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The Diarchy of Hassfurt
« on: August 07, 2019, 03:33:39 PM »
Motto:- Two Create the One
National Anthem:- Men of Hassfurt

The Diarchy of Hassfurt is a nation found on the continent of Aranye. It can trace its root to the 6th Century BC. The Duality Faith grew out of a belief that two powerful Gods destroyed the others to better have dominion over mankind. These two Gods were the female God Sandraudiga (She who paints the sand Red) and the male God Heremod (the Mighty). The nation had several tribes which were constantly warring to show they had the favour of the pair of Gods. This was unified in the early 1st Century AD when the Ermwahl Tribe gained dominance which they maintained ever since. The nation is run along religious grounds based on Duality Faith. This means a kind of monarchy based on a male and female leader. Society is based heavily along strict social and gender constructs.
Government Type:- Dual Monarchy
Population:-:- 46,500,000
Capital City:- Codilla (3.2million)
Demonym:- Hassian

Currency:- The Shilling
GDP per Capita:- $31,952.98
Unemployment Rate:- 8.2%
Main Industries:- Chemical Manufacturing, Agriculture, Automobile Manufacture, Food Processing Manufacture, Fabrics

Ethnicity:- Hassian (RL-Germanic) (70%) Celt (10%), Latino (10%) Others (10%)
Languages:- German
Religions:- Duality 92%, Other 8%
Average Life Expectancy:- 82.24 years

Head of State:- Champion of Sandraudiga - Queen Karin Biermann / Champion of Heremod - King Phillipp Theissen
Head of Government:- Consul of the Queen - Consul Ziska Feld / Consul of the King - Consul Guido Pfaff
Name of Legislative Body:- The Strata - An elected body of 250 members drawn from a quota of the five tribes hierachy.
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Re: Hassfurt
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Originally the Universe had many Gods and Goddesses. Each of these had their own favoured race or tribe. The Gods derived their prestige from the number of beings who worshipped them. Jealous of the power of each other a mighty Galactic War began. At first humans and the other beings were unaware of this going yet the growing number of natural disaster and symbol in the skies slowly gave clues. Humanity formed itself into sects supporting different of the Gods and Goddesses. Backed by the Ermwhal people the pairing of Sandraudiga and her lover Heremod emerged victorious. They gave power on Earth to their Champion and believe that the person most capability of defending the Earth should rule. They set a series of rules for their children the humanity.

1. Pray to the Dual Gods three time daily, upon waking, when the sun is highest and before sleeping.
2. Multiply to ensure power of prayer grows.
3. Carry out sacrifice of other species to honour the Gods victory.
4. Maintain the human body in a state of strength.
5. Show love to all of the Dual Gods creation.
6. Show love to the Dual Gods Champions for their word is backed by the Gods.
7. The Dual Gods have created perfect order. Do not seek to break what Gods create.
8. A person must lead a good productive life to ensure perfect rebirth.

The faithful believe that it is important to conform to the social roles as identified by the Gods. A man must seek to be like Heremod, a good soldier, physically strong, able to hunt well and a skilled craftsman. Meanwhile a woman must seek to be like Sandraudiga, a caring mother, able to defend her family, intelligent and beautiful.

To maintain to the rules of their faith a Duality follower will raise early and carry out physical exercise after committing prayer. Next they shall place gifts of flowers and food at statues of the Gods. A Dualist will refrain from smoking, will drink alcohol only ritually, will seek to maintain their weight, will learn martial arts of some variety and will refuse drugs unless medical. Once a week Dualists will carry out sacrifice of an animal to the Gods and appoint the statues in the family home with blood.

Dualists believe that different humans supported different Gods in the Galactic War but following victory Sandraudiga and Heremod showed mercy to all. They however have blessed the Ermwhal tribe with most strength and powerful.

