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Sporting Hub / Re: MFA World Cups 2021 IC
« on: November 29, 2021, 07:23:29 PM »
Mens Match Day Two Results

Group A

Vinitsia 1-3 Ui Cenneslaig
Zaporozh 2-0 Zimalia

Group B

Izhitsa 2-1 East Moreland
Marseilles 0-1 ULNS

Group C

Kaitaine 1-1 Daito
Floodwater 2-2 Rayyu

Group D

Achkaerin 3-0 Jugland
Lijiang 0-0 Aquitaine

Group E

Nya Aland 2-0 Djabidjan
Lodja 2-2 Rodina

Group F

Tytor 3-2 Royal Seleucid
Seaforth 1-2 Revana

Current Group Standings

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Falcon and the Fox: Akasha and Peter
« on: November 28, 2021, 11:05:22 PM »
"What you need Your Majesty is achievable." Peter said "I'm happy to have people come over and take a look at this if that's what you're asking. As for support for anything MAEA related, my understanding is that you've tabled this with the MAEA, further Clysperis is a member of that organisation so to put it honestly if Achkaerin wasn't prepared to support you in this you would already know it. My nation is committed to nuclear safety and to ensuring that the book on nuclear weapons, a book we along with others worked so hard to close, stays closed. You don't need to my support here you had it before this visit started."

Sporting Hub / Re: MFA World Cups 2021 IC
« on: November 25, 2021, 10:27:07 PM »
Womens Match Day One Results

Group A

Vinitsia 2-1 Djabidjan
East Moreland 0-3 Kaitaine

Group B

Rayyu 2-2 Jugland
Tytor 2-0 Zimalia

Group C

Lodja 4-2 Royal Seleucid
Zaporozh 3-0 Marseilles

Group D

Daito 1-3 Nya Aland
Toshikawa 0-1 ULNS

Group E

Achkaerin 3-0 Seaforth
Theocracy of Kaitaine 2-2 Revana

Group F

Floodwater 5-0 Aquitaine
Ui Cenneslaig 2-2 Izhitsa

Current Group Standings

Sporting Hub / Re: MFA World Cups 2021 IC
« on: November 23, 2021, 09:00:19 PM »
Mens Match Day One Results

Group A

Vinitsia 3-1 Zimalia
Ui Cenneslaig 2-1 Zaporozh

Group B

ULNS 0-2 Izhitsa
Marseilles 1-2 East Moreland

Group C

Floodwater 1-3 Daito
Rayyu 0-5 Kaitaine

Group D

Achkaerin 5-0 Aquitaine
Lijiang 0-3 Jugland

Group E

Rodina 1-4 Nya Aland
Djabidjan 3-1 Lodja

Group F

Royal Seleucid 3-3 Seaforth
Revana 1-3 Tytor

Current Group Standings

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: November 19, 2021, 08:15:56 PM »


By Nick Watson: Sports Correspondent

With the Football World Cup about to get underway in Vinitsia anticipation among football fans are flocking to the Albion nation to see their country's players take to the field. This years event sees not only the mens world cup occur but the womens as well. Achkaerin's women's team known as the Vixens (pictured above) finished warming up for the tournament with a 4-0 victory in a friendly with the Allied States of Ardia, following earlier victories against Nueva Ardia and Toshikawa. The Vixen's fly to Vinitisia in good spirit's and are led by head coach Scarlet Hayes for who this will be her first tournament as head coach. On the men's side the Fox's will go for their fifth world crown this time around, the team's head coach Dame Julia McCabe spoke as the team arrived in  "We know we're a good team and we know we're tough to beat, we're going to give our best to play our game the way we've always played."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Door Into Mktvartvelo [Open RP]
« on: November 15, 2021, 08:35:30 PM »
"Yes." Olivia said taking point on this, she was the more experienced in these circumstances, smiling at Eter "It's a shame that this is the first time, you have such a nice country. And it makes a delightful change to be able to enjoy an evening out without having any political expectations on me, I'm just here supporting Timothy." Timothy smiled

"I must admit I am intrigued to hear more about the foundation." Timothy said "I look forward to meeting Mrs. Nioradze."

Lassie meanwhile slowly moved away, her mind focused on the woman she'd seen, she knew that face and if she was here then there weren't many reasons she could be there and only one or two of those were innocent. Looking for a black dress at a party like this was almost like looking for a needle in a haystack but Lassie knew the face, you didn't forget the face of a mark especially one you'd been briefed on recently, though no one had imagined them in a place like this.

