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Mundus Games 2021 - Arashkai
« on: July 20, 2021, 07:27:18 AM »

The day of the opening ceremony had, at long last, arrived. Tens of thousands from across Arashkai and other nations had gathered in Ikan to the host nation's largest stadium, the Ikan National Arena, which had reached it's maximum capacity nearly an hour before the ceremony was to begin. There were, of course, millions more who were tuning in from around Mundus as the sun was beginning to set, and with it, anticipation for what was to be the biggest event of the year had begun to rise ever-higher.

Then, an announcement was made, first in English and then in the native language, Arashin, saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the athletes of the Ikan 2021 Mundus Games." before the first team would enter, that being the team of the hosting nation, Arashkai. The team would enter under two flags, the recently-adopted flag and the older, red-and-white one, the latter of which being carried by a notable face, the Emperor himself (who had qualified to compete earlier in the year). Soon after, the next team, the Achkaerinese team, would enter, having been the nation which founded the games, before the rest of the teams would enter in alphabetical order.

On screens across the world, the footage would, once the various teams had entered, change from that of the stadium to a video of a scroll, one detailing the history of Arashkai, or as the Arashin call it, Sokoku, from it's legendary founding to the modern day; its artwork is in a traditional style. However, it would soon focus on a single section, that of the legendary first Emperor of the Arashin, Keimei, who is claimed to have been descended from a kami. Then, in but a moment, a part of the scroll would begin to come to life, that being a depiction of a dragon, Ryūjin, who is said to guard the nation's coasts. Along the coast it travels, watching as time passes and the Empire begins to rise out of the Kitami and Ashina plains, the brief rule of the Lords of Ishikari, and the complete unification of the nation by the Heiwa emperor. At that point, it is joined by another figure, a white fox representing the goddess Inari, as the land blossoms into spring. The two continue their journey for some time before stopping at another scene, one of chaos and pain. For a time, Ryūjin appears to turn its head in shame before being greeted by a man, one whose form appears in part a mix of the god Takemikazuchi and the Tōitsu Emperor, reflecting his believed status as a mortal incarnation of the deity. They follow him as the scene progresses, eventually reaching the end of the warring states period, at which point the deity transforms into a dove and joins the group, signifying its ability to bring peace in times of war. The group would continue on its journey for some time, reaching the first Ardo-Arashin war and the enthronement of the Keiyo Emperor, where they are joined by a final deity, the god Susanoo-no-Mikoto (often portrayed as a personification of the Empire) as he prepares to strike down the eight-headed serpent Yamata no Orochi, a clear parallel to the long, arduous struggle for survival that Arashkai faced during the Great War, though at the last moment, he relents, offering instead a hand to the wounded beast, representing the process of reconciliation between the two nations. And then, as they near the edge of the scroll, the screens turn dark the Mon (seal) of the Imperial Clan is projected on the middle of the field before the tone of a Horagi (conch trumpet) is heard, calling attention to the edge of the stadium where, as though emerging from the scroll itself, the figures seen before enter the stadium in a display both of elaborate costume and puppetry, Ryūjin leading the way, as various other, similar displays enter from other parts of the stadium, representing the natural beauty of the nation. After a few minutes, the performance would end and the next phase of the ceremony would begin.

Another announcement would be said as the flags of Arashkai would be carried to two flagpoles near the left and right sides of the arena, carried by hand-picked members of the Imperial guard in their traditional attire.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand for the National Anthem of the Empire of Arashkai, performed by the Ikan Band Choir." the announcer said, after which the National Anthem, the "Patriotic March", was played as the flags were raised. Not long afterwards, the Games flame would be lit in it's cauldron, after which yet another announcement was made, saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Chancellor Sachio Himekawa of Arashkai."

The chancellor would walk up to a podium overlooking the stadium, where he would make a brief speech on the games.
"Honored guests, I wish to extend my personal thanks to you on behalf of the Imperial Government and His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Go-Tenji. Tonight, as we celebrate the beginning of this most wonderous occasion, we look back on the history of the games and forwards to their future. Last year, the games were hosted jointly by the nations of Tamora and the Selucid Emirate, a momentous occasion as it marked the first time the games were shared between those nations. There were, of course, those who protested this decision, but whether or not they were justified in these protestations, they gave hope to many that even those who are most unlikely to achieve their hopes and dreams can still do so, they just need to stand up and make their position heard. This year, we celebrate this hope that even in our darkest hour, such as our nation following the attacks last month, we can still achieve great things. We have all come together in spite of these attacks to say that we are not afraid, that we will face the future with renewed vigour, and that no matter the challenges we face, we will endure. With that, it is my greatest pleasure to announce on the behalf of the people and government of the Empire of Arashkai, as well as the International Mundus Games Committee, that the 2021 Mundus Games have begun! May fortune favor the bold!"

And with that, 2,000 drones would rise into the sky, creating a most spectacular light show, first of the planet with the locations of the various Mundus Games highlighted, then various scenes of the nation, though naturally in a somewhat more simplistic form due to the medium, after which they would form the logo of the games. With the logo unveiled in the sky, fireworks would shoot into the sky, though for safety concerns they would be kept away from the display. And so, the Mundus Games had begun.