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Use of images on the forum
« on: August 16, 2018, 12:11:15 AM »
Hi all,

Due to a recent judgement by the European Court of Justice, we are now restricting the use of images and graphics on the forum. The ECJ ruled that “The posting on a website of a photograph that was freely accessible on another website with the consent of the author requires a new authorisation by that author.”

Therefore, in order to use an image on this forum, you must either use your own work, or use an image where:
1) You have permission from its creator/owner to use on TIO;
2) It is issued under a Creative Commons licence or similar licence; or
3) It is otherwise in the public domain.

Where required, you must also give credit to the relevant content producer.

Any photo or graphic that does not meet the above criteria is liable to removal on a takedown request.

Should you use an image that does not meet the above criteria, you accept any and all liability concerning the use of said images. Further, you agree to allow us to supply your email and IP addresses should any legal action be brought against The Independent Order in relation to such images.

This does not apply to any hyperlinks to images.

Content creators
If we’ve used your photo or graphic and would like us to take it down, please email [email protected] and we will ensure it is taken down within 48 hours and the member notified of the issue.

You agree that by posting any images of your own creation on the forum for in-game international organisations, maps, or for the purposes of official use by the staff of the Independent Order (including forum graphics), you give The Independent Order and its staff, and in the circumstances of international organisations, its users, full rights to use the images with credit in perpetuity.

Finding free-to-use images
There are a number of websites where you can find free-to-use images, many of which can be found here. You can also use Google Advanced Image Search, just filter the ‘usage rights’ option near the bottom. All images on Wikipedia are useable on this forum.

The forum Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy will be updated in due course to reflect this announcement.
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