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The Free State of Autodale
« on: May 19, 2019, 08:30:47 PM »

Motto:- Government is God, Thinking is Slavery, Democracy is Dictatorship
National Anthem:- The pledge


The Free State of Autodale came up after a brutal revolution to overthrow the past government. The nation was originally a democratic, capitalist nation called Zebraska, however, things changed because of rising tensions and instability created by internal problems: corruption, divided populace and increasingly decline in economy and stability. The nation also started to spent on military too much, leading to a rebellion backed by military units. The revolution was brutal and after years of bloody fights, the government was toppled and soon a Revolutionary government was installed in it's place. However, the new government soon abused the power through elimination of other parties and opponents, other revolutionaries and then took control over judicial and legislative, so it could abolish the democratic process altogether. 19 years into the future, the present of Autodale is looking bad. The actual government is corrupted and oppressive, abusing its powers and keeping people in constant terror and lies.

Government Type:-

The government type is a dictatorship, without democratic process, freedom of speech, right to private property or any rights whatsoever. The freedom of people is depending on the benevolence of Big Papa, the name of the government that rules over Autodale with an iron fist. The government is renown for its secrecy and for it's hierarchy type of system in which people are categorized in three main categories:

The Proles: people who make up 65 percents of the nation and represent the dumb working class, they being only a result of the poverty they live in. They are careless about politics and have few needs, including sexual content like images and newspaper. They are also generally not so hugely controlled by the state or punished so harshly as they get to be the other classes.

Population:-:- How many people live there?
Capital City:- Name of City (population)
Demonym:- What do we call your people.


Currency:- What money do you have
GDP per Capita:- A measure of wealth
Unemployment Rate:- There is no know number of people lacking jobs since the state hides the statistics. The official sources tell that the value is 0 thanks to the state-planned economy that works perfectly giving everyone a job through social engineering, but which is dubious and some speculate that this leads to severe and brutal actions from the state, forcing people to be in a certain job and having a truly planned economy in every detail, everyone being assigned a job. However nobody knows how people go with that and what happens with those who do not succeed, some sources tell that people who fail to met the government expectations disappear, others say that generally the state cannot genuinely control everyone.
Main Industries:- What does your nation make money from.


Ethnicity:- What background do you people have
Languages:- What do you speak
Religions:- What faith do you follow
Average Life Expectancy:- How long do people live


Head of State:- Name of Head of State
Head of Government:- Name of Head of Government
Name of Legislative Body:- Parliament etc