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Al Thalra
« on: September 20, 2017, 08:20:49 PM »

Motto:- Estijo Jrl, Estijo Jrl (Live Thaller, Live Thaller)

Al Thalra or officially referred to as "Jrlijé Jelbék Seikék Drsmojrzataghék Jezknzknstat" (Great Heavenly Kingdom of Jelbics and Thallerids on Earth Al Thalra) initially formed as a confederation of native Jelbic clans on Ardia and a few loistavan colonies, many eras passed and it has become a isolationst Theocratic Dictatorship with limited foreign affairs and influence. Thalran Jelbics are very spiritual and conservative people, a essential keystone of their life is religion. They worship the burning stallion and its divine rider who represents it on earth. The Rider traditionally is a hereditary position and the Jrl (Thaller) family occupied it for the last decades, which actually originated in Loistava.

Government Type:- Absolute Monarchy/Theocratic Dictatorship
Population:-:- 126 Million Citizens
Capital City:- Jelbék'aigrm
Demonym:- Thalrans


Currency:- Golden Zbrn
GDP per Capita:- 2500 $
GDP:- 27,32 Billion $
Unemployment Rate:- 23% (Decreasing)
Main Industries:- International Crime, Agriculture, Heavy Industry, Oil


Ethnicity:- Jelbic
Languages:- Jelbic, Loistavan (German)
Religions:- Thallerid Traditionalism
Average Life Expectancy:- 63


Head of State:- P'áz Karkjez, Jelbényr Wkal'tijogad, Skrjintifetak'ai Dréjkstals, Nrlzifrjoé Jezhrjebrnfiék Mnmokai Suadjakestizuo. (King Jenz, Saviour of the Jelbic, Exterminator of the filth, rider of the burning stallion of rebirth.)
Head of Government:- Head of Government and the Head of State are the same person.
Name of Legislative Body:- Assembly of Clan Leaders


Drugs LawThe use of any recreational drugs is forbidden no matter the reason.
Same Sex Marriage   Illegal, Capital Crime.
EducationThere is no education system, all education is private.
Property Ownership   Only the property of noble citizens is protected by the law.
Voting   Nobody.
ProstitutionNo Stance.
Freedom of the PressFreedom of Speech is a unknown concept.
Freedom of MovementBorders are guarded well but there is no check when leaving.
AbortionIllegal for male children.
Health CareAll Health Care is private.
Gun LawsOnly Government officials are allowed to carry weapons.
Internet NeutralityThe Internet is only accesible by nobles.
Business OwnershipAll companies are private except for Oil Industry, its state owned.
MarriageMarriages between Man and Woman are traditionally accepted and legal.
JusticeThere are no independent courts, the Head of State decides what is right or wrong.
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