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Diplomacy and Events / Nuclear Security Test Request - Red Legion
« on: August 05, 2022, 10:01:20 PM »

To:- His Majesty King David III of East Moreland

I am writing to you with what is perhaps an odd request.

As you know we have recently finished construction of a nuclear power plant in Lijiang. One of the key parts of our company is ensuring that our facilities not only produce clean energy but are also safe and secure against all threats. As a result we would like to have an outside set of eyes examine the security of our facilities. If possible we would like to have Red Legion plan a simulated strike against one of our facilities. Our staff on the ground are unaware of this request however both King Rutger and Dragon-Emperor Tielin have given us permission to ask this of you.

Naturally we would cover the costs of the wages of those Legionnaires involved as well as making a reasonable compensation package avaliable. Should you accept this request we would also like to make a donation of $250,000 to each of Legionnaire Legacy and MSP Charities.

We look forward to your response.

Best Regards
Professor Jozef Thibaun
Head of the AES

Diplomacy and Events / Cherno-ball
« on: August 04, 2022, 07:59:13 AM »

The Altonan Electrical Syndicate is proud to announce that it has reached a point where the Wengchangzhen 1 Nuclear Facility can be "turned on". With construction complete and the reactor installed we have reached a point where we can begin to slowly increase the capacity of the plant and it is our hope that by early next year we will be in a position to begin providing Lijiang with usable electricity. To celebrate this occasion we are having a grand opening of sorts at the facility. We are pleased to announce that this will be attended both by the Dragon-Emperor of Lijiang and his family as well as King Rutger of Altona. We would welcome any government official who wishes to witness this prestigious event to attend.

Best Regards

Professor Jozef Thibaun
Head of the AES

Conference Hall / Proposal for a new RP Rule
« on: June 04, 2022, 01:26:47 PM »
Following the incident of today I propose that the following RP rule should be put in place regarding Retcons. Markus came up with the ideas and I have edited, borrowed his post. Hope thats OK.

1.Players are allowed to retcon anything they post for 24 hours after posting it ( later edits don't count when counting the 24 hours period, it start from when you post) assuming it has no replies.

2.Should a reply have been posted then it can only be retconned with agreement between players with RP Mod to moderate if no agreement reached.

3. Retcons should only be permitted for IC reasons and a reason for the retcon should be explained. Upon retconning a note should be left explaining it in the thread, this can later be deleted by a Mod.
4.Anything after that is set in stone.

5. Factbooks do not count

6. Closed RP can be retconed with the consent of all players involved.

7. Further retcons can be allowed only after submitting to the RP Mod and giving their approval.

Vignettes / A Spicy Business Deal
« on: April 26, 2022, 09:44:16 PM »
Rebekka Dreher stood on the door step and looked along Shillingstrasse. It was one of the best known shopping streets in Altona, a vast three mile long collection of shops ranging from the upmarket boutiques that a Lodjain lady of leisure would find her hearts desire to the overly hyped tech stores selling the latest gadgets from the likes of Abstergo. For large parts of the length of the street market stalls were permitted and there little local companies would bring such hidden gems as freshly bubbling vats of curried goat from a Paracambian restaurant. It was a street that was becoming highly diverse and fashionable as the gaggle of school children strolling home from school with their noses pressed against an Aostan Ice-Cream shop testified. Rebekka had deemed it the perfect spot for her enterprise and as she strained her eyes northwards she could spot the second of her latest investments, although this one was registered in her brother Phillipe's name. The Spice Emporium and its rival on the same street, the Spice Shack, rival companies on paper but in truth that was all that mattered the paper. Rebekka had no interest in whether the shops even made money. The huge barrels of exotic spices from places as wide ranging as Kermah and Lijiang gave the shop a wonderful aroma and that for her was another great reason to have the shops. It was a business that got the odd person wandering in but they offered nothing the large super-markets couldn't provide and they were much more expensive. Today the staff in the shop were doing there best to look busy as the big boss was in, but in truth most days by the time the young shop girl had opened up, given everywhere a quick sweep around and dusted the shelves there wasn't much else to do and had Rebekka not been here the young girl would likely have sat behind the cash register reading her book for University. The odd person would come in, enjoy the smell, look around and shake their head at some of the prices before leaving, every now and again some upmarket hipster would come in with a recipe that required some bits and pieces but that was maybe one or two people a day, the shop girl wondered how they even made enough to pay her wages. Up the road at the Spice Shak it was identical but on paper both businesses were thriving.

