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Vignettes / Spring Thunder
« on: April 13, 2022, 02:40:20 PM »
Blessed are our unborn children, for they will never know what we have lost.

At the end of 2019, the Neo Quywe Federation strode into the last remaining cities of independent Himeyama like death upon its black horse. Resistance has flickered but not been extinguished, turning from organized military resistance to savage bands of guerillas scurrying about the southern marshes.

Press Offices / Auditorium. | The Press Office of the Neo Quywe Federation
« on: December 13, 2019, 08:51:36 AM »

The press office of the NQF. We are Her messenger.

Diplomacy and Events / Wisteria.
« on: November 11, 2019, 02:27:25 AM »

To the République Fleuroise

La Direction des Affaires Diplomatiques & Commerciale,

Besieged by tyrants, zealots and meddlers; the Himeyan people require an ally that the Mhorish cannot provide them, a secular state with shared democratic values. Hence we have taken our search elsewhere, to the far southern continent of Albion.

Your people inspire hope in our own, and the torch of democracy burns bright enough for all to see within Fleuroix lands. To this end, we would be pleased to arrange a diplomatic mission between our two fair republics. One that will strengthen ties and bring about new prosperity.


Shiina Musashi
Premier of the Armed Himeyan Republic

Diplomacy and Events / A Lotus Sealed Letter
« on: November 08, 2019, 06:46:03 AM »

Supreme Pharaoh of the Clysperi

Great Pharaoh,

It pains us to bear witness to your plight. At the hands of barbarians, not only have your people suffered; but the pride of your nation as well. The very roots of your people being ransacked and sold off to ignorant foreigners of the world.

Arrangements have been made for immediate action to assist the Clysperi in combating the Confederate barbarians. Up to and including a 13,000 man division of volunteers from the Black Sash Corps. Among our best trained and equipped soldiers. Should you choose to accept aid from the Neo Quywe Federation, transport planes are prepared to fly out on 10 hours' notice towards an airport or base of your choosing.

May your people soon know peace,

Brilliant Speaker Junko
Leader of the new Quywe people.

International News Networks / Myōga Media International
« on: November 04, 2019, 06:56:52 AM »

Myōga Media International is a well-known, formerly private broadcasting corporation based in Himeyama, in the Neo Quywe Federation. Following the rise of the Neo Quywe Federation, the broadcaster has become the Himeyan language branding for NQF state media, and is responsible for its international distribution.

The English website can be found at http://mmi.qe/en

Spoiler: show
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[center][size=18pt]spotlight uh[/size][/center]

[size=8pt]moonlight uh[/size][/center]


Factbooks and Maps / Armed Himeyan Republic
« on: November 01, 2019, 11:19:06 PM »

Motto:- No God Above Man
National Anthem:- Sword to the Heavens


Comprised of the former Suiseikawa and Tsuyariko provinces of the defunct Syndicated Confederacy of Himeyama, the Armed Himeyan Republic is currently in the process of national mobilization and expanding military industry. As her biggest active threat the Neo Quywe Confederation borders her from the south, the Armed Republic of Himeyama has adopted a radical religion/ideology known as Daisei, which calls for the extermination of religion. As the Neo Quywe Federation is in essence a theocracy, much of the Armed Republic's short existence has been dedicated to the spread of Daisei within local communities as well as anti-NQF propaganda. Likewise, other non-secular nations are treated as potential enemies by the AHR, but current official stances on all nations beyond the Neo Quywe Federation remains indifferent for the time being.

Government Type:- Federal Republic
Population:-:- 24 million
Capital City:- Aofumiya (5 million)
Demonym:- Himeyan, Daisei (unofficially, to avoid confusion with Himeyans in the NQF)


Currency:- Kobankai-ne (₭₭)
GDP per Capita:- USD$22,000
Unemployment Rate:- 7%
Main Industries:- Electronics, textiles, being outsourced by foreign companies as tech support, automotive, agriculture


Ethnicity:- Himeyan (98%)
Languages:- Himeyan
Religions:- Daisei
Average Life Expectancy:- 78 years


Head of State:- Premier Shiina Musashi
Head of Government:- Grand Auditor Taro Mogami
Name of Legislative Body:- The Golden Table

Vignettes / Book of Jade: Modern Tales of the Quywe
« on: June 21, 2019, 07:37:28 PM »
Everything I'm not allowed to post on other forums.

