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International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« on: September 20, 2022, 11:01:42 PM »


King David has today visited schools throughout the city of Northfort. The visits were unannounced to even the schools and the King apologised for disruption caused to the staff. The King said the visits were necessary "Over the last two weeks we have seen schools in East Moreland have an average attendance of just over 90%, this is far too low. I have always put a great emphasis on education as it is vital for the development of our children. Students need to be in school and we must do what we can to encourage that." Attendance has largely been down due to many parents being nervous of schools having been targetted in a recent run of terrorist attacks largely focused on schools run by the Sisterhood of Helus.

The King began the first visit at the breakfast club of Mill-Haven Primary School where he enjoyed breakfast with students and staff while playing board games. From there the King visited several secondary schools where he dropped into lessons and at one took part in a game of tag rugby. He finished the day off at the Northfort Boys Academy where he was a student in his youth. There the King attended a History lesson before joining the Academies Air Cadet unit for rifle drill. Following the visits the King explained that he hoped the visits would reassure parents. "I send my daughter to school everyday confident that everything is being done to ensure that her and all her classmates are safe. None of these visits today where pre-planned and I'm sorry if I've disrupted the day of the students. I think though it was vital to send a message. East Moreland schools are safe and we shall keep it that way."

Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Royal Seleucid
« on: September 15, 2022, 10:09:37 AM »
Following reports of a threat to the nuclear power station at Nemphis a disaster looms for the Midaranye region. As such we would urge  Nomarch Soberkakht to cease his activities. We shall actively engage with our neighbours in Waddan to gain permission to base Tondro attack aircraft and Idigena attack helicopters in the North of their nation. Should the Pharoah deem it neccessary we will utilise these aircraft in support of ensuring the security of the nuclear power station. It is our hope the government of Waddan shall see the need for such security.

King Heydar

Diplomacy and Events / Nuclear Terrorism??? An offer
« on: September 15, 2022, 10:04:05 AM »
To Her Majesty Pharoah of Clysperis

The Kingdom of East Moreland along with our CNN allies developed a system of portable battlefield VLS missile launchers. These systems have in conflict in Lodja proven to be useful for counter artillery operations and close support. Should they be required to deal with the artillery shelling near the nuclear power plant we are able to loan twenty of these systems and the required missiles almost immediately. With the system being palletised it can be loaded almost as soon as we receive word and need only be loaded onto a standard truck to operate.

East Moreland has shown its commitment to nuclear security both in dealing with our own spectre of nuclear terrorism and decommissioning operations. As such we once again will stand ready to offer support with the plant itself.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace.

King David of East Moreland

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« on: September 10, 2022, 06:44:00 PM »


It was announced from the Palace today that the Royal Blacksmith, Maxwell Power, has completed the first sword for Prince Llewellyn and that for the next three months it will be on display in the Museum of Blades in Northfort. It is a royal tradition that on a Prince or Princesses first birthday their sword is presented to them however they may not formally wear it in public until such a time as they are permitted a sword ceremony. The sword can be of any design however on this occasion the Royal Blacksmith has fashioned a traditional Hunting Sword. Speaking as it was delivered to the museum Mr.Power stated "Its kind of an unwritten tradition that the swords carried by the Royal Family are varied, King David for example has a heavy cavalry sword while Princess Freya has a sabre. No member of the Royal Family has carried a hunting sword for over 150 years so I thought it was an interesting style to bring back." The sword has a bone handle and has a gold inlaid pattern upon the blade. It is designed for use one handed.

The Museum of Blades holds over 1000 swords that have a significant connection to the nations history including replicas of historic and theatrical blades. The Museum also houses any swords gifted to the King including a recently gifted blade from Lijiang in the traditional Lijiangian style. The museum is located in Northfort and is free to visit between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday-Saturday.


A court in Aldfield today have approved the adoption of Evie Redfern. The nine year old was a refugee from Mavrosia who was rescued by Major Alex Redfern and initially made his ward following problems caused by separation anxiety. The girl has been raised by a combination of firstly Alex Redfern and his father a retired miner from Keepton. Soon though Princess Freya was also involved due to her relationship and then marriage to Alex Redfern. Initially courts had been unsure how the military career of both parties would ensure a stable home environment however following various monitoring visits by Child Support Services and various other agencies it was today determined that there is no reason why the girl can not be officially adopted. The court said that it was satisfied that with "extensive family networks capable of utilising sufficient resources there is no reason to doubt that Evie will be given every opportunity a young girl in East Moreland should have. We are therefore happy to make the existing arrangement for Evie's care permanent and we wish her and her new family every happiness."

Princess Freya has acted as the childs mother for the past few years and as such King David approved the use of the Ironside name for Evie who in effect has become the cousin of Princess Rhiannon. In a statement from Royal Press Secretary Malcolm Tucker the Palace said, "For the past few years Evie has been part of our family in all but name. Princess Freya has been a fantastic mother figure and as such Evie has become part of the Ironside household, as such His Majesty the King see's no reason why, as with many blended families across East Moreland, that Evie should not share the name of her adoptive mother. The King is proud to have Evie as his niece in an official capacity."

