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Press Offices / Re: Royal Clysperi Press Office
« on: September 23, 2022, 01:35:11 AM »
Khemnen Palace
Royal Clysperi Press Office

Released In The Name Of Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re
September 22, 2022

Re: Royal Seleucid

The Kingdom of Clysperis shall grant aircraft from Royal Seleucid authorization to operate within Clysperi airspace toward operations to secure the situation at the Nemphis Nuclear Station. Furthermore, should word not be received from Waddan, space shall be allocated at Ramses V Airbase, five miles away from the NNS, should Royal Seleucid wish to utilize it in its security operations.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Nuclear Terrorism??? An offer
« on: September 23, 2022, 01:28:57 AM »

I appreciate your kind offer and accept it gracefully. Once we have cleared the site and secured it from this most recent threat I wish for us to move forward with full haste in the decomissioning and dismantling of the Nemphis Nuclear Station. We cannot allow it again to pose a threat to the Kingdom or the broader region.

On behalf of the People of Clysperis, you have my thanks and appreciation.

Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Khemnen-Valthiem Line
« on: September 23, 2022, 01:26:40 AM »

Consider permission granted. I have left instruction for the Royal Armed Forces to liaise with your own military command to bring this situation to a safe and swift resolution.

Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.

"Now don't sell yourself short, while a most bitter memory I remember thinking in those moments at the hospital that I was no longer there as a Head of State, but as a friend, someone understanding and in a position to bring some light, any light, I could to you and your father. I still see so much of her in you, all the years, trials and at times horrible words exchanged and here you are," she continued as a tear fell from her eye, "still kind, still strong, and gentle as always. I only wish I could have seen the snake in my house much sooner, perhaps we would never have been moved to be in opposition all those times? Then again, all we have in looking to the past through that lens is impossible possibilities, and as none of that can be rewritten I can only promise you that we won't be writing any more sour memories together."

"Whaling, because that is a winning issue," Charles chuckled as he read his morning papers, casually speaking to the guard who was never too far away. "I wish the Borlanders had turned the tables and demanded some ransom for her at least, perhaps they could have received a little something more from their troubles. Oh come now," he said as the guard rolled their eyes, "Naturally I am happy that no harm came to the Crown Princess, she was such a sweet girl, but she's so obviously ill equipped for the role which she is to assume. This world is encumbered by the weight of families who cling to power by right of birth, does that not anger you? You, a humble prison guard, could have had a much higher station if you were pushed out of a noble womb yet you're here, entertaining me, instead. I'll have my breakfast now."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Transition
« on: September 23, 2022, 01:05:41 AM »
"Amazing," Asina said with a smile. "We don't have events like these at home, everyone's either focused on the concert scene or the sports my father pushed so hard for, I might have to bring things like this home with me. They'll be enchanted by people driving at seemingly unsafe speeds, it might just puzzle them for a bit," she continued, imagining the scenes at home of similar events.

Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
« on: September 23, 2022, 12:50:16 AM »

International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« on: September 21, 2022, 11:13:05 PM »

Crown Princess Meets With Whaling Advocacy Group

The Crown Princess spent a portion of her weekend visit to Rokkenjima understanding the position of Rokkenjiman whaler communities.

While memories of Rokkenjiman opposition to the whaling ventures of other nations remains fresh in the mind of our cultural remembrance Crown Princess Asuna met with families who hold ties to Rokkenjima's past association with whaling. During her meeting with the Cultural Preservation Community the Crown Princess listened as countless matriarchs and others shared their family histories which documented centuries of Rokkenjiman whaling, citing the very word of Islyna in its sanction at times. "Islyna gave us a mandate to maintain the harmony of the seas," one woman shared with the Crown Princess, "hunting the largest of creatures as Her gift to Her chosen to keep our bellies nourished throughout the cold winter months until Her pollinators could bring us the fruit which springs forth from blossoms once again. Our hunters never took more than the seas could give, and the associations the Saisei Empress drew toward those whalers in NA were most undeserved. They have demonstrated that the Alucard for one has an abundance of Pilot whales. It is clear that whaling can thus be conducted both humanely and sustainably. It was not until the Ardian campaigns in Rokkenjima that we saw our People swayed from the promise of Islyna to feed us through the winter months, leading our nation to spew countless carbons into the atmosphere to import additional resources to feed our people, replacing Islyna's mandate with foreign imports."