Diplomacy and Events / Red Oni, Blue Oni
« on: June 16, 2019, 02:06:28 AM »

Her Excellency, President Seiko Kumoya of Josai

The Federation extends its warmest greetings to you and your people.

We do not believe in unnecessary contact with the outside world, for treachery is an opportunistic beast. However, as your people and mine share a close cultural link, we believe the relationship between the Republic of Josai and the Neo Quywe Federation is one to be nurtured. Regardless of your relationship with the loose remnants of our nation that came before, we extend a hand out to you.

It is our sincerest hope you take it, there is much to be accomplished together.

If you share this belief, and wish to turn mere cultural ties into a lasting relationship; we cordially invite you to the city of Myoudai. The Onyx Palace's doors are open and there is always a seat awaiting you.

Brilliant Speaker Junko Kamaejikawa
Leader of the new Quywe people

Diplomacy and Events / Galaxy|Black
« on: June 15, 2019, 03:34:30 PM »
Cescedia, Allied States of Ardia

Three in the morning, sleep deprived and strung up to the heavens on combat stimulants. A string of lights through the mist occasionally broke the pitch dark. High speed cargo trains running at all hours when civilization slept, it would hardly be surprising if nobody thought anything of them. This one was different. Different enough that the Neo Quywe Federation was willing to go after it, thousands and thousands of kilometers away from home. And that they did.

Perched atop a steel bridge overlooking the railways, covered head to toe in black civilian clothing and carrying recovered gang weapons with the serial #s missing; they waited. Galaxy Initiative, the poison dagger of the reclusive NQF. "Almost on the clock. Minimize witnesses." Eunbi muttered, her Vesian accent nigh unintelligible. She continued to monitor security footage through a bulletproof tablet, their mark approaching rapidly. "What's language protocol?" Mazatl beside her asked with a whisper. "Lodjan, let's make this interesting." Eunbi replied with an impish grin. "Enough talk, though. Hit that thermite charge now, they should stop right below us." She said, changing to Lodjan immediately.

"Turning up the heat... now." Seongmin radioed in. Off in the distance, down the railway track, a bright flash came and faded into a fire. Off to the other end, a sleek black train came into view, decelerating as it neared them. "It's time. Get on that train." Eunbi growled, cutting off comms. The black train slowed to a halt while crew members disembarked to go investigate the fire. Against the endless dark of the night, Galaxy rushed the train, clinging to the sides and roof.

Complaining to themselves in Latin, the Ardian crew boarded the train once more. As soon as the last man was back on board, the train accelerated back to speed, blasting by the burning crates. "I'll say when we're out of city limits, until then keep quiet."

Diplomacy and Events / In the Pursuit of Clout
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:04:01 AM »

King Lapu of Quintelia

When the ministers and advisers speak of making international contacts, Quintelia tends to be mentioned quite often. And hopefully with good reason. The Neo Quywe Federation as it stands maintains few connections to the outside world; as the issues of the greater Mundus political sphere are not ones the NQF takes interest in.

However, it is good to be on cordial terms with some.

Hence, we invite His Majesty King Lapu to the city of Rokkou in the NQF for what we believe will be a productive negotiation session.

Brilliant Speaker Junko Kamaejikawa
Leader of the new Quywe people

Factbooks and Maps / The Neo Quywe Federation
« on: June 04, 2019, 04:43:31 PM »

Motto:- From the Ashes
National Anthem:- Blue Skies


The Neo Quywe Federation, or NQF, is a multicultural nation formed from the region once considered the Quywe Empire of antiquity up until the Great war: Ahkabnil, Himeyama and Forusia, as well as small outlying provinces culturally distinct from the big three. The NQF was formed after a massive economic collapse struck northern Ardia in early 2018. Under the reign of the former Himeyan royal family, and legions of scholars handpicked by the family, the NQF is an unpredictable and ambitious nation politically.

