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International News Networks / Re: City News
« on: September 16, 2022, 08:43:14 PM »


Professor Jozef Thibaun, Head of the AES, has today announced that the company have over the last few months been undertaking a variety of exercises to assess the quality of the companies nuclear security. Professor Thibaun was able to obtain the service of East Moreland's Red Legion as an aggressor. While the Professor said a confidentiality agreement meant that he could not fully disclose what actions had been taken he did explain some of the results. "Over the past month there have been several attempts made by Red Legion to access both physically and in a cyber capacity our facilities around the world. The aim was to see if we could withstand what in their view would be a comparable terrorist attack. Of course it should be said had an elite military force with the backing of a nation like East Moreland utilised all their resources then we would have been unable to do much. On 16 occasions attempts were made to infiltrate facilities and while I'd like to say outer security was sufficient on 10 occasions the very outer reaches of our cordons was exposed. This just emphasises why we have so many layers and defence in depth. There were a total of 12 attempts to breach cyber defences and only once was a minor system exposed and that was not connected to the actual running of the plant. I asked the Red Legion officers assigned to this task for a report in terms of a grade and we have been awarded an A Minus, which while not perfect should reassure anyone considering investment or partnerships with AES that there is extremely little to fear. We have proved time and again that our technology is safe and now we have been able to prove that as a company we are a safe partner in terms of ensuring nothing happens at our plants."

The news of AES' positive safety review comes as the Nemphis site in Clysperis come under physical attack. 

Economics and Industry / Re: A Request for Boat Power
« on: September 11, 2022, 08:49:35 PM »

To:- His Majesty King Đurađ

We have been fortunate enough to work with several nations on their need for naval propulsion. We would therefore be delighted to undertake this contract. Should you wish to discuss the matter further we are more than happy to come and visit at your convenience. Otherwise we can commence construction as soon as your choosen maritime manufacturer informs us of the details.

Thank you for trust us with this project.

Professor Jozef Thibaun,
 Head of the AES

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Cherno-ball
« on: August 22, 2022, 10:11:38 PM »
Professor Jozef Thibaun was a little disappointed. This was supposed to be a big day for the Altonans as well as the Imperials from Lijiang. He had tried to get here nice and early but had been thwarted by the Morelanders Science Minister, he understood they had a reputation to uphold but it he felt the day was his to jointly host and now he looked bad. He shrugged off the thought and crossed to first meet the Dragon-Emperor and his family. "Your Imperial Majesties, Highnesses, its great to see you face to face. I know I've been fortunate enough to exchange messages with the Dragon-Emperor but I'm honoured to finally speak in person and I'd like to congratulate the young Prince on his impending marriage." with his greeting of the Dragon-Emperor done he crossed to Olivia Cole.

"Ms. Cole" I'm Proessor Thibaun, Jozef. Its nice to meet you." he extended a hand to her and just as he did the sound of a cavalcade of vehicles distracted him.  King Rutger had arrived and with him his wife Queen Heidi. The Queen had not really taken part in any formal state occasions preferring to dedicate her time to working in the brain injury ward of the capitals hospital. She was though rather excited by the visit and as such had brought with them 13 year old Prince Karl and 10 year old Princess Matilda. This was the children's first trip overseas since their father became King. Their attendance here served two purposes. It showed the hosts that the Altonians placed importance on family just as the Imperials did and rather cynically bringing the King's children so close to a nuclear power station they'd built showed the confidence the Altonans must have in the project. Rutger introduced his family to the Imperials and peeled off with the Dragon-Emperor. "You know I'm excited that this marks the first step of a partnership between us that I truly think can change Mundus for the better. I want to thank you for the opportunity you've given our scientists. I don't know your customs on celebration too well but back home we would enjoy a glass or two of champagne. I've brought you a bottle from our own cellars. I hope that once everything's been done and dusted here today our families can enjoy a glass together."

Diplomacy and Events / Nuclear Security Test Request - Red Legion
« on: August 05, 2022, 10:01:20 PM »

To:- His Majesty King David III of East Moreland

I am writing to you with what is perhaps an odd request.

As you know we have recently finished construction of a nuclear power plant in Lijiang. One of the key parts of our company is ensuring that our facilities not only produce clean energy but are also safe and secure against all threats. As a result we would like to have an outside set of eyes examine the security of our facilities. If possible we would like to have Red Legion plan a simulated strike against one of our facilities. Our staff on the ground are unaware of this request however both King Rutger and Dragon-Emperor Tielin have given us permission to ask this of you.

Naturally we would cover the costs of the wages of those Legionnaires involved as well as making a reasonable compensation package avaliable. Should you accept this request we would also like to make a donation of $250,000 to each of Legionnaire Legacy and MSP Charities.

We look forward to your response.