The faith is run by the Dual Temples on a day to day basis. The Temple of Sandraudiga is run by female priestesses who ensure ritual and rules are maintained. The Temple of Heremod is run by male Priests who do the same for their side of the faith.

The Preisthoods main purpose is to perform the Strata at a childs 12th birthday. Here a child is placed into one of five groups within society, known as Strata. These are determined by the Dual Gods and determine life chances moving forward. The Strata are a hierarchy and if a Ermwhal lives a perfect life they are permitted to go and live with Sandraudiga and Heremod.

1st Strata - Ermwhal - Defined as being blonde hair and blue eyed. They are considered to be the most loved and mirrors of the Dual Gods. They are permitted to hold all jobs within society and may be Champions of the Gods. The Ermwhal appoint 50 members of the Strata Council.

2nd Strata - Tyranha - Defined as being blonde haired but not blue eyed. They are considered almost good enough to be Ermwhal but have disappointed the Gods in a past life. They are permitted to hold all jobs within society and may be Consul's but not Champions. The Tyranha appoint 40 members of the Strata Council.

3rd Strata - Antaray - Defined as having dark hair. They are the middle rank of the Strata's and seen as almost the foot-soliders of the Gods. They are permitted to hold any job in society but may not serve as a Consul or Champion. The Antaray appoint 30 members of the Strata Council.

4th Strata - Thrus - Defined as having red hair. They are considered to have done something so terrible in a past life that they were punished by fire, which is why they have red hair. They may not serve in a position giving them authority over a Tyranha or Ermwhal so as such in the military for example they may not serve as officers. They appoint 20 members of the Strata Council.

5th Strata - Guine - Means that they are "Sinners" they fall into two groups, those who are born as Guine, these are marked by being of an ethnicity other than white. The other group are those who are created Guine, these are people sinning in this life so bad that they are cast out of their Strata. They are marked with a tattoo or burn on the forehead in the shape of two arrows, one points up the other pointed down. They are not permitted to hold jobs with any authority, are banned from the military. They appoint 10 members of the Strata Council, however created Guine can not be voting. 

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Re: Hassfurt
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Unlike many nations with monarchs the Hassfurt monarchs do not come from a single bloodline. They are selected at set periods and must fulfil certain criteria to become the monarch. The Queen is refered as the Champion of Sandraudiga and wears a crown with red stones. The King is called the Champion of Heremod and wears a crown with blue stones. The King or Queen may be replaced either at death, end of ruling term or if four individuals drawn from the following believe they are no longer blessed to be Champion, the other monarch (so King may declare Queen unblessed), the two Consuls, The Spokesman of the Stratha Council and the leading Priest and Priestess. Essentially a 2/3 majority of leading figures.

A normal term is ten years. Kings are elected in years ending in 0, Queens elected in years ending in 5. There is no guarantee of being able to serve more than a single term. Once a monarch is elected at the conclude of their term any individual who fits the criteria of the title may apply to challenge them.

[The Criteria is as below.

Must be at least 18 years of age.
Must be of the Ermwhal Strata
Must be unmarried
Must be from a family with no Guine in for three generations
Must be able to hold the Axe of the King (4.4 lb) horizontally for a minute
Must be deemed physically intact
Must be at least 16 years of age
Must be of the Ermwhal Strata
Must be unmarried
Must be from a family with no Guine in for four generations.
Must be capable of producing children
Must be deemed physically intact.
Must be deemed beautiful (judged by King)

Should someone, or multiples, apply to challenge the expiring monarch then the remaining monarch may set a task to prove the applicant is worthy to challenge. Generally if multiple people apply some kind of competition challenge is set, an example of this would be such as over 48 hours who can hunt the most animals and skin them, or completing a race on foot for Kings, for Queen's it may be to make items or race. The task should reflect the gender role and relevant God. If the challenge or qualification is passed that person may challenge the monarch. This sees the current monarch and the challenger engage in unarmed combat until a clear winner. In history there are examples of this fight causing deaths but this today is very rare.

