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Economics and Industry / Altona sales pitch Pt.4 Alba Karinya
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:27:31 PM »

To:- The Dual Monarchs of Hassfurt

I am writing to you to request that your nation permit representatives from our nuclear energy industry be permitted to host an exhibition of our work and products within your nation. We believe that a cross Illumic partnership would be possible and that showcasing to the nations of Alba Karinya our potential we could help all nations of your continent with their energy production needs.
We hope that you will grant this request.

King Rutger of Altona

Economics and Industry / Altona sales pitch Pt.3 Albion
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:25:26 PM »

To:- Emperor Benson of Paracambi

I am writing to you to request that your nation permit representatives from our nuclear energy industry be permitted to host an exhibition of our work and products within your nation. We believe that your homeland presents a picturesque backdrop for the exhibition which we hope can help Albion go even further towards meeting its ambitious environmental goals.

We hope that you will grant this request.

King Rutger of Altona

Economics and Industry / Altona Sales Pitch Pt.2 Aranye
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:23:42 PM »

To:- King Heydar of Royal Seleucid

I am writing to you to request that your nation permit representatives from our nuclear energy industry be permitted to host an exhibition of our work and products within your nation. We have read about the Blue project serving as a showcase for cross nation enterprise and believe that it may be a perfect venue for us to discuss the regions electrical generation needs.

We hope that you will grant this request.

King Rutger of Altona

Economics and Industry / Altona sales pitch Pt.1 - Ardia
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:20:57 PM »

To:- Dragon Emperor Tielin

With the construction of what we hope will be the first of many nuclear power stations within your nation hopefully back on track following the archaeological work on the site it is my hope that you will permit us to host a visit of the site for perspective customers from across Ardia. It is our hope to showcase the exceptional quality of Altonan nuclear power stations and as a result foster a growth in the industry. We would welcome your support in hosting such an enterprise.

King Rutger

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Transfer of Power (Altona &Lakhzovia)
« on: October 05, 2021, 09:53:50 PM »
"A loose co-operative of nations would find more support from ourselves. We though wouldn't just be willing to support "nuclear sovereignty" without question. For example should Slava Lavosk style situations come up again then I believe the international community should stand together to ensure such programmes never get up and running. Should nations like Lijiang however, nations that have not threatened anyone for at least 120 years and since then sought only friendship and co-operation with the world, seek nuclear development then we would. I think the issue is taking a blanket approach is dangerous in both regards. We will though watch any attempts you make with interest."

"Now in regards to the Lake all that would be going into the lake is fresh water from the mountains. Now in regards to shale gas beneath the lake I think a project to perhaps map the gas deposits would need to take place. Naturally you take what is yours and we take what is ours, an alternative way would be that we establish a company between ourselves to extract the gas. With natural resources like gas not respected the cartographical boundaries of Mundus perhaps we could determine the extent of a shared gas field if any exists. Should for example that project determine 55% of the field sits in Lakhzovia you get 55% of the new company and we get 45%, or whatever the percentages are. We then get to ensure we fairly extract gas without taking resources which would be fairly described as the others." Rutger was no geologist but he didn't imagine a pocket of natural gas would suddenly stop at a border post and perhaps this was a fair way of dividing things.

"In terms of communications links remember that our nation is much much smaller just 8.5 million of us and most living in the sprawling city of Altona here. Once away from the Illumic coast we've a series of small villages that are home to what I think you'd best consider frontiersman who desire the isolation. It is going to be necessary as we hope to expand our nation to be connected and roads and rails will be a necessity. We however have no immediate rush for large scale development. We can however see the idea of a rail line being of importance for freight in the short term so perhaps this could be a priority."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Nuclear Powered Dragon
« on: October 05, 2021, 09:32:04 PM »
Rutger was pleased, providing some tutors was not going to be difficult and having a chance to get the foot in the door at the Lijiang Universities meant that perhaps they could cream off some of the local talent if need be. "Dragon-Emperor I believe we can begin this agreement as soon as you're ready for the tutors." He extended a hand once more to the Lijiang ruler.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Transfer of Power (Altona &Lakhzovia)
« on: September 26, 2021, 06:30:07 PM »
Rutger found the twist in the conversation rather surprising. He had the impression that Lakhzovia and Rokkenjima shared some connections through the Cross Straits various bodies. The fact that they were so openly considering a rival organisation to the Rokkenjiman pet project of the MAEA was interesting. "We had a conversation between the three of us who could have become monarch about the MAEA. We think on paper its a great idea however like any treaty it only starts off on paper. It then  almost gains a life of its own. We saw the way the Rokkenjimans treated Lijiang just over the matter of where to build a HQ, our conclusion was that the MAEA therefore would be used to feather the bed of certain nation. Our fear was that the clauses of the treaty that are supposed to ensure safety could be manipulated to stop nations using certain partners or designs forcing the market to favour certain nations. Rokkenjima have been offering nuclear power to people yet no one has taken it up, meanwhile ourselves and Fleur are offering partnerships based on a business model that have seen interest. The difference being we are not tying people into a closed market. The MAEA makes nuclear power a closed market and as we see with oil prices that can be easily manipulated to disfavour nations such as yours or Lijiang. My fears for an alternative organisation is that we find then a threeway approach to nuclear energy, two power blocs using influence to manipulate what should be an open market, and then those who believe each nation should be responsible for its own trade decisions.

 In the short term as soon as we can construct power lines and infastructure we can start sending our surplus energy your way. I would also ask that the lake upon our border be given some permission for us to do some work on the Atonan side of it. We have an idea for a hydro-electric power plant that would take water from part of a small lake in our hills about 15km from the border. We'd build a pond from there, drop the water vertically down through a series of turbines and then along various turbines in pipes until it was depositted in that lake. As such we'd be able to instantly have generation in times of high demand, possibly either side of the border. Naturally I do not want actions taken at the lake to have an impact on relations between our nations."