Map / Re: Claiming Your Spot on the Map
« on: November 15, 2021, 05:04:48 PM »
New Map:


The following nations have been removed
  • Jiauyan
  • Ravnina
  • Sudmark
  • Jugland
  • Fleur
  • Hudsonia

Pending Removals

None at this time


The following nations have been added:
  • Rhand
  • Quebec
  • Rayyu
  • Mktvartvelo
  • Sonida
  • Zaporozh
  • Vinitsia
  • Nassau
  • Sludderland
  • Samantra (plus 3 in different colours)

Note some claims do appear different to claims due to the Cartographer trying to avoid creating Orphan territories

Sporting Hub / MFA World Cups 2021 IC
« on: November 13, 2021, 05:45:05 PM »
MFA World Cups 2021

The group draws for this years Football World Cups has taken place (see links below), this is the first year that the mens and the womens tournaments happen at the same time, the games will be played in the country of Vinitsia in the continent of Albion. Each tournament sees 24 teams competing against each other to be named world champions, who will prevail in this contest?

(quick rules explanation with 24 teams the top 2 from each group will advance to the last 16 along with the 4 best placed 3rd place teams from the groups - if you followed te European championships earlier this year this is exactly the same the last 16 then play in a standard knockout tournament. Games will be by match day round and alternate between the tournaments until the knockout stages)

Mens Group Draw

Womens Group Draw

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Door Into Mktvartvelo [Open RP]
« on: November 11, 2021, 12:59:16 AM »
An event about giving a chance to the most vulnerable was clearly the sort of place to find Timothy Willows, the Managing Director of the Child Welfare Fund charity a position that basically meant he dealt with the day to day administration of the charity and reported directly to the Royal family who owned it, the CWF as it was otherwise known as was their initiative. Timothy dressed in black tie as might be expected for such an occasion was networking, making small talk and explaining what the CWF did to ensure its goals and its latest projects, they didn't shout about them much but they were two years into their Phuebra program now, their intention was to provide every child in that war torn country with access to an education and amongst the rebuilding work going on they were seeing good early results. Timothy's companion for the evening, resplendent in a purple dress was Olivia Leonidas, as first dates went this was perhaps unconventional but in truth this sort of setting was more Olivia's arena more than it was Timothy's, she knew more about breaking the ice than he did. Rounding off the group was Timothy's younger sister Lassie, she'd attended some events like this with Timothy before, she'd helped him staff the CWF office, including a little bit of self volunteering in the early days, Timothy had hoped to use the trip as the chance to get Lassie's opinion on Olivia. For the most part Lassie was enjoying the event it was a great opportunity to talk about causes she was passionate about and to do her sister thing and back Timothy up but as she glanced around the floor her smile became forced and her blood ran cold as her eyes settled on Erica Scidonis. Well this was suddenly a more complex evening than she'd expected it to be.

Sporting Hub / Re: MFA World Cups 2021 OOC
« on: November 10, 2021, 02:00:32 PM »
Ok sign ups closed IC thread by the weekend

Character Guides / Re: Achkaerin Who's Who
« on: November 10, 2021, 01:43:55 AM »
Lassie Willows
EducationFirst Class Honours Degree in Psychology, Criminology and Sociology from the University of Artaxia
High School Qualifications from Scout Park High School, Rosevale
Justicar Training
Positions Held

Captain (Achkaerin Army)
Posting: Justicar - "Ice Star"
FamilyMother - Harriet Willows
Father - John Willows
Brother - Timothy Willows
Links to Important events?None
BiographyThe quiet type, prefers to let her actions do the talking but when she does say something she means it. Recruited into the Justicars out of University more for her problem solving skills than any physical ability, although she is a pretty decent cross country runner. When she tries to understand the actions of someone she is investigating she tends to resort to method acting including reconstructing explosive devices, using weapons, walking through decisions and so on. Away from the office she can usually be found with a book in her hand, at a chessboard or hanging around with her brother.

Sporting Hub / Re: MFA World Cups 2021 OOC
« on: November 06, 2021, 10:43:46 AM »
Last call for this - also Nova feel free to start the ic thread for it.

