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The Realm of Cassiopeia
« on: October 14, 2020, 11:26:51 AM »

Stories tell us that there once lived a Queen called Cassiopeia, the daughter of  Coronus ( a famed warrior) and Zeuxo (a water nymph). She was believed to be so beautiful that Kings and Princes of neighbouring realms would give her land just for a chance to sit next to her at banquets. This lead to her becoming rather arrogant. She married a famed soldier called Aeolus and the pair soon become leaders of a large area of land that became their own realm. Life there was said to be good and everyone lived in peace. Aeolus and Cassiopeia began to raise a family including a daughter called Andromeda who legends say was even more beautiful than her mother. News of the beauty of the mother and daughter soon spread outside their continental home and a group of water nymphs heard of the Queen's boasts about her and the young Princesses beauty outshining theirs. As such these jealous water nymphs determined that they would curse the Queen's land with a giant flood killing thousands. The Queen begged for mercy and the nymphs agreed that should Andromeda be chained to the cliffs on the shore of their land they would halt the floods at that point. Desperate to save her people the Queen was willing to consider this however she found her teenage daughter Andromeda had already begun to journey to the cliffs to essentially sacrifice herself for the people. Sadly a young man obsessed with the young Princesses beauty unchained her and whisked her away to safety. Seeing their sacrifice taken away from them the nymphs prepared to destroy the nation. Cassiopeia however offered her life in return for the nations and threw herself from the cliffs towards the sea. Seeing her love for the people Poseidon refused to allow her to enter the sea and instead sent her to reside with the Gods in the heavens. Poseidon punished the water nymphs for their demands and helped install Andromeda as Queen. Her first act was to punish the young man who had prevented her from saving the nation and effectively doomed her mother to die in her place. The new Queen's beauty was such that she took Poseidon as her lover and their descendants have ruled over the realms established by Cassiopeia every since.

Today the nation has a population of approximately 68million people, collectively known as Cassiopeians.

Racial Breakdown:- 80% Cassiopeian (RL Greek), 5% Ikhan, 5% Rokkenjiman, 5% Novinican, 5% Iwi
Languages:- Greek is the only official language permitted.
Religion:- 85% Olympian, 15% various faiths from Ikhan, Rokkenjima, Novinica, The Iwi
Capital City:- Golgagra (Population around 2.2million)
Primary Exports:- Aluminium , Medicament, Fruits and Nuts, Fresh or Dried Grains, Vegetables, Prepared or Preserved fish, Fresh or Frozen meat products, fabrics.
Primary Imports:- Petroleum Products, Chemicals, Gas, Heavy machinery, motor vehicles.
GDP per capita:- $22,034
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Re: The Realm of Cassiopeia
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2020, 12:42:49 PM »

The Realm of Cassiopeia is ruled over by a Queen who is elected from what is known as the Celestial Family. This is a group of people the Oracles of the Gods have approved as having a "direct and strong blood connection to Andromeda and Poisedon. Thus the blood of the great martyr (Cassiopeia) and the Gods follows through them." The Queen does not though have the authority to rule only regarding the her will, she must work with the Celestial Council and the National Assembly.

The Celestial Council is a body made up of 12 individuals, one representing each Olympian God. These people are not members of the Priesthood however they are selected by the Priests and Oracles who may use any method they wish to select their representative. Each representative serves for 12 months but may serve an unlimited number of terms, although it is customary that no one serves more than three consecutive ones.

The National Assembly is made up of 187 individuals who are elected by proportional representation. The party with the largest number of seats appoints the Prime Minister. Elections are held every four years unless either the Queen or 8 members of the Celestial Council sign a letter of no confidence in the Assembly.


The Queen is in charge of the following without reference to any other authority

*The Armed Forces
*Foreign Treaties
*Appointing Oracles of the Gods
*Conferring titles and honours
*Overseeing elections
*Confirming the death penalty
*All matters she deems is important to national security.
*Giving final approval to legislation (should she refuse then the legislation will be postponed until following the next National Assembly election at which point the new National Assembly may overrule the Queen.)

The complex of the Queen

The Council are responsible for the following.

