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International News Networks / Re: News from Paracambi
« on: September 22, 2021, 08:09:14 PM »



Emperor Benson has today announced that he has recently had a meeting with the ambassador to East Moreland following discovery by Paracambian military assets that East Moreland had constructed a temporary airfield somewhere within the Central Alucard Islans Chain. The Emperor refused to confirm the airfield's exact location other than saying it was "in international water close to Lodjain controlled seas." It is understood that the Morelanders have convered one of the many uninhabited islands into an airfield capable of handing small numbers of aircraft which they are using to search for vessels siding with "King" Leopold of Lodja. The Emperor addressed the situation by saying. "The Morelanders have changed the nature of the Alucard at their own whim. They are well briefed that TUNA has worked hard to forge co-operation in the region and despite the situation in Lodja I believe this lack of forward thinking on their behalf shows disrespect to those of us who call the Alucard home. While they have CNN allies who live in the Alucard this does not give them special priviledge. I am thankful that the East Moreland ambassador has worked with us to ensure King David is aware of our concerns and displeasure. I am confident that an arrangement that will allow Paracambi some oversight of work at what the Morelanders are calling Cobble Field will hold and that a further agreement that following ending of hostilities in the area the airfield will either be removed or turned over to TUNA for use. I am already working with our TUNA partners to look at non military uses of the airfield that would benefit us all."

It is understood that Paracambian Air Force members will be stationed at the island as will some naval assets that will monitor operations.

International Organisations / Re: Treaty of Unity for Alucard Nations (TUNA)
« on: September 22, 2021, 07:55:16 PM »

To Our Fellow Members

As some of you are already aware East Moreland have begun utilising an island in the Central Alucard Island Chain as an airfield in the ongoing crisis in Lodja. Our concerns over the use of the island saw us contact the ambassador of East Moreland.

Following our meeting with the ambassador from East Moreland we have learned of the following facts.

1. East Moreland have, with the support of Ui Cenneslaig and Lodja, constructed a makeshift airfield designed for temporary use on an island in the mid Alucard Island Chain. This island had no official name but is current using the name Cobble Field.

2. Cobble Field is being used as a base of operations for East Moreland's Air Force to conduct air patrols in search for the AWOL HMDS Morelander which has been effectively stolen by former King of Lodja, Leopold Hamsik. In addition to air patrols small boat patrols by special forces are also being undertaken.

3. Cobble Field sits in international waters but has effectively been turned into an East Moreland outpost.

4. We have made it clear to East Moreland that the manner in which this operation has taken place is disrespectful to the TUNA nations and should have happened only after consultation with other nations.

5. We have agreed with East Moreland that a Paracambian prescence on Cobble Field and in the waters surrounding it will be in order to observe the actions being taken.

6. East Moreland have agreed that within 48 hours of the HMDS Morelander being neutralised they will cease operations at Cobble Field. Should TUNA nations make arrangements for Cobble Field to be used for non military means they are prepared to leave it in tact. Should TUNA not reach such arrangement they shall dismantle their equipment and remove it within 72 hours of cessation of actions.

It is my belief that the Morelanders will stand by these agreements however we would appreciate any information you have utilising the words Cobble Field shall be passed on to ourselves.

With this in mind I believe this organisation should begin talks about what to do with the facility once East Moreland operations have been completed.

With this in mind I would like to invite the membership to suggest ideas for how we could make use of this island.

Following our meeting with the ambassador from East Moreland we have learned of the following facts.

1. East Moreland have, with the support of Ui Cenneslaig and Lodja, constructed a makeshift airfield designed for temporary use on an island in the mid Alucard Island Chain. This island had no official name but is current using the name Cobble Field.

2. Cobble Field is being used as a base of operations for East Moreland's Air Force to conduct air patrols in search for the AWOL HMDS Morelander which has been effectively stolen by former King of Lodja, Leopold Hamsik. In addition to air patrols small boat patrols by special forces are also being undertaken.

3. Cobble Field sits in international waters but has effectively been turned into an East Moreland outpost.

4. We have made it clear to East Moreland that the manner in which this operation has taken place is disrespectful to the TUNA nations and should have happened only after consultation with other nations.