Best Regards
Professor Jozef Thibaun
Head of the AES

Diplomacy and Events / Cherno-ball
« on: August 04, 2022, 07:59:13 AM »

The Altonan Electrical Syndicate is proud to announce that it has reached a point where the Wengchangzhen 1 Nuclear Facility can be "turned on". With construction complete and the reactor installed we have reached a point where we can begin to slowly increase the capacity of the plant and it is our hope that by early next year we will be in a position to begin providing Lijiang with usable electricity. To celebrate this occasion we are having a grand opening of sorts at the facility. We are pleased to announce that this will be attended both by the Dragon-Emperor of Lijiang and his family as well as King Rutger of Altona. We would welcome any government official who wishes to witness this prestigious event to attend.

Best Regards

Professor Jozef Thibaun
Head of the AES

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Ngoti Nga Korero (Iwi and Altona)
« on: July 04, 2022, 01:03:58 PM »
King Rutger had not expected the request from King Piripi but it was not one that he intended to turn down. He had instructed his secretary to make contact and put in place all the arrangements needed to host the King of the Commonwealth. The great news about the relative small size of Altona was that it never took long to get around the place. No sooner had King Piripi's aircraft touched down than a contingent of military guardsmen in black dress uniform had conveyed him to a waiting vehicle and whizzed out of the city that formed the population centre of the Kingdom. Soon the woodlands that dominated the nation engulfed the road before opening up just a few miles later to reveal The Southern Palace

Rutger waited for his staff to open the vehicles door and approached the Maori monarchy. "Your Majesty. Let me start by congratulating you and King David on the Historic Crimes Treaty." He extended a hand to the King. "Welecome to the Southern Palace. I think its sometimes nice to get away from the city and to my limited knowledge of Maori culture I believe your people have a deep connection to the land so perhaps our countryside is a place more fitting for our first meeting. I trust you've had a good visit to East Moreland?"

Roleplay Moderator's Office / Re: Notice of RP Mod LOA
« on: July 01, 2022, 08:11:44 AM »

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: June 30, 2022, 09:44:50 PM »
Rutger was unsure exactly how Achkaerin intended to do things but the comments from Siora didn't exactly fill him with confidence. "If you're going to be involved with an organisation such as this I would expect you to be able to get someone into a meeting within a couple of hours. We live in a time where if desperation called for we have secure video conferencing. Altona would utilise our ambassador in whatever nation the talks were happening if need be. We can't and must not permit a relationship with Awhaele to slow down the processes of MICA." Rutger addressed the others in the final point. "I believe the proposed Article 2 could be workable."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: June 29, 2022, 08:51:50 PM »
OOC- The bits in yellow should replace in Article 7 the word Awahele for Achkaerin. Sorry

"While I would normally agree that issues such as notice or a vote would be fair I do not think it appropriate." Rutger began to explain. "For example if we where discussing the recent coup attempt in Heyra, a situation where time is critical the idea of having 24 hours notice that a meeting would even take place wouldn't exist. Furthermore if once notice is given we have 24 hours to wait before continuing then it can be too slow. The nature of global geo-politics means that sometimes speed for discussions is needed. Furthermore the time to then establish a vote is further complicating matters. I have no issue with Article 3 though. As for the change in Article 17 I can agree to that. "

Rutger turned to the Heyran delegation. "It would be unfair to say that no Achakerin military assets could go to Awhaele and that they need to be out of the MICA region. As a result maintaining an active and up to date record is a fair compromise. If the assets are known then we in the organisation can take action if we feel there were too many being sent. As for defining the area I think we are all clear as to where we are discussing so I am not sure what you mean by having to define an area. "

Diplomacy and Events / Re: For a nuclear future (Samantra and Altona)
« on: June 29, 2022, 12:07:34 PM »
Prince Lukas was pleased that things were concluded with relative ease. "As for the transparency we agree that things should be as public as possible, we've nothing to hide and it will help to squash any rumours or mistrust. I think it would potentially also help share prices if investors see that they are dealing with a trustworthy company. As for the uranium supply we obviously have our own connections that can be of use if you require it but so long as its ethically sources we will have little issue." There were nods from Jozef and Klaus in agreement.

"I wonder while I am here" the Prince continued, "If we could perhaps expand our talks a little. If we are to be constructing these projects for you here in Samanthra there is every likelihood that we would need to be sending workers and materials, components and the like to your nation. In order to make this simpler I would like to suggest that we perhaps instigate a visa waiver system. Any individual, whether it is connected to the nuclear project or not, who is invited by a business in the other nation may travel for 60 days visa free, so long as they are not deemed a security risk obviously. In addition could we perhaps examine the idea of a gradual reduction in tariffs between us as the co-operation on these projects builds."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Historic Crimes Treaty - An open house
« on: June 29, 2022, 11:43:32 AM »
To:- King David III of East Moreland

As a nation that has fortunately not had to endure the horrors this treaty has been written to examine it would be easy for us to ignore it. This treaty however is important as it allows justice to be done as well as enabling a mechanism for future procedures if ever needed. As such please consider us as being compliant with the Treaty and in due course my sister Princess Constance to sign the treaty

Best Wishes

King Rutger

OOC - Imagine this now signed.

