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The Federal Republic of Gyeoul
« on: December 30, 2017, 11:38:02 PM »

Official Name: The Federal Republic of Gyeoul
Conventional Name: Gyeoul (겨울)
Adjective: Gyeoulan
Capital: Jyeungsei
Population: 82,233,710
Government Type: One Party State
Official Languages: Korean
Recognised Regional Languages: Japanese
Head of State: President
Head of Government: General Secretary
Calling Code: +83
Internet Domain suffixes:,,,
Driving side: Right
National Animal: Blue Crane
National Flower: Hibiscus
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Re: The Kingdom of Gyeoul
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2018, 03:51:22 AM »
(The Gyeoul United Party Symbol and current government seal)

Government of Gyeoul

The Gyeoul United Party

Founding: 12/08/1997
Political Position: Centre-Centre Right
Ideology: Conservative Liberalism, State Capitalism, Civic Nationalism, Communitarianism.
Synopsis: The Gyeoul United Party came into power in 1997 via a coupd de tat after the ivil war whih was led by the then General Jeon Luu Sou who declared marshal which ended the Tzong Dynasty in 1998 declaring the ‘2nd Republic of Gyeoul’ which in its current form is known as the Federal Republic of Gyeoul.

After the fall of the Tzong dynasty at the hands of the party’s original founder and current President Jeon Luu Sou, he consolidated his grip on the state by having the party’s paramilitary arm take over functions of the regular military and police after the deterioration of their traditional institutions which were under the jurisdiction of the royal family.

He party came into power and was more of a para military organisation whih was charged wih weeding out the communist influence in the north and are made up of veterins of the Gyeoul Civil War which lasted from 1991-1997. He Gyeoul was first seen as a neo-fascist party in its early days in the late 90’s, but has since rebranded itself as a big tent centre-centre right party appealing to non-ideological citizens

The party’s slogan is ‘Gyeoul united, now and forever’ it wishes to ensure this through a firm grip on the state through their seemingly omnipresence throughout the civil service and their monopolisation of the primary sector economy through the energy and mineral mining sector.

The party follows it unique ideology known simply as “cheol sangtae” (철상태)or iron state which means that through civic nationalism which unites the people regardless of race and class, shall utilise their abilities and resources for the good of the state, thus each citizen is held to believe they have a civic duty to the state through military service of 1-2 compulsory years of service where no-one is immune.

He party uses civic nationalism to eliminate ethnic and cultural divide of citizens so their first priority is towards the state n not their ethnic groups, and communitarianism to reinforce the idea that everyone is responsible for one another and act within the best interest of each other welfare. State capitalism is utilised mostly within the government trading and owning assets within the primary sector of the economy as a way for the government to generate income from alternative revenue streams to ease the tax burden of regular citizens, however private businesses are also permitted.

The Executive Branch

The Executive branch is headed by the President and the General Secretary with a council of advisers who specialise in their assigned policy areas. These advisers are known as Ministers and their offices known as Ministries who are appointed by the General Secretary and have term limits of 10 years. The Ministries are as follows:

•Ministry of Foreign Affairs
•Ministry of Defence
•Ministry of Justice
•Ministry of Immigration & Citizenship
•Ministry of Internal Affairs
•Ministry of Commerce & Industry
•Ministry of Finance
•Royal Bank of Gyeoul (Central Bank)
•Ministry of Labour
•Ministry of Health and Social Services
•Ministry of Education
•Minister of Science, Research & Development
•Ministry of Transportation & Public Works
•Ministry of Agriculture
•Ministry of Environmental Protection

All the ministries mentioned above come under the jurisdiction of the Monarch on a federal level and the Ministers are all appointed from a pool of industry leaders, professional associations, labour unions, academia, provincial leaders and civil servants.

The Legislative Branch


The Judicial Branch

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Re: The Kingdom of Gyeoul
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Economic Overview

Population: 82,233,710
GDP Per Capita (PPP):$36,472.78
GDP per Capital (Nominal): $40,763.24
GDP (PPP):$2,999,292,013,413.80
GDP (Nominal):$3,352,112,456,820.40
Currency: Won (₩)
Exchange Rate: ₩1.00=$0.8947/$1.00= ₩1.1176
HDI: 0.901 (High)
Gini Coefficient: 27.4 (Low)
Unemployment Rate: 4.8%
Labour Force by occupation: 3% Agriculture, 38% Manufacturing, 59% Services
Income Tax Rate: 15%-37% (Progressive Tax Structure)
Corporate Tax Rate: 20%
VAT/GST (Sales Tax): 10%

Main industries

Primary Sector: Steel Ore, Copper Ore, Agricultural Produce.

Secondary Sector: Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceutical Products, Transportation Components, Industrial Machinery

Tertiary Sector: Education, Financial Services, FMCG, Telecommunications Services, Building and Construction, Civil Engineering, Ship Building, Transport and Logistical Service, Waste Disposal.
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Re: The Kingdom of Gyeoul
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The Executive Cabinet

Name: Jeon Luu Sou
Age: 72
Occupation: President of Gyeoul
Bio: Jeon Yuu Sou is the President of Gyeoul. His been known for his social market policies which helped Gyeoul steer through their national recession from 2005-2010 and known for his labour market reforms to integrate former citizens of the new fallen Socialist People’s Republic of Gyeoul into the now united Gyeoul economy through various up-skilling and training programs along with affordable housing initiatives. His leadership style is said to be a rather even mix of liberal democratic in terms oof letting local authorities legislate for themselves and authoritarian in terms of economic reforms.

He is however a rather modern leader as he prefers to work out of his office rather than sitting on a throne, and running the country with a council of ministers as well as forming committees made up of federal and local/provincial officials to run a government on a consensus bases for the sake of administrative cohesion. He is also said to be rather approachable with his dry sardonic sarcasm and deadpan demeanour.
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