Government Type:- Theocratic Dictatorship
Population:-:- 240 million
Capital City:- Chanal
Demonym:- Quywe (Official), Himeyan, Forusian, Ahkabian


Currency:- Quywe New Koban (₴)
GDP per Capita:- $24,000
Unemployment Rate:- 6%
Main Industries:- Information technology, crude oil, agriculture, heavy manufacturing.


Ethnicity:- 30% Ahkabian, 28% Himeyan, 23% Forusian, 17% regional minorities, 2% foreign nationals.
Languages:- Ahkabian, Himeyan, Forusian
Religions:- NQF theocratic cult, regional folk religions (unofficial)
Average Life Expectancy:- 78


Head of State:- Brilliant Speaker Junko Kamaejikawa
Head of Government:- Grand Auditor Elzir Serin
Name of Legislative Body:- Quywe New Secretariat

Vignettes / The Speaker's Game
« on: May 31, 2019, 02:20:16 AM »
Within the glass and stone halls of the Temple of the Voice, a war rages. Fought by ambitious nobles who have found their way back to power in the Neo Quywe Federation.

The Four Serpents, the elite ring of the NQF's leadership, just below the Speaker herself have noticed the efforts of an ambitious lieutenant. Masaharu Taera has found his place in the upper echelons of the NQF government, but as a young and cunning financial advisor, his ambitions reach toward the Speaker's seat.

In a place where everyone carries a dagger in their left hand, will Taera's ambition lead him to the power he seeks? Or is he doomed to fail in someone else's elaborate scheme?

The Other World / Unknown Dawn (Fantasy/near future sci-fi, semi-open)
« on: February 18, 2019, 03:29:01 AM »

Unknown Dawn revolves around Sector 7, an underground tunnel complex once used as part of the Tinhil City metro in the Neo Quywe Federation. Following a catastrophic event known as The Fall on April 16th, 2054, the world's governments have gone dark, either destroyed or in hiding; and most of the world's population was overrun and killed by an unknown, primal invader in a matter of hours. Whoever is left is desperately trying to pick up the pieces and figure out just what happened that day, but their numbers are only shrinking.

Sector 7's ice cold director believes she has a solution to bring back humanity from the edge of extinction at the hands of its mysterious scourge.

To join, just PM me your character idea and let me take a look. All I ask is that your character isn't some super soldier or mary sue.

Diplomacy and Events / Anrikisha and the ES
« on: March 12, 2018, 09:06:07 PM »

An open address to the government of the Ecclesiastical State


As the 4.6 million ethnic Himeyans in the ES prepare for the most important celebration of their cultural heritage, we invite delegates of the Ecclesiastical State to join us for the largest Festival of New Life in the ES, hosted in Bledapessera courtesy of the Anrikisha Organization. As part of our celebration of cultural heritage and newfound identity within your borders, we feel it is important, as the major representative of ethnic Himeyans in the ES, to bring up some points that we may hopefully discuss.

It is our sincerest hope that you join us for the Bledapessera Festival of New Life,

Kyouko Tabae
President of the Anrikisha

The Other World / Thirty-One Spirits
« on: March 12, 2018, 02:28:54 AM »
Thirty-One Spirits is a fantasy side project of mine that falls only extremely vaguely within the realm of Mundus canon, and even then only within Himeyama, so it wouldn't really make sense to put it in the vignettes section.

It's not an open RP and should be treated as a vignette series.

Vignettes / No Second Chances
« on: December 25, 2017, 08:51:25 PM »

Haruna, Myōga,

Home to almost 800,000 people, Haruna is among the most crime-ridden cities in Ardia. Youth below 18 account for almost 60% of all reported incidents in the city. To alleviate this, the provincial government has put a heavy emphasis on youth extracurricular activities. Among those created in response is the Gakuen Nakahara Boxing Club, a special-category organization for students deemed "at-risk" of falling from grace into a life of crime.

For them, the motto "No Second Chances" is a reminder, that to slip any further down is to never climb back up.

