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Convention Centre / Re: First Annual Aperture World's Fair
« on: November 09, 2021, 09:44:58 PM »
Following a few moments to allow people to change location it was the turn of Zenith Data Systems to give their presentation.

The presentation was given by Peter Simod who was dressed in smart trousers and a shirt with rolled up sleeves.

"ZDS likes to think of ourselves as the creator of future super-heroes. We are creating the first version of Iron-Man and throwing in  a healthy mix of superpowers. All of this is being done not through the dreams of comic books but in labs, workshops and surgeries of Bakkermaya. It is our dream to be able to enhance our abilities, make our lives simpler and llow humans to reach a higher potential. We have been doing that in three ways."

"The first is North Sense." Simod held up his left arm and took his mobile into his right hand. "OK Phone" he said confidently eliciting a beep from his mobile. "Find me the quickest route to the bathroom." There was a two or three second pause before the phone spoke. "Route Planned" Simods left arm had changed, a fient red arrow had appeared on his skin and it pointed towards the bathrooms. "North-sense can be bluetooth connected to any digital devices GPS and navigation system. Rather than then needing your phone to direct you around the city or route you simply follow the arrow." As to demonstrate Simod walked around the stage and the arrow moved keeping a constant pointer to the bathrooms. "The user, in this case me, has a small device implanted under the skin charged by induction. In time we hope upgrades can be made to allow a whole manner of different read outs can be implemented. The process is relatively easy under local anaesthetic. Just as Adam here is having." On the stage a young man was laying down on a medical table with a camera overhead showing a member of ZDS team implanting the device in the forearm. "We have so far used this with the military of Bakkermaya in exercises with East Moreland and while it was useful it is still in need of refining."

Suddenly a man brought a firearm on stage and handed it Peter. He pointed it straight into the air and pulled the trigger, it went "BANG!" the blank loaded into it exploding. "Our second use of the North-Sense device is a form of gun safety measure. My one contains a sensor which is paired to a similar one on the firearm. When the two sensors come into close promiximty it unlocks the weapon allowing it to fire. In this case while the safety system is stand alone I have had mine attached to the North-Sense board in my arm." Peter handed the gun to a ZDS worker on the stage who fired the same gun in the air but no BANG! nothing happened. "This was a piece of technology that we hoped would make firearm ownership safer and prevent foreign militaries utilising Bakkermayan weapons in combat. This was trialled while on exercise with the East Moreland forces and we soon realised its military uses were rather limited as simply put the Morelanders left weapons and stole the ammo. The technology though could be useful for a civilian market in nations were gun ownership is permitted and would prevent children or intruders using a discovered weapon in the home."

"This brings us onto our final item. We have taken the idea of substances that allow fish in the depths to see and by coating the eye with Chlorin e6, insulin, and saline to a person's eye, the retina will absorb it and increase vision in low light. We have found that for up to two hours it will give the ability to see across a distance of over 50 metres in total darkness for several hours. In tests it gave an advantage over night vision goggles which are expensive, bulky, and require electrical power to operate. NVGs also heavily restrict the wearer’s field of view, making it similar to viewing the world through a pair of toilet paper tubes. That can create a false perspective of wearer’s surroundings, which in wartime could prove dangerous. This retains the eyes natural advantage. Today however we are pleased to announce that we are taking the next step. Six months ago we injected nanoparticles that converted infrared light into visible light into the eyes of mice. Those mice were then placed in a maze along with mice who didn't receive the injections, and were able to find their way out of the maze. The nanoparticles bound to the photoreceptors of the mice's eyes and provided night vision for up to 10 weeks without any ill effects. It is our belief that within the next few months we will carry out the first human trials, effectively giving us the ability to see in the darkest of nights."

"Thank you for allowing us to showcase our three key products and giving you a glimpse into how we will glimpse the future.....especially at night."

Convention Centre / Re: First Annual Aperture World's Fair
« on: October 10, 2021, 05:59:46 PM »
Name of Company/Representing Entity:Zenith Data Systems (ZDS)
Nation of Origin: Bakkermaya
Stall Functions and Sizes Requested (May request up to 5 stalls): Medium Tech
Presentation Length:30mins
Short Description of all stalls being hosted:

For the last few years ZDS have been involved in various projects of "Bio-Hacking" combining technology with the human body. During the event we'd like to update the world on some of our projects.

Additionally if Revana laws permit we'd like to offer people the chance to have "North Sense" installed. This is a dermally implanted GPS system that shines a fient red light through skin and directs the operator. It can be combined with any bluetooth device. It has also been under testing with the Bakkermayan military and shown some promising results.

We would focus on three projects, the "North Sense", a dermally planted safety device for firearms which would essentially code the weapon to a single operator and a series of injections that improve night vision.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MICA/AKO/COIN/Wannabe's gathering over Heyra
« on: October 09, 2021, 09:04:22 PM »
It would take at least 48 hours for the Horseman to get their equipment for this operation into position to even begin this operation that the Morelanders had described. "There are two issues I see. The first is a question for our Heyran friends. That is how quickly you need this doing. We would take at least 48 hours to get into a position to begin. If time is of the essence then we may be out of the equation. The second issue is where we can get aircraft into. If we're heading into East Moreland then we've a drive across, if its somewhere in Heyra then we need to factor that in. The question therefore comes down to time. How critical is it?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Bloody Politics
« on: October 05, 2021, 09:12:40 PM »
Božo Adamić had thought a positing to Aosta would have been relatively cozy. Nothing too disasterous happened there, the nation was stable and there was the potential down the line for some close Drenovia and Aosta co-operation. It was therefore a rather surprising phone call to be summouned by the royals, it was even more of a shock that instead of being called to the Palace he was being asked to come to the Carbabinieri barracks. Once Božo had turned on the news though he suspected that the barracks may be more secure than the Palace but that raised another question, why on earth would they be calling him to a meeting at such a time? He contacted the foreign office back home but little could be told to him other than what he'd been able to gleam from the news. Regardless he called up his official car and made his way to the barracks and presented his credentials.