To not be excluded from remaining in post a monarch must still be deemed capable of fulfilling the criteria of their role. Often no challenge is made if it is believed the monarch is doing a good job and enjoys support of the God they Champion.

The monarchs are classed as being married while ruling. They are also expected to produce children as this is one of the rules given by the Gods.

In terms of power the two are able to veto legislation drawn up the the Strata Council as long as both agree. They may also make any agreement with foreign nations without consulting the Strata Council however if they can't agree the Council have the determining vote. The King commands the Armed Forces but may not have them leave the nation without the Queen's permission. They appoint the leading Priest/Priestess for their God. They call for elections to the Strata. They may individually pardon criminals or commute their sentence. They are the religious leader of their God.


[The Consuls are selected by the monarch they represent and must be of the same gender. They may not be related, can not have served as King or Queen and serve at the delight of the monarch who appointed them. They must be either Ermwhal or Tyranha by birth. The Consuls have the first chance each day to propose business to the Strata Council. The Consul of the King may do so on days being an even number date, the Consul of the Queen on days being an odd number date. They are responsible for guiding the Council as the King and Queen may not set foot in the Council itself. The Consul proposing legislation may not vote on it while their opposite may only vote if numbers are tied.[


This is voted for by every citizen of the nation except anyone created a Guine during their life time. At election time the number of delegates from each Strata are predetermined.

Ermwhal - 50 seats
Tyranha - 40 seats
Antaray - 30 seats
Thrus - 20 seats
Guine - 10 seats.

Only people from the first three Strata may stand as candidates. To be a candidate you must also be over the age of 21, have never been monarch or Consul and have no criminal record. The nation is split into ten geographic areas. Each person may vote for one person running for each Strata. Political parties tend to draw up lists of candidates for each Strata with more experienced candidates being put on the Ermwhal list while often those new to politics are put on the Guine list.

Elections take place every five years. The Council debate and vote of legislation proposed by the Consuls. They may add business to the Council's list but this is heard only after the Consuls proposals are dealt with that day.

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Re: The Diarchy of Hassfurt
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Queen Karin BiermannKing Phillip Theissen
Date of Birth18 April 19877th June 1981
Reigned since2015
Replaced Queen Anna Verchek after challenge
Replaced King Marcel Bartial after challenge
ChildrenWith King Philip
Hannah b. 2016
Madeline b.2018
With Queen Anna Verchek
Jonas  b.2001
Stefan b. 2004
Agatha b. 2007
Standard of EducationUniversity graduate in EconomicsUniversity graduate in Chemistry
Employment Worked for the Treasury as a researcher.Naval Officer (still enlisted)
Family Background                                                   Comes from a rather noble bloodline, three previous members of the Biermann family have been monarchs. Her father is an ambassador while Mother was a Minister of Education. The family are also the holders of the Lordship of the Highways meaning they can collect private tolls from six roads in the nation. It is a largely symbolic title but non the less does make them one of the more esteemed families in the nation. Has a younger sister who is a pilot in the Air Force.Comes from a family that have extensive military service. His father was an Army Colonel and later served as Minister of Defence. His mother meanwhile worked for the Diplomatic Service as a translator and became a senior member of the Civil Service. He has an elder brother who also tried to become King at the same time. He has a younger sister who is currently at University.
Route to the crown.Was one of four challenges to Queen Anna Verchek in 2015. King Philip rejected one as not beautiful enough, he then had the remaining three undertake a challenge to be the first to return the Kings Axe from a Temple 20km away. The challengers were made to leave the Palace immediately after and were accompanied by a Royal Guardsman to ensure they received no outside help or used motorized transport. Karin was victorious and fought Queen Anna a week later breaking her arm and receiving her submission. Was one of six men to challenge the then 52 year old King Macel. Queen Anna Verchek rejected one of the six and a further one failed the axe challenge. The four remaining were ordered to be supervised by a Royal Guardsman and told to catch as many fish as possible in 48 hours. The one with most weight would win. Philip won with ease and a week later fought King Marcel knocking him unconscious in less than a minute.

