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Diplomacy and Events / The Lotus Pod and the Sakura
« on: June 20, 2021, 02:10:39 AM »
10:30am, Pyrettania, First Empire of Rokkenjima

Secretary General Guamin Cheng & Secretary of State Wen Yi-Mai, just got off their JAL flight to Pyrettania International Airport and started to make their way to a private terminal pre-arranged they were wearing the classical business suits and started talking casually.

“Wen,you were our ambassador to Rokkenjima before you were my Secretary of State Correct?” The Secretary General asked. Mrs Wen replied

“Yes. I was for nearly a decade. My son also studied a semester abroad here. He enjoyed it.”

He chuckled. “Good, because I will be relying on your expertise.”

The Secretary of State grinned

“Ok then. I believe they said that they would send a delegation to take us to the palace. I notified the embassy and they said they informed the Empress’ Office.”

“I just hope that they don’t send too much of a party. I hear that Rokkenjimans love pageantry. It’s a little intense.”

Wen sighed “Don’t worry Sir. I made them aware of your aversion of to too much attention. I know how much you prefer to keep a low profile.”

Diplomacy and Events / Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: April 19, 2021, 01:05:09 AM »

To- Dragon Emperor Tielin II of the Majestic Empire of Lijiang

It is with a great honour that we at the Office of the Secretary General of the Federal Republic of Jiāyuán invite your Divine Majesty to the capital city of Zhēnzhū. It is with hope that this opportunity would be used to normalise relations between Jiāyuán & Lijiang. We hope the meeting will prove to be most constructive. The Agenda will be as follows:

•   Drafting up terms for a potential FTA
•   Drafting up terms for a potential Extradition Treaty

To start with, however depending on how relations are later down the road we can talk about other possible means of building a more solid foundation for further relations. The Meeting will be at the Executive Blue Manor. However, a delegation will be meeting your Divine Majesty at Zhēnzhū International Airport at Terminal 5 which will be privately booked for both of our delegations to meet and be briefed.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

From-Secretary General Guamin Cheng of the Federal Republic of Jiāyuán

Diplomacy and Events / A New Contract
« on: April 08, 2021, 11:39:53 AM »

To:Ikos Nakir

It has come to our attention that your Space Program needs 3 shuttle transport aircraft. We at Yauloung Aeronautics can design you such an aircraft or if you already have a preexisting design, we can manufacturer it quickly and efficiently meeting the specifications outlined by your government.

Yauloung Aeronautics is responsible for manufacturing and distributing transport aircrafts for the Jiāyuánese Airforce. Thus, we feel that we can facilitate the manufacturing of shuttle aircraft of your government.

Thus, we wish to meet in person to negotiate a possible contract in order and gage what your organisations needs are. To that end we wish to extend our commercial ties, in order to achieve such an end, we believe that we can provide you the 3 shuttle transport aircraft needed the most cost-effective way as possible.

From: Yangji Fu, CEO of Yauloung Aeronautics

Diplomacy and Events / Mr Secretary, we found him.
« on: April 05, 2021, 12:56:23 AM »
Zhēnzhū, Liaosheng Province, Federal Republic of Jiāyuán, 3:45am

Secretary General Guamin Cheng was sleeping in his bed at the Executive Blue Monor, the official residence of the Secretary General. One of his personal assistants got him up. “Mr Secretary you have a call from the Embassy in Ikan.” Mr Cheng got out of bed Still a little out of it, however he was used to his job by now, he had been Secretary General for only a few months, but he was used to having as little sleep as possible from his earlier career in finance. Secretary General still in his pajama’s replied “A call from our embassy in Arashkai? Did they say what for?” The assistant only answered “They couldn’t give me a reason other than it’s classified.” He merely sighed and went to his office and picked up the phone.

“This is the Secretary General.” There was a younger middle-aged voice over the phone. A middle-aged woman replied “Yes Mr Secretary this is Miyan Dao Yi Ambassador to the Empire of Arashkai. I have news, I’m sorry to wake you up so early but this can’t wait. We received word from the JBSS just a few minutes ago…They’ve found him.”

The Secretary General was confused. “Found who?” The Ambassador responded “Hwung Xiaojin, himself, he’s still alive.” The Secretary General’s Eyes widened and he was more alert, he raised his eyebrow “You absolutely sure?” The Ambassador replied “They were rather emphatic Mr Secretary.” The Secretary simply said “Thank you Ambassador. I’ll call you back.”

