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To our fellow members

It has recently become clear that the forces of East Moreland are conducting some kind of operation in the Alucard that we believe may be eventually problematic for those nations that are located in the Alucard region, especially those with contact with the Water Nomads that are indigenous to the Central Alucard Island Chain.

Following the problems that are taking place in Lodja our navy has been more active in the region for fear of a potential terrorist having access to a state of the art military vessel. During these patrols we have seen on radar East Moreland aircraft heading to the Alucard region where no refuel ability exists. We also have not seen many East Moreland aircraft reach the islands of Lodja or beyond causing us to question where these aircraft are going. We are currently awaiting the conclusion of a meeting with the East Moreland ambassador however we would appreciate any nations with information about East Moreland operations in the region to share that with us. This shall be possible through our JDA Officer system. I am grateful for any information that you can provide.

Best Regards

Emperor Bensen of Paracambi

Diplomacy and Events / Requesting the Morelander ambassador
« on: August 10, 2021, 10:24:20 PM »

To:- The Kingdom of East Moreland.

It has become apparent to ourselves that East Moreland aircraft have been criss crossing the Alucard periodically and disappearing from radar. It is our belief that East Moreland has somehow begun operating an airfield somewhere within the Central Alucard Island Chain, something we believe potentially can have an impact on the region. We wish to discuss with the government of East Moreland the nature of these flights and if neccesary our concerns.

We look forward to a report from your ambassador within 24 hours.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Benson of Paracambi
Head Hugon of the Vodou Faith.


Paracambian Representative Stands

"As the assembly is probably aware we have today got word from Parbhani of a request for us to try and facilitate talks between their Empire and the nation of Topri who they are currently fighting in a war that started with a dispute over a river. I think we should discuss the request and determine whether this is a situation we should get involved in. That all being said I open the floor for discussion."

Diplomacy and Events / A Vodou House-warming
« on: July 27, 2020, 11:41:49 PM »

As has been reported in the Paracambian media our faith has been constructing its first purpose built home. The Vodou faith has yet to spread much beyond the homeland of Paracambi but we are hopeful as people gain knowledge of our faith they will accept the Loa into their hearts.

The opening of what has been described as the "Vatican of Vodou" is a historic day in the Vodou faith, and for the Empire of Paracambi, as such we would like to extend an invitation to all embassies in Paracambi to have a representative attend the event with a guest of their choosing. For those unfamiliar with the Vodou faith however there are a few rules which they must be aware of when visiting a Temple or Shrine dedicated to the Vodou faith.

1) Rituals within a Vodou place of worship include animal sacrifice.
2) No "weapons" unblessed by the Loa may enter a sacred site, even knives used for sacrifices must be blessed before entering a temple.
3) Women are expected to cover their head, a head scarf or hat of some variety is acceptable.
4) No one who has been in communion with an evil Loa may attend until after the next full moon.

Additionally while non-Vodou followers visiting a Temple or Shrine are expected to follow these rules above they may wish to be aware of the following.

1. It is customary to bring a gift to offer the Loa. This is usually some form of food or drink.
2. Vodou ceremonies will (we hope) feature people coming into contact with the Loa, therefore do not be surprised to see people acting strangely and this may mean them trying to interact with you.
3. It is customary for alcohol to feature in ceremonies, there is no compulsion to drink, but it will be present. ]
4. Places of worship are watched over by people known as Zangbeto, what some may consider a ritualistic religious police, they have authority over all but the Hougon and Mambo within a Temple or Shrine. It is expected their instructions are followed.

We hope that people will join us for this historic occasion. We are aware many nations with embassies[1] in Paracambi have interacted seldom with the government of the Empire and hope this opportunity will change that.

May the Loa bless you.

Emperor Benson
Head Hougon of the Vodou Faith
 1. unless for some reason a nation wouldn't have or want an Embassy in Paracambi I assume every nation has an embassy with us.

Convention Centre / The Castries Carnival
« on: December 19, 2019, 09:13:47 PM »


You may have heard of the recent secret lab on the tropical paradise of Castries, however the island has another secret. Just thirty minutes by fast boat is the island of Castries Minor, a beautiful tropical paradise unspoiled by development of any kind. The crystal blue waters lap gently against beautiful white sand beaches and the weather is always sunny. It is this location that we are turning into a carnival site for those among those well connected and wonderful people of Mundus.

On January 15th the party shall begin. The finest food, world renowned musical artists, the business elite of the world shall be transported to paradise and you could be among them. Watch this space for details.