International Organisations / TUNA - Cobble Field Proposal
« on: September 26, 2021, 07:53:49 PM »
Following the revelation of the Morelanders having constructed a makeshift airfield in the Alucard Island Chain we are presented an interesting oppurtunity to acquire the airfield following the conclusion of their activity. With this in mind I propose the following.

1. We establish the TUNA Aviation Facility on the island. Each member wishing to be part of the facility is granted an equal share of the facility and also agrees to an equal share of its up keep.

2. TUNA AF will be used for the following purposes.

a) The Establishment of a Search and Rescue station.
b) The establishment of a floating school for the Water Nomads.
c) A reclaimation station for vessels undertaking the plastic clean up project in the Alucard.
d) Consideration for scientific based projects requiring specialist aviation needs.

3. TUNA AF shall appoint a facility officer who shall be responsible for the safe operation of activities. This shall be determined by vote of co-operating members.

4. TUNA AF shall employ a staff as required for safe operations. These will be funded equally by those involved.

5. Should any nation not joining at the initial stage wish to join at a later date they shall be permitted to do so but will be charged a one off fee in order to compensate for work carried out to that date.

6. Should any new TUNA member wish to join TUNA AF they may do so only with approval of a majority of existing members. If permitted they must pay membership fee in a similar manner to those in Article 5.

7. Should a member wish to leave the project they may do so at any time having given first 90 days notice. Remaining members shall see the departing members share of responsibility distributed equally among them.

8. Should TUNA AF make any operating profit it shall be shared equally between all nations.

9. TUNA AF may be used for commercial means so long as the user is not conducting any military research or operations and that the majority of TUNA AF members agree to the use.

We look forward to your suggestions.

International Organisations / SUN - Project Zarptica
« on: September 15, 2021, 08:36:57 PM »

From the 15th October 2021 the SUN countries have formed Project Zarptica.

This project will create a carrier capable multi-role fighter fit to compete alongside the current crop of fighters utilised across Mundus. The project will see co-operation between four nations from the offset but will also include inputs from nations outside SUN should it be deemed appropriate. The initial composition of the project is that the following is provided by the organisations listed below.

Airframe - Urzal Aviation (Drenovia)
General Electronics - Pearlfield (Paracambi)
Engine - Lucin (Cassiopeia)
Sensors - Pearlfield (Paracambi)
Survival Systems - Tuxfa (Chistopol)
Software -  Isoldine (Chistopol)
Avionics - Urzal Aviation (Drenovia)
Batteries - Egruk (Drenovia)
Weapons Systems -  Hera Armaments (Cassiopeia)

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MICA/AKO/COIN/Wannabe's gathering over Heyra
« on: September 13, 2021, 08:57:48 PM »
Hugo had sat tapping his pen silently upon a blank notepad and looking at the maps on the far screen as the group had spoken. They stood likely to break down over the line of questioning and the rather undiplomatic response. Without looking at anyone in particular Hugo spoke. "In this scenario elections are pointless. All an election does is gauge on any single day in history which of possibly several choices the people find least detestable. One wrong move, one badly selected word or one misinterpreted gesture and even a day later the outcome of any election could be very different. All elections do is put someone in a position of power for four, five, ten, however many years and for the majority of that term the general population may regret their choice. What we need to remember though is it was the people that made that choice and they understand they have to live with it until they get that chance to change their mind. That can be by waiting out the governments term of office, or triggering whatever legal means that nation has." He spun his seat now to look at Anginer, "To my knowledge there have been no anti-government protests, no petitions, no calls for a change in government. All things I would expect to see if the people wanted a new leadership. As such we must take the stance that whoever has seized the Defence is doing so for some kind personal, maybe financial gain. As such each of us around this table must support the restoration of the good order Heyra once enjoyed. Now should Heyra wish international support in that restoration then they must accept that those giving it do so for the good of the Heyran people, so they have every right to question the idea of on this day would Heyran's support that restoration. My answer would be clearly they do as the lack of prior protests or outburst by the general public indicate no dissatisfaction. Should Bakkermaya be able to support an operation we will do our best to try." 

International Organisations / Re: Sovereign Union of Nations HQ
« on: August 30, 2021, 08:40:13 PM »

Following consultation with our nations aeronautical companies and our own needs we believe a project to build a multi-role carrier fighter, such as that shown in this communication. Our specifcations are as such.

1. It must be multo-engined to allow for short take off from a carrier
2. It must be able to be stored on deck.
3. It must have a top speed of at least Mach 1.6.
4. It must be able to be constructed with radar absorbant materials.
5. It must have  six under-wing hardpoints, two fuselage hardpoints, and one centreline pylon
6. Its maximum take off weight must not exceed 26tons.

