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To: King Aldwin VI of Weißenwald

The Kingdom of Altona is a rather small nation but we are exceptionally proud of our national achievements. Despite this we agree that at times it can be difficult for nations such as ours and yours to stand strong in the face of some larger nations. Thankfully we have yet to find cause to do this but it does not hurt to be prepared. I will personally represent my Kingdom and I look forward to meeting those who have also answered your call.

Best Wishes

King Rutger of Altona

International News Networks / Re: City News
« on: April 14, 2023, 02:51:08 PM »


Illumic Shores Technological Institute (ISTI) have today announced that they intend to begin testing of "micro-reactors". The aim of the project is to be able to produce a nuclear reactor that could, if successful, fit into the back of a lorry trailer. If successful they would produce a series of reactors with an output between 0.5-50Mw and be portable by sea or road. The idea is to produce a series of exportable reactors for markets that do not currently have the ability to have reactors in remote areas. One barrier to overcome however will be the management of the facilities but according to Professor Klaus Ragner that will be "overcome with the use of selecting systems of cooling that require minimal on site work and the use of remote monitoring and automation can keep the reactors safely working." The company have already been showing success with small modular reactors and have even produced a floating reactor which was destined for export prior to defaults in payment.

King Rutger has confirmed that $100million will be made available from central government funding towards the project. One of the first test areas is on the north coast where ISTI intend to not just set up a system of test reactors but also intend to utilise the energy produced into a hydrogen electrolysis. The production of large scale hydrogen is a long standing aim of the government as it seeks to try and become market leaders in both nuclear energy production and hydrogen fuels. The government hope to be able to utilise hydrogen in the long term as a source of automotive fuel.

 Dr.Klaus Ragner ran  The Illumic Shores Technological Institute (ISTI), the company had done lots of work on small nuclear reactors, even down to the idea of micro-reactors that could fit in the back of a truck. What is seemed the Prime Minister was describing would be ideal for them. He felt he was best positioned to handle the response. "We can help with the reactors in the north in two ways." He began to explain, "The first is a short term response on a small scale. You see we had been asked to make a floating power station for a nation that has defaulted on payment. We had the intention to have them pay a set fee and then we'd regain the rest through monthly billing for the power we produced. It is currently sat in dock in Altona. We would be willing to have it come and tie up on the North coast of your nation, depending on rivers it could even make its way down the river. It is probably only able to provide energy for one town but if like you say a lot of the areas are remote this could be a solution. We would be willing to forego any financial payment up front but naturally would like to be compensated through payments from people's electricity bills just like any other provider would. Now in the long term we could look at connecting into your grid system but that is something for the government to handle not us."

King Rutger nodded, "In terms of infastructure perhaps we could make an agreement that we could install connections between our network and your own. Perhaps with an agreement that we would fund the connections 50/50 on condition though that our electric companies be allowed to sell the excess electricity we produce here at the same rate as your own companies for the next 50 years. This should help our companies continue making money which in turn allows more research and also reassures us that this partnership has longevity."

"In terms of co-operation in developing more efficient nuclear technology" Dr. Thiburn began, "We have the Altonan Electrical Syndicate  and the ISTI that lead our programmes. They are both independent bodies that receive subsidies from central government to get things moving so in terms of developing your own efficient nuclear technology it would depend exactly what you have in mind."

OOC- Sorry for the hold up, hadn't spotted the reply....oops

Rutger poured each person some tea before settling down with his own. "I'm hopeful that today we can conclude some arrangements that will help both our nations. If I may first explain our situation. You see as a Kingdom we a population of just under 9million people, but we are blessed with our huge forest which we believe is sacred. As such we have a lot of open space and no huge desire to remove the woodland, it means we've a large amount of open space with rivers and the such that we can use for energy production. All tasks like mining etc must also restore the environment when done so we're fortunate to be in a position where we've developed technologies that have, in terms of energy production, made it so that we are beyond self sufficient. As such we've become rather effective at nuclear power, both in terms of power stations and even some more creative measures. That costs money however and I intend for us to become a world leader in the technology and application but that requires cash. This is where I believe we can be of service to each other. At the moment we have maybe one day in four where we produce more electric than we need. That I believe will be three in four by the end of this year. That extra power has to go somewhere and I'd like it to be your nation, however you'll forgive me as I'm not 100% familiar with your own energy needs. So perhaps first I should enquire as to whether your nation would be in need of a boost to your power grids production, and if so what kind of a deal you would hope to do if we could solve that."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: An Electric Oppurtunity (Altona and Preoria)
« on: February 27, 2023, 10:35:39 PM »
The Water Palace in some ways was a little misleading. The castle had been built in a medieval style in the later 1700's on a little branch line of sorts on a canal. The Palace was around 15km outside the city of Altona and the canal had once taken charcoal from burners into the city for use in a variety of industries long gone from the Kingdom. The Palace was now one of three Palaces that housed members of the royal family and Rutger rather enjoyed it out here which was why he had called for it to be the location for this meeting. With him was Professor Jozef Thibaun, Head of the Altonan Electrical Syndicate which was one of the two major players in the Altonan nuclear research community. The other co-host of sorts was Dr.Klaus Ragner, head of nuclear research at  The Illumic Shores Technological Institute (ISTI) who had just a few months ago won the prestigious Achkaerin Queen's Foundation Award for Physics. Dr.Ragner had developed a lot of the nations most recent advances and Professor Thibaun was always pleased that Ragner had kept a steady stream of graduates coming his way.

