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Welcome to the Achkaerin News Service, the source for all news in Achkaerin regarding events at home and internationally, our renowned team of reporters will bring you the stories that matter as they happen.


Cabinet Secretary Michelle Lowe explained the Referendum details
By: David Woods, Political Correspondent

The Achkaerinese Government has revealed the details regarding the referendum on Achkaerin's continued membership of the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation. They were announced and outlined by the Cabinet Secretary, Michelle Lowe. In a relatively short press conference Ms Lowe began by presenting the referendum details below:

--- Quote from: Referendum Details ---
1. On the 16th September 2017 those people eligible to vote shall be entitled to vote in a referendum on Achkaerin's continued membership of the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation

2. The question shall be as follows:

"Should the Holy Empire of Achkaerin continue to be a member of the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation or should it leave?"

3. 50.1% of the vote is a majority.

4. Campaigning officially begins on the 21st of August, both official campaigns will lay out their platforms within the first forty eight hours.

5. Anyone who has lived in Achkaerin or territories under its control for a minimum period of five years will sixteen years of age on polling day shall be entitled to vote in the referendum provided they have registered to vote. Voting registration shall close on the 9th of September.

6. All relevant legislation and processes in regards to political campaigning and electoral rules and regulations shall still apply and be implemented.
--- End quote ---

The Cabinet Secretary then explained a few of the details stating "The main purpose of today's announcement is to set out the rules as it were of the referendum, we make known the question that the people will be asked and we highlight some key details as to various important times throughout the campaigning period. There is of course one issue that has already been raised by Leave supporters which is the Emperor's power of veto, with many believing that with Crown Princess Serenity being a former Secretary General and now his niece Sakura Sheppard being the current Secretary General that the Emperor is somewhat biased on this issue. As an Achkaerinese citizen the Emperor is entitled to his opinion but he is mindful of this suggestion and has informed the Senate that it will be addressed promptly. We anticipate a hard fought referendum campaign from both sides and whatever the outcome the Achkaerinese Government will endeavor to have in place provisions that account for the result and how it affects the country."

Crown Princess Serenity left the court clearly affected by what had transpired earlier in the day
By: James Robson, Home Affairs Correspondent[/big]

The Andean Genocide Trials have concluded the evidence stage as the Defence opened and closed its case today, the defence only called a single witness to the stand this being Charles Foster Ofdensen, the former Lord High Steward of Rokkejima as well as the second person to hold the position of Secretary General of the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation. In advance of his testimony the feeling among most legal analysts was that this was expected with many expecting a simple examination in chief to rebut specifics of the prosecution case most notably implications made by the testimony of Prince of Dartfordia and Emperor Emerita of Rokkenjima Alexander Anselmo. This they got, but the cross examination had more than a few surprises in store. First among them being that the Prosecution utilized provisions under Achkaerinese military law that allowed Crown Princess Serenity to conduct the questioning, while initially surprising it soon became clear why as specific knowledge known to the Crown Princess was used and weaved together to take apart the alibi's of Mr Ofdensen, over the course of testimony the Crown Princess established the true extent of Mr Ofdensen's crimes each relating in some part whether directly or indirectly to the Genocide these involving the kidnapping of Crown Princess Adriana and the failed assassination of Empress Emerita Beatrice Anselmo, all of which Mr Ofdensen on the witness stand confessed to. He also confessed to burying the orders of the Empress Emerita in relation to the enforcing of Article three of the Sakura Umeko Accord, a provision which would have seen Rokkenjiman military forces stepping into Nueva Ardia and potentially preventing further atrocities in the nation. With the Defence having rested the court has adjourned while the judge determines verdict and subsequent sentences. The Crown Princess was unavailable for comment and was seen carefully leaving the court building at the conclusion of the day's evidence with several commentators believing her to be distressed at the days events.

Speaking afterwards Admiral Rankin, the Judge Advocate General, said "Obviously given the high profile nature of the case and the fact that it's being broadcast live across Mundus this appears to be a very Ostlake[note]as opposed to Hollywood[/note] moment. But the truth is we see these sorts of things in the courtroom day in and day out, witness stories not stacking up, alibi's not withstanding scrutiny. The only unusual thing about today was the Prosecution seeking to use those provisions but that has seemingly been vindicated."[/size]

Fox's skipper Tovan Holtz was in fine form in the victory over Cantabria
By: Nick Watson, Sports Correspondent[/big]

Achkaerin's Fox's have qualified for the knockout rounds of the rugby world cup with a convincing 25-12 victory over Cantabria, the team unbeaten in the tournament brought their usual style of rugby a solid kicking game backed up with speed and pace in a free flowing attack. The team was led from the front against Cantabria by their captain Tovan Holtz (pictured above) who scored two tries in the victory. Coach David Nightingale said after the game "We've been improving each game, we've got more and more into sync as the tournament has gone on, the kicking game has got more accurate, our passing looks sharper and our set plays are getting more precise. Mercia won't be an easy game for us but we're optimistic. The interesting thing will be what the final placements are for the last sixteen because normally by this point we know at least one group winner, this year we don't, this year the top four seeds though they sit top of their groups at the moment could all lose those groups. It's the most intriguing rugby world cup to date."

