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Map / Re: Claiming Your Spot on the Map
« Last post by Viljandi on Today at 12:15:19 AM »
Nation Name: The Imperial Federation of Ravnina

Nation Link: (No nation on NS)

Provinces you wish to claim:
1: G96
2: G97
3: G98
4: G99
5: B3
6: B4

Proposed colour of your nation on the map: Dark Purple

I, Viljandi, have read the rules set down above, and agree to follow them.
The weeks passed.  Before too long, Tien was getting ready to drop the Ace of Staves out of hyperspace in the Both system.  The journey had been uneventful enough; just a few overzealous customs officials, and no sign of Imp pursuit.  Yet something about this trip made Tien uneasy.  At first, he thought maybe it was his basic distrust of Bothans, brought about by a run-in he'd had in Bothan Space a few years ago, but no... this was different.  Despite her promise to tell Tien more about her experiences in the Clone Wars, Threebie had remained tight-lipped (could a droid be tight-lipped?), and Tien had yet to work up the nerve to ask the Jedi for more information himself.

Tien sighed to himself.  The moment had come, and it was time to end this leg of the journey.  The ship's computer chirped at him, and he pulled back on the lever to revert the freighter to realspace.  There was the system's primary, Both, shining brightly as ever.  There was Bothawui, a mottled green-and-blue sphere splashed with the white of clouds.  There was the typical traffic of such an important shipyard, mingling with the world's own defense force.

And there, dead ahead, was an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Tien was shocked.  The Bothans did not take kindly to Imperial meddling in their space.  Tien didn't blame them; as an Imperial client state, Bothan Space was supposed to enjoy a degree of independence from the Empire, as it had as an Allied Region under the Republic for thousands of years before the Emperor was even born.  Tien couldn't tell exactly what the Star Destroyer was doing here, but based on the security vessels shadowing its movements, the Bothans did not seem to be very happy about it.  Tien keyed the Ace of Staves's intercom.

"Well, folks, we've made it to Bothawui," he said, "But we may be facing some issues here before we can continue to Krant.  I suggest everyone find a place to strap in, because things may get a little dicey before we're through.  And Master Jedi?  I would appreciate your presence in the cockpit as quickly as possible."

Tien half-remembered from stories he had heard told over the years that Jedi could sense other Force users.  While it seemed almost impossible that those inquisitors could have reached Bothawui before them, it seemed too much of a coincidence for him to want to ignore the possibility.  He switched the intercom back off and leaned back in his chair.

"I have a bad feeling about this," he muttered.
Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Sovereign Lands of Lymm
« Last post by Lymm on July 25, 2021, 10:31:23 PM »

The first Political Party set up in Lymm was in 1837 just a day after King Henry III gave the people the right to vote. It was the National Workers Alliance, a group dedicated to ensuring the fair treatment of factory workers and also extending the voting rights. Since then several parties have existed but there are four main ones.


This is today what the National Workers Alliance has become. It is a party to the left of political spectrum. It campaigns regularly for nationalisation of all key industries such as power generation, health care, transport and various other areas. The party also want to extend the vote to all over the age of 16 and extend the nations policy of 33% of all businesses being owned by their workers to it being 51%. In elections they tend to get 20% of the vote.


One of the newer parties as it was made in 1983. It became popular among younger voters. The party began as a group focusing on better treatment for the environment but today is considered more focused on expanding what it see's as equality and human rights. The party believes in eradicating gaps between rich and poor through top down policies. The party also attempt to bring in opportunities for social mobility. The Party tend to get around 10% of the vote.


Founded in 1933 after the merger of several "conservative" parties to form a "mega party". The party runs mainly on a platform of small government with the removal of red tape for business, simplification of tax codes and an upholding of family values. With Lymm having so many religious groups the aspect of supporting family values has occasionally caused clashes within the party as they seek to balance all view points. The party tend to get around 25% of the vote.


The party seeks to create a single unified culture for Lymm focusing on the shared aspects of the Christian, Jewish and Cultist faiths. It see's the monarchy as a cornerstone of society and an excellent role model. They are anti-Communist believing that they seek to eradicate the uniqueness of Lymm in favour of foreign control. They also want to economy to protect Lymm's people as best as possible. They are very determined to ensure the Assembly and Monarch hold all the power in the nation. The party tend to get around 10% of the vote.


There are around a further ten minor parties that exist. These range across all aspects of the political spectrum.

