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OOC Socialisation / Re: Leave of Absence Topic
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:25:01 PM »
I'm taking some time off. IRL stuff is getting pretty crazy I'll be back in like a month or so.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Lotus Pod and the Sakura
« on: September 09, 2021, 01:12:00 AM »
General Secretary Cheng replied "Well we have time. I have heard that a CSU-East Moreland Agreement has been tossed around through several foreign policy and commercial circles in Zhēnzhū.from what I understand it deals with trade barriers as well as intellectual property, however doesn't say anything about foreign direct investment. But I'm guessing that FDI is a matter for commercial parties and not governments. I'm guessing that FDI on its own would require its own treaty itself given some complexities regarding share market investments and possible commercial competition laws, I take it that would be a discussion for another time. Right now however, let us take the time to go over this agreement as you wish."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: September 01, 2021, 07:58:46 AM »
"Well your majesty I was going to ask you seeing as you suggested that food policy was not in your nations interests to be negotiated. Or did I misunderstand what you suggested?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: August 26, 2021, 12:09:25 AM »
Secretary General Cheng replied "Well I'm sure we can arrange something with our tech companies. Of course the agenda today is a kind to dipping our toes in water, so to speak. Lijiang is an untapped market, so sending laptops over wouldn't be a problem, however if we want to ensure that your nations manufacturing base is solid then the best thing to do would be to set up manufacturing plants in Lijiang which I can probably bring up with my meeting with the Secretary of Commerce and can arrange a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce as well, and there is no need to worry your majesty Agriculture is not on the agenda, we understand that agricultural policy is a sector that is too vital for this type of discussion. Back to tech manufacotring however we must gage what the economic policies and conditions that would effect Foreign Direct Investment and setting up manufacturing plants Lijiang, issues such as educational levels of possible workers? Any wage concerns? Tax Concerns? Any regulations on how the laptops would be made? Anything at all really."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Lotus Pod and the Sakura
« on: August 15, 2021, 09:13:59 AM »
General Secretary Cheng replied "Hmm the seat of our capital in Zhēnzhū is known as the Blue Manor. Our old official residence is the Shun Tsao Palace, that however is more of a museum now as it dates back to the Imperial Era. THe Blue Manor is in South Eastern Zhēnzhū and lies within the city surrounded by a garden, it's a complex of many buildings. What you will see however is mostly artificial garden. I'm not going to lie it's a little sterile for my liking. There is a building however that acts as a secondary administrative building. Its a tower in the city known as Chong Seng tower it oversees mot of the centtral metro area. It sees the hustle and bussle of the city, construction and the hustle and bustle of people living their live, traffic, construction, people rushing to get to whatever plans they have. It reminds me that what policy I enact it effects them, thus keeping me grounded. If that makes sense."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Lotus Pod and the Sakura
« on: August 15, 2021, 08:46:45 AM »
Secretary General Guamin Cheng straightned his glasses. "Well in an abridged version. We used to be an extension of the Lijiang Empire up until 1500 then the brother of the Empire of the time split off and created his own dynasty in 1500 known as the Hwa dynasty. But the Imperial dynastic period was fraught with wars with the Mongolian hordes in in the Buran Tai provinces in the east, famines, changing dynasties, eventually led the Yellow Rebellion in 1864. Basically when the Buddhist clergy took charge until 1960 when they were deposed in a revolution and various civil wars across the country. Those were...Dark times the Verdic Domain of Jiāyuán was an economic backwater, when we in the JCU took charge Jiāyuán was...Well it wasn't as the nation it was today. We had to make a series of reforms before we became the third largest economy. But thats an abridged version. If you want to know more just ask."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Elysium: last chapter
« on: August 09, 2021, 11:22:11 AM »
JBSS Special Agent Linhua Deng was in The Defense in the Jiayuanese embassy meeting with ambassador Tien Xiaoming and had their phone patched through to The Secretary Generals Office via many encrypted networks and third party proxy lines. Secretary General Guamin Cheng started the meeting "This whole situation is ridicules." Special Agent Deng replied " Well its not like we are involved directly so far as I can see we are in the clear either way. its not like anyone can link this to us. Their just mercenaries from Tai & Tsung Defence Services. All we did was give that prick Oliver money. It's not like we decided to hire the mercs." Ambassador Xiaoming concurred "Well A private company give him the funds to hire a private army. We aren't responsible for this."

