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Title: Factbook of the Federal Republic of Centralia
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Federal Republic of Centralia

Government: Constitutional Federal Republic (de jure); Single-Party Police State (de facto)
Population: 49,585,406 (2020 census)
Capital: New Providence
Largest city: New Eastland City
Motto: "One Nation Under God"
National anthem: Advance Centralia Fair ( (lyrics below)
Official language: English (de facto)
Demonym: Centralian
Religion: Christianity, Judaism
Currency: Centralian dollar (Cen$)
Driving side: right
Calling code: +2
Internet TLD: .cn
Date format: mm/dd/yyyy

Head of State: President Jim Tanner
Head of Government: President Jim Tanner
Legislature: Congress of the Federal Republic of Centralia
Upper Body: Senate
Lower Body: House of Representatives

States - with capitals:
New Haven (NH) - Innsmouth
Pittsylvania (PA) - Hartford
Avalonia (AL) - Owensburgh
Newmarch (NM) - Port Royal
North Davidia (ND) - Charleston
South Davidia (SD) - Marysville
Caledonia (CA) - Jamestown
Marthaland (MD) - Brandywine
Columbia (CO) - Mount Vernon
Vandalia (VA) - Carthage
Idumea (ID) - Richmond
Rhedd Island (RI) - Providence
New Eastland (NE) - New Eastland City
Catawba (CT) - Fort Hall
Midland (MI) - Centerville
Moab (MO) - St. George
Dixie (DE) - Savannah
Wyandot (WY) - Laketown
Garland (GA) - St. Augustine
Oakland (OK) - Oakland City
Merrimack (ME) - Portland
West Idumea (WI) - Antioch
Hiawatha (HI) - Newport
Azorea (AZ) - Kingston
New Jordan (NJ) - Ashboro
Montalban (MN) - West Point
Waltonia (WA) - Salem
North Capistrano (NC) - Henrietta
South Capistrano (SC) - Great Falls
Oraibi (OR) - Roundrock
Mazeltovia (MT) - Philipsburgh
New Vandalia (NV) - Olympia

10 largest cities (2020 census):

National holidays:

Advance Centralia Fair
Written and composed by F. Oscar Petersen, 1883




Centralians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We've golden soil and wealth for toil;
Our home lies by the sea;
Our land abounds in nature's gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
In history's page, let every stage
Advance Centralia Fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Centralia Fair.

Beneath the radiant sun above
We'll toil with hearts and hands;
To make our youthful nation proud
Renowned of all the lands;
For those who've come across the seas
We've boundless plains to share;
With courage let us all combine
To Advance Centralia Fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Centralia Fair.

With Christ our head and cornerstone,
We'll build our nation's might;
Whose way and truth and light alone,
Can guide our path aright;
Our lives a sacrifice of love,
Reflect our master's care;
With faces turned to heav'n above,
Advance Centralia Fair;
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Centralia Fair.
Title: Re: Factbook of the Federal Republic of Centralia
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Coming Soon
Title: Re: Factbook of the Federal Republic of Centralia
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Politics and Administration

Political Parties:
Whig Party (historical)
  Head: n/a
Federalist Party (historical)
  Head: n/a
Democratic Party (historical)
  Head: n/a
Reform Party (defunct)
  Head: n/a
Union Party (defunct)
  Head: n/a
Communist Party (underground)
  Head: The Insurgent-in-Chief (codename)
Patriot Party
  Head: President Jim Tanner

Cabinet Positions:
Office of the President
  Head: President Jim Tanner
Office of the Vice President
  Head: Vice President Ed Bush
Department of State
  Head: Secretary R. Edward Young
Department of Defense
  Head: Secretary Orrin J. Forrester
Department of Homeland Security
  Head: Secretary Lance Pullman
Department of the Treasury
  Head: Secretary Glenda Underhill
Department of the Interior
  Head: Secretary Larry V. Edmunds
Department of Energy
  Head: Secretary James Ashcroft, Jr.
Department of Education
  Head: Secretary Sarah Kingsford
Department of Urban Development
  Head: Secretary Harry L. Pierce
Department of Agriculture
  Head: Secretary Manfred Ellington
Department of the Post Office
  Head: Postmaster General Suzanne K. Harris