The three men sat in the courtyard on a fine spring morning. The "Water-Gate" opened out onto the canal allowing a boat to dock inside the courtyard and having been collected from the city by the King's brother Prince Lukas it would be up this canal that the Prime Minister of Preoria would arrive. Seeing the approaching motor boat the three Altonans moved to the courtyards quayside to welcome them. As Lukas helped the Prime Minister ashore King Rutger offered his own hand. "We're delighted to meet you Prime Minister." he said with a smile as he escorted her (and any staff) to a waiting table where a fresh pot of dark tea with a chilled mug of cream waited. "May I offer you a tea?" the King asked as he waited for everyone to take a seat.   

Convention Centre / Re: Ostlake Movie Awards 2023
« on: February 27, 2023, 07:59:43 PM »
Best Short Film

Name of Film- Lie Detector
Genre- Comedy
Nation- Altona
Brief Outline - Man goes for a job interview with a lie detector test
Link to the trailer

Best Documentary

Name of Documentary - How we became right handed
Nation Nominating - Altona
Topic Covered - Anthropology and Science
YouTube link

Best Song
Name of Artist - Cavetown
Nation NominatingA - Altona
Song - Devil Town
From the Film - Megan
YouTube link -

Best Animated Short

Name of Animated Short - Save Ralph
Nation Nominating - Altona
YouTube link -

Diplomacy and Events / An Electric Oppurtunity (Altona and Preoria)
« on: February 25, 2023, 03:40:11 PM »

To - Prime Minister Conway of Preoria

Over the last three decades our nation has become a leading developer of nuclear energy. Due to our unique situation of having a small population and a large amount of open space due to our adherence to the faith of Sigynism we believe by the end of 2023 we will be in a situation where we are capable of producing more electricity than our nation requires at parts of the day. As a result we are establishing facilities to use this excess to manufacture hydrogen via electrolysis however that is a relatively long term aim. In the short term we believe we could be in a position to provide the Northern part of your nation with electricity. While naturally we would not cover the whole of the Norths needs we believe we could provide a regular output to become part of your nations mix of energy production and potentially help support your domestic and industrial users. This project would naturally require some co-operation between our two nations and so I would like to invite you to "the Water Palace" just outside the city of Altona to discuss this matter, assuming it is of interest  to you.

Best Regards

King Rutger of Altona


To: Chairwoman Therz

As stated already by His Majesty King David all Rokkenjiman vessels must be considered hostile until the end of this crisis. With this in mind we agree that following East Moreland's rules of engagement are sensible and will adopting them in due course.

We shall be ordering our Navy to work in co-operation with others in the region.

Should a face to face conference be needed please expect my brother Prince Lukas to attend.

Best Regards

King Rutger of Altona



For years the King of East Moreland has tried to paint himself as someone who is not expansionist and yesterday the veil fully dropped. In a statement shared by both the oddly titled Charter-Lord, Lady Charlotte "Lottie" Reenberg and by the mail order bride Queen Stasya of East Moreland it appeared that the Pelagiya family had acquired the rights to a personal Kingdom, namely Semelberg. The small plot of land could in many ways be called a micro-nation of around 60,000 people who belong to the rather bizarre network of territories subservient to the Reenbergs, who are now seemingly subservient to the Ironsides. It was also revealed that a, yet to be unveiled, economic agreement between the The Charterlands and East Moreland have been reached adding further to my colleague 0002B's economic route map. The exact nature of this is likely to be the usual "free trade" arrangement that allows the Morelanders to benefit from manipulating yet another economy. Meanwhile the cultural brainwashing of Semelberg, a nation too small to defend itself, has already begun as the Cult of Helus seemingly less threatening little Sisters, the oddly named Sisterhood of Helus, has already confirmed that it will be setting up shop there. It is therefore only a matter of time until the poor unfortunate Prince Barthelemew becomes another innocent pawn in the Ironsides shady games. The young royal was no doubt targeted as he is clearly a man of duty as he was willing to undertake military service to ensure the independence of his Principality, yet with the beautiful Stasya fluttering her eye lashes he has now all but handed control of the land to the Morelanders. While on paper King David is unhappy with the arrangement he has clearly endorsed the fact that Llewellyn Ironside, his little baby boy, will one day become High Prince. With Stasya now back in East Moreland it is likely she will soon be pregnant again as she will now become the conveyor belt producing more Ironside royals to allow them to have one for every occasion. It is a sad day for Mundus when a noble man like young Prince Bart has fallen for the charms of the Lodjain plaything of the Ironsides.