Economics and Industry / The Illumic Resort
« on: September 21, 2021, 10:48:39 PM »

Dear Duchess Ekaterina of Potaki

The Kingdom of Altona is in my opinion not utilising fully our beautiful lands to the fullest extent. Our single city of around 8million is currently used to welcoming tourists however I believe our lands have much more to offer if developed in a purposeful and sustainable manner. Following our research we have identified yourself as an individual who is likely to be able to help us achieve our aim of creating a coastal resort for Altona that attract tourists, provide a more local destination for Altonans to unwind and also form part of a new development of satellites settlements within Altona's borders.

With this in mind I would like to invite yourself to meet with my sister Princess Constance who is also my Minister for Construction, a position dedicated to investigating projects such as this one in mind. If acceptable she would like to meet with you at her home, the Water Palace. I am hopeful you will agree to take part in this project with Stasiuk family experience.

Best Regards

King Rutger of Altona

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Nuclear Powered Dragon
« on: September 21, 2021, 10:32:39 PM »
Rutger grinned, "There is nothing wrong with vanity projects. Nations should be proud of their skills, abilities and achievements. Providing for the long term energy needs of your people is something worth getting right and I believe nuclear power is a step in that direction. My concern however is that with the best will in the world your people lack some of the skills required to get this done. Could you're people erect a cooling tower? No doubt. Could they put electrical wiring in? I suspect they can. Could they align the inner workings of nuclear reactor? I am pretty confident the answer is no. You therefore are going to need some Altonan input. I also think you may have underestimated the amount of input the initial running of the station may take in terms of staff from Altona. I suggest then that AES get given 20% rather than 15 and that then it drop to 8% for two years then 1% for the rest of the stations life. In return AES will maintain a kind of remote assistance team if you require it. I would also be willing to provide a credit arrangement if that makes the process easier. Do we have an agreement?" Rutger extended a hand hoping Tielin would shake it.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Transfer of Power (Altona &Lakhzovia)
« on: September 21, 2021, 09:51:01 PM »
Kaiserplaza was a place in the centre of Altona's large sprawling city the old 18th Century buildings that had been rebuilt in the old medieval heart had replaced a tightly packed twisting maze of streets with a wide open grey stone paved square. On two sides it was flanked by buildings each grand and imposing. The one to the North was a squat square building with statues of warriors in chariots above the entrance. This was the Chamber of Swords, it was the building that was used when the nation needed tod discuss matters of the military and war. To the west was a domed building, its roof topped with a golden spike. This one was the Royal Chamber where the nations usual business was carried out. With the Lakhzovians having been given a police escort into the heart of Altona the run had been speedy and efficent, perhaps an advantage of the vast empty spaces beyond the city was having airports built relatively close to the edge of the city allowing greenspaces such as parks to act as a buffer between the aircraft and the population, it did make things rather speedy reaching the centre though.

As the car stopped a phalanx of black jacketed soldiers filed down the steps of the Royal Chamber, each carried a polished wood stock rifle appearing to be a good 80 years old at least. The tip of each had a silver bayonet attached and the large group of soldiers filed out the Chamber in pairs and marched towards the Chamber of Swords making a kind of human barrier across the bottom of its steps. Local Police ensured the crowds of people stayed back, until a few moments ago many had been enjoying a pleasant morning of people watching and pigeon feeding in the square but now stopped to watch a little pomp and ceremony. The soldiers formed now a kind of corridor down the steps of the Chamber and to where the car had stopped, one arm of this corridor joined up with those blocking the entrance to the Chamber of Swords.

This was the first time Rutger had hosted a foreign guest in the city itself and not on one of the small estates his family owned in the woodland that enveloped the vast majority of Altona. There had been some informality in that meeting but now Rutger knew he would be expected to look regal. As Nal and Erdan finally stepped out the car Rutger appeared to make his own way down the steps between the soldiers who saluted as he passed in a kind of smart military Mexican wave. At the bottom of the steps Rutger approached his guests. He was unsure which held senorirty and so with the economic related ministers holding higher rank in Altona he extended a hand to Nal Parnassa first and then quickly to Erdan Araval. "Welcome to Altona." Rutger said nervously. "I hope you forgive the large military assembly, they do love a good parade." A large crowd was gathered taking photos of the scene between the heads of the police who ensured a safe gap between VIP's and public. "Naturally we'll be meeting in the Royal Chamber here, we only use that building for times of war or miltary matters and traditionally the soldiers at the bottom of the steps send a message that we do not wish that to be used between us." It was until the early 1900's a case that a permanent guard prevented anyone from using the steps unless it was for those purposes however today the Chamber of Swords also housed a small museum and conducted educational tours for tourists and so the guard had gone.

Rutger lead them up to the Royal Chamber which as they entered was more a hive of activity as various Altonan government ministers were still going about the portfolios business. Their staff made way for the King and bowed respectfully as he passed towards a large red door which was flanked by two black jacketed soldiers who seeing him approach pushed it open. Inside was a room more like a library, on three sides of the room books filled shelves from floor to high roof. A large round coffee table dominated the centre of the room and armchairs surrounded it. The final wall was home to a huge window looking out into a courtyard where a small pond and fountain sat with benches around it. In summer it was a glorious place to sit and chat with others but today the autumn chills were beginning to set in. "Please be seated." Rutger gestured and waited for the men to take a seat before he himself did. As though perfectly timed the door they had entered through was opened once more and a middle aged portly man in a red waistcoat, white shirt and white powdered wig appeared. His back ramrod straight he held a silver tray before him and neatly approached the table deftly placing the tray down. Without interupting the King further he proceeded to arrange three delicate white cups and sauces before the men and then poured a steaming black liquid into each. He placed a cup and saucer of the black tea before each person present and then left in the centre of the table an ornate cream jug, a pot with perfectly square lumps of sugar and a saucer with silver tongues on and slices of lemon. He placed the tray under his left arm, bowed to the King and left. The King broke the small talk just long enough to say "Thank you Conrad" and the man left, pulling the doors closed behind him.