1. The Lymm Communist Party
2. The Liberal Party
3. Social Democratic Front
4. Reform Party
5. The Christian Democrats
6. The Party of Helus
7. The Republican Party
8. The Alliance for Change
9. The Children's Birthday Party
10. The Monarchist Alliance
Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Sovereign Lands of Lymm
« Last post by Lymm on July 25, 2021, 08:59:38 PM »


In 1837 King Henry III made the decision that the nation would have an elected President. All adults with an income of the modern day equivalent of $20,000 and over the age of 30 could vote. These conditions have changed throughout history until 1902 when all citizens over the age of 18 were permitted to vote. A President can serve no more than three terms in their life. Each term is usually five years.

President List

1837 - 1847 Hubertus Sneijders
1847 - 1862 Franklyn Baumgärtner
1862 - 1867 Pim Askes
1867 - 1872 Roelof Klerkx
1872 - 1877 Pim Askes
1877 - 1887 Roelof Klerkx
1887 - 1902 Leon Vogel
1902 - 1907 Marinus Aston
1907 - 1912 Raynard Brant
1912 - 1917 Abraham Brownlow
1917 - 1920 Christina Leeuwenhoek *
1920 - 1925 Abraham Brownlow
1925 - 1935 Nora Paulissen
1935 - 1940 Antono Abbing
1940 - 1955 Robert Eichel
1955 - 1965 Karoline Arbeid
1965 - 1970 Bryan Klerkx
1970 - 1980 Samson Parker
1980 - 1985 Sybil Haenraets
1985 - 1990 Samson Parker
1990 - 2000 Adelle Van Bueren
2000 - 2005 Morgan Hermans
2005 - 2015 Juul Wähner
2015 - 2020 Emmet Kipling
2020 - now  Isidora Kauffmann   

* Christina Leeuwenhoek was murdered in 1920 and a fresh election called within 2 months. During that time the Royal Assembly elected one of their members as a kind of caretaker President. This has now become the accepted default should a President not be able to complete their term.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Festival in Buena Fe
« Last post by paralipomena on July 25, 2021, 01:12:00 AM »

"Hey!", Fryda Hexum exclaimed as soon as she saw the sign. "Nice to meet you. We came from Jugland", she told the young man. "We booked two rooms at your hotel".

"Good morning", said Duchess Redsamlina slightly dismissively. "I hope that hotel is not disappointing", she said back to Fryda in Csletian language.

"Let's move", Redsamlina added. "They may be waiting us".
Character Guides / Re: Djabidjan's Characters
« Last post by paralipomena on July 25, 2021, 12:09:05 AM »

Seo Hye-rim
Spoiler: show
RL: Choi Hee-Jin

Birthday: 23 November, 1973
Education: Hyeoul University, degree in Media and Communication; Jangju National University, master degree in International Affairs
Political affiliation: Not disclosed
Positions held: Editor of Djabidjanian Times (since 2020)
Biography: Seo started his career as journalist in DNTV, a state-owned television channel, where she worked from 1997 to 2001. From 2001 to 2009, she worked as foreign correspondent for Djabidjan News Agency (DJT-DJAN), based in countries such as Rokkenjima, Tytor, and Lodja. She returned to Djabidjan in 2010, working as Secretary of Communication for the Jangju town council, from 2010 to 2013.

In 2014, she became a reporter and opinion journalist for Gwanchalja, the largest newspaper in Djabidjan City. In 2018, she started to write for Djabidjanian Times as well. In October 2020, she became editor of Djabidjanian Times, the first female editor for the newspaper since its foundation in 1980.

Map / Re: Claiming Your Spot on the Map
« Last post by Lymm on July 24, 2021, 11:41:14 PM »

Nation Name: Lymm

Nation Link:

Provinces you wish to claim:
1: O72
2: O74
3: O75
4: O77
5: O76
6: O73

Proposed colour of your nation on the map: Dark Green

I, Lymm, have read the rules set down above, and agree to follow them.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Funeral
« Last post by paralipomena on July 24, 2021, 11:34:44 PM »

"That's...certainly impressive", Eldar Ayakkabay said. "Back in the day, when we joined the government for first time, it was called Minister without portfolio. But, of course, it seems the task are better organized nowadays".

"Yes, I guess so", Minister Min replied. “Although back then, the State Council was not organized as professionally as today”.