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2021 - Awards Ceremony
« on: November 05, 2021, 05:10:22 PM »

Charlotte Youngson Chair of the Queen's Foundation

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, once again we come together tonight to recognize, pay tribute to and honour the achievements of the people of Mundus across a variety of fields, including for the first time this year the field of climate, we've seen in recent many great strides made in the cause of environmental preservation and sustainability, many nations have programs around this field in progress as the world moves towards the future. And so without further ado the winners of the Queen's Foundation Awards 2021 are as follows"

Queen's Foundation Award for Chemistry
Stella McIntyre - for the development of a method for genome editing

Queen's Foundation Award for Physics
Daito National Space Agency - for the development of UHS spaceplane Tenryū

Queen's Foundation Award for Physiology and Medicine
OsmanTech and Pasteur - for development of the Yellow Tongue Vaccination

Queen's Foundation Award for Literature and Journalism
BLICK - for Continued excellence in reporting

Queen's Foundation Award for Peace
Ragnar Madson (posthumous) - for Creation of the now fulfilled roadmap to Lan Na reunification

Queen's Foundation Award for Economics
Josephine F. Riggar - for Management & coordination of investigations relevant to the Elysium Incident and Heyran Coup in respect of stocks

Queen's Foundation Award for Engineering
McKinlay Naval Solutions - for the development of the MKNS Atom

Queen's Foundation Award for Archaeology and Anthropology
Melanie Bell - for Identification of the Isle of Rhodes as modern day Caesarea and Jocelyn of Rhodes as Anezaki Ayanami

Queen's Foundation Award for Mathematics
Sylvain Pascal - for contributions to the theory of optimal transport and its applications in partial differential equations, metric geometry and probability."

Queen's Foundation Award for Climate
Maxwell Little, Ewan Cochrane & Thea Forrest - for development of green hydrogen technology developed to transform how we power our homes and buildings.

OOC Explanation - Awards made firstly based on votes and nominations, for any fields without nominees I've then gone looking through RP for potential winners, in the event there's nothing that fits the time frame I've used rl plus a randomly generated name - assume NPC nations for these (this year they're the winners for chemistry, mathematics and climate)

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Reinforcing Ties - the Fox and the Wolf
« on: November 01, 2021, 06:14:23 PM »
Serenity half smiled taking the pen and examining it for a moment before setting it down on the table and taking from her own pocket another pen, purple in colour, a slight golden trim, but still just a simple pen, nothing too fancy "What a pair we make right?" she said "Your father's pen and... Isaac's." she glanced at Peter who nodded, Serenity wasn't Achkaerin's Head of State... well not yet, but with her father's blessing she signed on the line with her late husbands pen.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Lakhzov Amnesty - Lakhzovia, Achkaerin
« on: November 01, 2021, 03:46:50 PM »
OOC - Apologies for the late reply, could have sworn I'd done this.

Michael glanced at Rion who nodded both of them understood the importance of controlling the narrative when it came to stuff like this "All right." Rion said thinking it through for a moment "I am still concerned that this has trap written all over it but I also know the risk-reward equation is leaning towards the risk being acceptable, I'll do what I can to protect you while you build the opposition."

"And we'll be in touch when we have the partnership stuff sorted out." Michael said

Sporting Hub / Re: MFA World Cups 2021 OOC
« on: November 01, 2021, 02:16:41 PM »
Note - the bidding deadline has passed with there being only one bid Vinitsia shall be hosting the two tournaments.

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2021 - Peace Vote
« on: October 29, 2021, 12:49:56 PM »
Name of Nominee: Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Defeat of the terrorists known as the Confederation of Clysperis and the reunification of the Clysperi State
Supporting Letter:

When the Clysperi Confederation was declared by Nekhtou a period of uncertainty, death and destruction was imposed upon the Kingdom of Clysperis. There was a time during the conflict where it appeared that the self-declared Confederation may consolidate its holdings in the Southern Lands before turning its attention to the North, bringing with them more public executions, beatings and crimes against the Clysperi People. Through her wise leadership and cooperation with partners engaged alongside her in the fight against terrorism Pharaoh Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re not only saw the threat posed by the Confederation to her People defeated, she also realized the reintegration of lands held by the terrorists and has embarked upon several programs to repair damage and rebuild lives.

Since the cessation of hostilities living standards across the Kingdom have risen, while fairness has been shown toward those willing to repent for their associations with Nekhtou and his Confederation. That we have seen Clysperis rise from the ashes of the conflict imposed upon it by terrorism, I feel that Pharaoh Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re deserves consideration in the field of peace. Thank you.