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Re: The Diarchy of Hassfurt
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Many laws apply based on the Strata you belong to.

Highest - Ermwhal
2. Tyranha
3. Antaray
4. Thrus
5. Guine

Policies & Stances

• Abortion: Legal for all Guine and Thrus under any circumstances. Higher Strata only if child is found to be carrying a serious medical condition or mother's life at risk.

• Adultery: As marriage for Ermwhal and Tyranha may stop certain promotions or positions Adultery is rather common. No legal stance exists.

• Affirmative action: No

• Age of consent: 15 years.

• Age of majority: 16

• Artificial insemination: Not illegal for any Strata. Only avaliable for Ermwhal and Tyranha so long as both parties are from the same Strata

• Assisted suicide: Legal with the support of two from three doctors agreement.

• Bestiality: Illegal.

• Birth control: Legal

• Childcare: Daycare is subsidised for all Strata

• Concealed carry: Only for top 3 Strata

• Death penalty: For murder, multiple rape and treason.

• Divorce: Legal

• Double jeopardy:  Allowed only in cases when there is new and compelling evidence against the accused.

• Drinking age: 16

• Driving age: 16

• Education: Free for all Strata until the age of 16. Only top 3 Strata until the age of 18. Top two Strata get free University education.

• Eminent domain: Legal for public purposes with fair compensation for property owners.

• Equal pay for equal work: No

• Felony disenfranchisement: Yes.

• Flag desecration: Punishable by imprisonment

• Gambling age: 16

• Gun purchase age: Only permitted if from top 3 Strata or if have served five years in the military.

• Homosexuality in the military: Not Permitted

• Human cloning: Illegal

• In vitro fertilization: Legal for top two Strata

• Marriageable age: 16 years of age. Marriage however is not often practiced by top two Strata

• Military conscription: Yes. All males serve a minimum of 18 months.

• Minimum wage: Yes.

• Parental leave: Parents get 12 months to be divided how they see fit.

• Polygamy: Illegal.

• Pornography: Legal

• Prostitution: Lowest two Strata may operate licenced brothels so long as all staff come from either abroad or same Strata

• Race: No laws

• Same-sex marriage: Not permitted

• School leaving age: 16.

• Sex reassignment surgery: Illegal. Doctor punished with imprisonment

• Sex toys: Legal

• Sexually transmitted diseases: Anyone who knowingly carries such an infection is required to disclose that information to any potential sexual partners; otherwise, consent by that partner to participate in sexual activity is considered invalid, and the carrier of the infection can be charged with either assault or attempted murder depending on the prognosis of the STD/STI

• Smoking age: 21

• Sodomy laws: No laws

• State ideology: Duality is the state religion. Non believers are still required to have a Strata placed on their ID cards and conform to laws impacted by that.

• Stem cell research: Legal

• Taxation: Progressive tax system

• Torture: Illegal

• Trial by jury: Yes. Jury made up of people from same Strata as the victim

• Universal healthcare: Basic healthcare free for all. Health insurance covers more complex matters

• Voting age: 16

• Women's rights: Full Equality

• Working age: No legal definition

• Working week: No legal definition
 1. Taken from Christian Democrats on NS

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Re: The Diarchy of Hassfurt
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The Diarchy of Hassfurt is largely committed to it faith followed by the majority of the nation. As such there are a number of key rituals that an individual undergoes. These are hugely important and can be a key part of a persons future prospects in the Dirachy. Some rituals are legally required by all regardless of your own faith.