Prime Minister Henrietta Quinn sent her congratulations saying "I have been lucky enough to meet Evie on several occasions. She has been through so much considering her young age. Losing her parents in Mavrosia, an evacuation, being lost at sea and then stranded with Alex and two other refugees. I am happy to think that like so many other Mavrosian refugees she has found a safe and happy home here in East Moreland."

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« on: September 07, 2022, 07:41:01 PM »


Schools across the Kingdom of East Moreland have today returned to the classrooms with a massive security operation proceeding the return. When schools broke up for the summer break the Queen Stasya School run by the Sisterhood of Helus in Northfort experienced attacks by as of yet unknown terrorists. Over the summer various raids uncovered several caches of explosives the same as those used in one of the attacks. Today as youngsters headed to school many were given staggered start times to allow explosive sniffer dogs to check the buildings, in addition members of the police and the military mounted patrols as students entered the school. There were no reported incidents however parents are concerned about the situation moving forward. One parent at a secondary school in Northfort said "Its great that the authorities have done a lot to ensure our children get to school safely but we all know this can't happen everyday and it shouldn't. Children shouldn't have to grow up seeing soldiers escorting them to school. We need to find who is responsible and bring them to justice."

The Ministry of Defence refused to comment on any long term measures that would be in place regarding school security. The Ministry of Education meanwhile said, "Education is vitally important. That is something King David has said many times and has been involved in global projects to promote it. We will ensure every student can safely access a world class education."


Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Meeting within a Festival
« on: September 03, 2022, 10:11:13 PM »
David and Stasya took a seat while everyone else was welcomed. "Books are made to be read, I'm delighted you think your sister will like it" David responded as he sat next to his wife as the steward poured a glass of champagne. David wasn't too fond of the stuff, much preferring a nice red but Stasya was an advocate for it  and had even started a little specialist Champagne Cellar under the Palace, she even spoke of trying to make the stuff on her home island of Iskor. The two sat side by side chatting amongst themselves as they waited for the others to arrive. The menu sounded rather tasty and David, as would any Morelander, was looking forward to the Venison, the nation had gone through a shortage of the stuff for the first time in its history when the YellowTongue virus had hit but now with the wild and farmed herds both being considered disease free it was back on the menu.

As King Kaspar took a seat and began conversation David obviously was about to suggest his CNN buddies. "I'm of course bias, we've found Ui Cenneslaig and the Iwi to be great friends, naturally I'm even more inclined towards Lodja" he added as he squeezed his wife's hand gently. "Beyond that you sit in a region that has two really useful organisations, the Illumic Council and MICA, consider the non Alba Karinya members of that as a way forward. I have a particular fondness for Eskdale's climbing but as of late they've kept largely to themselves."

Press Offices / Re: The Royal East Moreland Press Office
« on: September 03, 2022, 09:39:26 PM »


May I begin by stating clearly my long held stance that people within a nation should be permitted to determine what their nation should be. The constitution of East Moreland even goes so far as having a mechanism within it that will trigger a referendum on whether the nation shall remain a Kingdom or become a Republic. I am grateful that the people of East Moreland thus far have trusted me to maintain the long held system we have in East Moreland.

In regards to the people of Eigg it should be known that in February of this year I meet with Queen Aoife in Northfort and we discussed a great many things. It was clear that she wished to one day see Eigg as an independent nation. We put in place academic exchanges and youth Cadet exchanges. During these talks the Queen made it clear to me that she would need time to lay the ground work for independence. It was therefore rather a surprise when just over six months later she has instituted a referendum, one that has been done without the formal processes surrounding it. Such a headstrong move has therefore raised huge questions that so far only Zaporazah have examined. Queen Aoife issued the referendum papers, monitored the ballot, collected the ballot and counted them. Had this been any other nation we would all have taken a step back and questioned the legitimacy of the result, especially when we are aware of at least 10% of people who could vote not being able to for various reasons.

We also though recognise that recent polls and the referendum itself indicate a desire for independence sooner rather than later. The question therefore should be how can the extent of that desire be examined in a way all sides can be confident is fair. The speedy nature of this referendum lacked debate and the Federation seemingly had no chance to campaign in favour of continuing the Federation in its current form.

East Moreland has over the years been the most active nation on Mundus in terms of monitoring international elections and referendums. I therefore would like to suggest that the two parties involved appoint Alex Redfern as an impartial and independent organiser of a 2nd referendum, one that is transparent and fair in its conduct and therefore there can be no question about either its outcome or legitimacy. In the meantime we believe Queen Aoife should be released and permitted to continue her campaign towards independence for this new referendum.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Peace Be Found
King David III of East Moreland.

OOC- I can' find the actual text of the EM-NA agreement so I've kind of paraphrased it during the post.