The Crown Princess said she would share her "insights and lessons with the Imperial Government, after which a decision shall be made regarding Rokkenjiman policy in this area. It is clear that we have many people who believe our policies toward whaling have been overbearing, especially as we now possess tools to monitor the impact of whaling upon native populations and the environment at large, and I do not believe Islyna would make any promise she is incapable of keeping, both to Rokkenjima and to the natural world. We should revisit these policies as well as what they mean to the Rokkenjiman People, and answer it with the science on the matter. Not all whaling is decimating, and as we've seen the needle of Islyna points toward harmony between human and nature always, so why not trust her guiding arrow? So long as we conduct ourselves responsibly Islyna has proven that the actions of human hands can live in harmony with her grand designs so long as we do not grow greedy. This is an area which I will seek for the Imperial Government to conduct studies on and, if it is proven viable, we may see permits issued for Rokkenjimans to once again set to the seas as their ancestors did to reap the bounty Islyna provided for them."

Pyrena Castle declined to comment on this story.


Sobeknakht Stands Defiant; Khaset Forces Surround Nemphis Nuclear Station

Sobeknakht directed his forces to mount an effort to effect control of the Nemphis Nuclear Power Station.

While many of the Southern Nomarchs accepted the fate prescribed by Pharaoh Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re Nomarch Sobeknakht has remained defiant. Ordering his forces to mount "an operation to secure for our Nome the Nemphis Nuclear Power Station" the Royal Clysperi Army, under the command of Intef, General of Armies, has held back their advance toward the slumbering nuclear power plant. "I wish to assure my Pharaoh, my people and the international community that thus far we have held back the forces of Sobeknakht from advancing any closer to the Nemphis Nuclear Power Station. However, concerning developments have come to my desk with reports that the forces of Khaset have begun shelling lines providing power to the Station which keeps it in a safe state. If these lines are severed the Station will be forced to rely upon back-up generators to maintain cooling operations. I am presently working with the Pharaoh and reaching out to our partners and allies to bring this situation to a safe resolution."

The Kingdom has made contact with its counterparts in Achkaerin to "dislodge this threat from the Kingdom and ensure that nuclear catastrophe does not occur at Nemphis. If a disaster where to occur prevailing winds would likely carry radioactive particles beyond our borders to nations such as Waddan, Kodima, Rodina and perhaps as far away as Kaitaine and Chistopol. Rest assured that the Kingdom is working in earnest to prevent such a scenario, but we recommend the dispersal of iodine pills and other protective measures as proactive measures. At present the Nemphis Nuclear Power Station remains firmly in the hands of the Kingdom, power continues to flow to ensure safe conditions remain, and the Royal Clysperi Army is actively engaging the forces of this rogue Nome to permanently remove the threat."

CSMC will bring all breaking developments as they happen to your attention.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Khemnen-Valthiem Line
« on: September 15, 2022, 08:39:31 AM »

Sobeknakht has made his intentions clear: unlike the other Southern Nomarchs he has declined an honourable end to his time as a Nomarch. At present his forces have surrounded the Nemphis Nuclear Power Station with the intent of gaining control of it and, at present, are engaging in operations to sever power lines which provide power to keep the reactors in a safe state until their dismantlement by the Kingdom of East Moreland. My forces are actively engaging them, however, I am certain you can appreciate the potential for disaster which presently exists. I fear I may have to call for more direct support, including covert operations to remove this threat, so that we may evade a catastrophic event.

Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Message To Phuebra
« on: September 14, 2022, 08:42:18 AM »
"Most fortunate that you get to enjoy this then," Kyōko said with a smile. "I still remember my first time with Pyrenan Mead, I got all manners of silly and poor Evanthe here had to scoop me up off the floor and help me back to my bed because it went down so easy, that by the fifth drink I hadn't realized just quite what I had done."

"We have to look after our neighbours after all," Evanthe continued with a smile, "if we allow our prosperity to spread, to share in the fruits of prosperity together, I believe that makes the world a truly better place. If you wish for my vision for our joint future it is one of trust, one of mutual aid and respect, and one which sees Rokkenjima assume its responsibility in ensuring that its Phuebran cousins have each and every opportunity which we ourselves have enjoyed. Rokkenjima does not wish to see an unequal relationship, no, we wish to see Phuebra re-assume its rightful place in Mundus as a nation of culture, a nation of peace and a nation of prosperity. I promise you, we shall absolve our prior sins of ignoring your plight by fully devoting the efforts of Rokkenjima toward helping the Phuebran Government and People address the issues before them, ensuring they have an equal voice and seat in the community of nations, and removing any avenue which trouble-stirrers may wish to exploit in questioning the Phuebran Government. I am prepared to offer billions in development aid, assistance in ascending to the MAEA so that we may share our nuclear technologies with Phuebra to enable it to aim for a sustainable energy future, and a relationship which will see Rokkenjima capable of providing every advantage to the Phuebran Government and Armed Forces in ensuring that the future all Phuebrans deserve is realizable. Not ten years from now, but within the next few years. We have been poor friends, poor neighbours, in allowing things to fall so deep into the abyss and for that I am sorry but," Evanthe sighed, "I'm going to do all I can to make that right. You are our friends, and I promise that the First Empire will do all within its abilities to be the truest and most stalwart friend to Phuebra and her People."