He then got on the phone with the JBSS Director Dailou Zhang who picked up the phone “Mr Secretary I was expecting you.” Guamin replied “Good so we don’t have to mince words, If what your agents are saying is true then I want a full dossier on my by this afternoon. “Of course.”he replied.


Secretary Guamin Cheng was reading the dossier: Hwung Xiaojin, the man that led the regime known to the international community as the Vedic Domain of Jiāyuán, on paper it was a clerical state ruled by a council of supposedly wise Buddhist monks. In practise it was a different story. Many of the older generation age 70 and above would remember those times as a horrible nightmare of oppression, war, slavery and religious indoctrination and persecution. If it was true that Hwung Xiojin, the last Grand Bodisattva was alive he would be at least in his early 90’s by now.

According to the dossier he was hiding in a small town known as Ekhet in the rather Tasai Province, Kasra Prefecture, in the Empire of Arashkai. HE slipped in through after the end of the revolution. He assumed the identity of a Hu Taiyeng, a high school teacher with forged credentials and it looks like he had some plastic surgery done so no-one would recognise him. However, his face did still have the similar features and bone structure and as far as the JBSS knows, he never had any children, however he was in a country that didn’t have an extradition treaty with the republic. He thought for a moment, he decided to arrange accommodation with the Jiāyuánese embassy in Ikan in the next week. The thought went through his mind that if they can apprehend him, it would close the book on a very dark period of Jiāyuánese history and give the older generation some closure as anyone above the age of 60 would’ve been impacted in some way from the policies of this brutal and bloodstained former priest.

He couldn’t have the agents act on foreign soil however, he could, but it wouldn’t go over well with Arashkai. There was only one way he can do this. He needed to set up a meeting with Emperor Mishei himself. He used the phone from his office to call the Emperor directly. Waiting on the line.

Diplomacy and Events / Wolf and the Dragon
« on: March 18, 2021, 04:02:05 AM »

Official Communique

To- Ebston Paul Feish, President of the Reunified Socialist Federation of New Derusmia

It is with great honor that I extend this hand of friendship. The Federal Republic of Jiāyuán wishes to extend its reach in terms of trade and economic co-operation with the largest market in the Ardian Continent, that being the South Ardian New Electorate (SANE).

The Agenda for such a meeting would be to first discuss ways to initiate such a venture. The agenda for such a meeting would be to discuss admitting Jiāyuán into a observer member of the SANE, possible extension of the Southern Line and bilateral trade relations. 

To that end I look forward to meeting with you.

From- Guamin Cheng, Secretary General of the Federal Republic of Jiāyuán

Character Guides / Important People of Jiāyuán
« on: March 14, 2021, 12:45:52 AM »
Guamin Cheng
RolesSecretary General of Jiāyuán
EducationBachelor of Commerce (Major in Accounting) from Sejuan University, Master of Business Administration (MBA) & PhD of Labour Economics from Zhēnzhū International Business School
Positions HeldChairman of the Jiāyuán Civic Union (2015-2020) , Secretary of Finance(2009-2015), Former Chairman of the Parliamentary Budget Office(2001-2009)
FamilyGuamin Li Ma (wife), Guamin Tzei (Older Son), Guamin Chao (Younger Son)
Links to Important events? Founded and led the Parliamentary Budgetary Office to reform the tax code, pushed through parliamentary legislation for the ECA (Economic Recovery Act) during the 2004-2006 recession.
BiographyOnce the director of a prestigious accounting and financial services firm in the 90's he worked found his way into government when elected to be the Diet Member i 1997. He is credited for reforming the tax code into a more efficient tax structure and is the founder of the Parliamentary Budget Office in order to review government spending. He was elected to be Secretary General via parliamentary vote in 2020 and is currently making the agenda of Jiāyuán's ascension to the international state. 

Factbooks and Maps / The Federal Republic of Jiāyuán (家园)
« on: February 13, 2021, 02:23:31 AM »

Motto:- Peace,Justice,Solidarity
National Anthem:- Pending


Dating back to the start of the 15th century a set of twins were born in Lijiang, one twin went on to rule Lijiang’s Majestic Empire as Dragon Emperor, the other twin was sent to rule a set of provinces up north overlooking the coastline of the Krimeon Sea. That twin’s name was Hwa Jieng Yaloung who went on to expand his new nation of the Dragon Kingdom of Jiāyuán to be a great power in its own right ruling as Jiāyuán’s first ‘Celestial Emperor’.  Hwa Jien Yaloung would be the first, but not last Celestial Emperor of Jiāyuán, but he did start off the first Dynasty simply known as the Hwa Dynasty from 1500-1692 when his great, great grandson Hwa Yin Dou died without legitimate heir to the Celestial Throne.