We ask each interested nation to submit any requests or specifications they have themselves.


The people of Drenovia share the concerns of the Emperor of Paracambi. It is important that those with actual stakes in the continent of Albion, and the seas that surround it are the ones protected first and foremost. We shall of course share with our friends here any information that we have. We would also appreciate if once the meeting with the Moreland ambassador is over an update as to what is said.

Best Regards

King Đurađ

International Organisations / Re: Sovereign Union of Nations HQ
« on: August 19, 2021, 07:03:01 PM »

It is the intention of Drenovia to begin shortly the acquisition of an aircraft carrier, possibly a pair. Our nation is also therefore examining the need for a new carrier launched aircraft. We are aware that a number of nations within SUN are also in possession of fighter aircraft that will be reaching an age at which they will need major upgrades and/or replacement. We are therefore enquiring whether any fellow nations would be interested in jointly developing a carrier capable multi-role fighter aircraft.

Should any fellow member nation feel interested we would be delighted to discuss the matter with them.


King  Đurađ IV

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MICA/AKO/COIN/Wannabe's gathering over Heyra
« on: August 14, 2021, 08:55:30 PM »
The Grand Duke of Bakkermaya had been expecting a call from King David since he had heard of the situation in Heyra. He hadn't expected a kind of "mega-conference" though but nethertheless he was more than happy to make the trip. It was though his first overseas trip with his "Lead Sword" Elliot Larkwood. Hugo was slightly relieved that Larkwood was with him as the mountain of humanity was a former soldier and then had dedicated a lifetime to policing, both fields that would likely be of use during the next few hours.

Upon arriving at Ostlake Hugo wanted to go and see the Temple of Jekar that the city was famed for but the tone of the King's letter had made it seem the meeting was urgent and it was likely everyone else would already be arriving if they hadn't done so already. That being the situation the duo thought it best to go see the Temple after the meeting and so made their way to the Roundal and down into the briefing room that seemed like something from a political thriller. Hugo introduced Elliot to King David and everyone else before taking his own seat. "Ready when you are" Hugo placed his tablet computer on the table and waited for things to start.

International News Networks / Re: News From the Order
« on: July 26, 2021, 10:42:14 PM »


The island of Lekenik is the largest in the island chain running South-West from the mainland and yesterday opened a new school dedicated to the largest of the nations religious orders. The Lekenik Drenovian College was opened by King Đurađ who is recognised as the Grand Master of the Drenovian Order. The new College will be for students aged between 11-18 and will be intended to help build the leadership of the Order for future generations. The College will focus on Drenovian language, literature, History and Religious Education. In addition to the work in a classroom every student will be expected to be undertake several hours of extra-curricular activity a week either through sporting, artistic or social clubs. In addition to new state of the art classrooms the school will also have several all weather sporting pitches, several suites of computers, a library, gym, temple and facilities for a military cadet group. The school will also have on site accommodation for 200 students.

The King gave a lesson to some 16 year old students on the history of the Order before joining students for a game of Volleyball. Meanwhile Queen Terezija, who is a Knight Commander within the Order, gave students a music lesson before taking part in the College's first choir practice. While Queen Jožica of the Glades also attended the opening she did  not teach any lessons as she is a member of the Order of Krešimira however she did take part in an archery club with students. After the opening day finished the King said, "Today we have ensured that the future of the Drenovian Order is secure for the considerable time. It is important we ensure the Order have a chance to create future leaders who will go on and shape the future of our world. I look forward to seeing the successes they achieve."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MAEA Contacting Jugland
« on: July 26, 2021, 08:45:03 PM »
"The reason for majority voting was to attempt to prevent the blocs such as the CNN and CSTO from having undue influence. By having a super majority it would ensure any large group of nations banding together for political reasons could halt those unaligned nations like yourself from ever making changes. At present for example the CNN control 30% of the vote directly, with Cantabria being effectively a Ui Cenneslaig protectorate that makes it 40%. If we had for example a proposal put forward to stop Royal Seleucid from being able to acquire nuclear energy for electrical generation then we could in theory see the Morelanders oppose this if they were being politically bent on revenge for the way the Cultists were treated long ago. If say a 70% majority were needed for any decision they could manipulate things so as to block them receiving support. A simple majority vote prevents that. Now it is vital that we dilute down the influence of the big power blocs, and this is where you come in. The more non aligned nations we have inside the organisation the less of a risk there is of it becoming a political weapon to be used for petty differences. "

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MAEA Contacting Jugland
« on: July 12, 2021, 09:27:00 PM »
"Let us take a theoretical example of Jugland making their first nuclear power station. They begin planning today but we all know the process will take at best years[1] to come to fruition. If today the decision was made where to build it would take months before anything even partly nuclear was needed. For the sake of this example lets imagine Jugland are buying their nuclear fuel from Bakkermaya. All that would happen is Jugland and Bakkermaya would inform the MAEA that they'd done a deal. As Article 3.5 states "Any nation willing to abide by all articles of this treaty shall be considered members and granted all the rights and responsibilities contained within it." therefore Jugland's MAEA staff would liase with Bakkermaya's MAEA staff to ensure the transfer was done securely. Paperwork of the sale submitted to the MAEA would in effect be a duplicate of what exists between the two nations. The 14 day period before a transfer can take place will see the Jugland MAEA, and any observers from MAEA take the materials, and once the 14 days are up they can be transfered to the Jugland nuclear power plant being constructed. Now in massive construction projects such as this the schedules are planned months ahead of schedule and as such the 14 day period can be built in. Therefore I don't believe being a member of the MAEA is likely to cause any issues in terms of administration of these projects."