Diplomacy and Events / Religion in Paracambi OOC
« on: December 05, 2019, 09:38:14 PM »
I'm trying to build up some of the history of Paracambi and as far as I can tell I'm the only nation that has the Vodou faith and the Rastafarian faith as major parts of my nation. As such I was hoping that I could do the following.

1) Claim that one of the islands of Paracambi is the birth place for the Vodou faith. As such that the Emperor of Paracambi is also the head of the Vodou faith, essentially a Vodou Pope.

2) That the island of Castries was the birth place of the Rastafarian faith. Freed slaves from the Seleucid slave trade were given a fresh start here but Christian missionaries from somewhere tried converting them. Meanwhile with the Seleucid still occupying parts of Northern Ardia (Iwi) an Emperor of Paracambi began to conduct a new wave of anti-slave raids and began helping Zimalians move to what he saw as their ancestral home. He was hailed as the "Black Messiah" He however was only Emperor a short time as a coup by the traditional Vodou members of the Empire saw him deposed and crucified. As such the 1930's and 1940's saw the Paracambian Rasta's persecuted until new rules came about thanks to a more liberal Emperor. As such Paracambi is the Rastafarian homeland.

If anyone has any suggestions about this or objections to me claiming these as canon history please let me know. Last thing I want to do is screw up someone elses nation.

Economics and Industry / The Paracambian Kyne Convey System (PKCS)
« on: October 15, 2019, 12:33:36 PM »
Following the demands of payment of $250million by Royal Seleucid the Empire of Paracambi has what it fells are legitimate concerns regarding transitting traffic throught the Kyne Sea. As a result we are sending 4 Frigates and 4 submarines to the area to form the PKCS. Half of these assets will meet at co-ordinates rough mid east Kyne and will proceed to the Matilda Canals. The other half of the PKCS will make the same journey only in reverse. This system will ensure that any Paracambian flagged ship transversing the Kyne is able to do so with a military escort. We are also willing to permit vessels flying flags other than those of the Commonwealth of the Iwi, Royal Seleucid, Tamora, Pramoria  and Abuqiya to join the convoys. Additionally we would welcome nations not aligned with either side of this conflict to join with us to provide convoy escorts.  This system shall be in place until further notice. We request any vessel planning on taking advantage of an escort to announce it intention, therefore allowing our navy to keep a protective eye on it, we also ask any other nation willing to offer escorts to co-ordinate through our Ministry of Defence to ensure smooth operations.


Emperor Benson of Paracambi

Press Offices / Press Office of the Grand Houngan of the Vodou Faith
« on: April 01, 2019, 03:11:03 PM »

The Grand Houngan's Thought of the Week - Monday 1st April 2019

"No evil ever came from a woman’s womb that wasn’t placed there first by Man."

Let us this week dedicate ourselves to the eradication of the evils of greed, envy and violence. As such as Grand Houngan I am starting a project to encourage all those in Paracambi to embrace a neighbour this week, be that literally or metaphorically. Lend them a hand on their garden, do the shopping for an old lady or simply just hug your mother. Simple actions can end the evil in the world. Meanwhile this week I am seeking to end an evil, the poor relationship between ourselves and Royal Seleucid, our past is the past, a future could be made that sees us both prosper and for that I ask King Heydar to cast aside his nations past of evil. I feel if he is willing to do this we can clear Mundus of some evil and the children of tomorrow can be born with less hate and more love.

Press Offices / Royal Press Office of Emperor Benson of Paracambi
« on: April 01, 2019, 03:02:06 PM »

As we have since the early 1900's we would like to offer an invitation to the new King of Royal Seleucid to meet. Many centuries ago the Seleucid people took part in the horrific slave trade and profitted greatly from human misery. Our two nations engaged in a war which saw Paracambian naval forces challenge every suspected Seleucid vessel in order to try and halt the trade. This is in the past and while we are pleased to see an end to hostilities we still feel the Seleucid people have yet to put this matter to rest. We would urge King Heydar to issue a public apology for his nations historic slave trading and seek to make reparations in light of this. Should King Heydar be willing to do this I would be thrilled to meet with him and explore ways that together we can repair the relationships between our two historic nations.

