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The Queendom of Lodja
« on: August 31, 2017, 06:02:03 PM »

Motto:- "To love beauty is to see light"
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem


he Queendom is ruled by an elected monarch. The system has it's roots in the faith of the nation known as Sessifetism, a religion that teaches that the Goddess Sessifet resides on Mundus and takes the form of the Queen of Lodja. The Queen is elected exactly two weeks after the death of the previous one and is choosen by the combined votes of the nobility and Priesthood. The only rules for the election are that a girl must be elected who is in her 18th year of life and comes from a Patrician family. The Queen's coronation is a ceremony in which it is believed the spirit of Sessifet is reborn within the new body.

The Queen is all powerful as she rules as a Goddess however she is advised by four Priestesses and a council of four nobles, these advisor's are elected by the people every three years.

Government Type:- Theocratic Monarchy
Population:-:- 164million
Capital City:- Gaia (2million)
Demonym:- Lodjain


Currency:- The Geld
GDP per Capita:- $24,000
Unemployment Rate:- 2.7%
Main Industries:- Natural Gas, Precious Metals, Textiles, jewellrey, ores.


Ethnicity:- 90% Lodjain (RL.Russian)/ 10% Other
Languages:- Lodjain
Religions:- Nation is based on Sessifet teachings
Average Life Expectancy:- 78 years of age


Head of State:- Queen Viktoriya Tar, Guardian of Sessifet
Head of Government:- Lord Besarian Ivanov
Name of Legislative Body:- The Conclave

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Re: The Queendom of Lodja
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2017, 10:18:19 PM »
PoliciesRecreation Drugs are placed into three categories. (Open, Controlled, Banned). Generally speaking any drug derived directly from a plant is Open, any with processing is Controlled and any featuring heavy chemical manufacture is banned)

Alchohol age of consent is 18

Tobacco age of consent is 16.
Drugs LawWhat rules do you have on drugs
Same Sex Marriage      Permitted since 1800
Education   Compulsary until the age of 18 for Patricians.
Compulsary for Plebs until 16
Universities are segregated Pleb or Patrican
Universities are not free
Private education permitted
Property Ownership   Property may only be owned by a Patrician or with their consent.
Voting   Local areas elect a councillor for a monthly meeting with Queen.
All Patricians over 18 may vote.
Prostitution   Permitted in licenced brothels
Unlicenced prostitution punished with fine in first instance and then prison for 2nd offence
Freedom of the PressAll media run by private individuals
Freedom of Movement   Plebs need a Patricians permission to gain a passport otherwise no restrictions on movement.

Visas needed for entry unless Treaty rights
AbortionIllegal except if mothers life at risk.
Health CareFree emergency care.

Health Insurance/Payment required for further treatment
Gun Laws   Patricians may freely own up to three firearms so far as they are not fully automatic.

Plebs may own a firearm if completed five years military service and have approval of a Patrician
Internet NeutralityAll internet providers privately controlled.
Business OwnershipAll business needs approval of a Patrician
MarriageMust be 18 to marry.
Women may take multiple husbands/wives.
Plebs need Patrician approval before marriage.

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Re: The Queendom of Lodja
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The Island of the Goddess is an island in the bay of Gaia only reachable by causeway for a few hours each day, the rest of the time boat is the only way to reach the island. It is believed by followers of Sessifet that the Island is the first and last place the physical form of Sessifet touched Mundus. Over the centuries more and more has been added to the Island, the oldest building being a subterranian shrine to the Goddess dating from around the 11th Century. Today the Island is home to the Palace of the Goddess which is the home to central government and the Queen's household. The Palace sits at the very top of the Islands hill and is reached either by a winding road or since the early 19th century a Vernacular Railway.

The Island has a series of Terraced style houses that today are often made into self contained appartments, these are given as part of the salary of the servents and staff who work on the Island in the Queen's household. This has seen a little community start on the Island that consists of around 1,000 people who live permanently there. The community has a small school, a few shops, a two boat fishing fleet and a tavern which sits next to the Quay.