"Conrad is the Chief Steward, while he has many people working for him to make sure things here run smoothly he can't resist the old traditions and formalities." Rutger placed a slice of lemon into his tea and stirred with a silver spoon before placing the spoon carefully on the saucer allowing his tea to cool. " Now if I may begin by saying I'm rather looking forward to us working together. Our nation has often relied on our financial services, tourism and militaristic ways[1] to make things tick for us. I want that to change. We've developed a successful nuclear energy programme and our recent arrangements with Lijiang are seeing us use that as a kind of export. I want to further develop our wilderness, much to the annoyance of my sister and some environmentalists, but we have a growing population and this city can only get so big. I want us to utilise that space and so we'll be developing rather significant projects moving forward. I see a more connected infrastructure with yourselves, Eskdale and potentially Seaforth eventually as a key part of that. No point making things if we can't get them places. I also want us to be useful. I get the impression you're a nation that will outstrip its current energy production. We're a nation likely to outstrip our current energy use. It therefore seems ideal we team up, we get the potential to improve our economy selling you power or helping you overcome your problem if I've understood things correctly. You then get the reliable power you need to ensure your economy grows and people can run their factories and the like. I think it could be a certain win win if we get things right here. So I suppose my first question is have I interpreted the situation correctly, sadly I'm stuck with things from the media and we both are probably only too aware how wrong they can be so its better to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak." Having finished talking the King picked up his tea gave it a precautionary blow and then took a delicate sip, he determined the lemon needed more time to permeate its flavour and so drank no more while he listened to his guests.
 1. I've hinted at Altona having a significant number of PMC's and "Security" providers based here.

Diplomacy and Events / A Transfer of Power (Altona &Lakhzovia)
« on: September 16, 2021, 09:59:31 PM »

To the Government of Lakhzovia

It has been brought to my attention that your nations media recently reported that your nation has opened its first nuclear power station. With similar projects having taken off successfully in Altona as of late I think that we stand in a strong position to help each other. Our nation has a small population and already utilises substaintail wind and wave power to produce electricity. It is likely that we will produce more electricty than we need in years to come. With our close geographic proximatey I see no reason why we can not explore to possibility of the Altonan electrical grid transferring our surplus into the Lakhzovian system. In addition with your own developments I believe we can work together to make our own nuclear power developments more efficient in the long term.

With this as a foundation for discussion I would like to invite yourself, or a representative to meet with myself and relevant members of our ministries. The Royal Chamber at Kaiserplaza shall be prepared for if and when you wish to discuss the energy proposal and any other matters of interest.

From A Neighbour

King Rutger of Altona

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Nuclear Powered Dragon
« on: September 13, 2021, 08:21:30 PM »
Rutger had to admit that Tielin had clearly grasped the bull by the horns and already made incredible progress in his attempt to bring nuclear energy to his nation. It was clear that regardless of what Rutger had to say on the matter Tielin would find someone else, be it a nation like Fleur or someone else. Altona was a nation that had committed to keeping nuclear weapons out of its arsenal very early on in their history for two reasons. The first was the belief that their power served no moral purpose in warfare, the second that for a nation of their size they were not practical anyway. While Tielin's move towards the MAEA suggested he too had no desire for nuclear weapons perhaps by being the ones to support Lijiang the Altonans could ensure a path of peace for their development. The arrangement could also be a nice money spinner for the nation.

"The idea your following can't happen overnight" Rutger stated the obvious. "It takes a good deal of time to learn the ins and outs of running a nuclear power station. I think we can make your first station operational but to keep it so would require continued input from someone, and we'd be the best placed, for a while. I'm going to make an opening suggestion. We construct a power station capable of powering some 700,000 homes. That would be around 1,100 MegaWatts. To build such a station costs around $7.5billion. A fair outlay. What I suggest is that we pay the initial outlay on the condition that Altonan Electrical Syndicate (AES), our nations biggest energy provider and operator of our nuclear power station are permitted to operate it for an initial 10 years. During that time they will be able to collect revenue in the same way your own domestic energy providers will do, if you have private businesses in that field. They will not be taxed on that income. At the end of 10 years they give up 20% of the ownership and a further 20% a year until the plant is completly in Lijiang's hands. Alongside this financial arrangement we wuld have AES train your staff so that each year the number of Altonans working there would be reduced until after eight years its 85% staffed by your countryman. I think this arrangement would fulfil your requirements."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MICA/AKO/COIN/Wannabe's gathering over Heyra
« on: September 05, 2021, 12:09:11 AM »
Rutger hadn't expected quiet such hostility from a simple fact gathering question. "You sit around a table a monarchy who literally fight to determine their ruler, a Kingdom of three rulers, a Dukedom where leadership is gathered from a select pool and several monarchies, including our host who did not even use democracy as any form of their government until relatively recently. You also sit around a table with a group of nations who were willing to help. If, in my role as King, I'm potentially being expected to send my military to another nation then I want reassurance that those men and women are not being used as some sort of pawn in a political game. You've made a request for Commando's, something we could have seen our way towards approving, yet instead of giving me assurance that our people would be acting in the best interests of Heyran's you choose to try and give me a lecture in politics." Rutger believed he had made his point, "I will naturally support the decisions of our regional partners but I am yet to be convinced that committing Altonan forces if required is a step I'd take."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Nuclear Powered Dragon
« on: September 04, 2021, 09:41:46 PM »
Rutger had gathered the family for today's visit. It was after all the first by a visiting nation since his coronation and it would likely be one of the most controversial, or lucrative of his reign. With the international community seemingly wanting to make anyone not conforming to their MAEA an outsider Altona could find itself on the outside looking in if handled badly. Stood next to Rutger was his wife, the newly coronated Queen Heidi who was doing her best to stop 12 year old Prince Karl from annoying his nine year old sister Princess Matilda. As the Dragon-Emperor arrived Matilda was slightly disappointed in how un-dragon like he looked.

