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Trial of Barbara Anselm begins

Earlier this week the first Seating of Barbara Anselm's Trial had begun, the Teenage is accused of assisting the Kidnappers of Orion the first, and Arthur Lindwurm. Leading Ultimately to the Death of the later. So far only the Accusation has spoken, with the defense speaking happening next week. Evidence against her include several Witnesses of her communicating with the former Trinity Order Members, as well as the Data recovered from the broken Drone she had smuggled into the summer camp.

The Military trial for the security officer failing his duty is still to be announced, as the investigations are still ongoing.

Grand master of the Trinity Orders speaks publicly about Incident

Following the kidnapping through rogue members, trying to enlarge their dwindling Membership ranks of the past decades, the Grand Master of the Trinity Order, Bishop Erik Schultz, has requested the Pope to Excommunicate the Members of his Order going so far as too Kidnap children, and that still are on the run. Yet he refused to take personal consequences, proclaiming that they did not act under his guidance, and that the Order would strive to reorganize, but not disband.

The Emperor home schooled until Coronation

News from the Palace has reached us, that Emperor Orion will remain privately tutored to give him a chance to receive the needed rest after being kidnapped. Palace officials had mentioned that the year overall had weighted heavy on his young shoulders, with his Parents and siblings deaths and now the incident where one of his fellow students lost his life.

According to the Prince regent, the reason stems from an all different concern though:

"Almost everyone at his school has now realized their fellow Student Olaf was in fact Orion. I have discussed this earlier with him, and to prevent any incidents where his friends and classmates would be bothered by press and general attention after loosing a respected student, he decided to wait until after the Coronation to return to his classroom."

According to Elder Robert of Niameck, this leaked information might add them into a diplomatic pinch, and he issued a statement to the participants of the dinner back in July:

"We never intended to disrespect any Majesty participating, yet had to abide to our own laws. You did, in fact, meet our Emperor in person. We did not wish to deceit you, but respect our own laws and traditions. We deeply apologize should it have offended anyone."

Barbara Anselm sentenced

After a long hearing, the Judges have released the sentence of Barbara Anselm to the Public. She will remain as a convict Cadet in an undisclosed Boarding School. No further steps will be taken as the judges had declared that while she was Guilty of Assaulting her own Team members physically, and co-conspirating a Break-in of Military Restricted Area, there was no hard evidence she would have known the Rouge Members of the Trinity Order had planned to Kidnap participants she lured to them.

After the proclamation of sentence, Arthur Lindwurm's Father, in his role as the lawyer of the adjudication, had read the following statement:

"While we do miss our beloved son, we urge Barbara Anselm's Parents not to abandon their Daughter, but to stand by her side and help her pass in this time. Our own Son, now considered a hero by many, was a convict cadet. Still, he did not let that hold him down, and continued his acting and sharpened his skills to the end. And even though it was self proclaimed knights that killed him, according to the other three Hostages aside from the Emperor, Orion had granted him true Knighthood as last wish before he stayed behind to grant them a chance of escape."

The last proclamation had left some uproar in the audience, as it would make the now dead Lindwurm the first person to have been actually Knighted in the Empire since it's foundation, even more so, people have discussed the credibility as Orion is not yet coronated.

Erik Schultz resigns as Bishop, renounces Pope

After the surprising declaration from the Pope Peter II to disband the Trinity Order, the Grand Master and now former Bishop Erik Schultz has sent an Answer in Kind. Resigning as Bishop and declaring the remaining Members of the Trinity Order independent from the Catholic Church.
"We have a Centuries old Duty to Fulfill, and if an Ill guided Statesman from the other end of the World proclaims we no longer belong, then we will leave him behind, but not our duties."
How many people will follow this new direction is still unclear, yet the Police has stated that the remains of the Trinity order had given them their full cooperation to catch the rouge members, even more so after the pope had tried to disband the Group.

From a legal point of view it states to issue that the Trinity order was a Non Profit Organisation with Erik Schultz as their Representing Head, though this is debatable considering our laws are shaped to ignore outside influence.

First Christian Mess in City Temple since 180 Years

Erik Schultz, former Bishop and now Grand Master of the Trinity Order, has held the First Christian Mess in the City Temple since it had been handed over to the City almost 180 Years ago. The former Cathedral had not seen any Bishop setting foot in it, despite the offer, since they held the believe it had been desecrated by Rites from the various Cults.

