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The Funeral
« on: July 12, 2021, 09:05:51 PM »

To embassies, consulates, and other diplomatic offices in the Republic of Djabidjan; foreign governments

As you are probably already aware, our beloved President Kwon Sang-jun has recently died, tragically and unexpectedly, in a helicopter accident last week.

If you wish to attend the ceremony, as a sign of respect to late President Kwon Sang-jun, his family and to accompany the whole Djabidjan's nation in their mourning, in these sad and painful moments for our country, you are recommended to communicate to this office a confirmation of your assistance as soon as possible, in order to assure your security, acommodation, and transport -if necessary- to the national memorial service and state funeral, to be held in Djabidjan City, capital city of the Republic of Djabidjan.

Yours sincerely,
Office of the Presidency, Republic of Djabidjan

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Re: The Funeral
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2021, 01:35:55 PM »
Bonespwa State Cemetery, nearby Djabidjan City

"I feel we came too early", Eldar Ayakkabay said.

"That's right, dad", Aina Ayakkabay replied. "They are directly coming from the White Tower, as well as the foreign delegations I assume".

"Ah, right", Eldar replied. "Nazhar told me so, I forgot".

"After all”, Aina replied, “your kidney saved us all that bore. And dad, you may say that’s the happiest circumstances for a direct visit from the hospital to this place”.

“Very funny”, Eldar replied, without showing any emotion. “You should take thinks more seriously,  Aina. I will not be here forever. Your son is too young to be my heir, so you should follow my path”.

“Yes, yes, father, I know”, Aina apathetically replied.

“My father founded this party, and it will be a shame for our family to lose our position”, Eldar replied.

“I understand, father”, Aina answered. “However, that possibility, right now, rather bores me. It may be still a long way until such a day”.

“One must always be prepared and ready”, Eldar replied. “Nobody knows what it is going to happen next. Think about why we are here, after all. The fact that Kwon died while visiting our mines could have been used against us...not to mention that I could be myself in that helicopter if my health had been better”.

“Alright”, Aina replied. “but better not take too seriously such thoughts, father”.

“Anyway”, Elder continued, “no matter how sad a situation like this one must be, it is always useful to improve our position and increase your own contacts. Parliamentary may be useful, but it is not that most of the important decisions are decided there. And you end dealing mostly with lawyers”.

“I wonder if you aim to be president, father”, Aina replied.

“Don’t be silly…”, Elder replied. “One must ambitious but realistic”.

“We’ll continue this conversation later”, Elder added. “More people are coming”.

“I think I can recognize that person”, Aina said. “I don’t know him very well but I think that’s Tieu from Enmedyè”.

“That’s right”, Elder replied. “The other person is Political Secretary Min. Don’t you know him? Let’s approach. I’ll introduce you to him”.

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Re: The Funeral
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2021, 11:52:22 PM »

"When will they arrive?", Min Tae-joon asked.

"Soon, I guess", Tieu answered. "It should start in about...20 minutes", he added while looking at his watch. "So I assume that the cars must be approaching".

"I see", Min replied. "Anyway, I can't wonder but ask myself what's coming right now".

"Right now?", Deputy First Secretary Tieu asked.

"Yes", Min replied, "well, I mean regarding President Kwon's death, of course...".

"Ah, indeed", Tieu replied. "I understand. It is difficult to say, I guess. We are certainly in unknown territory. But I assume that Premier Han Ji-Yeong is likely to take over".

"After all", Tieu continued, "he has been in the White Tower since President Kwon Jin-gyu, the longest serving minister. And besides he's currently acting president".

"Alright", Min replied, "that's right...".

"It can't be denied that Premier Han has the experience and knows the government quite well", Tieu argued, although without sounding too convinced.

"Yes, that's true", Min replied. "Although, personally", he continued, "I wondered about First Secretary Lee as well. But yes, Premier Han sounds a predictable but reasoning choice".

"Oh", Tieu replied, "people have certainly an exaggerated idea about the role and influence of our Secretariat...Ours is rather a bureaucratic job, we mostly assist the General Secretary in those affairs which a head of state has not time to lose time with. But, between you and me, our role is not too different that the Party's International Office, that you know quite well. Not different at all. Only with the difference that we are dealing mostly with internal affairs instead that dealing with the ministries and coordinate diplomatic issues...".

"Ah, yes, yes", Min replied. "I understand".

"As I said", Tieu continued, "there is no doubt that Premier Han is prepared for this task. My only concern and this may come too soon, or at least, in the wrong time. Many changes may come soon, and my only hope is that the new leadership understand the challenges that may be ahead".