Roleplay Moderator's Office / Re: Notice of RP Mod LOA
« on: June 28, 2022, 09:31:42 PM »
Sounds like a plan

Diplomacy and Events / Re: For a nuclear future (Samantra and Altona)
« on: June 19, 2022, 05:46:44 PM »
The various representatives got their head together and had a quick chat.

Professor Jozef was probably in the best position to answer this question. "A floating power station I believe would cost in the region of $700million. For that you get the ship, you get the reactor capable of producing electricity for around 52,000 homes without much effort. You also get the shore based infrastructure. We could actually probably expand that easily, the ship is a large part of the cost and we could at a pinch put more reactors on-board. Now if we assume that Novyy Rim has a population with four people per household. Generally speaking we look at around $7million per MegaWatt. A MegaWatt can produce enough electricity for 1,400 people. As a result to run Novvy Rim you'll need at least 360Mw so we're looking at a starting cost of about $2billion. That though will mean extremely low production costs for electricity for the next 40 years providing a saving on non-renewable fuels. Now because we would be building the floating ones in a relatively large number we can perhaps find ways to bring those costs down. Now you say you are looking for buyers for land based nuclear reactors. What I propose is that we can begin the process of preparing the fuel for the two you hope to build and putting the components into manufacture. We have several other projects that can utilise them if you don't however I think some manner of compensation would be fair. Let me suggest then that if 12 months from now you haven't completed the arrangement with your potential buyers we would be free to do what we want with the materials and we would require say a 5% penalty fee. However should you find a buyer before we begin using the materials we would reduce that to 1%."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: June 19, 2022, 04:45:55 PM »
Rutger still was of the mind that Achkaerin should be kept outside the organisation but he did believe a partnership could be workable.

"What I propose is the following." Rutger began handing his tablet clockwise around the table.

Quote from: The MICA-Achkaerin Agreement

Recognising the unique position of the people of Awhaele

Desiring friendship between nations

Committed to ensuring the Illumic and Mhorish are guided by the natives of that region

The following agreement shall come into force between MICA nations and the Empire of Achkaerin.

1. There shall be a MICA liaison appointed by the monarch of Awhaele. This liaison must fit the following criteria.

a) They must have been born in Awhaele or resided there for at least five years.
b) They must not have served in the Achkaerin armed forces
c) They must not have held any political post within the Achkaerin government, the exception being that the post deals soley with Awhaele affairs.

2. The Liaison may attend MICA meetings unless at least two members oppose their attendance. While attending the Liaison may contribute to discussions. Should during talks two members request the Liaison to leave then they must do so.

3. The Liaison will be responsible for the upkeep of an up to date record of Achkaerin military forces and vessels in Awhaele.

4.  Awhaele's monarch will utilise military assets at their disposal to contribute to the 3RA system.

5. Unless specified in other treaties good and materials entering a MICA nation from Awhaele shall do so tariff free so long as they are accompanied by documentation proving that they have been extracted, grown, processed or produced within Awhaele. This shall be reciprocated by Awhaele.

6. Unless specified in other treaties good and materials entering a MICA nation from Awhaele shall do so at a reduced tariff so long as they are accompanied by documentation proving that they have been extracted, grown, processed or produced within any other part of Achkaerin. This shall be reciprocated by Achkaerin

7. Travel for MICA nation and Achkaerin passport holders may enter the other nation for 30 days without a visa so long as they do not possess a criminal record or are deemed to be a national security risk.

8. Achkaerin agree that other than on grounds of security of Awhaele they will do nothing to militarise the MICA region.

9. Achkaerin agree that there shall not be a non-native military presence permanently based in Awhaele.

10. MICA nations agree to support the security of Awhaele so long as Achkaerin are not the aggressor in a situation that has placed a threat on the island.

11. MICA nations shall offer port facilities to Achkaerin vessels providing support to MICA operations.

12. This agreement comes into force on.......insert date......

13. Should either party wish to amend this agreement it must receive the approval of the Achkaerin Monarch and all MICA members.

14. Achkaerin may withdraw at any time by giving 30 days notice from the monarch of Achkaerin.

15. MICA may withdraw at any time following a vote to that effect winning a majority of MICA members support.


8. MICA and Achkaerin agree to share security intelligence regarding the Mhorish and Illumic regions so far as doing so does not endanger their own national security.



Conference Hall / Re: Proposal for a new RP Rule
« on: June 19, 2022, 02:38:42 PM »
I support it saying this

1.Players are allowed to retcon anything they post for 24 hours after posting it ( later edits don't count when counting the 24 hours period, it start from when you post) assuming it has no replies.

2.Should a reply have been posted within 24 hours of the original post, then it can only be retconned with a 24 hour notice to allow for objection by those affected. If objection is made, then agreement between players must be reached, with RP Mod to moderate if no agreement is forthcoming.

3. Retcons should only be permitted for IC reasons and a reason for the retcon should be explained. Upon retconning a note should be left explaining it in the thread, this can later be deleted by a Mod.
4.Anything after that is set in stone.

