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Queen Viktoriya today sent her congratulations to Princess Elena of Herrenbucht upon her nation of Herrenbucht changing its constitution to legalizes female succession. As such she now is eligible in the line of succession, however Her cousin Markus von Wateringas, who was hoping to become Crown Prince, criticised the move saying "A woman as the leader of our country and our army is not acceptable " before adding "Women aren't made for this job". The Queen wrote an open letter to Elena offering her congratulations and support.

--- Quote from: Open Letter ---
Dear Elena

Let us start by congratulating you and your people, today they have taken a great step forward in allowing women to inherit, and should a time come when you assume the leadership of your nation we hope to be able to support you however we can. Around a year ago we were plucked from being an ordinary 18 year old girl who was preparing for University, we found ourselves prepared in a short time to take on the huge responsibility of running a nation. In that time we hope that we have shown what we are capable of, first establishing the Network of Crowns, hosting the amendment conference for the Uppsala Convention and then forming the CNN, all things that have helped our nation take its fledgeling steps onto the international stage. In short we are confident that by the time you are called to serve your people you will be strong, confident and magnificent.

While you seemingly already have your critics we can tell you first hand that these are things you must take with a pinch of salt. To say women aren't made to lead is ridiculous, by looking around Mundus one can see that for yourself. A history lesson gives the warrior Queen of East Moreland, Rhiannon The Fierce who was voted the 2nd Greatest Mundusian ever, furthermore we have had more female General Secretaries of the CTO than we have men, showing that they can achieve greatness. With talk of not being able to run an army we have personally overseen reforms of our nations militaries taking it from a shabby piece of work into something our nation can be proud of, meanwhile the East Moreland military, one of the most respected on Mundus is commanded by a woman. Women are capable of great things, in our youth we recall stand offs between the Warsaw Pact and CSTO, mainly lead by Rokkenjima, that tension was defused after many attempts failed, the person who lead that was Willa Sunbrek, a woman bringing one of the biggest steps towards global peace. The times for women to be seen as inferior are gone and anybody denying that has no historical understanding of Mundus.

We would therefore like to invite you to our capital Gaia for your first official state visit. It is our hope that this will be the first of many between our nations.

May Sessifet Bless You

Queen Viktoriya Tar of Lodja, Guardian of Sessifet.

--- End quote ---

The Queen has been underfire at home recently with the first anniversary of her marriage just two months away, traditionally the Queen has conceived a child in the first year of marriage and failure to do so is seen as a bad omen for the future of her reign. This was however down played by Lord of the Conclave, Besarian Ivanov who said. "Look at Her Divine Majesties track record, it's excellent, she's created thousands of jobs, given Plebs more oppurtunities, improved our defensive capabilities and opened a world full of oppurtunities to our nation. She is doing a wonderful job and will continue to do so whether she has a child or not. I look forward to continuing our successful work."


It was announced moments ago that Queen Viktoriya has been airlifted to Gaia Military Hospital following an attack within the Palace of the Goddess. The exact nature of the attack is not known however a spokesman for the Conclave has stated, "The Queen is in a serious condition. She is surrounded by the very best medical experts and it is our hope, that with the Goddesses protection she will recover and be with us soon." The Queen was taken by military helicopter and will be treated by the Army Medical Corps who are experts at trauma treatment.

One member of the palace staff, who did not see the attack said, "I was working on repairing one of the old corridors near a garden within the Palace, suddenly I heard shouting and six or seven members of the Security Agency came pounding past me, some carried weapons while others carried what looked like first aid kits but much bigger. I tried to follow them and see what was happening but at the edge of the garden they had men with guns keeping the Palace staff back. I saw several agents working on helping the Queen and one of the Ladies in Waiting was covered in blood, it looked terrible." The Palace was put under immediate lock down however it is suspected that the attacker, thought to be a young apprentice gardener acted alone. The same witness said, "We heard shouting and four agents had hold of a young man by each limb literally carrying him away, he was yelling, I can't remember his exact words but it was about the Goddess being released." There has been in recent months a growing belief amongst some that the Queen's failure to get pregnant is a sign that she does not truly have the Goddess Sessifets blessing and a handful going so far as to believe the Queen is cursed.