Sporting Hub / MFA World Cup 2017 (IC)
« on: December 20, 2017, 08:53:55 AM »

Kyokko Mirror Arena, Shinka-Tenzai district, Shidarekawa

It was odd for the Himeyan capital of Shidarekawa to be relatively quiet, anybody who's lived there would tell you it's almost unsettling the silence in the air that evening. The skyline, lit pink and blue all throughout its towering glass peaks could answer all the questions a keen observer might have before he even needed to ask them. From the antique CRT televisions in the homes of the elderly residents of Eizomutsu, to the grand projectors in Rokkō, fixed to the sides of the nation's biggest skyscrapers, proudly letting the passionate fans below get a look at the action, the entire nation stopped and took a seat, eager to see the 2017 World Cup begin. It was amazing to think that the Himeyan people, so boundless in energy, had been captivated by a single broadcast.

Shinka-Tenzai district in particular, sometimes crowned the Entertainment Hub of Ardia by the countless tourists it receives was almost entirely silent, the incessant beeping of its arcades and the clinking glasses inside its pubs being all one could hear walking down the vibrantly-lit streets of the district. Like so much more of the country, Shinka-Tenzai sat in silence, even with Kyokko Mirror Arena sitting at its center, the beating heart of Shidarekawa that kept men awake and intoxicated well into the early hours and wouldn't let them rest until sunrise, the district was obediently quiet.

In the darkness inside Kyokko Mirror Arena, the hushed chatter between the myriad of fans fell into silence as the deep, bassy beat of a drum reverberated throughout the rows of seats. One at a time it began, before slowly picking up the pace to a slow beat. The spotlight shone down on the source, the captain of the Himeyan national team, held up to height by the rest of the team was pounding away at the massive drum with a mallet; soon enough more drums joined in, a spotlight too shining down on them, first the Ahkabnilians, then the Arda Tuluvans and Quintelians. Progressively more drums joined in, turning the playing field into the source of an earth-shaking rumble as each and every national team manned one of the gigantic traditional drums.

Throughout the rows of seats, hundreds of enthusiastic Himeyan fans who had brought their own small drums to make noise joined in; the sound was one you could quite literally feel in your heart. Soon enough however, it died down with the lights, returning to darkness and silence. After several minutes, the entire stadium lit up again, Premier Shiina Musashi standing right in the center.

"Welcome one, welcome all! I bid you all warmest welcomes to Himeyama, it is truly exhilarating to stand before you all as the hosts of this year's MFA World Cup; I truly hope the commute to our little piece of Mundus was worth it. You know, I know you didn't buy plane tickets to hear me talk, as much as that breaks my heart! So without further delay, I declare the 2017 MFA World Cup... OPEN!"

The crowds erupted in deafeningly loud cheers as the Premier slowly walked off the field, leaving it ready to be played on.

Convention Centre / Nagatsuichi FOURWHEEL 2017
« on: December 16, 2017, 05:19:09 AM »

Character Guides / Hime-jin
« on: December 01, 2017, 07:48:02 PM »
Comprehensive guide to those Himeyans you keep hearing about.

Historical Wars / Operation Crimson Storm - the Mhorish Sea Campaign
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:29:52 PM »
May 16, 1940, 05:25
Mhorish Sea, east of Nurashima

The sounds of dive bombers roared overhead, with the morning sun at their back, this victory would be a new dawn for the Ardian Empire, these Himeyan savages will know their place in history. That's what Albus Laurentinus reassured himself as he pulled himself onto the wing of his fighter. He and the other pilots turned to face the officers on the deck. "Ad imperatorem!" they shouted while saluting. "Ad imperatorem!" the pilots saluted back before climbing into their cockpits. With the flight deck cleared, the Ardian pilots started their engines; setting off to join their brothers in the sky, Nurashima would be theirs today. Albus swooped just over one of the amphibious transports before climbing to group up with one of the dive bomber flights. Maneuvering his head to get a better view of the ocean, he spotted Nurashima in flames, his comrades had already begun their crusade against the Himeyan savages.

Getting distracted by the scene below, he was interrupted by a weak signal coming through his radio. "This is Leo bomber group 3! Unknown hostiles coming in from the northwest, about five thousand meters and diving!" Far up ahead, over Nurashima, Albus could spot the distressed bomber team; the planes were spiraling towards the ocean. The blood in his neck pulsing, he desperately tried to spot the hostile planes. "Leo bomber group 3 was annihilated, hostile planes are converging on Nurashima!" another voice said on the radio. "Roger that, Angelus figher group 1 intercepting!" Albus replied, diving towards the island. He could see the enemy fighters clearly now, there was no mistaking it, these were those "Songbirds", as the intelligence officers called it, and they were fast.