5. Factbooks do not count

6. Closed RP can be retconed with the consent of all players involved.

7. Further retcons can be allowed only after submitting to the RP Mod and giving their approval.

Conference Hall / Proposal for a new RP Rule
« on: June 04, 2022, 01:26:47 PM »
Following the incident of today I propose that the following RP rule should be put in place regarding Retcons. Markus came up with the ideas and I have edited, borrowed his post. Hope thats OK.

1.Players are allowed to retcon anything they post for 24 hours after posting it ( later edits don't count when counting the 24 hours period, it start from when you post) assuming it has no replies.

2.Should a reply have been posted then it can only be retconned with agreement between players with RP Mod to moderate if no agreement reached.

3. Retcons should only be permitted for IC reasons and a reason for the retcon should be explained. Upon retconning a note should be left explaining it in the thread, this can later be deleted by a Mod.
4.Anything after that is set in stone.

5. Factbooks do not count

6. Closed RP can be retconed with the consent of all players involved.

7. Further retcons can be allowed only after submitting to the RP Mod and giving their approval.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: May 31, 2022, 11:26:10 AM »
Rutger had been listening to the Awhaele and Heyran discussion.

"The MICA Charter makes it clear that access to the Mhorish or Illumic is not the only qualification needed to join this organisation. The charter clearly states that approval of those already in the organisation is needed. We don't therefore need to define anything regarding geography or control, once someone applies for membership we, the membership, determine whether they qualify. There are sat around this table several Heads of State and leading politicians that have concluded treaties and arrangements across Mundus. This does not come down to the charter, the charter could say exactly what you suggested but I would still oppose your membership. The reason is simple I do not believe that decisions about the happening in the Mhroish and Illumic should be made in the Great North Ocean. You have just stated that if we studied the earliest traces of Heyra we'd find it in the Mhorish and Illumic which is correct however if we do the same for Achkaerin it would be in the Great North Ocean, so therefore while your people are native your leaders are not. That is a decision that your people have made and now they must live with that decision. I am yet to be convinced that I should change my vote to support your admission. No nation that has territory overseas has not adversely impacted the people there. Look at your own words, you spoke of your homeland undergoing a cultural genocide. Since 1880 the Treaty after the Battle of Partisarum gave neither Achkaerin or Vaguzia a claim to sovereignty over Awhaele unless  the people choose to. That was a chance for the island to shake off the cultural genocide. We've seen East Moreland take steps to rediscover parts of its culture, under our hosts great-grandfather we saw East Moreland take a shift towards English as a main language, King David and his father sought to restore Morelandish as their native language and have succeeded hugely. There was a chance for Awhaele to be able to take control of their direction of travel and they looked North not South. If you wish to sway my vote, and I suspect several others around this table, then the image of being just a way of getting Achkaerin a say in our region needs to be addressed. The organisation doesn't need to change to accommodate you as it is already strong enough. With ourselves, Eskdale and Heimney joining we have surpassed the size of the CSU economy, we're one of the most stable regions on Mundus and have a huge record of co-operation, just look at the recent incident in Heyra and how Bakkermaya and East Moreland both stepped up to help them. This is quiet an organisation so convince us that we should overlook our concerns?"

International News Networks / Re: City News
« on: May 22, 2022, 06:17:23 PM »

Lijiang nuclear construction going on schedule---King "hesitant" on Awhaele MICA admission---"Mega resort" Plan being considered


AES' first nuclear powered merchant ship the MV Atom is progressing well according to a spokesman. The ship is being built in Arcaibh with its power systems being made by Altona's premier nuclear power supplier. AES hope that if the ship is successful it could be the first of several in a fleet of nuclear powered craft. It is also the first partnership between AES and the Arcaibh shipwrights which it is hoped will lead to a much wider partnership. The ship is intended to join the Altonan merchant fleet for runs across Mundus. The crew are currently being trained by AES in nuclear safety alongside staff from Lijiang who will be operating that nations first nuclear power station. 

