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The Republic of Biseam
« on: December 28, 2018, 10:16:53 PM »
Motto:- Strength in Unity and Harmony
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem[/center]


Type some of the history/background of your nation here.

Government Type:- One Party Republic
Population:-:- 23,476,206
Capital City:-  Cheol (5,321,147)
Demonym:- Biseami


Currency:- Hyoga (ի)
GDP per Capita:- $33,423.77
Unemployment Rate:- 4.6%
Main Industries:- Agribusiness, Retail, IT Products, Automobiles, Civil Engineering, Education, Financial Services, Entertainment, Building and Construction.


Ethnicity:- Korean (32%), Japanese (29%), European (29%), South Asian (10%)
Languages:- Korean, Japanese & Dutch
Religions:- Buddhism (52%), Taoism/Confusionism (20%), Shintoism (10%), Christianity (10%), Hinduism (8%)
Average Life Expectancy:- 81yrs (Male) 87yrs (Female)


Head of State:- President
Head of Government:- President (Same as above)
Name of Legislative Body:- Federal Diet (unicameral)
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Re: The Republic of Biseam
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2019, 05:02:36 AM »
Government of the Republic of Biseam

(Civil Administrative Seal)

Biseam is ran under a semi presidential republic in conjunction with a parliamentary democracy. and has been operating under the same system since the April referendum of 1959 when the current Republic of Biseam was declared and officially stopped being a colony of Huisslandia. However since the birth of the republic the Biseam has been under the governance of one political party which is simply called the United Biseam Party.

The Biseam United Party

\Political Position: Centre-Centre Right
Ideology: One Nation Conservatism, Civic Nationalism, Communitarianism, State Capitalism
Description:  The Biseam United Party has been the governing party since the independence from the Royal Federation of Huisslandia.  THe Party was formed out of an attempt to form a pluraiistic democracy however many party’s and various independent politicians ended up emalgimating into the BUP in its current form over various years of continued electoral dominance, transforming Biseam from a dominant party state to a straight up one party state. 

However unlike many one party states the BUP came into office by electoral means and doesn’t have a record of excersising violence to maintain its dominance. Instead to maintain power it has engaged in inclusive policies towards party membership and soft reformist policies towards Biseams political landscape in order to be a big tent party. The means of doing this have been tryinging to get people with dissenting political views to join the party rather than compete over electoral means, as well as allowing the polulation at a state and local level to participate in a direct democracy on issues pressing to their communities.

Policies Include:
•   Biseam’s secularism is paramount
•   Recognition and Equal rights of the LGBT Community
•   Allowance of dual citizenship
•   Multiculturalism
•   Freedom of Movement
•   Full Press Freedom (However will be sued for libal if stories are found untrue and are vigorously factchecked)
•   Freedom of Speech
•   Freedom of Assembly
•   Right to Private Property
•   Independent Civil Service
•   1year of compulsory military service after finishing high school
•   Government having the authority to nationalize businesses
•   Workfare and upskilling programs for the unemployed subsidised by the government to curb labour and skill shortages
•   Keynesian government intervention in times of economic crises
•   Universal access to basic healthcare with optional private insurance wwhich can be paid for via insurance premiums via commercial health funds.
•   A minimum wage of $15.20 per hour
•   Tax funded education for all citzens up to the university level, but has to be paid back later through student loan taxes (Kind of like Australia’s HECS-Fee Help system)
•   National pension fund and retirement fund system

Due to their policies being so universally inclusive and all encompassing the BUP has cemented themselves of being a big tent party to the point that they have become the only political party to ever govern the young republic. It has been noted that on the international stage that the BUP governs in the form of a pragmatic if not soft dictatorship due to their all-encompassing presence in the in the country’s political sphere. The BUP hasn’t criticized or endorsed this view but rather prefers their policies do the talking for them and instead like to focus more on long term economic development and planning over debating political theory.

Government Administration

Executive Branch: The head of the executive branch is known as the President. THe President is responsible for the day to day administration of all federal government departments and agencies and the nation in general as well as the administration and formulating federal government policies. The president is elected into office via a general election every 10 years and can only serve 1 term (10 years maximum). The President has the power to appoint his cabinet members and is the supreme commander of the armed forces and has the power to make laws and push legislation through the Federal Diet.

