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Proposal for a new RP Rule

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Following the incident of today I propose that the following RP rule should be put in place regarding Retcons. Markus came up with the ideas and I have edited, borrowed his post. Hope thats OK.

1.Players are allowed to retcon anything they post for 24 hours after posting it ( later edits don't count when counting the 24 hours period, it start from when you post) assuming it has no replies.

2.Should a reply have been posted then it can only be retconned with agreement between players with RP Mod to moderate if no agreement reached.

3. Retcons should only be permitted for IC reasons and a reason for the retcon should be explained. Upon retconning a note should be left explaining it in the thread, this can later be deleted by a Mod.
4.Anything after that is set in stone.

5. Factbooks do not count

6. Closed RP can be retconed with the consent of all players involved.

7. Further retcons can be allowed only after submitting to the RP Mod and giving their approval.

10000% support this. I'd be interested to know an IC reason for this latest thing.

Agree that this is a good idea

My thanks to Altona for putting my idea here in a better written form and further developing it.

I (obviously) support the proposal.

I would personally scrap the second point because it's wide open to abuse, 24 hours for the player to retcon and then requiring the RP Mod's agreement after that should be more than sufficient and we don't give an abuseable veto to other players.


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