The Coach of the women's team Lily Welsh, who along with the women's squad has been out in the Iwi with the men's team, was also asked for comment to which she said "It's been a fantastic learning experience for us out here, and we'll always be grateful to David and the men's squad for having us along. We've learned a lot from watching the matches and gained great experience from the atmosphere which hopefully we can use to our own advantage when we play next time."



The Emperor gave a statement explaining his reasoning
By: Olivia Moore, International News Correspondent

As the situation in Lakhzovia continues to unfold and in the eyes of many analysts becomes more unstable, the Emperor has taken the unexpected step of ordering what the military calls an Orange Flag,
 this is an order that puts the Achkaerinese Military on its highest state of readiness short of actually being at war, this involves the deploying and positioning of military assets, in this case a naval presence off the Lakhzovian coast combined with billeting of forces in Rokkenjima's tiannaman base are expected, it's also been speculated that the Emperor is utilizing diplomatic channels with various other nations to find a peaceful solution to a crisis that looks ever more likely to be heading for a violent solution. Speaking exclusively to Achkaerin News the Emperor explained his reasons:

"Whenever situations like this arise we hear a lot of statements, a lot of opinions, a lot of propaganda, we've been there, we've done that and we've got the t-shirt on more than a few occasions. The people of Lakhzovia have rights, they have the right to not live in fear of terrorist attacks, as a country Lakhzovia has the right to self determination. The Utman people also have rights, they have the right to live free from persecution and free from fear, because this is what this situation seems to be about - there's a lot of fear, a lot of anger and in some places hate across this ethnic divide between Lakhzov and Utman but the thing about these things is in the words of a very famous and very wise film character 'fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.' it's a cycle and it's vicious, the only thing violence will do is keep the wheel turning and maybe in a couple of decades we'll be back with the same situation. This is not a situation that bullets, bombs and missiles will solve, it is a situation that only talking can solve. Therefore I openly announce that within the next twenty four hours I will personally be sending a letter to both the Lakhzovian Government and the Utman leaders in the hope of putting in place the framework that will allow for peace talks to take place.

The orange flag that I have ordered forms a part of this framework, I respect that the Utman wish to see a change in their relationship with the Lakhzov people, just as I respect the concerns that President Kadassa has, but I will not stand by and watch another slaughter fought along ethnic lines, we as an international community of nations have failed to handle this sort of situation in the past, well not this time, I am committed to a peaceful solution and not only will I pursue that until it is exhausted but I will do all in my power to safeguard it as well. There are plenty of people who think this is going to become a war, I'd like to believe we can prove them wrong."

It is also expected that the Emperor will be opening lines of communication with other nations on this matter in the coming hours.


By David Woods: Political News Correspondent

The referendum on the future of Achkaerin's relationship with the CTO officially began today as the campaigns kicked into gear, it's being touted as the most significant Achkaerinese vote in modern times by the remain camp who argue that leaving the CTO would affect Achkaerin's standing in the world while the Leave campaign argues that such a claim is nonsense. It's a very thin line with voter registration having opened and a high ballot count expected come polling day, many analysts are already expecting the result to be too close to call. Crucially it has been confirmed that the Emperor will abide by the result of the referendum provided it is a convincing result, which many believe to be a minimum of 55% either way, this has emboldened the Leave Campaign who feared the Royal Veto in the event of their victory.


By James Robson: Home Affairs Correspondent

Are truckers on the way out? Well if Silver Moon Electronics has anything to say about it they might be. The electronics giant has in cooperation with automotive manufacturers been experimenting with so called 'driver less' vehicles, a technology that could if perfected see many of the traditional truckers across not only Achkaerin but Mundus as well put out of a job. And then there are those who believe this to be only the thin end of the wedge as one person who wishes to remain anonymous put it "It starts with driver less trucks and then what? Driver less trains? Cars? Planes taking off without a pilot? This could be the end of a great many livelihoods."

There has been no response from the company at this time.



Secretary General Sakura Sheppard during her weekly press conference at the Palace of Nations
By: Emilia Brittaine, CTO Correspondent

At her weekly press conference in the Palace of Nations, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation Sakura Sheppard broke her silence on the Lakhzovia situation, though she did maintain her silence on the upcoming referendum she did make comments on the released Lakhzovian election results saying:

"It's difficult to be able to say anything positive about these results, because while they may well be accurate no one can be certain of this because the results have to be taken with a pinch of salt and viewed with a lot of skepticism. The CTO asked for these results within a week of them not being released, there was a resolution on the chamber floor and my understanding is that that resolution was put because this might happen. I can guess how these results will play across Mundus and we've already had the notable Rokkenjiman response to them. So I'm going to ask President Kadassa to show good faith and to help resolve the election issue to everyone's satisfaction by releasing the evidence of electoral malpractice to the Mundus Crime Agency for independent investigation."

What President Kadassa's response will be is unclear. In related news the Lakhzovia issue is reportedly under discussion at LISA HQ and the build up as per the Emperor's Orange Flag order continues. The crisis does not appear to be on the road to a lasting resolution any time soon.


