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Fellow Orderians,

It has become increasingly clear that there remain issues we must address with the Government of the Independent Order. To effect positive change we will be hosting a discussion to review the Government and make changes which best serve the interests of the Independent Order and place its Government in a position reflective of the demands it presently faces. We've had some ideas shared on Discord already, which I am pleased to present to you:

* Abolishment of the Office of the Premier and the institution of the Regional Assembly.
* Authority over appointing officers to act on behalf of the Order shall be entrusted with the Chancellery.
* The Chancellery shall assume management of the Gameplay responsibilities of the Order.
* Three Committees, utilizing the Cabinet Offices forum, shall be established: Recruitment, Foreign Update, and World Assembly Delegate.
* Roleplay-related matters, such as changes to rules, shall be entrusted to a Roleplay Assembly headed by the Roleplay Moderator.
* The Lord Chief Justice and Roleplay Moderator will continue to exist in their present state.
* A list of legislation which will continue to stand will be established, while those not included will be set for repeal.
Both the Vice Chancellor and myself look forward to a productive and engaged dialogue with the region as we address these issues and move forward in strengthening the operational capabilities of our Order.

I think we should become an absolute monarchy under the Grand Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. However, I do feel we would need some sort of mechanism to remove a Grand Chancellor, Vice Chancellor or any Officer they appoint if an issue were to arise such as inactivity, breaking the law, etc.

We already have a mechanism of recall which would naturally be carried over.  ;)


First thing. I don't claim to have any mandate as Premier with one whole vote. But it outlines the numerous problems we have.

To be frank, we face two options:

1) Remove all Chancellory involvement in government and make the positions forum/region administrative only.
2) Remove the government and function as a absolute monarchy.

The 'constitutional monarch' train left the station at this point years ago. We may have had one under Ava, but what we currently have amounts to a President-for-Life or Absolute Monarch. Sure, on paper, the monarch's powers are defined by the constitution, but the institution of a constitutional monarchy is dependent on the monarch being unbiased and uninvolved, The Crown puts this well, saying the job of the monarch in a modern democracy is to do nothing; and doing nothing requires the upmost energy.

Beatrice already functions as a politicized figure with political authority rather than a monarch with ceremonial authority except in utmost crises, so at this point the only two options are to remove that power or just formalize it.

Generally looking at what Hobbes outlines the question becomes for me - if we do this what happens? I'm not forming a final personal opinion yet but just offering thoughts.

What would be of concern is that given that we've just had an election with a single valid vote, before that only Dave ran, before that I recall overruling with a Judicial order but again it was one candidate. At this point I'm not so sure that removing the GC power would suddenly reverse this trend, not because I doubt the validity of the argument but because I'm not so sure we have the people who would step in and form a government and legislative. But I'm happy to be proved wrong.

I would also like to point out that given we put a lot into our RP the simpler the government the better no matter which way it goes.


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