Age UndertakenName of RitualDescription
A week after BirthThe Planting of the SeedThe child is taken by it parents to the local Temple and there a naming ceremony similar to a Christian baptism is held. The Priestess of Sandraudiga and the Priest of Heremod present the parents with a seed each. Sandraudiga with the seed of a fruit tree to symbolize future fertility. The Priest of Heremod gives a gift of a yew tree seed (as yew was used in bows). These seeds are then taken back to the woodlands nearest the childs birthplace and planted. It is expected the family throw a big party after.
12th BirthdayJoining the StrataThe child on this day is formally assigned a Strata. This is usually determined well before the 12th birthday but symbolically it would be at this age in the faith people were considered grown. On this day at sunrise the family go to the local river or lake. The child is washed in the waters and is then taken to the Temple. The daily ceremony takes place early in the morning. All those reaching their 12th birthday are dressed in a plain white robe. They are inspected by the Priestess who determines what Strata they belong to. The first two letters of the Strata are then painted on the back of the robe before the ceremony particpant is presented on the steps of the Temple. The part where a Priestess determines your Strata is a legal requirement.
18th birthdayThe Day of BloodOn the Monday following their 18th birthday a member of the faith is expected to demonstrate a devotion to the two Gods. All those taking part in the ceremony are paraded through the street in a black robe with their head covered. Upon reaching the temple they are split male and female. The participants are expected to stand in a chalked circle in the Temple and try and throw others out of the circle. The idea is not to win but to show bravery. If deemed to have tried hard and acted bravery the initiate is permitted to perform a sacrifice of a small animal for the Gods. This brings about a special blessing.
MarriageDay of OnenessMarriage is not seen as vital in Duality. Procreation among your own Strata is is considered most important. Should two people wish to marry they may. The evening before the marriage day the Priest visits the bride, Priestess the groom and inspect that they are from the same Strata. The day of the wedding the pair are bound together and placed inside a chalked circle. The pairing must stay within the circle as the Priest and Priestess try and force them from it. It is predetermined that they do not get pushed from the circle. The victory over the Priesthood shows that the Gods support the union,
30th BirthdayThe RenamingBy the age of 30 it is assumed a person has given service to the Gods. It is expected that on the 30th birthday the person attend temple taking gifts for the God of the same gender. They are asked to account for their actions to the Priest or Priestess. Once finished they are required to take a new middle name. Following this ceremony they are supposed the visit their trees from birth and leave offerings.
50th BirthdayEnd of BurdenOn the 50th birthday a persons duty to physically fight for the faith is considered over. They are required to bring a homemade weapon to the Temple of their gender. They are accompanied by family. The person celebrating their birthday hands over their weapon to the Priest or Priestess. It is then placed on the alter for a lunar month. If the weapon is still there (it always is) the person's duty to stand physical ready is considered done. The person is then presented with a Holy Scroll symbolizing their duty is now to guide those younger.
DeathThe ReckoningThe deceased is washed in the same river or lake as they were for their 12th birthday. The family then fell the trees planted at birth. The wood from the trees is used to make a funeral fire. The robe from the Joining of The Strata is thrown on the fire, as is the scroll for the End of Burden. Once the fire had stopped they take the ashes and sprinkle them in the woods where the trees were planted.

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Re: The Diarchy of Hassfurt
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Palace of the Two
The Palace is the official home of the King and Queen of Hassfurt. It is also the home of the children of the King and Queen. The Palace is in the capital of Codilla and sits on the Eastern edge of the Old Town which essentially is still the late Medieval period section of the city.

Palace of the Queen
The Palace of the Queen is located on Peniche Bay in the town of Finsing.

Palace of the King
The Palace of the King is located next to the town of Eitting close to the border with Neu Urburzis

Temple of the Two Gods
The most important Temple in the Dualist faith. It has been rebuilt many times following natural disasters and fires. The last time was in the 18th Century. Today it has a complex built around it where a school of the priesthood is based as well as an archive and museum.
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Re: The Diarchy of Hassfurt
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The Armed Forces of Hassfurt are divided into five sections.