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: May 21, 2022, 05:37:57 PM »
"I'm afraid I am still left with questions and concerns." Rutger began. "You state you don't want the exercising of democratic choice to slam the door but making choices comes with consequences. We are today not being asked to admit Awhaele and the Faejeon people into MICA. We are being asked to admit Achkaerin for you are their sovereign territory and Peter the Emperor over you. Surely when debating the referendum it must have been clear that with East Moreland's stance on ensuring the Illumic is best governed by the people there was always going to cast doubt on what would otherwise have been a straight forward admission. You're now asking us to have an Emperor from the opposite side of Mundus have equal say over what happens in this region as those of us who are natives. That is a choice your people made and as such a choice they must now live with. As for the FSC a nation that places such great weight on such a document shouldn't need reminders of how it works after making a policy. Now as you try and compare yourself to Eskdale it is worth reminding you that while you may have a similar arrangement to the the three monarchs there each of those monarchs represents a land within the Illumic and overseen by a leader from the Illumic. You're circumstances are very different. With the greatest respect to the Kings and Queen of these three Kingdoms that form Eskdale they are not the ones with a voting right. In terms of the vote of Awhaele it will be ultimately exercised in the Great Northern Ocean and not in the Illumic. This "Scope Protocol" may sound nice on paper but in reality its worthless. You have no military of your own, you rely on what Emperor Peter sends you should he wish to not fulfil something that we determine as a group then all he needs to do is station inadequate or inappropriate numbers or equipment on Awhaele. You are asking us to place a great deal of good faith on Emperor Peter and Achkaerin rather than on yourself and Awhaele. Welcoming the 20million people of Awhaele would have been a pleasure, however welcoming them, plus the 102 million people of Achkaerin is not as so straight forward. I'm yet to hear of any reassurance that MICA does not become influenced by a nation in the Great North Ocean or as to why 102 million people from that region deserve to be granted free trade access to my Kingdom despite supporting an organisation that I believe causes more harm to global stability than it brings reassurance. Every nation brings with it baggage into a relationship. I am confident with East Moreland that their CNN baggage is manageable, I am not too sure CSTO baggage is but I am all ears."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: May 20, 2022, 09:50:36 PM »
"If I may intervene" King Rutger spoke up. " I have several concerns with Awhaele being a member of this organisation. The charter states one of the aims of MICA is "To live in peace with their fellow Mhorish and Illumic nations, solving disputes peacefully and swiftly." Until July 2020 the island was not the sovereign territory of Achkaerin and with a population that's majority wise made of Achkaerinese and Vaguzian nationals it stands to reason that this is in effect a colonisation of the Illumic rather than a native nation applying to join. Add to this the statements made in August 2020 when Achkaerin proposed to take unilateral action in the Illumic on a matter that was at the time being dealt with by MICA nations, namely East Moreland and several others. This action aimed to tarnish all Zimalian vessels as involved in human trafficing despite their also being ships flagged in many other nations being involved. This smacks of not being a willing partner in the region and as has happened with other foreign nations in the region an attempt to impose their desires on our homeland. I therefore would be forced to vote against Awhaele's admission as we are not admitting the Faejeon people who are native to the island we are in fact admitting the Holy Empire of Achkaerin and that brings with it baggage, first of their CSTO alleigances, an alliance that will send a carrier fleet anywhere at the drop of a hat and then months later seeks to draw back on their rash actions. Add to that we are potentially giving the CSU a backdoor into what could, as King David explained, be one of the strongest economic blocks on Mundus despite the fact their national economies are largely dominated by megacorporations therefore potentially overwhelming local economies if we grant carpet access. I would therefore ask  Queen Siora whether first of all she has authority to make a decision about the involvement in MICA or will that be Emperor Peter. I would also like to know how she would suggest us ensuring the CSTO and CSU problem I have described don't impact our region."   

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: May 04, 2022, 07:35:45 PM »
OOC- With Hassfurt having changed I propose we move onto Aweahle while we wait to see if Heimney goes for membership

Conference Hall / Re: Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment
« on: April 29, 2022, 11:12:20 PM »
I'd be happy with what Achkaerin has just posted

Conference Hall / Re: Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment
« on: April 29, 2022, 11:00:59 PM »
It was Ffion who suggested the Orders idea.

Quote from: Ffion's Original Post
2) Reward people with something other than a title that implies authority. Most NS regions have governments, mods, admins call them what you want and more often than not they have fancy titles. Don't mask them as nobles create two "Orders" have something like Order of the Pen for people who have contributed good RP stuff and Order of the Scroll for people who have contributed to running the region. You could even have letters after user names like we go with the M.B.E etc in the UK. This could see a whole list of things. So maybe you write your first really engaging open RP you get your first award, then when you've a track record like people such as Markus you get knighted. This means we can still give recognition but when someone first joins they don't assume the leadership are the people in purple. I reckon you've about 30 mins to determine whether someone actually stays with the region or not in terms of interaction and had it not been for Dave or Nova I'd have left by now.

Presently we're getting better at flagging up things we're not happy with or that can be improved but both sides of this are not so great at suggesting ways forward. It took a list of suggestions for any of this to start rolling nearly 60 days ago.

In terms of this getting sorted I think everthing in Tytors original suggestion is a good idea except the Order of the Pen just becoming the Nobility in a new dress, thats one of the issues many of us had from the outset. As for how its original members were selected I agree that it could have been handled better and probably didn't fulfil what the constitution says and as knee jerk quick reactions were another concern that started this I'm worried that its happened. This time however I think the fact we all missed the glaringly obvious (in hindsight) issue with the initial induction process can be sorted quickly.

So I suggest two things. The first is that unless someone raises an objection to Beatrice's proposed members for the Order then by say Monday they get inducted. Following that we amend the constitution as Tytor suggested but keep the Order for RP.

Moving forward though I would urge a lot less rapid decision making when its not essential.

Office of the Chancellory / Re: The Order of the Pen
« on: April 29, 2022, 09:35:43 AM »
My understanding is there would still be nobility but that this would be in addition to it. It does however seem by masking that this is not the case. In that sense then yes there should have been some form of consultation.