*Reviewing and approving legislation from the National Assembly.
*Providing the Queen with advice on matters under her control.
*Making regular reports to the Queen on certain matters relating to their office.
*Overseeing the correct adherence to customs and rituals connected to their office.
*Approving changes in taxation
*Drawing up shortlists for positions in the judiciary and priesthood.

Celestial Council Building


The National Assembly are responsible for

*The drafting and debating of new laws or changes to existing laws.
*Representing the concerns of the people to the Queen

Current Queen:- Queen Atlanta II (born in 1980, coronated in 2018 following the collapse of a military junta using Queen Cassandra as a puppet)
Current Celestial Council:-

Representative Of...... (Key Responsibility)

Zeus (Justice) - TBC
Hera (Health Care) -TBC
Poseidon (Ports and Docks) -TBC
Demeter (Agriculture) -TBC
Athena (Trade) - TBC
Apollo (Education) - TBC
Artemis (Environment) -TBC
Ares (Armed Forces) -TBC
Aphrodite (Children) -TBC
Hephaestus (Industry) -TBC
Hermes (Security) -TBC
Dionysus (Culture) -TBC
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Re: The Realm of Cassiopeia
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Queen Atalanta II

Tradition dictates that having been elected as Queen the new monarchy gives up her birth name and adopts one given to her by the Oracles of the 12 Olympian Gods. These Oracles are those in charge of the Priesthood devoted to that God or Goddess and could be considered in many ways a mini-Pope. The factors they consider when naming the new Queen are her physical appearance, her personal devotions to the Gods, her character and the various omens seen throughout the Queen's life to that point. Traditionally names are drawn from great females in the nations mythology and of the wider pantheon of the Gods.

The current Queen is Atalanta II, her birth name is Hanlia Manolas. She was given the name Atalanta in honour of the mythological character who the Orcacles saw similarities between the pair. Hanlia joined the nations Navy at the age of 18, the Orcales stated that as some stories state Atalanta served aboard the Argo with Jason. Hanlia was wounded as took part in a boarding operation on a suspect drug trafficing ship, the Oracles pointed to the story of Atalanta being injured in battle battle at Colchis. Finally as a young girl Hanlia of six years of age she was lost for 6 hours on a mountainside near her families home. During the search for her the coat she had been wearing was discovered being played with by a bear, the young girl having dropped it while wandering lost in the woods. This mirrored the story of Atalanta being raised in woods by bears for some time. Hanlia accepted her Queen name gladly and uses the mottif of the bear as her seal.

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Re: The Realm of Cassiopeia
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2020, 07:42:25 PM »
Policies & Stances

• Abortion: Legal only in cases of rape, incest or if progressing full term would endanger the mother's life

• Adultery: Legal.

• Affirmative action: No.

• Age of consent: 16.

• Age of majority: 18.

• Artificial insemination: Legal.

• Assisted suicide: Illegal

• Bestiality: Illegal.

• Birth control: Legal.

• Childcare: Government fund 25 hours per week childcare for those aged 6months to age 4.

• Concealed carry: Permitted only by former military.

• Death penalty: Used for murders, treason and rape involving a minor

• Divorce: Legal.

• Double jeopardy: Allowed only in cases when there is new and compelling evidence against the accused.

• Drinking age: 16 for beer, 18 for liquor

• Driving age: May begin driving at 16 but must be supervised until pass a road safety course and exam. 

• Education: Compulsary between the ages of 4-18. Students must learn Greek, Maths, Science, History and Religious Education until the age of 16.

• Eminent domain: Legal for public purposes with fair compensation for property owners.

• Equal pay for equal work: Yes.

• Felony disenfranchisement: Yes

• Flag desecration: No official stance

• Gambling age: 16

• Gun purchase age: 18.

• Homosexuality in the military: Legal.

• Human cloning: Illegal.

• In vitro fertilization: Legal.

• Marriageable age: 16 in arranged marriages, 18 otherwise.

• Military conscription: No.

• Minimum wage: Yes

• Parental leave: Parents granted 18 months of leave. Can be split however the family wish between them.

• Polygamy: Illegal

• Pornography: Legal. Pornography depicting individuals younger than 18 years is illegal.