1. The Army - Commanded by the King and made up of approx 98,000 soldiers.

2. The Air Force - Commanded by the King and made up of approx 43,000 airmen.

3. The Navy - Commanded by the King and made up of approx 31,000 sailors

The above three branches also contain individuals conducting their compulsary military service.

4. The Ermwhal Guard Corps - A semi-elite unit commanded by the King. A kind of self contained military that undertake both combat and policing roles. There is approx 19,000 of these individuals.

5. The Women's Combat Corps - A force made up exclusively of women. hey are commanded by the Queen and act as her militia and a kind of national self defence force. They are approx 10,500 of these.


97,755 Soldiers
42,736 Reservists

280 x Thunderdell Main Battle Tank
280 x Orgoglio Infantry Fighting Vehicle
260 x Penhill Infantry Fighting Vehicle
500 x Blunderbore Infantry Fighting Vehicle
600 x Cormaran Armoured Personnel Carrier
450 x Fachan Armoured Personnel Carrier
300 x GayantArmoured Fighting Vehicle
150 x Colbrand Mine Resistance Protected Vehicle
600 x Swithun Mobility Vehicle
300 x Gogmagog Mobility Vehicle
65 x Goraram Self Propelled Howitzer
70 x Ascapart Towed Howitzer
30 x Vincent Towed Howitzer
30 x Ispolin Multi Launch Rocket System
30 x Webspinner Helicopter
20 x Treehopper Helicopter


32,945 Sailors
21,333 Reservist

10 x Crocodile Class Attack Submarine = 1.Lusca 2.Lacouie 3.Issie 4.Triton 5.Hydra 6.Pliny 7.Rainbow Fish 8.Makara 9. Capricorn 10. Bakunawa

2 x Chelonidae Class Assault Ship = 1.Yacumama 2.Adomnan

2 x Iguanidae Class Landing Platform Dock = 1. Morgawr 2.Iku-Turso

4 x Dermochelyidae Class Destroyer = 1.Giganto 2.Clover 3.Merman 4. Ningen

2 x Dipsadinae Class Destroyer = 1.Manda 2.Jargmungandr

10 x Laticuda Class Frigate = 1.Ebirah 2.Godzilla 3.Cetus 4.Leviathan 5.Tiamat 6.Nessie 7.Taniwha 8. Apkallu 9.Afanic 10.Dogfish

3 x Hydrops Class Frigate = 1.Zigra 2.Champ 3.Kraken

5 x Lapemis Class Corvette = 1.Borda 2.Moby 3.Timigila 4.Cecaelias 5.Charybdis

6 x Grayiliane Class Minehunter = 1.Hedammu 2.Coinchen 3.Hafguda 4.Coi-Vilu 5.Bukavac 6.Cirein

2 x Disteira Class Electronic Surveillance Ship 1.Lyigbakr 2.Labbu

6 x Myron Class Patrol Hydrofoil 1.Sea Monk 2.Gargo 3.Devil Whale 4.Proteus 5.Siren 6.Makara

30 x Psuedoceryx Class Shallow Water Ships Classed with pennant numbers not names.