“I suppose you could say so”, Eldar replied, not sure what to add. “Ah, there goes Minister Lee...I assume that the Premier and the rest of the government must be coming soon”.

“That’s right, father”, Aina said. “However, who is the woman he’s talking to?”, she asked.

“I believe I met that woman recently...”, Min replied. ”She is the ambassador from Jugland”,

“Ah, I see”, Aina replied.

“It seems that people are moving”, Eldar commented. “The ceremony may start soon”.

“Yes, President Kwon may come soon”, Min said. “If you excuse me…”.

“Yes, sure”, Eldar replied. “It was a pleasure to talk with you, Minister Min”, he added as he left the group.

“Uhm…”, Eldar added, looking at his daughter, I wonder who is that young and red hair woman…”.

“Oh”, Aina replied, “she is Parkhyun...she was very popular between the youth”.

“I see”, Eldar replied. “I had no idea”.

“I thought she was living abroad though”, Aina wondered.

"Mrs. Kwon", Deputy First Secretary Tieu said, not too far from there, " sincere condolences".

"Thank you, Mr. Tieu", Kwon Mi-yeon replied.

"If you need anything", Tieu said, "don't hesitate to communicate directly with me or the Secretariat. No matter what's about, we'll do the best we could".

"Very kind, thanks", Kwon replied. "However, if you excuse me...", she added seeing as she saw someone known was approaching.

"Of course, madame", Tieu replied.

"Noriko...glad to see you again even in sad circumstances like these...", Tieu could overhear as he was leaving the scene.

International News Networks / Lymm Daily News
« Last post by Lymm on July 24, 2021, 11:33:41 PM »

During today's meeting of the Royal Assembly a vote was expected on the new Cultural Education Bill (2021). The new Bill would make it a requirement that all students learn two languages, religious education in the nations five biggest religions (Catholic, Protestant, Paganism, Judiasm and Cult of Helus) are made compulsory for students exams at the age of 16 and the Bill also would require students to undertake studies in various authors. The Bill was put forward by Queen Octavia II however as it also included a large increase in funding for the upkeep of Royal Residences because they are "vital for the prestige of the nation." it has been opposed by many members of the Royal Assemblies elected membership. At the same time President Kauffmann has been seeking amendments to remove the residence provision. As the Bill has been determined to be an Educational Bill then it requires two approvals from the three forms of government, the monarch, the President and the Royal Assembly. As tradition dictates the Royal Assemblies 50 members voted first to determine the Assemblies stance. They voted 41-8 against the Bill with one member of the Assembly not attending the vote for health reasons. President Kauffmann then offered her support for the Bill should Queen Octavia remove the provisions of residence funding. At this point the Queen simply stood and left the Assembly bringing the vote on the Bill to a standstill.

President Kauffmann spoke with us after the session ended and said. "Her Majesty must realise that the Royal Family are among the most wealthy in the nation, they sit on a publicly declared income of around $42million a year from their investments and landholdings. Why should the tax payer subsidise the upkeep of their private homes when they are multi-millionaires." The President has called for the Queen to use more of her private wealth, thought to be close to $80million, for the business of the family. At the moment the Royals get an annual payment of $18million for their use but Kaufmann has sought to end this. With many of the Palaces and Estates being open to the public though the vast majority of this sum goes to looking after them. The new Bill would make the government responsible for even private venues.

Queen Octavia II has now departed three Royal Assembly meetings over the last month. The first was on matters of the Nuclear Neutrality Bill. This Bill would make it a legally binding policy of Lymm defence policy that the nation would never develop nuclear weapons. The Queen used her veto before the vote for the Royal Assembly could even be taken. The 2nd occasion came on the grounds of the Global Athletics Bill which would allow the Lymm Ministry of Sport to sign up for the International Mundus Games. The Queen insisted that all sports teams would be required to fulfil certain quotas along nations faith lines in order to be allowed to compete. The Royal Assembly voted against this with leading figure Robert Ulrich stating "We are a diverse nation, but a meritocracy. The best athletes should done the green jersey of our nation regardless of faith, colour, gender or sexuality. The only criteria should be are you good enough." The Queen stormed out of that meeting too.

Some on social media are already called Queen Octavia II, Octavia the Petulant as it seems she has child like tantrums when she does not get her way.
Introductions / Re: Sonida’s Introduction
« Last post by DaveIronside on July 24, 2021, 06:16:47 PM »
Welcome inboard. If you need any help getting started give me a yell
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