"Atilius! On me!" he barked, getting his squadmate to form up on him as they went to engage the Songbirds. Albus aligned his plane with the trajectory of one of the Himeyan fighters, hoping to catch it when it disengaged from its dive and pulled up; but instead the Himeyan leveled out and turned, slipping under the pair after disengaging the bomber formation to the front. "Dammit, he's below us!" Albus shouted, rolling to try and spot the Songbird. "I found him, he's not getting away!" Atilius muttered over comms; "Roger that, I'll maintain altitude. Wait, you've got one coming in high, 9 o' clock!" Another Songbird swooped in at high speed, cutting in front of Albus' fighter before going to engage his squadmate. Before the other rookie even had time to react, the Songbird peppered his plane in tracers, setting it ablaze, to crash into Nurashima moments later. Enraged, Albus dived in to get a shot at the Himeyan plane that Atilius was chasing, having burned most of its energy evading the Ardian, it sluggishly attempted to turn around and force Albus to overshoot, but Albus instead managed to score multiple hits on the Himeyan with his 20mm, turning the plane into a fireball that plunged into the ocean.

"All units, enemy forces are retreating, regroup and prepare for subsequent attacks!" the radio buzzed. Albus took a deep breath and climbed back to altitude, most of the AA guns over the burning island had been silenced, but he could still see troops scurrying around. Just under a dozen Himeyan fighters were retreating west, with twice as many Ardians in pursuit. Angelus Fighter Group 1 turned back towards the Ardian fleet, for the rest of the morning they would be providing CAS for the Ardian landings on Nurashima; with nothing left to oppose them, they had taken over the island and got any fires under control before noon. Still, Albus, and many of the Ardian pilots felt uneasy, those Songbirds were more than a match for the Ardian fighters; and managed to kill off multiple Ardian planes before retreating.

Declaring war just hours before attacking, the Ardian Empire had their sights set on the Mhorish Sea for years. The first Battle of Nurashima was a massive tactical and strategic victory for the Ardian Empire, and cost the Himekuno Republic an incredible stockpile of supplies, as well as a vital strategic position in the Mhorish Sea. In Himekuno this battle came to be known as the Disaster of Nurashima, for the overwhelming casualties the Republic suffered while defending and retreating from the island base.

History / Mhorish Sea Campaign (OOC Planning)
« on: October 31, 2017, 12:45:27 AM »
Operation Crimson Storm - The Mhorish Sea Campaign (1940-1945)
Planning and OOC Discussion

IC Thread Found Here

  • The Mhorish Sea Campaign was a large-scale campaign in the early 1940s, with the Ardian Empire and remnants of the Quywe Empire expanding, and later defending their control over the Krimeon and Mhorish seas against a larger coalition of nations from the northern hemisphere.
  • This combat theatre had officially begun in May, 1940 when the Ardian and Quywe forces launched an invasion of Nurashima, a strategically vital island containing a shipyard and airbase which was seized by the Himekuno Republic following their independence from the Quywe Empire. The resulting "Nurashima Disaster" caused horrific military losses for Himekuno and allowed the Ardian Empire to use Nurashima to solidify their grasp on the Mhorish sea, which resulted in them blocking off a vital shipping lane that went through the Krimeon Sea.
  • From 1940 to 1942, Himekuno and other nations, while desperately outmatched by the Ardian Empire's far superior numbers, had managed to prevent themselves from being completely annihilated. By 1943, the campaign had reached a turning point as the Holy Empire of Achkaerin had seized control over the Northern Ocean and sailed south towards the Mhorish, intent on liberating shipping routes to Gowu with the overwhelming majority of its forces; ultimately this led to the Second Battle of Nurashima, where the full might of the Ardian Empire was beaten back.
  • From the Second Battle of Nurashima onward, the forces that had allied themselves against the Ardian Empire had pushed back into the Mhorish and Krimeon seas, wearing down Ardian forces and liberating islands until the great war finally concluded with the Ardian Empire's surrender on February 4th, 1945.

