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Ismali Republic of Libertais
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Motto:- There is no God but Isfah, and Mazdaki is the messenger of Ishah.
National Anthem:- National Anthem of Libertais


Libertais, officially the Ismali Republic of Libertais, is a moderately sized nation located in South Central Coft Aranye in the north of the sea of Kyne. Libertais is bordered by Juyipia to the West and South and Tamora to the East. The capital, and largest city, is Kanduz. The population of the country is largely made up of Libertainians, with sizeable minority groups of Tamorans and Juyipians.

Government Type:- Ismali Republic
Population:-:- 32 Million
Capital City:- Kanduz (4.2 million)
Demonym:- Libertainians


Currency:- Libertaisi
GDP per Capita:- $512
Unemployment Rate:- 25.6%
Main Industries:- Crude Oil Production, Fruit Production, Poppy Seed Production


Ethnicity:- Majority of the population remains Libertainian. Small groups of other minorities, such as Juyipians, exist in the borderlands, but exact figures are unattainable.
Languages:- Libertaish
Religions:- Mazdakian Ismali
Average Life Expectancy:- 57


Head of State:- Amanullah Khan
Head of Government:- Amanullah Khan
Name of Legislative Body:- Libertainian Senate

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