Reporter:- 0001A

International News Networks / Burn the Curtain - Seeing the Truth of Mundus
« on: December 19, 2022, 09:41:23 PM »
Spoiler: OOC Explanation • show

A little idea cooked up by me, Dave and Lymm that we hope will build into something at some point. This is the equivalent of a Mundus QAnon. The idea is that the "newspaper" is convinced there is a secret "world government" running Mundus and that a plan exists that if permitted to go through will see Mundus become a single nation. Anyone is free to post there batshit conspiracies that they think could tie to this idea. It would be appreciated if we can borrow the same format

It would also be great if you could use a "reporter" code, we're going for simply a four digit number and a single letter


The debonair man featured above is the King of East Moreland, or so he would have you think. While a recent survey says he is considered the greatest King that East Moreland has ever had the fact the results came out that way is no accident. The media of East Moreland bow at his feet, as do the rest of Mundus. The truth is David Ironside is not the King of East Moreland he is the Emperor of Mundus, the High Priest of the Cult of Iron and a puppet of evil.

Lets begin by examining the Morelanders, a nation that spent a large period of time in seclusion hiding behind a prophecy of great doom. All a ploy. In fact what the Morelanders were doing was preparing. They were allowing the world to weaken itself during the Great War while the Morelanders gathered their strength and moved their chess pieces into place. At the end of the war the Morelanders acquired nuclear weapons telling the world it was to allow them to maintain their seclusion but how did they acquire the technology. Simple, Achkaerin did not construct the first nuclear weapon, or at least not without permission from the Ironside bloodline. The Morelanders hark to a legendary heroic King, Paul the Explorer, and while it is true that he criss crossed Mundus on his adventures it is also true that he fathered several bastards across the globe. These were not children born out of love or even lust, they were seeds planted for the future. His lovers from important families allowed future Morelanders to control nations like a simple puppet. With an Ironside pulling the strings the Achkaerin government get the pride of building the first nuclear bomb and the infamy of dropping it.

Another nation involved in the Ironside breeding programme is Rokkenjima. For a long time they were heavily influential in Mundus but in recent years the extensive diplomatic network they once enjoyed has dwindled to today cover little more than a small gathering of nations aligned in whatever Cross Strait namesake they are using as a banner this week. The Rokkenjimans like to talk of building the geopolitical world of the 21st Century, but many of these foundations have been designed to allow them to crack. Why would such a thing be permitted, simply put to allow the Ironsides to take a role in seemingly righting these issues. One need only look at the collapse of the Commonwealth Treaty Organisation. The Rokkenjimans would tell you that the Organisation was designed to draw the world together and ensure peace for the future. In truth though it was the first outward attempt at creating a global order. When it became clear that the body would not work the Morelanders became the first major nation to withdraw and within a few months the CTO was just a rotting carcass. Several attempts by lesser nations to effect CPR upon it proved unsuccessful and it is easy to see why. East Moreland failed to support it. There was no need as while the CTO was dying King David was ensuring that he was bringing people not to a single global body but instead under direct connections to him. In the last year or so we have seen the King announce in public deals with Lijiang, Altona, Abertone, Mersch and Eskdale. The last on this list a nation that saw attempts at drawing it into the Ironside breeding programme. While at University King David, or Prince David as was, entered into a romantic relationship with the now Queen Diane of Eskdale. While this produced no children it was apparently not for want of trying if tales of some of their former classmates are believed. The gathering of "treaties" under a Moreland portfoilio is those nations agreeing to abide by Ironside controls. A fitting example of this being the recent Historic Crimes Treaty signed so readily by those across Mundus yet it is on paper nothing but a document giving the King of East Moreland the right to execute people regardless of their nation of origin.

