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Empress Cautions Kadassa: 'The Clock Is Running Out'

"We shall do all that is in our power to stand by Lakhzovia, even in a situation where we may be incapable of standing by its Government."
As the crisis deepens in Lakhzovia Pyrena Castle has stated that the Republic of Lakhzovia is "in blatant violation" of the Pyrettania-Nakim Accord, with Empress Evanthe warning Kadassa that "the patience of the First Empire is not infinite; the clock will not grant President Kadassa countless moments." Citing the actions of Kadassa as weakening the free institutions of Lakhzovia and breeding instability the Empress made clear that Lakhzovia is in breach of Article II of the Pyrettania-Nakim Accord and promised that "should conditions not improve, the First Empire will be moved to consider all options available. We shall do all that is in our power to stand by Lakhzovia, even in a situation where we may be incapable of standing by its Government."

"Through weakening those free institutions that do exist in Lakhzovia we see not a vibrant and functioning democracy, but a de-facto dictatorship under Kadassa," the Empress continued. "Great patience has been shown towards the President in addressing the Election Crisis, further patience has been granted in the Embassy Crisis and, at present, yet more patience has been allotted for the Utman Crisis. While the First Empire remains confident that President Kadassa will act in the best interests of his People and engage the international community that patience does not spring from an eternal well. Eventually, should conditions not change, this well will run dry and we will be forced to re-evaluate Rokkenjiman ties with the government of President Kadassa."

The Empress is scheduled to meet with Emperor Peter on the crises, stating that "I have great faith in the ability of Rokkenjima and Achkaerin to work together on bringing a lasting resolution to the Lakhzov Crises. President Kadassa cannot be handed a blank check to openly deconstruct the Lakhzov democracy, nor is it tenable for President Kadassa to lay waste to his own People. I remain faithful that President Kadassa will see the wisdom in engaging with the international community and putting forth the best interests of his country in that process. However, we must be prepared for a situation where his voice no longer represents the will and interests of the Lakhzov People."

Mk II Warhead Tested; Century Test 'Possible'

The test of the Mk II themobaric warhead was ordered to ensure the continued potency of the arsenal, according to IHC sources.
A Mk II thermobaric warhead was detonated at the Platform Testing Facility in Kavania Prefecture, according to a release from Imperial High Command. The Mk II warhead performed within expected margins and was declared a success, with Imperial High Command announcing the possibility of a long-range test of the Century missile upon which the Mk II is delivered. "While some actors are capable of throwing their toys into the Krimeon the Century possesses a truly global reach. Engaging us in a test of arms is a quest we do not advise at this time, for you shall fall short," Marshal Admiral Cole said in remarks to the RBC.

"Through Century we may strike any target from any direction, at any time of our choosing," the Marshal Admiral continued. "The Century Program, utilizing the Mk II warhead, represents one of the most capable conventional deterrent forces presently in existence. We saw these capabilities demonstrated in Thomradia and Themata, capabilities which helped to bring those conflicts to a more speedy resolution. Routine tests are necessary to ensure the continued potency and ability of these platforms."

The RBC will bring you the latest on these developing stories.


ICON Upgrades Accompany Increased Regional Tensions

The upgrade program was largely overseen by Marshal Admiral Henry Cole and authorized by Empress Evanthe.
The Integrated Communications and Operations Network (ICON) is scheduled to undergo a series of upgrades, the first of which will see radar installations upgraded at JMF Tienanmen with additional installations to be installed along the coast of Aeternum and further inland. These upgrades are intended to increase ICON's global radar capabilities, with talks to be hosted in the near future for similar upgrades in Dartfordia. It is also speculated that Rokkenjima and Aeternum are nearing an agreement to construct at least one Century silo in Aeternum as part of Imperial High Command's strategy to "bolster the common deterrence."

The upgrades, which were planned prior to the increase in regional tensions, will be accompanied by a broader program to update ICON, the resources of which are shared by LISA signatories and, to a lesser extent, Major Non-LISA Allies of the First Empire. Imperial High Command has noted that upgrades to ICON satellites would be a move explored in the near future while not ruling out the possibility of coordination with partners such as Achkaerin, Aeternum and Dartfordia in respects to these upgrades. "As ICON resources are shared by our trusted allies Rokkenjima sees coordination as necessary to ensure the viability and continued interoperability afforded by ICON," a statement from IHC read earlier today.