By: David Woods, Political Correspondent

The referendum campaigning continues to hot up as polling day draws ever closer, today the leader of the leave campaign none other than Vice Consul Rhian Kennedy declared in an interview that "Leaving the CTO is not a risk" when asked what she meant she explained that "When we look at the track record of the CTO in dealing with situations when push comes to shove we see nothing more than the same two nations stepping up to the plate time and time again. Just look at the Uppsala situation, it's a crisis that on paper appears tailor made for the CTO, the MHO could handle the medical side the Refugee Council the refugee side, yet the response was so underwhelming it's unbelievable and this isn't the first time. It has to stop because this isn't funny anymore and we have no reason to believe that this will change any time soon, because we've heard the same promises from other nations before about how they'll contribute and they don't. What we on the Leave side are saying is 'why are we flogging a dead horse?' it's blatantly obvious, for the most part because East Moreland is the exception, that the nations that share our values and are prepared to render aid as we are operate outside the CTO these being the likes of Ui Cenneslaig, Lodja and the Iwi - wouldn't our time be better spent establishing closer working relationships with these nations? Nations that actually seem to care? What we propose is a re invigoration of the Cross Mundus Agency, it's streamlined nature coupled with the membership provides a much better foundation towards the hopes that we as a nation have for the future of Mundus."

When asked for comment Senator Matthew Patterson, the Minister of Economic Affairs and leader of the remain campaign, stated "No one's going to deny the CTO has flaws because it has plenty of them, but we can work them out let's at least try that before we walk away from something."


Minister of Foreign Affairs Richard Chambers during his speech
By: David Woods, Political Correspondent

Following reports of a 'Pro Utman Rokkenjiman-Achkaerin Axis' the Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke today in the Senate on the matter, it was to be a rare moment as there was no opposition to the speech, no points of order raised, there was however a clear undertone of frustration that such a speech was required. The full text is below:

"Mr Speaker I would first like to thank my fellow colleagues from all parties for returning to the House for this afternoon, as everyone knows this establishes that we meet the minimum threshold for matters of debate. We would all much rather be out campaigning on the referendum issue but regardless of which side we are campaigning for we come here this afternoon in a single unified cause - to defend the name of our nation.

Mr Speaker as members of the House may be aware there have been statements made by the Governments of both Lakhzovia and Saheristan in which the term 'Pro Utman Rokkenjima-Achkaerin Axis' has been used. This is a scandalous and baseless accusation made by two governments that either haven't read who has said what or they are trying to sow discontent. One may be able to pass comment on Rokkenjima as they have made official statements in regards to this matter. But has there been any official recognition of the Utman Republic by this Government? No there has not. Has there been any official statement from this Government on the election results since they were released? No there has not. Therefore to even suggest Achkaerin has taken a position on this matter is absurd, we remain as we always have committed to a peaceful solution to the crisis.

The only statement on the election results from an Achkaerinese citizen has come from Sakura Sheppard in her capacity as Secretary General of the CTO. These are comments made in her weekly press conference in the Palace of Nations, as she is the Secretary General she is considered to be independent of any and all political affiliations with her home country, she is the leader of an organisation she is not party to Achkaerinese policy making nor is she at present speaking with any Achkaerinese authority. This is a point that I would expect both Lakhzovia and Saheristan to understand as they are both members of the CTO.

We have been clear from day one of our intention for a peaceful solution. The Emperor ordered an Orange Flag in response to Free Mundus Network reports of Lakhzovian military build up, because Mr Cikniye is correct you cannot negotiate in good faith with a gun pressed to the back of your head, he refers of course to the military buildup off the Lakhzovian Coast amounting to his opinion the international community forcing Lakhzovia's hand, I refer to the 'gun' that Lakhzovia holds to the Utman's head by means of their military build up an act that pre-dates our own build up. The Emperor has been clear and consistent on this from day one, we saw similarities in the Lakhzovian crisis with other recent events and decided to take the pre-emptive step of readying military assets to diffuse a crisis and to keep the death toll as low as possible, and I don't think any nation can say that the Emperor's heart was in the wrong place, over the last year Achkaerinese personnel have seen things in theatre that no one should ever have to see and we made a pledge two simple words 'Never Again' we were not prepared to see that horror or horrors of that type visited on either the Lakhzov or Utman people. We hope in fact we pray that we are wrong but sometimes overreacting and looking silly is far more preferable to doing nothing and this is one of those times.

We now have allegations of chemical weapons and what could be taken as a chemical weapon attack. We are in the process of investigating this latest development. Now we fully respect that the Lakhzovian Government views the Free Mundus Network as nothing more than propaganda, we disagree and we disagree because of the publication's track record, this is the news outlet that broke the Andean Genocide story, that named names, that dared to implicate the Cross Straits Union in that affair and when all was said and done what the Free Mundus Network reported stacked up with the evidence gathered for trial, so we will examine the evidence on all relevant issues before we make any official statements as to our position, the same as we have always done.

Until such time as that Mr Speaker our military forces will remain at their current state of readiness, the most recent allegations make it impossible for us to do anything else."[/size[


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