While the Morelanders are running Mundus it is clear they have a strong set of minions. First we have the Cenneg, they provide military muscle with a large navy and army putting a financial drain on the Celts rather than the Morelanders. The Morelanders in return allow Finley to run a small Celtic commonwealth loyal to the Morelanders. Once members of the precious Cult of Helus, a front for the Cult of Iron, were targetted by the red pilled Seleucid it became clear the Celts would need to step in to keep East Moreland as shining knights of virtue and not ruthless killers taking revenge. The capitulation of the Soter's of Seleucid was sad for Mundus and saw their laws and traditions altered to protect the Cult. Next we have Lodja, the latest set of breeding stock. First the King is reported to have taken Viktoriya Tar to his bed and it was only the discovery by the then High Priestess of Sessifet that she carried an Ironside child that stopped that birth from happening, sadly Raisia Chowyk laid down her life to stop the Morelander plan. Next the recently deceased Queen Klara was propped up by the Moreland military machine in return for providing a baby machine in the guise of Stasya Pelagiya, a suitable noble bloodline. Once the Morelanders had secured a footing in the Lodjain territories and cemented Stasya as more useful than a Queen the young Klara was removed and the new Queen just so happened to already be in East Moreland custody ready to assume the throne in a manner unkeeping with Lodjain tradition, showing again the Morelanders have power to influence the whole of Mundus. Finally the Maori, a proud warrior race that were persuaded by the Ironsides to wage a proxy war against the Selecuid carrying out strikes on the Soters territory on behalf of the Ironsides. It has been this four nation bedrock that has allowed the Ironsides to become the most central part of Mundus geopolitical policy.

It is now only a matter of time until the Morelanders declare the existence of the Empire of Mundus with David at its head and then an authoritarian regime unlike those ever seen shall begin. The chess pieces are already in place.

Reporter:- 0001A

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Robin Hood Internet Gang (Open To All)
« on: December 01, 2022, 09:26:27 PM »
"Give it a moment to cool down then we shall recalibrate, Ben can you see to that please." Professor Klaus Ragner asked one of the young technicians as he returned to looking at the clip board in front of him. Todays tests had been going well and Klaus was pleased that they could soon try their experiment with a few more samples of the real stuff rather than just metallic tokens. The team had been busy testing out a new system for their patented Shrimp Method of nuclear fusion. Every 23 seconds a simple magnetic rail gun fired a micro-pellet to an insane speed of Mach 204 before slamming into a target surrounded by liquid lithium. It was a precise process as you needed to make sure the pellet hit the exact same spot time after time. Today they'd been trying to calibrate the system after some upgrades to the railgun and until they had things perfect they wouldn't be introducing nuclear material into the mix. Klaus looked at the data from their last shot before the shut down. It was just 0.0001mm shy of where they needed it to be and while it was within the margin of error they'd worked out as being "safe" Klaus knew each time they failed to fire perfectly they lost a slight amount of power. Ben had been gathering various tools and pieces of equipment while keeping an eye on the temperature of the tank. It had nearly reached a temperature at which they could set about their work. As he opened up the rail gun and prepared to make the adjustments he turned his eyes to the computer screen that would show the settings they needed.

"Is this a joke?" Ben asked as he saw an arrow flying across the screen.

"What's wrong?" Klaus put down a coffee and walked over to see it for himself. As the now familiar scroll unravelled demanding $4million . The team quickly turned everything off, the last thing they wanted was all this sensitive equipment to be ruined. The Illumic Shores Technological Institute(ISTI) team called in everyone they could and soon decisions beyond physics were being made. Klaus and his team merely stood around cursing the Robin Hood Gang. After about three hours of being locked out Prince Lukas entered the test room with an angry looking expression on his face.

"I'm here because we see your work as an issue of national security. I'm not saying this lightly, your bosses have made the decision not me but I will warn you that if you end up in this mess again or we find any of your work becomes openly available then there is a good chance some of you will be unemployed." The Prince simply walked out and left angry that his brother the King had provided the funds to pay the ransom so that the team could continue their work. No sooner had Lukas slammed the door on his way out than the computer had, true to the gangs word unfrozen.

Convention Centre / Re: Queen's Foundation Awards 2022
« on: October 10, 2022, 07:50:16 PM »
Name of Nominee: King David of East Moreland
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Putting in place a framework to halt conflicts over historic crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.
Supporting Letter:

In its history Mundus has a bloody heritage. There are still countless criminals at large from decades of conflict that pre-dates the Uppsala Convention. In June 2022 His Majesty King David completed the formation of the Historic Crimes Treaty. A piece of diplomacy that not only prevents the prospect of nations taking matters into their own hand but promotes international co-operation on investigation and education of these past crimes.