5. We have agreed with East Moreland that a Paracambian prescence on Cobble Field and in the waters surrounding it will be in order to observe the actions being taken.

6. East Moreland have agreed that within 48 hours of the HMDS Morelander being neutralised they will cease operations at Cobble Field. Should TUNA nations make arrangements for Cobble Field to be used for non military means they are prepared to leave it in tact. Should TUNA not reach such arrangement they shall dismantle their equipment and remove it within 72 hours of cessation of actions.

It is my belief that the Morelanders will stand by these agreements however we would appreciate any information you have utilising the words Cobble Field shall be passed on to ourselves.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Requesting the Morelander ambassador
« on: September 11, 2021, 10:58:02 PM »
While Dixon made her phone call the Emperor waited in his office, he had plenty of other things to be doing and had lost track of time when she returned to the meeting. He was of the belief that it would be difficult for any military purpose to work on the rock anyway, it was too small for international co-operation and the fact that there were CNN, TUNA and even Cross Staits interests in the region it would never come about. He could think of several useful civilian uses, a search and rescue outpost, a scientific study base, even a way station for the Alucard Clean up and so when Dixon asked for the final concession from him regarding the site then the Emperor was happy to agree. "Ambassador thank you for your time, I believe we have an understanding in good faith." He looked at his watch, "I believe your 48 hours of grace can begin." He offered his hand, "I hope the next time we meet it is for something much happier."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Requesting the Morelander ambassador
« on: September 11, 2021, 06:55:15 PM »
Benson suspected that Dixon would not be saying yes or no to any arrangement that he put forward he had not quiet suspected that she would negotiate without even consulting King David. It made Benson smile slightly as he began to speak. "East Moreland are a nation that I respect, I don't always agree with them but I did hope myself and King David could become friends. The issue here is though that we don't actually need your permission to park naval assets anywhere near the rock. If we wanted we could encircle the entire rock with our own navy and launch as many helicopters as we want. That though is something we would not want to do as we can see the value to your operation for regional security. I also think your proposition does have some merit. We will be sending the Hybrid Class known as the Insolent and our Amphibious Warfare ship, the INV Linguetor. We shall stay out of your field of operations as you suggest however rather than just observing I want an officer from our Air Force to be allocated to your Air Traffic Control, or whatever you have in play, at all times. We will speak to TUNA as soon as our 48 hour silence is over and then we will come up with a plan on the future of the airfield. That is what we would consider a fair arrangement. I can make an office avaliable if you want to speak with King David or we could discuss it in a few hours?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Requesting the Morelander ambassador
« on: September 11, 2021, 05:06:15 PM »
Benson had been aware for some time of the Morelanders and their abilities and accomplishments with these temporary airfields. He was also aware of the issues stemming from the previous Illumic incidents. "I believe when it came to our actions in Zimalia however we were on the same page. You didn't wish to see Zimalia's sovereignty diminished, we ensured it wasn't. This however is seeing you creating something completely new. As a result the two are not really the same. I must make you aware that we have already asked our SUN partners for information regarding your activities, so they clearly know you are up to something already. We will though grant you 48 hours of silence on three conditions. The first is that we are permitted to have three fighters there. This will allow us to monitor you round the clock, a single fighter could not achieve this. The Second is that we shall be parking a Frigate on the deadside of your airfield. It will monitor flights and communications and provide berths for a small maintainence crew for our aircraft. Finally 72 hours after the HMDS Morelander has been either recaptured or sunk we expect an East Moreland withdrawal of the airfield to begin, it took you only a few days to set it up and therefore once you begin the withdrawal it must be finished within 72 hours."

To our fellow members

It has recently become clear that the forces of East Moreland are conducting some kind of operation in the Alucard that we believe may be eventually problematic for those nations that are located in the Alucard region, especially those with contact with the Water Nomads that are indigenous to the Central Alucard Island Chain.

Following the problems that are taking place in Lodja our navy has been more active in the region for fear of a potential terrorist having access to a state of the art military vessel. During these patrols we have seen on radar East Moreland aircraft heading to the Alucard region where no refuel ability exists. We also have not seen many East Moreland aircraft reach the islands of Lodja or beyond causing us to question where these aircraft are going. We are currently awaiting the conclusion of a meeting with the East Moreland ambassador however we would appreciate any nations with information about East Moreland operations in the region to share that with us. This shall be possible through our JDA Officer system. I am grateful for any information that you can provide.