Rutger stepped forward and greeted Tielin with a handshake as he introduced his family. "Welcome to our Kingdom." The group began the journey to the Southern Palace. It had been Rutger's residence before assuming the throne but as the main royal residence was still being altered for the new family it would do. Rutger would miss its isolation but this would be a good chance to say goodbye to it.

Upon arrival Helena wished Tielin luck for the talks and took the children away. The room overlooking the lake was prepared for the meeting, strong black coffee, some biscuits and two fresh leather bound notebooks. "Please take a seat." Rtger waited for the Dragon-Emperor to sit. "When we heard of your issues with MAEA we thought perhaps you would give up on nuclear energy, when you have sought to still pursue peaceful use of this technology and had picked us as a potential partner I was rather excited. We are a nation that we hope will soon be powered almost exclusively by the atom and if we can help others we will as well as we can. I therefore look forward to hearing what you would like from us. "

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MICA/AKO/COIN/Wannabe's gathering over Heyra
« on: September 04, 2021, 08:58:58 PM »
While King David had consulted with his underlings Rutger and his junior Minister of Defence did likewise, as the Morelanders ruler began to address the room they listened. It was only at the end that Rutger spoke. "I have a question." He felt himself almost raising a hand like a schoolboy requesting permission for something before stopping the almost invoulentary movement. "The East Moreland plan puts quiet a lot of focus on the role of Anginer here as representing the government of Heyra. Can we be sure though that the government they represent is also the one wanted by the people of Heyra? I confess I have less contact with Heyra than East Moreland but it is still a concern. With the intrigue and secrecy that Heyra has around parts of its business world can we be confident such issues haven't headed into their political circles. Before I commit to supporting no fly zones, imposing naval limits on a people and the like how can I be sure its the correct decision for Heyra?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: MICA/AKO/COIN/Wannabe's gathering over Heyra
« on: August 14, 2021, 10:34:28 PM »
The Altona's new monarch knew that the outcome of this meeting would be a really important one for his nation and therefore his people. Rutger was under pressure to come back having achieved something. What he was going to achieve though was somewhat unknown, security for Altona? Some kind of concession in return for support? Closer ties to his neighbours perhaps? Anything the media could be spun would be useful. He had brought with him the Junior Minister of Defence, Eduard Schnoor, a man that his brother Lukas has recommended for a role in the government and Rutger was almost giving a test drive to.

The duo arrived and crossed to the designated building. It seemed less regal than perhaps Rutger had anticipated. He had examined lots about East Moreland and admired the splendour of Northfort Palace or even Rockhampton Castle but this seemed a little, well minuscule. That changed once the full scene was taken in below ground. He wasn't sure Altona possessed such a complex but perhaps he'd change that upon his return. The only person he recognised was King David so he started by greeting him and then settled after introducing himself to everyone at one of the few remaining seats.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Long Live King Rutger
« on: August 03, 2021, 09:25:22 PM »
Prince Lukas was happy to hear the response of Secretary Burkhardt Kvalheim, "Well we delighted you came. We're a nation keen to do what you appear successful in and that is becoming more recognised internationally. While I would be thrilled to come and visit that is now a decision for my brother. I am now at his service. Do you think there is any ways our two nations can work together in the future?" He knew he would get some kind of royal duty and so gathering as much intelligence as possible would be useful.

Rutger was pleased to hear that royals outside his nation hunted, "I'd be excited to see what kind of game you have in your nation. Here we have a lot of deer and wild sheep in the woods. For us the idea of hunting is a sacred act, it helps us remember the goddess we worship. As for attending your Royal Hunt we'd be thrilled." He wasn't exactly sure how the Achkaerin royals would hunt but he was sure it wouldn't be that different.

Once Queen Heidi had finished hoping the ground would swallow her up she could still feel her face was bright red, "I am so sorry" she apologised, "If I'm honest I was not expecting to be Queen and I am so disappointed our diplomatic service didn't tell me this." She would make a mental note to have someone reprimanded when the event was over. "I'll be praying for the safe arrival of the new Prince or Princess" She was thankful Stasya had asked a question as it gave her a way to change the conversation. "As for my role as Queen I am now effectively the mother of our nation. My job is to try and provide help and support to those in need and ensure our nations guests on occasions such as this are cared for."

As the conversations came to an end a  Wildhüter priest appeared through the castle gates leading a Chamois. It had been hundreds of years ago traditional that the new King would take his guests out hunting to get food for that evenings feast, that however had on a number of occasions seen them come home empty handed and so many had felt the new monarch was cursed. This resulted in the Heavy Cavalry  officers going out a few days before and trapping a suitable animal. Rutger knew Lukas would be more comfortable doing this than him but he had no choice. A Sergeant from the Heavy Cavalry brought the King a thick heavy spear. Rutger held the spear firmly, Lukas had talked him through how to use it and where to strike several times but now the spear felt super heavy. He fixed his eyes on the spot where he had been told the heart was and while the Heavy Cavalry guys held the animal steady unaware of its fate Rutger pushed it as hard as he could. He felt the spear cut through flesh and blood dripped onto the cobble court yard. "Sigyn has sent us a bounty to feast with, she is pleased with our future." Rutger said trying to avoid the blood going on his shoes. Another member of the Cavalry handed him a cloth to wipe his hands and took the spear from him. "Now with meat provided for our feast we can eat."

