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Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Vaguzia
« on: January 25, 2019, 08:14:11 PM »
Royali Fuarça Armatas Vaguzia

Royal Vaguzian Navy (Royali Vaguziase Marina)
Headquarters: Saburi
Commanding officer: Admiral Viviano De Bernardo
Active Members: Approx. 38,000
Reservist: Approx. 15,000
Motto: "Bravery on Seas worldwide"

Royal Vaguzian Army(Royali Vaguziase Terrafuarça)
Headquarters: Livofati
Commanding officer: General Fabrizio Scatena
Active Members: Approx. 180,000 (exluding Tenagri Legiona)
Reservists: Approx 30,000
Motto: "For each other, always!"

Royal Vaguzian Airforce(Royali Aerofuarça Vaguzia)
Headquarters: Northern Saburi
Commanding officer: Marshal of The R.A.V. Marco Saponaro
Active Members: Approx. 40,000
Reservists: Approx. 15,000
Motto: "Till the stars and further"

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Re: Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Vaguzia
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2019, 12:57:35 AM »
Military Service and National Service
Considering the very violent history of Vaguzia, with several civil wars and terror attacks, it is important that Vaguzia has a reasonable big Military, to assure this, Mandatory Military Service had been introduced in 1909, Girls have a Mandatory National Service since 2018, which means they dont necessarily have to serve in the military but can also choose to help school or hospitals, boys dont have these choices and have to serve in the Military. Military Service is at least 2 years and the National Service for Girls is for 1 and a half year.

Other than most countries, people who are serving the mandatory military service, do get send to combat not on a rare base, like in West-Moreland and the Borlander areas, and also a few in Phuebra. It is considered to be a huge honour in Vaguzia to fight for your country so a lot of Vaguzians request to serve their military service in the Commandos or Marines, so they can see frontline action.

Stages of Military Service:
Stage 1 (Military Training): 2 months of intense physical and tactical training and you learn about arms and military history
Stage 2 (Supporting role): In this stage you are officially part of the Military but you will not be assigned to important jobs, you will mainly help Officers.
Stage 3 (Ready for Combat):  The other 16 months that are now left, you will be a fully functional soldier and from this stage you must be prepared to get send out to combat

Normally you need to serve these 2 years of Military Service from the moment you turn 18, you can however if you are studying, delay it to your 26th.

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Re: Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Vaguzia
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2019, 09:43:12 PM »
Royal Vaguzian Navy (Royali Vaguziase Marina)
The Royal Vaguzian Navy was founded in 1499 by Admiral Antiono Leonardo, who was fighting piracy in the Mhorish Sea and also made sure Saburi couldnt be attacked from sea, in 1609 the Navy got Royal Status. Nowadays the Navy is seen as the weaker force compared to the Airforce and the Army but has been having more and more funding over the last years.

Active Members: 38,000
Reservists: 15,000

Class: Royal Vaguzian Carrier Class
Ships in Service: 1. HMS Quentin

Class: Ornati Multipurpose Frigate
Ships in Service: 1. HMS the Six Provinces
                         2. HMS Davidson III
                         3. HMS Gesaja
                         4. HMS Timotia
                         5. HMS Mhorish

Class: Hawk Frigate Class
Ships in Service: 1. HMS Saburi
                         2. HMS Leonard I
                         3. HMS Zion
                         4. HMS Zulu
                         5. HMS Satudarrah
                         6. HMS Haifa

Class: Winston Class Destroyer
Ships in Service: 1. HMS Elisabeth
                         2. HMS Anubis
                         3. HMS Izra
                         4. HMS Davidson I
                         5. HMS Théo
                         6. HMS Alejandro

Class: Royal Class Drone Carrier
Ships in Service: 1. HMS Xavier Jésus

Class: Domanti Class Patrol Vessel
Ships in Service: 10 in service, each given a number

Class: Andreas Class Submarine
Ships in Service: 1. HMS Verdia
                         2. HMS Leonard II
                         3. HMS Izra
                         4. HMS Valenze
                         5. HMS Valentino

Class: Theodore Class Minehunter
Ships in Service: 8 in Service, all given a number

Class: Rossi Class Joint Logistic Support
Ships in Service: 1. HMS Flumon
                         2. HMS Vallis

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Re: Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Vaguzia
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2019, 02:09:05 PM »
Royal Vaguzian Airforce (Royali Aerofuarça Vaguzia)
The Royal Vaguzian Airforce was established in 1918 to be prepared for bombings from the air in Great War, it also played a major role in the Vaguzian Civil War of 1982-1985 and some say that the Airforce single-handedly won the Civil War for the Royalists, nowadays the Airforce is seen as the pride of Vaguzia and is considered to be one of the best in Mundus.