There isn't really any set outcome to the Mhorish Campaign except the liberation of Nurashima and the decimation of the Ardian navy, if you have any reason to take part in this historical war RP, you only need to sign up. Aside from absolute application rules, I ask a few things of anybody wishing to participate.

  • Remember that like any proper RP in the Independent Order, war or otherwise, the ultimate goal of Operation Crimson Storm is to create a memorable, intricate story taken from countless perspectives, from the highest-ranking officers in the Achkaerinese military to a renowned Ardian pilot to the average mercenary. I'm a lot less interested in how your gigantic navy single-handedly crushed the Ardians for the fourth time than what was going through the mind of a single soldier as he set foot on land for the amphibious invasion of Himekuno. Remember, this is not a game, this isn't about flaunting your military, this is a story that you're helping to create. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT ABOUT WINNING.
  • There is an expectation that if you do join this RP, you have a proper IC reason to do so, of course not everybody is joining in as a major military contributor to the campaign, and frankly I wouldn't want any more on the Mhorish side of things; but for example Gad's Coanchuan marines are serving the role of elite mercenary pilots and infantry, essentially serving as the equivalent of Ghurkas to Achkaerinese forces as well as pilots hired by the Himekuno Republic. These are the kinds of unique perspectives that I want to see in this RP. If you are playing as a large military force for either side of this conflict, it's expected that you coordinate with either Ach or I if you want to take part in, or have your own events take place. The easiest way to accomplish this is by discussing with us on Discord.
  • I cannot stress this point enough, but there are no such thing as bad guys here. Look, both sides of this war can be seen as morally questionable. The Ardian Empire is known to mercilessly attack and subjugate nations across the continent, and have attempted cultural genocide more than once. The Himekuno Republic on the other hand is a totalitarian, jingoist nation born out of the flames of nationalism, prepared to send every last man in the nation to fight. This doesn't make the Ardian Empire a bunch of Roman hyper-Nazis who murder people for fun, and it certainly doesn't make the Himekuno Republic the good guys even though they're fighting to free the Mhorish. Everyone is the hero of their own story, hence why Ach and I make posts from both our nations, and the Ardian perspectives. The Ardians are not generic Nazi bad guys who you can slay by the hundreds Hollywood style, 'cause that's just bad storytelling.
  • Be realistic, if you need help with what's realistic or not, consult Ach, Libby or Dave. They're here to help you.

The OP (me) is the ultimate narrator of this RP, meaning what I say goes in regards to the direction of the story.

Please state any interest or feedback in this RP if you’re interested. Reminder: you can’t be in this RP without gauging the setting and pre-planning here.

Code: (application) [Select]
[b]Country full Name[/b]:
[b]Reason for partaking in the Mhorish Sea Campaign[/b]: It's to be expected that you have a valid reason to participate, such as Achkaerin requiring access to Gowu through the Krimeon Sea and Himekuno wishing to retake Nurashima and push the Ardians out of the Mhorish. Mercenaries/foreign volunteers are a valid excuse to get involved here, so long as they're appropriately equipped.
[b]Assets available[/b]: What could your nation send in terms of troops, ships, air units, etc.
[b]More Details/Ideas[/b]:

History / Serpent of the North
« on: October 23, 2017, 06:34:22 AM »
A supplementary thread to Reign of Blood and Fire, which deals with the history of the Quywe Empire and the various states that succeeded it; Serpent of the North focuses specifically on the Great War period on Northern Ardia, which saw major clashes between the massive Ardian Empire and the opportunistic Quywe Empire of the horn; however, the theatre was not limited to these two powers, and over time other factions became involved, fighting for or against the Ardian Empire.

Later during the Great War period, the Quywe war machine collapsed on itself, causing Ahkabnil and Himekuno to lose faith in their imperial overlords, and rebel. Strangely enough, this caused the crumbling Quywe Empire to reach out to its 700-year rival- the Ardian Empire to step in and help pacify the rogue Ahkabnilian and Himeyan elements.

OOC: Any non-horn nations who wish to partake in the North Ardian Theatre have but to contact us on the region's Discord server; we'd be glad to work something out.