Anna took a pause before beginning, "Now with the impressive list of nations already a member I think we can account for some of Mundus' greatest scientific nations. Add to that we've East Moreland and Achkaerin who have just completed what could be considered the most ambitious transfer of nuclear material in the history of Mundus, they are clearly the best positioned to help and advise on that front. You see what we bring that outsiders to the MAEA don't is a wealth of experience, infrastructure and technological know how. Take Rokkenjima for example they are offering nations back up to construct power stations that will be state of the art, East Moreland have a wealth of nuclear material because of their "kilotonnes to kilowatts" project, in theory once a member I suspect the process could begin tomorrow. Heading to say a nation like Fleur will first see you have to negotiate a deal with them, then locate the nuclear material, negotiate another deal, work out how to make the transfer and then make everything work from scratch. Lot more expensive and time consuming. " 
 1. RP time being the messed up way it is take that as months ;)

Sporting Hub / Re: Mundus Games 2021 - OOC Signup
« on: July 11, 2021, 03:52:24 PM »

1. Fencing
2. Rowing
3. Sailing


1. Boxing
2. Football
3. Weightlifting

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MAEA Contacting Jugland
« on: July 05, 2021, 09:33:37 PM »
Anna had been the one to push the President of the MAEA towards this meeting. It would be what she hoped would be the first of many. It had been happy circumstance that the Jugland media had printed what they had when they had. "First of all Secretary Kvalheim thank you for this opportunity. In regards to starting these talks our purpose is clear, by the end of it I would like to have begun down a path which concludes with Jugland joining the MAEA and seeing the benefits of nuclear power generation. Now in a recent media article I believe a member of your government said you had not yet joined the Agency because of "minor differences on organizational principles". The MAEA is a newborn in many regards. As its chief administrator I believe I can help us overcome those differences. Therefore perhaps a strong foundation to build from is one where Jugland explain where they think these differences occur. We can then move on to fix them."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MAEA Contacting Jugland
« on: July 04, 2021, 09:48:41 PM »
Anna was for once a little nervous. Her previous stabs at international diplomacy had gone well but was backed by her good friend Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles. This time though she only had the support of an organisation, and that was an organisation that had got off to a shaky start, first with the issue of nuclear subs to Tytor and then the whole debacle that surrounded the allocation of the HQ. The Treaty of Wellow was one that few nations would find difficult to not support in some way, however the MAEA had taken on both issues of their content and their membership at infancy.

With her was Dr.Ulf Gren. While the Alander scientist was the President of the organisation he would be making decisions on science related matters however by the sounds of things Jugland's concerns, if the media were correct, were more focused on the administrative side of things and so the pair had agreeed that Anna would take the lead.

Upon arrived the Duchess took the lead and found their contact. "Good morning, Duchess Anna Davidson, Chief of Staff of the MAEA and my friend her is Dr.Ulf Grun, the President. I believe we are expected."

Diplomacy and Events / MAEA Contacting Jugland
« on: July 03, 2021, 09:38:25 PM »
To:-The Government of Jugland

Having recently seen reports in the Juglander Review that your nation is considering its future in terms of energy production it was brought to my attention that your nation is not yet a member of MAEA and that some "minor differences on organizational principles" are preventing this I would like to hold discussions with you. As the Chief of Staff of the MAEA it is my job the ensure the smooth running of the organisation and as a result I believe that with careful discussion we can find a path forward. With this in mind I would be grateful if you could find the time to meet with myself and the MAEA President Dr.Ulf Gren. I seriously believe that the MAEA would make excellent partners for Jugland in helping you develop your energy needs.

Best Regards
Duchess Anna Davison
Chief of Staff of MAEA

International News Networks / Re: News From the Order
« on: May 29, 2021, 11:38:48 PM »


The remote island of Darauva is set to be transformed into a new prison. The island sits at the South West end of the Drenovian Island chain. The island is one of the smallest to ever be inhabited and has been vacant for the last ten years. It was last used as a resupply station for the nations navy. The Ministry of Justice today announced that the island will be converted into a prison colony for prisoners under the age of 25 sentenced to more than five years in prison. The prison service has confirmed that the intention is to largely allow the convicts to live and work within a community setting hopefully allowing them to learn skills, be productive and be more rehabilitated upon release.

The move however has been criticised by some as the island lies around 2,000km away from the mainland meaning that conditions are likely to be rather harsh and prisoners will be an extremely long way away from family who could visit. The prison is likely to also end up with some of the more long term inmates in Drenovia meaning some criminals with a history of violence may be on the island. Security will be undertaken by a combination of the national prison service and the Marines which has also caused concern as many believe that military enforcement will take away the rights of some prisoners. This is however denied by the Ministry of Justice who said, "The island will provide a secure environment in which life skills and trades can be taught and practiced. This means that when convicts return to the mainland they are in a position to better integrate into society. Life there will be strictly structured in just a similar way mainland prisons are."