Government Agencies:
National Intelligence Agency (Homeland Security Department)
  Head: Director Dave Clancy
Internal Revenue Agency (Treasury Department)
  Head: Director Lawrence O. Higgins
Criminal Justice Bureau (Homeland Security Department)
  Head: Director Victor Clarence
National Housing Administration (Urban Development Department)
  Head: Director Annabel Leonard
National Park Bureau (Interior Department)
  Head: Director Arthur Buchanan
Fish and Wildlife Management Agency (Interior Department)
  Head: Director Calvin S. Ward
Secret Service (Homeland Security Department)
  Head: Director Glen A. Walken
Federal Space Agency (Office of the President)
  Head: Director P. Harrison Webb

Branches of the Military:
Centralian Federal Army
  Head: Commanding General Ronald K. Oliver
Centralian Federal Navy
  Head: Commanding Admiral Peter Foster
Centralian Federal Air Force
  Head: Commanding General Hal Krueger
Centralian Federal Marine Corps
  Head: Commanding General David I. Nesbit
Centralian Federal Coast Guard
  Head: Commanding Admiral Leonard Wilkerson
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Centralian Federal Army

Main equipment:
Rifle: Bastion M1958 Automatic Rifle (
Introduced 1961 (imported from Tytor)

Side arm: Javelin M1937 Semi-Automatic Pistol (
Introduced 1944 (imported from Tytor)

Machine gun: Yeoman M1962 Machine Gun (
Introduced 1965 (imported from Tytor)

Sniper rifle: Yeoman M1989 Marksman Rifle (
Introduced 1990 (imported from Tytor)

Rocket launcher: Bastion M1977 Reusable Rocket Launcher (
Introduced: 1979 (imported from Tytor)

Main battle tank: Strategic Defense TM-70 Praetorian (
Introduced 1980 (imported from Tytor)

Artillery: Williams SPA-81 Ballista (
Introduced 1988 (imported from Tytor)

Armored personnel carrier: Strategic Defense APC-61 Wolverine (
Introduced 1966 (imported from Tytor)

Light utility vehicle: Tri-Star LMV-98 Lynx (
Introduced 1999 (imported from Tytor)

Field Army: varies by command
Corps: varies by command
Division: 3 brigades (14,400 men)
Brigade: 4 battalions (4,800 men)
Battalion: 10 companies (1,200 men)
Company: 5 platoons (120 men)
Platoon: 3 squads (24 men)
Squad: 2 fireteams (8 men)
Fireteam: 4 men

Overall commander: Commanding General Ronald K. Oliver
Overall HQ: New Providence, FCD
Total personnel: 61,200
2 corps
3 infantry divisions
2 armored brigade
1 artillery brigade
3 engineer battalions
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Centralian Federal Air Force

Main aircraft:
Air superiority fighter: Royal Aeronautics AS-51 Cobra (
Introduced 1973 (imported from Tytor)

Ground attack fighter: Royal Aeronautics GA-7 Wildcat (
Introduced 1986 (imported from Tytor)

Tactical airlifter: Tri-Star TC-101 Rosebud (
Introduced 1977 (imported from Tytor)

Early warning aircraft: Royal Aeronautics AEW-3 Snoop (
Introduced 1981 (imported from Tytor)

Attack helicopter: Royal Aeronautics AH-20 Halberd (
Introduced 1990 (imported from Tytor)

Utility helicopter: Tri-Star UH-15 Decapolitan (
Introduced 1978 (imported from Tytor)

Trainer: Tri-Star T-35 Matador (
Introduced 1966 (imported from Tytor)

Presidential air transport: Tri-Star Lion '76 (
Introduced 1989 (imported from Tytor)

Federal Air Force
HQ: Hartford Air Force Base, Pittsylvania
Commander: Commanding General Hal Krueger
Total personnel: 11,912
3 air superiority squadrons
2 ground attack squadrons
1 tactical airlifter squadron
6 early warning aircraft
16 attack helicopters
29 utility helicopters/gunships
11 trainer aircraft
1 presidential air transport
135 total aircraft
Title: Re: Factbook of the Federal Republic of Centralia
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Centralian Federal Navy