Best Regards

Emperor Bensen of Paracambi

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Requesting the Morelander ambassador
« on: August 14, 2021, 12:39:38 PM »
Bensen showed Natalia a seat across from him at his desk. It was a rather imposing dark wooden affair inlaid with a gold colour but topped with a dark green leather on top. Photos of the Emperor's family stood on one corner while a wooden pot of various pens at the other. Normally Benson would have offered the guest a drink but today was no matter for niceties. "Thank you for coming so quickly." The Emperor at least began politely. "We have over the last 24 hours witnessed East Moreland aircraft crossing the Alucard towards Lodja. That is a situation I had expected, one ally helping another during a time of crisis. We then had some of our naval patrols witness on radar these aircraft seemingly land in the Alucard. Now upon interviews with various water nomad groups the word on the street is that you're running some kind of makeshift air force base off of one of the islands in the Central Alucard Chain. To the best of my knowledge that island is in international water and I am therefore concerned that you are claiming these islands, home to the Water Nomads from time to time, for your own designs. As your King has stated on many occasions those native to a region should control what goes on there. If East Moreland are building air-bases in the region I want to know where, why and there should be controls put on it. Now is this information you can furnish me with or do we need to send our fleet further south to extract the information ourselves?"

Diplomacy and Events / Requesting the Morelander ambassador
« on: August 10, 2021, 10:24:20 PM »

To:- The Kingdom of East Moreland.

It has become apparent to ourselves that East Moreland aircraft have been criss crossing the Alucard periodically and disappearing from radar. It is our belief that East Moreland has somehow begun operating an airfield somewhere within the Central Alucard Island Chain, something we believe potentially can have an impact on the region. We wish to discuss with the government of East Moreland the nature of these flights and if neccesary our concerns.

We look forward to a report from your ambassador within 24 hours.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Benson of Paracambi
Head Hugon of the Vodou Faith.


The Empire of Paracambi stands squarely behind our friendship with the QUEENDOM of Lodja. We have been presented with no evidence of wrong doing by the legitimate authority of Lodja that would justify actions taken by Leopold Hamsik and as such believe he should be hunted down and brought to justice along with any of his co-conspirators. With immediate effect we will be changing our ambassador to the Queendom with Cayden Stephens stepping aside during this period of crisis to be replaced by Prince Christian this change has been made to allow for swifter decision making regarding the situation in Lodja.

We are confident that all members of TUNA shall stand firmly behind Queen Klara and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Emperor Benson of Paracambi
Grand Hougon of the Vodou Faith

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Parbhani to S.U.N. Members
« on: March 01, 2021, 09:19:28 AM »
"From my understanding the root of this stems from a desire for your nation to utilise a river for hydro-electric via a dam to meet your electric needs. Is that the case? If so perhaps we can look at alternatives to damming the river to meet your power requirements. Could we perhaps then as a group of nations look at ways of supporting this? That would therefore allow you to offer Parbhani an agreement that the river would not be touched therefore making the flash-point of this conflict mute and hopefully putting their mind at ease. Between the four of us here I am sure we could put together a package that could support your energy requirements. If the conditions Parbhani are offering for peace are too harsh, which I believe they are, then why not use this as a way of making a counter-offer as I am sure the Parbhanians will expect to give some concessions in negotiations."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Parbhani to S.U.N. Members
« on: February 13, 2021, 03:39:45 PM »
The final duo to arrive were the brothers Olayinka and Albin Brinley. Olayinka was a former journalist who was now a member of the province of Castires local government. His younger brother Albin was a Squadron Leader in the Imperial air-force who served in an intelligance squadron. They greeted the others and prepared to board for the journey.

"Paracambi supports the proposal as it permits us to not be involved however leaves the door open should our situation change in the years ahead.  We support the amendment and we wish those of you heading for the stars the best of luck. We'll be watching with interest."