Rutger lead the gathering inside. Inside was a long but narrow room. Plain round wooden tables filled the room with an open fire at the far end, a Chamois, already prepared and spitted was spinning over the fire. Every now and again a drip of fat would hit the fire filling the room with the smell of succulent meats. "Please everyone mingle, enjoy the food and drink" Rutger announced as he and his wife headed towards a pair of thrones that over looked the room.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Long Live King Rutger
« on: July 28, 2021, 12:28:59 AM »
Tillo Hertz recognised that it was unlikely that he would get to see this coronation and that annoyed him. He took a breath and then recognised that such a decision on the future of the two royal guests would be above his pay-grade but at the same time he was certain they had no motive other than self preservation of their romance. "For now Your Highnesses we shall request that you stay within the walls of this castle. You will be granted rooms and if you require anything I am sure the staff here can accommodate you." He bid them farewell for now and headed off to make a few phone calls about the situation. In truth however it was likely nothing would be able to be done until after the coronation.

OOC- I suggest we perhaps make a new thread for this part of the RP.

Back at Jundt Schloss everyone was in position for the ceremony to begin. The sound of horses hooves on the roadway outside indicated the arrival of three carriages. Before their passengers could disembark a group of men wearing all black military tunics appeared on the walls of the castle and blew a fanfare hearalding the arrival of a trio of soldiers. The Red and Black Tower flag of Altona was carried centrally between two escorts armed with large axes, this flag with the port-coulis open was the current flag of Altona showing the nation at peace. A few steps behind them a 2nd trio entered, this time the port-coulis shown as closed, the nations flag of war. Further trios entered, first the King's Heavy Cavalry, then the Army, Navy and finally Flying Corps, bringing up the rear was the flag of the Sülldorf family. The flag were arranged with the current flag of peace behind the stone throne. Three flags stood either side. A further fanfare played, this one different to the first and a lady wearing a long flowing white dress walked in. Princess Constance was accompanied by her husband Duke Klaus who was carrying their two year old son Sigmund. Constance elegantly swept her dress across the wooden stool she gracefully lowered herself and waited as her husband and child made their way to seats further behind. Once in position Prince Lukas made his entrance hand in hand with his wife Kamille, his two elder sons and two young daughters followed them. Lukas was wearing his military uniform, his two sons in Army Cadet uniform while the girls and his wife wore white dresses similar to that of Princess Constance.

The final fanfare sounded and wearing a plain black suit but wrapped in a luxuiorusly furred red cloak the soon to be King entered. Rutger nodded respectfully to several of his friends in the crowd. The soon to be Queen Heidi entered just after him along with 12 year old Karl in a cadet uniform gripped her right hand and white dressed Matilda who was nine year old held her left. Rutger sat upon the centre throne and quickly and symbolically linked hands with his siblings in a gesture to show there was no hard feeling about the result.

The final person arriving did not come through the main gate but instead appeared from a tower of the castle. It was an old man with long grey hair covered by a black robed hood. He was a Wildhüter, a "game keeper" a priest of the faith of Sigyn. He carried a knife on his hip and a quiver of arrows on his back. The role of  "Game-keeper" was to help guide the souls of the faithful to good and honourable deeds ensuring that they had enough power in the after life to avoid the hunt that would destroy their soul. He stood before the throne and addressed the crowd.

"Today we are assured that King Gottschalk has escaped the pursuit of Her Holiness Sigyn. His soul was strong and full of good deeds and no doubt now having proved his worth he rides beside the Goddess in glorious beauty. He left us not long ago with a choice of who was the guide Sigyn's folk in the temporal world and we have made the decision to recognise Prince Rutger as our new monarch. Before we crown him we must however honour his siblings." Two other "game keepers" arrived each carrying a crown of iron. The man taking the ceremony took the first.

"Princess Constance. Do you recognise as your Lord and Sovereign your brother Rutger. Do you give him your loyalty as you should a King. Will you serve him and Altona however best you can." He held the crown forward. The Princess stood and bowed to her brother before saying loudly that she agreed to all those things. The "Game-keeper" handed a crown over which the Princess placed upon her head. The oath was repeated for Lukas who gave a salute rather than a bow.

Rutger seemed pleased and now it was his turn, a new crown appeared this one identical to the iron ones but in gold. "Rutger, your bloodline made you a candidate for the throne but your people have placed their trust in you. They have given you the rights and responsibilities of the King of Altona from now until you go to meet Sigyn. All your actions will govern whether your soul will have the power to evade her hunt and earn the right to ride alongside her or be destroyed for eternity. Your actions as King will weigh heavy in that determination. Do you accept these rights and responsibilities?"

Rutger stood. "I swear that I shall do my best to guide Altona forward and ensure all my subjects are able to save their souls. I humbly accept the responsibility of Kingship." The "Game Keeper" placed the crown on Rutger's head and then knelt before him. Rutger placed a hand on the mans head for a moment or two before helping him up and the two embraced. A hunting horn was blown from the castle's highest tower, a message to the Goddess indicating that Altona had a new King. The siblings all embraced and joined by their families posed for photographs before making their way to mingle with the crowd.

Prince Lukas made his way over to Secretary Burkhardt Kvalheim from Jugland. "I am grateful you've come." The Prince was still wearing the iron crown but had his military peaked cap tucked under his arm. "You must forgive me however, I believe you're the only non-monarchy here, may I ask why a Republic would be interested to attend our coronation.....not that I'm complaining."