On top of the hill and sits the Palace itself. This is home to many nobles who have suites on the Island including all members of the Conclave, Ladies in Waiting and several ambassadors. The palace has 19 state rooms (for the Queen, her husbands and children), 52 principal bedrooms (for the Ladies in Waiting, Conclave and Ambassadors), 188 staff bedrooms (for Junior Ministers and Palace servents on rotation) and 92 offices. Many of the rooms are lined along stone carved Cloisters open sided corridors looking out either to the sea or many of the small gardens in the Palace. The Palace is built around a number of Quads which are spots for social gatherings by staff or informal meetings. The Queen has her own private Quad which is shared by her direct family and the Ladies in Waiting.

Under the Palace itself is the complex dedicated to the Goddess Sessifet. The main room of this is the Temple of The Goddess this small circular brightly decorated room is said to have been where the Goddess first joined with a Queen of Lodja. It is reached by passing down a large decorated corridor and then through a smaller shrine where a staircase takes you down to the Temple. The Queen's funeral, wedding and coronation all take place in the Temple.

Two of the Palace Staff meditating in the Temple of The Goddess

The Palace also is supposed to be more of a community for nobility than just the Island, it hosts regular balls and events and great artists, musicians, scholars and other respected cultural figures are guests. The Queen keeps a company of dancers, musicians and poets who are all encouraged to make the Palace into a thriving and beautiful retreat. Many foreign ambassadors, if of noble heritage, are given bedrooms in the Palace and while usually also having rooms at their own embassy are encouraged to spend as much time as possible on the Island being part of the nobles community. It is a tradition that many approaches to the Queen by ambassadors come through members of the Conclave who have formed informal relationships with the ambassadors. It is also not uncommon for an Ambassador to "Bump into" the Queen during her regular journeys around the Palace.

View from the Queens Seat in the Conclave

The Queen's council known as The Conclave meet in a room used only for this purpose. The Queen sits on a seat on the top of a series of steps, one step below her sit her husbands if present and then one below that their children (if attending). A large rectangular table sits at the bottom with no one sat at the head, the Lord of the Conclave (think Prime Minister) sits closest to the Queen on the right hand side, the other ministers and any specialists addressing the Conclave arranged down the table in order of their service to the monarchy. To date only two foreign delegates have been permitted inside the Conclave room, the first being er Most Sublime and August Majesty, the Autįrimė Emperor of Arda Tuluva (who was sat at an equal level to the Queen), the second being King David III of East Moreland (when Queen Viktoriya was in hospital and sat on the 2nd step). The Conclave room is also occasionally used for private audiences with the Queen.

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Re: The Queendom of Lodja
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Re: The Queendom of Lodja
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Re: The Queendom of Lodja
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The people of Lodja are devout followers of the Goddess Sessifet.

The faith is based upon the belief that there were once a whole host of Gods and Goddesses with Sessifet being the Goddess of Beauty, Fertility and Love. She was considered the most beautiful of the Goddesses and lived on Mundus with the other Gods amongst the creatures they created. The Gods most favoured creations were humans and the Gods did all they could to create a happy world for them. This however displeased the evil God Samus who sought to turn the Gods against humanity. This saw battle lines begin to be drawn between the Gods who wished to protect humanity and those who wished to destroy it and have Mundus for themselves. Using her beauty and charm Sessifet was able to seduce the greatest and strongest Gods to join the side of humanity. When the battle began all the Gods were killed except for Sessifet and Samus. The two Gods fought however Sessifet was losing to the stronger Samus when one of her disciples called Mariam used a magic spell taught to her by Sessifet to help the Goddess. It was however too late for Sessifet's earthly body, the Goddess was heartbroken that she would have to leave Mundus and so using the last of her magic powers Mariam offered her body as a vessel for the Goddesses spirt. The two then joined and Mariam-Sessifet was proclaimed the first Queen of Lodja.

Upon the death of Mariam it was believed that Sessifet's spirit was trapped in her body. Before her death however Mariam had informed the priesthood that fire would release Sessifet's body and that by consuming the ash the spirit would enter a selected host body. This host should be a young girl who was in the first year of "adulthood". Since then a fortnight after the death of a previous Queen the ceremony of cremation, consumption of ash and the crowning of the new Queen takes place.


