direction. We will be forced to cooperate with Home Affairs while the logistics and the supervision will be on State Security's roof, but the training and operational organization will be still in our hands".

"How many people have been informed, minister?", Kim asked.

"Not more than ten, I'm told", Yoo replied, "counting the two gone foxes".

"I can see", Kim said. "It surely adds more risks in this whole affair".

"It should be manageable", Yoo replied. "That's why we need the State Department, not just to provide enough information, but to provide us information about the development of the operation. We can not allow new mistakes. For that, we need extra eyes".

"You can count in us, sir", Kim replied. "We're ready to move forward".

"I'm happy to hear that...", Yoo replied, "...I had no doubts. You can retire now. I'll provide you with more details when I have them".

"Yes, sir", Director Kim simply replied, leaving the room.

OOC: This RP is open to those interested, but keep in mind that some of the posts may describe confidential events or outside public knowledge. You can contact me for further details, of course.

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Re: Djabidjan: Stained Borderlands
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2022, 12:54:26 AM »
Camp Espwa Vèt, Republic of Djabidjan

The helicopter landed, likely the first helicopter to land since the expansion of the military camp. Yoo looked around for a few seconds until his reception finally came.

"Good morning, Minister", Lietenant-Colonel Kim Ho-dong said.

"Nice to meet you, lieutenant-colonel", Yoo replied. "How is everything going?".

"As good as it can be, sir", Kim answered. "If you allow me, we'll show you the camp".

"Alright", Yoo replied.

"The camp is mostly divided in two sectors", Kim explained as they walked. "The first sector is the largest one. There, we have the barracks from those who are sent here, for example, as well as the main pavilion and the armery".

"I see", Yoo replied. "How many of them have you right now?".

"About 50", Kim answered, "maybe more. The first weeks, they mostly receive ideological training and some physical instruction. After some considertions, those who are promoted join the second sector".

"At least that will give us some choice on who ends there", Yoo said.

"Yes, sir", Kim replied. "Once they join the second sector, they will receive more operational training. Soon, they will be ready to serve. Most of them have military background, so it should not take too long".

"Indeed", Yoo added. "Have you a final decision about the first detachment?", he inquiried.

"It is still under consideration", Kim replied. "You may talk with Lieutenant Euh, who has been decided to lead the reconnoissance troop. They are mostly ready, I believe. For their role, as they are not thought to be directly involved in fighting, unless in critical situation, as well as with the local population, they will be the most diverse of the two".

"Yes, I can imagine", Yoo replied.

"We have already arrived to the second sector, sir", Kim added.

"Not bad", Yoo said while looking around. "Are you considering carefully the profiles for the other two?", the minister asked.

"Indeed, sir", Kim answered. "Besides the racial component, you may say, we're considering carefully considering the different tasks of both groups. As you are aware, the first one will be the infiltration one. We are considering that at least three, maybe four, of them are native speakers in the language, although that number may depend in the future, if the recluitment goes good enough, depending the province they are deployed. For the third group, the so-called hunting one, that may not be necessary, at least at first. In this case, this men come from the special forces or, in some cases, from the State Department as well".

"At first", Yoo said, "no mistakes are allowed. The choice should be done as careful as possible".

"Yes, sir", Kim replied. "Let me show you the installations in more detail if you're curious".

"Alright", Yoo replied.

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