"In that vein," she continued, "where do we begin? How may we be of the most assistance here, today?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Transition
« on: September 14, 2022, 08:30:27 AM »
Asuna was in over her head to be honest, sure she had followed Rokkenjiman motors to some extent but she had most certainly inherited her mother's love for vessels and all things naval. She had been impressed with the drag strip and admired their abilities, but it remained mostly a new world to her. "Is....that safe?" the words finally passed beyond her lips. "I mean I remember learning of the hydrogen filled airships of the old days and how that ended, what happens when you put that stuff into a car?"

"Lucretia...." she said as the paper slid from her fingers and fell to the ground beneath her. "I must see her, though not in these circumstances. We always had such a connection throughout the years and now I know why, not just that she is a wonderful person, but we were meant to be at each other's sides throughout this life. If there is one thing in this life you could do for me, just one, please bring her to my side just....not in these circumstances. I wouldn't want her to see me lamenting here. We have much to discuss and much to consider for the future, and I would like for that to happen in the sunlight. She's been kept in the darkness for much of her life, both her and I need the sunlight to cleanse this from our souls. Please, give us our day in the light together, if even for a few moments."

Charles began his day as he often did, putting the pieces of the puzzle together from the scraps of information he could piece together. "Guard," he asked with an air of authority he no longer held but clung to so tightly, "I would like the morning papers. Specifically those from the RBC, DBC, Northfort, the Imperial News Service, Mangai Nui and the Defense Journal. You see, it's the crosswords in each I wish to solve," he said with a chuckle, "if I don't do that, I feel as though my day is incomplete."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Private Message To Crown Princess Serenity
« on: September 12, 2022, 06:49:30 AM »
"The position offered by the Crown Princess is agreeable and should address concerns put forward by Suketoshi, I hope."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Private Message To Crown Princess Serenity
« on: September 10, 2022, 04:09:23 PM »
"I would like to suggest the following proposals for consideration," Kyōko said after a few pen strokes.

Section 1: Membership

1. Any nation may join (NAME) following a unanimous vote of the membership

2. Members should display practice with the following Guiding Principles:

  • Respect for the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of all nations.
  • Recognition of the equality of all nations, large and small, and to the principle of self-determination.
  • Abstention from unwarranted intervention or interference in the internal affairs of another country.
  • Respect for the right of each nation to defend itself, singly or collectively.
  • Settlement of all international disputes by peaceful and diplomatic means.

3. Any nation may withdraw from this treaty by giving 30 days written notice.

Section 2: The Council

1. The Council shall be the decision making body of the organisation, it shall consist of one representative per nation based in (PLACE).

2. The Council shall discuss matters of interest and concern to its membership, if a vote is called it shall be a majority vote unless otherwise stated.

3. Decisions of the Council shall be published within 24 hours of the vote or at the earliest practical opportunity.

Section 3: Diplomacy

1. The members shall maintain embassies with each other.

2. Ambassadors shall present themselves within 24 hours of being summoned by the host government.

3. Members agree to extradite criminal suspects if they are presented with reasonable evidence and are assured that torture will not be used to extract evidence and that the accused will get a fair trial. There shall be no obligation to extradite to the death penalty.

Section 4: Trade and Travel

1. Member states agree to define travel into three purposes;
a) Business
b) Tourism
c) Study

2. Each of these purposes shall have their own conditions which all member nations shall accept.

3. Business travel - May be visa free if the traveler possesses a written invite from a host nations government or company, they have a return ticket booked within 31 days, can financially support their stay and are not deemed a threat to national security. This may be renewed twice with the consent of the host country.

4. Tourism travel -this will be granted by the home nation so long as the traveler has no criminal record. The visa will last 60 days and be valid in all member nations so far as the host nations border posts believe the following conditions are meet, the traveler has no intention to take paid employment during their stay, has funds to cover their stay, has evidence of leaving the nation before the end of the 60 day window and is not deemed a threat to national security.