In his Sermon, Schultz had pointed out to all Christians in Uburzis that Christmas, celebrated on the Same days as we hold the Festival of Love, stands for coming together, and the promise of Forgiveness. To him, it was time Christians finally took up the offer to use this holy Place together, and not claim it stained simply because someone else also sees it as a Sacred House.

It was also announced he had offered a former Monastery up to the Order of Mountjoy as the State Embassy, seeing as the Christian Nation and the Empire have shown mutual respect for each other in the Past Year, it was Time to take up official Diplomacy.

Orphans at the Palace for the Festival of Love

For the whole two days of the Festival, Emperor Orion has invited Orphans from all over the Empire to Join him at the Palace.

"I have lost my Parents as well this Year, yet while i still have Family that stands with me, these Children have no one left. I can not sit idle by and receive my Families Love, not sharing it with those being Pained by similar loss as me."

According to Palace Staff a lavish Feast had been prepared, while the Neu Uburzis Academies have added a present in form of a Stipend for each of the Orphans Invited:

"Our Students are a Family in their own right, persisting comradery and Kinship beyond Graduation. For this Festive Season we had decided to extend this to those in Need of a Place that can call home again."

Bene Gesserit recognized as Religion

After weeks of intense debate from the youth to elder senates, Speaker Robert of Niameck has today announced the Imperial Declaration of recognizing the Bene Gesserit as Religion:

"After careful examination, we found little to no reason to deny the Bene Gesserit the Status of Religion. The cultural Issues inside Kaitaine are of little concern for us, if at all we are concerned that being a member of a religion alone is reason for incarceration. For further clearance considering the Status of the Truthsayers, we will send a delegation to King Finley and his Advisor Niklaus Corrino, attempting to answer some of our Questions."

The Senates had further come to the conclusion, that with the given evidence "Truthsayer", according to Bene Gesserit scriptures avaiable on the Internet, is an educational Tree inside the Faith, rather than a single Organisation. Since without further Knowledge the Elder Senate sees itself unfit to make a final decision, the weight of Importance lies heavy on the upcoming meeting.

Vagabonds 2 at International Film Festival

The newest part in the Cinema Adaption of the Popular Vagabonds SciFi Books has been Nominated at the Ostlake Film Awards, the first Film from Neu Uburzis to be ever Nominated internationally.
Eleven year old Martin Shirokumo, portraying the young Hitman Yukio for the film, has given us a short statement on his way to the Ceremony:
"Filming was already, exiting, but now it'S not this totally cool Fighter Yukio, but actually me who people are talking about. And we even get to see a new country now!"

While the Film is given little chances for success, due it's Uburzis specific Topic,the Studio considers the Nomination alone a victory.

Emperor Orion congratulating Moreland on Retrieval of Lunar Bots

In a public statement from the Imperial Palace, Emperor Orion had send his congratulations to East Moreland for the successful retrieval of the Lunar bot, quoting:

"I am very glad the Nations out there on Mundus do not forget that only advancing science brings us all forward, especially if we accomplish things thought Fantasy a hundred years ago. And a rescue Mission for Semi Autonomous research Bots on the Moon does sound more like a Film even to me than reality, but East Moreland made it one."

It has also been stated in said press release, that only what comes from the palace are official Statements from the Emperor, probably to counter a common rumor on social Media, claiming Orion the First to have said the following when getting asked about Empress Beatrice:

"Why should i bother thinking about a Woman that tries to blame circumstances for her own Failure as Ruler? We have a math test tomorrow. That's more important to think about."

In a Heartbeat Wins Ozzie, Vagabonds 2 mixed results

In a success no one had expected, Uburzian Shortfilm "In a Heartbeat", about young boy and his feelings getting the better of him, takes home one of the Ozzies. While Vagabonds 2 narrowly missed the Ozzie for Film music to the Singing Empress, the Film itself was far from being even considered.
"We had a sup par CGI Technology available before our Nation opened the Boders, and to be honest it shows." The Director said after Gala, while the young Actor Martin Shirokumo had been seen hiding from Press and leaving the evening as soon as possible with a pretty sad expression.
"The first defeat is the Hardest. But it wasn't his fault." The director added while spotting him leaving: "We will make sure Vagabonds 3 will have all the up to date CGI technology needed to make it work. Also, excuse me, i have some Job offers to give." before we last saw him catching up with the People responsible for In a Heartbeat.


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