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Pharaoh Bektaten Sets Sights On Tamora For Foreign Visit

Pharaoh Bektaten announces her trip to the Tamoran Empire.
Pharaoh Bektaten has announced her intent to call upon the Emperor of Tamora in the coming days for "urgent talks between our Peoples and Nations." Citing her concern over Slava Lavosk's potential weapons program, recent suffering in Royal Seleucid and the heightening of tensions in the region, amongst other issues, the Pharaoh stated that Clysperis "can no longer be a silent voice in the affairs of our region. We have allowed Tamora and Royal Seleucid to bear these issues, and more, for so long that redress is our only recourse. Today, we begin to re-engage our neighbours and look to see where we can help with the crises presently playing out, looking to the leadership Tamora has provided in these troubling times to guide us through our re-integration with our neighbours."

While her father enjoyed an extensive friendship with Emperor Abbas Pharaoh Bektaten has yet to meet formally with the Tamoran Emperor. The visit would come during a period which sees the Empire facing increasing pressure from the international community. "Everyone believes they have the right prescription, and that is often their values and vision for the world. There is no room for compromise with those who feel they hold the moral high ground, for theirs is a mission from high above to enlighten the savages around them. Our Peoples, those of Clysperis and Tamora, did just fine without them for generations, why do they feel they are needed now?"

Trade with the Tamoran Empire has continued despite a number of states imposing sanctions upon Tamora for the practice of slavery. "Just as I know what is best for the People of Clysperis, so too does Emperor Abbas know what is best for the Tamorans. It is folly to believe that someone, on the other side of Mundus, could know a People better than their own ruler. This is one of the reasons Midaranye is thrown into crisis: meddling foreign powers who seek to enrich themselves, or pat themselves on the back in their righteous crusade. We shall not give any mind to their noise."

News In Brief:

An Apne man was sentenced earlier today to the service of the grocery store which he stole $475 in goods over a period of two months through writing checks which were later deemed fraudulent. The ruling places Marwan Tannous to "a period of no less than 190 hours of service to Central Markets, at a rate of $2.50/hour, to repay the value of the goods which were stolen." He will also be required to pay restitution and court fees which may be served in additional servitude should he not possess the funds for those costs.

Pharaoh Bektaten says controversy over whaling practices of Nya Åland is "much ado about nothing. What would Vaguzia have them do, rely upon foreign aid to feed their people when they have the means in hand to do it themselves? Ridiculous. Terrorists are running about their Eastern lands, perhaps look inside your borders before searching for quarrels which you have no business in engaging."


Recognition Of Theocracy Discussed

Vizier Apherumes sympathizes with the "righteous struggle" of the Theocracy.
The Kingdom has raised the possibility of recognizing the Theocracy of Kaitaine as the legitimate government of Kaitaine, according to Vizier Apherumes. The move would make the Kingdom the second nation to recognize the Theocracy which is fighting to free its homelands from the rule of the Soviet Republic. "Clysperis knows fully what the children of Stalin are capable of," the Vizier said, "from holding people in camps as the Slavans or the chemical terrors rained down by those in Kaitaine, they know no bounds to what offenses they may commit. While I will not share my advice to the Pharaoh I will state that a decision will be made, and it will be announced during her visit to Tamora following the guidance of Emperor Abbas."

Concerns remain that the move would result in swift and certain sanctions being levied upon Clysperis, concerns which the Vizier also spoke upon. "We know what to expect, it's being figured into the decision making process, however, if Tamora can stand strong against the tactics of the 'enlightened powers' so too may we."

News In Brief:

The Kingdom has formally submitted an application to join OPEN (Oil (and Gas) Producing Exporting Nations).

Local authorities have closed the investigation into the death of a Nebpi man who was dragged from his car and beaten violently before being ran over with his car a multitude of times. Despite the severity of the beating investigators established he was alive after being ran over three times. Security footage has established that he made no efforts to avoid striking a cat with his car, an act witnessed by several people. One individual questioned stated "As he struck the cat with his car, thus he was struck with his car, repeatedly." A statement from the Court added "as the penalty for killing a cat is death, justice has ultimately been served, saving the Kingdom the costs of prosecution."


Editorial: The Pharaoh In Tamora

"For it is not as the Living Horus that I visit Tamora, no, I come to your lands as a humble guest, seeking to know more of the friends my father spoke always so highly of so that I may return the gratitude of those generations who came before me."
As this message is printed and displayed across various media outlets I'll have already touched down in Tamora, the first foreign visit of my reign. This visit comes at a time not only crucial to the Kingdom, but to Tamora and our region as a whole. Our nations, bound first in blood, hopefully shall be bound in cause and the mutual pursuit of our respective traditions, beliefs and the defense of our unique cultures. For it is not as the Living Horus that I visit Tamora, no, I come to your lands as a humble guest, seeking to know more of the friends my father spoke always so highly of so that I may return the gratitude of those generations who came before me.

Today, Mundus is rife with division: division of belief, division of cause, even division of purpose. The enlightened powers, claiming for themselves a mandate to rectify all of Mundus' woes and ills, thrive on division and where they see difference, they see new avenues of attack. Our nations, through their shared history, have proven beyond any doubt that differences are not something to be feared or shunned, but that strength may be found in honouring our differences just as much as those things that we hold in common, including our respective adherence and reverence to the faiths, traditions and practices which have kept and guided our Peoples for generations. Although our Peoples differ in their system of beliefs, and each hold cherished traditions which would be unknown to the other, the core is the same: that reverence, that adherence, that faith is, ultimately, just as honoured and true to a Clysperi as it is to a Tamoran.