After Hwa Yin Dou’s death, his top General Wu Yon Tzei took the reins first as a regent, but with the kingdom on the brink of civil war over the matters of succession and the growing unrest in the western Baruun Tal province where their citizens were mostly Mongolian wanted to break away and form their own nation, General Wu Yon Tzei took command and pacified the Mongolian uprising in the west and proclaimed himself Celestial Emperor in Tausong Imperial Palace in 1697 with the backing of the military. His rulership was more martial in nature as his control over the state was more militaristic and expanded the army by reforming their training young people from the moment they can walk to their late teens in drills and combat.

This came to a head at the Battle of the Xiling, when Emperor Wu Yon Tzei led the troops himself against the Mongol hordes of Barunn Tai, he would die in close quarter combat to Yulakht Khan’s (Aka Yilou Dien) blade in 1713, after which Yulakht Khan would occupy Xiling for 10 years after which he sent his army back to his nation’s capital of Inghaan Bataar, however not before cementing his legacy. Yulakht Khan held onto Xiling and trated the city like a fortress and a bridgehead for an invasion, the invasion that wouldn’t never happen and a counter attack that would never happen.

Emperor Wu Yon Tzei was dead unlike their previous Emperor before him however he had an heir but he only had 2 daughters. Their older daughter Wu Mai Yen who was 10 years old and the younger one Wu Chei Fang who was 7 years old, and due to their primogeniture monarchial laws only a son of the previous Emperor can be the next ruling monarch. The nobles didn’t want a succession war and be exposed to a Mongol invasion from Xiling thus the law of male only rulers was repealed. Wu Mi Yen would be the first Celestial Empress of Jiāyuán in Tausong Imperial Palace in 1718 after she came of age at 18 years old.

She began measures to ease the tension between Jiāyuán and the Mongolian Hords of Barrun Tai. After Xiling was capture and occupied by Yulakht Khan’s forces, they began to learn from the Jiāyuán’s ways to govern and rule and by 1729 Baruun Tai was brought back into the Jiāyuánese fold as they abandoned their tents and got off their horses and began building houses and sustainable infrastructure and made their own calligraphy script system that copied many principles and sentence structure from the Jiāyuánese.

Yulakht Khan was given the right to rule over Baruun Tai but his son later to be known and Nhufan Khan (aka Yilou Fu) was to become The Empress’s husband, further cementing their kingdoms together. The Empress’ sister Wu Chei Fang would marry Yilou Min Nhufan Khan’s brother.

The Wu Dynasty would continue to rule until 1864 after the end of the Yellow Rebellion, which was a revolt led by serfs, and peasants of the Buddhist majority when the royal family was mostly Confucian/Taoist. The rebellion was due to the Wu Dynastic family taxing Buddhist land and temples at a higher rate as well as excluding Buddhist from civil service and education and thus most her mostly relegated to a life of poverty.

Led under a Buddhist monk Chen Tsengdai he led the rebellion to a successful overthrow of the Wu dynasty forcing them in exile and establish the Vedic Domain of Jiāyuán making the feudalistic system worse as the clerical regime was ran by a council of clerical monks until 1960 after the wake of the one Jiāyuán movement in Zhēnzhū leading to the formation of the formation of the Federal Republic of Jiāyuán with the capital moved to Zhēnzhū the following year.

Government Type:- Officially a Federal Parliamentary Republic (One Party State)
Population:-:- 275,152,412
Capital City:- Zhēnzhū (珍珠)
Demonym:- Jiāyuánese


Currency:- Yuan (¥)
GDP per Capita:- $30,410.33
Total GDP:-$8,367,475,649,215.96
Unemployment Rate:- 3.7%
Main Industries:-
Primary: Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Natural Gas
Secondary: Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation Equipment, Automobiles, Industrial Chemicals, Food Processing.
Tertiary: Financial Services, Education, Building/Construction, Public Health, Telecommunications Services, Retail, Logistics/Transport,Hospitality, Gambling


Ethnicity:- Han Chinese 89%, Mongol 4%, South Asian 4%, Other 3%
Languages:- Madarin Chinese, Cantonese, Mongolian, Hindi, Latin, English
Religions:- Buddhist, Taoist/Confucian, Hindu
Average Life Expectancy:- Male 85yrs, Female 88yrs