Rebekka saw a man moving through the crowded street and headed towards the cash desk just before the man walked in. "Good Afternoon Sir , Welcome to the Spice Emporium" the shop girl said cheerly with a genuine smile. "Can I help you find anything in particular?" She asked keen to engage with a customer while the boss was watching.

"I've come to put in a catering order if I can?" The man asked his eyes more on Rebekka than the girl doing her best to help him.

"Oh" the girl was puzzled, she'd never had one of these she just assumed that anyone working in catering would go to a wholesaler or buy directly from the source but then again she was studying Literature not the restaurant industry so she really didn't have any idea how these things worked. She was more concerned about losing a potential big order with the boss lurking. "If you give me a minute I'll see what I can done." She figured she'd better write down what he wanted and then take it from there and was actually relieved when Rebekka stepped in.

"It's ok Maria" Rebekka approached, "I can handle this one." She introduced herself to the man who told her his name was Thomas, but she already knew that. "Thomas if you'd like to step into my office we can work out what you need and take it from there." The pair headed up the stairs that lead to the small office upstairs that was always locked unless management were on the premisis.

"She has no idea does she?" Thomas asked.

"Of course not. I make sure I employ students, each does just a few hours a week around their studies. They see the huge sales done at other times and just assume their quiet. Last year we made $5,000,000 here, the Spice Shak up the road something similar." Rebekka and Thomas took a seat at a desk and Rebekka pulled out an order book and began to write down a series of numbers. "What you got for me." The man reached into his jacket and placed a series of envelopes on the desk.

"This is the money from the dealers down in the old city." He placed it before Rebekka and she leaned under the desk and pulled out one of those electronic note counting machines. Empyting the contents of the envelope into it she nodded approvingly as it hit $12,000. "This is from the Konigplatz bar scene." A second envelope appeared and once more Rebekka whizzed it through the machine, $10,000.

"That's down a bit this week." She looked at Thomas for an answer.

"Yes, we had some trouble with one of the clubs, they had a new security company doing the doors and they were pretty good at their job so we had to go and make them an offer. Its sorted now so should be back to normal next week. One issue though is that the bookies at the race track report that they'd had some suspicions about those fake notes they'd been distributing, their going to go straight for a few weeks until the heat dies down. It'll put us back a little bit but I'm sure it'll come good."

While they'd been talking Thomas had handed over various other envelopes all collected from various little rings of drug dealers for Rebekka's family. The Dreher family had run several little criminal enterprises for a while in Altona and branched out into a wide range of retail businesses all for the reason of channelling lots of illegally acquired cash into legitimate use. Rebekka had been running the accounts for the last five or six years now and this latest spice venture had been her idea after the barbers industry had gone quiet well. To the tax office it looked like the Spice Business, the barber shops and the cheap tacky jewellery stores were making a killing, but it was hard to see how. No one ever really spent money there beyond a few dumb customers and with clever use of part time workers from the University sector overheads hardly ate into the real reason, money laundering. Rebekka placed the money into a banks paying in bag. She'd take it at the end of the day and she printed out a whole range of receipts for the order books. To anyone coming in doing an audit things would look like this Tuesday had been a particularly busy day for the company. She had put a stack of money to one side as she'd done her admin. "Thomas, as always its been a pleasure. Next week its the Hafenplatz Barber shop please."

Thomas didn't bother to count the cash, Rebekka always looked after those couriers who handled the collections and deliveries of cash. There would be plenty in the envelope to make him loyal and some for him to spread to those he needed to keep sweet on the streets for his own little private enterprises that the Dreher's let him get away with as long as he kept out of their fields. Thomas had a few little hussles selling counterfeit clothing and shoes and the Dreher's had no issue with that so long as he got their work done. "Thanks" He stood up and followed by Rebekka headed downstairs. They were both used to charades like this.

