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Juglander Review
Juglander Review, established in 1931, is a multi-lingual newspaper reporting on events in the territory of Jugland, for both local and international readers. The paper is published weekly.

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Note: Articles and events before November 2021 are not likely to be canon


Juglander ReviewJuglander Open restarted in Emrta
Wyne Bonderik defeated Godric Aaroe in the final match in four sets (7-5, 6-3, 2-6, 6-1), winning the 97th Juglander Open.

The Juglander Open is the oldest tennis tournament in Jugland, reserved for Juglander tennis players who are officially registered in the Juglander Tennis Association, previously known as the Royal Tennis Federation of Jugland. The Juglander Open was held for first time in 1919, but it had been held since the year 2016. The Juglander Open was traditionally held in Albrektberg -with the exception of eleven times-, although this time in was held in the city of Amkhvar.

It was the fourth final for the veteran player Godric Aaroe, who had won the title in 2012 and 2015. A few hours before, Bertha Petersen won the women's final after defeating Idunna Juul by 7-6, 4-6 and 6-3, in a more evenly-matched final, in which none of the players were exactly between the favourites when the tournament started.

Being a domestic tournament, the Juglander Open had a limited coverage, although the organization was pleasantly surprised that most of the matches in the las trounds had a quite high attendance. Between the attendees, there were both political representatives and local celebrities, including Princess Mildgyd, the only member of the House of Welhaven-Goltzam still living in the country. It was precisely Princess Mildgyd who handed over the trophy and medals in the last Juglander Open, in 2016, although this time the honour was reserved to the chairman of the Juglander Tennis Association along the local mayor.


Juglander ReviewA small rebirth for Juglander motorsport in Achkaerin
Tytorian QAS Racing team obtained the victory in the Stardust Cup, a 24hr motorsport endurance race held in Achkaerin, where two Juglander teams participated.

While none of the two teams participated in the top category, the results gave hope for the future of the racing competitions in Jugland, according to sports commentators. "It's true it's just a race", says Douglas Morgen, a sports commentator based in Jugland, "but it may help to both increase the competitiveness of the local teams and increase the interest of the public".

Nordansk Racing, a racing club sponsored by Jugland's second largest bank, aimed to win their own category and finishing on the top ten overall (they finished second and 13th, respectively). "We did some mistakes", recognized Herewardt Vinje, veteran Juglander pilot, the only one of the Jugland nationals in the race with a proper international career in racing, "but we can be moderately satisfied...finishing only two laps below our aim. We strive to improve in future events".

On the other hand, Aranyanska-Flyttarr had a more disappointing result, finishing last overall. However, their manager was slightly optimistic, as they the pilot proved to be competitive, "a more than acceptable result", he said, "for a team barely completed a few weeks ago".


Juglander ReviewFirst ever Juglander Ostlake winners received back home
Secretary Edda Stordalen received Anthelm Michaelsen and a group of film directors, actors, and representatives from the film industry.

Michaelsen had just returned, along actress Fryda Hexum, from East Moreland, where Michaelsen's short film "Good Business" won the Best International Short Film award in the 2021 Ostlake Movie Awards, the first ever Ostlake award for a Juglander production.

Michaelsen had a background as photographer and director of music videos, rather than in film industry. However, he felt he needed a new direction for his new project. Although he was always interested in science fiction, Michaelsen declared that it was rather his personal experience in the last five years which moved him to start his project. "It was not easy to find funding, but I hope that a new future for Juglander film industry has already been started, not just with own short film, but all those nominated in Ostlake, and other new projects", he declared. He declared that he's just enjoying of their success right now, and not thinking too much on the future, but he's considering to continue his experience in film industry with a new project.

Juglander ReviewAlbrektberg-Mjodde-Albrektberg Classic restarts
The Albrektberg-Mjodde-Albrektberg Classic, a women's one-day cycling race which was previously held from 2009 to 2014, was held today. The organizers declared the race a "success...a joyful sporting event with an exciting finish". The organizers declared to be also satisfied with the participation, with included local teams along a few international teams, including a few top teams.

East Moreland's Victoria Pendelton (Roll Out-EMAC) resulted the winner of the Albrektberg-Mjodde-Albrektberg Classic, imposing her speed in the last kilometres of the race. Pendelton becomes the first non-Coft Aranye rider to win the race.

Centralia's Sally Allen (Oakland's Finest) was second, while Ragna Knudsen (Emrta-Hap) was the best local rider, finishing third. Emrta-Hap manager, declared to be satisfied with the result. "We hoped to win", he declared, "but we have proven that our riders can compete with some of the top international riders".

--- Quote ---Albrektberg-Mjodde-Albrektberg Classic - Results

1 - Victoria Pendelton (Roll Out-EMAC) 3:32:45
2 - Sally Allen (Oakland's Finest) + 00:06
3 - Ragna Knudsen (Emrta-Hap) + 00:07
4 - Lelani Kaluhikaua (RCF All-Star) + 00:07
5 - Zoe Carpenter (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:16
6 - Laura Trots (Roll Out-EMAC) + 00:19
7 - Olivia Rasmussen (RCF All-Star) + 00:20
8 - Dannielle Roe (Roll Out-EMAC) + 00:20
9 - Odilia Reymert (Emrta-Hap) + 00:27
10 - Herleva Klausen (Emrta-Hap) + 00:30
11 - Konomi Petersen (RCF All-Star) + 00:33
12 - Fryda Andersen (Brannkvinner) + 00:33
13 - Rachèle Azure (Les cyclist-esses) + 00:41
14 - Thora Bjerknes (Adel Ladies) + 00:43
15 - Emma Asserssen (Brankvinner) + 00:50
16 - Oriana Spada (Adel Ladies) + 00:55
17 - Rebecca Rhomero (Roll Out-EMAC) + 01:00
18 - Mavis Dean-Lambright (RCF All-Star) + 01:02
19 - Lenza Sverdrup (Emrta-Hap) + 01:02
20 - Maria Cairns (Phoenix Cycling) + 01:04
--- End quote ---


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