Active Members: 40,000
Reservists: 15,000

Aircraft: Polrevento Quentin, Multirole Fighter/ Ground Attack
In Service: 120

Aircraft: O-45, Multirole Fighter
In Service: 140

Aircraft: Ornati Nochastombello, Interceptor
In Service: 65

Aircraft: OC-500, Ground Attack
In Service: 10

Aircraft: OC-150, Transport
in Service: 33

Aircraft: OC-250, Air refueling, transport
In Service: 18

Aircraft: OCU-3, UAV
In Service: 40

Aircraft: OC-360, AEW&C
In Service: 3

Aircraft: O-19, Trainer
In Service: 13

Aircraft: FA-44, Early Trainer
In Service: 35

Aircraft: OH-70, Attack helicopter
In Service: 50

Aircraft: OH-47, Transport helicopter
In Service: 65

Aircraft: OH-95, Utility helicopter
In Service: 60

Aircraft: OH-390, Utility helicopter
In service: 40
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Re: Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Vaguzia
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2019, 08:31:59 AM »
Royal Vaguzian Army (Royali Vaguziase Terrafuarça)
The Royal Vaguzian army was formed in 1109 as the Royal Gesajan Army to defend Gesaja from foreign wild men attacking the country, in 1457 it continued as the Royal Vaguzian Army after the creation of the Kingdom of Vaguzia, it is also the largest Force within the Vaguzian Armed Forces, this mainly because most Military Conscripts serve in the Army, The Commandos also are part of the Vaguzian Army, just like the Elite Forces of Vaguzia: the Tenagri Legiona.

Active Members: 180,000
Reservists: 30,000


Weapon: OHG-19
Type: Handgun

Weapon: Timotia 28
Type: Handgun

Weapon: OAR-26
Type: Assault Rifle

Weapon: TAR-8
Type: Assault Rifle

Weapon: SAR-V
Type: Assault Rifle

Weapon: SSAR-2
Type: Sniper rifle

Weapon: MOG-5
Type: Marksman rifle

Weapon: SSAR-1
Type: Sniper rifle

Weapon: MiMi-3
Type: Support Weapon

Weapon: V-MG-2
Type: Machine gun

Weapon: SAS-2
Type: Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Weapon: SS-5
Type: Shotgun

Weapon: ATG-2
Type: Anti-Tank

Weapon: OMAP-2

Weapon: OGL-2
Type: Grenade Launcher

Combat Vehicles and Mortars:

Vehicle: Quentin III
Type: Main Battle Tank
Amount: 50

Vehicle: Quentin II
Type: Main Battle Tank
Amount: 600

Vehicle: QIF-3
Type: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Amount: 1,200

Vehicle: QAV-2
Type: Armoured Personal Carrier.
Amount: 750

Vehicle: QBM-2000
Type: Self Propelled Howitzer
Amount: 350

Vehicle: Bushmaster
Type: Armoured Vehicle
Amount: 800

Vehicle: OrnatiAr-2
Type: Armoured Vehicle
Amount: 900

Vehicle: Q8W-2
Type: Amphibious Armoured Personel Carrier
Amount: 600

Vehicle: Toques-3
Type: Infantry Mobility Vehicle
Amount: 900

Vehicle: Bora
Type: Armoured Vehicle
Amount: 1,000

Vehicle: QuentinD-1
Type: Tank Destroyer
Amount: 15

Vehicle: QAA-12
Type: Surface-to-air missile system
Amount: 50

Vehicle: OAA-109-Patriota
Type: Mobile long-range surface-to-air missile with anti-ballistic missile capability
Amount: 25

Mortar: OM16

Mortar: OM28
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Re: Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Vaguzia
« Reply #5 on: January 31, 2019, 09:21:31 PM »
Tenagri Legiona