The world around us is changing, and with each passing day it seems that one culture or the other is brought upon the chopping block for one offense or the other. Tamora is perhaps the most sanctioned state today for holding true and refusing to bend its knee to the various powers arrayed against it, to me this is worthy of respect and sets an example to be followed. After all, what are we, who are we, if we are so feckless to give up such great parts of what makes us who we are as a People to appease the sensibilities of foreigners? Who appointed them to determine what is right and just for our Peoples? Once one begins to sell off parts of who they are, where does it end?

Thus, we see why Tamora and Clysperis see such an enduring friendship; whereas others would come to you wearing whichever mask suits their purposes, I come to you wearing no mask with an agenda only in the interests of that friendship, with respect for the faiths and culture of Tamora, and to bring an end to Clysperi silence and stand alongside Tamora as it holds steadfast against the internationalist powers. And through our differences, of which there are many to be certain, we shall cherish them just as greatly as our similarities for they are what makes us strong, unique and treasured throughout Mundus.

Thank you for your hospitality, and your time in reading this message. Through every facet that makes us who we are, I hope we may foster ever greater unity and friendship between our nations.


Theocracy of Free Kaitaine Recognized

The announcement from Khemnen Palace came earlier today, extending formal recognition to the Theocracy.
"The Kingdom of Clysperis hereby recognizes the Theocracy of Free Kaitaine as the sole, legitimate government of Kaitaine. From this day henceforth the Kingdom shall endeavour towards friendship and solidarity with this young state and shall assist them in their great struggle against the soulless children of Stalin and the officious Empire of the south," came the statement from Khemnen Palace along with other actions announced by the Government, amongst which included the halting of all sales of petroleum products to Slava Lavosk. "Slava Lavosk must be brought to its knees, as it is clear that no amount of negotiations will bring them back to the sensible realm. If they are unwilling to correct their behaviour, let them be made to thirst for fuel until the pain is so great they have no other recourse."

Vizier Apherumes announced the recognition following a telephone conversation with the Pharaoh, who sought the guidance of Emperor Abbas before making a final decision on the matter. "Their fight, that of the Theocracy, is one we have fought to drive the bastards of Stalin from our homelands. The Kingdom shall have nothing to do with the Soviet regime; no manner of trade, no sporting events, nothing which could lend them any sense of legitimacy on the global stage. In the coming weeks we shall, like our Tamoran brethren before us, seek an exchange of embassies with the Theocracy."

With the announcement of the recognition the Kingdom braced for expected sanctions from Rokkenjima, who have labelled the Bene Gesserit faith and, by extension, the Free Theocracy, as a terrorist organisation. "Let them impose their sanctions," the Vizier said with a chuckle, "remember, first they were sanctioning the Soviets, then reversed course and are now supporting them with billions in aid annually. They then sanctioned Tamora, rescinded sanctions, then re-implemented sanctions once the Empire recognized the Free Theocracy. I could likely tell you what they shall do tomorrow based on the direction of the wind if you'd like. The Kingdom doesn't fear the First Empire's sanctions, but we do condemn their unwelcome interference in Midaranye."

The Vizier indicated that the Kingdom would be open to recognizing the Confederation of Water Nomads. "We've the spawns of Helus, the succubi of Helus, and the heretics all aligned against a group of people who numbers aren't even that of one of our mid-sized cities. As a People who were chased from our homes we won't remain silent and upon further coordination with the Living Horus I will be announcing a decision on their recognition. Notice, though, how the champions of self-determination, all stand silent. Is it the inconvenient connections at play, or is there another reason this group of people aren't worthy of their righteous indignation?"


Pharaoh Implements Reparations For Soviet Occupation

Pharaoh Bektaten announced the reparations, imposing the sentence of servitude upon an initial group of Soviet veterans and their descendants.
Pharaoh Bektaten has announced that the Royal Government is implementing a program of reparations for the Soviet Occupation of the Kingdom of Clysperis, stating "the orphaned children of Stalin have a great debt to pay to our Nation and People; they have offended Ma'at, in every sense. Therefore in the early hours of this morning, under my order, Clysperi Royal Police effected the arrest of 547 individuals who are confirmed Soviet veterans, or the descendants of such, of the Occupation who remain in our borders. Following a quick process through our legal system these individuals have been sentenced to servitude for the rest of their natural lives, and shall be placed in the service of families who lost their loved ones over the course of the Occupation."

"In those cases where the veterans themselves are too old to work, their descendants shall serve the sentence in their place. Is this fair? Of course, for the lives, the time, and everything else which was stolen from my People, it is more than fair. Even with this sentence there are several of our People who never came home or died in some Soviet labour camp. Their service to the families they harmed isn't even enough to fairly compensate my People for their crimes. It is a start to ensuring the reparations we are owed as the Soviet beast no longer exists."

Pharaoh Bektaten claimed that Clysperi Law allowed for the sentences, which were granted to prisoners of war prior to the Soviet Occupation by past Pharaohs. "Such individuals are recognized as a royal resource," she explained, "As such, that resource is being put to work for the People of Clysperis in whatever manner they should see fit." The Royal Government will be pairing families with servants in the coming weeks, and is prepared to make more arrests as more Soviets, or their descendants, are found within Clysperi borders. "Compensation for our pain will be seen, one way or another," the Pharaoh added, "it is a pain all of us share; as such, I shall use any tool in my power for the benefit of my People."


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