Convention Centre / The Legba Project
« on: April 01, 2019, 02:48:13 PM »

The Region of North Paracambi sits on a major international crossroads in terms of maritime transport, the continents of Ardia, Albion and Alba Karinya converge here and as such so have various cultures. In the Vodou faith it is believed that Papa Legba protects all crossroads, including the most significant, that of connecting the material and the spirit world. The North Paracambian islands also are some of the first to benefit from the clean up operations of the TUNA Great Alucard clean up operation. With this in mind we wish to establish a project to build, in our EEZ, a floating settlement. It will be a lesuire, trade and educational hub as well as including scientific facilities. We invite you to visit Minstral Boy which will be waiting in the Alucard some 100km North East of our Northern most island to discuss this proposal and how we may include various nations in the project.

I have enclosed an artists impression for what we believe the final project may look like.

Best Wishes

Emperor Benson of Paracambi

Grand Hougon of the Vodou Faith

Diplomacy and Events / Alucard and the Cabbage
« on: October 31, 2018, 10:38:56 PM »

To:- Grand Preacher Brassicus III

While your nation and mine have very little connecting us I believe we do have several things in common that could act as a bridge between us. First we are both men recently widowed, second we are both rulers of nations that have yet to reach our full potential. It is vital therefore that we seek to support each other. It was with this in mind that earlier this year I formed TUNA, the Treaty of Unity for Nations of the Alucard. It's aim was to ensure the security of that region and give a voice to the island nations of the North. It is my hope however that TUNA can also support the non-island nations such as your own.

With this in mind and understanding that your nation has a limited naval ability I would like to offer in the spirit of friendship support in ensuring your waters are secure and that Cabbagelandiet does not become a backdoor to Albion for smuggling or piracy. Now your nation is opening up to the world there are many new threats to your people beyond any use of force. I therefore propose  that a small Paracambian fleet 2 submarines ( Akan and Shi Maria),The Frigate Duppy, The Corvette Ghede and 2 Fast Patrol Ships be sent to support your territorial integrity. I would also like to offer you the chance for five observers to be placed on each ship to witness the work we carry out, help ensure the vessels act within the laws of your nation and make friends with our own people.

I have already gained permission from TUNA to make this offer and hope you will find it useful.

May The Loa Bless You

Emperor Benson of Paracambi
Grand Hougon of the Vodou Faith

Diplomacy and Events / An Offer to Seaforth
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:05:18 PM »


Dear King Andrew

Some time ago our nations were looking to be on opposite sides of a sticky situation in Zimalia. Our nation has ancient ties to that nation as a good many of our people can trace their ancestory to slaves kidnapped by the Seleucid from those lands. As such we see them as kind of long lost brothers, or perhaps a cousin, either way we feel obliged to support them as best we can. As a result there is currently a squadron of F-22 Loggerheads based in Zimalia on a defensive posture. I feel with that situation now de-escalated that I would like to bring those aircraft home, however I still have concerns over the safety of Zimalia. You are though a man that I have no reason to doubt the credibility of and so I therefore make this offer to you. I shall bring the squadron home should Seaforth make two promises. The first promise is that they will agree to never take any military action against Zimalia unless first attacked by Zimalia. The second promise is to join with me and donate half the cost of building a 500 bed hospital in Mogebbe, the other half will come from Paracambi. It is estimated that the cost will be in the region of $300million each. I believe this second venture will show that we are committed to support the people of Zimalia while showing the world there is no lasting issues between our nations. I hope you find these proposals acceptable and would if they are not be willing to either meet in person or via representatives to find a mutually agreeable compromise that allows Seaforth to have its much loved Illumic less cluttered with foreign forces while giving us piece of mind about our kin in Zimalia.

Blessings of the Loa be upon you

Emperor Benson II of Paracambi, Grand Hougon of the Vodou Faith.

Diplomacy and Events / The Emperors New Robes
« on: October 12, 2018, 09:51:02 PM »
Emperor Benson shifted uneasily in the Palace only 24 hours earlier he'd claimed the title of Lead Houngon on the Vodou faith, making himself effectively the head of all those who professed the religion across the globe. It had of course been done before and the faithful wished for order, for one person to unite them but it had to be the right person. So far he'd had no major voice speak out against him and with only some Brigadier of Bakkermaya speaking out against his speech it couldn't have gone much better. He just had one problem, how was he to create a Vodou Empire if his own nation wasn't even controlled by the faith. He'd thought long and hard on this and knew something had to change and he would use the upcoming conference of the Principalities to see it through.