"Thank you for the order." Rebekka said as they rentered the shop where Maria was explaining the difference between two types of chilli flakes to an old woman. "We'll drop you off on Wednesday."

"That'll be great" Thomas stayed in character and shook Rebekka's hand. "I hope this is the first of many." He winked slightly as he turned and headed off into the street always relieved he'd dropped the money off with no incident. Rebekka meanwhile headed back upstairs, gathered up the bank bag, removed a gun from the second, hidden, safe and then donned her jacket. While Thomas might take the odd risk she wouldn't. She made a phone call and headed back down the stairs, by which time Maria's old lady had left predictably not having made a purchase. Rebekka informed her she'd see her later that week and she'd be dropping off the takings at the bank and headed to the back door.

"Bank Miss?" A man sat in a black SUV with the engine running asked as Rebekka stepped into the small back street.

"Yes please Samuel" she climbed in and Samuel a middle aged man started them on their journey. When they arrived at the bank it was not Rebekka who went inside but Edwin, the second of Rebekka's guards who had been sat in the front passenger seat. He was gone less than five minutes before returning and handing Rebekka a slip of paper, the receipt.

"Where to Miss" Samuel asked as Edwin put his seat back on.

"Home please. I think we're done for the day. Once back you two head off, isn't there a football match on tonight?"

"Yes there is" Edwin said excitedly. "Cup Semi-Final."

Rebekka had no interest in football but it was a big deal here in Altona. "Its at the Stadion Park isn't it." Confirmation came that indeed it was. "If you want the families box isn't being used. Tell them I've said you can have it if you want."

"Brilliant" Edwin punched the air. "I mean, thank you Miss." Rebekka may be quiet young for someone with her gravitas but she did rather have a reputation for preferring the formalities and Edwin knew that if you kept in her good books free football suites were only the beginning.

"I'm glad you're excited" Rebekka half smiled pleased that Edwin had corrected his tone. They'd arrived at her walled home and once inside she left them and the pair drove off no doubt excited for that evenings football.

Conference Hall / My thoughts
« on: April 14, 2022, 12:56:10 PM »
The last 40 something days have seen bubbling away in the order of several concerns particularly by a newer group of players. I'm not going to name names as I've the feeling that I'm about to get an absolute pile on. I've been very vocal about my concerns with the region to those in positions of "power" and got nothing so I, like many others feeling down about things, have retreated to my own little clique where we feel comfortable. We essentially have two "leaders" in TIO, Beatrice as Grand Chancellor and Dave as RP Mod. I've been in touch with both of them continiusly since this first came up. If I give you a run down of my time in TIO you'll see where the big issues are and why others, who I hope will be more open, feel in the same way.

I was recruited in so to speak by Dave, the region had no formal "Hi welcome" type thing no clear or obvious way to get started, that wasn't a problem because I'm an experienced RPer and had got chatting with Dave over in NS so knew I could message him. The first impression when you join is no one gives a shit. I've seen it happen with other new people since, they introduce themselves and you can literally guess who will respond to them. Now I have reasonably thick skin but others don't. We've seen people being massively critical of things as soon as people start posting. Most recently "Oh not another Teuton" , or "Wow another monarchy not like we haven't got enough" or things along those lines. Straight away you feel like this is a community that has limits and constraints and you ask yourself if this is really the region for you. It becomes especially worse because you have no idea about the pecking order, geopolitics etc in the region when you join and you see that quiet often its people with masks on the forum or discord such as "Mod" or "Noble" that are involved so immediately you question your choices. If people stick with it though we have people like Rob, Dave, Nova and Markus that go out their way to help you get your direction and feel like you've some understanding of Mundus.