• Prostitution: Permitted on licensed premises only. Workers must be registered, have regular health checks and have completed a health education course.

• Public transport: Government subsidies

• Race: Crimes in which a judge feels race was a determining factor, e.g assault motivated by race, carry a 20% extra penalty.

• Same-sex marriage: Not permitted however civil partnerships are permitted.

• School leaving age: 18

• Sex reassignment surgery: Legal but must be privately funded.

• Sex toys: Legal.

• Sexually transmitted diseases: Knowingly risking infecting someone else can carry a charge of attempted murder.

• Smoking age: 16

• Sodomy laws: None

• State ideology: Officially None.

• Stem cell research: Legal.

• Taxation: Progressive tax system.

• Torture: Illegal.

• Trial by jury: For all but capital offenses. Capital offences are determined by three judges and two members of the Priesthood.

• Universal healthcare: All non-cosmetic treatments free at point of use but paid for by taxation. Cosmetic treatments are permitted at the discretion of doctors either fully funded if deemed to be severely damaging mental health, partially funded or privately funded.

• Voting age: Having obtained a Grade B or higher in Government and Politics you may vote at age 16, otherwise voting is open to all at age 18.

• Women's rights: Full Equality

• Working age: 16.

• Working week: 45 hrs (max).

• Narcotics: Split into thee categories. A - Fully legal from any store (e.g Canabis based products) B - Legal from any licensed store or if consumed on licensed premises (e.g Magic Mushrooms) C- Not legal in any circumstances (e.g Heroin). Punishment for drug possession and dealing is harsh.

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Re: The Realm of Cassiopeia
« Reply #4 on: October 14, 2020, 10:39:53 PM »

The Realm of Cassiopeia is split into 10 Provinces with a further 1 known as a Capital Province (marked yellow on the map). Each Province retains a Phylarch, a title of nobility given in ancient times to each provinces cavalry commander a position considered to be a great honour. Today the Phylarch is responsible for maintaining a small ceremonial guard which is used by the Queen from time to time. The are similar to what would be considered Dukes in other Kingdoms across the world. As with many places in the nation the Provinces are named after significant women from folklore and myth who are believed to have had some connection to either the region or the original rulers family.

1. Pandora

2. Medea

3. Ithaca

4. Arachne

5. Hekabe

6. Ariadne

7. Danaλ

8. Pyrrha

9. Leda

10. Circe

While many of the world have other names for areas of the coast around the nation two bays are given special names within the Realm. The first is the Bay of Sacrifice. It is here that people believe first Andromeda and then Cassiopeia set out to make their sacrifice of their lives in exchange for the safety of their people. A large lighthouse has been constructed several times at the site where people claim the event took place. It has been replaced following natural disasters with its latest form having been constructed in the 17th Century.

The second is the Bay of the Nymphs. It was here that people believe Cassiopeia's mother, Zeuxo ( a water nymph) gave birth to the future Queen. A temple marks the spot where it is believed the newborn baby was washed ashore.

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Re: The Realm of Cassiopeia
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Cassiopeia has a three tier system for court proceedings.

1. The Prytaneis Courts - Prytaneis are locally appointed individuals given responsibility for hearing cases. They are often respected lawyers in the employ of the crown.

2. The Provincial Courts - One in each of the 11 Provinces they hear cases reaching them for their geographical area. This is based on where the crime was committed. These hearings are overseen by a Crown appointed judge with a jury in most cases.

3. The Celestial Court - This is the final court of appeal and also the court that hears capital crimes. In the case of final appeals cases are determined by three crown appointed judges, in the case of capital crimes by a jury.

Upon being formally charged with any crime the accused is taken to the Prytaneis Court within 48 hours of the charge being made. At this point they are asked how the intend to plead and may select, "guilty", "not-guilty" or "unprepared". In cases where the individual pleads guilty the Prytaneis will pass sentence within 7 calendar days. Should the Prytaneis believe a sentence of longer than 12 months is needed the case must be referred to the Provincial Court. In the case of entering a not guilty plea the Prytaneis determines whether if a trial returns a guilty verdict the accused would receive a sentence of longer than 12 months or not. Should the likely punishment be less than 12 months the case remains in the Prytaneis Court otherwise it is sent to a Provincial Court. In circumstances where the accused believes they are not ready to argue their case they plead "Unprepared" the Prytaneis then sets a date for another plea hearing 100 days in the future. The Prytaneis can if they believe necessary remand the accused in custody or set conditions for them remaining free until their court date. It is possible to plead "unprepared" three times. People charged with murder, treason or rape involving a minor are automatically sent to the Celestial Court.