Secretary General Cheng stress sighed " Well that might be true but I still don't like the sound of this bullshit Prince. But whatever He might be an entitled little asshole but he might be a man of pragmatism...At least I hope, otherwise we might have to be more....Firm." Special Agent Deng responded "I doubt we have to. The Morelanders would probably do that for us...Besides Shehua Capital and the other shelf companies will be the ones on the chopping block if this were to go south, either from the Republic or the Heyran Royal family."

Secretary General Cheng responded "Fine, monitor the situation. Ambassador Xiaoming keep this communication line open and Special Agent Deng, have your officers on high alert and on standby encase the little prick Oliver gets any ideas."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: August 06, 2021, 02:58:32 AM »
Secretary General Guamin Cheng Replied " Of course we can agree to that your majesty, so long as treatment is reciprocal. We can have a shared visa between us if that is the case we can let our immigration authorities working on that. If you wish. What about matters of trade, we have a framework in mind, that of free trade eventually, but as of now I wish to talk about matters of possibly lowering tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, however the details of that policy we wish for input from your nation of course. "

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: August 03, 2021, 11:06:26 PM »
Mr Lao asked frankly "Sir, what is it you actually want? I prefer people be frank rather than dancing around formality. Otherwise we will just be wasting time."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Lotus Pod and the Sakura
« on: June 28, 2021, 02:51:52 AM »
Secretary General Cheng replied to the Empress "I thought that might be the case. While we don't necessarily have any desires to join the CSU, this doesn't mean we won't work with its members on certain issues, mostly in terms of trade and finances. Count Ravenswood, should we get into the specifics of a possible FTA now or is there another policy area on our end that either yourself or perhaps her majesty wishes to address first?"

Secretary of State Wen Yi-Mai waited for a response along with her superior.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Lotus Pod and the Sakura
« on: June 20, 2021, 03:11:10 AM »
Both of the Jiayuanese delegates bowed to both Empress Eventhe and Count Emerson Westwood out of respect. Secretary General Guamin Cheng replied "Mead?...Thats honey wine correct? Anyway, Your majesty my intention today is a discussion over a possible FTA." Secretary of State Wen Yi-Mai added "We are basically here today to begin a constructive relationship between both of our nations. We want it to be constructive, and hope that Jiayuan and Rokkenjima have a solid professional relationship."

Diplomacy and Events / The Lotus Pod and the Sakura
« on: June 20, 2021, 02:10:39 AM »
10:30am, Pyrettania, First Empire of Rokkenjima

Secretary General Guamin Cheng & Secretary of State Wen Yi-Mai, just got off their JAL flight to Pyrettania International Airport and started to make their way to a private terminal pre-arranged they were wearing the classical business suits and started talking casually.

“Wen,you were our ambassador to Rokkenjima before you were my Secretary of State Correct?” The Secretary General asked. Mrs Wen replied

“Yes. I was for nearly a decade. My son also studied a semester abroad here. He enjoyed it.”

He chuckled. “Good, because I will be relying on your expertise.”

The Secretary of State grinned

“Ok then. I believe they said that they would send a delegation to take us to the palace. I notified the embassy and they said they informed the Empress’ Office.”

“I just hope that they don’t send too much of a party. I hear that Rokkenjimans love pageantry. It’s a little intense.”

Wen sighed “Don’t worry Sir. I made them aware of your aversion of to too much attention. I know how much you prefer to keep a low profile.”

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: June 02, 2021, 03:06:50 AM »
Secretary General Guamin Cheng replied "Ah. It's rather nice you say that your majesty. I had a conversation with my Secretary of Commerce concerning such a proposal last week. " Secretary of State Wen Yi-Mai replied "Yes that was a comittee meeting with the Commerce Secretary as well with the Secretary of Immigration and Citizenship." Guamin Cheng responded "Yes, we agreed that a possible visa free program or some specialised visa access program?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: May 28, 2021, 06:47:25 AM »
Secretary General smiled "Of course". They were directed outside to their transport and were driven through the city. Traffic was busy. The capital Zhēnzhū was a very busy city always building many things under construction with skyscrapers, and people always in a rush. However they took the quicker routs and pulled up to the front entrance to the governmental residence of the Executive Blue Manor.

They were then directed to the meeting room.