"How so?", Min wondered.

"It's my understanding", Tieu argued, "which  was coincidental with my time in the White Tower, that Premier Han was supportive of some administrative reforms, that some felt that they were too divisive and daring...For good or for bad, late Minister Van and some members of the coalition, as well as the last word of our now late President Kwon blocked such legislation".

"I see", Min replied. "I had no idea".

"Anyway", Tieu added, "it's not probably the time for this conversation. We'll have time to discuss what may be ahead of us".

"Alright", Min said, while looking at his watch. He suddenly realized about the old man and the woman slowly approaching them.

"Good morning", Eldar Ayakkabay said. "It's been a long time since I didn't see you, Mrs. Tieu".

"Good morning", Min replied.

"Indeed", Tieu replied. "We have been too busy lately, unfortunately. We had much work to coordinate with the National Executive Council and the Executive Committee, considering this year election...".

"Oh, I understand", Mr. Ayakkabay replied. "It's going to be the same for us, time to coordinate with the Coalition as well. And sadly, giving our present circumstances, the mood this time will not help".

"It will not, certainly", Tieu replied.

"Do you know my daughter, by the way?", Ayakkabay asked.

"I believe I met her a few years ago, yes", Tieu replied, "while my work in the assembly".

"Yes, of course", Aina said. "We did not share much time together but I remember".

"I heard about Mrs. Ayakkabay, of course", Min replied, "if I'm not wrong, we may have been in the same crowd in the past...but it is certainly a pleasure to meet you, madame".

"Same", Aina replied, "even at this circumstances, it is a pleasure to meet you, personally".

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Re: The Funeral
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2021, 01:09:11 AM »

"Good morning", Hwang Yong-joon said.

"Ah!", Eldar Ayakkabay exclaimed, who had not realized about Hwang approaching, "Mayor Hwang, long time no see! I hope everything is fine at Jangju".

"Everything is fine, giving the circumstances", Hwang replied. "As usual, life in Jangju is not dull but certainly calmer".

"I understand", Eldar replied. "I introduce you my daughter Aina, I don't think you have met her".

"I may be wrong but I don't think so", Hwang replied. "It's a pleasure".

"Thanks, mayor", Aina replied, lightly bowing her head.

"Glad to see you again, mayor", Tieu said. "If you excuse me a minute".

"No problem", mayor Hwang replied.

"Good morning", Tieu said, as he approached two men who were talking, not too far from there"

"Good morning, Deputy First Secretary", Minister Kan.

"Hello", Yohannes coldly replied.

"How is your family, Minister Kan?", Tieu asked.

"They are fine, as usual", Kan answered. "The boys are growing, just that. But as you may understand, to be honest, I have barely time to deal with family issues", he added with a smile.

"Oh, understandable", Tieu replied. "Yours is a very demanding ministry, after all".

"That's right", Kan replied.

"If you don't mind", Tieu added, "and if it doesn't matter that I steal you your time, I'd like to exchange a few words with Deputy Chairman Arendse in private. There is something important I need to communicate you, Deputy Chairman".

"Alright", Yohannes said, almost emotionless.

"Sure", Kan replied. "We may continue this conversation later".

"Indeed", Tieu said. "See you later, Minister".

"What's the problem?", Yohannes asked, once they were alone.

"Oh, nothing serious", Tieu replied. "We don't happen to meet very often, and I was curious to know about your opinion. If you don't mind, we can walk while we talk", he asked, as he did not wish to be interrupted.

"Why not", Yohannes said.

"How is everything at the State Department?", Tieu inquired.

"As usual", Yohannes answered. "As you may understand, we are having busier days these last days".

"Yes, understandable", Tieu replied. "I haven't seen General Chung in a lot time. I hope to see him later".

"We are rather busy in the Secretariat as well", Tieu continued, "obviously, giving the circumstances, preparing for a smoothly transition to the new presidency, as long as the official period of mourning is finished".

"Oh", Yohannes said, slighly confused. "Is that...was it already decided who will replace the President...?".

"Well, not officially", Tieu replied. "Obviously, it is not up to us, but to my understanding, there were already preparations in case of such a case like this tragic both the Presidency and the Premier offices".

"I see", Yohannes replied. "Who will be, if it's not a secret?".

"Technically, it is", Tieu replied with a smile. "But even if confidential, I guess not exactly a secret...In my understanding, Premier Han will likely succeed the late President. Although it is likely that not immediately, he may be acting president still for a while. Such things need to be prepared, of course".

