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Captial: Vrusa | Population: 21.6 Million | Government: Congressional Republic | Demonym: Ibuerian

Ibueri, officially the Republic of Ibueri and alternatively the Ibueri Republic, is a country located in Northern Albion. The country is bordered to the north by the Sea of Kyne; to the south by the Imperial Federation of Ravnina; and to the west by the Empire of Daito; while to the east across the gulf lies the Empire of Paracambi.

Ibueri is a unitary congressional republic wherein the legislative organ, the State Congress, holds the supreme authority of governance in the country. The head of state of Ibueri is the Chairman, appointed by the congress and functions as a ceremonial leader. The currenct Chairman is; Ferrante Aemilius. The country is divided among six regions while the city of Vrusa, located in the east, functions as the administrative and capital city of the country.

Afis can be classified as an economically developing country with Agriculture & light manufacturing forming the bulk of economic activity within the country. The estimated GDP per capita is around $9'491. The country has an estimated population of 21.6 million divided among pre-Ardian Teutons, and the decedents of colonial Ardians known as Oscani.

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