Author Topic: (OOC) Attention Sports Fans - Some Notices  (Read 590 times)

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(OOC) Attention Sports Fans - Some Notices
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:56:21 PM »
Hello everyone, just a few short notices about some upcoming sports stuff on both IC and OOC levels

1) Some people will be aware that I've had a few RL issues of late hence why the Sports calendar is well behind where it would normally be, this being why the Mundus Games took so long, why the Rugby took a while and then the knock on to the Football World Cup taking time. Consequently the remainder of this years calendar will comprise of the stalwarts - Formula Mundus, the Summer Games, the Rugby World Cup and as we get to November/December the Winter Games sign up will go up. The remaining time will be filled with some small scale new sports events (see below).

2) I'm always keen to try to experiment with new sports to help build context, so I'm going to start going through some new sports and seeing how they go. As always I'm open to suggestions from anyone provided I can figure out a way to do it. For the moment I'm looking at straightforward easy to do ones that don't require the logistical issues that other events do. All I ask is that you guys help me out if you can by participating where possible.

3) When we get to the Mundus Games in a few weeks I will be changing the sign up process to try and make things a little easier for me on the logistical side, this will be explained at the time but will in theory involve far less time in the preparation of the games.

4) On an IC level I'm considering opening up an IC 'bidding' procedure for admiting new events to our Mundus Games (olympics). If there's interest in that then it could happen soonish.