Upon a case arriving at Provincial Court a jury of 13 individuals is sworn in and a judge presides over a court case in a pretty much standard way. Once the jury return a guilty verdict the judge will hand down a sentence deemed appropriate and inline with similar rulings in the past. Upon that sentence being handed down both the crown and the convicted may appeal the sentence. Additionally should either party believe the proceedings were not carried out correctly they may appeal.

Appeals and capital crimes are heard in the Celestial Court. The Queen appoints 12 judges and names are drawn at random to determine who shall hear each case as Head Judge. The Head judge will then appoint two others who shall sit with them in judgement of the case. If the crime has the potential to carry the death penalty then the three judges are supplemented by two members of the Priesthood selected from the province from where the crime took place. While nothing stops a Head Judge passing a death sentence on a majority guilty verdict this has not been done in 30 years.

Should the death sentence be passed down executions take place at Golgagra Halls of Correction at the 4th sun raise after the verdict has been given out. Despite Golgagra Halls of Correction hosting all executions the method of execution is determined by the custom of each province. Currently two methods are used. Pandora, Ithaca, Arachne and Hekabe utilizing firing squad while Medea, Ariadne, Danaλ, Pyrrha, Leda and Circe have elected to use hanging. On the night before execution all criminals however are given a vile of the poison known as Hemlock as taking their own life is seen as a way of having an honorable end to a dishonorable life.

Around five people a year on average are executed in Cassiopeia however since 2018 that number has increased significantly as those who aided the military junta that effectively ruled the nation for close to a decade have been arrested and found guilty of treason.

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Re: The Realm of Cassiopeia
« Reply #6 on: October 17, 2020, 01:13:56 AM »

The Cassiopeian Celestial Family is what many other monarchies would consider a "Royal" Family however it differs because an individual can not be a member of it simply by accident of birth. Upon being born to a parent who is a member of the Celestial Family a child begins a process of "Certification". This goes through three steps.

STEP 1- The Birth Omens

On the day of the childs birth the father must formally ask the Oracle of one of the 12 Olympian Gods to record the omens that they witness that day. These omens are inscribed on stone and placed in the Temples vault and are unseen by anyone other than the Oracle. Omens such as the position of the planets, sightings of certain animals, wind direction and various other elements connected to the God the father has asked to take the Omens. Often the stone tablets that have recorded the omens have become collectors items for collectors of antiquities and a great many have entered museums across the nation.

STEP 2 - The Certification

At any point after the child's 13th birthday the child may request to be certified as a member of the Celestial Family. Once they have asked to be certified they meet with the Oracle of the Temple where their stone tablet with their birth omens is stored. The Oracle will interview the child to ensure that they have a sound knowledge of the faith of the Olympian Gods, they have learned of the responsibilities of being in the Celestial Family and can recite from memory various oaths they are required to take during rituals. Once the Oracle is confident that the candidate has reached the necessary standard they meet on the following Saturday at the Temple of Zeus in Golgagra where the stone tablet is unveiled to Oracles of each of the 12 Olympian Gods. In addition the candidate is expected to present the Oracles with evidence, usually in the form of a family tree, that shows they have a direct connection to the first Queen of Cassiopeia who is believed to have been the child of Andromeda and Poseidon. In secret the Oracles vote on whether to issue a certificate of membership of the Celestial Family.

There is only one chance to become certified and if this is rejected then an individual can never be admitted into the Celestial Family.

STEP 3 - The Day of Oaths.