This then leads to the second issue. There is a very definite pecking order in the geopolitics of Mundus. That is how it should be, obviously in the real world their is too and so if we're simulating life there should be on Mundus. Just as in real life though that pecking order changes just in a RP region it should and must change quicker than in RL. We haven't got the 100 or so years to watch an Empire slowly crumble or the 15 years or so for election reforms. The problem is you very quickly get the idea that this order must be preserved in Mundus. Its backed by two alliances that since I joined just under a year ago have done nothing constructive. The CNN might as well not exist and the CSTO/CSU is fluffed with people who don't contribute anything to RP in the region. I could, and probably should just ignore them, but I want to be a good RPer and as such it would be impossible in real life not to take them into consideration. When I informed people that I'm in the middle of a plot that would create a kind of global network that could potentially stand up to both these established systems its prompted a message to the whole region that "Individual decisions, or actions of groups outside the RP leadership, will be reviewed and catagorized for what they are. There will be no gaming of the Orderian RP." I'm not gaming, I'm seeing the CSU/CNN etc as a problem for nations in the world and as a nation that wants to be seen as a global player I've started trying to do something. Now I'm not expecting a mega 20 nation alliance to spring up tomorrow but the very fact that I trusted someone with these details and rather than watching it happen the leadership have seen fit to send a message that the world order must be preserved reinforces my issue that we have a pecking order and I should know my place. I've been in touch with Beatrice and seen that she's offering to get rid of Rokkenjima etc, and while thats comendable thats not what I want. I asked Dave about the quality of RP in this region before I joined and he linked me to two people's RP stuff, quiet a bit on the old forum. One was Beatrice's, I think she's an amazing writer and story-teller, the other was Markus' Tamora stuff. Both those examples are what we should aim for as a region creating stories in reaction to others and not as we're becoming to preserve a position. I think the Rokkenjima of the old forum deservedly held a place as a super-power that nations respected. I'm now not of that opinion of Rokkenjima and as a result I think I should be within my rights to RP that Altona would perhaps do something about it, and that I should be allowed to RP that without being accused of gaming or told that anything I do to disrupt canon will be vetod.

Canon is also another issue. Its based on stuff involving nations that are long gone. If they left TIO they left, get over it move on. Yesterday I saw my friend and Teutonic buddy Hassfurt leave because they felt ostricised by a region where on Discord people had been critical of their writing both because it was hard to understand (their Portugese and German is their 2nd languge, English their third and part of being here was to try and improve their English. So imagine how it sucks when people say they can barely understand you. I'm amazed at the quality that Markus writes when I believe he's Romanian, his RP writing is better than mine and I'm a native speaker) and because they had a RL negative view of the nation, probably correctly so. Hassfurt was an interesting concept that could have lead to so much cool RP but everytime anyone mentioned their name someone followed it with Nazi and people refused to interact with them. All RP doesn't have to be at the highest level of government and we shouldn't be expecting people, especially people new to the region, to be the ones instigating RP. Its up to the existing people in the region to help and nurture them. We all are here because we're interested in story telling, help people write stories. One of the most intriguing RP's to me at the moment is Nova and Lijiang's smuggling RP. Its something moving forward we can all have fun with but hardly anyone is doing anything in RP beyond diplomatic stuff and as a new nation it becomes hard to get involved. As a result you do something like a coronation, and two people turn up, which means you're vision of hierachy and cliques is reinforced. Now I don't think we should force people to attend but if we're going to encourage people to stay we need to make time to involve them in our worlds and we have to take that step not them. I think of TIO a bit like a house share, if you're the new person you don't want to steal someone elses place on the sofa so you wait for everyone else to get settled before you sit down and then after a few weeks you've found your feet.

Next we've the issue of the the RP rules. I've been accused of gaming because I'm trying to put together a group of nations that could work together to challenge the perceived intolerance/injustice/hypocricy etc that IC exists on Mundus. To me this is not a bad aim for a nation to have. I'm not forcing anyone to join, I'm not going to suddenly post an announcement that I've signed a treaty with three other nations. I intend to RP it out and quiet likely in the process if I'd pulled it off I'd have been seeing Altona being called quiet manipulative, which is what I aimed for. I jokingly the other day said Altona was going to try and buy all the uranium because its trying to monopolise the nuclear power industry and we kind of noticed during a discord chat a lot of uranium producing nations were not members of the MAEA. This sparked an arguement about the importance and history of the MAEA during this I jokingly messaged Maes and said "betting by the end of the week the CSU/CNN have a new source of uranium." Soon after its found in Clysperis. I get new resources can just be discovered in RL but to me as someone who had found a little niche in the world that could have made interesting RP it looks very suspect. Gaming is already taking place on Mundus people say something on Discord and suddenly something happens IC that puts someone in a better position to either take advantage, counter it or one up it.

