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Community of Darek
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:44:59 PM »
Community of Darek

Motto:- Equality, knowledge, freedom.
National Anthem:- Siguiendo la luna ("Following the moon", a really serious anthem (?))


The darekians are an ethnic group, descendants of the kirekians. There was a time, 300 years ago, when the Kirekian Empire was powerful, but it collapsed in a bloody civil war due to ethnic problems between the nations in this empire. The turikhian invaders took the country, and established a racist and violent dictatorship, focused in destroying the Kirekian culture. Darek means "isolation", where darekian means "isolated". A city, called Darekish, (Isolationist, in kirekian) was the detention centre of lots of kirekians. Isolated from the world in a 20 years purge of the country, they developed codes and new forms of life in this conditions, even their language changed a bit (But it still aws "Kirekian dialect of Darekish", not "Darekian"). The city grew up, and the people partially took the power de facto, rulling the city in the shadows. The rebel group called: "Darekian community" killed the turikhian governor of the city and the garrison, and Kishar Turhin really takes the power of the city. The city fought against the turikhians, but at the end and with a lot of casualties, they lost. But, the revolution was useful after all: They fled to another continent, and also the turikhians have losted a lot of power. After a 2 years life in boats (mostly petroleum carriers) and a year of trip in the land, they settled in "Nova Darekish", a poor city aiming to a caribbean-like coast. Because they lived in a very closed community at the beginning, they developed the socialism as the economic system, but they value the individual political and civil rights, the democracy and the integration of all the people, making a Socialist Republic. They follow the ancient Kirekian religion, but they developed their own branch, the direkish religion system, with their own religious head and a really peaceful way of life, following the "be and let be". They aren't dumb, but their lives in the poor conditions of Darekish weren't good for learning, so they aren't cultured people at all. The economy is really bad because they are literally new: Don't have infraestructure or buildings, in fact they live in really poor wooden shacks, and if the gov. doesn't regulate the economics tribal leaders will fight against each other for food and resources. They have 6 cities, with really poor citizens, founded by exploration teams in their missions. The goverment's trying to modernize the society.

10 years passed since that. The population of 35k grew up, with kirekian refugees coming to the country and founding new cities or populating the existing. The 6 cities are now the capitals of the 6 states, with a lot of autonomy. The darekian mark is the currency. The economy remains dead, but people are happy in the poor but free state of things. The culture's growing, and the military's still really bad. The first state's factory opens a year ago, and now there are more.

The second elections happens: The 2 parties in the country are the Kirekian Identity Rebuilding Movement (Leader: Eudokia Galapagai) and the ruler party, the Left-Wing Society Party (Leader: Kishar Turhin Candidate: Kristoff Tarraim), compete for the presidency, governments of the states, and the parlament. And... *See the news for more info*

Government Type:- Socialist democratic republic.
Population:-:- 500 k.
Capital City:- Nova Darekish (190k).
Demonym:- Darekians.


Currency:- Darekian Mark (High inflation).
GDP per Capita:- 1.177.563 Darekian Marks.
Unemployment Rate:- Socialist tribal-like state: There aren't unemployees.
Main Industries:- Textile, agrarian, construction materials.


Ethnicity:- Kirekian (Greek/Yugoslavian-based ethnic group).
Languages:- Kirekian (Darekish dialect).
Religions:- Kirekian religion, Darekish branch.
Average Life Expectancy:- 59 years.


Head of State:- Governor of the Nova Elpídia state (and the city of Nova Darekish) (Kishar Turhin) (Elections near).
Head of Government:- also Kishar Turhin.
Name of Legislative Body:- *State name* people's senatus (There's not a national legislative power. Every state have their own parliament) (Unicameral).
Name of Head of Religion:- Razim Uvarnichinov.
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