"While I think we certainly need the government of Topri to agree to come to the table we also need to try and put in place a ceasefire while that happens. This potentially will require assets in the region. I therefore propose that we begin mobilising a small force, nothing to heavy to undertake the mission. Mobilising forces takes time and we need to be ready. I think therefore we begin this process, send the letter and then undertake the talks if successful. If we each assign assets accordingly we could potentially use them for humanitarian operations if need be."

"Economically Paracambi are not in a situation where space exploration is a priority. We however wouldn't rule out making contributions to projects on a case by case basis. If the proposal is to establish a S.U.N. Space Agency then we are opposed as we do not think applying part of our national budget towards such an agency is in our best interests. If however we are talking about one of us proposing a joint mission, experiment or launch and then the others contributing to that then we would be interested in certain projects. TUNA have looked at some satellite launches for monitoring the Alucard for example and we supported that. At the moment though we wouldn't say putting a Paracambian into space is on our agenda, to our people things like the seas are of greater interest than the solar system. I therefore await the proposal on what our friends in Cassiopeia suggest."


Paracambian Representative Stands

"As the assembly is probably aware we have today got word from Parbhani of a request for us to try and facilitate talks between their Empire and the nation of Topri who they are currently fighting in a war that started with a dispute over a river. I think we should discuss the request and determine whether this is a situation we should get involved in. That all being said I open the floor for discussion."

Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Empire of Paracambi
« on: January 09, 2021, 05:05:25 PM »


Type:Helicopter Cruiser
Displacement:11,200 tons
Beam:30 m
  • 4  marine Diesel engine
  • 24 MW (32,000 shp)

  • 26 knots maximum sustained
  • 20 knots cruising
Boats & landing
craft carried:
4 Landing Craft
Capacity:Up to 30 vehicles (Including Tanks)
Troops:220 marines
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • SMART-L air search radar
  • ELM-2248 (MF-STAR) multifunction surveillance radar
  • MW08 surface search radar
  • LIG Nex1 SPS-550K
  • AN/SPS-95K navigation radar
  • VAMPIR-MB optronic sight
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
ESM/ECM:SLQ-200(v)5K SONATA, Chaff launcher
  • 4 × Goalkeeper CIWS
  • 6 x Quad loaded Harpoon Launchers
  • 1 x 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun
  • 30 x VLS cells (mix of SSM/SAM)
Aircraft carried:
  • Up to 8 large helicopters

Aviation facilities:Flight deck with 3 landing spots and hangar facilities below deck

Cost:- $750million each

International News Networks / Re: News from Paracambi
« on: January 09, 2021, 04:57:25 PM »



Today the Empire welcomed the new flagship of the Imperial Navy the 6th reincarnation of HIMS Insolent. The last ship to have the name retired in 2017 following a fire onbard the Destroyer that carried the name. The latest ship is being called by many a "Hybrid Multi Purpose Ship" and will be called the Hybrid Class as a result. The ship maintains part cruiser and part helicopter carrier capabilities allowing it to undertake a wide variety of operations. The ship was launched at Alemba Dockywards and drew a huge crowd to see off the ship which is named after the ship captained by famed sailor Jebadieah Braithwaite in 18th Century. The original HIMS Insolent was famed for freeing a large number of slaves from Seleucid and Ardian ships before being retired having barely limped into harbour in 1751. The ship also became famous for the story of young musician called Thomas being part of a boarding party which became trapped aboard a Seleucid ship and being sure to be captured flung his harp into the sea before igniting the ships powder store allowing the HIMS Insolent to escape. From this point forward the story has become part of the nations heritage and even gave birth to the national anthem.

The Emperor blessed the boat with the sacrifice of a cow and blessed the 350 strong crew during a short ceremony before being given a tour of the ship. The ship will now head out on a tour of the islands to show the vessel off and will meet a detachment of 200 Marines who will serve on when it reaches Roseau where the Marines have been undertaking a recent military exercise. The ship is crewed by naval personnel who have had ancestors who served on the previous ships to have carried the name. This includes its new Captain Gabriel Clyde whose grand-father was a gunner on the 4th ship to have held the name. There has however been one issue identified with the introduction of the Hybrid Class is that navies large helicopters capable of serving on the Insolent are few in number, already committed to the HIMS Linguetor and entered service in the 1960's. It is therefore expected that a batch of at least 20 new helicopters will be purchased with Emperor Benson considering looking at the nations of the newly formed Sovereign Union of Nations for a supplier. The Emperor stated, "SUN is a group of nations committed to working together to help each other progress, sadly the Paracambian aviation industry does not at the moment produce what we need and so we will look first to Cassiopeia, Drenovia and Chistopol to manage the situation, beyond that we'll see what else can be acquired."