5. Students will not require a visa to study in another member nation so far as the following conditions are meet, the student has a letter of acceptance from a registered institute of learning, they can cover the cost of both their course and their stay in the host nation and they are not deemed a threat to national security.

6. Travelers buying locally produced goods will not be charged import duties upon their return home so long as the goods are within limits set for personal use.

7. Nations agree to not engage in practices designed to weaken or disrupt the trade of other members.

8. Nations agree that there will be no tariffs on goods transported between member states.

9. Member nations allow other member nations companies to establish a presence so long as the following criteria are meet.
a) The company adhere to all local laws regulating the practice of their business.
b) The Company pay all locally required taxes
b) The Company recruits at least 70% of its staff from host nation citizens.

10. A foreign company shall not be charged any additional taxes or charges beyond that paid at a local level for removing profits back to their nation.

Section 5: Cultural Affairs

1. There shall be an Inter Faith Forum established between faith leaders of member states.

2. Nations agree to take part in an annual student exchange programme.

Section 6: Science

1. The members agree to scientific collaboration and cooperation.

2. There shall be a scientific fund to assist joint endeavours in the science fields.

Section 7: Security and Mutual Aid

1. The members agree that an armed attack against one or more of them shall be considered an attack against them all. Consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self defence will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the region in question. This shall be invalidated if the said armed attack was in response to unprovoked military action by the member state involved.

2. For the purposes of this treaty, an armed attack on one or more of the Parties is deemed to include an armed attack on the territory of any of the Parties, any territory under the jurisdiction of any of the Parties, or any asset under the jurisdiction of any of the Parties.

3. When on joint operations all forces operating under the joint banner shall act in accordance with the provisions of the Uppsala Convention.

4. Members agree to follow the alert levels as laid out by the organisation and delegate control over those alert levels to the Council.

5. The members agree that the use of military force both collectively and individually shall be a last resort.

6. Members agree to annual military exercises and ad-hoc exercises as required.

7. All agreements regarding the deployment of military forces will be agreed upon at the time the force is needed. They shall be concluded between the members and any contributing observers and independent nations.

8. With the concurrence of the Mundus Development Bank the MDB will be brought under the [Organisation] to better enable the Bank to achieve its objectives.

8. Members agree to co-operate with foreign investigations and make intelligence available to other nations so far as:
a) Doing so does not endanger ongoing investigations.
b) Doing so does not endanger national security
c) Doing so does not breach any other international agreement.

Section 8: Disclaimer

1. Nothing in this Treaty shall affect, or be interpreted as affecting in any way, the rights and obligations of the parties in respect of other agreements of which they are signatory.

Section 9: Miscellaneous

1. Amendments to this Treaty shall require a 75% majority of votes cast to be enacted.

Section 10: Signature

"I have to be honest, there's so much I can''s just not there, Serenity. I can't remember the Speeches, even watching them on video I look and I don't recognize the person on the stage. She looks like me, she talks like me, sounds so very much like me but it's just like looking at someone from the outside. That's not even to mention the chunks of my personal life that just aren't there, just how much time have I lost with my family? I talk to a Rhodes more often than I have any of them, convincing me that Charles has invaded me and is conquering me from within. He often tells me to decline medication, but it wouldn't have been given to me if there was no need, I was sick and now, just as he always does, he lays a trap, or at least he tries to. But," she leaned in and whispered, "I'm more clever than he is.....but what if he's right?"

She paused for a moment, "Euphy, she likes planes I know that, shopping, painting, oh you should see what she can do with a paintbrush! She's also got this thing for obscure trivia that would put many of the game show panelists to shame. She's fun."

Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
« on: September 04, 2022, 09:17:45 PM »


Southern Nomarchs Issue Rare Rebuke Of Pharaoh

Sobeknakht, Nomarch of the powerful Khaset Nome, was the only Nomarch to personally attach his name. Meanwhile the Pharaoh responded to the open letter with the backing of the seven Northern Nomarchs.

Five Nomarchs, led by Sobeknakht of Khaset Nome, have rebuked Pharaoh Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re for "the failures leading up to the lost bid to host the Mundus Games" citing "policies of apparent appeasement toward the Occident which have bore little fruit." The Nomarchs called upon the Pharaoh to "revisit Clysperi foreign policy, seek accord with regional neighbours, including a full disavowal of prior words against King Heydar, Waddan and Rayyu. The pride of the Pharaoh, though great, should be utilized and harnessed for the betterment of Clysperis, not the pursuit of grudges." Sobeknakht, the only Nomarch to personally attach his name to the open letter to the Pharaoh, shared the following with CSMC.