42,733 Airmen
19,434 Reservists

85 x F-39 Dragonfly Multi-Role Fighter

35 x F-15 Mantis Multi-Role Fighter

30 x GR-25 Stonefly Ground Attack Aircraft

30 x GR-34 Mosquito Light Combat Aircraft

5 x E-99 Sheildbug Airborne Early Warning Aircraft

5 x E-8 Honeybee SIGINT Aircraft

10 x E-111 Grasshopper Electronic Warfare Aircraft

3 x P-1 Tortoiseshell Maritime Patrol Aircraft

30 x T-200 Mayfly Training Aircraft

35 x T-9 Fire-ant Basic Trainer

15 x K-130 Wasp Tanker Aircraft

25 x C-130 Hornet Cargo Aircraft

20 x C-17 Sawfly Cargo Aircraft

30 x H-1 Firefly Utility Helicopter

30 x H-500 Deathwatch Light Utility Helicopter

25 x H-101 Blackfly Utility Helicopter


10,433 Guardsman

The Ermwhal Guards are men and women who have served at least five years in the military and have an outstanding record. They must be drawn from the 1st Strata. An Ermwhal Guard automatically outranks a person of identical rank drawn from other units. To become a member the individual must also complete an additional entrance exam and fitness test with the pass rates put at a higher rate than the other branches of the military. They serve as both combat soldiers as well as undertaking a policing role in sensitive areas such as around Palaces and embassies. They serve as almost a self-contained military

25 x Thuderdell Main Battle Tanks
10 x Penhill Infantry Fighting Vehicle
15 x Gayant Armoured Fighting Vehicle
100 x Gogmagog Mobility Vehicles
3 x Goraram Self Propelled Howitzer
3 x Myron Class Hydrofoil
12 x F-39 Dragonfly Multi-Role Fighter
12 x GR-34 Mosquito Light Attack Plane
12 x H-1 Firefly Utility Helicopter

10,222 Members
3,102 Reservists

The WCC is commanded by the Queen and not the King. They are used like a national defense force but are capable of overseas operations. They are recruited from women who have served at least two years in any branch of the military but must also pass an additional test. They also provide the ceremonial guard for all the Queen's residences. Often the WCC are used to test new equipment for the military.

20 x Orgoglio Infantry Fighting Vehicles
25 x Cormaran Armoured Personnel Carrier.
150 x SwithunMobility Vehicle
10 x H-72 Treehopper Utility Helicopter
10 x Psuedoceryx Class Landing Craft
5 x C-130 Hornet Cargo Aircraft
15 x T-9 Fire-Ant Light Ground Attack Aircraft


U-16 Cranefly Reconessance Platform
Ascapart Multi-Mission Vehicle
A-100 Aphid Attack Helicopter
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Re: The Diarchy of Hassfurt
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Hassfurt is a nation with many unique titles and honours. In addition to having a hereditary nobilty (Lords,Ladies, Dukes etc) the nation has many symbolic titles based on connections to the royals, the religion and military.

As marriage is not common among higher Strata titles do not pass in similar ways to many monarchy nations. Titles granted originally to a male pass only through the male line while titles granted to females pass only through the female line. It is not uncommon for a male and female title to be granted for the same geographical location. For example Duke of Madchenberg and Duchess of Madchenburg exist as titles but the holders are from separate families. Titles may only also only pass to children who belong to the first 3 Strata. Should a noble have only children from Strata 4 or 5 their titles revert to the crown at their death. As such this has seen some nobles adopt individuals, even at adult age, in order to keep titles within their extended family.

Some titles name varies depended on male or female holder. For example the title Champion. Female Champions are named after the female God (Sandraudiga) while Male Champions are named after the male God (Heremod.)
TitleGive toCriteriaAdditional Information
Champion of Sandraudiga/HeremodKing/QueenThe reigning monarchsThe title passes along with the crown.
Soldier of  Sandraudiga/HeremodFormer King/Queen
Children of King/Queen having passed Day of Blood ceremony
Royal Children must successfully pass the Day of Blood ceremony on the 1st attemptAre expected to do everything within their power to defend the reputation of the Gods.
Oracle of  Sandraudiga/HeremodLeading Priest of the GodsIs elected from the ranks of the two Priesthoods.The title is held for life or until resignation. They are like the Popes of the faith. One male and one female exist at a time.
Cantor of  Sandraudiga/HeremodLeader of the Faith in geographical DistrictsIs elected by the Priesthood based in the DistrictSimilar to a Christains Bishop/Archbishop
Guardian of the CrownA courtly order Must be nominated by a sitting King or Queen for service to the nation.Limited to 50 living members

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Re: The Diarchy of Hassfurt
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Multi-national Agreements

Fair Seas Concorde
Uppsala Convention
Outer Space Standards
Treaty for the Protection of Hygelac and Hrothgar
Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation

Bi-Lateral Agreements

Spoiler: Treaty with East Moreland • show

The Kingdom of East Moreland and the Diarchy of Hassfurt, having meet in Rockhampton on the ?? July 2020 have entered into a Treaty of Co-Operation between their two nations. The conditions of this Treaty shall be in existence until ?? July 2025 upon which representatives of the two nations shall meet again to consider the future of this Treaty.