Head of State:- Secretary General
Head of Government: - Same as above
Name of Legislative Body:- Federal Diet

Economics and Industry / Josai Air Defence Fair 2020
« on: October 09, 2020, 11:39:52 PM »

JADF 10th of October- Haneda Airport

Josai is a small nation with a small presence in international airspace. As such Josai is privilege to host the 2020 Josai Air Defence Fair. The purpose of this trade fair is for nations and companies to display their prowess of air defence with their latest creations as well as their past innovations. This trade fair is an occasion for nations to exhibit their ingenuity and connect with fellow professionals within the fields of aeronautics. It is hoped that in the future Josai can make this an event to bring Josai on the map in terms of being a commercial centre for years to come, all nations and companies in the field of military aeronautics and defence contracting are welcome here. With all of that out of the way I Defence Secretary Reisuke Furuta officially declare the Josaid Air Defence Fair open.

Diplomacy and Events / Private Communiqué to the Empress
« on: September 08, 2020, 11:35:25 PM »

To-Her Majesty Empress Evanthe of the First Empire of Rokkenjima

With Josai's population expanding and becoming more dynamic and diverse the population can within the next 20 be expected to expand beyond our city state current capacity to accommodate them. The Republic of Josai in its current form is already the most densely populated country in Mundus,and the Department of Housing and Urban Development tells me that we can only build so many high rises. To that end I ask of Your Majesty to allow us some form to expand further into Rokkenjima, unoccupied land of course, whether it be more kilometers into more unoccupied areas of the mainland or some overseas or island territory either way the Republic is willing to negotiate whatever terms will be favourable for both parties involved in this transaction. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely

Seiko Kumoya

President of the Republic of Josai 

Economics and Industry / Josai Air Defence Fair 2020
« on: July 30, 2020, 10:20:10 AM »

The Josai Air Defence Fair is a trade fair where defence manufacturers and contractors showcase their designs, and products of upcoming aircraft and make orders and initiate government tenders with other industry professionals to ensure a greater degree of co-operation for the advancement of air defence systems around the world. 

Company Name: (Registered trading name)
Number of People in Delegation: (Self explanatory)
Names of Delegate Members: (Along with their titles)
Nation of Origin: (Official diplomatic name please)
Products and designs for exibit: (Just the RP name of the vehicle and a link to the wiki page no need for the drawn out specs)
Special Requests: (Just anything that maybe the delegation wants to ensure their contingents needs are met [Within reason])

This trade fair is sponsored by the following:

Akiyama Defence Systems

Aomuri Designs

Nishida Aeronautics

Yoshino Capital

Event Signed and Approved by the Following:

Josai External Trade Relations Organisation

Diplomacy and Events / Blue Crane Spreading her wings
« on: April 23, 2020, 07:00:32 AM »

To: King Lapu, Emperor-Admiral Jingduming von Nanjing & Chancellor Ziynet Mahvaş Yamadagil

The Department of Housing and Urban development wishes to acquire some unused land in exchange for Josain government funds. A purchase if you will. Josai with it’s ever expanding population will eventually run out of landmass for its citizens.

In order to curb this problem with us being a small country we will make an offer for some land that our government has been monitoring. The government of the Republic of Josai would like to extend an offer of purchase in exchange for Josain aid and development of the land we shall possess under a lease agreement.

In order to discuss the specifics further we would like to invite all of you to meet at the Executive Blue Manor at Josai to discuss and hopefully draft up some contacts to bebring our plans into fruition for the benefit of the Josain and the Quintellian, Chinese and Nichitishin people at large.

We Hope to see all of you there.

Yours Sincerely.

Seiko Kumoiya
President of the Rpublic of Josai

Character Guides / People of Kodumaa
« on: December 28, 2019, 10:08:52 PM »
Celestial Empress & Absolute Sovereign Myna Anastasia Sygvaldi II
RolesRuler of the Imperium of Kodumaa (Since 2008)
EducationBachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws, Masters of International Development (Stolitsa School of International Business)
Positions Held Empress of the Kodumaan Imperium (Since 2008), everything else before is redacted
Family Jéan Buernois-Sygvaldi (Deceased), Janna Catherine Sygvaldi (Duchess of Broukova. Age 30), Yasna Jormin Sygvaldi I (Crown Princess. Age 23)

Economics and Industry / Josai Securities Composite
« on: December 28, 2019, 08:50:11 AM »

The JSC or Josai Securities Composite is Josai’s one and only and premier stock exchange which first opened at the 3rd of April 1922. The stock exchange is used to exchange shares and other equities between registered publicly trading corporations within Josai, e verything from shares, to currencies and commodities and other equities can be traded.