"Our agreement with the Alanders is a very long standing one but please keep in mind that it was formed during a major catastrophe within their nation. It firstly created frictionless travel between the nation, while we try and include this with many nations the Alander situation saw us make it even easier, normally we required funds for your visit, with many refugees getting support from organisations and charities that wasn't as strict as normal. We also opened up our higher education facilities to them, both virtually and in person, it was during this time Melissa Lusk established the refugee University that has seen hundreds of degrees earned by displaced people. We then wanted to help their economy so we removed various trade barriers including tariffs, we however did put a caveat in the agreement mentioning the Wild Mundus Organisation because of the Alanders commitment to whaling. We next put in place a system where we provided the Alanders with a development fund, it was in the form of credit to buy machinary, materials and equipment, as well as various other things, from East Moreland based companies, this was to last a decade and will expire in 2025, obviously this is not something we think would be needed in Holmvik. We also included an agreement that East Moreland would fund construction of a military training area, known today as Red Base, it is used periodically through the year for training Red Legion and other specialist units. In addition the Alanders use the facility. Its not a full on military base as to anyone not really paying attention it would just seem to be a fishing village. Finally we had the usual things such as embassies, ambassadors and the like. How does that look to you?"

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« on: August 23, 2022, 12:05:37 AM »


Royal Engineer Sergeant Edward Hall took gold in the Men's 105kg+ weightlifting in the Azavrelia. The East Moreland strong-man capped a good day for the Morelanders in the weighlifting which saw strength athletes take five medals in the eight avaliable weight categories. Speaking after his victory the 34 year old suggested that this will be his final Mundus Games. With two other medals under his belt he said, "I think weightlifting is the toughest sport in the games. The daily strain we put on every part of our body and the discipline needed is incredible. I'm not sure after 20 years of involvement in the sport I can continue to keep this going. It has a long term impact on health and I think its time to start to take more care of myself. Me and the wife will sit down in the coming days and discuss whether I'll be here in 2023. Even if I'm not here as a competitor I'd still like to be involved as a coach or waterboy."

Five more gold medals have been added to the East Moreland tally. The first of those came in the Mens 50meter rifle shooting when 21 year old Richard Winchester took the medal. The Keepton University student is captain of the Universities shooting team and splits his time between the rifle range and studying a degree in Chemical Engineering. Shooting success is somewhat of a family trait as his brother Greg serves in Duke Legion and took gold medals in two of the Ostlake Game shooting disciplines. Edward Hall's weightlifting success was emulated by first Sarah Rodgers who took gold in the Womens 63 kg category with her Silverhills Iron Family team-mate Claire Procter taking the title in the 75kg category. Royal Army Nursing Corps officer Captain Jane Wesley took the gold in the Trap shooting following on from her father winning a shooting medal in the 2017 games before retiring from competition. Family success continued when Maisie Greechan-Clay took her 2nd gold medal of the games as part of the 4x100 m Freestyle team. She was joined by Tammy Baker, Amanda Rimmer and Debbie Holister. GReechan-Clay had earlier added to her medal tally by taking a Bronze in the 800m Freestyle taking her games total to seven.

There was also a notable spectator at the games as young 17 year old Will Quigley won a silver in the Mens Freestyle Skateboarding. Former Chief Councillor Tim Carpenter was in the crowd. Carpenter set up the Freestone Skate Cadets (FSC) in 2019 as a project to help provide youth activities to people in his home town and Quigley was one of the first Youth Instructors to take up the call. Speaking after the medal ceremony Quigley said, "I think the work we've done with the FSC back home will see a lot more of us from East Moreland get here. I hope so anyway, we've some cracking young kids under the age of 10 that I think in the next four or five years could do much better than me. The projects been a lot of fun." A beaming Tim Carpenter praised Quigley saying, "Not only does Will turn up and train hard he stays well beyond what he needs to and helps others. Its not uncommon to see him spending hours with our mini-skaters, those aged 10 or less, helping them out. I know everyone back home will be excited to welcome our hero home and see his medal."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Cherno-ball
« on: August 20, 2022, 11:09:04 PM »
Olivia Cole never really got the opportunity to travel abroad but was rather pleased that King David had asked her to attend this on his behalf. As Minister for Science and Technology there were plenty of projects that kept her busy back home but she had heard from King David how nice his time in Lijiang had been and so arrived with little concern. She made her way to the temple and recalled the King relaying to her about which foot to enter a building with, she thought to what he had been told "Men with the left, women with the right. Why? Because women are always right." She smiled at the comment the King had brought back with him and took care to step across the threshold with her right foot and then approached the Imperial Family remembering to bow deeply. "Your Imperial Majesty. King David sends his greetings and apologises that he can't attend, he very much would like to see more of Lijiang. I am Olivia Cole the East Moreland Minister for Science and Technology. King David also tells me to let you know he is still practicing with the sword you kindly gave him and if I may present you with this." She fished into her pocket. "This is for the new child your expecting with wishes that you are blessed with a healthy son." She handed over a small dagger hoping the Dragon-Emperor recalled his own cultural chat with King David.

Stasya imagined that if she contacted various families back home asking if they had a daughter willing to escort the Emperor she'd likely had quiet a contest and a media leak on her hands. She had a few people in mind she felt she could trust. "I am sure we can find a suitable lady to help guide you around the niceties of a Lodjain Ball."