As the leaders of the six principalities, his own included sat before him in his role as Emperor he watched as his wife entered the room to take the seat next to him. Empress Madeline stunk of marijuana, she'd been smoking it more and more since she'd got friendly with the most influential member of the Rastafarian faith in the Empire. Benson hated it, the smell, the way his wife wasn't the same woman he married and her spiritual adviser was now trying to get his claws into their children. Only last week he'd caught the adviser speaking with his 19 year old son, Marcus, and had seen him offering the young man the drug. He'd proudly watched the boy turn it down but knew the adviser was very persuasive.

As the Emperor began addressing his Princce's and Princesses he knew that at the opposite end of the Palace his former Naval buddies would be carrying out his dirty work. A Special Boat Unit (SBU) commando group had arrived at sunset and made their way into the Palace, primarily on the point of discussing the Emperors increased security, now while people began to unwind for the evening one of them picked the advisers bedroom lock made his way inside and with a silenced pistol emptied the pistols magazine into him. He then reached under the bed and planted the explosive device he'd brought with him. Three more members of the SBU did the same.

"So, that is my plan. My I see a show of hands as to those willing to support my position as the Head of Vodou faith. The Duke of Alua, the Emperors own province, immediately raised his hand showing support, followed immediately by the Princess of Amalie and the Prince of Castres. That hadn't been a surprise the majority of people living there were Vodouists and the two royals where close friends of the Emperor. The 21 year old Princess of Amalie was even someone Benson hoped he could persuade his son Marcus to get romantically involved with but that had fallen on deaf ears so far. The other three, the Prince of Alemba, his brother in law kept his hand down, he was a Rasta just like his sister the Empress. The Princes of Gustava and Roseu also kept their hands down. "That's your decision?" Benson asked and the hands remained in position. "Very well, then I have no choice other than to resign" their were puzzled looks as suddenly a small explosion rocked the Council room sending glass and shrapnel everywhere, Benson fell to the floor his face cut from glass and his ears ringing. Almost at the same time he heard the tell tale crack of gunfire and lay there until the SBU came and extracted him from the room and then the Palace.

He was whisked away the SBU taking him to the safety of the Palace bunker. The six man team and the Emperor were alone as one of the medics began tidying him up. "So how did it go?" Benson asked, his hearing not quiet right.

"Excellent Ben" Major Tomas Benedict replied, "Adviser is dead, the traitors dead, sadly your a  widow." the man said grimly at the end.

"Junkie bitch had to go." Benson said as he opened and closed his mouth as though trying to get his ears to work properly. "What are you going to tell the media?"

"We got hit by a group of Rastafarians unhappy that you are going to create a Vodou Empire, they set off bombs and indiscriminatly fired machine guns at the Palace, hit several people, sadly killed some. The group had been workers at the Palace, rather unfortunate as we've just shot your Palace cook and I rather liked his lamb. They were all Rastas and repelled by the SBU." Benedict explained, his men had rounded up several of the well known Rasta's in the Palace and executed them. "The weapons they had just happened to be very similar to those used by the Lodjains, maybe they were part of all that underhand nonsense the Lodjain military got into, you know supplying our terrorist groups and the like."

The group laughed, the first steps where in place.

TV Shows / The Great Vodou Phone In
« on: October 09, 2018, 02:39:23 PM »

Every week between 6pm and 7pm on Paracambian Public Broadcasting (PPB) well respected Vodou Houngan (Male Priest) speaks about the issues of the day and then opens his phone lines for questions, comments or ideas from the community, or even further afield.