The JSC’s activities are regulated by the JSIC (Josain Securities & Investments Comission) which is a government agency under the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce & Industry. The JSC’s board of directors meets every six months at the end of Josai’s fiscal year (30/06) to review and discuss the JSC’s activities.

Companies registered with the JSC is required to submit a financial annual report of all of the companies financial statements (Balance sheets, Cashflow statements, Income statements, and retained earnings statement), share market activity and other investment activities and projects to the JSC so they can meet the compliance requirements with the JSIC for tax purposes.

To register your corporation with the JSC, please use the following form:

Name of corporation:
Name of CEO:
Nation of origin:
Price per Share:
Shares for sale:
Total Number of Shares:

To purchase shares, please use the following form:

Name of Organization/Nation:
Shares for Sale you wish to purchase:

To sell shares, please use the following form:

Name of Organization/Nation:
Shares you wish to sell:

If you wish to register your currency with the JSC, please use the following form:

Name of Nation:
Name of National Currency:
Units for Sale:
Total Units:
Value of Currency:

If you wish to purchase an available currency on the JSC please use the following form:

Name of Nation:
Currency You Wish to Buy:
Total Units of Currency You Wish to Buy:

If you wish to sell commodities on the JSC, please use the following form:

Name of Organization/Nation:
Commodity to Sell:
Price per Unit:
Total Units for Sale:
Total Units:

If you wish to purchase commodities on the JSC, please use the following form:

Name of Organization/Nation:
Commodity to Buy:
Commodity Host:
Total Units to Buy:

Diplomacy and Events / The Crane Flying over the Rising Sun
« on: September 23, 2019, 10:25:02 AM »

To: Your Imperial Majesty Beatrice Anselmo, Empress of Rokkenjima and Rishiri

I wish to extend an invitation you as a show of goodwill. The People of Josai and Rokkenjima have been on good terms since our nation’s inception 109 years ago. Our people travel in an out of each other’s nations on a regular basis. We would like this good intergovernmental and good people to people relations to remain. Thus I make a proposal to review and perhaps draft up and finalise any loose ends in any treaties that our nations signed many years ago under different governments.

It is within the spirit of maintaining our nations friendship that I offer to host Your Majesty at the Presidential Blue Manor in Josai. We will make all the arrangements. As for the agenda it will be mostly foreign relations, bi-lateral commercial agreements and reviewing any military arrangements that may be in play. We look forward to hosting you.

Yours Sincerely

Seiko Kumoya, President of The Republic of Josai

International News Networks / Josai Today
« on: September 04, 2019, 12:52:55 PM »

Josain President Seiko Kumoya has put it forth a referendum in order to enshrine Josain political neutrality in the republic’s constitution. The proposal comes as a means of maintaining Josain sovereignty and ensure that Josai remains the honest broker among nations shielded from any political entanglements overseas. The principle of Josain honest brokerage is guided by the rational of Josai having no bias to any nation or any other multilateral political entity and thus one that can be free to host several meetings amongst officials of many nations and broker diplomatic functions in a neutral space for all leaders of all nations and multi-lateral entities to conduct business and affairs of state.

Thus in order to make sure that Josai will not be isolated from the world, the President wishes for Josai to be signatory members of non-governmental organisations as well as other regional political and economic entities with observer status. Such organisations would be the following:

•   The Assembly of Ardia
•   JET (Joint Emergency Team)
•   Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation
•   SANE (South Ardian New Electorate)
•   CSU (Cross Straits Union)

As well as signa agreements of the following:

•   Mundus Convention of Universal Rights
•   Upsala Convention
•   Fair Seas Concordant

The referendum is proposed to take place within the next 3 months as the federal diet as well as the President and members of her cabinet set up the means of voting which will be monitored by the Josain Electrical Commission (JEC)  as well as seeing if any international observers wish to monitor the referendum. It is predicted by many that such a law would boost Josai’s standing in the international stage when it comes to diplomacy, foreign policy and trade and investment relationships as having no constraints or commitments to any party would allow for more representation of Josai’s interests abroad and protect the nation from foreign entanglements.