Exactly two years after being certified the individual is permitted to claim the title of Prince or Princess. They must on that day travel to Golgagra and visit a Temple dedicated to each of the 12 Olympian Gods and make an offering of a specially commissioned gold coin at each Temple.  At each Temple they also make an oath specific to that God and receive a blessing and a gift from the Oracle there. They always finish at the Temple of Poseidon where the gift given to them is a crown made of bronze in the shape of a laurel wreath. From that day on they are permitted to use the term Prince or Princess and inherit a certain rights and responsibilities. Should any member of the Celestial Family wish to give up these they can do so at any point by simply going to the Temple of Poseidon in Golgagra and returning their crown. Any female member of the Celestial Family can be considered for the position of Queen upon the death of the previous one.


*May offer live animal sacrifices to the Gods
*May commission the construction of Temples
*May claim an annual pension from the state "sufficient to their rank"
*May enroll children in any military academy
*May claim rooms at the Queen's Complex
*Must be if aged between 16-40 ready to serve in the military
*Must be able to provide "board and lodging" for representatives of the Queen travelling near their properties
*Must provide annually either the financial means or crops to feed 100 soldiers
*Must "undertake duties directed by the Queen" for at least 20 days a year
*Must have marriages approved by the Queen.


The Manolas Line
Queen Atalanta II (birth name Hanlia Manolas) - Unmarried with no children, born 1980
Princess Aleka - Queen Atalanta II's sister - born 1984, married to  Aristeidis Michelakos. Has two children Prince Yanis (b. 2003) and Lady Dimi (b.2010)
Prince Grigoris - Queen Atalanta II's brother - born 1986, married to  Natalia Stefanidis . Has one child Lord Yiannis (b.2011)
Princess (TBC) Lena - Queen Atalanta II's sister - born 2003.

The Metaxas Line
Princess Fotini Metaxas - Queen Atalanta II's cousin (b.1978) - married to Duke  Theofanis Stefanidis. Has two children Princess Margarita (b.2001) and Lord Aristokles (b.2009)
Prince Aeson Metaxas - Queen Atalanta II's cousin (b.1983) - married to  Ligeia Pachis. Has three children Prince Ambrosios (b. 2003), Lord Zenon (b.2010) and Lady Galene (b.2012)

The Floros Line
Prince Kreios Floros - Queen Atalanta II's cousin (b.1975) - married to Duchess  Paraskevoula Michelakos. Has four children, Prince Theocritus (b. 1998), Princess Lachesis (b.2000), Lord Lysimachos (b.2004), Lady Pherenike (b.2008)
Princess Tasoula - Queen Atalanta II's cousin (b.1983) - widowed but previously married to  Dimitrios Stavros (2004-2012). Has two children Lady Evangelia(b.2007) and Lord Lycurgus (b.2010)

The Andreas Line
Princess Clytia Andreas - Queen Atalanta's distant cousin (b.1960) married to  Xanthos Samaras. Has six children.
(b.1981) Prince Cronus - Son of Clytia married to  Aigle Kokkinos. Has two children Lord Kallikrates (b.2008) and Lord Spiridon (b. 2011)
(b.1983) Princess Klotho - Daughter of Clytia married to  Herakleios Katsaros . Has one child Lord Alcides (b. 2006)
(b.1988) Prince Ariston - Son of Clytia married to  Maria Papadimitriou . Has three children Lord Irenaeus (b. 2011), Lord Iason (b.2014) and Lord Eutychius (b.2017)
(b.1991) Princess Tasia - Daughter of Clytia married to  Morpheus Michelakakis . Have one child Lady Diana (b.2015)
(b.1993) Princess Ligeia - Daughter of Clytia engaged to  Vlassis Stavros
(b.2000) Lady Filippa - Daughter of Clytia. (Lady Filippa suffers from progressive blindness and at age 14 went totally blind. As such she can not fulfill the oath to undertake the responsibilities of the title Prince or Princess however should she have children they will be eligible for entry into the Celestial Family)

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Re: The Realm of Cassiopeia
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"Prevail or be Destroyed"

The Armed Forces of Cassiopeia have a long history that in recent times have been plunged into disgrace. Before 2010 a career in the military was one that carried great prestige however following the military high command becoming disillusioned with Queen Phaedra they had her assassinated and essentially forced the Oracles to elect Cassandra as Queen. Cassandra was married to a high ranking General and along with his friends in high command they imposed what was effectively Marshall Law on the nation. It is estimated that around a third of the military at this time deserted and fled to neighbouring nations in the hopes of causing an uprising later. With a significant number of the Realm's military being conscripts undertaking national service it was easy for this emerging Junta to ensure those remaining loyal were well rewarded and as such no uprising came until 2018. On the 17th March 2018 a group of special forces soldiers from the elite Doru Hoplite infiltrated the nation and in a co-ordinated attack assassinated half the Junta and lead a Palace coup to replace Queen Cassandra. In the coming days brief skirmishes took place across the nation however it was soon clear people wished an end to military rule.