Legislative Branch: The legislative branch is headed by the institution known as the Federal Diet. The Federal Diet is the supreme law-making institution within the Republic of Biseam. The members of the Federal Diet are elected by their constituents at a municipal level once every 5 years and have no term limits. The Federal diet has the power to declare war and peace and to approve or veto the executive governments federal budget, as well as approve amend or get rid of any legislation. All legislative action must be taken via a majority vote within the floor

Judicial Branch: The supreme judicial body in Biseam is the High Court of Biseam. Headed by 7 Chief Justices. All Justices are appointed and are expected to serve their terms of office until the retirement age of 70. The High Court is the final Court of appeal and have the power of judicial review in cases of clashing legislation or if a piece of legislation clashes with Biseam’s constitution. The Chief Justices are appointed by the Federal Biseam Bar Association to ensure full judicial separation.

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Re: The Republic of Biseam
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2019, 11:22:03 PM »
Economic Overview

Population: 23,476,206
GDP Per Capita (PPP): $33,423.77
GDP per Capital (Nominal): $23,730.87
GDP (PPP): $784,663,309,816.62
GDP (Nominal): $577,110,792,679.22
Currency: Hyoga (ի)
Exchange Rate:  ի 1.00=$0.71/$1.00= ի1.41
HDI: 0.920 (High)
Gini Coefficient: 28.1 (Low)
Unemployment Rate: 4.6%
Labour Force by occupation: 7% Agriculture,40% Manufacturing,53% Services
Income Tax Rate: 10%-33% (Progressive Tax Structure)
Corporate Tax Rate: 15%
VAT/GST (Sales Tax): 10%

Main industries

Primary Sector: Timber, Zink, Copper Ore

Secondary Sector: Automobiles, IT  Products, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Machinery.

Tertiary Sector: Education, Entertainment, Public Health, Financial & Banking Services, Building and Construction, Civil Engineering,

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Re: The Republic of Biseam
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2019, 08:25:09 AM »
Biseami Presidents

Hwang Jae Rhee

Bio- Pending

Gyong Shae Madou


Helmut Van Kholm

Bio- Pending

Angela Wai Jiang


Ayumi Taiyama


Ryoji Hatoyama


Johannes Cheong Mayama

Status-Current President
Reign-10/2/2019- (current)

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Re: The Republic of Biseam
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2019, 12:16:29 AM »
Major Cities

Name: Cheoul
Population: 5,321,147
Description: Cheoul is the capital city of Biseam and is the political and administrative centre of the federal government and is also the centre for education as the most prestigious schools are found in the city and where many of the nations students go to be the nations governmental leaders.

Name: Shuto
Population: 3,120,365
Description: Shuto is the second largest city and is found in the south east coast of Biseam. The city is the center of Biseam's financial activity as the stock exchange is and where many of the top ten banks, insurance companies and accounting firms house their main headquarters.

Name: Port Banhaander
Population: 3,772,710
Description: Port Banhaander was the old capital of Biseam in Bieams period of Huiss colonial rule. The city however hasn't lost its Huiss colonial roots as the city has been seen as a Huiss cultural enclave, as well as being the nations import/export trading hub. Many logistics companies house their headquarters in Port Banhaander, the city also houses most of the nations entertainment sector as many of Biseam's celebrities call this city home.

Name: Hanjin
Description:  Hanjin is the science and technological centre of Biseam. This city is very blue collar in terms of industry and culture. Most of the building and construction industry is found in Hanjin as well as many IT companies house their companies here and most of the commercial sector here is centred on IT and engineering and manufacturing  Biseams consumer electronics as well as the nations automobiles.

Name: Taegu
Population: 2,344,730
Description: Taegu is Biseam's centre of their traditional culture and is said to be the city of temples and shrines thus culturally it is seen as a rather conservative city.The cities economy is centered mostly around cultural tourism, hospitality and agribusiness as they are an inland city surrounded by various farmlands and agricultural settlements.

Population: 2,785,324
Description: Haansenburg was once just a collection of small farming villages and communities and is now a resource mining town especially zinc and processing industrial chemicals. It also boasts an agribusiness sector to rival even that of Taegu. While it is a relatively new city in terms of being counted as a metropolitan city, the city still has a rather blue collar vibe in terms of jobs centrerd around mining and manufacturing of FMCG products and farming.