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Empire of Socram Factbook - WIP
« on: November 07, 2018, 09:35:07 AM »
Motto:- WIP
National Anthem:- WIP


The Empire of Socram is a nation composed of two states: Socram Island and Sarandib Region. The country is heavily influenced by Tamoran tradition and Manist beliefs due to their shared history. Socram was first settled by Tamorans, establishing the city of Yunkgabat as a trading post to nearby nations.

Socram Island, the urban center of commerce, industry, and politics of the country, is under the direct rule of the Emperor. The mountainous interior of the island makes it rich in rare earth minerals and coal, while the flatter exterior is littered with kasbahs, factories, and refineries. Socram, starting out as a chain of small trading posts grew in population and became its own empire under the Qajarmion Dynasty. The Socramese then started sailing through the Sea of Kyne in search of land to expand on, raiding coastal Midaranyen towns. Eventually the Sarandib Peninsula was discovered, colonized, and ultimately assimilated.

Sarandib is a more rural region under an elected governor. It’s flatter and more humid climate makes it the agricultural hub of the Empire. The denser and more populous Sarandib is also the main source of “human resource” for Socram Island due to differences in wealth and ethnicity.

Government Type:- Absolute Monarchy
Population:-:- 32,450,000
Capital City:- Yunkgabat City (1,570,000)
Demonym:- Socramese


Currency:- SSE Manat (₹)
GDP per Capita:- $1,350
Unemployment Rate:- 4%
Main Industries:- Rare Earth Mining
Textile Manufacturing
Human Trafficking(Slavery)


Ethnicity:- 54% Tamoran
20% Mixed
11% Sarandibian (rl Zanzibar)
9% Seleucid
6% Others

Languages:- Parthian
Sarandibian (rl Swahilli)

Religions:- Islam

Average Life Expectancy:- Male: 56 years, Female: 63 years


Head of State:- Emperor Abdullah Qajarmion
Head of Government:- Emperor Abdullah Qajarmon
Name of Legislative Body:- The Imperial Council
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Re: Republic of Sarandib and Socram Island Factbook
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Drugs LawAlcohol and Tobacco are legal; possession of illegal recreational drugs punishable by death
Pharmaceutical drugs are heavily taxed
Same Sex Marriage   Illegal, Punishable by death
EducationFor Free People: Primary and Secondary education is free, Tertiary education is privatized
For Enslaved People: Education is limited only to Primary level, female slaves are not allowed to go to school
Property Ownership   Only free people can own land, slaves, and other personal belongings. Enslaved people cannot own anything.
Voting   Socramese can only vote for their local government
Sarandibians vote for their Governor, Envoy of Freedom, and their local government
ProstitutionSlaves can be used as prostitutes by their masters
Freedom of the PressHeavily controlled by the state
Freedom of MovementFree people can leave the nation. Slaves cannot leave unless brought along by their masters
AbortionIllegal, Punishable offence
Health CarePrivatized
Gun LawsOnly police officers and military personnel can carry firearms
Internet NeutralityLimited access by the government
Business OwnershipBusiness can only be owned by free people
MarriageOnly 15 years old and above can marry and have sex.
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