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Reference Note - Awhaele
« on: October 05, 2019, 04:56:30 PM »
As Awhaele is under my primary nation claim of Achkaerin there will not be a detailed factbook of Awhaele however for the purposes of context this post provides detail relating to the history of Awhaele and the current state of affairs.

Population: Estimated to be about 20 million
Government Type: Parliamentary Republic
Head of State: Prime Minister (NAME)
Name of Legislative Body: Awhaele Parliament

Faejeon Monarch: Queen Siora Qivalur
Faejeon Legislative: High Council

Other at a glance details to follow


The island of Awhaele is a territory that was settled by the Kingdom of Vaguzia in 1477, the Kingdom would subsequently establish over the next few years a number of settlements in the south western region of the island coming into contact with the natives and establishing a friendship. Around the same time the Holy Empire of Achkaerin approaching from the north east landed on the island and came into contact with the Faejeon, the trading outpost of Alnor was founded soon after. Peaceful co-existence remained the status quo until the 1700's.

In 1711 the Vaguzian governor of the nations territory on Awhaele had several Faejeon people severely punished for a crime they didn't commit, following this relations between Vaguzia and the Faejeon broke down with the Faejeon refusing to give their goods to Vaguzia for trade. In 1712 the situation turned violent following the ascension to the throne of King Leonard I of Vaguzia (who coveted lordship of the island and its precious metals) and saw the rising tension on the island as an opportunity to get what he wanted. The Vaguzian's would sack the great Faejeon city of Cyalona later that year capturing the Faejeon King and Queen who were months later paraded through the streets of Vallis like trophies and then executed. Following this Achkaerin intervened by halting the Vaguzian advance on Mount Rao, a sacred Faejeon site, this led to the Achkaerin-Vaguzia war and lasted until 1720 resulting in a Vaguzian defeat. During this war several hundred Faejeon obtained passage on Achkaerinese merchant vessels travelling to Achkaerin.

In 1874 the Faejeon, still greatly angered by historic events, attempted to remove the Vaguzian presence on the islands launching a six year conflict led by the village chieftains. It was following the battle of Partisarum in 1880 (the bloodiest of the conflict and won by Vaguzia) that Achkaerin negotiated a peace treaty that remains in effect until the modern day. The basics of the treaty are:
  • Neither Achkaerin or Vaguzia shall seek to claim sovereignty over Awhaele unless the people of Awhaele decide otherwise
  • Achkaerin and Vaguzia shall not deploy military forces onto Awhaele (this was suspended by mutual consent for the Great War period and then reinstated)
  • Achkaerin and Vaguzia shall reaffirm their commitment to this treaty by signature every five years.

OOC Notes

Much of this is still a work in progress and groundwork for future RP

There has not been a Faejeon monarch since the execution of the King in the 1700's (names of King and Queen not yet determined)

The next signature reaffirmation is due in 2020.