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Along The Two River Banks
« on: July 03, 2021, 10:31:45 AM »

National Overlegen Forberedskap School, Albrektberg

"Roza!", Saldys said. "What are you doing?".

"Sorry", Roza replied, moving her glaze away for the window. "It's time, the headmaster asked about your presence. Let's go before the seminary is about to start".

"Sure", Roza replied.

"Mrs. Niema, Mrs. Hinka", headmaster Krausen said. "Welcome, sit down please. Excuse me to steal you some valuable time in this annoying problem, but it is my duty to so".

"Yes, sir", Roza and Saldys said almost in unison.

"Do you recognize these two students, Mrs. Niema?", Krausen asked.

"I'm not...entirely sure, sir", Roza answered. "They are not my students, so I'm not really familiarized with them. I don't recall to see them in that....performance. But I could be wrong. It's mostly their school uniforms that catched my attention".

"It's not necessary", Krausen replied. "Your testimony, along the information provided, has been helpful enough".

"Thanks", Roza replied. "I was simply surprised to see it when I was going back home that, after discussing it with Saldys...I mean Mrs. Hinka, we fell that it was our duty to report...".

"It was a wise choice", Krausen said, almost interrupting her. "So it was your idea to parade the students, Reinhardt?", he asked, turning his head toward the older student.

"I will not help you to deny what it was so obvious, so don't even try", the headmaster quickly added, before the student was able to say anything.

"Surely not my idea", Reinhardt answered, evasive but doubtless. "We were just following the tradition, respectully I'd say...".

"Those pranks are no tradition", Krausen interrupted him. "This behaviour will not be tolerated in this school. You don't see to understand how lucky you were to be allowed to continue in this school, mostly in virtue of your seniority. These two centrer were merged to create an unique institution, which is likely to become the envy of our education system. You'll have the chance of meet in your last year some of the best students of our nation. But you seem willing to sacrifice that for such as childish, and illegal, amusement. You may consider me new, but I'm not. We, in The Mannwald's, were aware of such activities. They won't be tolerated anymore. You were allowed to come to the residences to favour your integration and socialization...not to organize such stupid occurrence".

"But sir, we were only following what was always...",  Ewald attempted to mutter.

"Enough!", Krausen interrupted him. "I have been clear enough. We'll consider your case seriously. You will be sent at home at least a week. Then, you will be communicated my decision. I'll ask Helmwald to prepare your depart as soon as possible. Any personal communication with the students will be forbidden until then. Understood?".

"Yes...sir", Ewald and Reinhardt replied, the latter with increasing apathy.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Hinka and Mrs. Niema...", Krausen said. "It's getting to late. You can leave know. I'll see you in a few minutes".

"Of course, sir", Saldys replied.

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Re: Along The Two River Banks
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2021, 11:00:06 AM »

Nearby Kyomhka river, Albrektberg

"Aren't you afraid to be be seen?", Farvald asked.

"Don't be silly", Reinhardt answered. "We are outside the school anyway. It's not their business".

"That park looks different", Waldys said. "They have expanded it, right?".

"When we were living in Eskdale, I saw pictures online about the fighting here", Erhardt said. "It feels almost impossible to imagine this whole place was part of that, not a long time ago".

"Did you expect to live in a city in ruins, idiot?", Reinhardt replied. "Anyway, this area did not experience any fighting. In either case, we were forced to move to Dramheim. That place is dreadful, but at least we had fewer classes".

"But right here, nearby that chimney", Reinhardt explained, while pointing toward the south. "That was where the Prime Minister was murdered", he added, almost proudly.

"I read it was somewhere nearby the northwestern suburbs...", Farvald said.

"People say many things!", Reinhardt replied.

"Where is Ewald, anyway?", Erhardt asked.

"He must be with mommy!", Reinhardt answered, mockingly.

"And why are you here?", Waldys asked him.

"My father has been in a business travel", Reinhardt answered. "And my mother was not pleased but she had to leave as well, so she sent me to my aunt's home, who lives nearby here. That's why I'm here".

"Ewald's parents live in Konndal, right?", Farvald asked.

"That's right", Reinhardt. "He must be bored to case he is still alive, of course. I'm sure down there parents still beat their children with a stick! They are like that!".