"Hone ak Respe[1] and welcome to tonight show. It's finally happened we're leaving the islands, we're heading for Albion and the warmth of the Loa is coming to the people. It may have started with a group of chancers from Bakkermaya, a nation living outside the influence of the Loa and misguided by my man Legba, he can certainly be a trickster drawing you down the wrong arm of the crossroads. Now though we have a signpost, a man, a wise and honest man to stand there in the crossroads saying "Nah Legba, let these kids go the right arm", we've had such people in the past who have thrown themselves forward but their voice has fallen on the ears of the deaf, now though we have a lion roaring for the world to hear. The man Benson, he's a regular at my sermons and my rituals and I know, I know very well, he is a true brother in the faith, yeah he may be married to that Rasta Queen but he knows the way of the Loa trust me. Now he's taking the reigns, he's spotted the love-bus of Vodou was minus a driver and now he's in the driving seat, the SatNav is set for Albion and that brother is just adjusting the rear view before we get things going. A leader of the Vodou faith can unite us all behind the Loa and an Emperor is just the man to do it. This ain't no wannabe prophet from the woods of an Alucard island, this is an Emperor, a man with a country behind him, a man with a people and a history behind him, and a man with a plan. The same day this happens is the same day the Catholic buses wheels have come off, we've the front wheels bouncing on down the road leaving their passengers and luggage scrapping in the dusty road. The Pope can shout at those wheels all he likes, but they off, they merrily on their way abouncing down the road, who knows maybe to something better. Yeah the Pointy Hatted dude has spoken out against slavery, but what has he done. Did not their preacher dude John 3:18 say "Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth." I been hearing lots of words, but I ain't seen any deeds or truth. Vodou teaches us each human needs to be free, a man in chains is not a real man, he is kept apart from the Loa and that ain't good. Our ancestors broke them chains for many but they remain. This week we seen the people of Freestone in East Moreland do something, they say to the world, "Hey man these sweet goods.....they are made without Slaves." and then Lodja, and now Slava hear them and say, "Yes that's good, in they come", while those evil goods, those made with the blood of their fellow people, kept right outside. Now we stand at them crossroads again, Legba waiting for us, will you walk that path down towards the lovely cheap goods coated in blood, or will you take the path towards the righteous, Popes I guess its over to you. As always that's the week in Vodou, what you need, what you want, or what you gotta tell me. Lets open the phone lines.

OOC- Whether this becomes weekly or not I don't know, just imagine a guy now chatting with people across the country, some asking for spiritual advice, some questioning his attitudes, some wanting to learn more about the faith. You can ask him whatever.
 1. traditional vodou greeting, meaning Honour and Respect

Diplomacy and Events / Ghost Ship of the Northern Alucard
« on: September 06, 2018, 08:28:41 AM »
The small village of Billingthorpe sat on one of Paracambi's idealic islands. It looked just like a scene from some sort of romantic movie, clean crisp white sandy beaches stretching far up the coast being lapped gently by the crystal clear waters. At the back of the beach was a small woodland that separated the village from the beach itself, the sounds of children playing hide and seek only just audible over the swooshing of the waves and the cries of the sea birds that dive bombed for fish. It was into this dream of a world that the Germaine, a smaller sized cargo ship, crashed. The sound of metal scrapping the ocean floor before coming to a stop around 10 meters off the coast filled the air. The children intrigued by the new arrival rushed out from their hiding spots to come and see what had happened. The ship just sat, no one yelled down, no one moved along the deck instead the giant metal beast just sat. One of the kids darted back to the village to tell people what had happened and soon the whole of the village was out looking.

One man had a ladder and used it to clamber up on deck, cautiously he called out and approached what he assumed was the wheel house, it was empty. He was joined onboard by three other men and an hour later twenty members of the Coastguard, but even then they couldn't find a single sole. The ship was abandoned but undamaged for all intents and purposes it was as though the crew had just vanished into thin air. The Bakkermayan flag fluttered at the rear and so a call was dispatched to their government. It was a mystery that needed to be solved, the only problem is over the next 48 hours three more ships arrived, all with no crew.

Character Guides / Paracambians
« on: June 27, 2018, 09:51:15 PM »
Code: [Select]
[td][img]URL OF IMAGE GOES HERE[/img][/td]
[td]What's your name?[/td]
[td]What titles/roles do they have?[/td]
[td]Year of Birth[/td]
[td]Where and When[/td]
[td]Positions Held[/td]
[td]Think career history[/td]
[td]Who do they have?[/td]
[td]Links to Important events?[/td]
[td]WHat have they done[/td]
[td]Tell us about them[/td]

Diplomacy and Events / A Request to nations of Albion
« on: June 22, 2018, 08:11:46 PM »

Once upon a time many nations in the world utilised slaves as an economic means of creating prosperity. It was during these times that our own nation came to expand and grow as we gave shelter to any runaway slave willing to become part of our nation. Furhermore we fought a naval war for close to 200 years raiding Seleucid and other nations vessels hoping to free slaves. In the modern era we have ceased this military action and slavery has vastly reduced. This does not however mean that it has ended and as Tamora trade in human suffering it is our intention to do all that is reasonable to ensure they do so.

With this in mind our nation is asking the nations of Albion to boycott goods and services from Tamora. We shall be implementing this within the next 24 hours. Furthermore we shall be enacting the following;

*Asylum for any Tamoran presenting themselves at any of our nations embassies globally.