The first Empire Games have ended in Aluhampton with the Empire's largest province topping the medal table. The games were hastily arranged once the Mundus Games were awarded to slave owning Tamora and former slave traders Royal Seleucid. The games featured many of the same events as the main games with a few added in that are popular in the Empire such as Paddleboarding. While the games were arranged to allow Paracambian athletes to participate in competition while boycotting what have been called the "Slave Games" by Paracambi and several other nations. Teams from Bakkermaya and Lodja took part in the football allowing teams from their islands to be represented for the first time. Several athletes from other nations also took place including East Moreland's Archduchess Sophie who is the niece of King David. The Morelander noble won gold in the Marathon and Cross Country saying afterwards "I've enjoyed a return to competition and perhaps this has ignited my love for the sport. We maybe have the Winter Games on the horizon and I may be tempted to put the skates on again. The games here have been a great success and I thank the Paracambian organisers for allowing me to come."[1]

With the games being hailed a great success by Emperor Benson he has hinted the games may become an annual event between the Islands of the Alucard. "We have enjoyed having the people of the Alucard come and spend time here and its been a great boost for the tourist trade. We now think we'll run these every year but hopefully next time prior to the Mundus Games using them as almost a warm up for our team. Its also nice to see people represent the provinces which at times don't get as much glory as they deserve. Friendly competition is a great way of improving the standards of our sports." The Emperor concluded the games by presenting the Aluhampton captain, 100meter sprinted Giles Tafer with a trophy known as the Freedom Cup to mark the provinces victory.
 1. Quote from Dave

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Outsiders Conference
« on: December 30, 2020, 09:02:27 PM »
Benson sat and waited for his cue to add his own name. "I'd like to thank Queen Atalanta for arranging this and I ask the Loa watching over us all today to help us carry out work that would make them proud. Here is to the future." He affixed his own signature and handed the book he had just signed along.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Outsiders Conference
« on: December 22, 2020, 11:46:16 PM »
Paracambi says yes

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Outsiders Conference
« on: December 22, 2020, 09:28:08 PM »
"From my stance I wouldn't want too many sub-organisations. I believe they should grow organically as we move the organisation along. We may end up with many sub-organisations when in reality the work they do may be so infrequent that it would be something the Assembly could work on or put in place something that could support whatever the agency is. We have seen in the past large organisations like the CTO and CMA fail because they tried to do too much and ended up doing too little. We must not allow the SUN to do the same before its even taken its first breath. I therefore believe that if we permit SUNDAC that should be it for now." Emperor Benson hoped he hadn't offended.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Outsiders Conference
« on: December 15, 2020, 11:30:44 AM »
Before speaking Benson looked once more over the document.

"Paracambi is happy to join all these organisations and believes that all but the Defence aspect should be compulsory, we however will be joining that so should others think it should be compulsory we will not challenge that stance. We also support Cassiopeia housing the organisation with support from members as well as the Chistopol amendment to the Head of State Council." 

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Outsiders Conference
« on: December 09, 2020, 01:17:39 PM »
Emperor Benson suspected the various island Principalities would like this agreement. They had been building an economy based on tourism and this agreement would allow millions of people to gain easy access to these resorts in the Tropical sunshine they had been constructing ready for them. He liked the idea that was being put forward but had one concern. "My concern is that we have different sub-organisations which is fine with me. We however have some which will be optional and others than are compulsory, that means at present 2/5ths of the organisation are compulsory and therefore I fear in its infancy we may get people not fully committed to the idea. I would be comfortable to see this become 4/5th being compulsory, I propose therefore that Trade and Free Movement are included as compulsory."