Office of the Chancellory / Re: The Order of the Pen
« on: April 29, 2022, 08:08:56 AM »
One of the big issues that was flagged up at the very start of this whole issue was the whole knee jerk reaction thing. We've still got it over this issue. What we have though as a problem is that the Constitution says the Chancellor has the job of “i) Inducting (and removing when inactive) members of the Order of the Pen upon instruction of the Order”. The problem is though one we didn't see coming in our discussions. At present the Order doesn't exist. So as a result the Chancellor can't follow the instruction of the Order for the initial intake as the Order doesn't exist.

I think before the first round of appointments there should be a discussion on on what basis we want people in the order. For example I agree with Rayyu that some of us on the list are relatively new and if the Order is to reflect "continued" quality RP then there perhaps needs to be a time or post limit attached.

In my view Beatrice was very quick to act on this and in one way has broken the constitution as she didn't act upon the "instruction" of the Order. However in this case she kind of had to as without breaking the constitution we couldn't ever create an Order. She could though have acted within the spirit and consulted the members of the region first. I think a desire for moving the whole recent issues to the past is wanted by everyone and in this case a quick appointment would have been perhaps one way so I'm not entirely condemning it.

Character Guides / Re: Altonans
« on: April 26, 2022, 10:46:45 PM »

Rebekka Dreher

Rebekka was born in 1990 and is the first of two children of crime boss Konrad Dreher and his wife Edwina Dreher. Despite Rebekka being given a fairly normal childhood she became aware of her father's shady past when in 1998 she was targetted by a rival crime group for a kidnapping. Luckily for Rebekka the security that her father had placed around her kept her safe but it was an introduction to the less legal side of the family.

Her father's money did however give her a great number of oppurtunities. She was privately educated at Queen Adelias Academy, a private all girls school with a reputation for excellence and many connections to the Altonan royal family. She was also brought up surronded by great wealth and had a chance to enjoy travel for luxury holidays, had ponies and private ballet lessons.

At the age of 18 she made it known to her father that she wanted to work for him and seeing the accounts of the family business being done by "trusted" outsiders she suggested that she go off and become an accountant. Following graduation she had her father set up a business for her called RD Accounting which handles the books for several legitimate businesses unconnected to the family as well as the businesses that act as front for the Dreher family. She has used both family funds and her own business funds to make for herself a rather refined life style and counts many noble daughters among her friends, some from her time at school and others drawn slightly to the rumours of her families background. This has given her a personality that considers itself upper class and as though noble herself, often desiring those around her to conduct themselves as though in the presence of nobility.

She is currently unmarried devoting herself to family business.

She has a younger brother, Phillipe, who is also involved in the family business.
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Vignettes / A Spicy Business Deal
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Rebekka Dreher stood on the door step and looked along Shillingstrasse. It was one of the best known shopping streets in Altona, a vast three mile long collection of shops ranging from the upmarket boutiques that a Lodjain lady of leisure would find her hearts desire to the overly hyped tech stores selling the latest gadgets from the likes of Abstergo. For large parts of the length of the street market stalls were permitted and there little local companies would bring such hidden gems as freshly bubbling vats of curried goat from a Paracambian restaurant. It was a street that was becoming highly diverse and fashionable as the gaggle of school children strolling home from school with their noses pressed against an Aostan Ice-Cream shop testified. Rebekka had deemed it the perfect spot for her enterprise and as she strained her eyes northwards she could spot the second of her latest investments, although this one was registered in her brother Phillipe's name. The Spice Emporium and its rival on the same street, the Spice Shack, rival companies on paper but in truth that was all that mattered the paper. Rebekka had no interest in whether the shops even made money. The huge barrels of exotic spices from places as wide ranging as Kermah and Lijiang gave the shop a wonderful aroma and that for her was another great reason to have the shops. It was a business that got the odd person wandering in but they offered nothing the large super-markets couldn't provide and they were much more expensive. Today the staff in the shop were doing there best to look busy as the big boss was in, but in truth most days by the time the young shop girl had opened up, given everywhere a quick sweep around and dusted the shelves there wasn't much else to do and had Rebekka not been here the young girl would likely have sat behind the cash register reading her book for University. The odd person would come in, enjoy the smell, look around and shake their head at some of the prices before leaving, every now and again some upmarket hipster would come in with a recipe that required some bits and pieces but that was maybe one or two people a day, the shop girl wondered how they even made enough to pay her wages. Up the road at the Spice Shak it was identical but on paper both businesses were thriving.

Rebekka saw a man moving through the crowded street and headed towards the cash desk just before the man walked in. "Good Afternoon Sir , Welcome to the Spice Emporium" the shop girl said cheerly with a genuine smile. "Can I help you find anything in particular?" She asked keen to engage with a customer while the boss was watching.

"I've come to put in a catering order if I can?" The man asked his eyes more on Rebekka than the girl doing her best to help him.