The Secretary General replied "Again your majesty, welcome. Before we begin, we have outlined the agenda that our government wishes for this meeting in the initial communique, however is there anything that you want out of this meeting?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: May 12, 2021, 04:18:04 AM »
They saw the the Dragon-Emperor and his staff and family walk own the terminal He walked up and greeted the Emperor with a customary bow. "You Highness. It's an honour to receive you. I trust that the journey was a pleasant one? I'm Guamin Cheng Secretary General of the Federal Republic of  Jiāyuán, and this woman next to me is Secretary of State Wen Yi-Mai."She replied "It is a pleasure Your Imperial Majesty. Empress Jing, its and honour to receive you as well. Welcome."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: May 02, 2021, 10:17:27 AM »
10:00am Zhēnzhū International Airport

Secretary General Guamin Cheng and Secretary of State Wen Yi-Mai wearing conservative business suits. Both surrounded by the Secretary Generals Secret Service. They booked terminal 8 for a private arrival which was away from the other terminals. They had black bullet proof cars parked at front side section of the airport away from the public. Both of them waiting for their guests.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: April 29, 2021, 09:57:49 PM »
Lao sat down and thought carefully about what he would say he needed to be diplomatic here. "The little prick came to me for financial advice and asked questions about funding some business venture. He was rather vague and wouldn't answer any of my questions about why he really wanted to see me. It wasn't a long meeting he was only there for an hour. As for what his real goals are you'll have to track him down."

Meanwhile across the road in the fake trade van the two agents were listening. Agent Deng was speaking to agent Yuu "This guy is fucking lying." Agent you replied "Probably, but either way our job is to gather intell, did you get the clothes?" Agent Deng responded "Of course." They then drove the van in a side alley that was right next to them and out of sight. and changed into some regular business suits. and walked into the restaurant posing as 2 business colleagues out for lunch at a table just 2 tables besides them on the right. 

Diplomacy and Events / Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« on: April 19, 2021, 01:05:09 AM »

To- Dragon Emperor Tielin II of the Majestic Empire of Lijiang

It is with a great honour that we at the Office of the Secretary General of the Federal Republic of Jiāyuán invite your Divine Majesty to the capital city of Zhēnzhū. It is with hope that this opportunity would be used to normalise relations between Jiāyuán & Lijiang. We hope the meeting will prove to be most constructive. The Agenda will be as follows:

•   Drafting up terms for a potential FTA
•   Drafting up terms for a potential Extradition Treaty

To start with, however depending on how relations are later down the road we can talk about other possible means of building a more solid foundation for further relations. The Meeting will be at the Executive Blue Manor. However, a delegation will be meeting your Divine Majesty at Zhēnzhū International Airport at Terminal 5 which will be privately booked for both of our delegations to meet and be briefed.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

From-Secretary General Guamin Cheng of the Federal Republic of Jiāyuán

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: April 16, 2021, 11:20:32 PM »
Lao merely sighed. He was tired and exhausted. "Consultant huh? I am getting a lot of foreign visitors lately, also I don't recall requesting a table for two Mr Holmes. So tell me what is it you want?" he asked in a somewhat stand offish tone while tangerine chicken with hot rice. Little did he know that after his conversation, the JBSS had Lao's phone bugged in a momentary slip when he forgot his phone and left it at his home the next day after his conversation with the former prince.

Meanwhile across the road there was a van parked opposite to the restaurant on the outside had the name of a electrical maintenance service, however inside where 2 agents from the Jiyayuanese Bureau of State Security, dressed in navy blue jumpsuits to blend in with their surroundings monitoring the conversation on their listening systems. Agent Deng one of the agents spoke to his partner Agent Yuu "First that Prince Oliver prick and now this?" Agent Yuu responded "It seems that our CEO is quite popular." Agent Deng merely chucked "A super rich asshole in charge of one of the largest banks in the Sinosphere popular with foreign super rich assholes popular, I'm so friken shocked" Agent Yuu just sighed and rolled his eyes "Why do you have to be a dick today?" Deng responded "Well I just know the ountain of paperwork we will have to do after this, first Prince Oliver and now the governor of Elysium." Yuu said back "Yeah I know then we both have to fly back to Zhēnzhū  and report back to Zhang, swear to god he makes me want to punch him every time we're together." Deng groaned "Yeah do I have to remind you of the disciplinary report that was filled out about you last month." Yuu rolled his eyes again "What are you my mum?..I am aware, just shut up and listen." 

Agent Deng however noticed something peculiar a slight static and noise interference with Anginer's signal. It would seem that the voice came out more muffled and harder to make out no matter how many times he tuned his signal, they could make out Tien Shan Lao's voice but Anginer's voice needed to be deciphered. Maybe some kind of device or some special function on his phone muffling the signal from their mobile listening post.