As one of her first acts on becoming Queen, Hanlia Manolas who was to become Queen Atalanta II, ended the practice of national service and effectively cut out the disloyal elements of the military. Since then though the military while being shown respect by the Celestial Family has struggled to reach the targets required for its full strength. As such while the nations military spending under the Junta increased and state of the art equipment was acquired much of it has since not been utilised fully and much has been mothballed.

The military is broken into four elements.

The Celestial Navy -
The Cassiopeian Army -
The Celestial Air Force -
The Special Brigades -


Courage is Necessary
Serving Sailors:- 41,200
Active Reserves:- 21,344

The Navy is a service currently in great favor in the nation. Many ships became devoid of crews as many deserted under the Junta. Three ships even sailed to Marseille where the crews claimed asylum before the Sorority of Materna rose to prominence and with an impending CTO invasion the three ships once more sought a safe haven and ended up in Runavik. One of those ships was the CNS Okeanos which included what would become Queen Atalanta II among the crew. The nation also has a rich tie to the ocean with the Realm's folklore claiming their Queen is descended from the God of the Seas Poisiedan.

Spoiler: Active Ships • show

Coeus Class Attack Sub
1. Achilles
2. Meleager
3. Caster
4. Odysseus
5. Orpheus
6. Pandion

Cruis ClassMissile Sub
1. Aiakos
2. Perseus
3. Chrysuppus
4. Theseus
5. Alcestis

Cronus Class Destroyer

1. Okeanos (old ship of Queen Atalanta II)
2. Aeolous
3. Bouzyges
4. Daedalus
5. Amymone
6. Danae
7. Ismene
8. Jocasta
9. Medea

Hyperion Class Frigate

1. Alabandus
2. Diomedes
3. Andromache
4. Deianeira
5. Electra
6. Medusa

Iapetus Class Frigate
1. Amphiarus
2. Eleusis
3. Andromeda

Mnemosyne Class Missile Boat

1. Abderus
2. Eunostus
3. Antigone
4. Europa
5. Hecuba
6. Niobe
7. Pandora
8. Polyxena
9. Bremusa

Phoebe Class Amphibious Assault Ship

1. Aencas
2. Ganymede

Rhea Class Fast Attack Ship

1. Ajax
2. Hector
3. Arachne
4. Helen
5. Penelope
6. Semele

Tethys Class Patrol Ship

1. Amphitryon
2. Icarus
3. Ariadne
4. Hermoine
5. Iphigenia
6. Phaedra
7. Thrace
8. Ixion
9. Tantalus

Theia Class Special Operations Vessel.

1. Antilochus
2. Iolaus
3. Atalanta
4. Briseis
5. Caeneus

Themis Class Minesweeper

1. Bellerophon
2. Jason
3. Cassandra
4. Clytemnestra


Either With It or On It
Serving Soldiers:-140,000 when at full strength
Active Reserves:- 58,000

The Army are perhaps the least popular branch of service at the moment as many of them failed to stand against the corrupt Junta. The Army is currently experiencing a recruitment problem. The Army retains a system harking back to Ancient times where all soldiers are placed in units belonging to the Hoplites (Infantry), Hippeis (Cavalry), Toxotai (Artillery) or Companions (units not falling into the other categories) each of these groups retains its own unique rank structure.