The Kingdom of Altona therefore wishes to nominate His Majesty King David for a Queen's Foundation Award.

King Rutger of Altona.

International News Networks / Re: City News
« on: September 16, 2022, 08:43:14 PM »


Professor Jozef Thibaun, Head of the AES, has today announced that the company have over the last few months been undertaking a variety of exercises to assess the quality of the companies nuclear security. Professor Thibaun was able to obtain the service of East Moreland's Red Legion as an aggressor. While the Professor said a confidentiality agreement meant that he could not fully disclose what actions had been taken he did explain some of the results. "Over the past month there have been several attempts made by Red Legion to access both physically and in a cyber capacity our facilities around the world. The aim was to see if we could withstand what in their view would be a comparable terrorist attack. Of course it should be said had an elite military force with the backing of a nation like East Moreland utilised all their resources then we would have been unable to do much. On 16 occasions attempts were made to infiltrate facilities and while I'd like to say outer security was sufficient on 10 occasions the very outer reaches of our cordons was exposed. This just emphasises why we have so many layers and defence in depth. There were a total of 12 attempts to breach cyber defences and only once was a minor system exposed and that was not connected to the actual running of the plant. I asked the Red Legion officers assigned to this task for a report in terms of a grade and we have been awarded an A Minus, which while not perfect should reassure anyone considering investment or partnerships with AES that there is extremely little to fear. We have proved time and again that our technology is safe and now we have been able to prove that as a company we are a safe partner in terms of ensuring nothing happens at our plants."

The news of AES' positive safety review comes as the Nemphis site in Clysperis come under physical attack. 

Economics and Industry / Re: A Request for Boat Power
« on: September 11, 2022, 08:49:35 PM »

To:- His Majesty King Đurađ

We have been fortunate enough to work with several nations on their need for naval propulsion. We would therefore be delighted to undertake this contract. Should you wish to discuss the matter further we are more than happy to come and visit at your convenience. Otherwise we can commence construction as soon as your choosen maritime manufacturer informs us of the details.

Thank you for trust us with this project.

Professor Jozef Thibaun,
 Head of the AES

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Cherno-ball
« on: August 22, 2022, 10:11:38 PM »
Professor Jozef Thibaun was a little disappointed. This was supposed to be a big day for the Altonans as well as the Imperials from Lijiang. He had tried to get here nice and early but had been thwarted by the Morelanders Science Minister, he understood they had a reputation to uphold but it he felt the day was his to jointly host and now he looked bad. He shrugged off the thought and crossed to first meet the Dragon-Emperor and his family. "Your Imperial Majesties, Highnesses, its great to see you face to face. I know I've been fortunate enough to exchange messages with the Dragon-Emperor but I'm honoured to finally speak in person and I'd like to congratulate the young Prince on his impending marriage." with his greeting of the Dragon-Emperor done he crossed to Olivia Cole.

"Ms. Cole" I'm Proessor Thibaun, Jozef. Its nice to meet you." he extended a hand to her and just as he did the sound of a cavalcade of vehicles distracted him.  King Rutger had arrived and with him his wife Queen Heidi. The Queen had not really taken part in any formal state occasions preferring to dedicate her time to working in the brain injury ward of the capitals hospital. She was though rather excited by the visit and as such had brought with them 13 year old Prince Karl and 10 year old Princess Matilda. This was the children's first trip overseas since their father became King. Their attendance here served two purposes. It showed the hosts that the Altonians placed importance on family just as the Imperials did and rather cynically bringing the King's children so close to a nuclear power station they'd built showed the confidence the Altonans must have in the project. Rutger introduced his family to the Imperials and peeled off with the Dragon-Emperor. "You know I'm excited that this marks the first step of a partnership between us that I truly think can change Mundus for the better. I want to thank you for the opportunity you've given our scientists. I don't know your customs on celebration too well but back home we would enjoy a glass or two of champagne. I've brought you a bottle from our own cellars. I hope that once everything's been done and dusted here today our families can enjoy a glass together."

Diplomacy and Events / Nuclear Security Test Request - Red Legion
« on: August 05, 2022, 10:01:20 PM »

To:- His Majesty King David III of East Moreland

I am writing to you with what is perhaps an odd request.

As you know we have recently finished construction of a nuclear power plant in Lijiang. One of the key parts of our company is ensuring that our facilities not only produce clean energy but are also safe and secure against all threats. As a result we would like to have an outside set of eyes examine the security of our facilities. If possible we would like to have Red Legion plan a simulated strike against one of our facilities. Our staff on the ground are unaware of this request however both King Rutger and Dragon-Emperor Tielin have given us permission to ask this of you.