These superstitious notions had been addressed only a few days ago by High Priestess Raisa Chownyk spoke about this saying, "Nowhere in the texts of Sessifet does this notion of the Queen needing to conceive in a set time exist, anyone saying this is the case is either provoking nonsense or uneducated in the teachings of the blessed Goddess. The Goddess knows all and when the time is right for her to become a mother then she will become a mother, it is that simple." The High Priestess is the aunt of the Queen's husband Baron Roman Chownyk who was in Luebin at the time of the attack. It has been confirmed that he too has been airlifted and taken to Gaia Military Hospital to be with his wife.

Already large crowds have gathered at the causeway of the Island of the Goddess lighting candles for the Queen. While the Queen is incapacitated it is the duty of Lord Besarian Ivanov to make the final decision after meetings of the Conclave.


Following a claim made by the so called Priory of Sion, a terrorist group from the Ecclesiastical State, that they were behind the assassination attempt of Queen Viktoriya the nations Minister of Defence, General Lubos Kubik, Duke of Helaov has spoken of the claims. In a statement made as he entered Gaia Military Barracks the military man said, "The group known as the Priory of Sion is not on our Radar, the claim that they are responsible would be laughable and also actually more appealing than the truth. To have had a foreign organisation be the ones trying to kill our Queen would be bad, however the fact that it was actually one of our own makes things worse, for a Lodjain to betray his Goddess is appalling and as soon as we have ruled out co-conspirators he will face justice openly and publically, that appearence and the story about what happened yesterday on the Island of the Goddess will show just how desperate and grabbing the Priory are for international acclaim. If I'm honest I had to google who they are and what they stand for so I'm not surprised they would try and take what they probably assume is the glory of our Queen's blood." Duke Lubos added, "The Security of the Isle of the Goddess and around all the people there will be increased and no stone will be left unturned ensuring anyone with connections to the assailant is dealt with.

The Security Agency have yet to release the name of the would be killer and have only confirmed that he was a male who was unknown to the Intelligence Agencies. A special team has been put together in order to investigate the incident and track down any co-conspirators.

The Queen yesterday went into surgury upon reaching the Gaia Military Barracks and doctors confirmed that she recieved "a significant amount of trauma to the neck which required life saving procedures and a major transfusion of blood." They also announced that the Queen had been put into a medically induced coma in order to give her a better chance of reducing any injuries suffered because of loss of blood flow. Her Royal Physician confirmed that the Queen is still "Critical". Prayers have been said across the nation and many well wishers have been gathering at the Isle of the Goddess.

Legal experts have confirmed that while the Queen is incapacitated her powers will be held in a regents capacity by Lord Besarian Ivanov, however it is also known that a precautionary series of meetings have been taking place in order to identify a potential successor should the Queen not recover. One of the names considered was Lady in Waiting Jasmina Danailov, who was considered for Queen when Viktoriya Tar was named. The 18 year old Lady in Waiting turns 19 in three weeks and many believe that should the Queen die in that time her coronation would be rushed through. Darya Natalka, a 17 year old friend of Princess Alana is also being placed in Royal Security as she turns 18 in two weeks and is considered a good candidate should Queen Viktoriya not recover.


A spokesman for Lord Besarian has today announced that having visited Gaia Military Barracks that the Queen is still unconcious. A week after the Queen was rushed to the barracks she is still unconcious. The spokesman made the announcement from the barracks gates saying, "It is sad to say that the Queen is so far not responding to treatment. Doctors here have provided superb treatment and done everything possible to help the Queen. We continue to pray for her and urge others to do the same." So far several thousand people have gone to the barracks gate and left flowers or other tokens as tokens of their hopes for the Queen's recovery. One medic at the base confirmed that the Queen had now been taken off her medication which had been keeping her in a medical coma.