Soraya Danesh, with help from the Danesh Family
Residents of Hesikhen

Name of Nominee: Prince Jonas of Hassfurt
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Negotiating the Celtic Protectorate Withdrawal

Supporting Letter:

It is my pleasure to nominate young Prince Jonas of Hassfurt for the Queen's Foundation Prize for Peace. Over the last few months the young royal has worked to bring religious tensions within Royal Seleucid to a head and while ensuring that the region can return to national sovereignty in a more expedious manner. While the withdrawal of Ui Cennesliag troops has been achieved and system put in place to ensure Royal Seleucid maintains itself as a safe place for members of the Cult of Helus to live. It is now possible thanks to the Prince's input that citizens living there can live safe in the knowledge that their rights and identity are protected. It is for these reasons that we believe the Prince deserves this award for bringing to an end a long period of instability in this region.

May The Gods Watch Over You and the World Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland

Ragnar Madson

Name of Nominee:Ragnar Madson (posthumous)
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Creation of the now fulfilled roadmap to Lan Na reunification

Supporting Letter:

For several decades the only way the Kingdom and Democratic Republic of Lan Na saw each other was through the sights of a rifle. Thanks to the work of Ragnar Madson almost twenty years ago a path was set up to allow our two nations to embrace each other like siblings once more. This year the completion of Mr.Madson's vision has bore fruit and on happy circumstances Mundus saw itself with a nation less as two became one. The process of our nation fully joining together shall still be a long and challenging one however it is well underway and our only sorrow is that Mr.Madson did not live to see the joy his work brought. Until 2019 when he died he had worked with people on both sides of the border to ensure the smooth unification and now as our two lands sit under the same flag it would be fitting that the work of Mr.Madson is recognised by the international community.

King Chulalok of the United Lan Na States
Prime Minister President Varit Sodsri of the United Lan Na States

Name of Nominee: OsmanTech and Pasteur
Field Nominated in: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: Yellow Tongue Vaccination
Supporting Letter:

This year the world was ravaged by the Yellow-Tongue virus which saw a huge impact on the livestock market across Mundus. In addition to having a big impact on the agricultural industry it has also seen itself rip through certain wild animal populations. As the disease seemed to spread across Mundus teams from the two nominees worked, often co-operatively, to first map the virus and then isolate it before discovering how to map its genetic code. Once this had been done the Fleur nominees managed to come up with an effective vaccine that was then put into mass production by OsmanTech. As a result this potential catastrophe was brought under control. We believe that these people deserve this award as they have not only succeeded in manufacturing an effective vaccine in short order but have demonstrated the achievements nations on Mundus can make if and when they work co-operatively.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Mundus Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland

Name of Nominee: Dr.Simon Hindmarch
Field Nominated in: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: Pioneering Biological Scaffolding surgery

Supporting Letter:

It is well known that early this year I was part of a programme to test a new surgical technique known as Biological Scaffolding. Several years ago a terrorist attack left me with part of my lower back missing muscle mass. Under the guidance of Dr.Hindmarch a pigs bladder was used to create a kind of biological net that was implanted where scar tissue had once been, this area received regular stem cell injections and has allowed me to gain much of the mobility of the region. A similar technique has been used on arms and legs to give greater mobility to those, usually injured soldiers, who have been wounded in the line of duty. Those having the operation have also included members of the Achkaerin royal family. It is my belief that through Dr.Hindmarch's skill, dedication and dexterity that I will have a much better quality of life and as such his ongoing roll out of the method will lead to a wider world impact.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Mundus Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland.

Convention Centre / Re: Queen's Foundation Awards 2021
« on: October 25, 2021, 03:00:19 PM »
Name of Nominee: Countess Melanie Bell
Field Nominated in: Archaeology and Anthropology
Reason for Nomination: Identification of the Isle of Rhodes as modern day Caesarea and Jocelyn of Rhodes as Anezaki Ayanami
Supporting Letter:

When people talk about the mysteries of Mundus one of the biggest has always been the Isle of Rhodes, the place that gives it name to the current Royal family of Seaforth, the fate of this island, in particular its location has remained lost to history, also a mystery that has caused great debate between scholars has been the early life of the woman known as Jocelyn of Rhodes, no one has ever really been sure who she was. Melanie Bell and her team of archaeologists have identified that the Isle of Rhodes is in fact the island off the coast of Vanora on which the city of Caesarea sits and more than that in the course of their investigation began to piece together the identity of Jocelyn of Rhodes managing to eventually identify that Jocelyn of Rhodes was in fact a pseudonym coined by the Knights Hospitalier for Anezaki Ayanami, the second wife of Paul the Explorer. I believe making such discoveries that shed new light on the history of Mundus is worthy of recognition and of this award