Character Guides / Re: Paracambians
« on: December 06, 2020, 10:11:07 PM »
Hadley Brownlow
RolesMambo at the Vodou Lodge
Year of Birth1995, Aluhampton
Positions Held2013 - Mambo of the Vodou Faith
EducationHigher Certificate in Education - Average Grade B+
FamilyComes from a long line of Vodou religious leaders.
Four generations of her mothers family have been Mambo's
Two generations of her father's family have been Hougons
Links to Important events?Outsiders Conference
BiographyThe Brownlow family have been important members of the Vodou community for well over a 100 years with both maternal and paternal lines of the family producing several well respected religious figures. Hadley began taking part in rituals from the age of three and was giving sermons at her High School by the age of 12. It was no surprise therefore that when the Emperor established a HQ for global Vodouism that she was picked out to help be one of its future leaders. She is currently one of three spiritual advisers to the Imperial Family.

Duckie Thot

Character Guides / Re: Paracambians
« on: December 06, 2020, 09:53:55 PM »
Chandler Ridge
RolesImperial Foreign Minister
Year of Birth1971, Castries
Positions Held1992-1996 Officer in the Castries Coastguard
1996-2010 Adviser on the Maritime Safety Board
2010-2014 Castries Representative to the Imperial Council
2014-2018 Junior Fisheries Minister
2018-2020 Junior Foreign Minister
2020-now Imperial Foreign Minister
EducationHigher Certificate in Education - Average Grade B
BA(Hons) in International Relations
FamilyMarried to Sylvia since 2003. Has two children, Jacques (b.2005) and Martin (b.2009)
Links to Important events?WHat have they done
BiographyGrew up as the second son in an influential fishing family on Castries. His father intended to pass on the company to his elder brother and so Chandler first joined the Coastguard before getting involved in local politics and has since worked his way up to become Foreign Minister. He was knighted in 2017 for his efforts at helping the Duke of Castries establish an effective maritime policy.

Shaun Bailey - Conservative UK politican

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Outsiders Conference
« on: December 06, 2020, 09:38:07 PM »
Emperor Benson was determined that now he had launched the Vodou faith onto the world stage his nation would soon have to also step forward and look beyond the Alucard bubble. He valued the co-operation they had fostered with Bakkermaya and Lodja but things should have progressed further only the two nations links to people like East Moreland probably drew them towards a more globalist outlook than Benson favoured. The new Queen from Cassiopeia now seemed a rather interesting proposition with this conference and so the Emperor hoped to make a good impression. He had been torn between dressing as a Hougon or in his more regal attire and seeing as he had been invited as Emperor and so the smart black suit, white shirt and black tie had won the fashion contest. The concession to his role as the head of the Vodou faith was the emblem sewn onto his jacket pocket indicating his devotion to the Loa. He had his brother Christian with him as well as his daughter Sophia both beginning to get more involved in the politics of the Empire. From outside his family he was joined by a Mambo, a young woman with a growing reputation for communicating with the Loa. Her name was Hadley Brownlow and the people of Aluhampton held her in high regard and while the Emperor may be head of the Vodou faith he still knew he had a lot to learn and so was pleased to be seen in the young womans company for important events such as this. The Empire's delegation was rounded off with the nations new Foreign Minister Sir Chandler Ridge, he was a man from Castries who had been educated in three countries, his own, Bakkermaya and Zimalia thus making him perhaps one of the more travelled members of the Empire's diplomatic teams. It had therefore been an easy appointment to promote him when the former incumbant had resigned.

The flight was rather uneventful and Benson found himself very much out of his depth discussing Vodou theology with Hadley who seemingly had an encyclopedic knowledge of the Loa. She was just finishing the story of Maman Brigitte as the aircraft touched down and the Emperor was sad to cut her colourful story short as duty called. He lead his delegation down to meet Princess Tasia and was rather surprised at the welcome gift but wore it proudly. He would make a note on having it stored carefully on his return so it could be used anytime that the Cassiopeians came to visit. "We were delighted to be invited" he answered the Princesses greeting before making his way to the waiting vehicles.