Naturally we would cover the costs of the wages of those Legionnaires involved as well as making a reasonable compensation package avaliable. Should you accept this request we would also like to make a donation of $250,000 to each of Legionnaire Legacy and MSP Charities.

We look forward to your response.

Best Regards
Professor Jozef Thibaun
Head of the AES

Diplomacy and Events / Cherno-ball
« on: August 04, 2022, 07:59:13 AM »

The Altonan Electrical Syndicate is proud to announce that it has reached a point where the Wengchangzhen 1 Nuclear Facility can be "turned on". With construction complete and the reactor installed we have reached a point where we can begin to slowly increase the capacity of the plant and it is our hope that by early next year we will be in a position to begin providing Lijiang with usable electricity. To celebrate this occasion we are having a grand opening of sorts at the facility. We are pleased to announce that this will be attended both by the Dragon-Emperor of Lijiang and his family as well as King Rutger of Altona. We would welcome any government official who wishes to witness this prestigious event to attend.

Best Regards

Professor Jozef Thibaun
Head of the AES

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Ngoti Nga Korero (Iwi and Altona)
« on: July 04, 2022, 01:03:58 PM »
King Rutger had not expected the request from King Piripi but it was not one that he intended to turn down. He had instructed his secretary to make contact and put in place all the arrangements needed to host the King of the Commonwealth. The great news about the relative small size of Altona was that it never took long to get around the place. No sooner had King Piripi's aircraft touched down than a contingent of military guardsmen in black dress uniform had conveyed him to a waiting vehicle and whizzed out of the city that formed the population centre of the Kingdom. Soon the woodlands that dominated the nation engulfed the road before opening up just a few miles later to reveal The Southern Palace

Rutger waited for his staff to open the vehicles door and approached the Maori monarchy. "Your Majesty. Let me start by congratulating you and King David on the Historic Crimes Treaty." He extended a hand to the King. "Welecome to the Southern Palace. I think its sometimes nice to get away from the city and to my limited knowledge of Maori culture I believe your people have a deep connection to the land so perhaps our countryside is a place more fitting for our first meeting. I trust you've had a good visit to East Moreland?"

Roleplay Moderator's Office / Re: Notice of RP Mod LOA
« on: July 01, 2022, 08:11:44 AM »

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: June 30, 2022, 09:44:50 PM »
Rutger was unsure exactly how Achkaerin intended to do things but the comments from Siora didn't exactly fill him with confidence. "If you're going to be involved with an organisation such as this I would expect you to be able to get someone into a meeting within a couple of hours. We live in a time where if desperation called for we have secure video conferencing. Altona would utilise our ambassador in whatever nation the talks were happening if need be. We can't and must not permit a relationship with Awhaele to slow down the processes of MICA." Rutger addressed the others in the final point. "I believe the proposed Article 2 could be workable."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: June 29, 2022, 08:51:50 PM »
OOC- The bits in yellow should replace in Article 7 the word Awahele for Achkaerin. Sorry

"While I would normally agree that issues such as notice or a vote would be fair I do not think it appropriate." Rutger began to explain. "For example if we where discussing the recent coup attempt in Heyra, a situation where time is critical the idea of having 24 hours notice that a meeting would even take place wouldn't exist. Furthermore if once notice is given we have 24 hours to wait before continuing then it can be too slow. The nature of global geo-politics means that sometimes speed for discussions is needed. Furthermore the time to then establish a vote is further complicating matters. I have no issue with Article 3 though. As for the change in Article 17 I can agree to that. "

Rutger turned to the Heyran delegation. "It would be unfair to say that no Achakerin military assets could go to Awhaele and that they need to be out of the MICA region. As a result maintaining an active and up to date record is a fair compromise. If the assets are known then we in the organisation can take action if we feel there were too many being sent. As for defining the area I think we are all clear as to where we are discussing so I am not sure what you mean by having to define an area. "

Diplomacy and Events / Re: For a nuclear future (Samantra and Altona)
« on: June 29, 2022, 12:07:34 PM »
Prince Lukas was pleased that things were concluded with relative ease. "As for the transparency we agree that things should be as public as possible, we've nothing to hide and it will help to squash any rumours or mistrust. I think it would potentially also help share prices if investors see that they are dealing with a trustworthy company. As for the uranium supply we obviously have our own connections that can be of use if you require it but so long as its ethically sources we will have little issue." There were nods from Jozef and Klaus in agreement.