Princess Constance headed towards the Cassiopeian delegation with Sigmund in tow. "Your Majesty" she bowed and had to catch her crown before it fell from her head, she was not yet used to the weight. "We're delighted you attended. I tried to persuade my father to allow me to attend your own coronation but sadly he didn't permit it. Such a shame. Perhaps we can discuss ensuring our nations can begin on better terms than we have." Meanwhile Sigmund was reaching a hand towards Lady Filippa's dog. "No Sigmund" Constance pulled him away and he looked like he was about to cry. "We have dogs at home and he plays with them all the time. I don't think he understands yours will be a working dog no?"

Rutger and his wife split up, Rutger approached the large Achkaerin delegation. "Thank you for coming" he extended a hand to the Emperor. "I understand you ride a bit?" he enquired, "Do you perhaps hunt?"

Queen Heidi was left to "Your Majesty" she was about to bow then realised that she was of equal status now to the Morelander. "Its a pleasure to meet you. May I pass on my congratulations to you and Queen Stasya on your impending arrival. You must be thrilled to have a second child arriving."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Long Live King Rutger
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General Bertram had held his post for nearly three years as head of the King's Heavy Cavalry, a unit that in a very real sense could claim to be the Kingmakers of Altona. As such since his appointment he'd had to learn about the potential need for diplomacy as well as military strategy. He therefore didn't struggle too much with King David's question. "If I'm being honest Your Majesty I was rather surprised that Rutger won. Our nation has a tradition of electing strong military leaders and I had expected Prince Lukas to win. The Prince has a long association with the military and is highly respected in those circles. Rutger.....King Rutger meanwhile I would describe more as a business man. I think that perhaps symbolises a way the nation wish to head. There is an expectation among particularly the younger Altonans that we begin to capitalise on the significant wealth we've squirreled away and not just in buying equipment for the military. Rutger is a man who did the bare minimum of military service and then hit the books. I believe you and him share a degree specialism? He graduated well with a degree in History and then bounced around various government jobs. He's a man with a great intellect and a keen sense of duty. His biggest challenge will be ensuring the military give him their full backing two or three years down the line when the armed forces don't get the majority of the investment they enjoy now. I think though he's a man who will use his family to support his throne, Lukas in particular will be an asset for that."

Bertram wasn't sure whether the dog of the Cassiopeian royals was a good idea but it wouldn't do to be seen on a global scene as discriminating against the visually impaired. For now the hound was quiet enough and he hoped when the bands started it would remain that way. As for the Achkaerin entourage he hoped the children followed the dogs lead.

Lutz Becker was a very distant cousin of the ruling  Sülldorf Dynasty. The 28 year old Duke of the East Valley had greeted each arrival with a friendly smile, an exchange of pleasantries. It had all been rather simple and going to plan and then the Seleucid had arrived. Things had rapidly gone above his pay-grade. He knew little about the Seleucid delegation and they'd been very sparse with details. "Well Your Highnesses I think we'll need to first of all get you in he SUV. We can't just give a blanket yes but if you have a geniune reason under our laws on the matter then of course. There is another castle used by the royals near the venue. We should perhaps head there."

Lutz made some phone calls and as they arrived at the castle some 5km away Tillo Hertz a senior officer in the military meet them and escorted them into a lounge. "Duke Lutz has explained the situation to me as best he can. The question remains under what grounds should you be given asylum, and then why us?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Long Live King Rutger
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Altona was what some would consider nothing more than a sprawling city. It had been several small settlements that had grown out from their rather nicely preserved historic centres and become one. Surrounding that was a seeming green sea of forest and plains. While the country did have a nice international airport it was small. Altona enjoyed a reputation as a vibrant place for upmarket holiday makers, business trips and various other enterprises that required only small numbers of flights a day. Today though they were expecting several international VIP flights and so rather than fly them into the Edvin Junger International airport, named for a respected Altonan physicist, the VIP's were headed to the Royal Altonan Flying Corps HQ at an airfield about 10km further inland. As each visiting plane entered Altonan airspace a pair of F-14's appeared alongside, their tailfins specially decorated for today with the Sülldorf family crest. The pilots pulled up parralel with the arrivals cockpit and gave them a friendly wave before one pulled ahead showing the way into the airfield.

As the aircraft landed the F-14's peeled away ready to take up a position for the next if required or to head off and fly a patrol as part of the security of the day. Once on the ground the guests were treated to a choir made up of children doing their best singing their national anthem while the current Witan's oldest member, a 72 year old gentleman called Franz Schroder, usually a grand-father who spent his time making rocking horses in a shed, greeted the guests according to their rank and status. Having passed them off to the military they were whisked away in a fine air conditioned SUV to the venue of Jundt Schloss

The castle was the official seat of the Royal Family and a home had been here since the 14th Century. It had witnessed every coronation in the nations history and while the design and construction had changed the central courtyard was built around a stone throne where today's ceremony would be focused around. The guests would be sat along the left of the throne and various Dukes, Ministers, minor royals and a lottery selected group of commoners were filling the other three sides. A clearly flustered General Bertram dressed in his green and red dress uniform including cape. He greeted each guest, thanked them for coming and placed them in their seat. "The ceremony will begin in around ten minutes, following the formal section I know the new King would like to spend a little time meeting you before the formal celebration. In the meantime any questions, any requests please let us know."

Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Kingdom of Altona
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42 x F-16 Fox Multi-Role Fighter
18 x A-11 Antelope Strike Fighter
23 x F-14 Firefly Air Defence Fighter
2 x E-2 Eagle AEWACS aircraft
4 x P-5 Penguin Maritime Patrol Aircraft
3 x K-13 Kingfisher Tanker
10 x C-13 Catfish Transport Aircraft
11 x H-6 Hellcat Attack Helicopter
17 x H-22 Heron Transport Helicopter
16 x T-3 Tiger Cub Advanced Trainer / Light Fighter
16 x T-2 Tapier Calf Basic Trainer
5 x U-1 Unicorn UAV
3 x M-1 Monarch Royal Aircraft (specially commissioned to have similar, less global, capabilities as Air Force One)

Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Kingdom of Altona
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7,500 Sailors / Up to 4,000 National Service at any time

3 x Type 108 Submarine

1. Béatrix Beck
2. Maja Beutler
3. Teresina Bontempi

3 x Type 107 Submarine

1. Erika Burkart
2. Martha Burkhardt
3. Dominique Caillat

5 x Type 208 Frigate

1. Corinne Chaponnière
2. Anne Cuneo
3. Suzanne Curchod
4. Laurence Deonna
5. Isabelle Eberhardt

6 x Type 302 Corvette

1. Marianne Ehrmann
2. Ruth Erat
3. Marie-Louise von Franz
4. Valérie de Gasparin
5. Marthe Gosteli
6. Emilie Gourd

2 x Type 400 Amphibious Ship

1. Anne-Lise Grobéty
2. Anita Hansemann

3 x Type 507 Mine Vessel

1. Eveline Hasler
2. Jeanne Hersch
3. Mirjam Indermaur

4 x Type 609 Missile Patrol Ship

1. Fleur Jaeggy
2. Zoë Jenny
3. Hanna Johansen
4. Isabelle Kaiser

6 x Type 701 Unmanned Patrol Ships (Type do not hold names)
3 x Type 702 Unmanned Patrol Ships (Types do not hold names)

Names of ship classes followed a rule since 1950. The class is determined by the type of ship and it's chronological order of introduction. For example all submarines begin with 1, the first submarine class brought in since 1950 was therefore 101. When a new type of ship is introduced that will feature the starting number of 8, for example should Altona acquire an Aircraft Carrier it would be Type 801.

Individual ships are named after significant female scholars from Altonan Universities. The next ship to enter service, regardless of class will be Agota Kristof

Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Kingdom of Altona
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40,000 Soldiers / Up to 32,000 National Service at any single time

180 x Goblin Mk.2 Main Battle Tank
40 x Goblin Mk.1 Main Battle Tank
165 x Elven Mk.3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
110 x Elven Mk.2Infantry Fighting Vehicle
280 x Orc Mk.4 Armoured Personnel Carrier
150 x Orc Mk.3 Armoured Personnel Carrier
80 x Warg Armoured Personnel Carrier
500 x Demon Mk.4 Mobility Vehicle
280 x Heavy Demon Mk.1 Mine Resistant Vehicle
170 x Water Demon Mk.2 Amphibious Mobility Vehicle
40 x Kobold Mk.2 Self Propelled Howitzer
35 x Krampus Mk.4 Towed Howitzer
45 x Lindworm Mk.2 Rocket Artillery
30 x Drude Mk.2 UAV
45 x Troll Mk.6 Urban Patrol Vehicle

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Altona specialism


(due to size only having two)

Diplomacy and Events / Long Live King Rutger
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As is tradition King Rutger will be coronated at the Jundt Schloss in 7 days time.

The event will take place within the castle courtyard regardless of the weather. Invitations are hereby issued to all Heads of State and Government who wish to attend what is for Altona a significant moment in our history. We would at this time like to extend hands of friendship across all of Mundus.

We hope that you will join us on this happy occasion.

Best Regards

General Bertram
Commander of the King's Heavy Cavalry.

International News Networks / Re: City News
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Missile test "semi effective"---East Moreland's R.E.M close out Beach Art Festival---Sobendieken SC seal $35million deal for young striker---Franz Plateau Power Station reaches 10% capacity


Voting has now closed for the position of monarch of Altona. The voting was between the three children of the recently deceased King Gottschalk and as tradition dictates only those who have served in the military under voluntary terms were permitted to vote. With the final results collected and verified by the Witan it was announced by General Bertram, the commanding officer of the monarchs bodyguard, the King's Heavy Cavalry, that the youngest son and middle child of King Gottschalk was the winner. General Bertram officially announced the results from the steps of the Witan's building in Kaiserplatz.

Prince Rutger earned just over 40% of the vote and will be coronated next weekend. During the same ceremony his wife will be crowned Queen. Additionally his siblings Prince Lukas and Princess Constance will be expected to swear public oaths of loyalty to their brother in his new position as King. The 38 year old was very vocal in his televised interviews with the Witan in pushing for the Kingdom to take a larger part in regional politics and promoting closer ties with neighbours in the region. It is yet unknown whether the new King will immediately begin processes to join the various organisations he discussed such as MICA and the Council of Illumic Nations.

Traditionally any siblings who have been defeated in an election are assigned positions within the new monarchs administration. As of yet only Prince Lukas has spoken to the press about his future. Speaking from his home in The Hunting Palace Prince Lukas has stated. "I am naturally saddened that I have not been elected King. I believed I was a strong choice but I also believe my brother and sister could be equally as strong. I have spoken with my brother to pass on my congratulations and best wishes. During our conversation I have stated that I wished to retain my position as a commissioned officer within the Parachute Regiment. I am grateful that he has granted my request with a slight provision that I undertake a few special duties on his behalf. These will be confirmed in the coming days as my new King see's fit. Regardless of who you voted for or wished to win it is now vital we show support to the newly elected King as he leads us towards the future. Long Live King Rutger."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Be The Witan
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It is my duty and honour to report the results of the voting by members of the Altonan military regarding the new monarch of our beloved homeland.

Following a period of 5 days in which all those voulentarily serving in the military have been given an oppurtunity to cast a vote for one of the three eligible candidates. These votes were then collected in and counted by members of the Witan who also verified the legitimacy of all aspects of the process.