The building selected for the meeting wouldn't have looked out of place on one of the islands but he was rather puzzled by the set up of the meeting with no conference table. He did though admire the tradition and so was pleased to go along with it. "The location is unique, but then again so is your purpose, therefore it is perfect." Benson greeted the Queen and introduced his delegation with his daughter being last. "My daughter carries a gift for you on behalf of  our Empire." Sophia bowed and handed over a replica of a conch shell made out of Silver. "Traditionally the Conch was used a little like a bugle, a call to action, within our nation particularly by the islands. With you calling for such a meeting as this perhaps it is appropriate" Benson explained as Sophia handed it over. "We look forward to seeing what you have on the agenda." 

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Outsiders Conference
« on: December 01, 2020, 08:15:17 AM »

To:- Queen Atalanta II

Thank you for extending this invitation to us. While I would not consider ourselves an outsider we do absolutely agree with the sentiment that a perceived international set of values is made to dominate the agenda of global organisations. While we are happy to work with many of those who hold these views we believe that permitting nations to guide their own path is important. As such I shall happily attend your conference and look forward to meeting yourself and the other delegates.

Loa's Bless You

Emperor Benson of Paracambi
Head Hougon of the Vodou Faith

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Vodou House-warming
« on: October 21, 2020, 08:59:12 AM »
Benson returned to the Palace and began to shower rather enjoying the feeling of getting all the sticky congealed blood from off his skin. He had been pleased the ceremony had gone as well as it did although he was rather annoyed that he now owed his brother Christian a crate of fine rum because non of the foreigners had thrown up he had put every faith into the fact that Isidora would have. He was even more pleased that his people had been so thrilled at the day. He'd spoken with many of those in attendance during the chaos and each had been falling over themselves to tell him what they liked about the Lodge, he'd tried to halt a smile though when one young man of about 18 had spoken of soon there being one in every country on Mundus. It was something his nation would need to get through their heads that not everyone recognized the truth and power of Loa as Paracambi did, why even the whole of the Empire didn't accept Vodou as their faith so why would the rest of Mundus? He hadn't dented the young man's feelings though and instead had just simply thought about how some of the younger and poorer elements of Paracambi lacked that real knowledge of the world beyond their Principalities. Refreshed and smelling more or mint and tea tree oil now than death the Emperor readied himself to meet with the guests once more.

The King arrived at the beach front restaurant and was pleased to see that his brother Christian was already arriving along with the Emperor's children Marcus and Sophia. He was happy to see everyone (OOC-Assuming everyone is here) sat enjoying a sociable drink on the terreace. "Good evening" The Emperor greeted everyone as he appeared. "I hope they've been looking after you." He began going around shaking all the men by the hand while kissing the ladies gently on the cheek. "This restaurant is a favourite of our family. Its been around nearly 50 years. I remember my parents brought us here as a special treat, or in Christians case once made him work for a week in the kitchen washing pots for getting in trouble at school. Perhaps brother they still have an opening?" Benson teased him. "I also threatened Marcus with a similar fate once or twice." The Emperor motioned to a man with a thin layer of snowy white hair cresting his head and almost immediatley the man appeared. "This is Curtis, he opened the place and can't bare to let it go." The two embraced warmly as friends as Curtis arrived. "I think Curtis we are ready for our table."

"Of course Emperor." Curtis helped slide Isidora's chair out as she was sat closest to him and offered her his arm. "It is not everyday I get to show my favourite table to such beautiful women." He headed off towards the back of the restaurant to where a velvet rope and curtain concealed a spiral stairway that lead down. He guided the ladies hand to the rail and then going before her circled his way downward the air getting slightly cooler as they went til soon the opressive heat of the night above was fading. Once they stopped their spinning descent the stairway opened up into a large cave, its walls glistening with some mineral that twinkled in the strategically placed lamps. A long table stood in the middle and to one side a small brightly illuminated pool of turquoise water. "I hope everything is to the Emperor's satisfaction." Curtis beamed proud of his hideaway table for special guests and special occasions. "Tonight we shall be serving a variety of local fish, so local that it practically threw itself out the pool" he gestured to the nearby water where it did infact appear some small fish swam but whether or not these were on the menu was another matter. "We also will be having some island specialties from our chef's homeland of Alemba." With that Curtis ascended and some white uniformed waiting staff appeared pulling out each guests chair and then placing with elegance a large napkin across their knees before a convoy of staff appeared pouring each a glass of red and white wine and of water.