Another concern is that we seem to be obsessed with arguing. A good example here is the Cool and the Dodo arguement. Dave had to go to bat for a good half an hour on the behalf of Cool who had written something interesting. The first thought on that should have been a) is it damaging RP b) is it likely to be doable c) is it interesting. For all I care Cool could have brought back the Mammoth as it'd have no impact on RP for me he'd just have some stupid looking elephants. Could he bring back a dinosaur, no cos that's just bizarre. Meanwhile we've navies and air forces rocking improbable looking equipment. I honestly believe we have people on discord that if someone said the grass was green would demand you open your window and take a picture with a copy of todays newspaper next to it. Some of the arguements don't even make sense. Yesterday I witnessed an RP post, or the poster I couldn't tell which, get called "Pathetic" with no more feedback given and then when asked by the author politely for some just ignored. The fact anyone would call either a poster or their work "pathetic" is awful. It was clear lots of research, time effort and thought had gone into the post. Now these issues are bad enough but when they come from people with titles of nobility and mods it becomes worse because they are, rightly or wrongly, seen as the government of this region. They are the people the Grand Chancellor has effectively given some form of power to which makes our region work.

Finally we have the manner in which I think this has been handled. I exchanged messages with Beatrice when this began, I know Rob did too. We engaged with consultations on the forum. We made suggestions. Now I've seen today I've effectively been told to go make my own region, that my RP will be blocked and that the GC's door is "always open" well I stepped through that door around 40 days ago. The problem with an open door policy is that if you only ever expect people to step through it and don't leave your office to go and speak to people you'll find people stop stepping through the open door.

Now Tytor said people need to make suggestions. He's right and I have several times both on the forum , in private and on discord. Here having reached this point is what I would do.

1) Have no GC involvement in determing what RP is permitted. The post today saying "Individual decisions, or actions of groups outside the RP leadership, will be reviewed and catagorized for what they are. There will be no gaming of the Orderian RP." is for me saying their is a non-changable RP hierachy that must be maintained. I now also no longer trust Dave fully to see to the interest in the community in terms of what RP is allowed in terms of a hierachy. I think Dave does a great job and frankly without him TIO would be dead. I think though for any RP to be veto'd now he's lost trust I'd want to see two of Nova, Markus or Rob in a position to work alongside Dave to make sure RP is fair. Dave should remain as RP Mod and does a great job checking realism, supporting players in terms of IC involvement.

2) The nobility must be scrapped. It means nothing and everything it did mean is irrelevant. It gives the impression a person is important or significant in the region and while at one time they may have been the set up now requires three roles. A Grand Chancellor, A RP Mod and someone for if the rules outside RP are broken. I have no issue with keeping the people in the jobs that currently do them. Beatrice has at times been the gold standard for what this region can be, Dave works tremendously hard and Achkaerin has a good knowledge of the rules of the region. They could be a solid team if they get the RP side of the region right and frankly thats why we are here.

3) Sort the mods out. If your new to a region you see the word "Mod" and think they are the people who will be supportive and helpful. We have Mods who are not actively engaging with people in the region. Now the arguement will be "their discord mods and are just people active to make sure no problems are happening on Discord." well we get once chance to make a good first impression and when the mods are inactive in the main reason why people join the region then its not a great look.

4) Consistency and being pro-active - We've seen huge knee jerk reactions to things. Today is a prime example. "Rokkenjima is a NPC", "I'm giving up my powers that'll show em."........moments later "Can someone mask me back with my old powers." When something happens we need to take more time before doing things. 40+ days on consulting on a change though isn't acceptable. Its no use saying my doors open and leaving it at that a good leader is someone who is pro-active. Beatrice has known for 40 odd days I'm one of those annoyed with the region. Never in that time has she asked if I've seen any improvement.