1. Each human being is created in the eyes of Sessifet. (This means every person is considered special)

2. Each human contains an ever living spirit. (This means there is life after death)

3. Upon death the spirit is trapped in the body until the body is destroyed (Hence most Sessifetians are cremated)

4. Spirits of the good go to a paradise where they reside with the spirits of the Gods who sided with Sessifet in the great battle between the Gods. (This paradise is described like Valhalla minus the fighting. Think more pretty clothing and dancing)

5. Spirist of the evil go to "The Dark Place" a cave so large that a person never sees light and never finds another person. (Essentially you spend eternity cold, hungry, blind and alone)

6. The human body is a precious gift from Sessifet and should be cared for diligently both inside and out. (Things such as obesity are seen as an afront to Sessifet and drugs and smoking while common are not taken to extremes.)
7. Physical beauty is considered a sign that someone is greatly loved by Sessifet. (This often explains the shallowness of the Lodjains and their pre-occupation with looking good)

8. Sessifet requires gifts to be kept happy. As she is also generous giving gifts in her name is also pleasing to her. (This explains why so many members of the Conclave do charitable deeds with the Queen's name)

9. Sessifet selected humans who served her well to sit at the high table in Paradise and that only be devoted service to the Goddess can you earn a place at this top table (Explains the class system)

10. Sessifet's spirit is eternally trapped on Mundus (explains the ritual of passing the crown of Lodja on)

11. Sessifet is the most perfect thing to exist and to emulate her is to be perfect. (Sessifet is seen as being rather devoted to other humans, concerned about everything and everyone being in their rightful place as well as surrounding herself with all things beautiful and making sure all things are that way. She also is seen as a strong determined leader. Many stories tell of her being involved with the other Gods/Goddesses and even humans as lovers that help bring about things such as the passing of seasons, tides etc etc. Many theologians believe this is the reason why to outsiders Lodjains may seem ratther shallow and promiscious.)

Celebrations of Sessifet

March 5th - Day of Unity - Marks the date on which it is believed Sessifet joined the Gods supporting humanity into one group either by directly absorbing their power or seducing them onto her side. People celebrate with big parades carrying floats bearing effigies of Sessifet. (It is considered bad form to dress as Sessifet)

May 28th - Day of Beauty - A day given over to praise the beautiful creations of Sessifet as well as her own beauty. On this day each town and village select a Princess of Beauty who presides over a great feast held in that settlement. Traditionally it is a young beautiful woman who has recently been engaged. Ceremonies are held at places of outstanding natural beauty.

October 17th - Day of Victory - Marks the date on which Sessifet destroyed the final God determined to destory humanity (Samus). There is a day of prayer and offerings are take to Shrines and gifts given to charity in order to show thankfulness to the Goddess.

November 19th - Feast of Mariam - During the final battle between Sessifet and Samus a young Priestess of Sessifet used her magic to help the Goddess and despite winning a victory Sessifet's physical body was so damaged she too would die. Mariam used her remaining knowledge to give her human body to Sessifet as a vessel and the two joined. Legend has it Mariam is the first Queen of Lodja (despite the nation having several massive gaps in their list of Queens.). People celebrate by carrying effigies of Mariam around their town or village with the highest ranking male noble sitting next to it during the feast. At the conclusion of the feast the effigy is burnt and its ashes added to a ceremonial pot kept in the vaults of the nearest Temple/Shrine, alternatively in some settlements the ash is placed in a hole for a new tree to be planted.

December 27th - The Feast of Love - Sessifet was originally simply the Goddess of Love, Fertility and Beauty. This was according to folklore the original feast in her honour. 

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Re: The Queendom of Lodja
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[size=150][size=100]THE MILITARY OF LODJA[/size][/size]

Spoiler: show

The Navy has 180,000 active sailors.

Each vessel is proceeded by the letter DMS (Divine Majesties Ship)

[th]Active Ships[/th]
Ship ClassShips in ClassArmament
Turtle Class CarrierAlohura4 × AK-630 CIWS
Barak 1
Barak 8 (LRSAM)

Aircraft Carried

26xF-2 Pivot
16 x Helux Helicopter
Toad Class Amphibious Assault ShipAniger
Mark 49 RAM missile system
2 × Vulcan Phalanx
6 × 25 mm automatic cannons
8 × 12.7 mm machine guns
3 × 5-inch (127 mm) Mk 45 lightweight guns

