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The Sovereign Lands of Lymm
« on: July 21, 2021, 09:47:36 AM »

Motto:- Forward. Ever Onward
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem

  • The nation was originally created as a private Kingdom for Roger Lymm. He was a wealthy mercenary Knight in the 1200's from East Moreland. As a reward for gifting large sums of money to King Hugh of the White Horse he was granted this land to rule as King in his own right.
  • Over the next 30 years of his life the now King, Roger Lymm expanded his land until it became a sizeable Kingdom in its own right.
  • In the mid 1400's the Lymm family line came to an end and it passed to another family from ?????? who had married into the Lymm Dynasty.
  • The Kingdom experienced various religious clashes during the 16th Century until King Alfred II imposed the Decree of Sovereign Rights on the nation. Sadly King Alfred II was assassinated a year later by Catholic fanatics
  • The daughter of King Alfred II, Queen Ophelia became the first Queen of Lymm and set about a period of mass executions of those breaching her father's decree. We estimate some 80,000 people were executed in her 20 year reign
  • During the Industrial Revolution the people of Lymm began to experience extreme poverty and poor living conditions. King Henry III (known as Henry the Kind) and his daughter, Queen Henrietta the Caring, set about a series of reforms to ensure the people were cared for. They formed the Contract of Lymm, an agreement between their subjects and the crown. The Contract of Lymm is seen as the cornerstone of Lymm's society.
  • Today the Contract of Lymm insists that any company operating in Lymm must have its workers given at least 33% of the shares of that company.
  • The Contract of Lymm guides the partnership between the current monarch, Parliament and the people in an attempt to balance power.

Government Type:- Constitutional Monarchy
Population:-:- 63,800,000
Capital City:-Bruche (1.2million)
Demonym:- Lymmite


Currency:- Shillings & Pence
GDP per Capita:- $29,500
Unemployment Rate:- 5.3%
Main Industries:- Maritime Engineering, microchips, brewery,


Ethnicity:- Western European (85%) Other (15%)
Languages:- Official language are English and German (Alemannic German)
Religions:- 30% Protestant 20% Catholic 20% Pagan 15%Jewish 10% Cult of Helus 5% Other
Average Life Expectancy:-


Head of State:- Queen Octavia II
Head of Government:- President Isidora Kauffmann
Name of Legislative Body:- The Royal Assembly
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Re: The Sovereign Lands of Lymm
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2021, 10:20:07 PM »


The government of Lymm operates, for most decisions, on what people refer to as a two tick system. This means there are three people/groups that make a decision. For any law to change it must get the approval, in most cases, of at least two of the three. There are certain aspects of government where this system changes but still retains the input of the three people/groups. The three potential ticks are

1. The Monarch - This has been since 1987 determined by the inheritance of the crown by the eldest legitimate child of the previous monarch.

2. The President - The President is elected every 5 years. They may serve no more than three terms in the office.

3. The Royal Assembly - This is a body of 50 individuals elected every 5 years. Their meetings are overseen by an Assembly Chair who is the official spokesperson of the Assembly.


* Agriculture - Two ticks

* Fisheries - Two ticks

* Forestry - Two ticks

* Budget - Two ticks, Royal Assembly have a veto

* Education - Two ticks

* Economic Development - Two ticks

* Public Health - Two ticks, Royal Assembly have a veto

* Health Service - Two ticks

* Highways and Transport - Two ticks

* Tourism - Two ticks

* Culture - Two ticks

* Foreign Affairs - Two ticks, Monarch has a veto

* Defence - Two ticks, one must be the Monarch

* Justice - Two ticks, one must be the President


Judges are appointed by the Monarch

Government ministers are shortlisted by the monarch, selected by the President and approved by the Royal Assembly

Elections are watched over by the Monarch

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Re: The Sovereign Lands of Lymm
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2021, 09:51:25 AM »

ignore the cross


Since the beginning of the nation a memorial of sorts has stood on a spot some 5km South of Bruche on a hillside overlooking the river Marven. It was said to be the site King Roger had first named himself King of his new land. Roger had three large stone walls built and upon them intended the names of the monarchs of Lymm to be engraved. The site has been adapted over the years after several monarchs sought to safeguard the memorial from the elements and vandalism. Today a granite stone memorial hall stands over the wall.

A Royal Stonemason lives permanently on site and is responsible for maintaining the Hall, the memorial and several other buildings that are on the parkland. The coronation of every monarch takes place in the hall with the stonemason inscribing their name and the date the very moment the crown is placed on their head. At the moment the death of the monarch is announced the Royal Stonemason will add the date of death. The Hall is able to be visited today by booking and may only be done so with an official guide. These guides are members of the Armed Forces ceremonial Memorial Guard unit who are responsible for the ceremonies and security at many important sites across Lymm.

List of Monarchs.