5) We need a community that isn't living in the past. Rayyu the other day calculated that we have just shy of 40 active nations, that activity ranges from people just active on Discord, to people posting maybe one RP a month and then Dave who posts several times an hour. I've seen more mention of SANE on the Discord and people discussing ideas with them despite none of them being active for a long time now. Meanwhile we've got things and groups actively trying to do things and no one cares. That is fixed not by some rule change but by people getting outside their clique. Once a month Dave, or someone helping him, should post a global incident. We could then post on NS maybe the response to it from various nations in like a news round up. So I've seen one of the Celts has  a volcano thing erupting, why not see if we can have like the Icelandic one that shut down air stuff, maybe get some tourists trapped etc. Instead though what will happen is it'll likely just become a news post thats interesting while people discuss what colour uniform boots their soldiers had in 1963.

I joined TIO hopeful of amazing RP. I've seen absolute gems of stories and ideas. If we want the region to last please change.

Character Guides / Altonans
« on: February 25, 2022, 09:00:40 PM »


Rutger Sülldorf was born in 1983.

He was educated at the prestigious Altona Grammar School for Boys where he graduated 18th in a year group of 45. Following his graduation he elected to complete his two years of manditory military service in the Air Force as a member of the Air Defence Guard which provide ground security for Air Bases. Following completion of this in 2004 he began to attend University where he studied History. Upon graduation he began working within the nations Sovereign Wealth Fund to help ensure family oversight. He was responsible for pushing for several investments into "Green" Technology companies. In 2016 he became the nations Minister for Tourism before switching to Minister for Security in 2019 as position he held until his father died.

He is married to Heidi who is a Doctor at the Army Memorial Hospital specialising in brain injuries since 2007. They have two children, Karl who was born in 2009 and Matilda born in 2012. As well as residing in the Royal Palace the King also owns the Southern Palace as personal property.

RL- Jack Brereton

Diplomacy and Events / Đurađ and Rutger
« on: February 10, 2022, 10:45:25 PM »

To His Majesty King Đurađ IV of Drenovia

Despite our nations sitting at opposite ends of Mundus I would like to invite you and your family to come and visit Altona on an official state function. I believe that our two nations have much to offer each other and our current diplomatic relations are lacking. I think this opportunity could help both of our lands become stronger and give our subjects great oppurtunities.

I look forward to your response.


King Rutger of Altona

Economics and Industry / Altona sales pitch Pt.4 Alba Karinya
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:27:31 PM »

To:- The Dual Monarchs of Hassfurt

I am writing to you to request that your nation permit representatives from our nuclear energy industry be permitted to host an exhibition of our work and products within your nation. We believe that a cross Illumic partnership would be possible and that showcasing to the nations of Alba Karinya our potential we could help all nations of your continent with their energy production needs.
We hope that you will grant this request.

King Rutger of Altona

Economics and Industry / Altona sales pitch Pt.3 Albion
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:25:26 PM »

To:- Emperor Benson of Paracambi

I am writing to you to request that your nation permit representatives from our nuclear energy industry be permitted to host an exhibition of our work and products within your nation. We believe that your homeland presents a picturesque backdrop for the exhibition which we hope can help Albion go even further towards meeting its ambitious environmental goals.

We hope that you will grant this request.

King Rutger of Altona

Economics and Industry / Altona Sales Pitch Pt.2 Aranye
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:23:42 PM »

To:- King Heydar of Royal Seleucid

I am writing to you to request that your nation permit representatives from our nuclear energy industry be permitted to host an exhibition of our work and products within your nation. We have read about the Blue project serving as a showcase for cross nation enterprise and believe that it may be a perfect venue for us to discuss the regions electrical generation needs.

We hope that you will grant this request.

King Rutger of Altona

Economics and Industry / Altona sales pitch Pt.1 - Ardia
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:20:57 PM »

To:- Dragon Emperor Tielin

With the construction of what we hope will be the first of many nuclear power stations within your nation hopefully back on track following the archaeological work on the site it is my hope that you will permit us to host a visit of the site for perspective customers from across Ardia. It is our hope to showcase the exceptional quality of Altonan nuclear power stations and as a result foster a growth in the industry. We would welcome your support in hosting such an enterprise.