"Oh" the girl was puzzled, she'd never had one of these she just assumed that anyone working in catering would go to a wholesaler or buy directly from the source but then again she was studying Literature not the restaurant industry so she really didn't have any idea how these things worked. She was more concerned about losing a potential big order with the boss lurking. "If you give me a minute I'll see what I can done." She figured she'd better write down what he wanted and then take it from there and was actually relieved when Rebekka stepped in.

"It's ok Maria" Rebekka approached, "I can handle this one." She introduced herself to the man who told her his name was Thomas, but she already knew that. "Thomas if you'd like to step into my office we can work out what you need and take it from there." The pair headed up the stairs that lead to the small office upstairs that was always locked unless management were on the premisis.

"She has no idea does she?" Thomas asked.

"Of course not. I make sure I employ students, each does just a few hours a week around their studies. They see the huge sales done at other times and just assume their quiet. Last year we made $5,000,000 here, the Spice Shak up the road something similar." Rebekka and Thomas took a seat at a desk and Rebekka pulled out an order book and began to write down a series of numbers. "What you got for me." The man reached into his jacket and placed a series of envelopes on the desk.

"This is the money from the dealers down in the old city." He placed it before Rebekka and she leaned under the desk and pulled out one of those electronic note counting machines. Empyting the contents of the envelope into it she nodded approvingly as it hit $12,000. "This is from the Konigplatz bar scene." A second envelope appeared and once more Rebekka whizzed it through the machine, $10,000.

"That's down a bit this week." She looked at Thomas for an answer.

"Yes, we had some trouble with one of the clubs, they had a new security company doing the doors and they were pretty good at their job so we had to go and make them an offer. Its sorted now so should be back to normal next week. One issue though is that the bookies at the race track report that they'd had some suspicions about those fake notes they'd been distributing, their going to go straight for a few weeks until the heat dies down. It'll put us back a little bit but I'm sure it'll come good."

While they'd been talking Thomas had handed over various other envelopes all collected from various little rings of drug dealers for Rebekka's family. The Dreher family had run several little criminal enterprises for a while in Altona and branched out into a wide range of retail businesses all for the reason of channelling lots of illegally acquired cash into legitimate use. Rebekka had been running the accounts for the last five or six years now and this latest spice venture had been her idea after the barbers industry had gone quiet well. To the tax office it looked like the Spice Business, the barber shops and the cheap tacky jewellery stores were making a killing, but it was hard to see how. No one ever really spent money there beyond a few dumb customers and with clever use of part time workers from the University sector overheads hardly ate into the real reason, money laundering. Rebekka placed the money into a banks paying in bag. She'd take it at the end of the day and she printed out a whole range of receipts for the order books. To anyone coming in doing an audit things would look like this Tuesday had been a particularly busy day for the company. She had put a stack of money to one side as she'd done her admin. "Thomas, as always its been a pleasure. Next week its the Hafenplatz Barber shop please."

Thomas didn't bother to count the cash, Rebekka always looked after those couriers who handled the collections and deliveries of cash. There would be plenty in the envelope to make him loyal and some for him to spread to those he needed to keep sweet on the streets for his own little private enterprises that the Dreher's let him get away with as long as he kept out of their fields. Thomas had a few little hussles selling counterfeit clothing and shoes and the Dreher's had no issue with that so long as he got their work done. "Thanks" He stood up and followed by Rebekka headed downstairs. They were both used to charades like this.

"Thank you for the order." Rebekka said as they rentered the shop where Maria was explaining the difference between two types of chilli flakes to an old woman. "We'll drop you off on Wednesday."

"That'll be great" Thomas stayed in character and shook Rebekka's hand. "I hope this is the first of many." He winked slightly as he turned and headed off into the street always relieved he'd dropped the money off with no incident. Rebekka meanwhile headed back upstairs, gathered up the bank bag, removed a gun from the second, hidden, safe and then donned her jacket. While Thomas might take the odd risk she wouldn't. She made a phone call and headed back down the stairs, by which time Maria's old lady had left predictably not having made a purchase. Rebekka informed her she'd see her later that week and she'd be dropping off the takings at the bank and headed to the back door.

"Bank Miss?" A man sat in a black SUV with the engine running asked as Rebekka stepped into the small back street.

"Yes please Samuel" she climbed in and Samuel a middle aged man started them on their journey. When they arrived at the bank it was not Rebekka who went inside but Edwin, the second of Rebekka's guards who had been sat in the front passenger seat. He was gone less than five minutes before returning and handing Rebekka a slip of paper, the receipt.

"Where to Miss" Samuel asked as Edwin put his seat back on.

"Home please. I think we're done for the day. Once back you two head off, isn't there a football match on tonight?"

"Yes there is" Edwin said excitedly. "Cup Semi-Final."

Rebekka had no interest in football but it was a big deal here in Altona. "Its at the Stadion Park isn't it." Confirmation came that indeed it was. "If you want the families box isn't being used. Tell them I've said you can have it if you want."