"I doubt that...", Glaedwyna said.

"You'll realize when you see his face again", Reinhardt replied. "If we ever say him again, that's it".

"Heh", Erhardt muttered.

"Anyway", Farvald said, "what's that huge building, with those walls at the other side of the river?".

"Isn't that a temple?", Erhardt replied.

"No, no", Farvald said. "I meant those turquoise walls".

"Ah", Erhardt added.

"That's the new slaughterhouse!", Reinhardt emphatically said.

"A slaughterhouse?", a surprised Farvald asked.

"Idiots!", Waldys exclaimed. "That's a religious school".

"Well", Reinhardt replied with a smile. "Isn't that the same, anyway?".

"You should be more respectul", Glaedwyna said. "My aunt was a priestess...".

"But was she mentally stable...?", Reinhardt asked, increasingly amused.

"Don't be silly...", Glaedwyna said.

"Once, on my father's hometown, we had the honour to be at the front row at a ceremony", Reinhardt explained. "It was during Svinnehendagen, I believe...And I still remember how a young girl, which was probably only a few years older than myself, started to use a huge knife. Those girls are scary, I say!". The rest looked at him, some smiling, some in desbelief, and Glaedwyna certainly disgusted.

"Although", Reinhardt continued. "I wouldn't mind to jump those walls, I'd say...".

"Pervert", Waldys said, interrupting him.

"Anyway...", Gladwyna said. "I'm thirsty. Let's have a milkshake or ice-cream".

"Not a bad idea", Farvald replied.

"Alright! Alright", Reinhardt said, as the group of teenagers already started to move.

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Re: Along The Two River Banks
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2021, 01:40:26 PM »

Grodum-Traa Residential School

"Mrs. Sklett", the woman said, "you have a visit, there is a woman on the door calling for you".

"Ah, thanks", Astrid said. "I'll be there in a minute".

When Astrid came, she easily recognized the woman who was waiting her. She looked tired, but with a smiling face.

"I'm glad you came", Astrid said. "Nice to see you again!", she added as she gave her a friendly hug.

"Of course, we are almost neighbors now", Roza replied. "I can see you have barely changed".

"Thanks!", Astrid replied. "I guess look different but great too!".

"That's so you", Roza replied with a smile. "How is life here?".

"Pretty good so far", Astrid answered. "I'm glad to be here, it's a good chance".

"It brings me so many memories", Roza said. "Although, obviously, my seminary was much more modest...But it may be strange for them, you must be only a few years older than your students".

"Not exactly", a smiling Astrid replied. "I started with the younger girls, mostly from 12 to 14 years".

"Ah, I see!", Roza said.

"Do you live nearby?", Astrid asked.

"No, not really", Roza answered. "I live in one of the northeastern districts...Living here would be too expensive".

"Ah, I understand", Astrid replied. "I forget about that...Albyna lives not too far away, although I only saw her twice. She is too busy, since she became an assistant magistrate".

"I understand", Roza said. "I heard that she had a child...", she inquiried.

"That's right...", Astrid replied. "It's something difficult to believe but still...".

"Your gardens here are quite impressive", Roza suddenly said, trying to change of topic.

"Oh! They are!", Astrid replied. "If you don't mind, let's go for a walk. I'll be free until the evening".

"Sure", Roza replied, "why not".

"So Unna continued to be a priestess, even in Tresektyarr", Roza said.

"That's right", Astrid replied. "While I don't repent from my decision, I don't judge her...".

"Neither I do", Roza said. "Times have changed. To be honest, not sure why most girls would even think about following that path nowadays. Particularly one that peace has come back, and it has become somehow a sacrifice so big, when life offers many difference chances, and only remain a rather symbolical prestige, you may say".

"That could be true...", Astrid replied. "The training is becoming more multidisciplinary with the last education reform, giving them a chance to think more carefully before being ordered".

"Anyway", Astrid continued, "my hope it's that those circumstances bring to us girls more decided and with a truly vocation to serve".

"That may be the case", Roza replied. "I wish you good luck, of course. I hope I'll see you more often".

"I hope that as well!", Astrid said. "And I really like the views you have from this side of the river".