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Motto:- Strength Through Freedom


While some countries are unified by ethnicity, culture or history, the people of Juyipia are unified by one thing: freedom. Being a former colony of the Albionese left a sour taste in the hearts and minds of the Juyipian people. This has manifested itself in a complete disdain for any governmental authority. Whilst a democratic republic, the only party that ever seems to win is the one that promises to do the least. This has, for the last 20 years, been the Juyipian Party, and it seems unlikely that this will change any time soon.

Government Type:- Democratic Republic
Population:-:- 21 Million
Capital City:- New Juyip City
Demonym:- Juyipian


Currency:- There is no governmentally mandated currency in this nation, though the people tend to trade with beads or gold. More recently, they have taken to trading in crypto-currencies, but this is mainly among the elite.
GDP per Capita:- $1250
Unemployment Rate:- 0.8%
Main Industries:- Drug production and export, agriculture, prostitution, lithium mining.


Ethnicity:- Juyipian
Languages:- Albionese Creole
Religions:- Some follow traditional tribal religions, other than that the population is mostly atheist.
Average Life Expectancy:- 50 years


Head of State:- None
Head of Government:- Don Booyip
Name of Legislative Body:- The council of Juyipia