"Great effort, material, investment and policy initiatives were the foundation for the Clysperi bid to host the Summer Games, and what results did they yield? Even though they gained the votes of nations which this Kingdom has traditionally been at odds with it took only the votes of three nations to show that the initiatives of the Pharaoh have been for naught; these efforts and energy could have been put into more worthwhile pursuits. We have thus called upon the Pharaoh to distance herself from words of ire against King Heydar personally, and against Waddan and Rayyu in general, while also revisiting certain foreign policy decisions which have struck against the very pride of the Kingdom of Clysperis."

The Pharaoh responded to the open letter with a live statement from Khemnen Palace, joined by the seven Northern Nomarchs.

"Nomarchs serve at the leisure of the Pharaoh and, unfortunately, a number of Nomarchs have lost their good senses. Prior to my ascendance to the Throne the Kingdom of Clysperis was poor, isolated, and receding from the world around it. The poor state of the Kingdom can be ascribed to poor policy, mostly at the hands of the Nomarchs through foolish decisions as well as rampant corruption. For example, at the beginning of Ramses V's reign 47˘ of every dollar (in international dollars) is estimated to have been lost to corruption. It is only through the virtue and patience of Pharaoh Ramses V that continued his efforts to eliminate corruption and institute policies which benefit not the Nomarchs, but the Clysperi People who deserve to benefit the most from Clysperi natural resources and efforts undertaken by the Kingdom. I shudder to think what the Nomarchs would be doing with our profits from the trade of oil or, in the future, our trade in uranium and other minerals for which we are developing the capacity for. I do not paint all Nomarchs in this light; many, those who were appointed following our post-Ramses V reorganization, have proven to be good stewards on my behalf. Conveniently, around seven of the Nomes remained in hereditary hands, many whose fathers led this great Kingdom into a lost era following the exorcism of our lands of the godless Soviets."

"Joining me here today are the Nomarchs who represent the Northern and Central Nomes who vehemently disagree with the assessments of this letter. They would not have me bow to King Heydar, a man who has been given ample opportunities to cast away his pride to forward a more amicable future between our nations, nor do they support a return to the folly of policies which led this Kingdom to ruin; both in financial and moral terms. They do not support a return to a system which would utilize the resources of Clysperis to line the pockets of a select few, nor would they hoard the Royal Reserves and see our People starve while they live lives of plenty and, with their support, we are working on yet another reform of the Assembly of Nomes to drive out the last vestiges of a class who must never again be allowed to take from the common Clysperi what is theirs. Whether that be the fruit of their labour, their pride, their very well-being, those who have cast their voice against the Chosen of Ra shall not be allowed to steer this Kingdom from the path of Ma'at ever again."

"Today I offer the Southern Nomarchs just one chance for an honourable exit from my Government. The People of the Southern Nomes will then be granted the opportunity to put forth three candidates from each Nome, a pool from which I shall determine their successors. Should I not see letters of abdication delivered to Khemnen by this coming Monday those who defy my will shall find only a most dishonourable end to their service. In short, the Five no longer serve with my sanction, thus once Monday dawns I shall call upon the Letters signed, in some cases centuries ago by their predecessors, and burn them as they shall no longer be valid. Choose wisely."

Sobeknakht and his cohorts have yet to respond to the demands of the Pharaoh.

Press Offices / Re: Imperial Rokkenjiman Office of the Press
« on: September 02, 2022, 09:42:21 PM »
Pyrena Castle
Office of the Imperial Media Liaison

For Immediate Release
September 2, 2022

Condemnation Of The Federation Of Dal Riata

The First Empire of Rokkenjima condemns in the strongest possible terms the actions of the Federation of Dal Riata, which include active measures to suppress participation in the independence referendum as well as the arrest of Queen Aoife, an arrest which many have questioned the very legality or legitimacy of. The First Empire calls upon the Federation to release Queen Aoife, to respect the results of the referendum, and to cease and desist from undertaking actions which undermine the principles of self-determination and the rights the People of Eigg have in that pursuit. It is the belief of Rokkenjima that this is, ultimately, an exercise in futility by the Federation and that their efforts to continue to force their will in this matter only serve to worsen the situation moving forward.