David meanwhile had sent his staff away to prepare various documents and soon Quinn Germaine, David's Head of Royal Household, arrived with copies of the treaty between them. Quinn handed a copy to each of them for signing. Unlike other treaty signings there was no huge media spectacle but a photographer from the Northfort News and a reporter swung by to record the moment. While this one would feature just the name of East Moreland and Abertone the King was hopeful in the years to come her

Quote from: Abertone and East Moreland Treaty

The following agreement shall exist between the Kingdom of East Moreland and the Empire of Abertone which during this treaty shall be referred to as "The Parties"

1. The Parties agree that they shall undertake no action that shall knowingly harm the economy of the other.

2. The Parties agree that they shall gradually reduce tariffs over the next three years until a point where no tariffs exist. This arrangement shall cover any resources or goods that have originated from one of the Parties.

3. The Parties agree that so long as a business can provide a valid certificate of origin and that the other Party is the final destination for the attached import it shall be treated in accordance with Article 2.

4. Both Parties agree that any exports must comply with all local health and safety laws.

5. Both Parties agree that any individual with an invitation from a business in the other party may travel visa free for a maximum of 30 days in a calendar year. Beyond this a visa must be applied for. All Parties reserve the right to deny entry on national security grounds.

6. Both parties agree that they shall permit investment from the other party within their economy so far as companies involved pay relevant taxes on profits made within that nation and follow local laws governing operations of business.

7. Both Parties agree that should they wish to cancel this treaty they shall be permitted to do so 30 days after giving written notice.

8. Both Parties agree that samples of products or materials may enter the nation so long as they meet the following criteria.

a) They are to the value of less than $100,000
b) That companies may not ship more than $250,000 worth of samples within a nation in a calendar year..
c) Once $250,000 value has been reached a company is liable to pay import duty.
d) No fees or taxes will be charged on samples being removed from the nation.

9. Both Parties agree that equipment to be used for shows or demonstrations may temporarily enter nations so long as they conform to local health and safety laws. Such equipment may remain for 90 days after which time import duties are payable.

10. Performers are exempt from visa requirements so long as they are not deemed a threat to the national security. To be considered a working performer they must work at least 15 days out of every 30.

11. Both Parties agree that they shall recognise the intellectual property rights registered in the other party.


King David III of East Moreland.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Emirs Future
« on: August 17, 2022, 08:53:47 PM »
Captain Masoud Attar had one of the most challenging parts of this operation. He and six men of his unit had to duty of infiltrating Sabhā. It was in truth quiet straight forward. The city was small but had a constant coming and going of merchant caravans. He had selected his six men for one simple reason, they could ride horses well. It was a key skill in Waddan and it would perhaps seem out of place any man being unable to ride well. They had ridden in with twelve horses in total, it would give the impression that had come to sell the others and perhaps do some business. They had tipped off the guards of the cities main gate that they were coming and the saddle bags that to the other travellers would contain item to barter with, provisions and perhaps a few other matters carried weapon parts, body armour and various other items of military equipment. They had requisitioned a house close to the Sultan's Palace. If everything went to plan it would be these seven men who would move into the Palace and secure the Sultan's family, especially the women and have a helicopter from the Epiphanes come in and pick them up. The rest of the Seleucid military in the nation would secure the approaches to the city and alongside the Seleucid military, which they hoped stayed loyal, begin trying to ensure the voting process went as expected.

International Organisations / Re: Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation
« on: August 17, 2022, 04:31:20 PM »
East Moreland supports the application

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« on: August 15, 2022, 11:50:21 PM »


In 2917 the CNN co-operated to make the Land Portable Vertical Launch System, a canister similar to the Vertical Launch System on military ships that was capable of launching up to four precision guided missiles distances of up to 100km. EMAC have since been developing a version that could provide a rather unique capability to the Royal East Moreland Air Force. What is being called a "Silo Aircraft" has begun development and two tests have already been carried out in secret as Sir Alan Maybury revealed. "Over the last 12 months we've scaled up the size of the LPVLS slightly so it can now accommodate cruise missiles. We've also switched the way it is loaded. While the missile comes out vertically upwards on the LPVLS the Silo Aircraft will come out downwards. The concept is actually pretty simple. A standard cargo aircraft will load a series of these on its motorised pallet loadway. When required it will lower its back door and start the deployment of pallets just as it would if it were dropping say a Landrover or an ammunition drop. The pallet falls out the back and a parachute opens, the pallet itself falls away and then in succession up to four cruise missiles can be launched. They free fall before utilising their onboard engines to resume to target." The system has so far been tested with missiles simply falling to earth without a fire in mid air as Sir Alan explains, "We are still working on the communication between aircraft, computers, canister and missile so at present we are simply having the missile, or giant block of missile shaped wood, fall out and fall to ground on a parachute. It is our hope to show a missile launch in mid-air and strike a target by the end of the year."