19 x Seahorse Helicopter
Salamander Class Amphibious Assalut ClassAnoia
2 × 3-inch (76 mm) / 50 caliber AA guns,
8 cell Sea Sparrow BPDMS launchers,
2 × Phalanx CIWS
25 x Seahorse Helicopter
Native Class DestroyerAstoria
The Lady
32 × VLS, Standard SM-2MR Block IIIA SAMs
1 × 76 mm/62 OTO Melara
6 × 12.75 in tubes firing Mark-46 Mod 5 torpedoes
1 × Phalanx CIWS
6 × M2 Browning machine guns

2 x Seahorse
Pavlov Class DestroyerBibulous
2 × 5-inch (127mm) 54 calibre Mark 45 dual purpose guns
2 × 20 mm Phalanx CIWS Mark 15 guns
1 × 8 cell ASROC launcher
1 × 8 cell NATO Sea Sparrow Mark 29 missile launcher
2× quadruple Harpoon missile canisters
2 × Mark 32 triple 12.75 in (324 mm) torpedo tubes (Mk 46 torpedoes)
2 × quadruple ABL Mark 43 Tomahawk missile launchers
1 × 21 cell Rolling Airframe Missile launcher

1 x Seahorse helicopter
Leader Class FrigateBilious
1 × 100mm A-190 Arsenal naval gun
1 × 8 UKSK VLS cells for Kalibr and 3M55 Oniks
3 × 12 3S90M Shtil-1 VLS cells
2 × Kashtan CIWS
8 × Igla-1E (SA-16)
2 х 2 533mm torpedo tubes
1 × RBU-6000 rocket launcher
1 x Seahorse Helicopter
Kuznetsov Class FrigateBlind Io
2 × Sea Wolf anti-air missile launchers
2× Quad Harpoon missile launchers
2× triple Magazine launched anti-submarine torpedo tubes
1× 4.5-inch (114 mm) Mk.8 gun
2× 20 mm GAM-BO1 guns
1× Goalkeeper CIWS
M134 Minigun
1 x Seahorse Helicopter
Beshikov Class FrigateErrata
1 x Oto Melara 76mm (3 inch) gun
1 x Goalkeeper CIWS
2-4 x Browning M2 12.7mm machine gun
2-6 x FN MAG 7.62mm machine gun
Missiles & Torpedoes:
16 x VLS firing RIM-7 Sea Sparrow Anti-air Missile
8 x Launcher firing Boeing Harpoon Anti-Ship missile
2 x Twin torpedo tubes firing Mk.46 Torpedoes

1 x Seahorse Helicopter
Saviour Class Mine Wafare ShipFate
1 × Bofors 57 mm/70 Mk1
8-cell Denel Umkhonto-IR VLS SAM system
2 × 12.7 mm machine gun
2 × H&K GMG grenade machinegun
2 × RBU-1200 depth charge rocket launcher
2 × rails for depth charges
4 × rails for 100-150 mines
Queendom Class Patrol BoatFedecks
Orexius Nept
1 × 30mm gun AK-630M
4 × Kh-35 missiles
2 × MTPU pedestal machine gun 'Kord' 12.7 mm

1 x Seahorse Helicopter
Mustla Class CorvetteFoorgal
Lady Bon Anna
16 x Barak 8 surface-to-air missiles
8 x RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles
Phalanx CIWS
6 x Mark 32 torpedo tubes (Mark 46 torpedoes)

1 x Seahorse Helicopter
Orca Class SubmarineIkebana
4 × 21 in (533 mm) amidship torpedo tubes with up to 21 reload weapons including: Mark 48 and Mk-48 ADCAP torpedoes, typically 4 Harpoon missiles
 8 Tomahawk missiles
 2-4 SUBROC anti-submarine missiles
Nawahl Class SubmarineCeno
4 x SS-N-3 Shaddock (P-5 or P-6)
6x  533 mm (21-inch) bow torpedo tubes with 18 torpedoes
4 x 400 mm (16-inch) stern torpedo tubes with four torpedoes
Beluga Class SubmarineCzol
Six 533 mm (21in) tubes all bow for a max load of 12 torpedoes
 8 Tomahawk missiles
Royal YachtSessifetUnarmed
Shark Class Fast Patrol ShipIsle of Queens 1 & 2
Karak 1 & 2
Minor 1 & 2
Grand 1 & 2
Tyr 1 & 2
1 x Typhoon Weapon System with 25 mm gun
1 x Oerlikon 20 mm cannon
2 x 0.5" General Purpose Machine Gun
 depth charges
Cyborg ClassMorelander12 cell Vertical Launch System armed with Evolved SeaSparrow Missile or RUM-139 VL-ASROC missiles.