The Conclave have been in control of the nation since the Queen was stabbed, with Lord Besarian Ivanov at its head. One of the actions that he has taken is to put the Priestesses to task searching for a potential new Queen. Furthermore it was confirmed today that he has also asked the nations High Court Judges to begin considering several points of law regarding the position. One former judge said, "We face a situation where we could potentially have a Queen who can't communicate her commands to the nation. This would be very difficult for the country to continue to operate as we would clearly not have guidance from the Goddess. We must also consider whether we can pre-choose a new Queen, I think it would be a difficult decision to make."


It was sadly confirmed today by the Royal Physician that Queen Viktoriya is "unlikely to recover" from her injuries. An announcement was made just before sunrise at the gates of the Gaia Military Baracks in which the Physician stated, "It is regretable that the Queen's loss of blood was significant enough to have caused severe damage to the Queen. It is now the case that the Queen is unlikely to recover and is being kept alive by artificial means. We have also determined that the Queen is currently pregnant, a fact that will neccesitate a different approach to that normally used in such situations. We ask the nation to pray for the child and it's father Baron Roman as we seek to find a way through these difficult times." The news was meet with tears and sadness by those assembled at the gates, some of whom had been laying good luck tokens and flowers.

High Priestess Raisa Chowynk spoke an hour later saying, "The Goddess is clearly testing our nations determination to follow her ways, she has deemed that Viktoriya has left us in a position of strength and we do not require a day to day level of input from Sessifet. This is a testimont to the wise rule of the Queen. While the medical profession are greatly skilled and highly respected they do not posses the power of Sessifet and I hope the Goddess will return in her partnership with Viktoriya to guide us once more. It is now our duty to continue Viktoriya's work in her abscence and we shall not let her down."

Lawyers have already begun examining what this announcement means for the nations government, with no provision set up to declare an emergency without the Queen's authority it is uncertain what will happen in the mean time. Currently Lord of the Conclave Lord Besarian Ivanov is running the government on the Queen's behalf supported by his fellow ministers, however it is believed that some lawyers believe that laws permit the Queen's husband Baron Roman to take the title of King following the Queen being confirmed as pregnant, alternatively some lawyers believe that Princess Alana may also be able to act on her sisters behalf until such a time as her recovery. It is likely that courts and the Priesthood will make a ruling on this in the coming days.

One leading nobleman who wished to not be named suggested that "the Queen needs to be permitted to die, the group of cells within her is not yet a child, and it is sad to say it must be sacrificed to permit our nation, and the Goddess, to have a strong ruler once more. The child will not have any say in our government and is an irrelevence in this situation. It is my understanding if even carried to term, something I understand is unlikely, that it will be disabled in some form, making it impossible to take any position within a government if even given a role. Nature must be permitted to take its course."

Another however has said, "The Goddess will take Viktoriya when she chooses, regardless of what we must do. If this is a test then surely it is a test of our love for the Queen, how hard will we work to keep her with us. As long as there is a way we must follow her path and continue her work, only when Queen Viktoriya's path diverts from the Goddesses will we need a new Queen."

It was also confirmed that the Conclave and Priesthood have pre-determined that should the Queen die within the next seven days Lady Jasmina Danailov will inherit the throne with the High Preistess stating, "It was clear Sessifet had a hard time choosing between Viktoriya and Jasmina, as such I believe should Jasmina still be 18 it is clear that the Goddess has choosen her, so strong was the connection between the Lady in Waiting and the Goddess. We have determined should the seven days pass and Viktoriya remain with us we shall conduct testing to determine a new Queen should the need arise, therefore allowing a smooth transitition of the Goddess."

Lady Jasmina is currently kept under guard on the Island of the Goddess, however her father Lord James Danailov stated, "To have my daughter considered as the role of Queen is a great moment in my life, for it to happen twice even more humbling. I have mixed feelings at the moment, I don't know any nobleman who wouldn't wish his daughter on the throne, but for it to happen in such a circumstance would be heartbreaking." 


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