The development has so far been tested on the C-18 Munduslifter aircraft which would allow a grand total of 45 missiles, which is 25 more than the B-52 bomber utilised in some nations. If successful it could transform the Munduslifter into potentially one of the largest capacity strike aircraft on Mundus. The aircraft would be able to stay outside enemy air-defences thanks to the potential 1,900km range of the missiles. Sir Alan explained further capabilities saying. "It would be our idea though that you would not need all 45 missiles in one go. We are therefore developing a Decoy Missile. It would drop in the canister and launch possibly hundreds of small drone type devices that would do nothing more than create signatures on radar. We believe we could potentially see a large missile strike create up to 1,000 potential tracks on an enemies radar thus improving chances of overcoming enemy air-defences. If we can crack the technology then we have some interesting potential plans." It is thought the Navy have also an interest in the system as it could potentially be used for precision dropping of mines or deployment of drones.

Sir Harry Samuelson, the nations Minister of Defence is looking forward to the results of the project saying, "The system of the Silo Aircraft could do two things of great benefit. It could add a real tool to our militaries kit, something capable of being a threat to sophisticated air defence systems. The second is its now cost. It requires no new aircraft, no new modifications, you're basically throwing a pallet out the back door. I understand its more complex than that in terms of target programming, guidance and the like but that's why Sir Alan and his team are so respected for what they do. They make difficult jobs seem simple."


Its a headline we've seen many times in East Moreland's sporting history. The Greechan family have today continued their legacy as being elite level swimmers when 19 year old Maisie Greechan-Clay took the countries first gold of the 2022 Mundus Games. The cousin of sporting legend Daisy Greechan came in first in the 50m Freestyle earning her the 5th Mundus Games medal of her career. She now need just another 12 to equal her cousins record. Speaking following her medal ceremony Greechan-Clay said, "I've some of the longer distance events coming up so I have three more chances to medal and then a relay. I'm looking forward to the competition and can't wait to get back in the pool. I think we've a good chance of bringing home a decent haul of medals this year." Having just finished her first year at Portworth University studying Forensic Sciences she has explained that she is likely to follow in her cousins footsteps career wise. "Universities in East Moreland are a hot-bed of sport so naturally I'll stay competing there for the time being. Once I reach the end of that though the best way to get support to compete is in the military. I'm considering the same path as Daisy as it certainly helped her stay on top in a very competitive event. Its a problem to think of in the future though."

So far East Morleand have three medals. In addition to Greechan-Clay's gold her club mate Sara Faulds won silver in the 100m Freestyle and the training partner of Daisy Greechan, Tamsin Whittaker brought home the Bronze in the 50m Butterfly. 

"President Haugen East Moreland had a similar problem when I began my reign. We had a huge issue with giving younger people skills for the 21st Century. We invested heavily in cheap but good quality housing for them to get onto the property ladder, we invested in skills education and STEM subjects. We even went as far as building a whole city dedicated to skilling up for the 21st Century. Chamwick has seen similar projects now around the world as purpose built cities designed for 21st Century industry. If I look back at it I kind of think we could have achieved the same result without investing so much money. The networks we established such as the AKO, MICA and CNN have been far more useful than a simple city. What I would propose is that we perhaps look at creating some kind of scholarship exchange between us. Allow your most gifted science and technology students a chance to come and work with some big players in those industries, EMAC, OsmanTech, SmartWar etc might be Morelander businesses but they employ some of the smartest people in the world and they have locations across the world. You want to stop a brain drain why not put in place businesses to stop this drain?"

David was pleased to hear that the Abertonians seemed to want to get on better terms with the whole of the CNN and it seemed that Marco had a plan. While he had believed that Graziano to be the politican of the two it now seemed that at least on the surface the Emperor had some political thoughts. "I'd be delighted to make the introduction but even though my wife is by birth a Lodjain that gives her no sway over actually making a meeting viable. But I'll see what I can do to help out?" David excused himself and made a phone call. It took about half an hour for the Queen to arrive from the festival grounds and make her way up the steps.

"I understand I've been summoned" Stasya embraced her husband and then extended a hand to their guests. "Now Emperor Marco I understand you want an introduction to Queen Natalya I can make that happen I think. We have a season of balls taking place in Lodja. My family will be hosting one and as a leading noble family the Queen usually attends. Now if I tell her that I also have the Emperor of Abertone attending then I'm certain she'd come. So therefore can I interest you in coming to the ball?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Meeting within a Festival
« on: August 13, 2022, 12:36:04 AM »
To be invited to a dinner while the festival was on was a common thing for the King and Queen of East Moreland, various charities held events, businesses wanted the royal seal of approval and then there were the nobles who wanted the honour of saying the King and Queen had come to their event. Normally the King politely declined the vast majority unless it was something he was personally attached to however when a visiting High Queen, especially one from a nation they'd long tried meeting, sent an invite you accepted.

