Author Topic: RP mod note on Rokkenjima-Heyra  (Read 43 times)

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RP mod note on Rokkenjima-Heyra
« on: June 04, 2022, 10:01:57 PM »
Having spoken at length on Discord I think it important to make a public statement to clarify a few things especially for newer people.

Some time ago a military base hosted in Heyra utilised by Rokkenjima, known as QAMB, (Queen A???? Military Base) was disputed and in their evacuation Rokkenjima destroyed parts of the base and equipment that could not be evacuated. This caused environmental damage to Heyra which Rokkenjima are to compensate for. Meanwhile no casualties were inflicted. In recent days a spat between Nova and Beatrice has caused this to be dragged up. As far as everyone should be concerned the canon as stated above exists.

The issue we are having, and as discord has clearly stated, is that both parties clearly do not get along OOC and are trying to one up each other and several other members are being dragged into this. This came to a head this morning over a retconned post which upset several members as they had already taken time responding to this. This is the latest in a string of retcons that many of us feel is done after what Markus described as like beta test feedback on Discord.

As RP Mod I know find myself in the middle of it. There is no easy solution that isn't going to annoy someone. Members are fed up of retcons and changes to canon, members are fed up of having posts changed to fit whatever mood is happening that hour. We all put time and effort into thinking up posts and writing them. Be respectful to the community and don't be constantly changing things.

To Nova and Beatrice I think it best that for the time being you ignore each other as frankly most of the region are distancing themselves from this RP. The QAMB stuff stays canon and Beatrice needs to stop retconning things.