King Rutger

Economics and Industry / The Illumic Resort
« on: September 21, 2021, 10:48:39 PM »

Dear Duchess Ekaterina of Potaki

The Kingdom of Altona is in my opinion not utilising fully our beautiful lands to the fullest extent. Our single city of around 8million is currently used to welcoming tourists however I believe our lands have much more to offer if developed in a purposeful and sustainable manner. Following our research we have identified yourself as an individual who is likely to be able to help us achieve our aim of creating a coastal resort for Altona that attract tourists, provide a more local destination for Altonans to unwind and also form part of a new development of satellites settlements within Altona's borders.

With this in mind I would like to invite yourself to meet with my sister Princess Constance who is also my Minister for Construction, a position dedicated to investigating projects such as this one in mind. If acceptable she would like to meet with you at her home, the Water Palace. I am hopeful you will agree to take part in this project with Stasiuk family experience.

Best Regards

King Rutger of Altona

Diplomacy and Events / A Transfer of Power (Altona &Lakhzovia)
« on: September 16, 2021, 09:59:31 PM »

To the Government of Lakhzovia

It has been brought to my attention that your nations media recently reported that your nation has opened its first nuclear power station. With similar projects having taken off successfully in Altona as of late I think that we stand in a strong position to help each other. Our nation has a small population and already utilises substaintail wind and wave power to produce electricity. It is likely that we will produce more electricty than we need in years to come. With our close geographic proximatey I see no reason why we can not explore to possibility of the Altonan electrical grid transferring our surplus into the Lakhzovian system. In addition with your own developments I believe we can work together to make our own nuclear power developments more efficient in the long term.

With this as a foundation for discussion I would like to invite yourself, or a representative to meet with myself and relevant members of our ministries. The Royal Chamber at Kaiserplaza shall be prepared for if and when you wish to discuss the energy proposal and any other matters of interest.

From A Neighbour

King Rutger of Altona

Diplomacy and Events / Long Live King Rutger
« on: June 27, 2021, 04:59:13 PM »

As is tradition King Rutger will be coronated at the Jundt Schloss in 7 days time.

The event will take place within the castle courtyard regardless of the weather. Invitations are hereby issued to all Heads of State and Government who wish to attend what is for Altona a significant moment in our history. We would at this time like to extend hands of friendship across all of Mundus.

We hope that you will join us on this happy occasion.

Best Regards

General Bertram
Commander of the King's Heavy Cavalry.

International News Networks / City News
« on: June 15, 2021, 10:57:12 AM »

Witan interviews with candidates for Monarch continue---Funeral For King Gottschalk will be on Friday---King's Heavy Cavalry to escort body to Kaiserplaza


With the first of a planned network of nuclear power stations to be "Turned on" this Friday it marks the time when the Kingdom's energy production will not be provided by fossil fuels. Currently the nation gains its electric from the coal powered Kemp Forest network of power stations however with the spectre of fossil fuels becoming harder to obtain in the long term a decision was made in the 1990's to begin moving towards more sustainable projects. The Franz Plateau Power Station will go live on Friday and will produce enough power to cover the vast majority of the Northern part of the city. In total around six other reactors are due online over the next four years. The nuclear power stations will also be supplemented by wind turbines built out in the remote eastern part of the nation close to the border with Lakhozvia.

The hope is that by the end of 2025 the nation will be able to generate all its electricity by non fussil fuels means. It is also hoped that this will leave the nation with a surplus of energy which could in theory at least be connected to the Lakhzovian or Eskdale power grids and sold to help supplement the cost of power within Altona. 

Diplomacy and Events / Be The Witan
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On the 1st of June 2021 His Majesty King Gottschalk of Altsona passed away after a long battle with liver disease. As is tradition in the Kingdom of Altona the children of the King will now be questioned by the Witan, a body made up of 100 randomly selected citizens. Then on the 19th June 2021 all currently voulentary service members of the military will vote for who they wish to be the new monarch.