Queen Stasya was always excited by events such as this. She'd seen the High Queen's 18th birthday post and was impressed by the young monarchs style. She was even more impressed when she recognised the dress. David meanwhile saw only a black dress. Having helped his wife onboard the Skipjack the King gave the High Queen a slight bow. "Your Majesty its great to finally meet you. I know it is rather late but I hope you'll accept this." He handed over a red leather bound book. "Its become somewhat of a tradition that when I attend a coronation I take a book to give as a gift. Sadly I missed the chance to come to your own so I hope you'll accept it now." The book was a history of the continent of Alba Karinya written in the 1800's, it was an original copy just rebound after centuries of wear and tear. "May I present my wife Queen Stasya" the King stepped aside and shook Kaspars hand and introduced himself while the two ladies meet.

Stasya didn't bother with any kind of bow and instead gave the High Queen a small sisterly hug and kissed each cheek. "I'm so thrilled to meet you and may I say you have fantastic fashion sense." She chuckled as she stepped back. "I have a gift for you too, this one for your 18th." She presented a small silver plated box. Inside was a simple silver bracelet inscribed with the message "From your loving neighbours". Next to it on the white silken inlay were two charms to hang from it one in the shape of a Honeybadger, the other a Griffin. "I understand you have a great desire to travel so I thought that perhaps you could add to these two. I'd be very excited to take you to Lodja, we have a series of summer balls happening and I know you'd be warmly received at any of them. That though is for the future, may I enquire as to the menu?"

To David's knowledge port fees were not exactly in the millions and so the idea of giving Abertone some discount on military exports in return for the use of the ports was not going to be an issue, especially if they were getting two ports for the price of one negotiation. "I think that's an excellent deal" David concluded. "Hopefully we can continue to help you defend your nation. I think we've done a good days business here so far. We've a potential broad economic deal, some cultural events lined up and an educational exchange to organise. Add to that some kind of reciprocation for port use for our pre-positioning fleet and I think its been a good day. Do we have anything else to discuss?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Emirs Future
« on: August 11, 2022, 01:09:15 PM »
The Seleucid Minining Company had been present in Waddan since the two nations began their relationship several years ago. When the workers were informed that a pocket of gas had potentially been discovered there was the natural expectation that a significant number of workers from Seleucid would come in and assess whether it was viable. The company had a small airfield that allowed them to bring the diamonds and precious metals back without a complicated overland journey and this made it easy to esnure that 300 Seleucid soldiers had been brought in with their equipment. The workers had been paid to stay at home and so it would take a while for the military build up to get noticed. At the same time the Waddan Blue project had brought an "expo" of Seleucid engineering into the country and while hundreds if not thousands of boxes had been brought in to showcase products and goods very few of them were actually full of engineering products and instead were full of military equipment. It meant that around 800 Seleucid soldiers had infiltrated the country and unbeknown to the Waddanites the aircraft carrier Epiphanes its escort and the Balas with 600 more troops on sat off the coast. When the time came they'd be ready. 

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Nuclear Security Test Request - Red Legion
« on: August 10, 2022, 01:31:05 PM »

To:- Professor Thibaun

While this is not normally the kind of work Red Legion undertakes I have been instructed by His Majesty to offer every assistance.

As a result at some point in the next 14 days we shall undertake an undisclosed number of operations designed to test the security at your sites. We shall then report back to you on the outcome along with any recommendations. We wish your staff good luck.

May The Gods Be With You and Your Aim Be True
Brigadier Jim Corey
Commaning Officer of Red Legion

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Lucas Blakeslee spent most of his days herding the Representative Council around to discuss domestic matters and report to the Prime Minister who in return reported to the King. Occasionally though he got to push through ideas of his own and those ended up on the desk of King David and it was then usually the case that the King would invite him to the Palace. He however hadn't really expected to find himself sat with the Foreign Minister of a nation they'd done very little diplomacy with ever in their pasts. He thought about Kine's question before answering. "East Moreland is like a nation thats found a time machine." He paused for a moment. "We cling to religion in a way many parts of Mundus don't and the Cult of Helus teaches us that our monarch is a man trusted by God. Think of it this way if we are having elections and Frejya got a vote I think you'd likely trust her vote rather than a few thousand citizens?" he mused. "We trust our monarch, but the nice thing is we all know we have a mechanism in place that if we get one who ends up a tyrant or is corrupt we can bring about change. So while our culture could be said to be a little old fashioned we've also became a nation thats embraced the 21st Century. Sometimes I feel the King ignores what we want but the fact we've made so much progress as a nation in his reign means that we are willing to trust him. Whether his daughter will get the same trust is yet to be seen. I just pray we don't have to go through what your homeland did." He concluded not sure whether that was an insult or not.

Meanwhile Sophie had things far easier with Sigmund. "Sadly I don't have a qualification time." Sophie wasn't actually that disappointed. "Its not the end of the world though when you compete there it becomes all encompassing and you put everything in your life on the back burner for months, even years at a time. At the moment I'm content to focus on being an Air Force officer and get to meet interesting people like yourself. I'll enjoy the games sat at home watching friends compete on TV, it certainly easier training." She chuckled.