Emperor Peter Azurewind

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Reinforcing Ties - the Fox and the Wolf
« on: October 24, 2021, 10:13:00 PM »
"Not really." Peter said as the tennis ball being used in the game of cricket got hit in their direction which he caught and threw back "Don't make me come bowl." he said smiling as his niece shrugged

"So we signing this thing?" Serenity asked

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: October 24, 2021, 06:47:25 PM »


a painting of Jocelyn of Rhodes, credited to a member of the Knights Hospitalier

By Roisin Shaughnessy: Chief Correspondent

Jocelyn of Rhodes is a giant of Mundus history, a woman with a great number of deeds to her name and someone who played a significant part in the founding of Seaforth, however unlike many of her contemporaries very little is known of her life before the 1130's, this lack of knowledge has led to many theories about her earlier years including that she was a peasant farm girl, a nun initiate or a sailor but now archaeologist Melanie Bell and her team have unraveled this mystery as explained by Miss Bell herself:

"When Princess Harper of Seaforth contracted us to look into the Isle of Rhodes we were expecting to be spending plenty of time scouring the oceans for a long forgotten island, we weren't expecting to find it hidden in plain sight. For a long time it's been assumed or believed that this island was out near the Illumic or the Mhorish, now maybe the Illumic could make sense after all travel to Vanora during the crusades era would require way points if going by sea but there have always been issues with these ideas. Rather than pursue existing theories at first we started with a blank canvas and a very big net. This search threw up extracts written by Paul the Explorer that placed Paul and his wife Anezaki Ayanami in Vanora at the time of the Blood Libel in 1135, the same writings also mentioned the name Jocelyn and the rescue and protection of Jewish people from the slaughter being carried out by some knightly orders, and so the picture of the siege of the Isle of Rhodes took shape we had the knights hospitalier and as we discovered the knights of St James defending against an army of knights led by the knights templar, rather than the likely expected showdown of the era we had what modern militaries might refer to as blue on blue. But more significantly we found the island, and we found it right under our noses, the modern city of Caesarea built on the ruins of the old, the modern city technically sat on an island with fields of roses around it. And it was these fields that set us thinking, very little was known about Jocelyn because her name derives from the island, a language expert told us that Rhodes means Rose, so Island of Rhodes became Island of Rose.

That probably sounds like job done, we were asked to find the island and we found it, but we're archaeologists and we still had a few questions we wanted to figure out, basically the more we delved into the Isle of Rhodes the more questions about Jocelyn were raised, given the translation of Rhodes to Rose we took a leap and queried what Jocelyn meant and were told it meant chief, lord, knight or something similar. This hunch was our breakthrough, Knight of the Rose is a phrase we know but not used to describe Jocelyn, it's a phrase written by Paul the Explorer when he describes his first impressions of Anezaki on Luna Isle, there's a famous sketch that goes with this also titled that and this raised a question given the timelines and events, being able to put both of them in the same places at the same time - what if Jocelyn of Rhodes and Anezaki Ayanami were the same person? We looked into it, carrying out analysis of the Sword of Somerset and also DNA tests and we can now confirm that they were the same person. Which helps scholars who study Paul answer a few questions of their own because we now have a date of death for Anezaki in 1142, this makes Paul and Anezaki the parents of Siobhan Rhodes who is the next Rhodes we see in history. It's been another weird one, I'm not quite sure how or why we attract the interesting mysteries but we enjoy them."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Cartier's Fate
« on: October 24, 2021, 02:24:05 PM »
Peter was frankly unamused with the ambassadors tone, it was expected that emotions would run high, Peter had to remind himself that there were parts of this he knew that the ambassador didn't. Still at least the concerns were satisfied

"I agree the Colonel should have faced justice long before now and undoubtedly would have had one of his own actions not shall we say muddied the waters." Peter said "His declaration of Aquitaine, created a few problems of a legal nature that were seized on by his representatives and your military's finding of him being awol inadvertently compounded this. More often than not the grounds are clutching at straws but as I said Cartier muddied the waters. I would also politely remind you that for all of the years we've had him in custody, both for investigation and then pre-trial detention not once has your government in either the current or previous administration requested his extradition for the crimes he committed in the Marseilles crisis, had that request come we would have had this conversation long before now. His lawyer is Elecktra Hope according to the documents I've seen, she works for shield law. Cartier will be transferred to Marseilles in the next twenty four hours."