Two 20mm Phalanx CIWS

Up to 80 kit form UAV's of varying sizes

1x helicopter as standard but could replace UAV's with extra helicopters

Spoiler: show

The HDMDF is a complex organisation with many archaic traditions. Officers may still purchase promotion and many regiments bear the name of Patrician families showing they are still technically run by the family. Many families actually use their ownership of Regiments to make money through selling promotions.

The Regiments owned by Patrician families tend to be infantry or armour regiments and the family is expected to contribute towards the upkeep of the regiments equipment. The system has also created problems as central government pay the owner of a Regiment a budget each year for wages, maintainence etc however some have found ways of pocketing large amounts of this money and neglecting up keep of equipment or not replacing older equipment.  The system has also produced a system where there are many competing pieces of equipment for similar roles, so for example three different assault rifles are in use and each use a different calibre making joint operations between regiments difficult.

Active Members:- 220,000

SIR-3Assault RifleStandard Issue
SIR -2Assault RifleStandard Issue
SIR- 5Assault RifleStandard Issue
HG-6HandgunStandard Issue
HG-5HandgunStandard Issue
HG-7HandgunStandard Issue
BuzzsawSub-Machine GunArmour Crews
RipsawSub-Machine GunVehicle Crews
EnforcerShotgunTactical Need
SSW-2GPMGSquad Issue
SSW-4GPMGSquad Issue
SSW-3GPMGSquad Issue
MMR-2Marksman RifleDesignated User
MMR-3Marksman RifleDesignated User
ESR - 2Sniper RifleDesignated User
ATW-3Anti-Tank WeaponSquad Issue

VehicleRoleNo in Service
SMV -1Mobility Vehicle28,000
Bulldog MBT-1Main Battle Tank100
Rhino MBT-1Main Battle Tank100
Rottweiler MBT-2Main Battle Tank100
Warrior MBT-3Main Battle Tank100
Bulldog MBT-2Main Battle Tank200
Rhino APC-2Armoured Personal Carrier200
Carrier APC-2Armoured Personal Carrier200
Tiger APC-2Armoured Personal Carrir500
Warlord IFV-2Infantry Fighting Vehicle 500
Komodo IFV-2Infantry Fighting Vehicle500
Boxer AC-1Armoured Car200
Koyote IFV -2Infantry Fighting Vehicle 300
Dingo PTV-1o-Patrol Vehicle400
Bear PTV-3Patrol Vehicle1000
Wolfhound PTV-3 Patrol Vehicle500
Mastiff PTV-3Patrol Vehicle500
Aligator PT-3Patrol Vehicle100
Flying SharkAttack Helicopter10
Sky SnakeAttack Helicopter20
Flying TruckUtility Helicopter100
Black SharkUtility Helicopter50
LH-3Towed Howitzer100
Guardian TH-1Towed Howitzer100
LH-5Towed Howitzer100
Mobile Thunder SPH-1Self Propelled Howitzer200
Arrowhead SPH-2Self Propelled Howitzer150
Aroura MRL-1Rocket Artillery100
Starburst MRL-2Rocket Artillery150
Falcoln MSAM-13Mobile SAM200
Arrow MSAM-1Mobile SAM100

Spoiler: show

Active airmen 120,000

Much like the Army some squadrons are privately run through government funds, this has seen them use equipment considered by many out of date in an attempt to make money. This however has been changing recently with most squadrons coming up for renewal or the owners family having no presence in the Squadron being absorbed into central government control.

AircraftRoleNo in Use
TornaadoMulti-Role Fighter300
KullTrainer / Light Fighter220
ElevantTactical Transport30
JaaguarGround Attack120
KolisevTactical Transport 100
KulgMulti-Role Fighter100
JoehobuTactical Transport30
MiraazMulti-Role Fighter70
KaksikTactical Helicopter30
TerendusTactical Bomber15
SodalaneTactical Bomber10
RukTactical Helicopter30
PuumaTactical Helicopter15
AX-17Light Ground Attack32