As Sigmund explained the brick idea David had to admire the thought that had gone into it. "I like it" David concluded, "I think traditions and honouring our pasts are something that is an important part of what makes a nation. Its a lofty ambition your aiming for to be perfect and I wish you well with it. Now as for our large network of friends we have friends from all backgrounds, the CNN nations, all monarchies, are naturally our closest but we've a fond friendship with the Alanders which is a Republic, we've Bakkermaya who kind of hover between the two ideas of Republic and Crown and of course our interesting next door neighbours Heyra. If you are able to give CPR to the Network of Republics I take my hat off to you and it certainly won't stop me being your nations friend. Now perhaps we can turn back to this brick." David tapped a finger on the missing spot on the crest on the letter that sat on the table between them. "If you had a magic wand what would make that gap disappear?"

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Following Tytors resignation of the post of RP Manager the vacant spot will be filled by Daito. Good luck.

"Excellent" David grinned and considered briefly whether he should reaffirm the Ironside family commitment to the project by having Rhainnon be the first Morelander to go but at the age of nine it wasn't really the right thing to do. He was confident however that he would find people willing to go in due course. " In terms of moving this forward we have on the table then a task ahead of me in terms of getting the CNN to sign off on our agreement, I'm hopeful it will be simple enough but just in case I'd like to say that should for some reason it get turned down that we sign off on it here and now as an East Moreland and Abertone deal. We'll keep the fact its been signed private until the CNN decision has been made. If the CNN agree we announce that deal if for some reason the CNN one fails we can announce that I'd been considering this arrangement and have finally come to a conclusion. As for the More and Mundus programme we can sign off on that here and now and I'm happy to give you a gentlemans agreement on the CETO steps if that is good enough to reassure you." David addressed this part to Marco but wondered if the term "Gentleman" was appropriate from what he had heard.

"I do have a final request." David shuffled forward and produced from his briefcase a pair of binoculars. He handed them to Marco and guided his vision to a large cargo ship sat off the coast "East Moreland maintains a series of four ships stocked with supplies such as water, batteries, rations, fuel, vehicles etc. Everything a military force of 1,000 men may need for a week. In the past its been utilised mainly for humanitarian efforts, the water facilities being utilised when Tytor had problems, refugee crisis in Mavrosia, food shortages in Royal Seleucid. We have agreements with several nations that allow us to utilise their ports. Abertone is rather unique in terms of it has ports a long way apart. I was hoping we could make some deal where we could access ports in Abertone in terms of restocking, refuelling etc."

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The Ministry of Defence have today confirmed that the Alpine Cadre yesterday conducted an operation to recover a variety of materials that could be described as bombs. The operation came in the area around Keepton and according to Minister of Defence, Sir Harry Samuelson, required "the specialist skills of the mountain based troops of the Alpine Cadre. Following a successful operation a variety of materials that could have been used to manufacture a bomb have been recovered. This operation came as a result on intelligence gathered connected to the recent attacks on schools connected to the Sisterhood of Helus." The Minister went on to say, "There was no suspect recovered and the site appears to have been a rather crudely camoflagued cave. We made the decision to seize the cache as we were unable to determine as to whether there were other entries possible to the cache."

In regards to the recent attacks Sir Harry also confirmed that the self proclaimed High Priestess of the Sisterhood, Jinny Denman, would now be given "special protection similar to High Priestess Skye Maddix." he also announced that "while the schools are now to be shut for the summer holidays we will be ensuring that a security detail is assigned to each of the Sisterhood's six schools across the nation. A wide ranging security sweep of them will be undertaken before students return in early September. To date no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The King is also believed to have asked for increased security for Queen Stasya who is perhaps the most well known follower of the Sisterhood's version of Helus veneration. The Queen is currently in Lodja accompanying Princess Rhiannon who is on a cultural visit to the Queendom.


Early this morning in Lijiang the SSC Honeybadger team completed the first of several runs they plan to take on the salt plains of the South East of the Lijaing plains. With Rachel Dixon in the driving seat the car completed two runs that the EMAC team described as "a gentle nudge at the world land speed record." Dixon took the car up to what she called a "comfortable" speed and then having turned to come back in the reverse direction she "gave the car more boot". The two runs had an average of 523.2mph which means it now holds the Womens Land Speed Record which stood previously at 522.8 mph. The news was greeted with only muted celebrations however by the EMAC team living in a series of large camper vans on the edge of the plains. Sir Alan Maybury was on the scene and described it as a "satisfying day of work. We set out to try and push a little more out of the car, we know this takes time and we had three ambitions when we left East Moreland. The first was to set a new Women's record, we knew that was achievable as we already hold the overall record at 776 mph. The real work starts now. The record we set today will fall again and again until we get things finely tuned and before long we'll make a play at the 777mph mark meaning Rachel will hold both the overall land speed record and the womens. It is that ambition that is the second of our ambitions. The final one is that we can hit 800mph. That 23 mph may not sound much but actually at the speeds were talking about getting just a few mph more takes the successful combination of variables."

Following the run Rachel Dixon was part of the EMAC press conference and said "The car felt really smooth, we had no vibrations, we had no odd sounds. It felt tight and I was tempted to give it a bit more power but that wasn't what we'd planned. We're now on schedule to have several more runs next week depending on the weather. If the weather Gods are kind then hopefully by next weekend we'll have achieved step two of our plan."