The Imperial Government recommends that Rokkenjiman nationals avoid travel to the Federation and that Rokkenjiman nationals presently within the Federation make plans to leave immediately. Furthermore, Rokkenjima shall be limiting the items it trades with the Federation, including but not limited to luxury goods, and shall be imposing visa restrictions upon the leadership of the Federation, governmental servants, military leadership and diplomatic personnel to travel to the First Empire.

Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
« on: September 01, 2022, 10:46:32 PM »

Vignettes / Engineering The Empire
« on: August 31, 2022, 07:48:13 AM »
Location: Somewhere in Ecskana
Time: 4:19 AST

Akane threw the stack of papers at the man the very moment she walked in the door. "Unacceptable is the word of the day, simply unacceptable on all levels. We handed you a golden opportunity, provided all the avenues to see our mutual aims achieved and...." she made a motion with her hands, "you squandered it. The Imperial Courts have rejected your petitions, public opinion is shifting toward the Empress, and somehow the INIS was capable of positioning Kyōko as an asset to the Imperial Government. She was our ticket to the Throne, to the heart of power in Pyrettania, and all of that is now gone. Now I have to rely upon other plans, assets and methods I'd had hoped to not employ, and it's all because of you. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"I played my role..." he quipped. "The role of an amateur, apparently!" she snapped back in anger. "Tell me, after all the years I invested in placing you in a position to be a man of consequence, how did you turn into one so inconsequential, carrying a legacy barely worthy of remark, and the one time you could have done something to change the course of history, you end up fumbling it? You've nothing to show for your efforts, not to me and certainly not to the Rokkenjiman People. I have no patience," she said as she walked behind him, "for useless things." In one swift motion she wrapped fishing line around her hands, placing it across his neck and pulling with all her might. She ignored the blood and the gasps from Mr. Walshs' neck, as she maintained pressure until his body had stopped moving, dropping the wire before taking his head between her hands.

"You won't be causing anymore failures," she said before spitting in the face before her, then throwing his body to the floor. Akane then pushed a button and, moments later, one of her agents had arrived. "Clean this mess up, I don't need him stinking up this room. He's been enough of a nuisance, I don't need him to become one in death. Disposal options are at your discretion and no, before you ask, we don't need to tie his death to Evanthe. He's already failed enough times that killing him would be of no benefit to her, and I don't feel like undertaking the effort to tie his death to her hands as it is. I just don't wish to see that face again."

"So we're proceeding with the fail-safe?" he questioned. "Don't ask too many questions, you'll know what you need to know when you need to know it, it's as simple as that. Right now you've some garbage to tend to, so do as I asked. Also," she paused, "I'll need our file on one Lucinda Hadley. I won't have any variables threaten our mission and, while she may be my successor, her loyalty to the lesser Anselmos is a liability which must be addressed in short order. They perverted her daughter, Charles saw that and recognized what must be done, and if there is one thing I will ensure in this life it's that the great mistake is corrected. Now, do your duty, stop asking questions, and trust your Lady has all in hand."

While Walsh had been a carry-over from Evanthe's time in Somerset she had hoped the role he would play in the game before them would have been greater. He had been privy to information she would otherwise have not had access to, however, one simple task was beyond his competency to execute. Had he succeeded in his role the Empire would have been in play sooner yet, with this unsatisfactory result, other methods were forced to be called upon.

"It's never enough when it comes to him, though," Beatrice sighed. "Every step of the way he's seemingly able to take the table and command it to his benefit, even contained he holds all the advantages, he made sure of it. I was so worried that the military would try to turn me into their tool that I didn't see the true threat or the designs he had for me or the Empire. Despite the best of my efforts even if he is denied all the comforts he so loves, the wine, the whiskeys, fine food, his collections of antiques....his work undoubtedly continues. Where Stalin failed Charles seems poised to work out some semblance of victory."

"With the troublemaker gone, however, it's nice to have a pleasant voice to listen to. While our options are quite limited, what would you wish to do today?"


"That the implications of such findings are vast would be an understatement," he sighed as he looked the documents over. "I'll see that my Office looks into this matter, however, in matters concerning the Anauša there is one source which would be foolish not to call upon," he continued as he removed his phone from his pocket, bringing up Lucinda's contact. "She knows them inside and out, and if there's lingering remnants acting in a manner which would harm Asuna, well, she'll exhaust all means to ensure her safety."

Pausing for a moment Lucius added, "In my duties as Attorney for the Crown much of my time is spent home, in Pyrettania and, as you are all well aware, it is rare that I get to see my wife these days. Once we've dealt with these matters it would be nice to have her home more often."