"I see", Yohannes replied. "Not a surprise, I guess".

"Not at all", Tieu replied. "While it is not still confirmed, I'd say it's our best choice. Premier Han is the most experienced official we have, and one that really understand what really is at stake in our republic. I don't think that sudden changes or dangerous reforms will happen under his leadership. As I pleasantly could realize during my stay in the White Tower, he really understand our nation and what's most needed".

"I'm glad to hear that...", Yohannes said. "General Chung also spoke me positively about the Premier in the past".

"There is no doubt about that...", Tieu said. "I'm personally convinced that was the case. However, to my surprise, it seems not everyone shares that opinion in our capital...".

"What do you mean?", Yohannes interrupted Tieu.

"Nothing really", Tieu answered. "But as Political Secretary Min just mentioned me a few minutes ago in our conversation", he explained, "while he has no doubt about the Premier's capabilities and leadership, he is slightly concerned about some ideas that the Premier Han expressed in private, about needed changes in the administration".

"What kind of changes?", Yohannes asked, curious about what it could be.

"This should be confidential and private, of course, between you and me...", Tieu answered, "but, for example, Min mentioned me about our old project about dividing the state and military agencies, including your own, obviously, which would be broken up in several state agencies, some under the control of the presidency and other ministries...".

"Why would Premier Han do such thing", a surprised Yohannes asked.

"Oh, I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that proposal", Tieu asked, "but I guess to have a more compact control and increasing political surveillance over internal operations. I'm not too familiar with that either".

"However", Tieu continued, "Political Secretary Min, although there is no doubt about his loyalty, seemed concerned that such project would not come in the right moment, in the current circumstances".

"Uhm...", Yohannes replied, "I'd say that the armed forces and our people wouldn't be too happy about that idea. I don't see the need".

"That could be the case", Tieu replied, "although if there is someone with the energy and the knowledge to bringe any change, that's the Premier, certainly. And you probably know General Chung better than myself, but you know how these things usually work".

"What do you mean?", Yohannes asked.

"Well", Tieu answered, "although I have no doubt about the judgement of General Chung, this is the kind of thing that's easily achieved through promotion. It's not difficult to imagine that the Chairman wouldn't see with bad eyes to be promoted to one of the big ministries. But of course, I can't judge his character, I don't know him that well...Excuse my indiscretion".

"I see", Yohannes replied, pensively.

"It looks like the convoy is coming in", Tieu said. "It's probably better if we come back".

"Alright", Deputy Chairman Arendse replied.

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Re: The Funeral
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2021, 11:34:44 PM »

"That's...certainly impressive", Eldar Ayakkabay said. "Back in the day, when we joined the government for first time, it was called Minister without portfolio. But, of course, it seems the task are better organized nowadays".

"Yes, I guess so", Minister Min replied. “Although back then, the State Council was not organized as professionally as today”.

“I suppose you could say so”, Eldar replied, not sure what to add. “Ah, there goes Minister Lee...I assume that the Premier and the rest of the government must be coming soon”.

“That’s right, father”, Aina said. “However, who is the woman he’s talking to?”, she asked.

“I believe I met that woman recently...”, Min replied. ”She is the ambassador from Jugland”,

“Ah, I see”, Aina replied.

“It seems that people are moving”, Eldar commented. “The ceremony may start soon”.

“Yes, President Kwon may come soon”, Min said. “If you excuse me…”.

“Yes, sure”, Eldar replied. “It was a pleasure to talk with you, Minister Min”, he added as he left the group.

“Uhm…”, Eldar added, looking at his daughter, I wonder who is that young and red hair woman…”.

“Oh”, Aina replied, “she is Parkhyun...she was very popular between the youth”.

“I see”, Eldar replied. “I had no idea”.

“I thought she was living abroad though”, Aina wondered.

"Mrs. Kwon", Deputy First Secretary Tieu said, not too far from there, " sincere condolences".

"Thank you, Mr. Tieu", Kwon Mi-yeon replied.

"If you need anything", Tieu said, "don't hesitate to communicate directly with me or the Secretariat. No matter what's about, we'll do the best we could".

"Very kind, thanks", Kwon replied. "However, if you excuse me...", she added seeing as she saw someone known was approaching.

"Of course, madame", Tieu replied.

"Noriko...glad to see you again even in sad circumstances like these...", Tieu could overhear as he was leaving the scene.