Spoiler: Equipment in Service • show

260 x Arges Main Battle Tank
200 x Brontes Medium Battle Tank
160 x Steropes IFV
350 x Polyphemus APC
800 x Omodamos APC
650 x Sabaktes Mobility Vehicle
280 x Smaragos Mobility Vehicle
130 x Syntribos IFV
800 x Alecto Lightweight Air Transportable Vehicle
120 x Megaera MLRS
150 x Tisiphone Self Propelled Howitzer
50 x Euryale Self Propelled Howitzer
100 x Medusa Towed Howitzer
30 x Stheno Mobile SAM System
30 x Deino Mobile SAM System
150 x Enyo Mobile AA Gun
45 x Pemphredo Attack Helicopter
50 x Aello Recon Helicopter
30 x Celaeno Transport Helicopter
35 x Ocypete Utility Helicopter
150 x Cottus Remote Vehicles
150 x Cyges Squad Vehicle
30 x Bythos UAV


On The Wings of The Winds
Serving Airmen:-34,000
Active Reserves:- 16.200

The Air Force has enjoyed something of a revival in the last two years thanks largely to the younger members of the Celestial Family voicing their intention to serve within it for a time. The Air Force also operate a fleet of aircraft for the Celestial Family as well as a aerobatic display team known as Pegasus Flight.

Spoiler: Active Aircraft • show

40 x F-34 Eriniyes Multi-Role Fighter
120 x F-35 Alecto Multi-Role Fighter
30 x GR-33 Megaera Strike Fighter
4 x E-340 Tisiphone AEWACS
5 x E-6 Griffen Electronic Warfare / Bomber
20 x C-124 Harpy Transport Aircraft
25 x C-390 Aello Transport Aircraft
10 x B-1 Celaeno Bomber
20 x H-7 Lamia Transport Helicopter
25 x H-33 Empousa Utility Helicopter
30 x T-37 Lamia Basic Trainer/Light Attack
30 x T-38 Mormo Advanced Trainer / Fighter
5 x P-38 Mormolykeia Maritime Patrol Aircraft
10 x V-10 Pterippi VIP Transport
10 x U-70 UAV


Solve The Knot With The Sword
Serving Members:-? ? ? ?
Active Reserves:- ? ? ? ? ?

The Special Brigades are three small units utilised for special operations.

1. Doru Hoplite's - The nations most elite fighting force. They are a combination of Marines, Paratroopers and Light Infantry. Their primary form of operation is covert infiltration, target destruction and exfiltration.

2. Hypaspists - A specialist reconnaissance unit designed to be able to operate for prolonged periods isolated from the rest of the army.

3. Argyraspides - A specialist unit tasked with providing close security, tackling terrorism and counter-espionage. 
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Re: The Realm of Cassiopeia
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While the Realm is deeply invested in following "The 12 Olympians" and other associated dieties the nation also has rather liberal attitudes towards those following others faith. The general rule is that other faiths may practice freely so long as they follow three simple rules.

1) Speak no ill of the Olympians
2) Do no ill to the Olympians
3) Do not take from the Olympians.

Broadly speaking the rules mean that those of other faiths are free to do such things as pray in public and even preach in public, they may not however promote their own faith at the expense of the Olympians. So for example should a Christian wish to hand out copies of their bible in public they may do so but insulting one of the Olympians is likely to get you into big trouble even before the Police arrive as many people protect the faith robustly. Likewise should someone, even accidentely, damage something being thought to belong to the Gods a similar reaction is likely to take place. Lastly it is customary for followers of the Olympians to leave offerings, often of great value, for the Gods. Anyone taking these are shunned and if of another faith prosecuted heavily. In addition many organizations run by the faith will provide social support like meals for the poor, housing support etc. It is practically impossible for someone of another faith to access these.

The 12 Olympians

The Cassiopeians believe and follow a polytheistic faith[1] based around the concept that the world is watched over and influenced by a large number of Gods and Goddesses each with their own unique roles and attributes. From this group 12 main Gods are held in the highest esteem, these are referred to as the 12 Olympians. It is believed that they rule over a domain on Mount Olympus.

The 12 Gods are

Zeus - King of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus, and god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and justice.

Hera - Queen of the gods, and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires. She is the wife and sister of Zeus.

Poseidon - God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, and earthquakes. He rules one of the three realms of the universe, as king of the sea and the waters. The nation believe that Poseidon fathered a child with Andromeda and began the bloodline from which the nations Queen is elected.