Vignettes / Re: Finding the Lost and Forgotten
« on: October 23, 2021, 09:16:05 PM »
The Results

There were moments of being an archaeologist that were a lot easier than they had even up to a handful of years earlier, but technological advancements, scientific advancements only ramped up the suspense, the butterflies, the tension because answers were far more definitive now than they had been previously. Melanie Bell was pacing around her office in her lab at echo archaeology the envelope containing the DNA results sat on her desk unopened, it was almost funny really wasn't it? She'd put everything on trying to discover who Jocelyn was and now she wasn't sure if she wanted to know if she was in fact right or wrong. If she was right then there was a tie between Achkaerin, East Moreland and Seaforth, a link far greater and more significant than anything from the present day. She'd seen the facial reconstruction of Jocelyn's face and it was definitely close to the sketches and on top of that looked Achkaerinese in bone structure. Summoning up her courage she picked up the envelope and opened it, unfolding the paper she read it and then read it a second and third time before heading out into the more office like area of the premises where Harper Rhodes and Rosa Ayanami were waiting. Stepping into the room Melanie got them all sat down and took a deep breath, unfolding the paper.

"I have here the results of a DNA comparison between your samples essentially we're testing whether you are and by association whether your families are related, we also have a secondary test of Lady Rosa's DNA against a sample taken from Jocelyn's remains." Melanie said she took a moment "The tests conclude that there is a significant level of correlation between your two DNA samples. This level of result is seen in cousins, this is what I'd expect to see if comparing Princess Harper's DNA and King Andrew's."
"So that means we're related?" Rosa asked
"Yes." Melanie said "It's a safe bet that the Rhodes family is a branch of the Ayanami family."
"Which brings us to..." Harper said
"The comparison of Ayanami family DNA against Jocelyn's." Melanie said "I can tell you that the results conclude that there's a DNA link between Jocelyn and Rosa, enough to say Jocelyn is a blood ancestor."
"So Anezaki Ayanami becomes Jocelyn of Rhodes." Rosa said
"Anezaki dies in Seaforth in 1142 at the end of the battle that forged Seaforth, Paul and I assume Price Edwin and it's Siobhan who was next right?" Melanie said
"Yes, Siobhan Rhodes." Harper said
"So they go back to East Moreland, Paul dies in 1144 and Edwin becomes King." Melanie said, "Siobhan takes over on Somerset?"
"Yep." Harper said
"So Ironsides, Ayanami's and Rhodes's all one big happy family." Rosa said
"And the fox, badger and bear shall lie down together." Melanie said "Never thought I'd figure out that Namis prophecy."

About half an hour later they were all sharing a drink of lemonade.
"I know it's not what you wanted me to find." Melanie said "Or who."
"Once you told me it was Caesarea I knew Joshua had gone looking in the wrong place." Harper said "Thank you."
"He could still be out there somewhere." Melanie said
"Still now I know one thing." Rosa said
"Which is?" Harper said
"Why Rion and Andrew are frighteningly similar." Rosa said

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Cartier's Fate
« on: October 23, 2021, 12:31:12 AM »
To say Peter was conflicted about this was an understatement, he knew it needed to be done, he knew it was right but at the same time he could still see the then Captain Cartier who handed Daniele over to Achkaerin in 1998, saving the future duchess's life, it wasn't easy for the Emperor having been involved in that operation to effectively wash his hands of one of the bravest men he'd known but good men could go bad and Sebastian Cartier was a criminal and had to face justice.

"Mr Ambassador." Peter said when Thibault was shown into his study "Thank you for coming promptly. I'm sure this comes as no surprise but this concerns Colonel Cartier. I'm equally sure it comes as no surprise to you that this concerns his extradition, Achkaerin has no extradition agreements with Marseilles however the Colonel must face justice so I'm prepared to extradite him on the following conditions:

Firstly that the trial is conducted in accordance with the relevant articles of the MCUR, I have no reason to believe that this will not be the case but I hope you understand that I need the affirmation on the record. Secondly the death penalty must be taken off the table, Achkaerin does not extradite to the death penalty and I would be unable to satisfy the demand if it were on the table. Thirdly the trial must include charges in respect all the people whose deaths, abuse and so on that he is responsible for whether they be CTOMM, Marseilles or Nya Aland, fourth there must be no further extradition of the Colonel this is where it ends the crimes were committed in Marseilles. Finally he has proven to be a valuable intelligence source in respect of the Sorority of Materna, it may become necessary for him to be asked further questions if so we will inform you. If the terms are agreeable he can be on a plane in the morning."