The island should be operational within the next two months with some low risk inmates arriving to undertake the work soon. The island is around 50km away from the nearest island and with water reaching extremely low temperatures it is thought the chances of making an escape are highly unlikely. The Navy suggest that should someone fall into the ocean without survival equipment they would likely freeze to death in just a few minutes. Further projects to "Repopulate the islands" are expected in the next few weeks.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: SUN Side Chat - Drenovia and Chistopol
« on: May 20, 2021, 09:26:11 PM »
"I think that would be an excellent message to send. Our two families working together to better educate people. I think its a splendid idea. We would naturally approve of this."  Đurađ thought that perhaps things would be coming to a conclusion. "I think we should announce that we have made this agreement, not nation to nation, but family to family thus giving you and your family the credit for investment in the capital and a closer friendship with another nation."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy
« on: April 25, 2021, 10:32:24 PM »
The Temple of Sessifet in Harby

Since the incident in Lodja there had been some tension around the Temple. On one hand the local Sessifet worshipping community had come down to show support to the Queen of Lodja and the clergy who worked here. Meanwhile some wishing for reform and several from more left leaning groups had come to protest for change. Stuck in the middle was the Harby Light Horse Regiment who had sent several people to monitor the situation, a APC sat between the two groups which were trading insults and the exchange of chants. Every now and again an object would get thrown from one side to the other and one of the Light Horse would try and work out who had thrown it but often the only thing that happened as a result was something being thrown back. There would be a back and forth which would see the Light Horse push both sides back and the situation would calm down.

As night began to fall it became harder to keep order and unbeknown to the Light Horse a trio of those supporting the Brotherhood sneaked over the Temple compounds wall and into the sanctory of the Temple itself. Two Priestesses were busying themselves with the evenings final act of the day, removing the offerings to the various statues. Things that were perishable such as flowers or food were placed in compost bins. They would help the beautiful gardens and vegetable plots grow. Meanwhile material goods such as jewellrey, coins and fabrics would be stored for now their future to be determined later, some would be sold, some given to charity and others put on display. One girl dragged a large black bin on wheels while the other had a trolley on which they could stack the material goods. It was a job that took only around half an hour most days but today with the temple being largely closed because of the protest there was a lot less to deal with. The two girls gasped though when the masked intruders appeared and two took hold of them dragging them by the hair as the other moved ahead stalking for the senior Priestess. They found her in an office filling in a diary. "We are members of the Plebleian Committee for Change and we demand that you support our demands to have Queen Klara accept the reforms of King Leopold" He produced a short sword from behind him, being Bakkermaya they weren't exactly hard to get hold of. "You will all stay here until we get what we want."

The next morning a recorded message was released.

"My name is Archie Rutzov, I am a Bakkermayan citizen of Lodjain descent. My family have followed Sessifet all our lives, we have been loyal to the Goddess but the Goddess has not fulfilled her obligations via Klara. We know the Goddess would not desert us yet for some reason Klara denies us the right to improve our standing. My ancestors are Plebs, but we had no choice to leave our homeland and come here to prosper. Now Queen Klara can step aside, she can still protect the Goddess but the people of Lodja must be freed from this two tier system and King Leopold is the only one who can achieve this for my cousins in my ancestoral homeland. We have three members of Sessifets Priesthood with us and they are safe. They will remain with us until such a time as Queen Klara hands over control to the King. Unless this happens within 48 hours action will be taken." 

International News Networks / Re: News From the Order
« on: April 25, 2021, 09:58:24 PM »


It was announced today by the Order of Krešimira that their leader, Commander of the Household Mila Pavlovic has died following a short illness. The 56 year old was taken into hospital on Friday with a high temperature and trouble breathing and following what doctors have described as a "steady deterioration" she was pronounced dead at around 10am this morning. The Order of Krešimira has begun preparations for their leaders funeral with senior figures setting off into the woods that surround the Orders Headquarters to select a burial place for their former leader. Traditional funerals of the Druantian faith see bodies buried in woodlands where their bodies are returned to nature either through being uncovered by animals and consumed or the bodies decomposing to add to the fertility of the soil, often a combination of both. While most funerals take place within designated burial areas the funeral of a leader of one of the religious orders is permitted in any location and often their underlings select a spot determined by either a sense of connection to the Forest God or a favoured spot of the deceased. The Vice Commanders and Lead Swords have now headed into woods around Račice to pick the spot. While they are undertaking that task the rest of the officers of the religious order will select which of the two Vice Commanders will succeed the former Commander of the Household. The Order is unique in being the only female order in Drenovia and counts Queen Jožica of the Glades as a Legate. She is currently allocated duties relating to promoting forest renewal and is likely to now be promoted to Quaster.

King Đurađ IV spoke following the announcement saying. "Commander Pavlovic guided her Order for five years. She was someone whose opinion I valued and I knew I could count upon her and her ladies to ensure that when the Union needed something they were there to carry more than their fair share of any burden. The Green huntresses of the nation are among the hardest working members of the Orders and that was influenced heavily by their Commander. This nation and anyone who follows Duratia owe her a huge thanks. As Duratia commands we will now return her to him and we can all rest easier knowing she will be with him ensuring he knows the work we have done in his name."