Character Guides / Re: Important People of Jiāyuán
« on: April 13, 2021, 07:30:31 AM »
Dailou Zhang
RolesDirector of the JBSS
Positions Held[Redacted]
Links to Important events?[Redacted]

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: April 08, 2021, 11:50:45 PM »
Lao smiled with great restraint but kept his composure. "Of course. This isn't amateur hour of course the mercenaries will be Heyran, least chance of this coming back on us...Before you leave I feel like I need to remind you that this never happened. understand?." He shook his hand and had Prince Oliver leave. He then took out a cigarette when he was alone in his office and said under his breath "Arrogant little fuck."

Diplomacy and Events / A New Contract
« on: April 08, 2021, 11:39:53 AM »

To:Ikos Nakir

It has come to our attention that your Space Program needs 3 shuttle transport aircraft. We at Yauloung Aeronautics can design you such an aircraft or if you already have a preexisting design, we can manufacturer it quickly and efficiently meeting the specifications outlined by your government.

Yauloung Aeronautics is responsible for manufacturing and distributing transport aircrafts for the Jiāyuánese Airforce. Thus, we feel that we can facilitate the manufacturing of shuttle aircraft of your government.

Thus, we wish to meet in person to negotiate a possible contract in order and gage what your organisations needs are. To that end we wish to extend our commercial ties, in order to achieve such an end, we believe that we can provide you the 3 shuttle transport aircraft needed the most cost-effective way as possible.

From: Yangji Fu, CEO of Yauloung Aeronautics

Diplomacy and Events / Mr Secretary, we found him.
« on: April 05, 2021, 12:56:23 AM »
Zhēnzhū, Liaosheng Province, Federal Republic of Jiāyuán, 3:45am

Secretary General Guamin Cheng was sleeping in his bed at the Executive Blue Monor, the official residence of the Secretary General. One of his personal assistants got him up. “Mr Secretary you have a call from the Embassy in Ikan.” Mr Cheng got out of bed Still a little out of it, however he was used to his job by now, he had been Secretary General for only a few months, but he was used to having as little sleep as possible from his earlier career in finance. Secretary General still in his pajama’s replied “A call from our embassy in Arashkai? Did they say what for?” The assistant only answered “They couldn’t give me a reason other than it’s classified.” He merely sighed and went to his office and picked up the phone.

“This is the Secretary General.” There was a younger middle-aged voice over the phone. A middle-aged woman replied “Yes Mr Secretary this is Miyan Dao Yi Ambassador to the Empire of Arashkai. I have news, I’m sorry to wake you up so early but this can’t wait. We received word from the JBSS just a few minutes ago…They’ve found him.”

The Secretary General was confused. “Found who?” The Ambassador responded “Hwung Xiaojin, himself, he’s still alive.” The Secretary General’s Eyes widened and he was more alert, he raised his eyebrow “You absolutely sure?” The Ambassador replied “They were rather emphatic Mr Secretary.” The Secretary simply said “Thank you Ambassador. I’ll call you back.”

He then got on the phone with the JBSS Director Dailou Zhang who picked up the phone “Mr Secretary I was expecting you.” Guamin replied “Good so we don’t have to mince words, If what your agents are saying is true then I want a full dossier on my by this afternoon. “Of course.”he replied.


Secretary Guamin Cheng was reading the dossier: Hwung Xiaojin, the man that led the regime known to the international community as the Vedic Domain of Jiāyuán, on paper it was a clerical state ruled by a council of supposedly wise Buddhist monks. In practise it was a different story. Many of the older generation age 70 and above would remember those times as a horrible nightmare of oppression, war, slavery and religious indoctrination and persecution. If it was true that Hwung Xiojin, the last Grand Bodisattva was alive he would be at least in his early 90’s by now.

According to the dossier he was hiding in a small town known as Ekhet in the rather Tasai Province, Kasra Prefecture, in the Empire of Arashkai. HE slipped in through after the end of the revolution. He assumed the identity of a Hu Taiyeng, a high school teacher with forged credentials and it looks like he had some plastic surgery done so no-one would recognise him. However, his face did still have the similar features and bone structure and as far as the JBSS knows, he never had any children, however he was in a country that didn’t have an extradition treaty with the republic. He thought for a moment, he decided to arrange accommodation with the Jiāyuánese embassy in Ikan in the next week. The thought went through his mind that if they can apprehend him, it would close the book on a very dark period of Jiāyuánese history and give the older generation some closure as anyone above the age of 60 would’ve been impacted in some way from the policies of this brutal and bloodstained former priest.