The Emperor had a few things he wished to get out before the food arrived. "Firstly I'd like to thank each of you and your nations for allowing you to come. I was nervous knowing the reputation of our faith has that it would be an invitation refused. There was obviously other reasons for inviting you and while this will not apply to those of you from the TUNA nations as much I hope you will still listen to my request and if you can not give me an answer now relay it to your government and support it." He paused, "As you know my nation's heritage is strongly tied to anti-slavery. We have taken action in the past and we hope to do so now. Currently all of you who are not connected to TUNA have to pay import duties on goods being brought into the Empire. What I propose is that any of you outside TUNA have my word that these will, for the next five years, be removed on two conditions. The first is that we enjoy similar treatment by your nations and the second is that any trade you have with Tamora, or any slave holding nation is either stopped or at the worst the Freestone Silver  or Gold standard is all that is permitted. It is my dream that we can one day see Mundus devoid of slavery. The second thing I wish to ask of you is for help opening the eyes of my young people to Mundus. It became apparent to me that many of them will only ever know their island and perhaps the Empire's mainland. There is much more out there. It is my hope that in the coming days I can put in place a system to support people to travel for work experience, cultural experiences and study. I would therefore like you to agree to work with what I'm probably going to call the Emperor's Youth Ambassadors to see if I can't enrich their lives. So would a youth visa for those who are members of this group and under the age of 25 be able to be waived or fast-tracked?"

Christian nodded to his brother as the waiters appeared carrying a plate with a small silver dome atop. They placed them down in front of the guests and once all where in place removed the domes with a flourish to reveal a small plate about the size of an outstretched hand. In the centre was a soufflé, "Crab Souffle" the apparent head waiter announced, "Enjoy your first course." He and his team of white uniformed staff walked away as neatly as a regiment of guardsman leaving the dinners to enjoy the food and hopefully tell the Emperor their thoughts. 

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Return of Ambassadors
« on: October 16, 2020, 10:13:41 PM »

To:- Her Celestial Majesty Queen Atalanta II

The Empire of Paracambi looks forward to re-establishing an embassy in your nation.

We shall be sending Curtis Wayne as our ambassador. He is a seasoned member of the Imperial Civil Service and has spent the last five years as an assistant to the ambassador of the Commonwealth of the Iwi so we believe he has a good understanding of the eastern part of Ardia, an experience we hope will be useful despite the cultural differences. We hope that Your Majesty and Mr.Wayne can cultivate an excellent relationship.

Loa's Blessing
Emperor Benson of Paracambi
Head Hougon of the Vodou Faith

Press Offices / Re: Royal Press Office of Emperor Benson of Paracambi
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While normally it is the done thing to congratulate a family on the birth of a newborn child and look forward to the impending traditional celebrations that inevitably follow, regardless of their culture or tradition the news from Royal Seleucid of the birth of a new Prince is something that urges me to write an appeal. We however would like to make it clear that we wish no ills on the young boy for he does not choose his family.

The Soter family have for several centuries helped perpatrate a large number of ills on Mundus. First they were instrumental in establishing the cross Mundus slave trade which put hundreds of thousands if not millions into captivity. They next attempted to conquer, then eradicate the Maori prescence in what is now the Commonwealth of the Unified Iwi, thus effectively seeking to carry out the genocide of the Maori race. The Soter's then were responsible for permitting the attempted genocide of the Cultist population of their own nation. These three crimes alone show that the Soter family are nothing more than perpatrators of suffering and evil. While the Empire condemns those that have attended the games in Midaranye we can however see that the Games have a unique impact on individuals and thus we can understand the stance of many nations. There will inevitably be soon the birth of a second Soter child and following that invitations no doubt will be sent to a celebration of sorts. We urge the nations of the world to shun this invitation and send the Soter family a direct message that their long history of evil is no longer to be tolerated on Mundus.

We hope that when the time comes we can count on the nations of Mundus to see sense and stand with us in a show of solidarity against so many of the ills shown by the Seleucid royals.


Emperor Benson of Paracambi
Head Hougon of the Vodou Faith.

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