The funeral is likely to take place on Wednesday and the new leader of the Order of Krešimira announced the same day. The last order of Pavlovic is to be issued as soon as her successor is named. Traditionally the Commander of the Household has a sealed letter with one final order for their Order which is opened at their death. While it is not compulsory for the last order to be followed it has been over 100 years since it was not followed through.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: SUN Side Chat - Drenovia and Chistopol
« on: April 25, 2021, 09:16:53 PM »
King Karlis was perhaps expecting Đurađ to respond but it was Jožica who answered. "The religious orders believe that preserving the name of the Order throughout history is important. You allowing us to put the name of the various orders on the buildings, even in some small way would be sufficient. I can speak for the Order of Krešimira but we would be willing to utilise our craftsman and our funds. For example we would be delighted to construct some places for recreation within the city, like parklands and gardens."

Đurađ smiled, "I can see fit to putting around $80 million into a pot for redevelopment. The condition would be that a plaque in a prominent spot would be displayed crediting either my Drenovian Order of the  Order of Krešimira with its work. We would also like the wording to have some name of your family on showing this was a partnership. Can you think of any projects that we could work on."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Matters of Admin - MAEA
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While we had believed that the organisation should have been located in the nation which helped create the original document we feel that the unwelcoming way Rokkenjima have treated a potential new member means the organisation must be located in Dartfordia. The idea of the MAEA is to safeguard the world from potential nuclear proliferation and nuclear emergencies. As such the organisation is likely to have a broad membership in terms of political, spiritual and cultural outlooks. By stating a nation has a "potential capacity for human suffering" when no contact has been had with that nation means that there are now barriers unrelated to atomic energy felt by potential members. It is my hope that by locating the organisation in Dartfordia work can be done to ensure the membership of MAEA is as broad as possible. It is then down to members to use their right to help nations develop atomic technology or sell atomic material to leverage human rights reforms if felt appropriate.

We wish the organisation well as we believe there is a great need for such an organisation.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Mundus Know Peace

Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles

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To:- The Members of MAEA

The Grand Duchy of Bakkermaya wishes to nominate Duchess Anna Davidson as Chief of Staff for the MAEA. The Duchess has held the title of Lead Sword of Bakkermaya for a term lasting 24 months (traditionally held for 12 months) and during that time was responsible for being the link between the Grand Duke and the Ducal Council. As such she has a wealth of experience liasing between different bodies. Furthermore as the Duchess of Wellow she has instituted a wide number of measures to ensure the Dukedom is managed in her abscence on Lead Sword duties. These measures have been so effective that this has instilled in her the confidence to once more take on a larger international role allowing her Dukedom's citizens to largely manage themselves.

Duchess Anna has a track record of large scale projects and international co-operation. She was responsible for helping create the project known as the "Great Alucard Clean Up" which saw several nations co-operate to begin the large scale removal of floating plastic waste from the Alucard. Soon after she authored the Wellow Environmental Treaty which was the first attempt to have nations across Mundus agree to large scale reductions in a wide range of pollutions. These clearly show the Duchess has the required skills to under take the day to day management of the MAEA in an effective manner.

We heartedly recommend her for this role.

May The Gods Watch Over You and The World Know Peace

Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles.

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Đurađ was disappointed with the answer but not surprised. The counter-offer though was better than nothing. Crown Prince Karlis though was seemingly a lot more willing to invest in this friendship than his father or siblings and so Đurađ was willing to try. "I think these are perfectly fair proposals." He knew from his point of view his two sons ;would do whatever he ordered them to, he was ensuring the Drenovian Order were central to thier upbringing just like his had and that Order put great focus upon loyalty, duty and obedience to the monarchy. If all went according to plan then Karlo would become a leading member of the Drenovian Order, serve in the military and one day follow in his father's footsteps as King. Hrvoje would recieve the same expectations but through the Priesthood, therefore never taking a wife. Karlo meanwhile would take multiple wives so having a weak Chistopolian Princess wouldn't be a problem. In fact if Đurađ's next gambit went to plan then perhaps he could make sure she was a little more of a perfect bride. "I think perhaps therefore we should look at Karlo coming here and spending a month per year at some boarding school. He knew a month would do little to break the work of the Order on his son and even then Chistopolian schools probably were full of weak minded politically correct republicans. And then obviously Jannika would come and spend a month in Drenovia. It would allow them to get to know each other and experience a nation they will once, hopefully, have a royal title from." Đurađ would have his wife enroll the girl on one of the schools run by the Order of Krešimira, the female only Order, it had a track record of creating fiercly loyal followers and Queen Jožica was chief among them.

"Perhaps with marriages on the table we can discuss other matters" Đurađ thought this could be a bit more difficult however he could be when needed blunt and to the point. "I mean this with the utmost respect but your home here is tucked out of the way from your people. It is also slightly run-down. We have in our Orders a variety of skilled craftsman that would love a chance to have a go at a project such as this. In addition I would like to offer help to renovaking your capital. I read that you permitted the Bene Gesserit to convert one of your old buildings into a library. I would like your permission to have a project where the Drenovian Order, and other Orders help renovate buildings in Tartu for public use, each one would be ensured to have some kind of plaque or name reflecting your family. Is this something possible?"