Factbooks and Maps / Heimai Sovereignty
« on: October 21, 2017, 04:32:01 AM »

Motto:- Our Own Path


Heimai is an island city state located off the east coast of Albion, to which Lodja is the only nearby nation. The Heimaiese people are closely related to the Arda Tuluvans, as they are direct descendants of the Noldori Arda Tuluvan people, much to the latter's dismay. Heimai was founded as a direct result of a forced exile imposed up followers of the School of Unrestricted Night, a large secret society within Arda Tuluva dedicated to the study and practice of esoteric faiths. As a result of this, Heimai has come to represent the unique culture of the School of Unrestricted Night's followers, as opposed to the Arda Tuluvan one from which they came from; and as such, they have disavowed the use of the Arda Tuluvan languages in favour of their own and hold no reverence to Arda Tuluvan traditions.

Government Type:- Theocratic Oligarchy
Population:-:- 765,000
Capital City:- Heimai (765,000)
Demonym:- Heimaiese


Currency:- Yue (月)
Main Industries:- Fishing


Ethnicity:- Noldori (90%), Asiatic (7%), Other (3%)
Languages:- Wanwen
Religions:- Assorted Laoshen cults (99%), Other (1%)

Head of State:- Wei Xuhen
Head of Government:- Prime Archon
Name of Legislative Body:- Cabalite Council

Vignettes / Himegatari
« on: October 17, 2017, 04:24:11 AM »
Stories from the daily lives of regular Himeyans.

You probably never asked for this.

History / Reign of Blood and Fire - An Era of Quywe Supremacy
« on: October 14, 2017, 09:00:29 AM »
The meme lives on, this thread will be where the (current) horn nations will write IC posts about the history of the Quywe Empire, and later history of the horn.

We also have an OOC thread.


Motto:- "力" ("Power")
National Anthem:- Blue Skies


Government Type:- Confederate Parliamentary Democracy
Population:-:- 58 million
Capital City:- Shidarekawa (8 million)
Demonym:- Himeyan


Currency:- Himeyan Kobankai (₭₭)
GDP per Capita:- $43k
Unemployment Rate:- 2.10%
Main Industries:- Automotive, electronics


Ethnicity:- 93% Himeyan, 6% Quywe ethnicities (Ahkabnilian, Cojotani, Vesian), 1% other
Languages:- Himeyan
Religions:- Agnostic/Athiest 68%, Shishin 25%, 7% other
Average Life Expectancy:- Men 80 years/Women 83 years


Head of State:- Premier Executive Administrator Shiina Musashi
Name of Legislative Body:- Confederate Round Table

Vignettes / Zettai Gimu
« on: September 17, 2017, 06:43:49 AM »
Semi-serious vignette series about a smug Himeyan girl living in Gowu, and some old untold rule in Himeyan society that's still relevant.

Diplomacy and Events / Where the Fox and the Serval meet
« on: August 31, 2017, 08:15:30 AM »

To the Holy Island of Kingdom of Greater and Lesser Foxtrove, regarding an unusual, but important relationship.

To His Majesty King Graham of Foxtrove,

I doubt this message comes as a surprise to you, as my political platform was largely based around the building, and rebuilding of ties with the members of the international community. Regardless, Himeyama's relationship with Foxtrove is a rather unique one, brought on by a horrific conflict in our recent history; and while this relationship has thankfully never been a cold one, the effort to improve it has been quite lacking. And as the newly-elected premier of the Syndicated Confederacy, it is my duty to take the necessary steps to create a prosperous and strong bond between the Foxtrovian and Himeyan people.

To this end, I wish to invite you, or delegates of your choosing to visit our fair city of Aofumiya, in the Suiseikawa province. Here we can hopefully sit down and create a lasting friendship.


Shiina Musashi
Premier Executive Administrator of Himeyama

International News Networks / Ishiga-Ryōkan
« on: August 29, 2017, 05:39:14 PM »

Ishiga-Ryōkan has served northern Ardia with objective, unbiased reports on local and world events for over a 150 years. Found in the Ishiga-Ryōkan district of Eizomutsu, this newspaper of the same name was among the first to appear in Northern Ardia, and is still among the most respected.

-Excerpt taken from the Ishiga-Ryōkan website. (

Spoiler: show

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