"Brilliant" Edwin punched the air. "I mean, thank you Miss." Rebekka may be quiet young for someone with her gravitas but she did rather have a reputation for preferring the formalities and Edwin knew that if you kept in her good books free football suites were only the beginning.

"I'm glad you're excited" Rebekka half smiled pleased that Edwin had corrected his tone. They'd arrived at her walled home and once inside she left them and the pair drove off no doubt excited for that evenings football.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: For a nuclear future (Samantra and Altona)
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Prince Lukas wasn't to bothered about the art visit but it would be rude not to attend and so he graciously accepted before the two science types could get on with their discussion that Lukas was suddenly a little bit more concerned about.

Professor Jozef Thibaun of the Altonan Electrical Syndicate was the more business minded of the two and so took the lead on this "What you may find is that things like the cost of land, the cost of the general labouring to prepare the site, pour concrete etc will likely be less too in places like Zimalia and while the cost of selling the electric may be lower the long life span of the systems means they'll always be profitable the extent will differ of course, now should you be able to get the land for free then of course it'll help. Currently we've the station in Lijiang due to come online by the end of this year  we hope, meanwhile we're in talks with several others about projects including Heyra, Heimney and Chistopol. Its our hope to soon get many more onboard, especially with the small scale systems we're hoping to bring online. As for the ones on barges they are no different to the ones on land and terrorism security concerns are just as big an issue. The basis of the barge ones are in a way simply the nuclear reactors on say something like a naval nuclear sub channeling its energy into the power grid rather than propulsion. To my knowledge we've never had an issue with the nuclear safety of military vessels and of course picking the correct location for mooring would mean they can be protected from terrorist attacks in the same way you'd protect one on land. These though have the added benefit that should you believe someone is planning an attack on them you can simply move them, you can't do that with a land based one now can you." He shrugged. "Now in terms of audit and inspection, you would in AES' mind be the customer in this arrangement, that being the case we'd always welcome the customer to take an interest in whats going on. We'd have no issue making it a condition of our partnership that a representative picked by your nation is permently attached to the safety teams that would need to be in place. Why have surprise inspections when you can have daily ones? We are totally confident in our operations." As things began to turn towards the stock market this would be the tricky part. "As for where stocks are traded we would be open to a dual listing."

Lukas then was going to be forced to say his part. "The matter of ownership of the reactors is a rather unique one because of your proposal. Perhaps the establishment of a company for this purpose is going to be a complex issue. You see while I firmly believe it is every nations right to make friends with who they wish it is also our right to ensure our interests are not harmed by those we make connections with. At present I don't see any geo-political issues on the horizon that would see us going to clash heads but sadly who knows what would happen in the future. What I suggest then is that this new company is also dual listed, lets say initially with 10million shares, we in Altona take 2.5million and you the rest. The 2.5million is up to us how we distribute them so long as we meet the agreed price, you do the same with the remaining shares, we though need an agreement that we will sell for the same share price. This gives you the ability to ensure if you wish that your government maintain a 51% controlling stake. Meanwhile a contract will be in place saying all the nuclear equipment and services used by this company must be sourced from AES or ISTI. You get a shiny new business on your PSE, you get the controlling stake but we also get to have some influence on the situation. We would also require safeguards that the intellectual property connected with the projects however remains in the hands of AES and ISTI. They have both worked extremely hard to ensure their technology is the best in the world and that has seen significant investment by their organisations, my own family and the Altonan people."

Leopold Baumbach was the Chief Buyer of the supermarket chain "Stadt One", like most Altonan chains it wasn't huge because if you're from a nation of only 8.5million people there was only so much room for expansion, especially with so many crammed into one large settlement. That didn't matter hugely though as Altonan's enjoyed rather diverse offerings of food and drink and so that gave Leopold a chance visit new places and taste new things. A cheese Festival therefore was a chance to perhaps take a few samples home and maybe start some new lines. He had stood and watched Mensur's pitch and then as people left headed over. "I'm from a group of stores in Altona. We've an interest in stocking some new and interesting products. What I would like to do is make an arrangement with you on a test basis. I'd like to see if you could provide us with some Livanjski, some to fit a budget shoppers price, some of the standard product and some of the well aged stuff for a more upmarket price range. I heard you speak of an 85 day and a 120 day product but is there perhaps any chance of something for that lower end of the market in terms of price?" He waited for Mensur to respond while fishing in his pocket for a business card.

Roswitha Kästner may have only been 22 but she had a decade of cheese making experience behind her. Unlike most Altonan's her family lived outside of the major city in a farm that their great-great-great and so no grandfather had carved out of the vast forest. It was now valuable farmland with hundreds of hardy sheep who ran free among the grasslands and even into some of the forests. Those sheep were the central part of the KästnerKäse business. They produced a rich slow smoked cheese that was done over a month long period, much longer than most of the commercial mass produced cheese. They had cut a wheel up into cubes and stuck little Altonan flags in it along with their stall number and were out mingling among the crowd to let them taste the produce. Back at the stall Roswitha's father Edgar was busy telling people all about the farm more than the cheese kind of defeating the reason for being here.

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