*All Tamoran vessels passing through Paracambian territorial waters to be searched for slaves and other contraband.

*A 25% tariff to be introduced on any companies goods which are made using materials from Tamora regardless of where manufactured.

*A reduction of 2.5% in tariffs for any company switching from Tamoran materials to that acquired from any non-slave operating nation.

We therefore ask that all nations of our continent support us in these actions. Together we may end the spectre of slavery once and for all.


Emperor Benson II of Paracambi

International News Networks / News from Paracambi
« on: June 22, 2018, 08:04:50 PM »



In an announcement from the Imperial Palace Emperor Benson II has announced that he intends to formally request all nations of Albion to begin a boycott of goods and services originating from Tamora. The Emperor explained that his actions were long coming and he hoped that others would follow suit soon. "Throughout our nations history we have stood for freedom of all people. Our history shows that we have fought against the great slave trading power that was Seleucid and even our national anthem reflects a desire to fight for freedom. We have in that respect lost sight of our path, we have permitted over the last century or so ourselves to rest on our laurels and slap ourselves on the back for our achievements against slavery. Today however there are countless slaves held in Tamora and we must do something about that. As such I am imposing immediately a nationwide boycott of all goods and services from Tamora. We must not let anyone profit from the human misery slavery causes. I therefore will be asking all nations of Albion, and further afield to impose a similar ban. The days of warfare are long consigned to the past, we must use the tools of 21st century warfare to see to it that the people of Tamora see reason and free their slaves."

The Emperor went on the outline several other measures that would be taken and these include.

* Asylum for any Tamoran presenting themselves at any of our nations embassies globally.

*All Tamoran vessels passing through Paracambian territorial waters to be searched for slaves and other contraband.

*A 25% tariff to be introduced on any companies goods which are made using materials from Tamora regardless of where manufactured.

*A reduction of 2.5% in tariffs for any company switching from Tamoran materials to that acquired from any non-slave operating nation.

History / The Minstral Boy - Semi Open
« on: May 08, 2018, 09:58:31 AM »
OOC- I'm happy for anyone to join this once they PM me their idea. This is a central part of Paracambian history so it kind of has a definite end point. I also have no issue if rather than RPing your nation you want to create a character and come along for the ride.

1743 Basseton, Island of Alemba

The Insolent, a Frigate of 32 guns belonging to Imperial Paracambian Navy, had docked late at night and now as the sun rose over the beautiful tropical island crowds gathered down at the docks to catch a glimpse of the boat. It's newly painted hull and glistening trimmings sparkled in the early morning sunlight. Captain Jebadiah Braithwaite made his down the gangplank, his bright green jacket piped with red and yellow braid cascading from his left shoulder. "Good morning fine people" he said as he made a bowing gesture with his Bicorne hat.

"Welcome to Alemba Sir" a young Marine Officer, tasked with guard of the dockyard saluted.

"Thank you" Braithwaite straightened the man's crossbelt. "A smart man is a ready man" he moved past the now blushing Marine and headed for the end of the pier, his men from the ship prepared to leave the boat but a strong loud voice halted them.

"Stand your ground" Sergeant Greaves of the Marines yelled, instinctively the men froze. "We have 24 hours here, under no circumstances are you to drink, whore or otherwise act in a manner unbecoming an Imperial servant. Any of you come back hungover or riddled with the pox and I'll flog the skin off your back and wear it as a scarf, do we understand?" There was silence, "DO WE UNDERSTAND?" he asked again. This time a chorus of "Yes Sergeant" filled the air. "Right get off my ship then." A loud cheer followed by the sound of feet rushing down the wooden boards filled the air, in their eagerness to get ashore some of the skeleton crew of The Insolent fell into the sea a bellow of laughter coming from the rest. Some where meet at the dockside by family, others immediately began flirting with the local girls who had come down to see the vessel.

Braithwaite headed for the market square, he'd been to Alemba countless times, often on routine patrol against pirates, sometimes to repair after clashes with the Seleucid slave ships, more than regularly they won those and brought their freed slaves to islands such as this to give them their freedom. Hundreds of years this had gone on with the Paracambians refusing to accept the yoke of Seleucid slavery for anyone. It had helped boost their population and the slaves had even helped expand the Empire onto new islands. The Insolent however had fallen on hard times, he had been wounded in one such clash and while lying in his bunk with a fever he'd been lucky to survive his now deceased 2nd in Command had tried to take on three slave ships, resulting in much of the crew being killed, the officer a Commander Lincoln had himself been wounded, apparently hiding behind a barrel as the ship had been boarded. It was only Sergeant Greaves taking command of the defence that had saved the day. Two days later Braithwaites fever broke and having received Greaves report he made his way into the ships sick bay, there he had withdrawn his pistol and shot the Commander in the head. It wasn't that the man had failed, it wasn't even the fact he'd got lots of the crew killed, it was the fact he'd not faced the danger with his men, in Braithwaites opinion an officer who shirked danger wasn't an officer and therefore served no useful purpose.