Character Guides / People of Josai
« on: June 15, 2019, 03:32:29 AM »
Seiko Kumoiya
RolesPresident of the Republic of Josai
EducationBachelor of Commerce (Haneda University), Masters of Business Administration & PhD of Labour Economics (Josain School of Business)
Positions HeldSecretary of Labour (2010-2014), Secretary of Commerce (2001-2009)
Family Saishiro Kumoiya (Spouse), Genji Kumoiya (Son), Haruna Kumoiya Daughter)

Factbooks and Maps / The Republic of Biseam
« on: December 28, 2018, 10:16:53 PM »
Motto:- Strength in Unity and Harmony
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem[/center]


Type some of the history/background of your nation here.

Government Type:- One Party Republic
Population:-:- 23,476,206
Capital City:-  Cheol (5,321,147)
Demonym:- Biseami


Currency:- Hyoga (ի)
GDP per Capita:- $33,423.77
Unemployment Rate:- 4.6%
Main Industries:- Agribusiness, Retail, IT Products, Automobiles, Civil Engineering, Education, Financial Services, Entertainment, Building and Construction.


Ethnicity:- Korean (32%), Japanese (29%), European (29%), South Asian (10%)
Languages:- Korean, Japanese & Dutch
Religions:- Buddhism (52%), Taoism/Confusionism (20%), Shintoism (10%), Christianity (10%), Hinduism (8%)
Average Life Expectancy:- 81yrs (Male) 87yrs (Female)


Head of State:- President
Head of Government:- President (Same as above)
Name of Legislative Body:- Federal Diet (unicameral)

Diplomacy and Events / Soaring Crane and the Lamb of God
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:23:43 PM »
12:30pm in the early afternoon Celestis International Airport, Celestis, Ecclesiastical State

A passenger plane touches down the schedule is flight 81 from Jyeungsei on what was Blue Crane Airways, Gyeoul’s premier airline. 3 important people in particular where on that flight. All three people where representative of the Gyeoulan government. There was a woman under the name of Munn Jae-Dau, Gyeoul’s Foreign Affairs Minister, a man under the name Wen Yisau the nations Minister of Commerce and Industry nd of course Gyeoulan President Jeon Luu Sou.

The 3 officials made their way off the plane and into a terminal at a low key gate terminal  and with  a small security detail of 15, with 5 Executive Guards for each official. All dressed conservatively in business attire. They were in the land of a traditional ally, one that supported the crushing of communist factions in the north, however started out with rocky relations once Gyoul’s Tzong Dynatic Royal family was purged by the current President’s regime; however relations have normalised over the past 20 years and today was a step further.

A few things where on the agenda today, the Foreign Affairs Ministry wants to get a visa free agreement between the two countries in place as well as begin talks of a potential extradition taty. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry wanted to start a dialogue for a possible free trade agreement, all the documents were in their manila folders, and laptops in working drafts and in order.  A gift was also being closely guarded. A gift of cultural significance, a book, old but kept in perfect dcondition relative to the state that it was in.

 It was an old volume of Verdic Buddhist scriptures of the Theovada school from the now preserved Leyaodang Monastery in northern GYeoul which wa ransacked and raided by the former communist terrorist group th “People’s Revolutionary Front” to the governments surprise it hasn’t been ripped or desecrated. The 3 officials were waiting patiently after they want through customs and chatting to each other about what was on the agenda today s well as idle chit chat.

Foregn Affairs Minister Minn Jae-Dau asked the President “So Mr President when did you say the last time you where here again?” President Jeon Luu Sou replied “I think it was in 2005 at Pope Jean Paul II’s funera..It was a ombre day, I was here for a week to attend that as well as visit my grandson who was on a university study exchange here. Speaking of which didn’t yu study on exchange here too Ms Jae-Dau “Yes, I was here in my second year of undergraduate study…Many years ago. Infact I met my husband here.” President Sou replied “Ah yes you told me that I remember.”


Factbooks and Maps / The Federal Republic of Gyeoul
« on: December 30, 2017, 11:38:02 PM »

Official Name: The Federal Republic of Gyeoul
Conventional Name: Gyeoul (겨울)
Adjective: Gyeoulan
Capital: Jyeungsei
Population: 82,233,710
Government Type: One Party State
Official Languages: Korean
Recognised Regional Languages: Japanese
Head of State: President
Head of Government: General Secretary
Calling Code: +83
Internet Domain suffixes:,,,
Driving side: Right
National Animal: Blue Crane
National Flower: Hibiscus

Introductions / Feels good to be home
« on: December 29, 2017, 01:22:11 AM »
Ah...Feels good to be home again. Some changes have been made I see.

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