In related developments Imperial High Command was considering further deployments to the region citing "a situation which is increasingly spiraling out of control." Such deployments are expected to be finalized following discussions amongst LISA allies. Rokkenjima maintains a military presence in the region in the form of QAMB which hosts the Imperial Rokkenjiman Illumic Fleet, assets of the Imperial Rokkenjiman Air Force, as well as 20,000 troops. Marshal Admiral Cole spoke briefly with the press, mainly addressing statements from Lakhzovian officials.

"Rokkenjiman policy towards Lakhzovia has been guided by the Pyrettania-Nakim Accord, and the spirit of friendship which exists between the nations. Military cooperation was suspended for a time in response to the Election Crisis, with the fear being that any tactic support for the Lakhzov military could worsen the situation; those concerns naturally remain as the results of the election have yet to see the light of day. The Empress has insisted on a diplomatic solution and presented several avenues for one to succeed; we've no desire for conflict and destabilization in Cotf Aranye, however, the present trajectory is most certainly not sustainable."

Asked if he had any advice for his counterparts in Lakhzovia Marshal Admiral Cole shrugged. "Unannounced missile tests are always a dangerous affair for many reasons, though I'm certain my counterparts would recognize that. Instead of provocative proclamations and actions they would find better results through engaging diplomatic channels. In the mean time our willingness to engage with our allies will not change, nor will our readiness or resolve. The Empress already cautioned President Kadassa to avoid the mistakes of Empress Emerita Beatrice and, sadly, it seems he is mistaking his friends for enemies just as she did; we all hope that he will not revisit that path of history any further."

The RBC will be following these developments closely.


Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Imposes Lakhzov Travel Advisory
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has put into place a Travel Advisory in regards to conditions within the Republic of Lakhzovia. The move follows reports of increased unrest and chaos surrounding the Rokkenjiman Embassy, which has been under siege by rioters and protesters who believe the First Empire had granted safe harbour to Argan Tsagarai.

--- Quote ---Travel Advisory: Republic of Lakhzovia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hereby advises against all travel to the Republic of Lakhzovia, where the political and security situation remains unstable and unpredictable throughout the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has determined that significant risks exist for increasing ethnic tensions and clashes due to the present state of affairs, while the siege of the Rokkenjiman Embassy highlights that the situation has deteriorated to a point where risks exist to t Rokkenjiman and Cross-Straits nationals traveling to or within the Republic.

The security situation throughout Lakhzovia has been recognized as highly uncertain, and could change rapidly. Rokkenjiman citizens presently within the Republic should monitor media reporting and plan their exit from Lakhzovia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will coordinate efforts with regional allies and partner nations to assist all Rokkenjiman citizens in their departure from Lakhzovia.

Citizens of the First Empire may remain up-to-date on any developments by visiting and following the Active Travel Advisories link.
--- End quote ---

The RBC will bring you the latest as this story develops.


ISEA Shares Images Of Mariner, Atmospheric Explorers

ISEA has been working on the Mariner Exploration Unit, which will explore the hydrocarbon seas of Titan.
The Imperial Space and Exploration Agency (ISEA) has shared the first images of the Mariner Exploration Unit and the Atmospheric Exploration Unit (MEU and AEU, respectively), both of which ISEA intends to launch to Sehkma's moon Titan. "Since ISEA announced the mission to explore Titan work has been hard underway on the probes which will explore Titan," ISEA Director William Nye shared with the RBC. "This long-term mission will be followed up by submarine exploration of Titan's seas, which will only further enhance our understanding of the most Mundus-like object in our solar system."

The Atmospheric Exploration Unit, which is set to gather data in the atmosphere of Titan.
"In the transfer from the Soluna Program to the Akari Program, work was undertaken to ensure the Titan Exploration Mission could be accomplished utilizing components of the Akari Program. The launch window enables us to utilize gravity in our reach for Titan; the time prior to this window opening has been utilized to the fullest to develop and improve the vehicles which will explore Titan as well as the vehicles which will deliver them. As with most ISEA missions the Titan Exploration Mission was designed with international partnership in mind, however, we have seen no international partners approach us to date. Should that change, I imagine we would have a wealth of information to share in our mutual quest to understand the cosmos," Director Nye continued.

In related ISEA news the Imperial Government has authorized funding for missions to Space Station Adora and further Lunar exploration. Adora's crew is set to return home in the coming months and will be replaced by a new crew, with space reserved for a foreign astronaut to join the crew upon Adora.


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