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The fact that the Chistopol royals home was tucked out of the way was a further insult to the royal heritage and standing. Đurađ felt sorry for the family, they had lead their nation to freedom and shed their blood in doing so and yet now this Laine guy was making them look weaklings. Some of the Palace needed obvious care which lead him to the conclusion that they either had little money, little say over the place or a combination of the two. He did though like the idea of the land being worked and the closeness of the woods. That appealed to his youngest wife, Jožica, who would disappear for hours at a time into the woodland, often reammerging with a basket of wild food that she would prepare herself in their own Palace kitchens. Now before beginning to eat the Queen said some short prayers while holding her husbands hand.

"I believe that the human world needs to take a leaf from nature. In nature things work so well. Take for example the Bee, the most magnificent creature on Mundus. It arranges itself into social groups, each person knowing their place and their role. It has a Queen guiding its every move and ensuring everyone has what they need. There is no time in the swarm for discussion, for debate, for questions, there is only time for action and through action they find success. Look what happens when we permit these institutions to fall. If we remove the Queen the hive becomes disjointed, chaotic and for three days it stands on a knife edge until, hopefully, a new Queen emerges. Nature needs a strong leader able to take the measures needed to ensure the strength of everyone.  To use Laine is making your hive weak. We need to show that you have the strength and the power to lead Chistopol. To do this we need to tie you to other strong leaders, people like myself, like Aosta, Lijiang, the list of strong monarchies goes on and on. We need to ensure that it is you that makes these connections not Laine. As such I would like to suggest an actual physical tying of our royal families. This will raise your prestige and our people see a strong family come into our hive if you will. There are several options. The first option is that we have my nine year old son Prince Karlo, marry a similar aged member of your family. We also have Prince Hrvoje who is four however we believe that he is perhaps better suited for a life in the service of religion." The King and his Queen shared a glance and for the first time the Queen's icey expression changed to one that looked a little sad, Hrvoje had a deformed spine and was in the view of Đurađ something he and his wife argued about. Đurađ was certain it was a curse because his lust for  Jožica had seen him persuade her to break a marriage contract while  Jožica was more confident that the deformation was there because the boy would become a great royal and show the people that no matter what weakness they are born with they could raise to greatness. It was the one matter of disharmony in their family. "We could also of course look at a marriage between myself and Lady Viktoras. She would become a Queen in her own right rather than a Royal Matron." She was a pretty enough woman and had royal blood making her a useful addition. "I know this may be a surprising first move but I believe if we're doing something we should do something big."

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Harby was an island that all the tourist posters said "Three Worlds Collide", it had the ancient foundations of being a Lodjain outpost, then had come the Paracambians and finally the Horseman of Jekar arrived searching for Paul the Explorer, since then the island had fallen under the control of Bakkermaya and its current Duchess Rhiannon Farmer. She was someone proud of the diverse way her island had kept alive the connections to all three cultures and while the Cult of Helus had become the dominant religion of the island Vodou and Sessifet still had substantial communities. The Duchess was this morning preparing for a Zoom meeting with all of the other Dukes and Duchesses to give their weekly reports to the Grand Duke when there was a knock on her office door. "Your Grace we have a slight problem." It was Michael her personal assistant.

"What's wrong?" She asked looking up from her desk.

"The Temple of Sessifet down on Forest Avenue, there is a rather large crowd there and it seems like things are getting heated." Michael handed her some stills that he had pulled off the internet. It showed two groups, one wearing mainly robes of the Priesthood of Sessifet and the other a non-descript bunch. "It appears that a group turned up there demanding Queen Klara recognise Leopold's reforms and naturally the Priesthood are a bit annoyed." Judging by one of the photos that was an understatement. With around 20% of the island considering themselves followers of Sessifet it was likely things would be getting rather heated and so Rhiannon picked up her phone tapped a few numbers and waited.

"Hello, this is Duchess Rhiannon, get me Captain Jones please." She waited as the desk clerk at the local milita's HQ shouted through to the bosses office.

"Your Grace, how can I help" Tamzin Jones was in charge of the Harby Light Horse, a regiment under the control of the Duchess and were often used to support the Police when things got a bit out of hand on the island.

"Captain we have a potential protest situation at the Temple of Sessifet, linked to the situation there. I think we may need you to go and crowd control potentially. At the moment I'm just putting you on standby." Rhiannon was busy turning her office TV on and getting it to the islands live news channel. "I'd like you to just have a few patrols go out and see we've nothing to be worried about."

"We'll get on it. That everything Your Grace?" It indeed was and now the phone call was over she began calling in various NCO's and assigning them tasks while she herself made her way out to meet with a squad of seven soldiers. "We're going to go park up near the Temple of Sessifet." She briefed them and the Sandcat made its way from the base and through the lush green forests that made up the interior of the island. It was only a short drive into the centre of Paulton the islands capital. It was a city made up of only half a million people but its buildings had a clear Paracambian twist to them even today. The vehicles of the Light Horse were not unfamiliar sights on the streets and so people paid little attention to them until they reached the Temple of Sessifet. No sooner had the team parked up than they observed stones being thrown towards the Priestess who had been angrily yelling at the crowd. By the time the militia had got their gear on the scene had broken out into a fight between the two groups which took almost half an hour and frantic messages for reinforcements. By midday 100 members of the militia were at the Temple and now a third group had arrived. Inside the cordon was the Temple and the Priestesses, to the left were those demanding change in Lodja and to the right those demanding Leopold be hunted down and killed. Duchess Rhiannon was informed of the situation and contacted Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles on the mainland "Sir I think we're going to need a statement."