Diplomacy and Events / Cartier's Fate
« on: October 22, 2021, 11:33:24 PM »
The diplomatic ramping up around Colonel Cartier had been expected but perhaps not at this speed, the myriad of legal issues was more than enough to bury most lawyers and the amount of pre-trial procedural motions that had been submitted by Cartier's legal team were quite significant not to mention complex and it was these motions combined with intelligence and political concerns along with the growing attention of the international community that was creating a perfect storm around the Colonel. In the Marble Palace it was decision time, Emperor Peter had gathered his advisors and they were in the midst of a deep conversation on the issue. Peter put the phone down after a rather bittersweet call with the Duchess of Aquitaine.

"She doesn't like it but she'll do it." Peter said looking around the room "Is everyone happy with handing him to Marseilles if they meet our conditions? Rion?"
"He's the most valuable intelligence source I've got on the Sorority, but I do have Alys now." Rion said
"Better Marseilles than Nya Aland." Kumiko Arkwright Peter's chief of staff said "We're legally within our rights to try him, but we don't need Brook 2.0."
"Marseilles where the crimes occurred better there than sending a message we don't want to send." Rion said
"All right summon the Marseilles let's get the assurances, if they agree we extradite to Marseilles, if not we reconsider." Peter said

An official summons was promptly dispatched to the Marseilles embassy.

Press Offices / Re: Achkaerinese Press Office
« on: October 22, 2021, 03:31:07 PM »

Statement on Cartier Situation

The Achkaerinese Government has noted the concern expressed over the apparent lack of prosecution of Colonel Sebastian Cartier. The Government is determined that he will face trial for his crimes as per the recommendations of the review of the Colonel's conduct in the Marseilles crisis published in 2017[1]. Like all those charged with criminal offences under the Uppsala Convention Colonel Cartier is entitled to due process, certain aspects of the situation during and shortly after the crisis have led to several legal questions that must be resolved before a substantive trial can occur, these are of particular importance because they impact things at the trial stage.

Those concerned about the time this is taking can rest assured that he will face justice under the convention for crimes he committed, but we remind everyone again that he is entitled to due process. If people wish to contact the Achkaerinese Government concerning this matter they may do so.
 1. OOC - I did imply this date in a vignette at the time and then it never made into a news post due to some things posted by others that would have impacted it.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Falcon and the Fox: Akasha and Peter
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The fact that Peter, Adam and Trixy all had military experience meant that they were interested in what they were seeing, for the most part the Clysperi soldiers seemed to know what they were doing in terms of parade but Trixy was facepalming a little as she watched some combat drills, from soldiers just squeezing the trigger on the range to a lack of awareness in some quarters, not that it was particularly surprising when you incorporated a militia into a regular force things took time to gel. Even so the training level was perhaps as expected lower than Trixy was accustomed to, so it seemed they had to do more than just discuss equipment and this wasn't unexpected.

"So what do you think?" Peter asked looking at Trixy
"They're better than the Phuebran's were but they need work." Trixy said
"Adam?" Peter asked
"A training program would be an idea." Adam said "The Pharaoh wants a strong defence let's give her the best we can."

Convention Centre / Re: First Annual Aperture World's Fair
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Name of Company/Representing Entity: Achkaerin Space Agency
Nation of Origin: Achkaerin
Stall Functions and Sizes Requested (May request up to 5 stalls): Large Tech
Presentation Length: 30 minutes
Short Description of all stalls being hosted: A model of the soon to be launched Oracle Space Telescope, successor to the Theia Space Telescope, Technology demonstration model of a concept to be applied for an Ishtar probe and finally an artists model of a drone concept named Morph, an idea still in the early stages of development the concept is a shape shifting drone that can break apart and rebuild itself in a sphere and explore.