It was with this disaster in mind that Braithwaite had planned on touring the islands and replenishing his crew. Alemba had been the first stop, it had a large fishing fleet and as such generally provided a useful supply of manpower. At the market square there was the regular hustle and bustle, fresh fruit being sold, vibrant colourful vegetables, red and green cloth being sewn into clothing of all kinds. He found a sturdy looking crate and climbed onto it, already a crowd was gathering but to get everyone's attention he cocked one of his twin pistols and fired it into the air, the smoke drifting away slowly in the still air. "Ladies and Gentleman, I am Captain Braithwaite for The Insolent, so called because we spearhead the fight against the evil Seleucid slave traders" a boo went through the crowd, primarily lead by a few Marines dressed in civilian clothing but the crowd soon joined in. "We are called The Insolent because we refuse to accept the tyranny of the Seleucid yoke, in fact we break those yokes every chance we get." This time a cheer, more organic than the boo. "But we have fallen upon hard times, our numbers are dwindling, recently 100 brave souls laid down their lives and joined Teku to watch over us and collect the stars with him. They died so we may be free, they died so no free man, woman or child will know the lash of the Seleucid whip. Today I stand before you begging you to remember their sacrifice, to take into your heart their determination that Paracambi shall not rest until every slave on Mundus has been freed." Claps and cheers washed over him. "Now, I need men, I need brave souls willing to join our Navy and take the fight to the Seleucid. For doing that you shall receive a uniform.....and boys what lady doesn't love a man in uniform" He winked at a large lady with a flowery headscarf near the stage, "I'm right am I not darling?" he asked making the middle aged woman blush and the crowd laugh. "You'll receive a silver dollar for joining up" he twirled one in the air. "and then 2 Marks a month, one paid to you, the other paid to your next of kin. You also get a share of any plunder we take. So who wants some of the action?" he yelled.

Immediately three men moved through the crowd and said they wished to sign up, all of them his Marines in disguise. Egged on by the spirit of these men a further three came forward immediately and Braithwaite went through the process of signing them up. Others, mainly younger men in the crowd talked it over, some with loved ones. Some parents encouraged their children, often 2nd sons in large families to do so, it was a chance of a regular wage and income but also one less mouth to feed. "Don't you dare Thomas" one mother said to her young 16 year old son. She could see the twinkle in his eye, he'd always been easily swayed and was a romantic at heart, his harp his pride and joy he would sing songs of love, or the sea and of beauty in the local tavern, he actually earnt a decent income too.

"Mother, I have to, we're only free because of these men." He pulled away and walked forward, his small harp strung around him. "Sir, may I sign up?" Braithwaite looked the boy up and down, he was small for his age but the Captain could use small people, they got to the places others found hard.

"How old are you boy?"

"16 summers sir." Braithwaite seemed surprised, he'd guessed the boy was no more than 14.

"Write and sign your name and take the coin. If you can't write I shall do it for you" he offered a piece of paper and a pen.

"I can write sir" Thomas said proudly, one of the few people who could. He'd been taught by a failed missionary who had hoped to convert the island to Christianity two years ago. The Priest had hoped Thomas would convert and turn his musical skills to praising the Lord, however Thomas instead had read old stories and written his own songs of his nations past. Braithwaite looked impressed and the signature done he handed the boy the dollar. It was official Thomas had joined the Navy. His mother had watched heartbroken that one of her baby boys was heading off to war, maybe never to return. She walked home knowing the Captain liked to take his new recruits to the tavern to celebrate, and hopefully get a few more locals drunk and signed up. It gave her time to prepare for losing her son. She packed him a small pack, filled it with salted fish, meat, some spare clothing, his song book. She took his deceased fathers sword, a short marines one down from above the fireplace and headed back to the tavern.