In the past few hours we have seen the terrible actions that have taken place in Lodja. To see a mother have her son ripped away from her by violent gunmen while your home is shot up by terrorists is heartbreaking. In Lodja we see a situation where like any society there is injustice. Every nation must work towards making their society a fairer and more equitable place. While I believe Lodja's society has its faults I have only pursued closer ties with them since we have seen reforms begin. Under Queen Viktoriya we saw the move towards the Plebs being given a say in government, when Anna Utkin was appointed as  government minister she broke down boundaries of being both the first female Minister in Lodja and also the first Plebleian to sit in the Conclave. This ground breaking moment set a pathway towards further reforms that was never given the chance to materialise until those who wished for stagnation and for the system to stay the same murdered that young Queen. Thankfully the cause of reform was taken up by her successor, no doubt proof to the faithful of Sessifet that these reforms are the will of the Goddess. Queen Klara has in just a short space of time made several key reforms. It is now easier than ever for a Plebleian to claim membership of the Patricians, business resitrictions had been lifted allowing any Pleblein to own and operate their own enterprises, forced Patrician and Pleblein marriages have been banned and more educational oppurtunities than ever before given to the Plebleians. This is not yet perfect but perfection takes time and a wholesale root and stem change of any society is likely to cause chaos and upheaval. Look at any nation on Mundus we have seen gradual changes. Jugland making various referendums to change the way their nation works to ensure the will of the people is heard and respected, Rokkenjima utilising technology to allow petitions, even East Moreland after a thousand years creating their first constitution to grant the people a representative voice to the King. These changes did not take place overnight and if they had chaos would have followed. We have as a world a choice to make, do we allow a young monarch such as Queen Klara to continue upon her path towards ever greater equality and in the doing so help her nation remain united or strong, or do we do allow a violent chancer such as Leopold Hamsik to seize power simply because he had a gun. As a world we need to stand together and oppose the actions of Leopold, give Queen Klara a chance and hold her to her promise of making Lodja a fairer nation.

As such Bakkermaya stand ready under our TUNA and Council of Albion obligations to support the legitimate government of the Queendom of Lodja.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace

Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles.

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King Đurađ gave the briefest of handshakes to the First Minister but exchanged a warm and friendly one with Kārlis and his son before accompanying him down the line of his soldiers. As the King stopped and spoke the the soldiers Đurađ didn't mind his arrival being delayed at all for this and infact indulged in speaking to a few of the soldiers himself. Each time his host stopped and spoke to someone Đurađ did the same to the soldier stood next to that man and as Karlis moved on he thanked the soldier for his time and shook the mans hand ensuring he was seen to have shaken hands for longer than with the First Minister.

Behind him he heard the First Minister try and strike up a conversation with his wife Queen Jožica who carried herself with a rather elongated posture. She was already reasonably tall but the elegant way she carried herself, shoulders back and spine ramrod straight with her chin slightly tipped upwards. Her face was often emotionless and as the First Minister addressed her it remained so.  She took a breath before answering "It is our belief that the Forest is the true form of Mundus and that one day all the planet must return to that. My religious order act as the guardians of the forest, we hunt the things that would do us harm and we do so in ways that cause no harm. That is why we wear this" Her last sentence was almost taking the tone of him having asked a stupid question.

Ahead the two Kings and the eldest Queen were engaged in finishing the meeting of the local soldiers. "So Your Majesty I hope we have a chance to see some of your nation" he was careful enough to ensure the "Your" was said loud enough to have the First Minister hear.

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OOC- We'll come to you. I'll assume this is pre us going to Parbhani

Two weeks had passed since the meeting in Cassiopeia and King Đurađ IV had his team make several contacts with the Chistopolian royals household to ensure everything was arranged for their meeting. He was determined to make the occasion one that was about two King's meeting for the first time in their nations histories rather than a state visit to another nations government. As such Đurađ had gathered together an impressive entourage for his first trip to Chistopol. Alongside himself was first wife Queen Terezija and his second wife Jožica. The two Queen's summed up the Drenovia that Đurađ was trying to embrace, his elder wife was attired in a smart business suit black with a white blouse. His younger wife though was devoted to her religious order, The Order of Krešimira which was the only all female Order within the nation. As a Order based on being guardians of the woods and Huntresses so Jozica was attired in their traditional green hide and wool dress. They had brought with them the head of the largest of the Religious Orders too, Commander of the Household for the Drenovian Order, a man that in one regard even outranked the King but seeing as Đurađ was a descendent of a demi-God that really didn't factor in.

The four of them had flown in to arrive early in the morning and it was Jožica who would lead the way off of the aircraft her green hood pulled up over her blonde hair. It was tradition that in any procession representatives of the Order of Krešimira would go first as it represented their leading of traditional Hunts. As she set foot on Chistopolian soil she stopped and pulled her hood down. On a gold chain a horn was strung over her left shoulder she took it now and moistening her lips before blowing it in one long clear note as her husband and the others headed down the aircraft steps. Jožica spoke loudly as her husband took his first step on Chistopolian land. "Druantia, God of the Forest your blood, His Majesty King Đurađ, Grand Master of the Drenovian's, Duke of Dabašnica has arrived in a land far from home. Please watch over him and protect him as he walks in new Forests with new friends." The King kissed his wife on the cheek as he passed and headed towards the welcoming committee.

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