Name of Company/Representing Entity: McKinlay Naval Solutions
Nation of Origin: Achkaerin
Stall Functions and Sizes Requested (May request up to 5 stalls): Small Technology
Presentation Length: 15 minutes
Short Description of all stalls being hosted: A model of the MKNS Atom

Sporting Hub / MFA World Cups 2021 OOC
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Back for an eighth tournament (after a year away due to certain things), the Men's and starting this year also including the Women's World Cup. The pinnacle of football tournaments (or soccer if you're American) on Mundus.

as in the last tournament the World cup will consist of a group stage, with grouping being dependent on the number of declared nations competing after which there will be Quarter final, Semi Final and Final Stages (these are minimal rounds if we get 32 competing teams there will obviously be a knockout round and we if we get certain numbers of competing countries we may require some qualification rounds)

Boost events have been removed from the equation (this will simplify the scoring mechanism), in addition teams will play each other once not twice in the group stages.

Nations are invited to bid for the hosting rights I have included the minimum criteria . As in previous events there will be a bidding deadline this time of October 31st with a view to starting soon after.

  • A list of appropriate stadiums, 1 of at least 85,000 capacity to hold the Final, 2 of at least 50,000 capacity (May include re use of the 85,000+ Stadium as well) a minimum of 6 stadiums.
  • Name of the Main TV Rights Holder (Your News Service presumably)
  • Plans for the housing of athletes and staff and training pitches in place for the duration of the Cup
  • Importantly a written letter signed by a ranking member of your government stating that they will provide safe venues and protective services for all players and staff no matter which nation they hail from. (No refusing entry to a nation or holding people prisoner because you don't get along in RP with their nation).

I will handle the scoring side of things, however I will ask someone else to do the scoring of the final should Achkaerin get that far (as I have done in other tournaments when this has happened).

Note: When signing please make clear if you signing up for one or both competitions

Current Participants Mens

1. Achkaerin
2. Revana
3. Rayyu
4. East Moreland
5. Royal Seleucid
6. Daito
7. Izhitsa
8. Vinitsìa
9. Djabidjan
10. Jugland
11. Ui Cenneslaig
12. Nya Aland
13. Zaporozh
14. Lijiang
15. United Lan Na States
16. Kaitaine
17. Lodja
18. Tytor
19. Floodwater
20. Marseilles
21. Aquitaine
22. Seaforth
23. Zimalia
24. Rodina

Current Participants Womens

1. Achkaerin
2. Revana
3. Rayyu
4. East Moreland
5. Royal Seleucid
6. Daito
7. Izhitsa
8. Vinitsìa
9. Djabidjan
10. Jugland
11. Ui Cenneslaig
12. Nya Aland
13. Zaporozh
14. United Lan Na States
15. Kaitaine
16. Theocracy of Kaitaine
17. Lodja
18. Tytor
19. Floodwater
20. Marseilles
21. Aquitaine
22. Seaforth
23. Toshikawa
24. Zimalia

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy -Open RP
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Emalet smiled when Alana answered the phone "Your Highness, I can't go into too much detail but I've been instructed by the Achkaerinese government to seek the opportunit for intelligence officers to question General Koslov, in relation to something Achkaerinese forces have discovered while searching for the HDMS Morelander." she said before taking a deep breath "We found a water nomad settlement that appears to have been exposed to something resembling the Kaiju virus, given the location it could be T-76-S which is why we'd like to ask the General some questions."

Mika had gone straight to Jack and Katyusha and made sure the pair were packing this was not how she'd wanted this to go but she had no choice, this was getting dicey and she needed to do her job. As the two lovebirds finished packing Mika turned her attention to Jess.
"Transport?" Mika asked
"Helicopter's waiting at an airfield half an hour away." Jess said
"Good." Mika said as Katyusha went to say farewell to her family "What a mess we're in."
"That just about sums it up." Jess said "But what happens from here?"
"I have no idea." Mika said "I'm going to get the car started

About two hours later in Valtheim, Nettie stepped into Peter's study. "It's done Jack and Katyusha are on the Kyogre." she said
"Good." Peter said "What of Leopold?"
"Nothing yet but he's running out of time." Nettie said "He needs big moves if Zhoyan is the first what's the second?"
"Keep the search on." Peter said "We find the Morelander this is over."
"We'll find him sooner or later." Nettie said
"Sooner would be better." Peter said
"I'm not Scotty." Nettie said
"I wasn't asking you to change the laws of physics." Peter said
"No just bend the laws of time." Nettie said
"I thought time was a wibbly wobbly blob of stuff." Peter said, Nettie rolled her eyes she'd walked right into that one
"Please tell me you're going to run out of jokes before we start playing tonight." Nettie said
"Why did I ever agree to play dungeons and dragons?" Peter asked
"Because Maddy ordered you to." Nettie said

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