The following articles shall be in place within 60 days of this treaty being signed.

1. Both nations shall maintain active embassies for the purpose of supporting their citizens while in the other nation as well as being a first point of contact for diplomatic purposes.

2. Embassies shall seek to make an active contribution to the community in which they are based.

3. Citizens may travel to the other nation without a visa so long as the following conditions are meet.

a) The trip is booked at least 21 days in advance.
b) The traveller is in possession of a valid return ticket.
c) The traveller does not intend to stay longer than 30 days.
d) The traveller has sufficient funds to support their stay.
e) The traveller is not considered a threat to national security.

4. Students may apply for a place at institutions in the other nation and will be given consideration on the same terms as a domestic student. In order to take up a place however a student must fulfil the following criteria.

a) Be able to prove they have adequate funding to cover the cost of their course and stay.
b) Not be considered a threat to national security.

5. The nations shall reduce tariffs to be in line with the lowest rate of charges levied by the nation against any other.

6. Nations in multi-national treaties[1] shall not be included in the consideration given in Article 5.

7. Any goods crossing the border must be accompanied by a certificate of origin of manufacture. Only goods manufactured totally in East Moreland or Hassfurt may take advantage of Article 5.

8. No limits on goods traded may be imposed except in ensuring that goods comply with local health and safety laws.

9. The two nations agree to grant access to criminal records databases to the other for visa purposes.

10. The two nations agree to extradite suspected criminals to the other upon request so long as the following conditions are meet.

a) Details of the suspected crime is presented.
b) The nation requesting extradition can provide assurances of a fair trial.
c) The nation requesting extradition can provide assurances of torture not being used.

Signed:- King David III of East Moreland.
Signed:- Queen Karin of Hassfurt
Signed:- King Jonas of Hassfurt

 1.    e.g CNN, CSU, AKO etc

Spoiler: Treaty with Nya Aland • show

It is agreed that the nations of Hassfurt and Nya Εland shall abide by the following agreement in the spirit of friendship and co-operation

1. Each capital shall play host to a recognised embassy with all the rights and privledges normally accorded such a establishment. Nations may also operate consulates in any city they feel would benefit from such an establishment.

2. Travellers visiting the other nation for non-business related purposes may do so visa free so long as their stay fulfills the following criteria.

a) The individual is not staying for longer than 21 days.
b) The individual has a valid return ticket
c) The individual has sufficent means to cover their stay without working.
d) The individual is not deemed a threat to national security.

3. In cases where an individual is travelling for educational purposes the visa free stay will be extended for the duration of their course so long as the following conditions are meet.

a) The individual has a place reserved on an accredited course of study.
b) The individual has means to cover the cost of their course either through private funds, scholarship or state funding.

4. Unprocessed materials may be traded between nations with no tariffs so long as the materials comply with local standards and laws.

5. Processed materials and manufactured items shall be traded tariff free after 16th November 2025. Should an item having first been imported into the other nation then be transferred to a third party nation the company responsible for the trade will be liable to paying a tariff to be agreed between the two nations.

6. Goods shall be classed as being manufactured in a nation if 75% or more of its processes are undertaken in that nation.

7. Nations agree to permit military exports between the two nations so long as onward sales do not take place without permission of the originating nation.

Signed Queen Karin of Hassfurt
Signed King Jonas of Hassfurt
Signed His Holiness Stein Ulfsson, Head Gothi of Nya Εland
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