"Son" She said as she approached, he was sat next to Braithwaite who for some reason had taken a liking to the boy. Thomas had been urged into singing and the pub was joining in. He stopped mid flow thinking his mother was to confront him. "I don't want you to go. But if you must then take this." she placed the sword on the table and Thomas didn't know what to say. His father had died when he was four and he had few memories of him. Braithwaite however recognised the sword and slid it towards him.

"Thomas, the son of a Marine of The Resolve....a good ship, a good crew, sadly missed" The ship had been decommisoned 12 years ago after being battered in an exchange with the Seleucid. Thomas father had been wounded in the defence as they limped the boat home and died just before they reached land. "Put it on, put it on" Braithwaite fussed around him strapping the sword belt on. "There we have it, Thomas The Minstral Boy, ready for the ranks of death hey" The Pub cheered as Braithwaite gave Thomas mum a hug. "I'll do all I can to bring him back to you. He's doing a brave thing, you should rejoice he whispered in her ear.

"I pray for the day he can play his harp in peace." was all she said before saying her emotional goodbye to her son keen for adventure.

Diplomacy and Events / Sea of Alucard Island Gathering
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Her Divine Majesty Queen Klara II of Lodja
Wei Xuhen of Heimai
King Lansakara XXVI of Kingdom of Palanka Nadu
Mr.Bob Cruchet of  The Federation of Muneski 

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to join me on the island of Alemba for a meeting to discuss our mutual interests. Our nations are responsible for the islands that occupy the Sea of Alucard, we therefore all experience a series of similar issues and problems. Just a handful of examples include, piracy, smuggling, fisheries and environmental concerns. As the largest concentration of islands on Mundus I believe that by forming a supportive relationship between us would enable these islands to flourish.

I hope that you will accept my invitation and look forward to welcoming you to the city of Basseton.

Kind Regards

Emperor Benson II

Basseton was the only logical choice for this meeting, it was either here or on the mainland portion of Paricambi, but that wouldn't make sense regarding such a meeting taking place away from an island. Over the last twenty years the people of Alemba had built their island into a tourist attraction and as such it was the only island with a large international airport. Benson had arrived the day before, toured a few of the local tourist sites, meet with the Mayor of the island to discuss a few issues and enjoyed a rather nice meal on the Presidential Hotel's private roof top terrace. He'd enjoyed being able to spend time with the Empress Madeline without it being too formal.

This morning though it was all about business and the airport had a host of security forces walking the perimeter of the field. Paracambi had no history of terrorism but the gathering of so many people in one place of great note could be a tempting target. He'd arranged for a series of red SUV's to transport the guests to a terrace of the hotel overlooking the beach, the cool breeze coming off the Alucard likely to provide a relief for some of those attending not use to the intense heat of the island.

Factbooks and Maps / The Empire of Paracambi
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Motto:- Forward, Upward, Onward Together
National Anthem:- Minstrel Boy


The Paracambian Civilisation began on the islands in the North of the Sea of Alucard in the 2nd Century BC after a group of explorers set up a trading post on one of them in order to restock their ships with fresh food and water. Soon the island was discovered to contain many items of value itself and a colony was established there. During the 2nd Century AD the Paracambians landed in Northern Albion and established an outpost there that became their native home. Over the next 500 years or so their people thrived by a combination of maritime trading and making good use of the rich farmland. The first problems however came in around the 11th Century when the islands and the mainland began clashing over the rightful monarch. This saw nearly 150 years of war as control swung backwards and forwards between various factions. In the 12th Century it was decieded that the Soloman family would maintain dominion over the mainland and the various islands would be split among lesser royals, a practice that brings about todays situation where the Emperor controls the whole Imperial Commonwealth with Prince's and Princesses controlling various islands held in fealty to the Emperor.

Government Type:- Constitutional Monarchy
Population:-:- 46,763,654
Capital City:- Aluhampton (2.8million)
Demonym:- Paracambian


Currency:- The Mark
GDP per Capita:- $17,500
Unemployment Rate:- 5%
Main Industries:-  Aluminium Oxide, Aluminium Ore, Building Materials, Food Stuffs, Rubber, Sugar


Ethnicity:- 85% Black, 15% Other
Languages:- Paracambian (RL Jamaican Patois) English
Religions:- Vodou (60%) Rastafarianism (20%) Tekuism (15%) Others (5%)
Average Life Expectancy:- Men:- 79 years of age / Women:- 82 years of age


Head of State:- King Benson II
Head of Government:- Prime Minister Giles Moore
Name of Legislative Body:- Island Parliament

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