"I wonder while I am here" the Prince continued, "If we could perhaps expand our talks a little. If we are to be constructing these projects for you here in Samanthra there is every likelihood that we would need to be sending workers and materials, components and the like to your nation. In order to make this simpler I would like to suggest that we perhaps instigate a visa waiver system. Any individual, whether it is connected to the nuclear project or not, who is invited by a business in the other nation may travel for 60 days visa free, so long as they are not deemed a security risk obviously. In addition could we perhaps examine the idea of a gradual reduction in tariffs between us as the co-operation on these projects builds."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Historic Crimes Treaty - An open house
« on: June 29, 2022, 11:43:32 AM »
To:- King David III of East Moreland

As a nation that has fortunately not had to endure the horrors this treaty has been written to examine it would be easy for us to ignore it. This treaty however is important as it allows justice to be done as well as enabling a mechanism for future procedures if ever needed. As such please consider us as being compliant with the Treaty and in due course my sister Princess Constance to sign the treaty

Best Wishes

King Rutger

OOC - Imagine this now signed.

Roleplay Moderator's Office / Re: Notice of RP Mod LOA
« on: June 28, 2022, 09:31:42 PM »
Sounds like a plan

Diplomacy and Events / Re: For a nuclear future (Samantra and Altona)
« on: June 19, 2022, 05:46:44 PM »
The various representatives got their head together and had a quick chat.

Professor Jozef was probably in the best position to answer this question. "A floating power station I believe would cost in the region of $700million. For that you get the ship, you get the reactor capable of producing electricity for around 52,000 homes without much effort. You also get the shore based infrastructure. We could actually probably expand that easily, the ship is a large part of the cost and we could at a pinch put more reactors on-board. Now if we assume that Novyy Rim has a population with four people per household. Generally speaking we look at around $7million per MegaWatt. A MegaWatt can produce enough electricity for 1,400 people. As a result to run Novvy Rim you'll need at least 360Mw so we're looking at a starting cost of about $2billion. That though will mean extremely low production costs for electricity for the next 40 years providing a saving on non-renewable fuels. Now because we would be building the floating ones in a relatively large number we can perhaps find ways to bring those costs down. Now you say you are looking for buyers for land based nuclear reactors. What I propose is that we can begin the process of preparing the fuel for the two you hope to build and putting the components into manufacture. We have several other projects that can utilise them if you don't however I think some manner of compensation would be fair. Let me suggest then that if 12 months from now you haven't completed the arrangement with your potential buyers we would be free to do what we want with the materials and we would require say a 5% penalty fee. However should you find a buyer before we begin using the materials we would reduce that to 1%."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: June 19, 2022, 04:45:55 PM »
Rutger still was of the mind that Achkaerin should be kept outside the organisation but he did believe a partnership could be workable.

"What I propose is the following." Rutger began handing his tablet clockwise around the table.

Quote from: The MICA-Achkaerin Agreement

Recognising the unique position of the people of Awhaele

Desiring friendship between nations

Committed to ensuring the Illumic and Mhorish are guided by the natives of that region

The following agreement shall come into force between MICA nations and the Empire of Achkaerin.

1. There shall be a MICA liaison appointed by the monarch of Awhaele. This liaison must fit the following criteria.

a) They must have been born in Awhaele or resided there for at least five years.
b) They must not have served in the Achkaerin armed forces
c) They must not have held any political post within the Achkaerin government, the exception being that the post deals soley with Awhaele affairs.

2. The Liaison may attend MICA meetings unless at least two members oppose their attendance. While attending the Liaison may contribute to discussions. Should during talks two members request the Liaison to leave then they must do so.

3. The Liaison will be responsible for the upkeep of an up to date record of Achkaerin military forces and vessels in Awhaele.

4.  Awhaele's monarch will utilise military assets at their disposal to contribute to the 3RA system.

5. Unless specified in other treaties good and materials entering a MICA nation from Awhaele shall do so tariff free so long as they are accompanied by documentation proving that they have been extracted, grown, processed or produced within Awhaele. This shall be reciprocated by Awhaele.

6. Unless specified in other treaties good and materials entering a MICA nation from Awhaele shall do so at a reduced tariff so long as they are accompanied by documentation proving that they have been extracted, grown, processed or produced within any other part of Achkaerin. This shall be reciprocated by Achkaerin

7. Travel for MICA nation and Achkaerin passport holders may enter the other nation for 30 days without a visa so long as they do not possess a criminal record or are deemed to be a national security risk.

8. Achkaerin agree that other than on grounds of security of Awhaele they will do nothing to militarise the MICA region.

9. Achkaerin agree that there shall not be a non-native military presence permanently based in Awhaele.

10. MICA nations agree to support the security of Awhaele so long as Achkaerin are not the aggressor in a situation that has placed a threat on the island.