The votes cast are as follows

Her Royal Highness Princess Constance = 20,626 votes
His Royal Highness Prince Rutger = 34,403 votes
His Royal Highness Prince Lukas  = 27,473 votes

As a result the Kingdom of Altona have selected His Royal Highness Prince Rutger as the future King of Altona.

Long Live His Royal Majesty King Rutger the First of Altona.

General Viktor Bertram
Commander of the King's Heavy Cavalry

International News Networks / Re: City News
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Navy to test new missile on Monday---Duke Hans Muller to sell family estate amid bankruptcy---Altona "too small" for Mundus Games Bid---Beach Art Festival gets headline superstar


The funeral of King Gottschalk went ahead on Friday and went as smoothly as could be expected. The King died on the 1st June 2021 after battling liver disease for several months. The funeral procession left Kaiserplaza and made its way through several districts of the city before reaching the Temple of Sigyn. There the King's body was placed on a ceremonial pyre by members of the King's Heavy Cavalry. Prayers were said by the Wildhüter as members of the family placed items on the pyre to accompany the King. King Gottschalk's widow, Queen Agatha, placed leather saddlebags on the fire while his two sons placed a bow and a spear, Princess Constance placed a saddle on the fire. It is believed by the faithful that for the next seven days the spirit of King Gottschalk will be hunted by the Goddess Sigyn, should the King's spirit escape her then he will be permitted into paradise. The widowed Queen asked for the nation to pray for the spirit of her husband to remain uncaptured. Following the ceremony the Queen handed both her own and her late husbands crown into the keeping of the commander of the King's Heavy Cavalry. This marks the beginning of the process to elect the new monarch.

Over the next five days the members of the military who are serving by choice are casting their votes for which of Gottschalk's three children will succeed him. Should the vote be tied then it will fall to General Viktor Bertram to cast the determining vote. Until that time General Bertram and his men will guard the two crowns which will be on display to the public who visit Kaiserplaza. On Saturday the 26th of June the Witan's youngest sitting member will announce the election result and then Queen Agatha will crown the successor, from that point on she will assume the title of The Royal Lady.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Be The Witan
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Princess Constance

Altona's biggest failing over the last 50 years has been the fact that we failed to break free from our Illumic-centric view of the world. We set ourselves apart from the world all but economically. As a result we've prospered financially but culturally, artistically and just recreationally things have not gone well. Mundus is a fascinating place and we've done so little with it. As to our great strength it has to be the way we used our sovereign wealth fund. When so many places allowed their natural resources to fall into the hands of private individuals and create a wealthy elite based on blind luck we ensured that wealth was used for the nation. We've a world class health and education system underpinned by the sovereign wealth fund.

Die Hard is a quality film, but Christmas isn't a thing here.

Prince Rutger

Or biggest failure has been in not being a good neighbour. Crisis after crisis in our region has been meet with words by ourselves while others take action. When Seaforth had its Eugenics War we should have stepped in, when East Moreland had a Regency Crisis we did nothing, when Heyra found themselves with an environmental nightmare we should have done more.

Our biggest strength though has been our national unity. While most nations across Mundus have faced some crisis, be it from within or outside ours has not. This has left us a nation with a unified identity, one proud of its culture, its religion and its strength. I think moving forward there are many great things our nation will do regardless of who wears the crown.

A good action film is a year round treat.

Prince Lukas

Our failure as Altonans is that despite sitting on an impressive sovereign wealth fund we are not sitting on an impressive record of achievement. We have companies across Mundus doing great things such as putting people into space, breaking the boundaries of science and yet we merely invest within opportunities overseas  and that present themselves. Our success though is that in our society no one is left behind on purpose. There are always sad examples of where things go wrong or where someone slips through the net but everyone here has access to quality education, great health care, good access to things like green spaces, public transport, libraries, recreation. If someone is willing to strive hard then here in Altona they will be a success and that for us is a great achievement.

Die Hard 1 & 2 are Christmas films, the other 70000 are not. 

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Be The Witan
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Princess Constance

"If elected I see the path forward one of making Altona more than a mega-city sat on the Illumic coast. We have vast woodlands to our East and South that have contributed nothing to our nation since its establishment. Our population is growing year upon year and the density of the people living here is steadily moving ever onwards. Altona must therefore expand. I would make my priority the construction of a series of new towns, nothing massive, perhaps no more than ten. Each would be limited to around 200,000 inhabitants maximum. The construction of them would prevent a long term future for our nation. We need to utilise the space we have for a whole manner of projects to unleash the vast potential we have.

Prince Rutger

"Altona has just plodded through the last few decades. We've done great work building amazing infastructure to help our city become a bustling modern city with great public services, amazing service sector jobs and a good financial sector. What we lack though are markets beyond our own region. We sit on the Illumic, a busy waterway vital for trade. We need to capitalise on that and on the fact that the region enjoys so many organisations like MICA. We need to take a step my father never did and join bodies such as that. Over the waters we've an amazing potential partner in East Moreland. We have a ethnic kinship with Hassfurt and in Zimalia we have a nation that is stock full of natural resources. Over our Southern border Eskdale is building itself up and Lakhzovia to our East could be an interesting partner moving forward. These are people we need to work with."

Prince Lukas

"My father was a man who was happy to be idolised by the Altonans. He ensured that everyone of us had food on the table, money in our pocket and a work life balance that mean standards of living here are high. There are though Altonans left behind. We have a significant gap between the wealthiest of our nation and the least prosperous. While these enjoy a standard higher than many on Mundus we must do more to ensure every Altonan enjoys the bounty of our nation. To do this our sovereign wealth fund needs to be utilised more. We wisely never allowed our oil and gas to be owned by private companies and now we can ensure this is used wisely. I wish to fund more high standard education and open this up to Mundus. I want Altonan degrees to be the envy of Mundus, through knowledge we empower the people."

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