Paroxetine had been something which Beatrice rarely thought of though it had become a part of her daily medication regimen. There were others too which had been prescribed at the direction of the Imperial Family's personal doctor; at one time he had been an associate of Charles yet following his fall from grace Doctor Araya had distanced himself from the former Head of the Imperial Household Ministry. For quite some time she could mask her challenges, not even Alex could pick up on them. She did her best to explain away the twitching, loss of appetite and movement problems yet the confusion, agitation, anxiousness, loss of appetite and libido, increasing insomnia and psychosis were things she couldn't quite hide.

"I do believe I said we had nothing further to discuss, have you nothing better to do than sit there and take pleasure in my present circumstances?" She threw her pillow, confident she would hit her target yet scowling as it bounced softly against the wall opposite of her. "Pleasure, no, pity yes," he replied, using the pillow to prop his head against that same wall. "Before you were my friend you were my adversary, one worthy of respect in many ways yet now, I'm only sorry to see what has become of you. Evanthe can't even bring herself to face you directly, you must understand it brings her too much pain, so I made a promise to her that I would do so on her behalf, so she can tell Asuna that you are living as best you can despite the circumstances. You never wondered why I have full access here, why I am trusted to sit here with you? The Anselmo who stared me down in the Illumic was sharper than that, much sharper."

"You'll know what I speak of when I remind you that lives were on the line, many of them our friends," Beatrice said, with her voice raising with each word spoken. "Where would Asuna be today, where would David be, where would our nations be, had I not acted where no one else would? Even today my actions are maligned for something they are not, I stand alone, a source of virtue and sacrifice in a world that does not understand it, and you would judge me for that? I had lives in my hands...." "Beatrice, calm yourself, no one else can hear you," he sighed, "Gods know you don't have to deafen me to get your point across. I think, though, that both you and I know there's a good many things you don't need, and we argue about it each time I come to visit you. Your enemy is not me, he's the one who managed to destroy you from within, you have to stop taking those things one way or another." "The doctor said...." he laughed, "The doctor said..." and I bet he also said the parties at Pyrena weren't the best thing for your liver but you kept the good times rolling anyway, yes?"

"Beside the point," Beatrice sighed, "can you go away now?"

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ICON Communique
Authorization INIS-SC022
Imperial Naval Intelligence Service, Director Tamaki Kado
August 26, 2022/2:45 AST
TO: EOD, Achkaerinese SCION Graft.

It has come to my attention that discrepancies exist between the copies of data provided by Agent Ryota of INIS and those provided by Rokkenjiman telecoms and ISPs. This is a discovery which has taken some time as the Agent in question held an exemplary record and, as such, was never under suspicion. As a cross-over from the Anauša, one of a select few, we must consider the potential that he is acting under the directives of Charles Ofdensen or a surrogate of CFO working toward his intentions, as the situation surrounding the Princess has not delivered the turmoil those parties desired.

I thus request that, publicly, the Empire of Daitō does not change course: we do not wish CFO or those working at his behest to become wise to this discovery. Privately, I relay my apologies for taking Agent Ryoto's work at face value; he's given no indications of disloyalty to this point and as such I had faith in his work beyond doubt. As we speak each of the 8 Anauša cross-overs are being interrogated and investigated to the fullest extent to ensure no more surprises lay before us from that angle.

Furthermore, only charges are inevitable, whether or not individuals are found guilty is a matter for the Courts to determine. As Rokkenjima has a well-established history of fair and impartial trials I am confident that only those who are guilty of the charges before them will, indeed, be found guilty. As there are always issues in translation for international markets I would not take these words to convey an opinion of the Courts that those charged are, inevitably, guilty.

I will keep you all updated on these developments and have authorised personally an extension of Daitō's communications keys for the duration of this investigation as to ensure our ability for secure communications are maintained. I would further caution my counterparts in Daitō that remnants of the Anauša may have crossed our border in the hopes of escaping prosecution for their treason. A list of individuals who we have not been capable of securing has been attached to this message, put good use to it.

ATTACHMENT: MissingAnauša.doc

Vignettes / Re: The Castle On The Hill
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Location: Secured Briefing Room, Pyrena Castle
Time: 7:26 AST

Tamaki Kado once again leads a secured briefing.