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To - Prince Jamshaid

I consider your father a dear friend and should we be able to do anything to help his medical condition we shall provide it. In regards to the succession to the Sultanate it is our hope that this can be conducted smoothly. In the past Seleucid forces have helped secure more remote areas of Waddan and will stand ready to do so again. Over the coming days I shall have members of our armed forces insert clandestinely into Waddan and establish a line of communications with your own command. We shall ensure that should the need arise we can support your forces in maintaining order.

We wish you and your father all the best

King Heydar of Royal Seleucid.

David took back his note book and looked down. It seemed that Graziano had some interesting ideas. "I can support those." David said. "Can I assume that with you putting in clauses about performers you expect there to be some cultural exchanges, I'm assuming things like touring musicians, sports etc. In that regard what do you imagine happening that would make you specifically pick this out? Its the first time I've had anyone seek visa exemptions specifically for performers. Its not something I'm opposed to, I think its a good idea, I just find myself intrigued." David smiled. "I would also like to head a little deeper than just trade. Education has been a pet project of mine for a while, tied to the cultural side of my reign. We established some time back the More and Mundus project. A scheme that currently sees us tied to around 15 countries in terms of school exchanges between students. I would very much like to make that 16. The project would involve each year a group of students coming from East Moreland to a school in Abertone, usually the trip is two weeks but we've seen some longer ones. The student would stay with a host family with a child of a similar age. They'd spend a week in an Abertone school and a week having a chance to sight see. Then when they return their host families child would come with them and we'd return the hospitality. My neice Archduchess Sophie was one of the first to go to what is now Nya Aland when we partnered with the Union of Nordic People what feels like a lifetime ago. Its a project that I will have Rhiannon and Llewellyn take part in when they get to 16 years of age."

This was certainly not something that the King had expected but was more than willing to roll the dice on it. "I'll be honest we have tried to avoid the CNN being seen in a similar way to the Cross Straits Union, as an economic block. We prefer to think of ourselves more as a social club that has a few political things to deal with. I though would not be put off trying to make such an arrangement work. Now if we are planning on making such an arrangement perhaps this would be a basis for where to begin."

David placed his notebook on the table showing his hastily written ideas.


The following agreement shall exist between the members of the C.N.N. and the Empire of Abertone which during this treaty shall be referred to as "The Parties"

1. The Parties agree that they shall undertake no action that shall knowingly harm the economy of the other.

2. The Parties agree that they shall gradually reduce tariffs over the next three years until a point where no tariffs exist. This arrangement shall cover any resources or goods that have originated from one of the Parties.

3. The Parties agree that so long as a business can provide a valid certificate of origin and that the other Party is the final destination for the attached import it shall be treated in accordance with Article 2.

4. Both Parties agree that any exports must comply with all local health and safety laws.

5. Both Parties agree that any individual with an invitation from a business in the other party may travel visa free for a maximum of 30 days in a calendar year. Beyond this a visa must be applied for. All Parties reserve the right to deny entry on national security grounds.

6. Both parties agree that they shall permit investment from the other party within their economy so far as companies involved pay relevant taxes on profits made within that nation and follow local laws governing operations of business.

7. Both Parties agree that should they wish to cancel this treaty they shall be permitted to do so 30 days after giving written notice.

"So what are your thoughts?"

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To The Emir of Kizad

I have recently read that your nation is likely to currently be experiencing an outbreak of Yellow-Tongue. This animal virus has the potential to cause great harm for your farming sector and furthermore increases the risk of mutation and potential human outbreaks. Ourselves and the Pasteur company based in Vinitsia did a great deal to develop a vaccination for the virus and now with the disease on the back foot we would like to work to provide the vaccination to farmers within your nation. Both ourselves and the Pasteur Company have put aside what we believe would be enough vacine to stop the current outbreak.

We would be glad to make arrangements to get the vaccine to you as soon as possible and would stand ready to provide support to put in place a vaccination programme.

Should you wish to discuss this then naturally we would be open to doing so.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland.

David sat and helped himself to a cup of green tea as the listened to the Emperor speak. "Mundus has so many great showpiece events. The sporting world is dominated by them but culturally we have a few that have lapsed in recent times. You might therefore be able to help me out." David placed his cup and saucer down. " Growing up at school at I was never the most sporting of boys. I enjoyed the idea of sport but just wasn't really any good at anything other than just running and then not blessed with any great speed. It wasn't until I discovered climbing that I found my niche and well sadly that wasn't competative back in those days. There certainly weren't medals for it in the Mundus Games. As such I preferred books, especially History ones. It was this and a desire to do similar things that lead me to create the Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation. Its done some good work but largely been inactive in recent years. What I'm proposing is a two step strategy that will help my baby and help you. To join you just have to put your name forward and two nations will nominate you, we'll be one and I suspect they'll be no shortage of takers for the second. Once in the organisation is supposed to hold an annual cultural event however this has been pretty low key over the last few years. Why not have Abertone host? You could showcase yourself and boost some tourism I suspect. I'm not sure if this is the kind of idea you were looking for?"

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