11. MICA nations shall offer port facilities to Achkaerin vessels providing support to MICA operations.

12. This agreement comes into force on.......insert date......

13. Should either party wish to amend this agreement it must receive the approval of the Achkaerin Monarch and all MICA members.

14. Achkaerin may withdraw at any time by giving 30 days notice from the monarch of Achkaerin.

15. MICA may withdraw at any time following a vote to that effect winning a majority of MICA members support.


8. MICA and Achkaerin agree to share security intelligence regarding the Mhorish and Illumic regions so far as doing so does not endanger their own national security.



Conference Hall / Re: Proposal for a new RP Rule
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I support it saying this

1.Players are allowed to retcon anything they post for 24 hours after posting it ( later edits don't count when counting the 24 hours period, it start from when you post) assuming it has no replies.

2.Should a reply have been posted within 24 hours of the original post, then it can only be retconned with a 24 hour notice to allow for objection by those affected. If objection is made, then agreement between players must be reached, with RP Mod to moderate if no agreement is forthcoming.

3. Retcons should only be permitted for IC reasons and a reason for the retcon should be explained. Upon retconning a note should be left explaining it in the thread, this can later be deleted by a Mod.
4.Anything after that is set in stone.

5. Factbooks do not count

6. Closed RP can be retconed with the consent of all players involved.

7. Further retcons can be allowed only after submitting to the RP Mod and giving their approval.

Conference Hall / Proposal for a new RP Rule
« on: June 04, 2022, 01:26:47 PM »
Following the incident of today I propose that the following RP rule should be put in place regarding Retcons. Markus came up with the ideas and I have edited, borrowed his post. Hope thats OK.

1.Players are allowed to retcon anything they post for 24 hours after posting it ( later edits don't count when counting the 24 hours period, it start from when you post) assuming it has no replies.

2.Should a reply have been posted then it can only be retconned with agreement between players with RP Mod to moderate if no agreement reached.

3. Retcons should only be permitted for IC reasons and a reason for the retcon should be explained. Upon retconning a note should be left explaining it in the thread, this can later be deleted by a Mod.
4.Anything after that is set in stone.

5. Factbooks do not count

6. Closed RP can be retconed with the consent of all players involved.

7. Further retcons can be allowed only after submitting to the RP Mod and giving their approval.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Great MICA Sort Out
« on: May 31, 2022, 11:26:10 AM »
Rutger had been listening to the Awhaele and Heyran discussion.

"The MICA Charter makes it clear that access to the Mhorish or Illumic is not the only qualification needed to join this organisation. The charter clearly states that approval of those already in the organisation is needed. We don't therefore need to define anything regarding geography or control, once someone applies for membership we, the membership, determine whether they qualify. There are sat around this table several Heads of State and leading politicians that have concluded treaties and arrangements across Mundus. This does not come down to the charter, the charter could say exactly what you suggested but I would still oppose your membership. The reason is simple I do not believe that decisions about the happening in the Mhroish and Illumic should be made in the Great North Ocean. You have just stated that if we studied the earliest traces of Heyra we'd find it in the Mhorish and Illumic which is correct however if we do the same for Achkaerin it would be in the Great North Ocean, so therefore while your people are native your leaders are not. That is a decision that your people have made and now they must live with that decision. I am yet to be convinced that I should change my vote to support your admission. No nation that has territory overseas has not adversely impacted the people there. Look at your own words, you spoke of your homeland undergoing a cultural genocide. Since 1880 the Treaty after the Battle of Partisarum gave neither Achkaerin or Vaguzia a claim to sovereignty over Awhaele unless  the people choose to. That was a chance for the island to shake off the cultural genocide. We've seen East Moreland take steps to rediscover parts of its culture, under our hosts great-grandfather we saw East Moreland take a shift towards English as a main language, King David and his father sought to restore Morelandish as their native language and have succeeded hugely. There was a chance for Awhaele to be able to take control of their direction of travel and they looked North not South. If you wish to sway my vote, and I suspect several others around this table, then the image of being just a way of getting Achkaerin a say in our region needs to be addressed. The organisation doesn't need to change to accommodate you as it is already strong enough. With ourselves, Eskdale and Heimney joining we have surpassed the size of the CSU economy, we're one of the most stable regions on Mundus and have a huge record of co-operation, just look at the recent incident in Heyra and how Bakkermaya and East Moreland both stepped up to help them. This is quiet an organisation so convince us that we should overlook our concerns?"

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