OOC - I will be opening to forum votes on the 19th for who people want to be my new monarch. In the mean time I'm happy to answer questions as though people are part of the Witan.

Constance SülldorfRutger SülldorfLukas Sülldorf
Constance, otherwise known to family and friends as Connie was born in 1985. She attended the Queen Adelias Academy for her education and worn several prizes for artwork during her time there. In 2003 she attended University and deferred her National Service. She graduated in 2006 with a degree in Architecture and as legally required joined the military for two years. She served in the Royal Engineers for her two years. Following leaving military service she began working for her father King Gottschalk on a vision he had to return classical design to the capital which had begun to take on a more modern feel. She has been instumental in many of the nations more significant construction projects since 2009.

In 2017 she married Duke Klaus Ruddenheir and the pair now have one child, Sigmund, who was born in 2019. 
Rutger was born in 1983.

He was educated at the prestigious Altona Grammar School for Boys where he graduated 18th in a year group of 45. Following his graduation he elected to complete his two years of manditory military service in the Air Force as a member of the Air Defence Guard which provide ground security for Air Bases. Following completion of this in 2004 he began to attend University where he studied History. Upon graduation he began working within the nations Sovereign Wealth Fund to help ensure family oversight. He was responsible for pushing for several investments into "Green" Technology companies. In 2016 he became the nations Minister for Tourism before switching to Minister for Security in 2019 as position he held until his father died.

He is married to Heidi who is a Doctor at the Army Memorial Hospital specialising in brain injuries since 2007. They have two children, Karl who was born in 2009 and Matilda born in 2012.
Lukas was born in 1980 and is the eldest child of King Gottschalk and Queen Lucille. As with boys of the family he attended Altona Grammar School for Boys and graduated 33rd out of a year group of 49 students. He was not much of an academic and so voulenteered for regular military service rather than national service. He joined the Royal Parachute Regiment in 1998 and seemed to excel at soldiering. In 2003 he was transfered to the 1st Battalion which is in essence the elite of the Parachute Regiment. He served in that until 2010 when he took up a position in T Battalion which undertakes the administration of training new recruits. By 2015 he was Chief of Training for the unit. In 2015 he returned to regular service. Despite his father asking him to take up some government position he refused preferring to stay in the military.

In 2003 he married Kamille who was the daughter of a prominent Wildhüter of the faith. The pair of four children, Gottschalk who was born in 2005, Hans who was born in 2008, Victoria who was born in 2011 and Gertrude who was born in 2015.

Factbooks and Maps / The Kingdom of Altona
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Flag used when nation is at peace

Flag used when nation faces either war or crisis
The Kingdom of Altona

Population:- 8,500,000
Capital:- Altona

Altona is largely a sprawling city state located in Western Aranye and surrounded by forest. It was created in the 14th Century by a noble from Heimney who wished to carve out his own Kingdom and gathering together some loyal followers set sail. Over time his personal fiefdom grew and grew until today it stands as a geographically isolated state surrounded by what could be described by some as a natural buffer zone.

The nation made a reputation as a state that prided itself on militarastic and chivalric ideals and has a history of providing mercenary armies and navies throughout history. The nation still has a significant number of military businesses. The nation also has rather liberal rules regarding financial regulation for business once established and also rather liberal trading ideas. In the last 30 years or so the city state has attempted to carve itself out a reputation for being a vibrant centre of culture and recreation.

The Kingdom is ruled by a monarch. They may introduce any legislation they wish however they must gain the approval of the Altonan Witan to become law. The Altonan Witan is made up of 100 randomly selected citizens over the age of 18 who serve for a month. Their only duty is to vote on potential changes to the law. If they reject a law they make suggestions on how to improve it. It is a criminal offence to refuse to be part of the Witan unless you are either a single parent, currently at University, serving in the military or have some identified medical impairment to serving.

The current royal family are the Sülldorf Dynasty who have been on the throne since Queen Eleonora took the throne in 1941.

The crown does not pass down automatically to eldest child. The military serving at the time of the monarchs death elect the new monarch from those members of the royal family over the age of 21.

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