Commanded by Colonel Jean-Louis Delsarte

The Tenagri Legiona (Vaguzian for the Black Legion) was founded in 1011 to protect the Gesajan King, through the years it changed into a group of elite assassins and they soon became one of the most feared men in AK, they became so feared that parents used to tell scary stories to their children about the Tenagri that they would kill them at night if they weren't behaving when in 1457 Vaguzia became a nation, the Tenagri Legiona also became part of the Royal Vaguzian Army, since 1678 it changed into the Elite Forces of Vaguzia again. Nowadays Tenagri Legiona get sent out to places all over the world and also in some Anti-Terror operations in Vaguzia. It has 400 members who are all men, women are allowed to join the Tenagri but because of the heavy physical requirements, not one woman has succeeded in joining the Tenagri. To join the Tenagri you have to served at least 5 years in either the Commandos or the Marines and you will also need to be nominated by 3 different officers and then pass an interview with a Red Legion NCO. After the initial NCO interview the canidadate undergoes various aptitude tests and psychological profiling.

Physical Requirements:

Minimal Length: 175cm
Minimal Weight: 68kg
You have no eye defects / wear no glasses or contact lenses.
You have no hearing defects

Stage 1 (1 Week): You are going to have to run 21km within 1 hour and 15 minutes. the day after the other fitness tests will follow: 50 press ups, 60 sit ups to be completed within 2 minutes, climb a rope of 10m, swimming with overall, 100m breaststroke, 100m backstroke, 100m front crawl, 100m with weapon and 15m under water. If you have past these tests you will be blindfolded and transported to the Tenagri Legiona Base.

Stage 2 (4 Weeks): In the 2nd week you will be dropped from a plane around 70km from the Tenagri Legiona Base, you and your squad will first have to find each other and then you will have to try your way back to the base with the given coordinates and a compass and map within 24 hours, The Legionnaires rucksack must weigh 22kg upon completion and a standard issue rifle must be carried. Week 3, 4 and 5 you will be having 40km full packed marches, A 30km march to be completed while reading a map and carrying 16kg rucksack and a 5kg rifle, a jump into the water from 20m height, 15km swimming and more full packed long distance marches, if you any fail any of these, you are out.

The following stages have been heavily influenced by the Red Legion

Stage 3 (12 Weeks): 
This consists of detailed and realistic training in weapon handling, vehicle handling, demolitions and small unit patrol tactics. The candidates are assessed each day and any failing to make progress return to their unit immediately.

Stage 4 (8 Weeks): You will be sent to the Northern Vaguzian Alps where you will be patrolling in ice cold conditions with candidates allocated to a four man patrol, each patrol supervised by a serving Tenagri Legiona NCO. Cold and rain are persistent, potentially demoralising the candidate, and skin contusions, frost bit, hyperthermia and blisters must be cared for due to the risk of infection. Training includes winter survival, patrol techniques, navigation, ski handling, camp and observation post techniques, contact drills and medicine.
The final test encompasses these skills, where all things that have been learned must be applied correctly in a tactical environment. Any candidate thought not to be making progress is returned to their unit.

Stage 5 (6 weeks): Using skills learned so far the potential Legionnaire receives detailed training in Survival skills, Escape and evasion, resistance to capture and exfiltration. Any candidate thought not to be making progress is returned to their unit.

Week four see's Legionnaires given ill fitting 1960's equipment and a hand drawn map. They are to evade capture while travelling between checkpoints with a Hunter force chasing them. Once caught or upon reaching the final checkpoint they are "captured", often realistically, and taken to the Army's interegation centre. There they undertake a week of interegation where giving anything other than "Name, Rank, Number, Date of Birth and "Sorry I can't answer that question" " results in a fail. Candidates are exposed to sleep deprivation, extreme heat and cold, starvation, dehydration and other forms of mental torture.

The Ceremony and the consequences of joining the Tenagri Legiona:
If you have passed all these stages, you will first get a big hazing which tends to be very violent and after that you will be handed the Black Beret of the Tenagri Legiona, joining the Tenagri Legiona will also have big consequencen on your life, you will get a fake identity for your private life and only your closest family is allowed to know about you being member of the Tenagri Legiona.