Overall commander: Commanding Admiral Peter Foster
HQ: Innsmouth, New Haven
Total personnel: 5,392

2 Freedom-class cruisers ( (purchased from Tytor)
FNS Catawba (ex-Halberd, 1937-1975; obtained 1975, commissioned 1976)
FNS Mazeltovia (ex-Fortune, 1939-1979; obtained 1979, commissioned 1981)

4 Caspian-class destroyers ( (purchased from Tytor)
FNS Innsmouth (ex-Perry, 1940-1977; obtained 1977, commissioned 1978)
FNS New Eastland City (ex-Randolph, 1941-1976; obtained 1976, commissioned 1978)
FNS Philipsburgh (ex-Willoughby, 1941-1978; obtained 1978, commissioned 1979)
FNS Roundrock (ex-Blunt, 1942-1977; obtained 1977, commissioned 1980)

3 St. Lawrence-class frigates ( (purchased from Tytor)
FNS George Morris (ex-St. Lawrence, 1961-1989; obtained 1989, commissioned 1990)
FNS T. W. Knox (ex-St. Denis, 1962-1992; obtained 1992, commissioned 1994)
FNS Henry J. Dionne (ex-St. Felix, 1964-1991; obtained 1991, commissioned 1995)
Title: Re: Factbook of the Federal Republic of Centralia
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The following is an incomplete list of the Centralian government's legal stance on various issues.

Abortion: Illegal in most cases.  Exceptions are made for instances of rape or incest, or when the life of the mother is in jeopardy.
Age of Consent: Ranges from 16 to 18, depending on the state.
Age of Majority: 18 for most purposes.  Children can be claimed as dependents until age 26.
Alcohol: Legal for consumption above the age of 21.
Birth Control: Legal with restrictions.  Regulations exist in most states.
Capital Punishment: Legal for specific severe crimes.
Divorce: Legal.
Double Jeopardy: Constitutionally prohibited in theory, not uncommon in practice.
Driving Age: Ranges from 15 to 17, depending on the state.
Education: Mandatory to age 16.  Homeschooling prohibited in most states.  College students can be eligible for government financial aid.
Eminent Domain: Legal, and frequently employed.
Euthanasia: Prohibited.
Felony Disenfranchisement: Yes.
Flag Desecration: Prohibited.
Gambling: Legal.  State governments operate lotteries for fundraising purposes.
Gender: Two genders, male and female, legally recognized.
Gun Control: Gun ownership legal from age 18, with restrictions in place for the majority of the population.  Mandatory background checks on all firearm purchases.  Civilian ownership of automatic weapons and assault rifles strictly prohibited.
Human Cloning: Illegal.
Lèse-majesté: Not formally legal or illegal, but used as potential evidence of treasonous sentiments.
Mandatory Minimum Sentencing: Commonplace.
Marijuana: Illegal.
Marriageable Age: Ranges from 16 to 19, depending on the state.
Military Service: Open to citizens above the age of 18.  No active conscription.  Conscription laws exist, with draft registration required for all male citizens, age 18 or older.
Narcotics: Illegal.
Net Neutrality: Not enforced.  Frequently violated in the name of national security.
Political Parties: Fully legal in theory.  In practice, intimidation and legal restrictions have led to the ruling Patriot Party being the only legal party.
Polygamy: Illegal.
Pornography: Illegal.
Postal Services: Operated as a department of the federal government and a state-enforced monopoly.  Infamous for inefficiency.
Prostitution: Illegal.
Religious Expression: Legal, though not strongly protected.
Same-sex Marriage: Illegal.
Sex-change Therapy: Illegal.  Doctors in violation are subject to jail time.
Slavery: Illegal in all forms.
State Religion: None.
Stem Cell Research: Illegal.
Tobacco Use: Legal above the age of 21.
Torture: Illegal in theory.
Trial by Jury: Required in most cases above misdemeanor.  Legal exceptions primarily extend to military trials.  In practice, jury laws are frequently ignored.
Voting Rights: Extended in theory to all citizens above the age of 18.  In practice, minorities and political dissidents are frequently disenfranchised.
Whistleblowing: Legally protected in theory.  Is often met with harsh reprisal in practice.