1219 - 1243 - King Roger I (The Father)
1243 - 1286 - King Hugo
1286 - 1322 - King Henry I
1322 - 1338 - King Alfred I
1338 - 1345 - King Charles
1345 - 1383 - King Roger II
1383 - 1388 - King Egbert
1388 - 1417 - King Mathis
1417 - 1426 - King Sigmund
1426 - 1449 - King Leopold
1449 - 1481 - King Baldwin
1481 - 1522 - King Erik
1522 - 1541 - King Alfred II - The Just
1541 - 1562 - Queen Ophelia - The Bloody
1562 - 1578 - King Raynard
1578 - 1599 - King Henry II
1599 - 1606 - King Stephen
1606 - 1631 - King William
1631 - 1680 - King Nicholas
1680 - 1683 - King Robert
1683 - 1724 - King David
1724 - 1768 - Queen Octavia I
1768 - 1793 - King Edward
1793 - 1822 - King Philip
1822 - 1833 - King Edward II
1833 - 1835 - King Richard
1835 - 1857 - King Henry III (The Kind)
1857 - 1887 - Queen Henrietta (The Caring)
1887 - 1903 - King Roger III
1903 - 1913 - King Nicholas II
1913 - 1951 - King Erik II
1951 - 1994 - King Richard II
1994 - 2014 - King Philip II
2014 - 2017 - King Charles II
2017 - now - Queen Octavia II
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Re: The Sovereign Lands of Lymm
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2021, 08:59:38 PM »


In 1837 King Henry III made the decision that the nation would have an elected President. All adults with an income of the modern day equivalent of $20,000 and over the age of 30 could vote. These conditions have changed throughout history until 1902 when all citizens over the age of 18 were permitted to vote. A President can serve no more than three terms in their life. Each term is usually five years.

President List

1837 - 1847 Hubertus Sneijders
1847 - 1862 Franklyn Baumgärtner
1862 - 1867 Pim Askes
1867 - 1872 Roelof Klerkx
1872 - 1877 Pim Askes
1877 - 1887 Roelof Klerkx
1887 - 1902 Leon Vogel
1902 - 1907 Marinus Aston
1907 - 1912 Raynard Brant
1912 - 1917 Abraham Brownlow
1917 - 1920 Christina Leeuwenhoek *
1920 - 1925 Abraham Brownlow
1925 - 1935 Nora Paulissen
1935 - 1940 Antono Abbing
1940 - 1955 Robert Eichel
1955 - 1965 Karoline Arbeid
1965 - 1970 Bryan Klerkx
1970 - 1980 Samson Parker
1980 - 1985 Sybil Haenraets
1985 - 1990 Samson Parker
1990 - 2000 Adelle Van Bueren
2000 - 2005 Morgan Hermans
2005 - 2015 Juul Wähner
2015 - 2020 Emmet Kipling
2020 - now  Isidora Kauffmann   

* Christina Leeuwenhoek was murdered in 1920 and a fresh election called within 2 months. During that time the Royal Assembly elected one of their members as a kind of caretaker President. This has now become the accepted default should a President not be able to complete their term.

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Re: The Sovereign Lands of Lymm
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The first Political Party set up in Lymm was in 1837 just a day after King Henry III gave the people the right to vote. It was the National Workers Alliance, a group dedicated to ensuring the fair treatment of factory workers and also extending the voting rights. Since then several parties have existed but there are four main ones.


This is today what the National Workers Alliance has become. It is a party to the left of political spectrum. It campaigns regularly for nationalisation of all key industries such as power generation, health care, transport and various other areas. The party also want to extend the vote to all over the age of 16 and extend the nations policy of 33% of all businesses being owned by their workers to it being 51%. In elections they tend to get 20% of the vote.


One of the newer parties as it was made in 1983. It became popular among younger voters. The party began as a group focusing on better treatment for the environment but today is considered more focused on expanding what it see's as equality and human rights. The party believes in eradicating gaps between rich and poor through top down policies. The party also attempt to bring in opportunities for social mobility. The Party tend to get around 10% of the vote.


Founded in 1933 after the merger of several "conservative" parties to form a "mega party". The party runs mainly on a platform of small government with the removal of red tape for business, simplification of tax codes and an upholding of family values. With Lymm having so many religious groups the aspect of supporting family values has occasionally caused clashes within the party as they seek to balance all view points. The party tend to get around 25% of the vote.


The party seeks to create a single unified culture for Lymm focusing on the shared aspects of the Christian, Jewish and Cultist faiths. It see's the monarchy as a cornerstone of society and an excellent role model. They are anti-Communist believing that they seek to eradicate the uniqueness of Lymm in favour of foreign control. They also want to economy to protect Lymm's people as best as possible. They are very determined to ensure the Assembly and Monarch hold all the power in the nation. The party tend to get around 10% of the vote.


There are around a further ten minor parties that exist. These range across all aspects of the political spectrum.

1. The Lymm Communist Party
2. The Liberal Party
3. Social Democratic Front
4. Reform Party
5. The Christian Democrats
6. The Party of Helus
7. The Republican Party
8. The Alliance for Change
9. The Children's Birthday Party
10. The Monarchist Alliance