"Since the initial investigations into the riots in Port Luca we've uncovered some concerning developments," Kado said as he thumbed through the documents before him. "We've a good number of records of communications between individuals involved in the riots and sources within Toshikawa and Daitō, however, there are discrepancies when comparing those records to the copies of data provided to us by Rokkenjiman telecoms and ISPs. We've been able to trace a commonality shared by the records provided by Agent Ryota and those by the companies themselves. While this took some time as Agent Ryota has never been under any matter of suspicion we've determined that the records he presented are in fact forgeries, at least so far as the Daitō communications are concerned. Agent Ryota is a decorated cross-over from the Anauša, one of the select few who were brought in to serve with the INIS, and thus I am disappointed that we must investigate him as a potential plant operating under the directives of CFO."

"Agent Ryota is being interrogated as we speak," he continued without losing a step, "as are seven other Anauša cross-overs. It is my official assessment that, following the failure of the Princess to sufficiently destabilize the Imperial Government we have found ourselves in a back-up plan of CFO, which means CFO, or a surrogate, is adapting to developments despite his imprisonment. Either development is concerning, however, what is paramount is ensuring that his efforts are squashed. I will retract my suspicion of the Empire of Daitō discreetly, as I would not wish to tip our hand that we have stumbled upon this development to CFO or those acting on his behalf."

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"So the Rokkenjiman Spark should be here," Asuna said with a smirk. "0-60 in 1.72 seconds, making it amongst the fastest in the world yes? But let's see the dragsters, I don't get to see those at home."

Lucius was easy enough to summon, "What can I do for you?" he simply asked.


Police Suppress Toshikawan Riots In Luca

Riots in the port city of Luca, Ecskana Prefecture, were suppressed by the Port Luca Police Special Unit.

Riots which began in the mid-morning hours by Toshikawans living in the city of Luca have been suppressed by the Port Luca Police Special Unit by 9:45 PM. Those involved damaged many businesses in the city, hampered operations of the port by blocking roads and throwing what they had in hand at trucks while a Rokkenjiman flag was desecrated. Initial investigations into the riot indicate that much of the planning had taken place online with communications between the Toshikawan diaspora in Luca and those in Toshikawa itself. A campaign designed to whitewash Toshikawan actions in the Andean Genocide accompanied their physical actions, with those involved desiring to lay blame for the actions of Toshikawa upon the First Empire. Attempts by the rioters to overtake the facilities of the Port itself were thwarted by on-site security and Ecskana Prefectural Police.

"The Imperial Government condemns the violent actions taken by indivuduals of the Toshikawan diaspora community in Port Luca. Each act of violence, each act of desecration against the sacred symbols of the Rokkenjiman Empire, and each instance of genocide denial and revision undertaken today are being investigated and those individuals responsible will soon see the full force of justice bear down upon them. It is concerning to the Imperial Government that these individuals were in contact with those within Toshikawa, and we will be investigating whether these reprehensible acts were incited by the Toshikawan Government, or at the behest of that Government." A curfew has been instituted in Port Luca for the next few days while lawmakers are considering a variety of measures to respond to the riots.

"Civilized people do not behave in this manner, and should this prove to be a lingering threat we are prepared to lay a framework for Toshikawans living in Luca to be repatriated. The events we have seen today cannot be repeated," Speaker Katsuhiko Sugano said in remarks to the RBC. Meanwhile INIS Director Tamaki Kado stated that the Service was investigating alleged foreign ties to the riots, "The Toshikawans have had great difficulty in accepting responsibilities for their past actions though, perhaps, it could also be a vehicle of revenge on the part of the Empire of Daitō in response to their perceived grievances with the First Empire, all angles will be investigated." Those who are inevitably charged and found guilty are expected to face upwards of 3 years in prison.

The RBC will continue to cover this developing story.

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"Furthermore there are certain spheres in which we are hamstrung," Kyōko continued, "such as on matters of nuclear energy and the associated issues of nuclear security. It is my belief that if we can see Tytor sign up for the MAEA it serves two purposes. One of those shows a former opponent to the MAEA joining, another sees a hurdle to Rokkenjima sharing with Tytor on a front which could benefit from closer cooperation between our nations. Therefore I propose that, should the Kingdom of Tytor join the MAEA the First Empire would be willing to supply upwards of two years of nuclear fuel for the Kingdom. We could also see the construction of one of our newest plant designs, showing that one need not surrender anything in joining the MAEA, but that they in fact gain by joining the MAEA. Rokkenjiman reactors are safe and, after all, we see the largest nuclear plant within the First Empire that can serve as a strong competitor to those states who operate outside of the remit of the MAEA. Please, take a moment to consider and do let me know your position on this offer."

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"It looks good thus far, I'll withhold any commentary until we've heard from the Prime Minister. What concerns, what ideas, would Daito wish to bring to the table?"

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