He couldn’t have the agents act on foreign soil however, he could, but it wouldn’t go over well with Arashkai. There was only one way he can do this. He needed to set up a meeting with Emperor Mishei himself. He used the phone from his office to call the Emperor directly. Waiting on the line.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: April 04, 2021, 01:06:26 AM »
Lao's personall assistant made the tea and gave it to the prince for him to enjoy. Lao changed his tone to a more friendly demeanor, he got the information he needed out of this discussion, now he was more willing to put up with Prince Oliver's arrogance and returned the handshake, returning a fake smile "Well I would say we have an agreement then. Prince, so while we are here, is there anything else you wish to discuss?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: March 28, 2021, 08:09:08 AM »
Lao merely scoffed. But then he shifted his tone. He was known for his blunt and uncompromising tone. "So you want us to bankroll your coup d'état and install SMRC and you in charge and get your crowns back. The payment will be in the form of interest and financial capital we get from the shares we get from the purchase of Heyran companies we purchase in the shortfall. You could've just said that and saved us so much time...We can help you, however this meeting never happened. Understand?"

His personal assistant entered the room with a tray. Lao then gave the young prince a choice. "Now then, there is Green Oolong Tea, Black Oolong Tea, Lady Grey, Earl Grey, East Moreland Breakfast Tea or Darjeeling Tea. Take your pic."

Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Federal Republic of Jiāyuán (家园)
« on: March 27, 2021, 10:18:55 PM »
Jiāyuánese Economy

Population: 275,152,412
GDP Per Capita (PPP): $29,193.91
GDP per Capital (Nominal): $30,410.33
GDP (PPP): $8,032,776,623,247.32
GDP (Nominal): $8,367,475,649,215.96
Currency: (¥) Yuan
Exchange Rate: $1.00=¥0.96
HDI: 0.927 (High)
Gini Coefficient: 26.1 (Low)
Unemployment Rate: 3.7%
Labour Force by occupation: 6% Agriculture, 44% Manufacturing, 50% Services
Income Tax Rate: 15%-38% (Progressive Tax Structure)
Corporate Tax Rate: 25%
VAT/GST (Sales Tax): 10%

Main Industries

Primary Industry: Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Natural Gas

Secondary Industry: Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation Equipment, Automobiles, Industrial Chemicals, Food Processing

Tertiary Industry: Financial Services, Education, Building/Construction, Public Health, Telecommunications Services, Retail, Logistics/Transport, Hospitality, Gambling

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: March 22, 2021, 06:44:27 AM »
Lao merely smirked "You are certainly amusing, you know for an uppity prince who has no real power anymore, who's country that we can wipe off the map in a matter of a few weeks. Coming over here and barking orders with no context...It's adorable, almost as if you are an actual prince instead of just playing one.Sure you may have another potential partner in this little venture, but I doubt they will be able to bank roll you like we can...Now then, before you have your tea why don't I make you earn it for once, and stop wasting my time and actually tell me what is actually going on?" He replied with a serpent like smile on his face.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: March 21, 2021, 10:25:34 PM »
Lao stayed composed despite Prince Oliver's arrogance, acting as if he had actual power in this situation. He had a gun in his desk and he could kill him at any moment if he wanted to and no-one would care, however the proposal was interesting. He then replied while cutting through the prince's arrogant bs "You assume that all of this will just fall into place, also I take it that you know something that others don't, such as what will lead to such a market crash? Markets don't panic or start falling out of nowhere...Which prompts the question, what going to happen to prompt such a panic? Surely you don't expect us to go along with this little venture without knowing all the facts?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A debt on purpose (Jiayuan & Heyra)
« on: March 20, 2021, 10:11:13 PM »
The receptionist called the CEO's office. A few minutes later the elevator a middle aged man came out. Charcoal grey suit, white shirt, no tie and shaved head. He approached Prince Oliver. "Prince Oliver Assume?" He said with a smile on his face. "This way" He guided the prince to the elevator and pressed the button to the 30th floor. The floor was mostly other offices  and some boardrooms and then finally his office.

He then opened up a seat for the prince in exile "Please sit." He then sat down himself "So, what does a Prince in exile want with a mere corporate executive such as myself?"

Character Guides / Re: Important People of Jiāyuán
« on: March 20, 2021, 09:52:18 PM »
Tien Shan Lao
RolesCEO of Shenhua National Capital
EducationBAchelor of Commerce (Major in Accounting) from Tongqi University, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Jiangmai School of Business & Commerce
Positions HeldFormer Financial Analyst at Tongqi Credit Union, Financial Accountant at Shung & Dou Partners (Accounting Firm), Head Financial Analyst at Shenhua National Capital
FamilyTien Anji Xian (Wife), Tien Taoping (Older son), Wu Xijen (younger daughter)
Links to important eventsPending

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