Demeter - Goddess of grain, agriculture, harvest, growth, and nourishment.

Athena - Goddess of reason, wisdom, intelligence, skill, peace, warfare, battle strategy, and handicrafts. According to most traditions, she was born from Zeus's forehead, fully formed and armored. She is depicted as being crowned with a crested helm, armed with shield and spear, and wearing the aegis over a long dress.

Apollo - God of music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, manly beauty, and archery.

Artemis - Virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals and young girls. In later times, Artemis became associated with bows and arrows. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and twin sister of Apollo. In art she is often depicted as a young woman dressed in a short knee-length chiton and equipped with a hunting bow and a quiver of arrows.

Ares - God of war, bloodshed, and violence. The son of Zeus and Hera, he was depicted as a beardless youth, either nude with a helmet and spear or sword, or as an armed warrior. He generally represents the chaos of war in contrast to Athena, a goddess of military strategy and skill.

Aphrodite - Goddess of beauty, love, desire, and pleasure.  She is usually depicted as a naked or semi-nude beautiful woman. Her symbols include myrtle, roses, and the scallop shell. Her sacred animals include doves and sparrows.

Hephaestus - God of fire, metalworking, and crafts. He is the smith of the gods and the husband of the adulterous Aphrodite. He was usually depicted as a bearded, crippled man with hammer, tongs, and anvil, and sometimes riding a donkey.

Hermes - God of boundaries, travel, communication, trade, language, thieves and writing. Hermes was also responsible for protecting livestock and presided over the spheres associated with fertility, music, luck, and deception. Hermes is the messenger of the gods, and a psychopomp who leads the souls of the dead into the afterlife.

Dionysus - the god of the grape-harvest, wine-making and wine, of fertility, orchards and fruit, vegetation, insanity, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, festivity and theatre

The Temple Network

Each of the 12 Olympian Gods has a Temple in each town with a population over 25,000 people. As new towns grow the state fund initial construction. Each God's Temple are overseen by their own Priesthood and are referred to as the Cult of whichever god they belong to. For example all temples belonging to Ares are overseen by the Cult of Ares. Some Temple's also have shrines attached to them of other Gods associated with them. For example it is not uncommon at a Temple of Posiedon to find a shrine to Amphitrite who was said to be his wife. As a result in major cities it is not uncommon for the Temples to have become rather large with many additional shrines.

In settlements with a population of less than 25,000 people a Unified Temple is built by the state and then its upkeep maintained evenly between the 12 main Cults.

Each of the 12 Olympian's however has a Home Temple connected to their myth.


In total there are 13 Oracles. An Oracle is the person responsible for the guidance of worship towards their particular God. They could be described as a combination of a Governor of the faith and also the Christian Pope for that God. While each of the Gods has their own Oracle the incumbent Queen also carried the title Oracle of the Martyr Cassiopeia as she heads up a Cult dedicated to the founder of the nation. It is the job of the Oracles to also observe, record and report omens at set times of the year. They also take responsibility for helping determine whether people can be members of the Celestial Family meaning it is believed they are of the bloodline of Andromeda and Posiedan.

At one point the Oracles will have been Priests, except for the Queen. Anyone of any age, gender or sexuality can become a Priest. It requires three years of training, the completion of a written exam and then you must be sponsored by a serving Priest to gain your hood which is the symbol of a Priest. Priests may not marry once they accept their hood however should they be married before embarking on training to be a Priest they may maintain their family connection. At first a Priest moves between all the Gods however on the 4th Anniversary of them accepting their hood they may petition to formally enter a Cult of their choosing. Some Priests will feel a particular pull towards one God while others may seek to enter a Cult that may offer advancement to larger Temples and thus more chance of becoming the Oracle one day. To gain entry to a Cult they must be approved by the Oracle of that God. Some Priests never petition to join a Cult and instead remain working at Shrines and Temples dedicated to the minor Gods.

The Centre of the Faith is the Complex Of Olympus which sits around 10km North of the capital Golgagra and just 2km away from the Complex of the Queen. The two sites are connected by the "Celestial Causeway" a special stone road used during processions and ceremonial rituals.
 1. essentially RL Ancient Greek